The love of heat- Hot night- part 5

Story by nicker11600 on SoFurry

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#5 of The Love of Heat

A few hours go by as the sun has finally reached the lowest it can go towards the West before disappearing behind the horizon making the sky and land become darker and darker before finally night falls and the hot humid air rises which sometimes occurs either once a week or once a month depending on the month. Every lioness have already started to head inside the cave some panting from the humidity as Simba lays down next to Nala who gives him a nuzzle with him nuzzling back before laying their heads down next to each other to sleep. Several minutes gone by before Simba woken up to the thick hot air as he looks around the cave from where he lays seeing everybody, Sarafina, Tina, his mother, Nala, and everyone else all still asleep surprisingly to him a slight. 'curse this summer's humidity' he says in his head as he carefully gets up not wanting to wake Nala who sleeps close next to him and makes his way out of the cave carefully stepping over every lioness in the path finally making it out without waking anyone at least to his knowledge.

Once he made it out the hot thick humidity air blows in his face and mane making no difference as he pants to how humid it is outside while he walks up the slanted rock and he sits at the tip of it having no urge to sleep right now considering the humidity is terrible during the summer in Africa. Simba sits waiting for maybe a sense of temperature change in the humidity but doesn't seem to be any at the moment. Inside the cave sleeping Nala rolls over thinking Simba is still next to her and by surprise instead of softly landing on her sleeping mate and king she flops on the dusty stone floor waking her in surprise to see he's not where he usually is as she looks around the cave to not see him she looks out the cave towards the slanted rock to see him from where she lays, sitting at the tip of it looking at the night sky.

Nala gets up and carefully makes her way over the lionesses hopefully not waking anyone but unfortunately she managed to wake up Sarabi. Nala didn't touch her but the sudden vibration near her woke her up as Nala keeps on going thinking she still asleep. Sarabi wakes up and looks around until she sees Nala exiting the cave then looks to see both Simba and Nala are not where they would be. Outside Simba hears paw prints making his ears flick hearing it as he looks behind to see his loving queen Nala approach him with a smile along with curiosity.

Simba:" I didn't wake you did I?" he smiles

Nala:" no, you not being there did though" she smiles "you can't sleep" she asks sitting next to him.

Simba nods: "I can't, this humidity is a damn killer for me" he says looking out towards the land then back looking at her with a smile.

Nala:" you want to see if the waterhole is any cooler?" she suggests

Simba:" I don't see being there would hurt for one or maybe two nights if it is better" he smiles nuzzling her with her nuzzling back before standing up and walking with each other down the steps of pride rock and towards the waterhole while Sarabi exits the cave and looks around to see what's going before seeing both Simba and Nala head towards the waterhole in the slight distance.

Sarabi nods understanding before yawning then going back inside the cave to go back to sleep before the humidity gets to her like it did Simba. On the way to the waterhole they both nuzzle each other and rub their bodies against each others sides as they walk.

Nala:" I love you" she smiles while nuzzling his thick red mane,

Simba:" I love you too" he nuzzles back before reaching the waterhole. When they reached the waterhole they see a lot of steam rising from the water,

Simba:" wow, even the water is hot" he says as they stop and sits at the edge looking at it.

Nala reached a paw down towards the water and when she touched it she jerked it back feeling that the water is hot,

Nala:" it's definitely not cooler" she says licking the paw she used to touch the water.

Simba:" great now I'll never sleep" he scowls slightly at the water.

Nala:" well there could be another way to get you to sleep" she looks at him smiling,

Simba looks back at her "how?"

Nala:"make you exhausted"

Simba:" I don't think running will do anything"

Nala stands up:" who said anything about running?" she says giving him a seductive smile and eyes.

Simba looks at her not knowing what she meant:" hmm?" Nala then pins him to the ground with her on top of him.

Nala nuzzles him "I'll just show you then" she says before giving him licks to his neck as her licks starts to go lower down his body reaching his belly but keeps going until her tongue reaches Simba's sheathe where the tip of his big red lion cock is already sticking out. Nala licks the tip of it as it slowly exits his sheathe, Simba moans to the touch of Nala's tongue on his lion dick licking from the edge of his furry sheathe to his tip. His dick is fully erect but Nala keeps licking at the big meat stick making Simba moan in pleasure at every touch,

Simba:" mmm... you don't know.... Mm... how much I love you and how much I want to... fuck that pussy of yours" he smiles with his eyes half open,

Nala stops licking for a second "you don't know how much I want it there (licks his dick another time) but if I was in heat right now we'd be going at it" she chuckles before licking the dick again.

Nala licked his dick a few more times before starting to engulf the spiky big meat stick making Simba moan a little louder, Nala went all the way down on his thick meat stick then started to massage his big lion cock with her tongue for a few seconds before pulling it out of her mouth.

Simba:" ah... you.... You are a master, thank heavens you're my mate and queen" he smiles as Nala walks until her ass is in line with his dick Simba looks and sees what she's doing

Simba:" wait aren't you supposed to be in heat for this?" he asks thinking it's going into her pussy

Nala licks his snout "not for this" she then lowers her ass and lines her asshole to his dick then lowers on it until she feels the tip of it at her asshole entrance. Nala turns her head to see if it's lined up as she hears Simba say "oh" realizing what she's doing as she looks at him with her seductive eye and a smile with her head still turned.

Nala then lowered more until his big meat enters her tail hole making both moan to the feel of being connected to each other for the first time out of the possible many times in the current hole as Nala lowers her ass a little more than lifts up then back down with her paws on Simba's torso as support. Nala moans louder to the feel of her asshole expanding just a slight adjusting to the size of Simba while still moving her ass up and down on it.

Simba:" ah.... How does my big dick feel in your little tight asshole for the first time?" he smiles looking up at her with her eyes closed and her mouth unconsciously slightly open, she opens her eyes half open

Nala:" ah...oooh, feels like a log is going in and out of me" she moans while still going up and down on it.

Nala starts to go a slight faster but then slows down a bit feeling her legs getting weak and exhausted from going up and down for so long. Simba noticed her speed slowing and her shaking weakening legs then rolled over to where Nala is being pinned by Simba as he humps, Nala with a surprised expression doesn't know what to say

Simba nuzzles her " I figured you needed a break" he smiles as he continues to hump into her tail hole. Nala moans to the feel of the barbs on his big thick meat scraping her tailhole tunnel while Simba moans to how tight she is in her tailhole

Simba:" you're so tight; you and your mother's asses are tied for perfect and wonderful"

Nala:" you're so big, you're bigger than a fucking elephant, and I love it and I love you" she exaggerates while giving him a smile as he leans then both locks muzzles for a kiss with their tongues doing dances with each others while Simba still thrusts and humps into her tailhole getting closer to both of their climaxes as Simba starts to hump faster.

They separate from kissing and start to moan to the pleasure

Simba:" I'm getting close, my question is do you want it in where it can just leak out of your ass or out where it can get into your fur and you'll have to clean and taste my cub making stuff, your choice sexy" he says licking her neck as he humps

Nala:" both, I want to feel it inside of me and on me" she moans, the choice Nala made was not what Simba was expecting but smiles loving the dirty naughty side of Nala.

Simba:" such a dirty, dirty, and naughty lioness wanting to get so dirty with my cum... I love this side of you" he says nuzzling and licking her neck as both of his and her climaxes are approaching.

Simba:" I'm getting closer" he says closing his eyes and unconsciously having his mouth slightly open

Nala:" I am too, I want to feel you in and on me" she moans reminding him. Simba thrusts faster and faster until both reached climax with Simba shooting his first two loads inside of Nala then pulls out shooting the rest onto Nala's head, face, neck, stomach, all over her like she asked while Nala's pussy slightly shoots and leaks pussy juice on his ball fur, legs and knees. Nala starts to lick up all that she can get on her paws, forelegs, everywhere she can reach while Simba lays down on his side next to her looking and watching her lick up all that Simba left for her.

Simba:" so how did it felt and how do I taste" he smiles,

Nala looks at him "it felt amazing inside me and you taste like little salty but sweet nectar form a flower" she smiles as she rolls to her side facing him.

Simba yawns following Nala yawning also Simba:" that did exhaust me" he smiles

Nala:" hopefully this time the humidity don't wake you" she smiles locking each others muzzles for one last kiss.

Simba:" I don't think it will and if It does my queen knows her magic, love you, good night" he smiles nuzzling her

Nala:" I will for certain use my 'magic' if it does, and I love you too my king, good night" she says before both scoots closer to each other then closes their eyes with their heads close to one another.

End of part 5

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