The love of heat- The closest friends - part 6

Story by nicker11600 on SoFurry

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#6 of The Love of Heat

The humidity is still thick but this time Simba sleeps like a lion should. Meanwhile in pride rock where ever lioness is still asleep except for Sarabi who has been tossing and turning for the past forty minutes trying to find a way to sleep without the humidity being a problem but every time she finds a position that's comfortable it becomes tainted by the humidity. Sarabi finally gives in to the humidity and opens her eyes then lays up looking around the cave seeing everyone is still asleep before getting up heading towards the exit having to carefully step over lionesses to get to the exit.

One of the lionesses includes going over Sarafina who's sleeping on her left side facing the exit nearest to the exit, Sarabi carefully goes over Sarafina but when her final back leg was about to go over Sarafina rolls over towards her right side to lay on it making contact with her leg while doing so. Sarabi with her teeth clinching looks at her in worry she might wake up, but unfortunately once Sarafina bumped Sarabi's back leg she woke up seconds after as she slowly opens her eyes seeing a shadow of a lioness beside her. She looks up towards the exit seeing Sarabi standing next to her facing the exit but is looking behind her at Sarafina.

Sarafina:" Sarabi?" she whispers making sure it's her

Sarabi:" sorry to wake you" she apologizes also whispering before continuing exiting the cave as Sarafina watches before getting up and following her curious in what she's doing. Sarabi walks up the slanted rock and sits at the tip looking at the land then the clear night sky with the full moon shining it's moon light down on the land making the land look highlighted along with the thick humid hot air as she hear paw prints behind her already knowing who it is but looks behind her anyway to see Sarafina approaching. Sarabi with her ears slightly flat, guilty for waking her

Sarabi:" sorry to wake you" she apologizes to her while turning around to face her

Sarafina:" don't worry about, I'm just curious on why you're up this late" she asks sitting in front of her Sarabi:" this humidity is just so terrible, I can't get some sleep because of it" she scowls a bit looking at the land to her left.

Sarafina:" ever tried the waterhole?" she suggests

Sarabi nods: "no, I didn't even bother because Simba and Nala are already over there for I thinking the same reason for me and I don't want to disturb them" she tells her

Sarafina:" maybe a short walk might get you tired" she suggests again

Sarabi:" that might work" she says standing up with Sarafina doing the same,

Sarabi:" mind joining me for company?" she asks

Sarafina:" sure, I might as well in case I can't go to sleep myself" she smiles walking with Sarabi down the steps of pride rock with the thick humidity still at its worst.

They take a dusty path that leads around pride rock, which is mainly used for walks or to go the tip top of the tallest part of pride rock, which is where Sarabi plans to go which is a fair walk from the steps of pride rock, as they chat while they walk.

Sarabi:" have you been keeping an eye on Simba lately?" she asks looking to her right at Sarafina then to her left looking at the little land then the side of pride rock

Sarafina:" yeah, I check on him every so often to make sure no lioness that's in heat or any lioness at all besides me, you and Nala try to hypnotize him with lust" she tells her while looking around the light blue highlighted from the full moon land.

Sarabi:" how many times did you have to be used as a horny reliever?" she chuckles

Sarafina:" only once today when Chula's heat arrived and pretty much attempted at Simba" she says as they go up a slanted hill that leads to the top of tallest part of pride rock.

Sarabi:" did you catch it in time?"

Sarafina:" luckily I did, but I think if I caught it a little later than I did then it would have been too late" she explains looking at her then looking ahead seeing the top of pride rock

" how about you? Have you been used as a horny reliever lately?" Sarafina chuckles while looking at her with an eyebrow raised playfully, knowing she hasn't since the "practice" several of days ago

Sarabi:" I'll be honest I haven't, I would if I was around to see a lioness that's not me, you, or Nala is trying to get his big dick inside her."

They make it to the top which is a wide big flat platform that obviously has a hard rocky surface where the humid is slightly less horrible but is still unbearable to Sarabi and Sarafina.

Sarafina:" you feel tired after the walk?" she asks as both walk towards the land where the slanted rock below is pointing and sits near the edge next to each other.

Sarabi nods:" no not even a yawn" she tells her while looking at the dark but highlighted land

Sarabi:" (sigh) I guess I'll just sit her until sun rises and hope the heat is not as bad".

Sarafina looks at the ground thinking for a second before having a slight blush,

Sarafina:" well there could be one other way to exhaust you" she shyly smiles while looking at the land below.

Sarabi looks at her: "if you're thinking of running I don't think that will help" she chuckles,

Sarafina:" no it's not running" she giggles as she stands with Sarabi standing also in case she needs to follow Sarafina but in Sarabi surprise Sarafina took a step back then moves her muzzle underneath Sarabi's tail.

Sarabi:" what ar-... oh" she moans to Sarafina's touch touching her pink vagina before jerking away a slight

Sarabi:" Sarafina, friend are you sure there's no other way" she asks looking at her.

Sarafina looks at her "Sarabi, we've been friends ever since we were cubs and if I knew this wasn't a way to get exhausted then I wouldn't be doing it right now, besides this kinds of stuff is what friends do for each other" she smiles as Sarabi lays down on her back

Sarabi:" in that case you can continue, as long as you swing your gorgeous body around so I can do the same to you" she smiles seductively with her legs spread exposing her pussy and asshole. Sarafina nods as she takes a few steps to Sarabi where she's over her with Sarafina's ass above her head then crouches on top of her for a 69 position. Sarafina has already started to lick her pussy with a wet paw toe rubbing it while Sarabi moans to the pleasure from her vagina.

Sarabi then started on Sarafina vagina with long licks going from the bottom of her vagina where her clit is to the top closest to her anus and going in the same routine until deciding to let her tongue enter her hole as it passes make Sarafina moan loud every time her tongue passes her cunt hole.

Sarafina:" AH... oh... you're tongue is like heaven down there" she moans

Sarabi stops for a second "and you taste like heaven" she purrs continuing to lick and penetrate Sarafina's vagina hole with her tongue. Sarafina moans from every little touch of Sarabi's tongue on her vagina as Sarabi moves a paw to the base of her tail, and slowly goes downward until her paw toe reaches her asshole.

She pushes a paw toe inside Sarafina's ass then starts to pump in and out of her ass while still licking her wet pussy as Sarafina almost screams her moan.

Sarafina:" AH.... Oh... "She moans before deciding to copy what Sarabi is doing except Sarafina is pumping a paw tow into her dripping wet cunt while her tongue is at her asshole moving in a small circular motion at her anus.

Sarabi:" oooh, aaah" she moans " (pant) I... ah... love your tongue" she moans while Sarafina continues

Sarabi:" I... think... ah... we need to ... ooh...... do this more often my best friend" she purrs.

Sarafina stops for a second :" would be happy to do this again, but at night of course, so that we can keep an eye on Simba" she says then resuming her licking Sarabi didn't say anything but resumes her licking of Sarafina's vagina while she feels a little close to her orgasm.

Sarabi starts to pump more and faster with her paw into Sarafina's vagina while her tail accidentally slides back covering Sarabi's face giving her an idea.

Sarabi:" Sarafina" she pants as Sarafina stops and looks at her "I got an idea for maybe a better position" she adds still panting.

Sarafina:" what is it?" she also pants,

Sarabi:" I I'll show you and you'll do the same to me" she smiles

Sarafina:" ok how do I get into this position?" she smiles back seductive.

Sarabi:" move your lovely body around" she says as Sarafina does what she says laying on her with them muzzle to muzzle.

Sarafina:" ok, now what?" she smiles

Sarabi:" now" she says lining her own tail with Sarafina's vagina, Sarafina feels her tail move and looks at what she's doing then realizes. Sarafina looks back at her with her winking at her before feeling the tip of the thick furry tail touch the entrance of her already wet vagina,

Sarabi:" now for your tail" she smiles. Sarafina didn't catch what she meant at first but understood few seconds after as she lines her tail with Sarabi's wet pink cunt until her the furry tip of her tail touching her entrance.

Sarabi:" you probably know what t- oh aaah" she moan while Sarafina gets ahead of her by penetrating Sarabi's vagina with her tail like if it were a dick as Sarabi does the same to Sarafina shortly after making her moan just as loud. They both move their tails back and forth, in and out of each others pussy without disconnecting, Sarafina with her eyes half open and muzzle open unconsciously lowers her head until her muzzle is locked with Sarabi's as their tongues passionately enter each others mouths, while having what seems like if it were a tongue fight in slow motion.

They kept their muzzles locked together while both inch closer and closer to their orgasm at every pump. Sarafina moans loud which gets suppressed by Sarabi still having her muzzle still locked with hers while Sarabi does the same feeling their climax about to reach as they speed up their pumps. They both move their tail in as far as they can up their cunts then back out then in again making it too much pleasure as they both break the muzzled locked kiss to almost scream their moan while they shoot their vagina juices onto each others tails while they're still connected.

They stay connected for a another few minutes to make sure each are done, Sarafina licks Sarabi's muzzle with Sarabi moving her muzzle to lock their muzzles again for another passionate kiss. While still kissing Sarafina slowly pulls her tail out with Sarabi doing the same shortly after as both moan at the gentle touch before separating from kissing, while their tails lay on top of one another about covered with vagina juice from the tip of the furry tail to close to the base of tail . Sarafina lays her head on the shoulder of Sarabi

Sarafina:".... I think you're more than my friend" she smiles

Sarabi smiles also "I think you are too" she chuckles Sarafina:" I love you" she smiles nuzzling her cheek with Sarabi nuzzling back

Sarabi:" I love you too" she smiles also before yawning exhaustedly.

Sarafina hears the yawn and giggles "I knew this would work" she smiles before yawing herself.

Sarabi:" and you're wonderful for thinking it" she chuckles before yawing another time,

Sarabi:" might as well sleep while I have the exhaustion" she smiles

Sarafina:" might be best" she says rolling off of Sarabi but lays next to her with Sarafina facing her, to sleep where they're at.

Sarafina:" good night, my great friend" she smile

Sarabi:" good night to you too, my love" she smiles giving Sarafina a wink before both close their eyes under the stars of the humid night finally falling asleep next to each other.

End of part 6

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