The Arakkoa's Secret Ritual

Story by Cheetahs on SoFurry

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Chapter 2: The Arakkoa's secret ritual

No matter how often Arith licked his folds, he still felt the Raven God's seed inside him.

His swollen pink lips glistened from his saliva, quivering whenever the avian's tongue brushed against them. They looked so clean, so neat, yet felt anything like it.

"Mheep," Arith grumbled in distress as he thrust the tip of his beak into his female parts, pushing his tongue all the way in. Spasms rippled through his clenching walls, his thighs and forelegs twitching from the ecstatic feeling of having his nethers clamp around something solid.

His own milky juices flooded Arith's tongue, raw and pungent, confirming the advanced stages of his heat. The gryphon slurped them, rolling his tongue across his smooth walls to collect the arousal that coated them. Disgusting thing. Not because of the taste--Arith became too accustomed to grooming himself by now--but due to the way his juices smeared his feathers with that obvious sheen, so wet, so nasty to his pristine feathers.

And so, he licked them all off, pushing the tip of his tongue deep enough to test for any glob of Anzu's seed that still resided within.

There wasn't any; his body had already assimilated the Raven God's seed, and yet, the poison's effects barely dwindled.

With a muffled groan, Arith shifted onto his feet, his numb wings hanging awkwardly to his sides, his flaccid tail almost brushing across the ground as he took a few uncertain steps forward into the vast wilderness.

The stinging breeze of Arak chilled him, replacing the warm, pleasurable shivers from his grooming with cold shudders. Arith pressed on, his ears perked, his eyes wary of any trace of movement. Although his trek into the untamed forests of Arak began with the noble intention of finding Jorn, the quest had vanished from Arith's mind as soon as the sun began to settle. It was barely visible now, its only legacy being a few streaks of orange marring the bleeding sky.

With night came the crushing loneliness that Arith had tried to keep caged at the back of his mind. How could he, when every yowl forced him to flee behind a tree? Even the hooting of owls chilled the blood in his veins, making him coil into a ball of despair every now and then, his wide, haunted eyes searching for the source of the looming danger.

The faster he walked through the bedding of fallen leaves littering the bottom of a hillside, the more he wished Raki was here. Or Anzu. Or even the Shadow Sage, with his squeaky, irritating voice. Every option felt preferable compared to the deep fear lodged within Arith's belly. He had hoped to find Jorn, to prove himself a worthy mount to him, but now, all Arith wished for was a shelter to spend the night in.

Luck made it so that a thicket opened up ahead, the ground scorched, littered with burnt wood, the trees themselves scarred from the blazing inferno. Some of the upper bridges connecting the arakkoa dwellings remained intact, however, as did the central hut, high atop an ancient Molemba tree.

An abandoned Arakkoa Outcasts encampment--or veil, as they preferred to call it. The sight of the intact hut made Arith's heart leap in his chest and his steps to quicken in his eagerness to take refuge above the ground, away from the predators prowling the forests. The stairway within the access hut creaked and protested under his footsteps, the gryphon yelping whenever his paws touched the flimsy wood, soft and careful at first. When Arith found it resilient enough to put weight on it, his other set of limbs followed, and soon, he found himself crossing a swaying bridge, breathless up until the end, where he gasped for air.

"Kha...kha..." Arith panted, his heart threatening to burst from the terrifying experience. Up here, sixty feet above the ground, a wrong step would send him plummeting towards the scorched expanse below, his numb, useless wings too weak to save him.

Not that it mattered. As soon as he entered one of the treetop huts adjacent to the main one, lit by several glowing crystals of different colors and intensity, a boulder lifted off his heart, the smell of incense and dust instilling a sense of calm within him.

Arith looked around the circular hut, glancing at the massive parchments piled into a corner, at the rune etched tablets lined along the shelves hewn into the trunk of the tree itself. The herb pouches located on the upper shelves made him hiss and his eyes water from their pungent odor, so he turned towards the middle of the room and sat onto the Nagrand wolf fur blanketing the dusty floor. Its fluffy touch made the gryphon sigh with relief, his eyelids drooping already. After a day of braving Arak, he no longer had the strength and the willpower to check the nightstand and the basin of shimmering water located in a corner. The smoldering incense lulled him to sleep, as did the safety of the four walls that kept the wind at bay.

A satisfying yawn escaped the gryphon. He sprawled onto the side, his tail and wings refusing to budge.

Will I die in my sleep? He thought, remembering Raki's knowledge of this terrible poison. he missed her musical voice, her chirps, the resplendent colors of her plumage. She was so eager to show him her nest, so kind, so fierce.

"I had to leave her with Anzu," Arith murmured to himself. "I can't protect her. I'm too weak, too frail. She deserves to be safe, happy, looked after by Anzu..."

Arith shook his head to shrug off the errant crystalline tear slithering down his cheek, then settled his beak on top of his forepaws. Before sleep claimed him, his last thoughts were of Anzu, and his gentle licks upon his nape.

He dreamt of the Raven God as well, that thick, satisfying rod embedded deep within Arith's folds, his cries loud as he rammed himself in and out of Arith. This time, the gryphon felt no shame, no anger, no regret. Only a deep pleasure coursing through his frame, stoked by Anzu's thrusts.

"Take me. Mate me. I need it. I need you, Anzu," Arith found himself saying.

Anzu trilled with glee, his ridges flaring inside Arith, heralding the Raven God's climax.

One deep thrust. A loud shrill.

And then, he burst inside Arith, with such force that the gryphon woke up with a lewd hiss. All of his paws twitched, his toes flexing, his feathers ruffled from the throbs wracking his member and slit.

Did his sleep?

He craned his neck to check, but all he saw was a bundle of azure feathers piled on top of his chest, rising and falling in unison with his breath.


It couldn't be. Couldn't be!

Arith blinked, hard and fast to clear the haze from his eyes, but those cold colors contrasted with his plumes too much to be his.

"Rak...Raki?" Arith stammered, his tongue dry, his member squirming back and forth from his erotic dream.

"Arith. Mrawk, you're awake."

Her voice sent chills down Arith's spine, making him fluff up. It was her!

And she sat merely a few inches from his soaked underbelly and writhing member.

Arith paled in an instant. He used one of his forepaws to nudge Raki's side persistently, but the little bird clung onto his feathers with her talons as she brought her head out from under the cover of a wing to yawn.

Arith pushed her, harder and harder, his head threatening to explode from the shame welled within, but Raki held on, mistaking his nudges for affection. She unfurled her wings, flapping once to reach his neck, where she buried her head deep within Arith's downy feathers.

"Anzu trapped me within the Shadow Realm. I wanted to leave the moment he returned without you, but I couldn't. Not until one of his clutch joined me and released the veil of shadows. The young ones are always the more impressionable, irp?"

Arith loved her voice and warmth more than anything, but right now, everything paled in comparison to the state of his underbelly. He scrunched his eyes at the soggy feeling of his feathers, at the juices that became colder and more disgusting with each panting breath he took.

"Don't leave me like that again, Arith. made a promise, remember? And I want you...want you to..." emotions drowned her voice, her gleeful chirps turning into the most beautiful song Arith had ever heard. It made his limbs cease moving, and sent rippling tingles through his flanks and privates, making his slit tremble and his cock throb. Arith wanted to enjoy it, to lose himself into the magical moment, but his cheeks seethed, and fear gripped his heart at the thought of having Raki discover his shame.

He swung himself onto his belly, squawking with discomfort when his member was squeezed between the wolf pelt and the layer of feathers adorning his belly. Raki fluttered her wings to perch atop the nightstand, her golden eyes regarding Arith with unnecessary concern.

"It's getting worse, isn't it?"

"I...I'm fine, actually," Arith lied. Strength almost left his haunches, leaving them frail and unresponsive. His wings splayed across his sides, spilling over the floor, same for his tail.

"No you're not." Raki jumped from the nightstand and hopped over to Arith, where she cocked her head defiantly. "You were squirming in your sleep. Calling Anzu's name. Begging him to mate with you."

Arith looked to the side, shivering with discomfort from Raki's bluntness.

"This isn't a time to feel ashamed, Arith," Raki pressed on, moving in front of him to glare at him. "I don't care about how wet or hard your privates are. I care about you, and your denial is not making things any better."

She was right. Arith knew it, yet he still folded his ears across his skull from the unbearable embarrassment welling deep within his chest.

"I'm fine. I made it this far, haven't I?"

Raki released a soft caw of disbelief, turning around to look at the skies sprawling beyond the entrance to the hut. "I'm more surprised than you probably are." She turned her head around to fixate a golden eye on him. "Groom yourself. I know what a neat bird you are, and Rakash and Nashak will be here shortly."

Arith's nape bristled at the sound of that. Wasn't it enough that Raki witnessed his moment of great shame?

"Crawk, here they are."

"Wait, Raki, what if they're--"

Adherents of Rukhmar, Arith wanted to say, but words froze upon his tongue when an uncorrupted arakkoa, boasting powerful wings and adorned with immaculate white feathers, flew straight into the hut, landing onto his knees with fluid grace.

The other one followed, a bird of emerald feathers with a white neck, wearing the same white straps of cloth tied across his arms like his companion.

Arith opened his beak to screech a warning at them, tried to unfurl his wings to make himself look bigger. Nothing worked. Only a rough caw escaped him, and his wings barely twitched in their sockets.

"No, don't, let go of her!" he cried out when the grey hands of the white arakkoa engulfed Raki's slender frame. He grabbed her. Lifted her! Held her to his chest, pinning her wings, rendering her unable to fly from his clutch.

Anzu's warning about the Adherents of Rukhmar who enslaved Kaliri and turned them into mindless minions filled his thoughts, urging him to get up in spite of his erection and hiss at the two birds.

"I won't let you...won't let you..."

"Won't let me do what?" the white arakkoa crooned, his voice rich, powerful, deep. "Let Raki assume the position she loves the most?"

He allowed Raki to perch atop his shoulder, where the kaliri eyed Arith in the most awkward of ways.

"Rakash, the emerald one, is a physician and Nashak, this lovable bundle of feathers, is an alchemyst. They have been long time friends to the Kaliri and the arakkoa outcasts, using their skills and knowledge to search for a cure to undo Sethe's curse," Raki said, rubbing her cheek against Nashak's to prove her point.

"She sought us out, Arrrrrrith," Rakash said, his eyes scanning the gryphon from beak tip to tail tip. "Wise thing to do, given your state. Not many know a harmless yet effective cure to the Saberon poison, but we left with more than just knowledge from Skyreach."

Arith shuddered under his gaze, and yelped when he shrieked at his companion. "Erk! Get to work. Check your elixirs. Make sure they simmer up nice. This one has only one day left, if that. His slit is dripping so heavily this whole hut will be flooded come nightfall."

"Crawk, yes, yes. Ark, can smell it as well you know." Nashak stroked Raki's head with a single finger one more time before he threw Arith a glance and flew out of the hut.

Rakash shook his head at his departure. "Alchemists. Brilliant but lazy. Us physicians are a more pragmatic sort. We prefer to touch, to feel. Makes the patient more docile and eager to be helped, yes?"

An alchemist and a physician. Arith would have felt relieved, if Raki didn't keep glancing at his member so often. He flopped onto his side, shifting one thigh in front of his privates to shield them from her inquisitive gaze.

"You always bring me the shy ones," Rakash said to Raki, clattering his beak in amusement.

"At first glance, but Arith is braver than he seems. He'll understand the necessity of what must be done."

Once Raki delivered the most cryptic line Arith had ever heard, she flew off, leaving him completely alone with a stranger who flexed his fingers and crouched in front of Arith, his beak half opened to inhale his musky arousal.

"What...must be done?" Arith's voice shuddered with nerves, and the amber eyes of the uncorrupted arakkoa didn't help one bit. Unlike their cursed kind, Rakash and Nashak retained the eagle-like majesty of Rukhmar, their backs straight, their arms strong, their chests powerful. They did not have to bother with robes and garments, as their own feathers provided more than sufficient covering.

"That depends. Hard to assess from just a glance. Lie down on your back, belly up."

Arith gulped hard at the request. "Why?"

"Is the word of a physician not enough for you?"

"It is. I'm just...not fit to stay in that position."

"Ark ark, so you say, but we'll get to your private parts as well. Touch them to obtain your accurate temperature, fluid thickness, pungency. Impossible to mix a cure based on mere assumptions."

When Arith didn't budge, Rakash rolled his eyes, crouched besides Arith's head, and placed his hands upon his head. At first, the gryphon tried to shake out of Rakash's grip, but the arakkoa didn't falter, his fingers shifting over an ear, holding it up so he could tilt his head and look inside.

"No rash. Good. Also clean, very clean."

"I like being clean."

"Rawk, so you say. This begs to differ." In one curt motion, Rakash lifted Arith's haunch, revealing his soaked underbelly and swaying member.

Arith kicked feebly in his grip, his meager attempts to shake Rakash off made harder by the numbness that settled over his haunches.

"Don't," he pleaded. "I don't like it...don't like it when somebody sees me like that."

Justifying his embarrassment to a physician. As if that ever worked.

Rakash let go of him and laughed in his face, his bird-like caws so loud they rippled through Arith's stomach. "I've seen you already. What does it matter if I see you again? By the end of the day, you will be so numb and aroused you will only be able to lie on your side or back."

Without any retort to that, Arith swallowed what little moisture dwelled in his mouth, his eyes following Rakash's movements intently as he paced back and forth in front of Arith.

"You want to be healed or not? Choose, featherhead, and don't waste my time."

The urgency in his voice gave Arith pause. "I...I do want to get healed, but not through--"

"EERK!" Rakash screeched, raising a hand to silence Arith. "You're not in the position to choose the means, featherhead. You either want to get healed, or you don't. To us, all the same. Poison will leave your body eventually, but squaaaark, ark, ark, messy! You will be so messy, so numb, so powerless to do anything about it."

Arith's heart skipped a beat. He already shivered so hard, and the lower half of his body already lost most of its senses apart from the prominent throbs running through his swollen vent and erect member. At this point, he just wanted this nightmare to end, through any means necessary.

"Can me shift?" Arith stared at his talons that curled and scratched along the floor while he spoke, unable to look upon Rakash.

Not that it mattered. The arakkoa knelt by Arith's side, wrapping an arm around his neck and the other around his belly. With a shove from Arith's forepaws, the gryphon rolled onto his back, his haunches spread to Rakash's whims.

Arith never felt so utterly ashamed and exposed. His beak shuddered with apprehension, his forepaws joined together to knead at each other. All he did was stare at the ceiling while he took in deep, panicked breaths.

Rakash's torso filled his vision as the avian leaned over him, his beak inches from Arith's.

"It won't take long. No reason to be stiff and panicked when a physician inspects you, Arith. You're not the only avian I had the pleasure of healing."

Arith yelped when one of his hands landed upon Arith's neck, swimming through the fluffy feathers while the other caressed one of his ears.

"I'll groom you, yes? We'll pretend it's just a grooming session."

Arith nodded his head, and Rakash's claws began to slither through his layers of violet feathers, combing them, making the gryphon fluff up from the pleasant ministrations.

"You like it, yes? See how easy and enjoyable a physician's job is?"

"You're....right I guess," Arith mumbled, still staring at the ceiling. He didn't fully trust the arakkoa, but his means to dispel some of Arith's worries worked quite well. And he had such a gentle touch! By the time he reached Arith's privates, the gryphon chirred in delight at having his belly rubbed so thoroughly and his haunches massaged in such pleasant ways.

It all ended when pleasure erupted within Arith's groin. A salacious moan burst from his throat as sudden pressure engulfed his cock, holding its writhing length within tight, pleasurable confines. With his last strengths, Arith poked his head forward, and almost uttered a shrill when he noticed Rakash squeezing his member between his palms.

"Rawk, so deft, slick, strong. Interesting, and smooth too." He turned to face Arith, making the gryphon freeze. "What does it spurt? Seed?"


He let go of him, allowing Arith to take in a deep gasp as the haze of delight that engulfed him decreased to manageable levels.

"Slit looks puffy, eager to receive stimulation." As soon as he finished, his fingers began caressing Arith's slit along his lips, making them shudder and produce more of the milky arousal the gryphon already oozed in copious amounts.

"Hotter than usual, milky fluids," he paused to lower his beak upon Arith's slit and roll his tongue along his crevice to slurp a mouthful of juices. "Mr--awwk, potent, so potent."

By now, Arith seethed, his head whirling with a thousand emotions, each more prominent than the other. To make it worse, he had to put up with Rakash, who kept clacking his beak while staring at Arith's slit.

"Not good. Too far into heat. Need to change dosage. Will be back."

As he flew away, Arith noticed a speckle of pink protruding from the dense plumage of his groin. Not even his lush feathers could contain the effects of Arith's heat upon a male, and it showed in quite the obvious way.

Arith's breath stuck in his throat, at the implications of Rakash's erection, his cheeks searing as if molten lava filled them.

Did he...did he really find Arith attractive?

You're in heat. Of course your musk stirs males. That's what heat does. That's the purpose it serves, Arith thought, then chuckled to himself when last night's dream returned to him, so vivid and fulfilling. He closed his eyes for a moment, remembering that comforting sensation at having Anzu fill his heat stricken depths. How it felt for his walls to squeeze around his shaft, until delightfully hot seed exploded inside Arith, all that blissful pressure pushing him over the edge. He fought against that ecstatic feeling yesterday, but today, Arith's feathers tingled with the desire to experience something similar again. To feel that huge relief flood him, to spurt his pent-up lust from both slit and member, until that warm afterglow engulfed him.

He entertained the thought, imagining how a proper mating would feel if he allowed his body to take over instead of fighting it.

"Arkhhhhhhhhhh," he groaned softly as fresh arousal oozed from his slit. It spread across his lips, trickled down his feathers, making them clump in patches from its consistency. For now, it felt warm and comforting, but as soon as it dried...

Arith curled in around himself, his tongue thrust out, ready to lick at it.

Two loud thumps forced Arith to seal his beak shut and look into the direction of the sound, his feathers rising along his neck at the sight of the two arrakoa, their hands conspicuously empty.

"Where's the potion? The elixir? The antidote?" Arith asked as his mind began to churn with a thousand worries. What if there was no cure? What if...

"Erk, no antidote, not for this stage. Too far into your heat already. Whatever antidote we have will cause more harm than good," Nashak said, his purple gaze wavering as he looked upon his companion, Rakash, for reassurance.

"Plus, you're a friend of Raki. We love Raki too much, so much that we have agreed to purify your body through the safest, most sacred and natural of means."

Arith released a sigh of relief, his frame relaxing visibly.

A healing spell. That was what they referred to. He tried shifting onto his feet, but his hind legs trembled and gave in under his weight, his muscles far too numb apart from his squirming member.

"Awk, no no, we'll carry you. Carry you to the purified moonstone altar."

Rakash grabbed Arith by his front side, while Nashak hoisted up his hindquarters without much effort. Arith gulped back his embarrassment when his slit and member stood so close to Nashak's face. The bird gritted his beak, the feathers of his neck fluffing up from the allure of heat that wafted from Arith's slit.

They began shuffling out of the hut, across a swaying bridge that made Arith grow dizzy with fright. He held his breath, and let it out through a drawn-out caw when they finally reached the central hut, a grand building adorned with gold chimes and various feathered ornaments hanging from the circular ceiling.

The interior contrasted with its lavish exterior, being noticeably empty apart from the washed green altar in the middle, engraved with silvery runes at the base and intricate carvings decorating its surface. It looked barely wide enough to accommodate a gryphon like Arith, and reached up to Rakash's waist in height.

"Purified moonstone altar, see? The only one outside of Skyreach, ancient, forgotten. Can you feel its hum? That is ancient, potent magic, from the time before Anzu, Rukhmar and Sethe shaped Arak."

Arith felt its rhythmical hum. It rippled through him like hundreds of ethereal waves, soothing him, instilling a feeling of great relief within him.

The altar's surface was lukewarm to the touch as well, quite pleasant to Arith's folded wings. Rakash and Nashak placed him upon the altar on his back, circling him, pushing at a flank, haunch or wing to adjust his positioning.

"Good," Rakash said.

"Perfect," Nashak agreed.

Arith let out a mirthful chirp as well, a bit carried away by the simple solution to his overwhelming predicament. "Thank you for helping me--for everything."

"Awwwk?" the two arakkoa uttered at the same time, sharing a glance.

"Thanking us? So soon?" Nashak asked.

"When the ritual hasn't even begun?" Rakash answered.

Ritual? What ritual? Wasn't he supposed to simply sit here and let the magic of the altar flow through him and wash away the poison?

The green aura surrounding it basked his two companions in an eerie glow, making Rakash's feathers glisten and Nashak's purple eyes to stand out in the white expanse of his feathers.

"Oh, no no, featherhead. The ritual involves the joining of bodies. The sharing of lifegiving seed, augmented by the power of the Purified Moonstone altar," Rakash began, and stopped when Nashak stepped forward to place a hand upon Arith's chest, rubbing at his feathers slowly.

"On its own, seed is just seed. But for the one atop the altar, it becomes the most potent cure, able to abolish any affliction," he said.

"Raki begged us," Rakash said.

"Even ripped some of my medicinal herb pouches, intent on having us treat you like we would treat her," Nashak continued.

"That's why we'll mate you," Rakash's deeper voice came.

"That's why we trust you with our close guarded secret," Nashak's frailer, subtler tone followed. "Because of Raki. All because of her."

.... mate? Of all the words the two birds spew, this one lingered within Arith's mind, taunting him, making him squirm from side to side upon the altar. He whimpered and tried to flap his useless wings to no avail, his limbs greatly weakened by the Saberon poison.

"I...this is a mistake. The altar--I can feel its magic. It's working, it's working," Arith stammered, his desperate gaze trying in vain to find confirmation upon the grave faces of the two arakkoa.

"It soothes the body and the soul, yes, but more than that, it cannot do without seed," Nashak explained.

"And we are willing, so willing, Arith," Rakash said, placing his hands atop his thighs to rub a bit of sense into his numb muscles. "Is your mind willing as well? Because your body is more than ready."

Blood drained from Arith's cheeks when Rakash' eyes fixated upon his wet lips. Desire welled within his deep, amber eyes, stoked by Arith's dainty crevice. Although they spoke of secret rituals and the urgency to go through them, the two birds were males before everything else, yearning to discover new kinds of pleasure.

Fate made it so that Arith ended up on their Purified Moonstone altar, dazed and confused, with two companions who seemed to have thought of everything.

Soft, fearful squawks rippled within Arith's throat, his anesthetized, useless hind paws jerking as the gryphon tried to kick Rakash away from his privates.

"I'm not--not ready."

"Yes you are, rawk. Don't fight your own urges, Arith," Nashak crooned, his hands cupping Arith's head to fondle his ears with his thumbs. "You agreed to this. We all did. Just relax your mind, and try to work alongside with your carnal needs, and not against them." One of his hands shifted over to his brow, his fingers scratching at the sensitive fluffy feathers in the most suave of ways. "Now close your eyes. Let my brother tend to you."

Arith found it hard to disagree with Nashak, especially when his ministrations made him purr, his eyelids drooping from the enticing stroke of his surprisingly gentle fingers. Rakash began to caress the pink inner surface of his thighs as well, licking his beak in anticipation of what was to come.

"Feels good, yes? The more your muscles loosen, the more enjoyable it becomes. No need to be tense, not when we're so gentle with you." Nashak's voice had such a pleasant tone, and his touch felt so good around his ears, across his cheeks. The arakkoa sure knew his avian anatomy, carefully stroking Arith's most receptive areas, getting him to croon and warble like a needy bird, begging for more.

Arith closed his eyes, took a deep breath...

And flinched, releasing an alarmed caw when something soft, wet and warm raced across his slit. His head shot forward, hissing at Rakash who lifted his head from Arith's folds to face him as he slurped his milky heat.

Nashak planted a palm upon Arith's brow to ease his head back, leaning closer to Arith so that his face featured filled the entirety of his vision. "He's licking you. Grooming you. Don't watch him, not when you can lie down and channel your thoughts into the exhilarating feeling that comes from Rakash's tongue upon your meaty folds."

"'s musk; it reeks!"

Nashak shook his head. "Not to us, not while you're in heat. You smell as good as you are beautiful, Arith."

Somehow, that didn't reassure Arith one bit. His frame still quivered when Rakash's tongue descended upon his slit, and even though he squeezed his eyes shut and forced himself to enjoy the suave brushes of that deft tongue upon his puffy lips, the lewd squelching made his beak clatter with irritation.

"No no, you're tense. Don't be tense," Nashak urged. His hands flowed down Arith's neck, massaging it with soft, undulating strokes. "Tension spoils the pleasure."

It did. Arith knew it far too well from his encounter with Anzu.

Why was he even tense? He had agreed to the ritual, and Rakash's tongue strokes felt so good, enough to make him take in a deep, shuddering breath when he pierced his folds.

"Raawk," Nashak crooned with obvious lust. "Such striking body, such delicate features and lips."

"You should taste him as well, brother," Rakash said as he drew back, his beak dripping with fluids."His heat is so potent, so rich, mrawk!"

Nashak didn't respond. He kept stroking Arith's neck, intent of helping the gryphon accept the tender side of their perverted ritual.

And it worked! His pleasant caress undid the knots within Arith's muscles, allowing him to release a trembling moan and clench his talons inwards when Rakash pushed his tongue deep within his folds. His walls squeezed him from all sides, making the arakkoa caw in surprise and retreat, staggering from the potency of Arith's nectar.

"You can...continue," Arith said, his tone trembling with uncertainty. "I'm starting to like it."

"Eeek, had enough. Enough for the ritual to get started."

Arith assumed that he was ready for the ritual to commence, that Nashak's careful strokes prepared him for what was to come. As soon as he eyed Rakash's growing erection, however, courage slipped from Arith in a heartbeat. The gryphon's frame stiffened, his wide eyes fixated upon that smooth, tapered length, growing thicker and longer than he anticipated.

It burst from the dense, emerald sanctuary of his groin, spearing through the generous layers of feathers, so pink, so hard, each throb urging it to grow to an impossible size. Arith found himself drawn to that pink appendage, already slick with pre from the avian's groin, glistening in the eerie light cast by the Purified Moonstone Altar.

On second thoughts, it wasn't that big; not nearly as daunting as Anzu's member. Its smooth surface would allow it easy passage within Arith's folds, and its thickness seemed quite manageable as well.

Breathe,_the gryphon thought, trying to bolster his faltering courage. _Just breathe. You've seen members before. You know how mating feels. This will be just as pleasurable as the encounter with Anzu, so long as you aren't tense.

Rakash hissed lustfully, grabbing Arith's hind paws, forcing the gryphon to shudder to awareness.

"Soft feet. Nice to rub, arrrk?" Rakash ran his thumbs over his central pads, then switched over to his toes while looking at him with dreamy, half closed eyes.

"Y--yes, it feels good," Arith agreed, desperately trying to buy more time before the actual mating started. He didn't want to offend the two arakkoa by squirming and cawing when Rakash got inside him. That was why he flexed his toes and gripped Rakash's slender fingers between his pads, to keep the emerald avian fixated on the task at hand while Arith's apprehension subsided to manageable levels.

"He is ready," Rakash said. "See how his slit quivers with want?"

"He seems ready," Nashak objected. "Yet his limbs are still tense, his frame still rippling with the shudders of doubt."

Arith's gaze danced between the two arakkoa. When he found them so calm and impassive, his chirps faded into nothingness, that pleasant chant replaced by the irritable clacking of his beak. What did they want from him? To ignore his feelings entirely and pretend to enjoy an intimate moment shared with two arakkoa he barely knew?

Utterly ridiculous!

"I can't...can't take him. There has to be another way," Arith said, panic latching onto his thoughts once again. "Please, Nashak. I don't...I'm not prepared for this."

"You are, you are," Nashak crooned, planting a wet lick across Arith's beak before retreating a few steps forward to flaunt his own erection. He gripped himself with one hand, spreading the pungent pre that welled upon his tip along his shaft.

"You're in heat. We're both worked up. There is no going back once you sprawl upon the Purified Moonstone Altar, your thighs spread, your body willing."

Arith swallowed hard to keep bile from rising up his throat, his beak shuddering from that prickly tang of male musk. It smelled something fierce, making Arith scrunch his eyes and shy away from it. Apart from Anzu, he had never smelled an aroused avian's musk, and his stiff limbs and churning stomach only served to amplify his reluctance to have these two have their way with his body.

And then, just when things couldn't be more awkward, realization struck Arith.

He only had one slit, and the arakkoa were two. One slit. Two cocks.

As if on cue, Nashak rested his free hand upon Arith's neck, ruffling his feathers as he pushed his loins forward, his tapered tip almost kissing Arith's beak. The gryphon recoiled from it, hissing in disgust, then cawing his bewilderment at Nashak.

"It takes a day for your body to assimilate Rakash's seed, and time is not on your side, Arith. By drinking my seed fresh from the source, you will be healed in a matter of minutes. All of your numbness, gone."

Arith still blinked his wide eyes, his song turning from the muffled tone of puzzlement to the high pitched shrill of alarm.

"No," he said, thrusting his head back as far away from that member as possible. "It's disgusting. It reeks. If you put that thing inside my beak, I'll gag and slam it shut around you. I'll hurt you!"

His raised voice didn't give Nashak any pause. The arakkoa cupped Arith's head gently, directing it forward, towards that throbbing cock, in spite of Arith's wild protests. Yet, no matter how he shook and swayed his head, Nashak's persistence proved stronger.

"That's a risk I'm willing to take in order to get you healed and mend Raki's heavy heart."


The mere mentioning of her name made Arith fluff up and his ears to droop from the guilt that welled within his chest. She had put herself at risk by flying out of Skettis. She had forsaken Anzu's protection to convince these two arakkoa to heal him.

Did Arith care so little about her, as to put his own shyness above her? Besides, he had already mated Anzu, a being less patient than the two arakkoa. As long as he followed their requests, nothing could go wrong.


"I..." his words came to a stop as he met Nashak's deep violet eyes. "I will try."

"No. Others try. You'll succeed," Nashak said.

"We trust you, Arith. All we ask is that you trust us," Rakash complemented Nashak's point. "Prove it to my brother. Show him that his trust in you isn't misplaced."

To do that, Arith had to swallow that entire fleshy baton, didn't he?

Nashak must have noticed his wavering gaze, for he turned to the side for a moment and leaned his head onto Arith's chest, his beak sliding through those violet feathery fields, a crooning sound vibrating within his throat.

"Don't dwell on it. Don't think. Just do it."

And with that, he turned around to present Arith with the biggest, meanest erection he had ever laid eyes upon. It pulsated inches away from his beak, the distance shortening the more Nashak leaned his hips forward. He took it slow, allowing Arith to roll his tongue across his beak, gulp down his apprehension, and hold his breath to block off that musk.

With the corner of his eyes, he noticed Rakash's intent gaze. He felt his fingers tapping upon his haunches, the rhythm accelerating the longer Arith took to secure Nashak inside his beak. Every few seconds, Rakash grabbed himself, his fingers coiled around his shaft to provide an ounce of necessary stimulation to remain erect.

He was getting irritated with Arith, wasn't he? They both were.

The fear of disappointing his two companions overpowered Arith's rational side. It forced him to spread his beak wide open, to lean his head forward, to wrap his tongue around Nashak's shaft and pull him inside faster than the arakkoa anticipated.

A harsh caw fled his beak, his whole frame rocking from the surprisingly strong grip Arith had on his member. Rakash's hiss followed promptly, the two males chirring at one another, suddenly stimulated by Arith's bold move.

"Crarrk, fast, much too fast. Slower. Take it slower, else you choke."

Arith heard nothing but a faint buzz. All of his focus was channeled into holding his breath and inching his head forward to take more of Nashak in. It all went more than well.

Until Nashak's tapered tip touched Arith's sensitive throat.

The gryphon gagged instinctively, his tongue unraveling as he spat Nashak out. The gasping breath he took made Nashak's pre taste infinitely stronger than before, forcing the gryphon to swallow hard and blink back the tears welling within the corners of his eyes.

"Told you so. Now try again. Slower this time."

Arith barely recovered his breath, and Nashak already dabbed at his beak with his tapered tip, forcing him to reluctantly open wide. The same strong taste assaulted Arith's senses, the gryphon shuddering from their foreign touch.

He spat Nashak out again, eyeing him with wide, unfocused eyes while drool slipped past the sides of his beak.

"He can't do it. Don't force the poor bird, brother. He is barely comfortable with a cock in his slit, least take a noble arakkoa into his beak."

Rakash's words stunned Arith. He licked his beak clean in a heartbeat, his heart pounding at the prospect of having them reconsider their course of action.

"I...suppose he's not ready." Nashak scratched the fluff of his neck, glancing to the side, as if ashamed of putting Arith through this.

No. Raki. The poison!

She would fly here, and find him numb and useless, his whole underbelly coated with excess arousal, abandoned by the very arakkoa she coerced into healing him.

The dread slithering through Arith's muscles made his stomach lurch worse than Nashak's musk ever did. Bent on proving the arakkoa wrong, he reached out with a forepaw to grab Nashak's hips as his tongue reached out to coil itself around his member.

Nashak's knees buckled from the sudden wave of pleasure that crashed against him. His features scrunched, and his loins inched forward out of their own accord to give Arith more room to work with.

"Or maybe he is," Nashak hissed, resting a hand on top of Arith's neck as he grabbed his shaft with the other to hold it still for Arith.

Without the need to wrap his tongue around him, Arith began lapping at his member, his avian tongue circling that tapered tip, collecting the beads of pre off it and rolling the pungent essence further into his beak. Although it had a prickly tang, exposure to his member lessened Arith's initial reluctance to take Nashak in. The more of that exotic lubricant he swallowed, the more accustomed he became to it, enough to close in his beak around Nashak and start suckling on the slimmer first half of his member.

"Mrawk, keep going, awk awk. Let go of your inhibitions. Let your instincts guide you." Nashak's voice turned ragged and throaty all of a sudden. Feathers perked up along his nape, and his fingers began kneading along the bottom of his shaft to provide further stimulation to his already rock hard member.

His throbs picked up, the taut tip shooting an extra strand of pre against the base of Arith's tongue. He swallowed it fast, then licked the remainder of it from Nashak's tip before sliding his tongue across his increasingly thicker length. Feeling the tense member pulsate ever so slightly against his tongue made Arith perk his ears, a curious chant rumbling in his throat. Whether it was the male's musk or the intense experience of taking a member into his beak, Arith found his feathers prickling and his slit quaking with pent-up lust. His member began writhing as well, the prehensile appendage lying flat against his belly, brushing against his soft feathers.

"Erk, take him, brother. He's ready. More than ready," Nashak strained to utter through the cacophonous caws of delight fleeing his half-opened beak.

Fixated on pleasuring Nashak, Arith barely felt Rakash's thighs brush against his. The contact was too brief, and Rakash's feathers too soft to nudge at Arith's attention. The gryphon assumed Rakash wanted a more intimate contact. That was all.

He wasn't wrong, for in the next moment, throbbing tightness split his folds apart, sliding into him with uncanny ease.

Instead of spitting Nashak out and lash out at the one who invaded his nether depths all of a sudden, Arith's eyes half lidded. Lewd, guttural moans filled the room, his tongue grasping Nashak's member in a steely grip while Rakash's cock stretched his dainty folds bit by bit.

"Arrrrrrrrrk so tight," the two arrakoa chanted in unison, their caws full of want.

Nashak's hips bucked, driving his member deeper into Arith's beak, making the gryphon's jaws ache from the toll it took to receive Nashak. Bit by bit, the snowy arakkoa lodged himself into the warm, slick confines of Arith's beak, both of his hands caressing Arith's nape while he lost himself in the thrill of mating.

With a beak full of cock, Arith's first instinct was to gag, push back, even clamp his beak shut around Nashak. He felt too stuffed, his beak stretched to refuse while Nashak's tip kissed at his sensitive throat, his shuddering thrusts driving him even deeper.

Rakash's steady strokes, however, kept Arith on edge, trapped in a haze of blissful numbness, unable to cough, squirm, or twitch his limbs. Every ounce of discomfort the gryphon felt paled in comparison to the persistent squeezes of his walls against Rakash's girth, his wet, heated depths welcoming that delightful tightness. Only a day passed after his last mating, yet Arith's vent embraced Rakash in a tight, fiery clutch, drawing raspy caws from the emerald arakkoa.

Encouraged by Arith's persistent squeezes, Rakash grabbed Arith's paws in each hand, his fingers slipping between each of Arith's toes, his talons biting into the front surface of his hind paws. The sting of Rakash's passionate grip was muffled by the overwhelming pleasure surging through Arith's frame, each squelching thrust into vent stoking the gryphon's lust.

Before he knew it, Arith found himself singing a high pitched tune, interrupted by the brief suckling motion of his beak around Nashak's cock. Pre lanced out of his member in thin, steady jets that plastered upon Rakash's stomach, turning his emerald feathers a shade darker. Too far gone into the frenzy of mating, the arakkoa only had eyes for Arith, his amber orbs glistening with renewed fondness for the gryphon while he plunged in and out of Arith's overflowing slit. Arakkoa precum mixed with Arith's own milky arousal, the resulting concoction making a mess of Rakash's groin.

"Won't be long now," Rakash said in between the panting breaths he took. "You're tighter than I thought, rarrk, too hot and too wet, awwk."

Nashak didn't fare any better. His fingers grabbed rather than caressing, as if the arakkoa was about to let go at any given moment. His whole feathers were a mess, his features scrunched in an almost comical expression as he fought back to contain his climax.

Arith found that delightfully arousing. To see somebody enjoy the attention Arith gave them made his heart swell and his efforts to see the arakkoa well satisfied double. He pushed his beak further against his member, his eyes widening for a moment as the curved tip kissed Nashak's groin. Too much!

Yet, when he tried to draw back, Nashak's hands wrapped across the back of his head, holding Arith in place, forcing him to take his entire girth.

Spasms wracked Arith's throat, the rippling motion of the muscles attempting to dislodge the intrusive member. Instead, it made Nashak throw his head back and release a jagged shrill. His whole frame quaked, his hips jerking with the urge to cum.

"Arith, I'm--going," Nashak uttered, unable to contain his bliss a moment longer. The throbs of his member ceased for a brief moment during which his shaft swelled with the seed that welled within it. Arith tried to push his head back, to dislodge Nashak from his throat, to plug his tapered tip with his tongue and only swallow a comfortable amount of seed.

As if the snowy male allowed that. His hands gripped his head so tight, Arith could only widen his eyes and take what Nashak decided to give him.

Which was more than Arith ever expected from a scrawny bird like him.

The arakkoa literally burst inside the tight confines of Arith's throat, his first generous spurt rushing down Arith's throat out of its own accord, forcing him to swallow it down without even tasting it. Its creamy texture made it slide effortlessly down his gullet, but the quantity of it proved to be more than daunting for a gryphon who had never swallowed seed in his life.

And it kept coming!

In his rush to swallow as much arakkoa essence as possible, Arith forgot all about Rakash and his thrusts, his whole attention diverted towards the cawing arakkoa who emptied himself inside Arith's beak. Spurt after spurt plastered upon the squirming muscles of Arith's throat, the excess flooding his beak and bursting through its sides, the gryphon unable to gulp it all down. Whatever he swallowed, he did it breathlessly, least he choked from the copious quantity of arakkoa seed flooding his beak.

"Cra...cra...cra..." Nashak panted as he tapered off inside Arith's beak. His hands let go of Arith's head, allowing him to pull his head back, lick his beak clean, and pant from the sudden ordeal. His whole frame turned taut, and for a split moment, not even Rakash's thrusts washed away his discomfort from swallowing all that seed in a matter of seconds.

As if on cue, Rakash pushed himself all the way inside Arith, remaining hilted in there while Arith slurped the remainder of Nashak's seed coating his beak. It bore a rich, smooth fragrance, quite sweet, with an earthy tang that made Arith shudder. So foreign, yet so satisfying to swallow.

"Great. You did great. Better than I ever expected," Nashak said while strolling over to Arith's hindquarters, his spent member fleeing back into the ivory sanctuary of his feathers. "You deserve a treat for that."

Treat? He didn't want a treat. All he wanted was to...

_Cum,_Arith realized in his euphoric state when Nashak grabbed his member, trapping that squirming appendage between his palms, his fingers kneading along Arith's overly smooth and sensitive length. Nashak began stroking him slowly, getting him used to the slightly rough texture of his palms. At first, Arith cawed in discomfort, but Nashak quickly smeared the precum dribbling from Arith's tip all over the rest of his shaft, getting it nice and wet.

"You want the relief, eh, gryphon?" Nashak asked, looking at Arith with the corner of one eye, a sly smile spread across his beak. "You've been hard for the better part of the day, and this squirming thing knows it, even if you claim otherwise."

His gaze shifted to Rakash. After he nodded to his brother to keep mating Arith, Nashak cupped Arith's tapered tip into one palm while he held his thicker base with the other, rolling his fingers across Arith's overly sensitive tip, making the gryphon warble with hues previously unknown to him.

It felt so good, that Arith's vision turned bleary and unfocused from the overpowering stimulation. Rakash speared through his clenching walls, prying him open with his shaft, probing deeper and deeper into his nether depths with each squelching thrust. His thighs slammed against Arith's, their two bodies shuddering in unison as Rakash's harsher groans mixed with Arith's softer moans.

Meanwhile, Nashak's ministrations took Arith's breath away every few seconds. Whenever he squeezed his member, Arith pushed his neck forward, his beak sprawled open, his eyes big like raspberries as the pressure within his member threatened to peak. Nashak knew that, so he allowed Arith his moments of relief during which he let out audible gasps.

"He's almost there," Rakash said through his shuddering huffs. Muscles rippled underneath his emerald coat, his whole frame tense from the thrill of mating. "Squeezes harder and harder."

"Endure a while longer," Nashak urged. "I want our little gryphon to cum harder than he ever did before."

Arith would have blushed if his cheeks didn't burn already. His heart raced in his chest, the rapid beating not fueled by fear, like before, but stoked by genuine delight and anticipation at being pushed over the edge. He already moaned, yelped, crooned from the jolts of pleasure spiking through his frame whenever Rakash buried inside him, or when Nashak trapped his member in his strong grip.

The gryphon's beak turned slack as Arith began to pant with obvious need. His whole body felt so hot, his cheeks and temples seared, and his slit throbbed around Rakash's shaft, clenching and releasing it so hard and fast the emerald arakkoa had to close his eyes and focus on not spilling his seed too fast.

The notion no longer bothered Arith. His head already swam, the haze of sheer ecstasy abolishing any irrational worry that had plagued him before. It felt so good to be mated, to express himself through sharp moans while his sweltering insides grasped onto Rakash's rock-hard meat. His cock, often overlooked, also found purchase around Nashak's fingers, the flexible appendage wriggling constantly, begging to be stroked and squeezed.

Nashak grew bolder as well. He no longer fondled Arith's member. Instead, his fingers formed a circular shelter around Arith, then stroked Arith in a repeated, up and down motion that made the gryphon suck in a deep breath and hold it tight within it chest.

Liquid fire rushed through his member, wild and untamed, stoked by Nashak's increasingly faster strokes. His member turned rigid all of a sudden, shudders rippling through Arith's underbelly muscles as seed welled within the thicker base of his member.

"IRP!" Arith cried out, unable to hold that pressure within him any longer.

In the same instant, Rakash hilted himself within Arith, screeching his great pleasure as soon as Arith's walls collapsed upon him, the steady spasms rushing through his depths tugging at Rakash's member, over and over again, urging him to surrender his seed.

The arakkoa unleashed his essence within Arith not a moment too late. He exploded with the force of a tidal wave, his hot seed lancing through Arith's shuddering walls, coating them with fine, creamy arakkoa seed, its texture so enticing to Arith's heat-laden depths. The rush of having a male cum inside him, combined with the exhilarating feeling of seed splashing upon his quivering walls, pushed Arith over the edge.

His cock twisted within Nashak's grip, spurting a hearty string of milky seed, slightly thicker and more musky than the subsequent spurts that followed. Nashak made sure to enclose Arith within his palms, offering the gryphon the exquisite experience of cumming within tight confines, quite similar to a female's folds, if Arith didn't know any better. His fingers latched and loosened around Arith in a steady milking motion, making the gryphon squirm upon the altar and shrill in delight as his member slowly emptied itself of its heavy burden.

Meanwhile, the steady ripples rushing through his vent drained Rakash of most of his essence. Once Arith's climax kicked in, his strong muscles molded around Rakash's shaft, suckling it dry of every droplet by squeezing and loosing around him in fast, steady, repeated strokes. The more his vent clenched upon Rakash's throbbing length, the louder both Arith and Rakash moaned, their chants intertwining in the most suave of ways.

Once Rakash surrendered his essence to Arith's folds, he pulled out with a faint, wet plop, rivulets of ivory seed rushing past Arith's shuddering lips. They streamed across his tail and underbelly, their combined juices warm, slick, bearing heavy scents that Arith breathed in deeply. His nostrils tingled, and his blood boiled hotter within his body from the fresh scent of potent avian seed.

"You had quite a bit inside you," Nashak observed, spreading his seed drenched palms to emphasize his point. "Makes me wonder how you had the mental fortitude to keep going without relieving yourself every once in a while."

Milky ribbons coated his slate colored palms, slithering across his wrists and dribbling onto Arith's belly.

The gryphon flinched at first, taken aback by the utter mess his belly was. He had to groom himself, didn't he?

But not now. Not while this pleasant numbness filled every fiber of his body, urging him to sprawl upon the altar without a care in the world. He felt fulfilled, at peace with himself after his climax, a different being altogether compared to that bird who refused to acknowledge his needs.

Through heavy, half lidded eyes, he noticed the two arakkoa conversing with one another, their backs presented to Arith, their words barely a whisper. Nashak glanced at him every now and then, while Rakash weaved his hands around as if to explain the significance of his point.

Was this it? The two arakkoa made it seem like a ritual, yet Arith's stomach clenched when they began to shuffle towards the exit of the hut, suddenly wanting more.

"Nashak," he called.

The snowy arakkoa turned around, his features impassive, devoid of any trace of emotion.

"Lie down upon the altar. Relax. Take a nap, and let its flowing energies rush through you. Our seed will do the rest."

"I..." he closed his beak, at a loss for words. He wanted what? For them to sit around, stroke his ears, fondle his paws, and tell him how much of an amazing experience it was for all of the parties involved?

"Sense will return to your limbs in a matter of minutes, along with a crushing wave of tiredness. You better rest and recover your strength," Rakash said.

And with that, they both left the hut, leaving Arith alone, like he always seemed to end up.

I should clean myself up, he thought, trying to latch onto the first distraction that would take his mind off Rakash and Nashak. Off their alluring voice, suave caress, carefully selected words, and more than gentle members. They had not forced themselves upon Arith, like Anzu did, but allowed the gryphon to explore them at his own pace, one that made him comfortable with being messy. After all, a physician and an alchemist both advised him to rest, and Arith planned to do just that.

He closed his eyes...

And jerked to awareness when a faint squawk stirred him to awareness. He cracked an eye open to inspect the disturbance, and released a faint warble when he spotted Raki's distinct plumage. She sat on top of his chest, just like before, her wings folded to her sides, her head thrust back.

"I...I didn't intend to wake you up," she said before getting onto her feet and crouching with the intent to fly off Arith's belly.

"You didn't wake me up," he said, resting a forepaw onto Raki's back to keep her from leaving. "Stay. Please. Don't....leave me." His frail tone shuddered with the weight of emotion.

He was healed. All thanks to her. The icy tingles rushing through Arith's haunches suggested as much, and his wings twitched at his sides as the stiffness within them faded gradually.

Raki noticed it too, her trill swaying with various levels of excitement. She rushed to Arith's head, unfurling her wings and bringing them around Arith's head in a makeshift embrace while her petite head brushed against his violet cheek.

"Why would I leave you, when you still have to inspect my nest?"

"Still determined to pluck a few of my plumes to use for decoration?" Arith said, pushing his tongue out of his beak to lick Raki's lithe neck.

She stiffened for a moment, her chant thinning, every feather upon her body perking from the touch of wet tongue upon her sleek feathers.

"I...I didn't mean it that way."

Raki stepped back, arching her head around, her beak clacking with the urge to preen that wet patch of feathers.

Arith found her reluctance strangely stimulating. A little bird, glancing this way and that, unable to look into his eyes for fear of revealing her innermost secret to him.

She has a crush on me, Arith realized, his heartbeats picking up, his toes curling inwards from the pent-up nervousness coiling around his very being.

What to do? How to make Raki reconsider her interest in him? He had nothing to offer to her! He was nothing but a gryphon that got himself captured, then ended as Anzu's companion for a night, only to get lost in Arak before finding his way onto a Purified Moonstone altar, with two cocks lodged into his beak and slit. A day spent on his own, and Arith already experienced more than he ever did at Jorn's side.

"I won't pluck any of your feathers. I promise. I was just hoping some of them will fall on their own accord..." Raki said, her voice fading into the rippling hums of the altar.

"We'll spend a few nights near your nest then. There's always a feather or two that dislodge during sleep."

Raki perked her head, eyes suddenly hopeful. "But what about your companion, Jorn?"

"Jorn is...resourceful," Arith added, swallowing down the lump forming within his throat. "He'll find us before we find him."

Raki didn't seem entirely convinced, her fanned tail emphasizing the tension welled within her body. That didn't keep her from approaching Arith a second time, slowly this time, chirping whenever her talons dug into the layers of downy violet feathers.

"We'll find him, Arith. Together."

Her words stirred something within him. A deep craving, waiting to be unleashed. Arith's first instinct was to suppress it, to bury his errant thoughts somewhere within the fringes of his mind and forget about them.

Not this time. Not after Nashak's lesson in enlightenment. Too long had Arith doubted himself; always second guessing his actions, never taking that step forward when the opportunity presented itself.

And Raki, the source of his distress, stood right in front of him, her head lowered, her wings tucked tight to her sides. Rather than playing the idealistic scenario within his mind, Arith acted upon it, exactly like he envisioned it.

First, his forepaws gripped Raki's form gently, holding her tight to her chest as he shifted onto his side, where he lowered her still form upon the altar's rune etched surface. Then, he brought a wing over her, shielding her from the rest of the world, creating a pocket of space where it was only him and her.

Raki stretched one of her wings, her eyes darting around, the kaliri uncertain of what to do or say.

Good. For once, Raki relinquished her control, which made her susceptible to what Arith had in mind.

"You always knew what those arakkoa had in store for me."

Tension suddenly vanished from Raki's posture, replaced by a tinge of uncertainty as her wavering gaze settled on Arith. "I suspected. They had to heal you, Arith, just like they have healed the other avians brought upon this altar."

She shot her beak forward to rub it against Arith's neck. "The means are unimportant when your life was at stake. Three darts is more than any avian can handle, and your heat triggered faster than I expected. I...panicked," she blurted out, releasing a frail, drawn-out coo.

Arith didn't need to hear her say it. The gentle touches of her beak upon his spoke volumes, and the concern she harbored for somebody who she had barely met warmed Arith's heart like nothing else ever did.

He thrust his tongue out again, bathing Raki's sumptuous neck, eliciting soft trills from a bird who never dreamt of being licked in such intimate fashion by a gryphon. She leaned into it, rubbing her head against Arith's neck, unfurling a wing to give him access to the sensitive fluff coating her wing joints.

Visible shudders rippled through her frame when Arith licked her there, so intense that Raki crumbled onto her side, a dreamy look etched upon her face while her wings gently caressed Arith.

"Awk, this different than what I'm accustomed to."

Arith chirped playfully, nibbling on her crest feathers before flattening them with a broad, sweeping lick across her nape. The texture of her feathers was so smooth that Arith's tongue glided effortlessly across her wing joins, back and underbelly, coating the kaliri's smaller body with a slick sheen.

He should have stopped; Raki shuddered from every inch of her body already, her talons curling and loosening around nothingness. Going lower meant tickling her dainty femininity, which already overflowed with the kaliri's sweet excitement.

Arith didn't stop, however, his bold tongue sliding down her underbelly, the tapered tip wading through the sea of feathers until he met her scalding vent, coated with a layer of slick sweetness.

Raki flinched at first, but the rising motion of one of her haunches was suggestive enough for Arith to do what he wanted to do all along.

His heart thundered in his chest at the prospect of it, but the pleasant numbness instilled by the afterglow of his mating blocked the irrational worries that would have crippled him. Like him, Raki had been on her own for far too long, and Nashak taught Arith the importance of following the cues of one's body.

Raki's vent practically trembled with the yearn to grope something slick and solid, so Arith took in a deep breath to steel himself and shifted his high pitched song to a mellow croon, deep and full of passion as his nimble tongue tip circled Raki's ring of flesh.

Sporadic chirps broke through her beak, her haunches shivering and her tail feathers fanning out with visible excitement. Her shudders grew in intensity, her contracting muscles tugging at Arith's tongue tip, urging him to sink inside her.

Arith did. In one slow stroke, he pried open Raki's tight depths, her heat so intense and her juices so potent Arith's eyes widened from the thousand of stimuli assaulting his tongue. Raki squeezed at him from every side, suddenly impatient at being stretched fully.

"Miiirp," she cried out, kicking her legs, then latching her talons around Arith's neck. "So good. It good, eeeep."

Her words bolstered Arith's courage, enough to make him push his tongue deeper inside her and twist it around for a change, stretching her a tad more while collecting the globs of sweet kaliri nectar. Once he gathered enough, his tongue fled back into the confines of his beak, the gryphon trembling from the potency of her taste. So raw! So full of want! So intoxicating!

Arith delved inside Raki for a second round, spreading his beak wide open around her nethers to allow more wiggle room for his tongue. The deeper he pushed inside Raki, the harder she squirmed, her wings fluttering with pent-up excitement while her song soared towards the thinnest of tunes.

Arith pulled out of her, giving her a moment of respite while he lapped at the juices coating her vent. His tongue tip circled her fleshy rim, stoking her shudders, drawing more needy caws from the pent-up kaliri.

"Inside," she barely managed through a moan, "I want you inside, Arith."

He suspected Raki was not one for teasing and half measures, so he laid his forepaws gently onto her wings to hold them from beating too hard while his tongue plunged into her quivering silken depths. Her spasms grew in intensity with every swirling motion of his tongue, the ripples rushing through her muscular walls directing Arith further into her.

Arith's heart skipped a beat when he realized that Raki swallowed more than half of his tongue, but her song bore such rich tunes, tugging at his very being, urging him to do whatever it took to see Raki well satisfied.

That meant resorting to faster, more shallow thrusts, the kaliri responding better to intense stimulation than drawn-out one. Her smooth passage, laden with her juices, made it even easier for Arith to brush his tongue against those too smooth walls, to tickle them with the pointy tip of his tongue and chuckle whenever Raki's eyes widened from his mischievous acts.

She soon began panting, that poor, horny thing, her head splayed to the side, blinking her unfocused eyes with slow, lethargic motions. Every ounce of concentration went into her trembling depths, the Kaliri focusing on gripping Arith's tongue faster and tighter every time he sank his blissfully tight appendage inside her.

Arith almost attained a perfect rhythm: Thrust, swirl, lap, slurp, repeat. He closed his eyes as well, savoring the exquisite taste of female juices, her squeezes just a minor detail compared to the pleasant song filling his ears. It rippled with a thousand hues, each more serene than the other.

Then, it stopped abruptly, only to flare into a thinning screech as spasms surged through Raki's underbelly and haunches. A flood of juices burst from her innermost sanctuary, splashing against Arith's tongue, forcing him to roll it back into his beak and lap at her quivering vent before delving within her once again.

This time, Raki held onto Arith, her muscles acquiring a steely grip while the Kaliri cried out her bliss, fanning her tail and feathers to display her vivid coloring to her beloved partner. Arith took notice of every single detail, regarding Raki with renewed fondness, stirred by the milking motion of her walls upon his tongue.

She wanted him so bad, enough to grip him tight and sweet, like the perfect lover.

As soon as her shudders subsided, Raki rolled onto her belly, hopping over to Arith's head to nibble on the tip of his ear while she sang her affection for him with rich, undulating tunes.

"I was wondering about the many uses of your prehensile tongue. This wasn't one of them."

Arith lied flat onto his back, gasping for breath, his tongue still swirling within his beak to taste Raki's fading aroma.

"I got lost in the moment. The arakkoa--they--"

Raki pressed her wing onto his beak to muffle his words. "Stay lost a while longer. It is the side that reflects who you really are, Arith."

Who was he? Up until today, Arith lived on Jorn's shadow, afraid--and unable--to express his feelings to the extent Raki urged him to. Through her means to get him healed, she pushed him to become a better version of himself, stripped of unnecessary inhibitions, and strangely at peace with the outcome of the most eventful days in his entire life.

He didn't know who he really was at his core, or what he was capable of, but his heart swelled at the thought of spending the following days with Raki, a being so true to her emotions that Arith couldn't help but love.


Hope you have enjoyed reading this chapter. At the moment, it's uncertain whether the story continues or not. I'll have to talk to Arith and see what his take on it is. There are multiple options to expand this story, such as Arith and Raki finding Jorn, or maybe the two get even closer along the way and more happens between them! After all, the little bird has fallen for that lovely purple gryphon quite fast! Also, this is probably one of the most heart warming endings I ever had thus far. It felt so satisfying to see Raki and Arith reunite, and even more so to witness the gratitude shown by the gryphon to his fiercely loyal kaliri.

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