Nature's Call

Story by Cheetahs on SoFurry

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Armed with only the bare necessities, she seeks shelter in the closest national park, a place she dreamed of visiting for a long, long time. It is there that she has her first encounters with her feral kin. With a majestic stag pursuing her, Kaya slowly finds out what her roommate has been up to all this time. STORY STARTS BELOW Kaya grudgingly woke up to the soft vibrations of her wrist mounted alarm clock. She blinked thrice to moisten her dry eyes and looked towards the window. The sky was still a dark shade of violet, announcing a very early morning. Perhaps a few more minutes of sleep couldn't hurt. She shifted on her back, ears flicking behind her angular head. Yesterday was so long. The cubs were agitated because of the cloudy weather and Jax woke up to the wrong side of the bed. Kaya only accomplished half of what she planned. The other was taken by the cubs and her two colleagues: the cougar Jax who specialized in harsh survival skills, and the she-wolf Sverda that taught navigation and sky-reading. Kaya sighed. She loved her job, yet at the same time she knew better than brining her worries home. Thoughts didn't change anything. They were fickle, like plans, and crumbled just as easily. Her roommate Rshoka knew all about plans, because she never made any. Day to day living was her creed. Grab life by the balls, she said, then squeeze it until it pours into oneself. Kaya never truly understood what that strange metaphor meant. Fruits kept appearing in her mind every time she thought about it. Her eyes darted towards Rshoka. The she-wolf was almost sleeping like a log if she didn't have an air of restlessness about her. Did she drink too much again? Ate bad food? Kaya couldn't know. She would have buried her head in that pillow if that bizarre scent wasn't rubbing off her nostrils with every breath she took. It was a strangely sweet fragrance, smelling of scented oils smeared over a fresh piece of meat. Her roommate pulled on the blanket. The temporary shift in the warm coils unleashed a hefty gust of that bizarre scent. Kaya slowly lifted the blanket with a hand and dug her head inside the permeating warmth. The bed smelled of washed fur and perfume, just as Rhsoka liked it. She was shifting in her sleep, grinding her hips against one another. Each motion sent shivers along her spine, making her tail swish and her throat rumble with a soft whining sound. Was she ill? Kaya moved a hand towards Rshoka's body, then hesitated. Waking up her roommate so early was hardly the right decision to make. So instead of doing something completely stupid for curiosity's sake, she turned to the side to watch the veiled sky. Thirty breaths. That's how long she proposed to remain in bed before preparing for work. Kaya closed her eyes and counted. She reached somewhere around twenty before tiredness claimed her senses. For the second time, she awoke to the bracelet's insistent shivers. She turned it off promptly and jumped out of bed. She was going to be late again! Kaya quickly undressed. She threw her shirt on the bed, trampled her pajama pants in a pile, then removed her trusty bracelet. Good thing the room was warm, because the water in the shower took a fair amount of time to heat. "Come on..." she tapped the showerhead while she thought. Jax was always an early riser. Perhaps he could organize the cubs before she got there. "He has that winking thing though. Parents are not going to like him." Kaya checked the water again and cringed at its lukewarm touch, because that's exactly how Sverda behaved with the young ones. Firm words and discipline, just like she learned from her parents. "Drat. No time to waste." Kaya bit back her irritation. She took a deep breath, clenched her teeth, and yelped when the water seeped into her fur. She washed herself quickly, minding only her private parts. With her thighs properly soaked in foam, Kaya brought her hands upon her breasts. She rubbed the small mounds quickly, scrubbed her arms, and completely ignored her back. Warm water came just in time for the rinsing. With a smile on her face, Kaya enjoyed the rest of her shower. "Kaya!" That tired voice ruined her mirth. "In the shower!" she squeaked. "So early? Again?" Rshoka's groan pierced through two closed doors and the pelting sound of the water. It was a terrible thing that made everyone's ears twitch with discomfort. "I'm almost done!" Kaya said calmly. "Good. Means you can cook us breakfast." Kaya said nothing at that. She came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her. Rshoka was sitting cross legged on her bed, with her smartphone clutched in a hand and an ear in the other. "What do you want to eat?" "Whatever," she fondled her multicolored braids "Just make sure it's quick, yah?" Kaya nodded. She pretended to ignore the blatant sight of her roommate's gender and the damp patch that slithered under it. Apparently, she wasn't quick enough. "Envious?" Kaya shook her head and walked towards the kitchen, trying to bury her irritation behind purposeful steps. She opened the fridge, took out salami and whatever pre-cooked meat was stored on Rshoka's top shelf, and slammed it onto the table. Bread followed shortly after. Kaya fixed two hefty sandwiches and delivered them with a smile for a roommate who was more interested in her phone than her. "Eat well." "You too," Rshoka said absent mindedly as she dug her greedy paw into a sandwich. Kaya ran to her room. She chose a white blouse and azure jeans for today to match the sky's appearance. Unlike Rhsoka, she didn't bother covering her scent in perfumes or wearing ostentatious adornments. With only a green backpack strapped on her back, Kaya went out the door. She climbed down the stairs, greeted two of her neighbors, and unlocked her bicycle from the storage room. The air was crisp when she rolled out of her block. Kaya mounted her bicycle and took off. Cycling through the city was no real joy. The weather was cold enough to warrant shivers, and the traffic was even worse. She couldn't imagine how driving a car must have felt like. Being trapped inside a honking metal box unnerved her as much as the blaring noise and the general sense of agitation. She had to get out, fast. Kaya turned sharply and surged through an alley. The side roads were much clearer, even if she had to slink between groups of hurried people. Kaya shouted apologies whenever she bumped into them, soothing their anger with a smile. That made her happy, knowing she did the right thing. If only more people saw the world through her eyes, the world would have been a different place. The sun soared over a puffy cloud, basking the city in its brilliance. Kaya welcomed the warmth upon her fur. She felt at peace when the Biodome loomed ahead. She put up a last burst of speed, zipping through the Rider's alley. Sak smiled when he saw her. "A bit late, miss Kaya." "I know," she fumbled through her pocket. "My roommate wanted me to cook breakfast for her." "And did you?" the canine's smile brightened. "I fixed her two sandwiches," she presented the ID card to the guard. "We good?" Sak looked it over, nodded, and waved her inside. "They're all waiting for you." "I bet," Kaya said. She took a few steps towards the entrance before a nagging curiosity made her peek over her shoulder. "What had you in such bright spirits, Sak?" "Oh, nothing," the sleek dog scratched his neck. He had a shameful habit of doing that whenever he became uneasy. "Alright. It is something. Just stop looking at me like a hungry puppy." Kaya smiled. She padded back, straight into Sak's warm embrace. He was quite strong, and smelled rather enticingly. Kaya's ears flicked with uneasiness. She had to get out. Now! "My mate proposed," Sak whispered in her ear. That made her jump backwards like a skittish fawn. A firm arm grabbed hold of her as her feet lurched in all the wrong directions. Kaya shook her head and blurted an apology. "No worries, miss. Shoulda seen my reaction!" the guard dog laughed. "I'm...happy for you. Pleased. Somewhat surprised." Kaya looked around. She felt small and insecure whenever the warm fuzzies slithered under her coat. They had a terrible touch that made her tongue twist and her mind race like a great lion chased after her tail. "Nobody's looking, Kaya," Sak assured her with a pat on the back. "They don't care. You should be a little more at ease with yourself." "I try to." "Not nearly enough," Sak grabbed her shoulders. He licked his elongated muzzle once, blinked, and stared at her with those deep chocolate eyes. "Listen here, because I'm talking from experience. When I was a pup, I was a whimp. Every dog, cat, or scaley in the vicinity picked on me." "Harsh..." "Not necessarily," he raised a black clawed finger. "My father taught me there are two edges to a coin. Day and night. Shadow and light. You know these things." Kaya dipped her head in acknowledgement. "He made me see how conflicted my aggressors were, so I turned that against them. I used a lot more fists and barks than words because I'm male and all, but you know what I am trying to say, Kaya." "That I'm a whimp?" she giggled nervously. "No. You're a lot more than that," Sak turned to greet a visitor, then looked back. "There's this aura of kindness around you. The way you behave, your smile, your touch, and even this unsure attitude you are so ashamed of fills the hearts of many." Kaya wanted to agree with him, yet her mouth spoke without consent. "With contempt. Or greed. Rshoka never saw me the way you do." Sak waved his arm away. "She's a different breed. Trust yourself, not those vicious bastards that are obviously so envious of you." His grip finally lessened. Kaya took a step back, more riled up than encouraged. "Thank you, Sak. You've brightened up my morning." "Can say the same, miss. Run to your cubs, and tell them I kept you up so late." "I will!" Kaya laughed. "That's my girl. Be mean!" Sak barked out from behind. That drew the stares of some visitors. Kaya held her chuckle back. She ran through the grassy halls. The Biodome really lived up to its name. Even inside there was plenty of vegetation. Kaya pushed her way between visitors and parents alike, rushing towards the survival section. She got there just in time. Sverda and Jax were surrounded by a cluster of parents, still shaking hands and throwing smiles. Kaya squeezed herself through the group. "Sorry I'm late." Sverda licked her trembling lips. She was clearly irritated, whereas Jax was all smiles and politeness. "Late is a silly concept, Kaya. We haven't even started yet." "Mhrrrm. Good to have you here, Kaya," Sverda added. Kaya gave her a meek smile and proceeded to liberate the cubs from their parent's clutches. Once a sizeable group has been formed, each teacher took a dozen students to separate classes. Kaya taught picking today. She led her cubs to the fir quadrant of the Biodome, where the trees grew tall and the air smelled fresh. No matter how many times she found herself nestled in this patch of vegetation, Kaya was always left dazzled by the purity of the forest. It looked just like a real one. Light flowed through the crystal ceiling, bathing the verdant forest with its life giving warmth. Birds joyously zipped between branches, chasing each other while they chirped their songs. Down below, the grass grew unrestrained. Kaya took her little ones upon cobbled alleys, pointing out animals and inquiring about them. The females squeaked, yipped or laughed joyously, while the males shook their heads at such silly games. They preferred to explore rather than talk, always touching or picking at everything they encountered. They were soon tamed when Kaya presented today's lesson. Paired in groups of four, the cubs had to find anything edible and fill their basket. Whoever filled theirs first won a handful of tasty treats. Kaya smiled when she saw how lucrative her cubs were. They all spread around her to search and shuffle through the thick vegetation. Herbivores like deer found mushrooms or berries, while predators caught a few unlucky rodents. Kaya rewarded all of their efforts with kind words. Not all the cubs were brave, and she made sure to comfort each one in any way she saw fit. The air grew warmer around her. Kaya relaxed against a tree when the midday heat struck, reading her favorite fantasy novels. This time she picked the story of Grongar, a fierce dragon that sought vengeance upon the lesser races after they robbed him of his mate and offspring. It was a somewhat sad tale of how costly the price of revenge was. Kaya disagreed with Grongar's choices. He was reckless and ruthless, yet his reason was just. She wondered about a similar scenario. If her own cub was in danger, how far was she willing to go to save it? "Miss Kaya!" tiger Timmy mewled. "Yes?" "Andy is cheating again!" "Am not! Liar. Liar!" Kaya moved to separate the two cubs. She held each with an arm, firm enough to get her point across. "Violence is not the answer to problems. Now, who started it?" "He did!" Both cubs pointed at the same time. "Really?" she looked at them in turns. They both looked into the ground, ashamed of their actions. Kaya nuzzled them both. "It doesn't matter who starts a fight, and who ends it. You are both brothers here. The only thing you should fight over are females!" "Girls?" they looked at her with wide, beady eyes. "Yes!" Kaya smiled warmly. "There are many beautiful flowers hidden in this forest. Pick a few and give them to whom you love most." She let them go. Andy returned to her in a bit. He had his tiny paws hidden behind his back and his eyes firmly rooted on the grass below. "M-miss Kaya?" "Yes, dear?" The little grey wolf shuffled forward. "I..." "You can tell me," Kaya leaned forward. "Now, what is bothering you?" Andy pressed his little muzzle against her nose. His warm tongue rushed between his tiny teeth, brushing against Kaya's lips with strange, shocking warmth. "I love you," he pushed into her chest. "Love you, love you, love you!" " you too," Kaya blinked with bewilderment. How did a cub know what kissing was? Somebody must have taught him. Or worse, he saw his parents doing that. "These for you," he pushed a bouquet of summer redclaws and amethyst rosepetals right into her nose. "Smell good, right?" Kaya inhaled the overly sweet scent of the proffered flowers. "Delightful," she rubbed Andy's fluffy head. The cub whined with joy. "Thank you very much for this gift, Andy." He looked at her shyly, then ran back to his play mates. Kaya was left to ponder her choices. Andy was a good child with respectable parents. Making a choice by herself somehow didn't seem a good option. She brushed the thought off and immersed herself inside her lecture. Grongar managed to track down a group of bipedal dragons to their city. He didn't attack up straight though. His wings carried him around the city day and night until he assessed every one of his lesser kin's defenses. Only when he was fully prepared, Grongar struck. If even a vengeful, stuck up beast knew patience, Kaya knew she had to behave in the same way. She leafed through a couple more pages. The story started getting boring, and the children became obnoxiously loud. Kaya announced the end of the harvest, making every cub giddy with excitement. One by one they came to her, carrying baskets full of nutrients. Kaya congratulated all of them. She started a game of chase right after the competition to alleviate any irritation. She acted like the prey, while the cubs were a pack of fierce wolves. Kaya ran between the trees. Her nimble legs carried her quickly through the verdant corridor, while her senses alerted her of danger far before she encountered it. The cubs quickly grew frustrated with her keen abilities and gave up. For that, Kaya allowed herself to be caught. They all jumped her, mewling, whining, and arguing for the best spot as they formed the pile around the red deer. Younglings were so warm and joyful. Kaya hugged all of them to her chest, and for a moment she wished she had a fawn of her own. The late noon horn announced the lunch break. Kaya gathered her cubs in a tight group and walked towards the recreational gardens, where their parents awaited. Once her little ones left, Kaya walked around, enjoying the smells of nature until the shuffling of the grass announced someone's presence. Kaya knew those steps as well as the smell. Both were sublime. Too bad the same trait was not shared by the feline that appeared in front of her. "Eek!" Kaya stumbled back from her lurch. Jax dived towards her. Kaya found herself wrapped in a firm, furry embrace as she met the ground. The impact was soft, just like the cougar's gentle purr.  "Not a proper pouncing by any means, but I almost did it." "Almost," Kaya untangled herself. Jax seemed reluctant to let go. His hands rubbed against hers before he allowed the red deer to roll on her side. "Don't I get any points for tackling you?" "No," Kaya smiled weakly. She couldn't last against that stare for long. Cougars were so damn adorable, with those big amber eyes and that cute snowy muzzle. "Perhaps. I don't know if it's proper," she stuttered. Jax smiled, revealing the tips of his pristine fangs. "That is a win in my book, Kaya," he patted one of his legs. "Are you sure you don't want to sit on something soft? Earth's terribly hard. Do you know I littered my floor with carpets just to eliminate this annoyance?" "You did?" Kaya flicked her ears in bewilderment. "Yush," Jax said proudly. He swished his mahogany tail, as if to empathize the meaning of soft. "Come now. I promise not to bite." "It's not your teeth I'm afraid of." "Tongue then?" he played it along his lengthy whiskers. "I won't lick you unless you want it." "Paws, Jax," Kaya said. "Last time I sat in your lap-" "It was a lapse. It won't happen again. You have my word on that." "I don't want your word," Kaya crawled closer, keeping her keen eyes on the sneaky cougar. "I want a reward. Every time your paws touch me anywhere, I get one of those fabled licks of yours." "Sure," Jax smiled. "Where do you want them?" "I'll choose the place. You worry about your paws." Jax took the deal without hesitation. He spread his arms wide, inviting Kaya into his embrace. Males unnerved her, but she had known Jax for a couple of years now. He was a better friend than many, and a more trusted companion than Rshoka, who only cared about her own gains. Jax really was her only friend. At least the only one who showed that. Kaya sighed happily once she crawled into the cougar's warm embrace. Jax spread his legs apart, allowing her to rest against his bare chest. "Do you always wear this?" She tugged at his blue overalls. "It's breezy. Purrfect for a weather like this." "What about a jacket?" "Too tight." "Shirt?" Kaya tried again. She got a firm nuh-uh at that. "What about those tank-tops? I saw a few males wear them." Jax drew back, thoroughly surprised. "Do I look like a bear, Kaya?" "A bit," she rubbed into his fur. "The color is certainly similar." "But not the constitution," Jax placed a hand over hers, his pads warm against her short auburn fur. Kaya held her breath, allowing him to direct her over the hard muscles hiding underneath his mahogany fur. "See the difference?" "I...yes," Kaya drew back. "You are quite hard underneath." Jax looked away. His ears twitched three times, and his tail restlessly swished behind him. "Did I say something stupid?" "No," he said quickly. "I just remembered something." "Yeah. You owe me a lick," Kaya held her hand up with a smile. "Go ahead, kitty." Jax's nostrils twitched as he sniffed between her fingers. He poked his tongue out, licked quickly underneath her palm, then looked the other way. "Done." "That quickly?" "I'm...distracted, Kaya. Something just came in my mind." "Must've been important to make you so uneasy." "Nah," the cougar shook his head. "Tell me more about your day though. How did it go?" A change of subject was a tricky maneuver. Curiosity blossomed inside Kaya. She wondered if pressing the matter was worth more than going with the flow. "It went well," she finally said as she leaned against that warm, purring chest. "Andy and Timmy argued again." "Like cats and dogs, eh?" "Almost," Kaya laughed. "I told them the values of teamwork, then sent them to gather flowers for their favorites." "Sounds like something I'd do." Kaya smiled. "You and Andy may have something in common then." "We like the same flowers?" "No, silly," she slapped a well toned arm, marveling at how firm his flesh felt under the blow. "Andy came to me with the flowers." "Really?" Jax crossed his arms. "Did he...give them to you?" Kaya couldn't look him in the eyes when she said it. "He came to me. Licked me...licked me on my muzzle. It felt more like a kiss because he insisted." Jax's purring picked up. He shifted slightly. Kaya saw his claws come out from their sheaths as he flexed his bare toes. A bizarre mewl erupted from his throat, quickly interrupted by a short cough. "That' I didn't expect that." "Me neither. His parents must have taught him, or..." she allowed the words to trail upon the wind. Jax remained silent as well. Only his hefty purring interrupted the song of the birds. "You'll have to talk to him, Kaya." She almost jumped on her legs at that. "I don't want to." "You do. It may be harmless, but if he saw his parents kiss one another..." "What's wrong with that?" Kaya looked him in the eyes. "They openly display affection. Is that such a terrible thing to do in front of a child?" "No, of course not. All I'm saying is that-" "Suppositions, Jax. Just because a cub knows what kissing is, that doesn't mean he grows up quicker than usual." "That's not what I'm saying, Kaya. If you'd only listen." "I listened," she untangled from his grip with a sigh. Jax stood up along with her. "Please don't leave." "I have to. The afternoon courses are due and I'm still hungry." She turned around. Jax followed her for a few steps, then stopped. "I'll buy you dinner." That took her by surprise. Kaya turned around, eyes wide, ears perked. "Really?" "It's not a date," he licked his muzzle quickly. "Just, know. We talk and stuff. Eat. Drink. Only if we're thirsty, that is." "I'll consider it," Kaya said. She left quickly, before the warm fuzzies came out in force. The rest of the evening passed a lot quicker when her thoughts were occupied by Jax's considerate offer. He was so kind! And quite the looker too. Kaya blushed as she remembered how he touched around his chest. He was so warm, and smelled like crushed pine needles. The allure enticed her with its prickly touch, though not as much as that barbed tongue upon the pads of her palm. Kaya closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and exhaled in a slow, soothing rhythm, just like Jax's moist tongue washed along her palm. She whined softly, then opened her eyes. She was so warm all of a sudden. Did the fuzzies get to her? Kaya blinked thrice and looked around. Andrew the lizard tugged on her jeans, a big pine cone held inside a paw. "Do you want me to eat that?" The cub giggled. "The decorations, miss Kaya. You asked us to bring ornaments." "Oh, yeah," she shook her head and took that small, scaly hand between her lithe fingers. "So you chose pine cones? How interesting!" "You told us to." She faked a wide smiled and looked forward to avoid the upcoming surge of embarrassment. Yep. The fuzzies definitely got her. Kaya worked on ground paintings and assisted an astronomy lesson before the parents finally came for the cubs. She waited with Sverda and Jax until the last group left, then bid her farewells to both of them. She wasn't about to get in a tin can even with a trusted friend like Jax behind the wheel. Kaya cycled all the way to the "Nasty Burger" restaurant. It was a rather nice place settled just on the grassy fringes of the Biodome. Despite its name, it wasn't nasty at all. Lush gardens surrounded the wooden tables. Lanterns glimmered from the bushes, weak and soft in the fading radiance of the setting sun. Kaya dismounted once she reached the parking slots and looked around for Jax. She found him sitting on his car in the spot closest to the restaurant. So typical for a feline. "I reserved the table so we don't have to wait." "Which one is it?" "That one," Jax pointed with a finger. Kaya rolled her eyes. "They all look the same, kitty." "Fine, I'll lead you." They settled inside a grassy alcove secluded from prying eyes. Kaya liked this place even before taking a seat. Once soft cushions embraced her bottom, she realized what an inspired decision she made for trusting Jax's judgment. The cougar slouched comfortably in his straw-made chair and waved to the waiter. A husky quickly showed up. He was a youth of scant years, with glossy fur, eager eyes, and two paws that rarely remained in one place. "A glass of water to get me started." "Same for me," Kaya said. "Coming right up," the pup said in an adorable pitchy voice. "Anything else?" Jax shuffled through the menu. "I usually pretend to ponder upon my meal, but I always end up picking the damned cheeseburger." "A cheese? That's all?" "Make it a double one. With extra meat between the buns." "Alright. You, miss?" "Salad," Kaya blinked twice. "What kind?" "Any kind." The husky frowned at that. "I like surprises. Please don't judge." "I won't, miss," he retrieved the menus. "I'll have your drinks brought momentarily!" "Thank you!" they both said at the same time, then laughed over it. "You are in a merry mood, Kaya. Is my dinner as charming as I fantasized?" "Oh, it is. This place is fabulous," she laid her arms on the table and relaxed inside her chair. "It's like we never left the dome. I even think there's crickets inside this bush here." "Don't poke your finger. You might never get it back!" "I'll poke my head instead," Kaya giggled. She kept joking like that until the drinks arrived. Jax lapped a few times with that broad, barbed tongue of his, while Kaya shamelessly watched. It was curious, how fluids held onto his tongue. Did the barbs have anything to do with it? How did that even work? "You're staring," Jax noticed with a smile. "I...err, yeah," Kaya shamelessly admitted. "Why don't you drink that instead of slurping it like a cub?" "This is how I drink!" Jax splashed his tongue so hard he sent droplets around the table. That sent Kaya into a giggling fit. "Yeah. I bet your bushy carpets appreciate the attention." "My SnowPaws does." "How is he, by the way?" "The same," Jax placed the glass on the table and bridged his arms. He lay his fluffy chin on top, looking at Kaya with his sparkling amber eyes. "Lazy, fluffy, and unbearably adorable. I don't even need a blanket. Ever since he grew up to full size we've been sleeping piled into each other." "That must be nice, having a pet like that," Kaya said dreamily. "I wish I had someone to share my bed with." Jax licked his fangs and winked. Kaya noticed. She flustered a bit, scratching around her hands. "I said something stupid again, didn't I?" "You were just being honest. A living blanket is much better than a dead one!" he laughed. "How do you get along with your cat? Is he like...mean sometimes? Does he scratch your furniture or wreck your house or anything like that?" "Not at all. He is of a special breed, this one," Jax said. "The seller brought him from the upper States. Said they are experimenting with mixed genes or something. Crossing our kin with feral beasts to give birth to a new species." Kaya blinked. She lowered her head upon her crossed arms, staring intently. "Can that even work? I mean I know we share a few traits with our feral cousins, but the difference is astounding." "Those guys discovered something, Kaya. My cat is like you and I. There's no shortage of intelligence below that fluff if you want to know." "Prove it," she smiled. Jax scratched along an arm, white claws gently sliding inside his fur. "He can do everything I ask of him, provided that the limitations aren't beyond his anatomy. He can read on my laptop, even play games on my tablet, but he cannot grab objects or write because of how his paws are built." "Really? Can he talk?" "He mewls and purrs a lot, but no. We didn't get that far yet. I don't want to turn my pet into a next gen scientist," Jax slouched in his chair, grabbed his glass, and licked a few times at the water inside. "I'm a simple feline, with simple desires. I enjoy my pet, and he enjoys me. That is all there is." Kaya knew that twitching muzzle meant to say more than Jax intended. Enjoyment took many forms, and if his pet was as smart as he said, the possibilities were limitless. "I wish Rshoka was like that," she said instead. "For years ahead of me, and she's acting worse than my cubs." "She did anything bad?" "It's just her attitude, Jax. It angers me, and I know it shouldn't," Kaya sighed as she stretched her back. "The things she does are mean, and nasty. She made me cook breakfast despite knowing I was late for work!" Jax gave a firm nod of his head. "You have the right to get angry. Don't think that because you are an adorable, kind, and selfless doe you are forbidden to delve into the uglier spectrum of emotions." Kaya ignored the warm words. The fuzzies were a real menace. Unleashing them here could be dangerous. So she focused on Rshoka instead, and all the troubles she caused. "She never cooks for us, always demands money I don't have, and brings these friends of hers inside our home without even letting me know beforehand!" "That's bothersome," Jax agreed with a dip of his head. "She should at least tell you who these friends are. You sure she doesn't call you about this?" "I don't have a phone," Kaya smiled meekly. That deepened the cougar's smirk "You should get one." The husky arrived with his treats. Kaya kindly thanked him and dug into her juicy salad. It had oils and herbs sprinkled upon it, making it a lot tastier than any salad had the right to be. "Mhm. This salad is good," Kaya licked the dripping oils from her muzzle. "I like to live this way. Free of any restrictions like phones or cars or technology. I feel more at peace at my job then I feel at home, Jax. The nature calms and nurtures me. It gives me something that is warm and precious, hard to put into words." "I know," Jax took a hefty bide from his burger. "It's why I chose to work at the dome. That I found a lovely doe such as you is another matter entirely." Kaya almost choked on her salad. She coughed, blaming a fly for her troubles. "Rshoka doesn't respect me. No matter what I do, I am below her. Unworthy. And sad. Do you know she judges my life on a daily basis?" "You told me before, Kaya. Remember what I told you?" "To move away from that dump?" Jax nodded once, releasing a deep sigh from the doe's throat. "I will. Just have to save up more money." "I can lend you some if you need." She held a palm before her. "No. You know how I feel about debts." "Fine. I won't argue," Jax took another bite of his burger. "These friends she brings...they never harmed you, did they?" "We didn't even see each other," Kaya said. "I seclude myself in my room whenever one of these creeps barges in. I think they harm her, though. She always yelps and screams when they visit, but I haven't seen any wounds, nor smelled any blood." Jax coughed up fragments from his burger. "Sorry," he cleared his throat. "Bit a big piece." "Didn't sound that way," Kaya said. "Ehem...yeah. No visible injuries means no pain." "Why does she yelp, then? She whimpers as if metals cut through her flesh. Makes it really hard to sleep at night." "She's playing games, Kaya. You shouldn't bother yourself with her affairs. Move out. Find another place to stay. You are capable enough to live on your own." The proposition was enticing. Kaya imagined herself inside one of those big apartments she saw during one of her visits. It had gigantic windows, and more space than Nasty Burger's gardens. So much life could grow inside that place. "It would be nice." "Can even get yourself a pet if you get lonely," Jax said, pushing away the remains of his meal. He leaned forth, looking at her with a strangely intense gaze. "Or you can crash with SnowPaws and I, and see how us felines lavish in luxury. You haven't tasted true bliss until you sleep with a feral on top of you." Kaya pondered that. Living with Jax was certainly a lot more appealing. He was well mannered, kind, and good. She was halfway tempted to accept if her own pride didn't get in the way. That was not how she was taught, to abuse the kindness of lone males. "I...I'll think about it, Jax. Thanks for extending the offer." "We'd love to have you. Both of us," he smiled warmly. "I'll go through tackling and pouncing with you, and then unleash SnowPaws to test your abilities." "You evil bastard. Two against one?" "We don't like to play fair," jax chuckled. "Oh yeah. I'm sure of that." "Seriously, it will be fun. I have the dome right near my place. We can even sleep there if we want. It's not like we need a tent or anything with such a fluffy cat around." He was obviously excited about that prospect. Kaya was too. Living in nature was one of her dreams. But living with two males? It was somewhat strange. She was used to have them bang in her door and yowl across the room, but not pressed against her. The fear of unknown seeped under her fur, chasing away the blissful scenarios swimming through her mind. "I'll think about it, like I said. We should finish our meals meantime. Your burger's frozen solid already." "Nah," he took a hefty bite. "Still good!" They ate in silence until the meal was finished. Jax talked more about living together, and Kaya agreed with him all the time. He must have sensed her reluctance at some point, for he changed the subject to work. Once that topic was exhausted, Kaya rose from her seat. She stretched and groaned, marveling at how stiff her body felt. "It's night. I didn't even realize how late it got." "Time flies when you're having fun," Jax called the husky. He paid the tab quickly and got up from his chair. "Thank you for a lovely evening. I really needed this." "There's something more," he spread his arms wide. Kaya walked into his embrace. He was so warm, and purred so loud! His throat vibrated with the most intense purr she had the pleasure of hearing. When his arms pushed her closer against that warm, lovely fur, Kaya caved in. The fuzzies attacked in full force, washing every trace of coherence from her mind. "You're too hot," she pushed against his chest with trembling arms. "I mean, it's warm. Too warm." "Do you like it?" A warm presence touched her ear. It was wet. Wet and prickly! "Eek!" Kaya sharply slammed her head into his jaw. Jax growled. "Oh, sorry. Did I-" "It's nothing," he nuzzled between her ears. Kaya remained stiff as stone as he descended along her neck. His tongue came out, brushing with a slow, tantalizing motion. She shivered when it reached the far end of her jaw. "Jax...I-" "You what?" he purred softly. "I have to go." "So soon?" "I already tasted your licks. I mean tested them. On my hand," Kaya rubbed his head like she did to her cubs. "You were marvelous today. Thank you!" Jax didn't even have time to reply. Kaya bolted, dashing around the gardens. She grabbed her bike from the parking lot, mounted it, and surged forth before she made sense of the tangled mess twisting inside her mind. She managed to get onto a special cycling path when the fuzzies became really nasty. They throbbed relentlessly, making her slightly dizzy. Kaya took a deep breath. Her hands tightened their grip and her eyes squinted. Forward. She had to focus her attention ahead. But how? Heat surged beneath her fur with every heartbeat. Her heart pounded for a reason she could not comprehend. Instincts pulled at her mind, demanding a million things. Kaya couldn't handle this. She dismounted from her bike and walked at a brisk pace. One stride. Two. Five. Near the seventh, the wetness between her legs became unbearable. Kaya looked ahead, saw nobody close enough to peek, then rubbed a hand between her legs. She was too warm and unreasonably moist down there. A wave of embarrassment rushed through her at the realization of wetting herself. "It's impossible," she grabbed the bike and kept on walking. "I cannot wet myself like a cub. Not without feeling it!" The fuzzies had something to do with these bizarre feelings. Kaya was certain of it. Her head always felt light when they came, and her heart was never late to quicken its beats. Yet this wetness was something completely new. It bothered and intrigued her in equal measures. Kaya mounted her bike again and ignored the overly humid sensation. Only the comfort of her home could provide the answers she sought. She got there quick thanks to the excess burst of energy. Kaya stored her bike, took the elevator to the seventh floor, and opened the door of the seventy five apartment to find an unruly male with his paws all around Rshoka's quivering form. "You're laaate. We're hungry here!' "Cook your own stuff!" Kaya snapped. Rshoka snarled in return. Too bad she was so slow in her reaction. Kaya snuck in her room and rolled the key in the lock far quicker than Rshoka got there. "Hey! I told you to cook!" she shouted and banged from behind the door. "Come on babe. You really want that skank to fix us food?" "She's supposed to, sweet cheeks. It's her duty. Duty's sacred to us." "I'll give you something sacred to suck on if you're that hungry." Incessant whining followed, then heavy footsteps. A door banged shut. Then more whines and barks and growls. Kaya ignored them all. She walked around her bed for a bit, working up her curiosity until she found the courage to finally sit down. Two fingers slid along the rim of her jeans. She unbuttoned the three safeguards, and gasped when an overly sweet smell assaulted her nostrils. It was almost like Rshoka's, only more pungent. Kaya was helplessly intrigued. She worked her jeans down to her ankles to notice her panties were thoroughly soaked. She took two more whiffs, then touched. Her fingers were met with a lukewarm, slimy sheen that was nothing like the urine she knew. Kaya rubbed her fingers together. It felt like oil, only more watery. She grabbed her panties, and pulled them down as well. If those were wet, her privates were thoroughly soaked. The same translucent fluid smeared the short fur surrounding her pink lips. Kaya touched herself....and gasped at how sensitive she felt down there. A shiver of heat rushed through her body, making her vision flicker for a second. Kaya flung her fingers away. Whatever that was scared her. Feelings like these never came without a reason. She could have caught the same illness as Rshoka, who probably got it from one of the males. Kaya panicked. She paced around the room, taking slow breaths until her blood steadied. Then, she dropped on the bed to stare at the ceiling. Two possibilities detached themselves from the clutter that was her mind. Either she was ill, or the warm fuzzies made her like this. Either way, she needed an answer. So she stuck two fingers inside her hole, sucked in a sharp breath, then took them out as quick as she inserted them. Goo dribbled from her soggy tips. Kaya sniffed it, then opened her mouth. Her messiest fingers rushed in to meet her tongue. An overall sense of bitter sweetness assaulted her mouth. Kaya scrunched her eyes. She suckled her fingers dry, washing the taste inside her saliva until she swallowed with a hefty gulp. It tasted a bit like urine, but it was something more. And then she knew. The fuzzies definitely had something to do with it. The revelation calmed her a bit. With her thirst for knowledge satisfied, Kaya lunged towards her nightstand to grab one of her books. It was "Tiger's trigger" this time, a collection of short stories dealing with the criminal masterminds of a post apocalyptic world. Guns and mysteries were not as exciting as she hoped to. After a brief glance through the pages, Kaya placed the book on the side and groaned. Rshoka and her wolf became obnoxiously loud. They both howled by this point, doing god knows what inside the kitchen. Kaya chose not to ponder on that particular thought. She grabbed Rhsoka's pillow and slammed it over her head. At least now she had a measure of silence. The night passed uneventfully. Rshoka opened the door with her spare key and jumped into the bed, smelling all clean. She always took showers after these encounters. "You asleep?" she asked softly Kaya kept her eyes closed. Feigning deep sleep was better than speaking, because right now she couldn't trust her mouth to say anything of worth. She was thoroughly furious. Not once or twice, but five times she was startled from her slumber by crashing objects or careless yells. That male had no respect for anyone, and Rshoka no dignity to put him into place. "Whatever. I'm getting my pillow." She snatched it with an angry snarl. Kaya turned the other way. Deep, steady breaths. In with the calming air of the night, out with the tumultuous fire raging inside her belly. A hundred or so breaths later, Kaya didn't even know what worked her up into such frenzy. She fell asleep, dreaming of endless forests and the sun's warm touch upon her fur. Her morning was decisively less enjoyable. Instead of a slow, pleasant caress, Kaya awoke with a harsh presence sliding inside her most sensitive sanctuary. She snapped her eyes open to the blurry image of her roommate. "You are so fucking dry. Why is that?" Kaya grunted. She swung an arm around, only to have her petite hand gripped in an unrelenting embrace. Rshoka's fingers dug their claw tips between the frail bones of her hand. "Really?" "Get off me!" Kaya screamed in her face. Rshoka delved deeper, prodding and grabbing and pushing. Her touch was unbearably dry, and very rough. "So fucking dry," she said with exasperation. "Why can't you be wet for once?" "Rshoka-" "Every night you go to bed, and every morning you complain." "You're hurting me!" Rshoka pulled herself out and slapped Kaya with her own fragrance. The doe squirmed helplessly. She scrunched her eyes shut. At least her eyes were not so dry now when overflowing moisture welled in the corners of her trembling eyelids. "Wh-why? What got into you?" "You wanna know?" Rshoka directed Kaya's hand towards her thighs. She grabbed three unwilling fingers, then pushed them inside her pink bosom, delving in with a loud squelch. Kaya gasped, both from the pain burning inside her cheek and from the sweltering warmth she found herself in. Rshoka was more than slimy down there. Juices overflowed from her loosened sex, smearing upon her fingers with every clench of her shuddering muscles. "This is what a proper cunt feels like," she shoved Kaya's fingers in and out with rude, slapping sounds. "Please...please stop." "Why? Afraid you're going to hurt me, little doe?" "Yes!" Kaya yelped. "Just let me go. Let me go..." "Gaaah!" she loosened her grip and jumped back, snarling and snapping at the air. "I'm so freaking horny I could cum on spot. Do you wanna know what that wolf did to me?" Kaya shook her head. She just wanted to be left alone, in the little corner of the bed she retreated to. Luck failed to grace her. Rshoka leaped on the bed. She advanced on all fours, tearing the fabric with her claws. "I slapped him, just as I slapped you. He fought, but then I busted his balls so hard he cried," Rshoka tightened a fist. "Do you know how empowering it feels to hold a male's future inside your fist, doe?" "No," Kaya's ears drooped. She blinked the tears from her eyes. A short moment of respite was all she had before Rshoka's feral features graced her eyes once again. "I'm no bitch. I slammed my cunt right into his face. He mewled like a pup when I came inside his swearing maw. Then, I took him, right there on the ground," she licked her muzzle repeatedly. "Took a while to get him hard, but I humped. Pushed into that cock and squeezed his mushy balls until he became hard like stone inside me." "What..what do you mean?" Kaya asked on a frail, scared voice. "I took him. The entirety of that meaty, throbbing cock, from tip to knot. Then, I fucked him," Rshoka pushed her hips into the bed. "I rode him until he screamed. I howled louder than I ever did in my life when he spilled. Strong, healthy jets. Not the weak trickling I got from most whelps." Kaya understood nothing of what Rshoka spoke. Getting inside? Coming? Coming where? Rshoka never got so passionate before. The male must have drugged her somehow. Slipped a pill into her drink, or inject a strange substance that drew out the inner beast from its cage. She tilted her head, growling. "Why are you looking at me like that? Are you afraid?" Kaya dipped her head. "Come on, you stupid bitch," she grabbed her arm. "When did I ever hurt you?" "Now. You're hurting me now!" Kaya retaliated only with yips and words. "Stop being a fucking pussy. Books and kids? That's how you want to live your life?" Rshoka pushed the books off the nightstand and turned around, dragging Kaya along with her. "It's time to know how a real woman lives." "I don't want to," she slapped and grabbed around Rshoka's unrelenting grip. Her fingers were steel, impossible to pry apart. "Please. Please don't-" "You need to get laid, you stupid bitch. What you need is cock, instead of useless books, and fresh cum inside that arid cunt of yours." Rshoka lurched towards the door. She slammed head first into its frame, collapsing with a loud yelp. Kaya took advantage of her weakness. She snatched her arm away and ran back towards the bed. The blanket was her only ally now. She wrapped it tight against her shivering frame and watched. Rshoka cursed as she stood up. A heavy paw slammed into the door, sending it slamming against the wall. "Why the fuck you so loud, babe?" A gruff voice came. The male. He was still here. "Get in here you fucking bastard." "Why?" "Cause I want you to fuck my brains out, that's why!" Slow, dragging steps followed. Kaya winced when the male entered the room. He wore nothing but his white fur upon his well toned form. He looked almost like a whiter version of Rshoka, with only a slight difference. He had a thick, ugly pole between his legs, and two heavy spheres underneath that drew upwards whenever his pole lurched. "Grrah, that looks so good," Rshoka grabbed the male's equipment. He snarled and licked her muzzle fiercely while her own tongue lapped around his pristine fangs. "Fuck that doe. Have me, you stupid dog," Rshoka pulled the crimson meat towards her. "Knot me. Make me cry while I suck all the cum from your balls!" Kaya rolled to her right when the two stumbled towards the bed. They crashed just when she fell upon the ground, whining and yelping. Kaya crawled away. She ignored the furious groans of the bed and the wet slaps until she reached the door. She quickly retrieved the key, sidestepped, then rammed it back into the lock. Three twists. That's all it took to keep those crazy canines away for good. Shivering with fright, Kaya stumbled towards the bathroom. She closed that door too, for good measure, and turned on the water. When steam rose from the shower cabin, she finally stepped in, wincing a soft "oh," when the pleasant liquid seeped into her fur. The warm water rushed along her trembling flesh, soothing the terrible shivers that took hold of her petite frame. Kaya closed her eyes, pretending that for a few moments, she didn't hear her roommate's moans and screams. They were both getting louder, making it impossible for Kaya to ignore the annoying din. No matter how much she focused on her perfect landscape, there was always a yowl or a scream that ruined her concentration. She turned off the water and dried herself with one of Rshoka's towels. By this point, she didn't even care which one she used. With her fur half dried, Kaya got into whatever clothes she found in the hallway and left. Her head seethed during the whole journey to the Biodome. Kaya presented her ID card to Sek without even greeting him. When he questioned her welfare, she snatched the card and saw herself on her way. The cubs brought a smile on her lips, with their cheerfulness and innocence. Kaya buried herself in her work. She ran with them, played with them, and participated in the food scavenging activities more dutifully than she ever did. Her breaks were short and to the point. In fact, she didn't even bother retreating inside her favorite alcove. She remained with the cubs, feasting on a few salad leaves and ignoring the insistent signs Jax made from behind a tree. She didn't share a single word with him that day. It was too hard. Whenever she thought of males, the wolf's strange appendage appeared in her mind, with its vein beribboned surface and its strange, bulbous base. Was that what Kaya wanted? To somehow put that thing in her? How? Why? Those questions pounded ceaselessly at her mind until night finally swallowed the sky. Kaya and her colleagues gathered at the entrance, smiling and talking to the parents. "You were in a sour mood today," Jax whispered form her left. "Please don't. Not now." "As you wish," he shook paws with a german shepherd as they bid farewell, then leaned back to Kaya. "If you wanna talk about it-" "I don't. Stop insisting." Sverda threw her a strange look. Kaya looked the other way, straight into Jax's pleading gaze. She avoided that too, only to meet Andy's big cerulean eyes. "You were awesome today!" he grabbed her hand, licked it, then dashed after his husky parents. His cute action drew even more stares. Kaya couldn't handle them. They were all around her, watching, measuring, analyzing. "I can't," she dashed through a group of surprised felines. "Kaya!" "I'm sick. Have to go!" She ran straight towards her bike, ignoring the weight pressing on her chest. Once she reached it, she mounted the bike and put a burst of speed towards the Entrance Gardens. Her fright dispersed into the pleasant buzz of the insects when she took upon the verdant quadrant. Going around the park took more time, but right now Kaya needed some time alone. Stars came out when she approached her block. Kaya stored her bike, as usual, then climbed the stairs for extra exercise. Keeping her muscles aching was a sure way to dispel unwarranted thoughts from her mind, considering where she was heading to. She hesitated before her apartment. Kaya clutched the doorknob, feeling the smooth coldness of the cheap gold imitation. She had to be like the steel, strong and relentless. That, or spend her night out with even more dubious figures around her. Kaya swallowed once, gritted her teeth, and opened the door. The intensity of the cries picked up when the door swung open. Even almost half a day later, Rshoka was still in the guest room with whatever male she brought home. Kaya slinked towards her bedroom, stepping like a feline on the wood below her hooves. One of the boards screeched. Her heart beat so fast, it seemed to climb into her throat. Kaya froze like prey. Did they hear? The following howl provided a crisp clear answer. Kaya waited for another outburst, then dashed towards her room. Two turns of a knob and two twists of a key later, she was safely secluded in her bedroom. "I can't go on like this," she sighed softly to herself in the absence of an amiable conversation partner. She wanted to have Jax here. Desired to have his strong arms wrapping around hers. She felt safe inside his grip, more secure than she ever did in her own apartment. Kaya dropped into the cushy bed with a monstrous groan. It was slightly hard to accept his offer after a whole day of silence. She ignored, reproached him, and then flat out lied to his face on account of some stupid feelings. Jax was a kind male, but he still had his pride. How did he feel now, when his long time friend acted so strange all of a sudden? "Maybe he's worried. Or maybe he hates me," Kaya's ears drooped. "Arghh, this is so difficult. Why can't things be simple?" Why couldn't they? Her room used to smell like flowers every day until Rshoka decided to use those stinky perfumes all around the apartment. She used to wake up to the song of birds, not her roommate's insistent prodding. She used to lounge in her bed and oversleep until the sun was high in the sky. Where have those days gone? Kaya's head throbbed just by thinking about the recent years. So much has changed. Her old neighbors moved, the block facing her window got a repaint, and now even her bed smelled weird! Kaya rolled on her side and took another whiff. She sensed Rshoka's scent twined with a stronger fragrance. Getting up on her fours, Kaya paced around the bed, sniffing. The sheets were damp in places. She followed the trail towards a patch, then breathed in. Her nostrils flared and her eyes half lidded under the intensity of the scents. Kaya sighed softly. That mixture smelled so eerily good. Her nose rubbed around the patch, tongue poking out of her maw every now and then. She couldn't taste much. The cloth sucked in all the fragrance, leaving behind only a scented trail. Kaya's heart beat unreasonably fast. She dropped on her back and cooled herself down with a book before the fuzzies got her again. Once her blood reached its normal flow, she delved into her literature. Kaya was particularly engrossed in her books when a fist ruined her concentration. "Open up, bitch!" Rshoka banged again and again. Kaya remained silent. The door pounded, and pounded, until the male dragged Rshoka away with sweet words and fake promises. They both went farther away from the bedroom, until their steps dissolved into nothingness. Kaya's heart leapt with excitement. Was she alone? Careful steps took her towards the door. She turned the key, then peeked through a crack. Rshoka and her male were nowhere in sight. Kaya went through the short hallway with great reluctance. Her perked ears sensed even the tiniest shift in the wood below, and her eyes were wide and alert. She checked the guest room first. Nothing. She went to the kitchen after. No one. Lastly, she visited the bathroom. It was empty, same as the rest of the house. A sense of instant relief washed over her, replacing her frown with a dazzling smile. Kaya walked around, basking in her newfound freedom. It was hers! For the first time in months, she had the whole house to herself! She decided to celebrate with a home cooked salad and fruit squeeze. Kaya washed the fresh leaves, bathed them in oils sprinkled with seasoning, then rolled them in a neat package. A single bite was enough to make her moan with delight. With her salad in one hand and a cup of orange juice in the other, Kaya walked to the window. She gazed upon the city while she ate. Many times she felt constricted by the tall behemoths rising around her. Not today. On this fine night, she was up in the sky along with the rest of the speckling stars, far removed from the burdens of the earth. She imagined herself as a bird, then as a feral doe leaping around her lush territory. That was quite a life as well. Living in the bosom of wilderness, with nothing but fresh vegetation around. Kaya sighed dreamily as she looked towards the dark patch rising in the distance. Someday, she would make time to visit the forest. She sipped the rest of her juice, ate all her salad, then cleaned the kitchen of the mess Rshoka left behind. Kaya couldn't stop at that. She picked the whole house clean, scrubbing floors and putting everything into place. She thought her own bedroom was bad, but a short glance inside the guest room made her ears fall down on her skull. "Gosh..." she pushed the door, revealing more of the disaster that was the guest room. It looked like a war zone, with clothes, books, and bed sheets everywhere. And it reeked. Kaya had to breathe through her mouth when she stepped inside to prevent the musk from choking her. The same trails of fluid were present here, in greater quantity and diversity. She found small puddles, smears, and even lines of droplets along the walls. Kaya approached the pearlescent droplets and scrunched her nose. The smell was rich and foreign, unknown to her fine nose. Her tongue washed along the wall, returning the bittersweet load in her mouth. It tasted like fish mixed with meat and other metals, with an excess amount of salt. Kaya licked the fluid off her lips when she noticed another patch on the ground. It was big, gooey, and smelly. Like before, she tasted it. The fluid latched onto her tongue with that silky texture that soothed her mind and caressed her instincts. Against her accord, Kaya slurped. A rush of fertile fluids rushed down her throat, stirring heat inside her belly. "So strange," she touched around the puddle. "If it's not urine, what is it then?" Kaya hasn't found the answer even after tasting more of the strange concoction. She decided to do something more productive instead of pondering upon a question that stirred her body in such weird ways. By busying her mind with cleaning, Kaya's thoughts cleared off the dizzying haze. When the room was clean, she finally took a well earned shower. Water soothed her body and calmed her mind enough to get her into a reading mood. She picked Grongar's chronicles and read on where she left off. After taking vengeance upon the city, Grongar returned to his solitary life, not angry nor accomplished by what he did. He simply continued his existence, hunting and soaring above his territory from sunrise to sundown. He taught a valuable lesson in independence, one that Kaya kept considering more and more. Her rest of the day was spent like that, with a book in her lap and her eyes glued to the pages until the letters began dancing and twining with each other. Kaya placed the book on her nightstand, shuffled towards the light switch with lazy steps, and allowed her room to be bathed in darkness. She liked it this way, shady, silent, and unperturbed. She was just preparing breakfast when the voices became louder. Kaya hoped they were some ruddy neighbors. Closer they came, and closer, until they stopped in the doorway. "Nifty wood, yo. Took my parents like five years to buy a door like this." "He's bullshitting, Ros." "I'm gonna bust his balls if I catch him lying." "Oooh, he's gonna bust yo balls, Razzy. What'cha gonna do about that?" "Dodge. Punch. Kick. Hyaaah!' Kayla turned around. They burst through the door just as she blinked. A cheetah with a white baseball cap and a matching shirt flowing around his lithe form, and a black wolf with a bare chest and a pair of frayed jeans. Ahead of them strode Rshoka, with her multicolored braids, cheap blouse, and a matching attitude. "Make yourselves home, boys," she said, throwing Kaya a quick smile. "I already feel back in my den, babeeh!" the cheetah chirped with joy. Kaya's stare darted between the two. She didn't know where to stare until the cheetah pointed and clapped his padded fingers in her direction. "Yo, grab me a fresco." Kaya blinked. She pointed at the empty table, then looked behind her. "Come on, yo. Fresco? Ring any bells?" She shook her head, much to the cheetah's disappointment. He lunged towards the fridge, threw the door open so hard it slammed against the sink, and shuffled through the contents. Kaya carefully retreated towards the window. She almost managed to take a third step before the cheetah's head emerged around the fridge. "You've got no frescos? For real?" "What's your obsession with frescos, man?" The wolf growled.

The cheetahs hissed in disappointment. "I just wanna drink. Fuck, what else do you have, sweet cheeks?" "I...I don't know," Kaya trudged closer. They both looked at each other and laughed, waving her off. "Come on to the bedroom, man. This doe's high as shit," the wolf grabbed his buddy's neck and dug it into his chest, where he rubbed it thoroughly. "This is so gay, dude." "Just how your barbed dick likes it." Kaya sighed when they left. She hated males. Boisterous ones more so over the rest of them. Unfortunately, she wasn't quite out of the woods yet. "Yo, doe! Come check this out!" "Leave her alone man. Didn't you hear the saying scared like a doe?" "That one's cute." "To your crazy eyes, maybe. I have my girl right here." Rshoka's growly laughter overwhelmed both of their sissy whispering. "Kaya, come here girl. Don't be staying by yourself." This was it. She had the chance to make a run for it, or go into that hellhole. Her frantic heartbeats seemed to slow down time as she looked towards the door. Escape was within her grasp. ...if only Rshoka wasn't the stubborn bitch she always flaunted to be. Kaya's eyes darted towards the hallway. Nobody would pick on her if she went there. This was her house, and those two were friends. Nothing else. "Come on girl. Quicker!" Kaya slammed her palms on her sides. She puffed three quick breaths to work up her courage, and strode along the hallway. The cheetah was already making himself at home in the bathroom, going through every box or perfume Rshoka had stashed behind the mirror. "Where you got them jewels?" Kaya shrugged and walked towards the bedroom where Rshoka and her big black male were huddled into each other. The black licked around one of her ears, flaring Rshoka's excited whimper. She nuzzled into his neck, licking him fondly under the chin. "You gon' get me hard, girl." "Kinda requires some hard teasing to do that." "Not when she's watchin'," the male turned his head around, fixing those big verdant eyes on Kaya. Rshoka pulled herself up. She patted the bed twice and licked her muzzle with a broad swing of her tongue. "Come join me, baby girl. We've got something gooood for ya." "Nah. I'm good here," Kaya crossed her arms under her chest, as if that did any good. The male's piercing gaze seemed to extract every secret from her flesh. "Yo, where's the TV?" The cheetah barged in, going straight for the bookshelf in the corner. "You've got books and shit, but I see no tablet or laptop, or anything fun!" His paws were too quick and too rough. Books fell from the shelves, either out of their own accord or thrown by the cheetah's careless paws. "Hey, careful there," Kaya moved to stop him. She got a hard stare in return. "What?" the spotted feline held a book up. "Do you care about this crap?" He threw it on the ground, where his foot scratched through the cover under Kaya's horrified gaze. "It's just paper. I wipe my ass with it." She did nothing, not even when the cheetah slapped her thigh with his agile tail. "She looks pissed, bro," the wolf said. "Better apologize." The cheetah looked at her, mewled an apology, then whirled around, knocking every book off its perch. Kaya lunged forth in righteous anger, but the cheetah was too quick. He jumped into the bed, kicking her in the gut. Kaya coughed, stumbling back. "Not cool, bro." "She hits, I hit. I'm not one of those equal gender retards." "Kaya can take a hit. Isn't that right, sister?" Rshoka inquired. Kaya hurriedly nodded her head. Her emotions hurt a lot more than her belly. "It's...just a light shove. Nothing too bad." "See? I told you I was gentle," the cheetah proceeded to explain theories about the force of impact and other nonsense while the wolf flicked his tail, too intent on Rshoka to hear any words. Kaya quickly got the feeling she was the odd girl out in this group. She looked towards the door. Just two steps, and she could be away from this madness. "Gah. I'm bored, dude," the cheetah threw off his white cap and stretched on the bed. He looked around, played with his tail, then found an occupation in the dirty pads of his foot. "Yo, you hearin' me?" The black wolf was too occupied with his slurpy licking to notice. Only a kick on the back of his head drew his attention along with a fierce snarl. "What the fuck is your problem, dude?" "I'm bored." "Do something then." "What, play with my cock?" he flexed his toes to scratch between them. "Whatever. I don't care," the wolf turned back. "Just leave me 'lone with mah girl." "And keep her out?" Rshoka pointed a clawed finger at Kaya, then curled it, beckoning her.  "Nuh-huh. She gonna learn to be an alpha today." "She doesn't look like my kind, Shocka." "Oh, she's nobody's kind, dear. Kaya here is a virgin." The males were literally left with their jaws hanging. "Really?" the cheetah scrambled on his paws. "You really a V, darling?" Kaya flinched away from his encroaching paw. "It's ok. I won't hurt you." But he did. His mere presence made her feel afraid. Kaya backed towards the door and yelped when she met the hard wood's frame. "You're being too quick," she stuttered, waving him away. "I like it quick," the cheetah licked his pointy fangs. "Quick gets the job done. Don't you agree, doe?" Kaya's ears drooped. She closed her eyes, feeling the cheetah's breath upon her muzzle. It came closer, and closer. Then stopped. "She's not for you, bro," a growly voice came. The wolf stood in front of her, an arm wrapped around the spotted feline's neck. "Come on," he sighed. "What am I going to fuck? You two have your fluffy arses to romp." "Try your hand," Rshoka came from the other side. "Heard you felines have no lasting problems." They all laughed at that. All aside from Kaya. "Please," she whimpered. "Just let me go." The males actually pondered that request until Rshoka's hand slid under their chins. "Go easy on her, boys. She doesn't know what a cock is." She slid like silk, suave and undulating, until her amber eyes slowly turned to Kaya. "Teach the teacher, boys." The two males high fived each other and leaped back on the bed. The cheetah only had to pull down his shorts to expose himself, while the wolf furiously worked on unbuttoning his jeans. He shoved them to his knees, then stood up, joining his feline friend as they stood side by side with their private bits hanging between their legs. "Beautiful," Rshoka crouched low to inspect. "Don't you think so, Kaya?" She nodded stiffly. Even if they both shared the same gender, their privates looked somewhat different. The cheetah's tawny sheath was smaller in size, a fact complemented by his firm spheres. The wolf on the other hand had a looser and broader sheath that stretched over his drooping sack. "Show her the head, boys. She's been dying to see one." Fingers clutched around the furred sheaths. Then, they pulled, releasing pink flesh along with a wave of noticeable musk. "Too strong for you?" Rshoka nonchalantly swished her tail. Kaya had to rub her nose to ward off the pungent fragrance. "It's...yes." "Yes what?" "Strange," Kaya yipped. "Perhaps you need a closer look." Kaya was forced on her knees by Rshoka's insistent grip, coming face to face with the wolf's pointy cock. It was a frail, pink thing, with a small hole surrounded by thick flesh. At its base, two bumps flanked the tubular shape, dripping with translucent moisture. "Mrr, she looks so appetizing," the cheetah shifted restlessly. "I do?" Rshoka inched her muzzle closer towards his cock, making the feline's purr flare with delight. "Do you want to come inside, dear cat?" The cheetah thrust forth, poking his cock inside one of her nostrils. That drew a snort from the female, and a hissing snarl from the black male. "She's mine, bro." "Since when?" the feline growled back. "Since forever. Find another wench to suck your cock." Rshoka buried a hand under the wolf's balls. She must have clutched hard, for the canine started whimpering like a needy pup. "What did you say, Brad? Wench?" "Not you. Her!" Rshoka's gaze remained unyielding. "I drank more of your cum than I care to count. Skipped fucking breakfasts because your balls couldn't hold back," she tugged again. The wolf writhed and cried, tears flowing from one of his eyes. "I...aaaah!" "That's what I thought," she slapped his cock and walked back towards the expecting cheetah."Eyes up here, doe. You saw a cock. Now you need to learn how to take one." Words were still fresh on her lips when she took the cheetah inside her muzzle. His toes flexed hard, scratching the floor with an audible rake. Then, his whole frame convulsed, overtaken by restless spasms. With his lips contorting above his gritting fangs, the cheetah scrunched his eyes shut and pushed himself forth with a long, yowling cry. Rshoka grabbed a firm hold of his legs, holding the male in place while he rammed against her maw with short, abrupt thrusts. His sack clenched hard every time his tail jerked upwards. Kaya didn't know why he went rigid all of a sudden. His cries were all she heard, along with the increasingly wet suckling sound of Rshoka's lips. She pulled back, allowing the entirety of that pink, flared, throbbing meat to emerge from her sheltering tongue. Spurts of milky fluid gushed out the expanding tip with every spasm to shoot in ropes over Rashoka's closed eyes. She took the fluid upon her fur with a smile, slurping her tongue every time the jet inched closer to her maw. "Mrrraaaawrrrh!" the cheetah mewled once the strings lessened. He grabbed himself with a fist, working a few more droplets from his weakening member. "Delicious," Rshoka flicked her tongue over her sticky muzzle. "Liked what you saw?" She was thoroughly covered in that musky, sticky liquid that came out for no reason whatsoever. Kaya had no idea what to say. She remained frozen in place until a warmth draped over her shoulder. She jerked backwards, into the black wolf's embrace. "Easy," he nuzzled into her neck, his breath warm and his tongue even warmer. "I just want to smell you...feel you....touch you..." His hand slid under the rim of her pajamas, too close to her exposed thighs. Kaya tensed... ...then shuddered ferociously when his fingers sank between her kneading lips. The wolf whimpered and grazed around her neck, whispering something about how wet she was. Kaya appreciated none of this love. His teeth were sharp enough to pierce skin, and his touch too rough and greedy. She gripped around his neck for balance, then slammed the whole weight of her knee between the wolf's legs. His spheres were turned to mush by the crackling blow. The black male collapsed like a boulder, throat erupting with a savage yowl. Rshoka looked at him for a split second. That was all what Kaya needed to slam the door open. The cheetah lunged to grab her, but he too earned a swift kick in the groin. Kaya ran towards the door, ignoring the storm of yelps and shouts flooding from behind. Her sole attention was focused on the door, and they small key nestled in its lock. She grabbed it quickly, opened the door, then screamed as searing pain raked along her back. "You don't fuck with my boys, bitch!" Rshoka snarled savagely. Kaya spun on her feet too quickly to keep her wavering balance. She fell, taking Rshoka down with her. Clawed hands and curled paws were all over her, grabbing and scratching. Kaya steeled her jaws and slammed a hooved foot straight into Rshoka's overly soft cunt. She exploded with a feral yowl, choking on agonizing pain. While she writhed and moaned, Kaya crawled towards the door. She turned the doorknob, shuffled out on her fours, then turned around, lifting herself just high enough to lock all of those bastards inside. "Damn you all," she whispered angrily. Kaya had to use the door as a leverage to stand up. She shivered all over, filled with lingering dread. The elevator was completely forgotten to her. She fled down the row of stairs, empowered by these new and terrible feelings. When she reached the lobby, Kaya unlocked her bike and took off on the winding streets. There was only one place in her mind. A location far removed from the touch of any lustful male or the taint of the city. It was the forest she dreamed of, in all its natural glory. Kaya's hands tightened their grip. Her eyes keenly looked ahead, while her ears twitched whenever a siren blared in the distance. She had a long road ahead of her, but she didn't care. With unruly determination, Kaya pushed herself forward, slamming her hooves hard into the square shaped pedals. The ground crunched under her speed. No car was too wide to pass around, and no person too large. Kaya passed between them all like an arrow until she traded the crowded streets for the yellow marked bicycle section. She kept on that up until the northern district, then slowed down from her mad rush. Her blood seethed, her heart thundered, and sweat oozed from every inch of her body. Kaya wiped the bothersome liquid from her head and kept her eyes on the fine houses rising around her. They had big gardens around them, trees posted every few meters, and a lot of pets. Many dogs barked at her, while the cats simply favored a curt glance before presenting their bottom. Kaya smiled as a sense of peace washed away her inner turmoil. If the city offered her such relief, she couldn't wait to reach the forest. She stopped in an alley to regain her strength. A hoof clacked on the ground, then the other. Kaya leaned her bike against a wooden fence, then leaned her back against it. Resting felt so good. She would have remained there for an hour if she didn't have a cat mewling every ten seconds. Kaya tried her best to ignore them. Cats were easy compared to her own clothes. In her rush, Kaya didn't even realize that all she wore was a pair of pink hearted, wooly pajamas. The bothersome cloth stored heat like nothing else. Kaya took off her blouse with a long sigh. It felt good to have the cold air washing through her soggy fur. She scratched her sides, humming at the pleasant sensation. Her fingers slowly descended along her hips, touching the rim of her pants. Kaya looked left, then right. A stray cat was her only companion. She pulled her pants down. Cold breeze undulated between her lithe legs, rubbing her fur and kissing the pink lips sheltered between her legs. Kaya dipped a finger inside and winced when drops of warm slime clung to her fur. Her whole body might have sweated, but this was another thing entirely. After she cooled off, Kaya put on her blouse, straddled her bike, and pushed on the pedals. She kept the sun at her back until the cute little houses gave way to huge storage rooms and industrial buildings. Kaya pedaled through smoke and grime, breathing scarcely through her nose. She gasped in relief when those too were left behind the wide sign posted ahead. Kaya waited for the intersection, then took the left towards Tristel forest. Wild grasses rose on either side of the road, shuffled by the wind's calming grace. Few cars passed here, and even fewer trucks. Kaya slowed her frantic rhythm down. She could afford to rest a bit now that she left the city. Thirst became an issue after an hour or so. Without her phone or her watch, it was difficult to say an exact time. Kaya only had the sun, an unreliable guidance at best given how harshly it blazed. It dug through her pajamas, stroking her heat into a sweltering mess. Kaya took off her blouse, tied it around her breasts, and continued like that, ignoring her own sweat and discomfort until she stumbled upon a gas station. She reluctantly pushed her bike closer to the special slot. The german shepherd guard looked at her and nodded. "I don't have any money," Kaya shamefully admitted. The dog smiled at that. "Does it look like I'm charging?" Kaya's eyes widened. She looked at the slot, then around, convinced she must have missed a sign or something. When she looked ahead, the guard was no longer ten feet away. He was here, only an arm's distance away from her. Kaya winced, ready to stumble back. "Easy," he grabbed her arm. "I'm just taking this weight off you." Kaya stuttered, twisting her words before she finally managed to say a curt thanks. The guard said something else, yet she was already gone, walking briskly towards the main entrance. The smell of fruits greeted her along with the cold climate of the air coolants. Kaya walked between two leopards, excused her clumsiness when she bumped into an avian, and pretended to look at the wares. The packed salads looked so fresh and tasty. Kaya picked one, sniffing around excitedly until she found the price tag. Three dollars for the whole bundle. She placed that back. Perhaps the water was cheaper. Ninety cents for a small bottle, two dollars for a big one. Kaya gritted her teeth and walked towards the counter. How could she pay, when her pajamas were her only possession? "Next!" the lion clerk said softly. A husky presented his basket with a smile. The lion pushed the packets of meat through the scanner, then liberated the canine off his dollars. The husky pushed the products into his bag and left, allowing the two leopards to follow. Kaya tapped her hoof on the ground until her turn came. "Nothing?" the lion asked. Kaya shook her head. "But there has to be something." "No money," she winced softly. "We have these for free," the lion looked under his desk. "Wait a second, miss. I'm sure they're here somewhere." She hoped 'they' were something edible. "Oh, here they are," the lion pushed two multi-colored cards towards her. Fierce, roaring dragons that could sate not hunger nor thirst. Kaya smiled nonetheless, and thanked the lion for his generosity. "Do you have any free water here?" "It's outside, by the gas pumps," he pointed. "Though I wouldn't recommend drinking that. It has oils and other nasties in it." "Desperate situations require desperate measures." Kaya prepared to leave when his warm padded hand cupped hers. "Why don't you linger a bit and tell me your story?" "There's no story to tell," Kaya tugged her hand back. "Please. You're wearing pajamas, are tired and sweaty," he leaned closer. "You're running from something." "Would you mind?" a sharp voice came from the side. "Just a moment," the lion lifted a tawny paw. "Jason, cover for me please." A great smelling, well trimmed youth took the old lion's place. "Come with me, miss." Kaya looked at the young lion, then back at her old friend. They looked strikingly similar. Father and son, perhaps? "Come, come," he flicked his brown tipped tail as he led Kaya towards the storeroom. Even if this seemed wrong and weird, she had no choice. Kaya had to place her trust in a random stranger. So she followed the lion between the columns of goods and sat on the small chair he offered. "Tell me your story." "Why?" Kaya asked simply. "Because..." the lion looked down. "I had a daughter once. Young, she was. Fierce, just like her mother," the lion sniffled, rubbing his twitching nose. Was he crying? Kaya reluctantly touched his arm. He grabbed her hand, patting it thrice. "She was a good girl. Brave. Smart." "What happened to her?" The lion looked at her with teary eyes. "She was raped, child. Taken before her time." Kaya felt slightly nauseous in spite of her empty stomach. She rubbed the old lion, comforting him with soft words and gentle caresses. "I'm very sorry to hear that. I truly am." "You reminded me of her. She was shy around others. Often ran in the garden in her pajamas because she loved nature. Oh, the feeling of the grass between her toes charmed my little Lilyana." Kaya sighed. "Where is she now?" "Dead," the lion flicked his tongue over his oozing nose. "She took her life when her belly grew heavy." "I...that's..." Kaya stuttered. "It's ok," the male sniffled. "I put that behind me. Have to raise my son now." "Jason? The one you-" He nodded. "He's a good lad, even if he prefers his own gender over other females." She had no idea what to say at that. The old lion straightened his back, arms crossing over his chest. "But enough of that. Tell me your story, please. You remind me so much of my Lilyana." Kaya told him everything. She told this complete stranger how unhappy she was with her life, and how Rshoka took advantage of her soft hearted nature. Then, she spoke of Jax. The lion smiled and babbled about how well Jason and him would get along. Kaya surprised him when she mentioned the feral feline. The old lion obviously knew something. He held that strange gleam in his eyes throughout the whole topic, until Kaya talked about the two males that invaded her home this morning. She was hugged and comforted, especially after she talked about the strange fluid gushing out of the cheetah's appendage. "Oh, dear. I'm so sorry you went through that ordeal." Kaya kept telling him that's ok, that she escaped, but the lion had none of that. He stormed from his chair, shuffling through the boxes until he returned with a black pack. Kaya sighed when it met her lap. It was heavier than it looked. The lion opened it. Bottles of water hid inside, along with bundles of tightly packed salad. "These will last you a few days." "I can't-" "Yes you can," he laid a warm hand on her shoulder, looking at her in a most kind and affectionate way. "You can take these meager goods from me. It's not much, but they will help you get away from those monsters." "Thank you," Kaya hugged the old feline. "Thank you so much." Her smile softened long after she left the gas station. With a pack and several days worth of supplies, Kaya felt more confident than ever to reach her forest and live in its bosom, just like she always dreamed. She reached the fringes at sundown. Slowly, she dismounted from her bike, groaning at how tedious that felt. Her feet trembled with strain so bad, even standing took a significant amount of effort. Kaya leaned on her bike and walked towards the side of the road. Weeds embraced her, tickling her arms and tangling in her fluffy pajamas.  Kaya ignored them all. She kept on walking with a low, shuffling pace until she reached the first trees.  Kaya didn't expect the forest to be so thick. She could barely see more than a hundred meters in front of her, thanks to the overly thick foliage. Everything looked rough and unkempt. A tinge of fear rushed through her spine when she looked back at the sun basked road. The last car must have passed a dozen minutes ago. Whatever her choice was, Kaya quickly realized she would be on her own. "Fear is just another form of excitement," she said, slowly walking past the first trees. "This is my dream. I'm deer. Deer are made to live in a forest." As comforting as they sounded, her words failed to alleviate her rising agitation or soothe her tired muscles. Kaya picked a direction, then walked. Dried leaves crumpled under her hooves, making quite the song along with the chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects. The whole forest was so...alive. Spiders weaved their pesky webs every few feet, squirrels ran to stash their nuts, and Kaya believed she even heard the bellow of another deer. She rubbed her eyes and slapped her ears twice. "Fatigue must be playing tricks on me," Kaya looked around, scanning the mass of browns and greens. "There's no deer living here, so close to the city. It's impossible." She might have been right, for that powerful sound never graced her ears again. Kaya leaned against a tree trunk when the sky turned to a blazing violet. It was getting late. Her eyes were never efficient in the gloom. The trees became vague shapes, and the bushes melted into amalgamations. Kaya still walked around for a bit, scanning the branches ahead. They would have made for a hearty fire if she had a lighter or the desire to set this beautiful place on fire. Kaya sighed. Without a shelter, she was in for quite the rough night. The wind picked up when the forest grew dark. Kaya's ears twitched. Strange squeaks rose around her, attracting the hooting of the night birds. She pulled her knees closer and sighed. This was how deer lived. It was normal. She had nothing to be afraid of in a forest so close to the city. The thought calmed her racing mind somewhat. With her bike at her feet and her pack underneath her head, Kaya tried to get some sleep. She awoke several times during the night to rub warmth into her shivering muscles. That allowed her fugitive sessions of sleep, yet rest never came until morning. Kaya didn't wake up along with the rest of the forest. She slept soundly, warmed by the rising temperature. Only when the sun hit her closed eyes she dared to crack an eye open. It was so bright she jerked back, into the hard pockets of her pack. "Ow!" Kaya blinked thrice. "It must be noon already..." She jumped on her feet at the thought. "How long have I slept?" Kaya asked, reflexively searching for her wrist watch. She slapped her head with a palm shortly after. "I'm such a dummy." Rshoka's absence was somewhat liberating. Actually, everything was. She had no job to attend to, no strange males to harass her, and nothing but exploring ahead of her. Kaya giddily grabbed her pack, strapped it on her back, then guided her bike between the trees. The first rule of survival included supplies and shelter. With no tent and little in the ways of supplies, Kaya needed to find both. She kept her ears and nose alert for signs of water, while her eyes searched for vines or any resilient material. That took her a good chunk of the day with little results. The closed space made for a slow and tedious pace. Kaya changed her plans when she refreshed herself with three gulps from the second water bottle. In this heat and humidity, she would maybe last two days. Water had to be her main priority now. She walked through the undergrowth, battling webs and vegetation along with the rising heat of midday. She followed the thicker sunbeams. The presence of light meant less trees, and Kaya was quickly proven right. After hours of walking in circles, she emerged into a sun basked meadow. The fields were spotted with as many colors as she could count. Wild grasses, flowers, and huge weeds thrived under the sun's heated light. Kaya mounted her bike and pushed her feet into the pedals. Although bumpy, the ground was even enough to sustain her furious pace. Wind flowed through her fur, and grasses caressed her sides. Kaya couldn't help but laugh. These sights felt like a dream to her. Everything was so pure. So wild! Her giddiness increased when she picked the faint croak of frogs. Kaya followed them to a wide and beautiful lake that spanned just a bit less than the survival section of the Biodome. She leaned in to taste the waters and moaned at how fresh it was. Kaya drank heartily, then refilled her bottles. With that done, she simply lounged on the bank, enjoying the sweet feeling of total freedom. She must have dozed off somewhere, because her growling stomach packed quite a bite. Kaya left her bike and went in search of something to eat. Not that she needed to. Her food grew all around in the form of young, juicy herbs. Kaya ripped them from the ripe earth and feasted on their nutritious stems. The juice simply flowed, and the taste was truly exquisite. She gathered them in bundles once her hunger was satisfied. One bundle of ripe reds, another of thick, blue beaked weeds, and finally one of soft, juicy grass. Kaya's knees still felt weak from the plucking when a short snort made her ears lift and her head whirl around to the majestic shape of her stalker. It was another deer. No; not just a deer. A stag almost as tall as her with huge ramified horns, four powerful legs, and a twitching nose that aimed right at her. Kaya froze. She may have taught survival skills to cubs, but she never expected to be placed in one of the situations she had talked about. Wild animals were dangerous. Even this stag, who was technically kin, could gouge her if he wanted to. "Easy," Kaya held one hand in front of her. "I don't want to hurt you. And by the looks of it you don't want to hurt me either." The stag lowered his head and approached slowly. Kaya took a step back. Then another. The stag kept advancing on her until one of her feet met the backpack. Kaya turned her head around. Drat, she almost tripped on the damn thing. Something warm touched her hand. She yelped, drawing back instinctively from the stag's curious sniffing. "Oops. I didn't mean to-" He rubbed into her palm, eyes closed, a pleasant hum reverberating from his powerful throat. "To startle you..." Kaya said, slightly shocked from what happened just at her fingertips. A wild, feral stag was rubbing against her like an antlered kitten! She was awestruck. Surprised. And most of all amazed. He looked simply gorgeous, and strong. Her heart quickened its beats as heated excitement slowly replaced the tingling fear. "You are quite docile, aren't you?" The stag bowed his head, then licked between her fingers. Kaya laughed. He had a very flexible tongue to go between her fingers like that. She grabbed, getting a hold of it. "Got you!" The stag pushed that big snout of his straight into her belly. Kaya drew back. Her hands rushed towards the closest source of support they could find: the stag's proud antlers. She grabbed a hold of them and steadied her lurching feet while her belly was assaulted with puffing warmth. The stag rubbed and sniffed along her chest before his wet nose touched her chin. Kaya cocked her head. He looked into those glistening brown eyes, and saw only gentleness. "I-" She spoke too soon. The stag's tongue darted out, pushing inside her mouth. Kaya laughed and spat, wiping off her lips. "That's not fair," she held a hand forward as the stag encroached upon her. "W-wait wait wait! You can't lick me before I explore more of you!" She thought she'd end up under him, yet the stag suddenly stopped and turned his head around. Kaya frowned. What did he want? He whipped his head towards his back again. "Wh...what?" The stag rubbed himself with the side of his head. "You want me to scratch you?" He shook his head. "Touch you?" Kaya tried again, and smiled when the stag bowed his head once more. That left her more than amazed. Could he actually understand her words? Or it was just her body language that gave him the cues? "Alright, you beautiful, beautiful male. Nod your head again if you understand what I say." The stag complied, leaving Kaya with her mouth hanging. "How? Wh-why? Since when?" She only got another lick for that. "Alright, no more questions. I am going to explore you, like I promised." The stag seemed pleased with that. Kaya started from his head, rubbing around his wet nose and scratching his sides. He had such soft fur for such a grizzled looking veteran. She gently tapped his forehead, shouting a clear no when he licked her elbow. It was her turn now, and she wanted to make the best of it. "You truly are amazing," Kaya whispered as she fondled his twitching ears. "I've never seen a stag up-close, you know. Least a wild one." She got a soft snort at that, and a shake of the head. "Disapprove all you want. The place where I come from is nowhere as nice as this forest. Tall constructions replace the trees and pollution chokes the vegetation. It's terrible." Her stag did nothing at that. Kaya took it as a sign to continue, so she went over to his side, scratching and feeling the thicker fur along his neck. It was muscular, and very thick. Even with a gun, it would take a good shot to rob this proud specimen off its life. Kaya slapped her forehead at the morbid thought. She just couldn't help these gloomy episodes given how she was raised. "My life wasn't the easiest, dear stag," she said as she scratched and massaged around a meaty shoulder. "My parents never wanted me. They sent me out to live on my own before I could sustain myself. I lived a harsh life with no friends and little guarantees. We're somewhat alike, in that regard," she took a quick peek at him, patting his shoulder. "You live day after day, uncertain if tomorrow will ever come." Kaya sighed warmly when he pushed his head into her chest. She rubbed around his jaw, feeling warm and fulfilled all of a sudden. "I'm really glad you found me, but the ban on licking is still in place," she giggled and tickled his cute, twitching nose. "Just wait a bit and I will allow you to sniff wherever you want." He looked towards her thighs. Kaya assumed he was just searching for some juicy grass and continued with her exploration, rubbing his side, testing the longer fur over his back and even sliding a hand along his slightly moist belly. "Why is this wet?" She knew the answer when she sniffed her hand. Pungent urine seeped into her fur. Her nose contorted in all directions. Kaya sneezed and rubbed her nose with her clean hand. "You're a bit stinky, you know that?" The stag flicked his short tail and grunted. "Alright. Almost done. Don't lose your calm at the end." She praised his iron-like haunches and played with his little tail for a bit. Then, she emerged on his other side, massaging him in all the right ways. During her exploration, Kaya couldn't help but notice his obvious gender. She kept away from it out of courtesy, yet the stag's stare seemed to follow her around every time she hesitated. "Alright, I'm done," she kneeled and wiped her palms on the grass. "It's your turn." The proud stag shook his head, then lifted a hind leg. Kaya thought he was going to scratch himself until he pushed his nose towards the patch of fur drooping under his belly. "Oh, you naughty bastard. You want me to touch you there too?" He placed his leg back and stomped the ground with an eager grunt. Kaya couldn't refuse him now. She promised a full inspection. Besides, she was quite curious about the stag's anatomy, even if her past experiences with males ended quite horribly. Spurred by curiosity and the pleasant caress of her warm fuzzies, Kaya rubbed his belly again. The stag's muscles twitched under her palm. She inched closer and closer to his fuzzy patch, until she met something warm and overly wet. She clenched her jaws, determined not to scream. She knew what that was, because it grew between her fingers, just like the wolf and the cheetah grew after they exposed themselves. "You're big," she whispered as more and more of his smooth, pink length slid between her fingers. The stag pushed himself forward. His slimy cock hardened inside her grip. Two jets of clear liquid left the tip to splash upon the grass below. Kaya yelped in surprise and released his lubricated length. It throbbed and slapped against his belly, making his muscles contort upon one another. "I'm sorry if I hurt you. It's's the first time when I touch a male!" The stag lifted his leg again, allowing his heavy sack to hang freely before her eyes. Kaya knew what he wanted. She shuffled forward, cupping the big sack between both hands. It was furry, warm, and quite heavy. Two firm spheres rested inside for a reason Kaya did not know. She touched around them, feeling their size and weight before she slid all the way up. The sack was connected to his cock, somehow, for she felt his hard throbs through the furred cordon leading all the way to his cock. Kaya touched it again. She grabbed the hard meat hiding underneath and washed her hand along until the furred sheath was replaced by warm flesh. She tensed, just like the stag, and gasped once more when fluid escaped from the curling tip of his cock. "Does it hurt you?" He shook his head hard, flicking his tongue at the air. "Does it please you then? You tensed so hard. Every muscle I touched felt like stone!" The stag threw his head up and bellowed to the sky. Kaya felt the power in his roar. She almost felt proud to be around such a powerful creature until his cock started spraying urine all over his belly. She stumbled back and fell in the soft grass. The stag thoroughly impregnated his belly. Drops of urine fell from his blackened fur, pungent and raw with his fertile musk. Kaya felt light headed just by inhaling the powerful scent. She got up on her feet, then grunted when the stag dug his head into her shoulder. His tongue washed quickly down her arm, sliding towards her leg. Kaya allowed him to explore until he ventured too close to her privates. He pushed his wet nose straight between her legs and licked, allowing that thick, slimy tongue to press against her folds. Kaya shuddered and screamed at the same time. She pushed the stag away as hard as she could and ran towards her pack. Not that she could. His nose was all over her ass, sniffing and licking with a most insistent and pestering determination. "Stop that, please!" It didn't help. Kaya scrunched her eyes when he poked at her tailhole and dug into the pack. "I have food!" She turned around, presenting the ripe vegetation to the male's flaring nostrils. "Take it, and leave me alone!" He flung his head to the side, disarming Kaya of her tasty treat. "Gah!" she bent over to pick it. "Fine. If you won't eat it, I will." She saw his legs move away from her line of sight. Kaya assumed he left. She just prepared to stand up when a crashing weight fell upon her back. She dropped on her fours, and yelped when heated moisture prodded at her privates. Kaya allowed her arms to go limp. She fell on her belly, then rolled, catching a brief sight of the stag's unreasonably long maleness before she emerged from underneath his bulk. He thrust hard into the air, spraying more of that maddening scent. Kaya took advantage of the distraction and ran. The stag might have been magnificent from all points of view, yet he had a serious problem with stubbornness and respecting one's privacy. But mainly stubbornness. Kaya barely took a few strides before the male started following her. "You aren't going to catch me this time, stag," she put on a burst of speed. Her hooves ate away at the earth like a thunderstorm. The natural agility of her race blessed Kaya with unwavering stamina. She could run for as long as she wanted to at a speed most other species envied. She darted between the thick trees of the forest, rushed along hills, and treaded upon grass leaden plains. At least two hours must have passed. The landscape became more rugged, adapting towards the small mountains rising in the distance. Everything changed. Kaya's determination wavered, her mouth was mostly dry, and she had no pack or bike to use. One would have assumed a creature gave up after such an extended chase. Not her stag. He still followed close at her side, rubbing himself on her whenever he had the chance. Kaya shoved him away. Why didn't he relent? Why?! She found her answer when his nose poked her butt again. He wanted something from her. Something which she couldn't possibly offer. Kaya steeled her courage until she reached the foot of a mountain. Her eyes scanned the landscape for nooks or cracks or anything that could provide respite. She found one, just inside a rocky outcrop. Kaya smiled. With a final burst of speed, she leaped inside the small cave and crawled towards safety. The rock was cold and damp under her, yet it was small enough so a full grown stag couldn't enter. "Haah!" Kaya finally relaxed once she pierced deep enough. "I guess I win, you stubborn bastard!" The stag bellowed from the entrance, obviously displeased. He walked around a bit, then dropped on his belly to rest. Served him good. Not even the sturdiest males could still stand after such exhausting marathon. Kaya curled up to catch her breath. Even now, when she was completely safe, she didn't know what to make of this strange stag. On one way he seemed much smarter than the average deer, yet on the other he still seemed to be ruled by the primordial instincts of the feral kind. Perhaps he was somewhere in between. An intelligent feral, just like Jax's feline, SnowPaws. Kaya thought fondly of her cougar friend. If only he was here to hold and comfort her instead of an unruly stag, everything would have been better. "Maybe I should've accepted your offer," she whispered softly to herself. "Come to your place. Eat your food. Explore the world together. That would have been quite something, Jax." The stag grunted at the mention of his name. Kaya just ignored him. It was probably another fit of male pride, best left undisturbed. Spraying followed. The stag walked around, bathing the grass and the rocks with his liquid. Kaya tried to ignore that too. It seemed easy to do, until the smell wafted inside her cave. It retained its mind bending potency, but this time something changed. There was something else in his urine. Something strangely alluring to Kaya's senses. She flared her nostrils, allowing the raw musk to invade her being. Her eyes watered slightly and her throat tightened in response, yet Kaya still sniffed in. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth without her accord to taste the particles of moisture latching the air. Something in that scent tasted incredibly good in ways she couldn't explain. Kaya's blood heated the more she inhaled the stag's aroma. Her head felt light, her limbs weak, and her mind too numb to think. It was like the warm fuzzies overtook and fettered her with their whole might. Kaya crawled towards the exit. She wanted more of that scent. Needed it. Had to taste it up-close. She emerged from her shelter, rubbing lovingly against her stag. He was no longer a pest, but a strong, gentle male she strongly desired. He got up on his fours, licking Kaya's ears as she reached towards his cock. It was halfway out, and already hard from the previous spraying. Kaya sniffed around the tip, then flicked her tongue around to taste it. Stringent flavors filled her maw. To her rational mind this would have been disgusting, yet her warmth-addled mind perceived the aroma like a sweet, tasty treat. Kaya flicked her tongue around the bare meat, delighting in its warmth. The stag seemed to enjoy it too, for he throbbed and pushed deeper into her restless tongue. Kaya fell on her knees and touched his cock all over. She wanted to feel every part of it while she suckled that life-caressing fluid from the oozing tip. Her tongue wrapped around the slim tip, holding it in place as she took more and more of its tensing length inside. The stag shivered with pleasure. He bellowed weakly, captive member throbbing helplessly inside her maw. Kaya felt the surges through the hard frame of his sheath. Something was going to happen. Something powerful, by the feel of it. The stag shifted on his feet. His trembling tail shot up as his back arched into a trembling thrust. Kaya coughed, spitting his cock from her throat. She couldn't. The stag thrust again, filling her to the brim. Kaya clenched her fingers on anything she found. The base of his sheath found itself in her grip, along with the heavy sack dangling behind. It drew upwards, tightening with a strange spasm. The surge traversed the stag's rock hard cock, then exploded through his tip. Warm, gooey fluid spurted deep into Kaya's throat. She swallowed in reflex and pushed all the way back. The stag's cock fled  her maw, spasming and throbbing and unleashing hard jets of milky fluid. Kaya closed her eyes, taking the hot jets all over her face. They were unreasonably hot, and stirred her senses in so many right ways. The scent, raw and alluring. The taste, strong and bitter to her tongue. Her instincts urged her to feast on this caressing fluid, and Kaya couldn't resist their insistent tug. She took the stag's cock back inside her maw and suckled his upcoming spurts. Fresh waves of bittersweet liquid sprayed inside her mouth. Kaya swirled them inside her own saliva, then swallowed. Each gulp heated her blood and satisfied her instincts. So she suckled, and feasted, holding the throbbing stag in place until he gave everything he had. He stumbled back on unsteady legs. Kaya followed his retreating cock, eager to slurp its last drops. With the contents going down her slimy throat, she pulled back with a deep, satisfied breath. She felt so satisfied, yet at the same so unbearably hot. A need clawed its way out through the depths of her trembling thighs; a desire that begged to be satisfied. Kaya only noticed it now, when the stag's essence was but a faint taste on her trembling lips. Kaya got on all fours and pushed down her pants. The itch between her legs begged to be touched, and her fingers were restless to do so. Without a hint of hesitation, Kaya sunk between her bare walls. Liquid heat overwhelmed her, along with a desire to be taken. She pushed deeper, and deeper, scratching at the unbearable itch flaring in the depths of her tunnel. Kaya barely managed a brief touch before an unearthly feeling washed over her senses. It was powerful, consuming, and more filling than anything she felt in her life. Kaya gritted her teeth and trembled as intense pleasure rushed through her body. She continued wriggling her fingers inside her cunt, fueling the blissful sensation until a shove sent her off balance. Kaya's hand lurched forth. Her fluid coated fingers dug into the ground, leaving her smoldering flesh alone. She prepared to insert her fingers again when another presence rubbed around her crevice. Kaya instantly went limp, moaning as heated gusts of air washed over her trembling flesh. A moist surface rubbed along her folds. Then, it entered them, sudden and unexpectedly quick. Kaya tensed all over. Her flesh became hard when the presence entered her sanctuary. It lapped in and out, stealing the copious amounts of fluid latched onto her walls. Even if it felt amazingly good, Kaya wasn't thoroughly satisfied. She had a fire within her, a desire that could not be quenched by licking alone. So she backed into the stag's tongue, shoving her needy tunnel right in his nose. He grunted with desire and took her. His tongue shot between her walls. Kaya gripped around in a futile attempt to restrain him. His overly hard and muscular appendage dug deeper, inching closer and closer to the source of her itch. Kaya suddenly froze. She didn't even blink, merely panted as she waited to be taken by that strong and muscular tongue. The stag puffed and grunted, wriggling just slightly before he pulled back. Kaya looked behind. He was looking at the sky again, bellowing his unrestrained lust. She stomped her feet at that, urging the male to do what he knew best. For the third time, the stag sunk inside her flesh. She was growing weak now. Kaya barely had the strength to knead his fleshy tongue as it slurped her insides. The force of the suction blazed heat inside her flesh, and the tip of his tongue pushed just deep enough to touch her most sensitive of places. Her fire seethed. Kaya clamped down hard. Every muscle in her body became rock hard as a molten surge washed across her trembling walls. With a strong spasm, she squirted, taking the stag right in his nose. That spurred his instincts into frenzy. He lapped harder and quicker, rubbing her overly sensitive folds in all the right places. Kaya couldn't hold the terrible flood back. She pushed her head into the ground and screamed as liquid heat poured out of her. Wave after wave it came, each stronger than the last. And the stag slurped everything. His tongue always formed a bridge between his hungry maw and Kaya's spasming depths. Her squirts turned into an outright flood of heated delight, too intense for one such as her. Tears fell from her eyes, and stars danced before her scrunched eyelids. Kaya pushed the fire out as hard as she could, basking in the most pleasant and intense feeling she ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The flood stopped as quickly as it started. With her tail shooting up, Kaya unleashed her soothing urine. It washed away the terrible heat, calmed her insides, and provided the stag with something else to drink. Aroused by her scent, he lapped restlessly at the stream, getting as much as he could inside his mouth. He bowed his head after two gulps, getting as much as he could over his forehead and cheeks. Kaya looked back, amazed by the stag's actions. He literally bathed himself with her urine. Then, all her fluids were spent. Kaya dropped on the ground. The ordeal took a hefty toll on her, just like it did on her stag who dropped on his belly next to her. Kaya leaned against his bulk and closed her eyes. She hoped to rest, yet the crave still pestered her. Little by little, her itch flared back within her bosom. She wanted that fertile fluid inside her. Needed it, now more than ever. Moaning helplessly, Kaya got up on all fours and placed her needy lips on front of the stag. She didn't know exactly why, just that only he had the means to subdue her need. As expected, his tongue was all over her folds before she knew it. Kaya gritted her teeth as the muscled tongue flicked inside her cunt. She wriggled and stomped the ground, demanding more than simple licking. A weight crashed upon her back, greater than anything she expected. Her arms almost collapsed, and her knees bucked under the humongous strain. Kaya looked back, catching sight of his expanding cock. Cloudy fluid dribbled from the tip, rich and musky. Kaya inhaled deeply. Her stag was virile, and strong. She had to be the same, if she wanted to have her itch drown in streams of fertile essence. Kaya steeled herself as his cock prodded around for her folds. The stag had no precision. He kept jabbing her butt, even going as far as penetrating the wrong hole. Kaya yelped when a quarter of his spindly cock buried itself between the clenching muscles of her tailhole. The stag grunted, hooves shaking with effort. He wanted to remain inside and unleash his essence right on the spot, yet a quick tug took him out of his promised shelter. Kaya pushed back against his cock, whimpering with need. She would have begged for it, if her trembling lips could form any proper words. The stag resumed his prodding. Three thrusts. That was all it took for him to finally find a proper sheath for his cock. He invaded Kaya's sanctuary like a storm, filling her with over ten inches of rock hard stag meat. She sucked in a sharp breath. Her muscles quivered with strain, adapting to the reckless intrusion. Little by little the stag pierced her deeper, the tip of his cock drawing closer to the fire welling within her sanctuary. Kaya squeezed her eyes shut. It felt so good to be taken. His tongue merely stroke her flame. That didn't happen with his cock, which scratched dangerously close to the very source of her heat. A powerful grunt escaped the male's throat. He throbbed hard within her, squirting heated drops from his tip. Kaya squeezed as hard as she could around his cock as unexpected pleasure rose from her flesh. The stag pulled back, rubbing her walls in all the right places. He retreated briefly, them slammed himself forth, even deeper than the last time. The shock released an explosion of lust. Kaya howled in bliss when his firm tool invaded her once more. The stag's balls slammed against her folds, triggering a powerful spasm. A gush of liquid heat rushed through her tunnel, bathing it with moisture and warmth. Kaya expelled it quickly, and squeezed harder around her lover. The stag took the message. He pushed in deeper, then retreated, only to shove himself in yet again. He kept thrusting like that a few times to test the limits of Kaya's sweltering flesh. She knew he was holding back. With each thrust he became more lethargic, almost afraid of venturing deeper. Kaya tried to encourage him, to tell him to take her without any restraint, but each time her words dissolved into moans. Her whole body was consumed by pleasure. She could barely move, least speak. So she waited, moaning and shivering, until her stag worked up his courage. The following thrusts were the hardest to resist. Her heat burned brighter and hotter, bringing her closer to the edge of precipice. Kaya focused. She willed every muscle in her body to relax, starting with her rapidly convulsing pussy. If she could hold back just for a few seconds, she could bathe more into the intense pleasure that raged inside her. The stag's hooves crashed into the ground as he launched himself forth so hard, Kaya almost fell. He entered her all the way. She knew that, because her walls were spread all the way to their limits by his furious cock. Kaya yowled with sheer bliss as her stag reached deeper than ever. He pushed past her cervix, penetrating the very source of her itch. Intense pressure welled within her, obliterating every trace of ersistance. Sparkling blackness washed over her eyes. Kaya shuddered violently, then gritted her teeth as hard as she managed. A river of liquid heat splashed forth from her depths, flowing unrestrained along the stag's throbbing cock. The male jerked and trembled inside her, moaning in his own guttural way. He enjoyed the heated stream, perhaps as much as her. The rivers of heat flowed along his cock, then spilled from her rapidly spasming lips. She pushed, and pushed, and the pleasure only kept rising. Kaya screamed. She never felt anything so good in her entire life. Living flames rolled over her body, dispersing into tingles of elation. She spasmed hard, and each time she did that, a new burst of bliss exploded from her depths. Kaya emptied herself of the entire burden she held within her. Thick streams of translucent slime overflowed from her pussy, splashing on the grass below. Only when her fire snuffed out she was able to take a deep breath and still the embers of the raging fire that previously rested inside her. The stag didn't allow it. With his sheath firmly pressed against her lips, he worked himself deeper, and deeper. Kaya stumbled forward. She shook from every joint, yet somehow she found the strength to stand, because she knew her stag had his own fluids to give. He exploded a moment after, almost deafening her with his bellowing cry. A heated spurt exploded from his cock, spraying hard inside her innermost sanctuary. Kaya was sent into an instant ascent. Her tired muscles tensed once again, preparing for the overwhelming release. Kaya's breath cut. She couldn't handle a second one. She just didn't have it in her! Yet pleasure still exploded across her ravaged body when the stag sprayed his hot essence within her. He throbbed like mad, unleashing wave upon wave of sticky ropes of virile seed. Kaya took it all in. She didn't care about her aching muscles or the overflowing tears dribbling from the corners of her eyes. All her focus was taken by the overwhelming pleasure, and the healthy spurts filling her fertile womb. With his front legs locked around her chest, the stag thrust quickly inside her, working up his seed with every clench of his balls. Kaya felt it. She felt his throbs from the base of his sheath all the way to the spurting tip of his cock. He was inside her, unleashing his very essence. The thought alone whipped her pleasure into a heated frenzy. With great strain, Kaya squeezed. She clamped, then relaxed, only to tighten herself again. Her cunt overflowed with ivory seed, yet she didn't stop. Kaya wanted to keep every drop for herself, from the rim of her messy lips to the flooded center of her womb. Her stag was still going strong there. Spurt after spurt he shot, each stronger than the last. He rubbed and touched around her walls. Kaya never tasted such intimate contact before. She was being filled not only with seed, but with hot, sticky affection. She took it all in, surrendering to the smothering bliss until her stag lost his vigor. He slid out of her on careless legs. A thump followed, then a soft grunt. Kaya would have laughed if her own body didn't feel completely drained. She collapsed on the ground and crawled towards her stag, leaving a messy trail behind. She had to clean herself. Do something about the humongous pressure trapped within her womb. Kaya only managed a brief glance at her overflowing cunt before tiredness overwhelmed her senses. She dropped her head on the stag's neck, and fell asleep to the virile scent of his seed. CLOSING COMMENTS Kaya surely had it a bit rough. Rhsoka was such a bitch! She's the epitome of do-what-the-heck-you-want and worry about the consequences later. Good thing that Kaya got out of there when she did, otherwise she would've witnessed some really pervy action! Not that she got spared, mind you. Was she lucky for stumbling upon this special stag? Do you guys think she'll live her dream life in his company, or will trouble follow her from home? Please take a moment to fav/vote this story and write down your opinions in the comment box below. 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