Commission: The Better Mount

Story by dracologist on SoFurry

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A prince's mount must be strong, resilient, powerful, and in a land of dragon riders this was even more-so. All others dragons know of his alpha bitch, her ruthlessness to those that try and stand in her place, and when an unknown, a stray, tries to replace her there was only one answer. Come and read Feral Dragon on Feral Dragon fighting over a prince that knows the value of power.

This was a rather surprise commission by someone that I had fallen out of contact with some time ago. I'm always happy to be doing work, especially when that work reaches all the way over "the big drink" as it's called towards people living in other countries. It was fun to write, and I do have to apologize for the delay that it suffered due to a sudden head-cold that I seemed to have gotten. Don't worry about me, though, just enjoy my work and I'll be better by Monday to work on the next story.

Commission for Silver144

The Better Mount

The land was changing once again and where many dragons see this happen a number of times in their lives this was the first time for this pale dragoness. Where she was used to the coldness of winter and tended to hibernate through the summer months it was her own misfortune that lead her valley to be flooded by the river waters after the hard spring rains. Where most would expect such flooding to go away in time the damage that had been done to the banks had caused her little home area, and even her cave, to become a lake, something that would never go back to normal again. This alone left her homeless, left her without a place to go to, but all wild dragons knew of the riders, knew of the pride and honor that it took to find one of their smaller brethren and be trained to fight in the skies, groomed daily, and cared for by the best caretakers in the kingdom. The town was built around a castle, a towering structure that even made the dragons that lived in the sables below look dwarfed in comparison, but this town itself was plenty large enough for her to walk around in, maybe even get lost in if she tried hard enough. Those crystal blue eyes locked onto the sight of the stable, of the dragons and dragoness's in there getting cleaned, brushed, groomed, and cared for like royalty and the only thing that this girl could imagine was being part of such a prestigious position. The longer she stood here the more she yearned for such a thing, but before she could this white dragoness would need to find a rider, someone to claim her and use her so that she could gain such access. Such a thing shouldn't be a challenge, white dragons were rare in these parts and while she twisted her long neck quickly the blue fin that usually set straight upon it draped over the side, giving her a little more of a sultry look to her. If she was going to be part of their little club, and be trained to be a riding dragon, then she would need to show herself as attractive enough for a rider to want her to begin with, to show off those muscles, and her capability towards being bred. After all, if you have a prize steed then don't you want to breed it for the profits?

It was when she saw the latest landing that this white dragoness knew the rider that she wanted. This white creature wanted to be honored, pampered, and tended to like the other dragons that lived within that stable and when she saw the golden bridle of the currently settling down black dragoness she'd smile out easily. They had to be about the same age, they where at least the same size if nothing else, but what she saw here wasn't just a typical rider like she'd seen many times before. Many of them wore armor of steel, and carried lances, their rides housing armor of the same make and soft leather that covered the saddles which housed the seats for the riders, but this one didn't just have steal, and leather. The shine of that bright golden metal shown through well against those black scales, the sight of the ride well designed leather that was imprinted with a beautiful floral design proved that this rider wasn't just some knight, or some lord. When this white dragoness spotted that crown it all became clear to her and just as she thought this wasn't some basic rider, this was the prince that ruled over this kingdom making the black dragoness that she idolized, watched, and slowly grew jealous of to be a royal mount. Such a thing simply wouldn't do, and this white dragoness needed to find a way to draw the attention of that prince, to get his favor so that she could take the place of that dark creature and bring herself up into that position.

With the prince's dragoness moving towards the stable and vanishing within it was quickly obvious that if she was going to be able to have a chance at seducing this draconian royal that the dragoness would need to act now. Pulling her way towards this man she'd go to circle him, pulling his eyes into those white glimmering designs, the blue fins down her back parted to the left side as if drawing an alluring method with them and while that strong body of hers was on display she'd also lift her tail right near her, showing off those perfectly unused breeding lips, showing that she was not only still virgin, but ready to start providing him with prized eggs that he could sell off, or keep to expand his stable. This girl was pulling all of the stops and when his hand lifted to feel her glistening nether lips she'd gasp softly, turning her head up and smile brightly that she felt her troubles might be over very soon. If she could gain the favor of the royal family then she would be tended to like a queen herself, getting priority services that the other rides would likely need to wait for. Even those wings spread fast with a leather snap to show her quickly and recovery time, something that was important in the air, but more importantly she was demonstrating the span she had, able to carry more than just this one prince and his gear, she could likely carry his full family as well. Everything about this stray was impressive, clearly she was from a strong stock out in the wild, and even if she was untrained there was nobody that could say that she wasn't bold for at least trying. The prince was even considering such a thing, the sight of her, the shine she put off, clearly the girl was very healthy, and she might be able to get away with it too if the prince's current dragoness hadn't noticed what was going on.

* * *

This white girl, this female, this outsider, was prancing herself around this dark dragoness's rider. The narrowed growl that rolled from those lips, the touches of rage that shown out well in the eyes of that black scaled beauty had her tear her way from those brush workers and back out into the wet streets again. Those that looked on noticed the mud that had been caused by the hard rains as of late, and with those heavy dark feet landing well into this mud it would splash up around her ankles well as she snarled at the white bitch trying to steal her job out from under her. Wings spread quickly, claws extracted and gripped at the mud covered ground, the long neck shifting low while she snarled deeply with her threat pooling out across the stable area of the city. Those left in the stable backed away from the streets, not a single one willing to step forward in order to be caught in the sight of that black beauty. There was a reason she was the prince's ride, there was a reason that she above all else was his steed, and that reason was because of her brutality and willing to hurt those that stood in her way of wanting to keep that job. Among them all power, speed, and fierceness was valued at the highest, the display the colors, the design of their figures, it all went into how likely they were to be selected for riding and breeding, but more important than all else it was how they spoke. With those black wings spread wide and her head down in a deep snarl any of the other dragons looking on knew that this was going to be a brutal fight, and even the prince gave that white side a soft pat and delivering an easy chuckle across his draconian lips.

"Go ahead," The prince commanded her, "a royal riding dragon must be the toughest and strongest among their peers. If you want to replace your successor then you'll need to show that you can fight better than she can."

Those snarling white teeth shining easily noticeable between those black lips displayed their shine, but also showing how those lips rolled into what could only be described as a grin that this fight was going to be happening. The black beauty hadn't gotten a chance to fighting any uppity bitches for some time and now she was finally able to show off her fighting skills once again. Those that looked on shrunk a bit more into the stable, not willing to be seen as wanting to go either while the two would have to fight. At this point there was no backing out either, even if the white dragon decided to surrender there on the spot this black creature was going to show her why even pretending to open that challenge to begin with was something that only fools would try and do. The golden bridal the finely designed saddle, it was hers and hers alone, those that wished to try and take it from her found themselves face down in the street very quickly. It was when the white dragoness turned to face her fate that the fight would really begin, and with that dark dragon rushing in at her the movement of the white claw lifting caught everyone by surprised when it connected directly into the side of that black face, jerking the head to the side and bringing the pale scaled beast into a pounce in order to force that dark dragon down onto her back right at the very start. Even the dark dragoness was surprised by this, but not so much that she couldn't fight back. When that white hand lifted once again the black wing folded over between them catching the claws against that membrane and slapping the hand to the side leaving the white girl off balanced and giving this alpha dragon a chance to roll over, throwing the newcomer off of her so that they could both have space once again.

The mud that ran over those dark scales dripped down easily, showing the mess of the field that they were working in, but her dark scales were nothing compared to how it would show when that white dragoness ended up down in it. There wasn't a single person here that thought the white dragoness would be the first to strike, but now that they were separated again by that kick the surprise factor was gone and that dark dragon charged right in. Another fast swipe of that clawed white hand would be aimed just as before, but this time that black face wasn't going to remain where it was, hiking back quickly and leaving the dark scaled beast to lift her tail quickly with a long and hard strike against that body. The spade at the end of the tail helping to crash against those pale scales, but it wasn't until that dark claw lifted in order to crush against that white throat, forcing her down sideways into the mud in order to end up on her back that the black dragoness would open those sparkling lips again. The built up of some kind of acid gas could be seen quickly, the rage of this dragoness looking to make an example of this weak white creature, but a fast spit of her own breath weapon delivered a cone of frost deep into the mouth of this dark dragoness, the feeling of that acid breath turning into an acid brick right there on her tone forced the girl to spit hard to the side, growling loudly that her plan didn't work, but it did give this white dragoness a moment that she needed to roll the two over, forcing this black creature onto her back once again in the mud. This only lasted until the sharp claws of that dark scaled beast reached her arm up to wrap around the back of that white neck, pulling the head down quickly into the black dragon's lifting skull and smashing that head directly up into the pale dragoness's face and forcing a loud grunt from that white creature giving the tail time to whip around behind that pale opponent and quickly around that neck, forcing her backwards and into the mud once again.

"Freeze the mud around her feet." Came the call of the prince who was standing by and watching.

The white dragoness heard the sudden word directed to her, ordering her, telling her what she can do to get the upper hand. If anything else it was surprising that he would even bother, but she was quickly able to realize why. As he studied the battle, his arms crossed at the way that the two were fighting, but even so he wasn't exactly putting his support behind any one only throwing out advice. A good riding dragoness had to be able to take orders, so he'd be able to tell if she was even compatible with him if she was at all able to do as he told her. Taking that advice her figure quickly clawed it's way back to standing once more, and with a snap of those large wings stretching out once more her breath called down quickly and immediately into the thick mud that had wrapped around that black dragoness's feet turning it from a fluid into a solid in an instant just like she'd done with that dark creature's breath earlier. The frozen mud trapped those feet down, left the black opponent struggling to pull her feet up and leaving her vulnerable for the more horrifying attacks that this pale beast had in mind. Even as that dark dragoness tried to pull her limbs free the white steed moved around her, able to walk easily on this icy field thanks to being used to such a thing and while this dark monster felt this pale dragon starting to wrap those claws around her hips eyes widened when she realized suddenly that this female scaled bitch was planning to mount her, to dominate her not just in the fight, but in a sexual level, something that this black beast wasn't going to stand by and allow.

She continued to try and break free, feeling that white tail fold it's fins over just before the dark dragoness's head reared back in a deep roar from the sudden feeling of her tight and unbred cunny being stretched immediately under the forceful entry of that pale tail. The growl that tore through from that roaring voice allowed her to pull her foot free, tearing it out of the ice with a huge clump of frozen mud still trapped around it, but that wasn't going to stop her and with a fast, unaimed, backwards swing this black beauty would feel that ice break away from her fingers as the brick wrapped around her hand shattered from the impact of it hitting the side of that dragon face. With effort the other limbs would be pulled free too and then those burning crimson eyes could turn towards the dazed and mud laying white creature that had only a few seconds ago penetrated her never before touched slit. If that was how this newcomer wanted to play this game then that was a level of domination that this dragoness was happy to oblige to her. Her pride had been taken, her soft and under used slit now violated and she was going to make this girl pay for it.

An easy roll of the eyes and a sigh from that prince caught the dark scaled beast's attention for a second, her non-existent ears listening for his commands while he spoke out towards them. "Void, hurry up and finish this fight. I've grown bored of the back and forth. Stomp that newcomer into the mud and then the help will return you to your stable to clean off of that mud off of you."

She smirked to the words, smiling darkly to this dazed pale creature that was only now starting to regain her senses once again. With this mud covered white body resting on it's side, rolling from her scales in it's brown bundles of dampened street dirt, the pale dragoness turned her gaze up to that black beast that had already taken hold of her ankle, forcing her to roll onto her back just before lifting her clawed hand high into the air and slamming it down in an immediate stop straight into that perfectly shaped white slit. Her rider wanted her to stop this girl into the mud and that was something that she could absolutely do. One, two, three hard stomps straight down would plant that claw against those delicate lips forcing that white body to jerk and writhe at the pressure that was applied there, hitting her figure with immediate impacts that tensed up the pale body entirely, made her toes and fingers curl from that sudden abuse. Even when Void, as she seemed to be named, pulled that dark claw away she didn't seem to be done with this white bitch yet. Stepping forward over that body would bring this dark beast in a dominant and towering figure. They were the same size, but with that white dragon laying under her in pain this black alpha looked far bigger. Her hand once again stepping down on that neck just as before, but this time there would be no breath weapon to use, and instead she just stood there watching this pale fighter, showing her why she was the alpha, telling her in the body language of the dragons that she now belonged to this alpha, and that her orders were the law among these dragons within this kingdom and those laws best be obeyed. The defiant gaze that the white dragoness gave her left her watching that dark face, a claw gripping the one that was on her throat, but even she could tell when she'd been bested and with a defeated nod she'd give in, surrendering to this stronger fighter, at least for now.

* * *

The black dragoness continued to stand over that defeated white dragoness, watching as this girl surrendered to her, but Void wasn't done with her yet, she wasn't ready to let this girl go even after that hard stomping she'd just given her. A foot planted on that throat, allowing her to continue to breath, allowing that blood of hers to continue pushing through those arteries. This dark scaled alpha wasn't a murderer, but she sure as hell was brutal, and from where she stood this white bitch had just done a horrible crime to her, had stretched that cunny of hers in an attempt to take away her dominance. It had failed but the penetration with the tail alone had been enough to warrant far worse than just having that pale throat stepped down on. Her body had already recovered on it's own, that was nothing to really worry about, but it had taken a part of her pride with it, had damaged that ego, and while that didn't seem like much it was a huge deal to the dark alpha that stood over her. If that was the kind of game that this white scaled beast wanted to play, though, then this dark winner would show her exactly what she had done with express detail. That spaded black tail quickly wagged, turned, and with a single hard push penetrated deep into that body, forcing an arch from the white girl's spine from the sudden sensation of having something enter her, eyes widening, body trying to fight it and only finding those claws pushing down harder on her neck, trapping her in place or threatening to kill her on the spot if she didn't comply. The sight of it made that white dragoness calm, forced her to take it, but even she could tell that this was punishment for her actions, for trying to whore herself onto the prince, for trying to sexually dominate this dragoness earlier, it all came out here as she felt the tail pull back and then push in again in an instant and force the deep moaning of her soft growl from her throat.

The feeling of that tail filling her soft tunnel stretched her quickly, spread her wide around that scaled limb even while it pushed in deeper forcing that white face to lean backwards, blushing in a deep red while she felt herself being used, being taken by this alpha, and being humiliated by all of those riding dragons that had been looking on. Even the prince that she was trying to convince to take her before was watching as her fresh and unused depths were being filled for the first time taking away the value of this girl as a breeder, and even leaving scratched on her inner walls that would serve as a reminder to the defeat that she'd just suffered. The more she worked to try and push this girl off, to try and struggle to keep what little pride and value she had left the harder that tail would pump in and out of her, working her fast now with that spaded tip keeping this dark tail nicely trapped further inside of her. Even through her struggles, though, the pale creature had to admit that it did feel good, she was deep down enjoying being taken so forcefully, being dominated in such a carnal way and that left her body shivering, her figure quaking, and her depth already pulsating with the need to make a physical display of fluid for that amazing length that was being given to her. As naughty as it was to admit to such a thing she was enjoying herself, even starting to get into it with those hips lifting on every thrust and splashing back down in the dirty mud on every pull. The desire to release overtaking her, and without any defense to hold it back there was nothing to stop this white woman from finally feeling her clenched cunny from bursting with a hot wave of fem-cum washing over that tail, drenching it as well as her own hips and dribbling down over her own tail base to mix with the mud below. The deep panting breaths forcing her to moan, forcing her to show just how much she was loving that attention.

The easy chuckle from that prince sounded well and his eyes rolled quickly before turning away. "Stable clerk, take in my mount and get her cleaned up, also clean up that stray and give her a name. I'm sure we can find some rider that she'd be suitable for. No reason to let such a strong fighting spirit go to waste."

With the smaller bipedal scaled people coming out towards these large and feral dragons the first two would start to work at guiding the darker alpha away from that pale beta, giving that white dragon room enough to breath and time to catch her breath. Cleaning the mud off would be a chore by itself from both of them, but at least being one of the prince's mounts Void would have dibs on being cleansed and brushed down, not the same treatment for that white dragoness that only just heard she was being taken in. It wasn't going to be an easy process for her, learning to fight while flying, learning to take commands, and learning to wear a saddle that a rider was able to sit on, but in time she'd get the hang of all that too, for now she was barely even a white dragoness, simply a mud dragon where most of her figure was covered in it with the smell of female seed running over her, the scent of defeat that needed to be washed away by those that worked in this stable. If this was the start of her training then she'd have to accept it, but there was no way she was going to let that dark dragoness sit at the top forever. This pale bitches eyes were on the top, on that prince, and she would have him as her rider and if that meant getting strong enough to tear down that black alpha and replace her, then so be it.

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