Rescue Mission

Story by grrside on SoFurry

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Rescue Mission

-A grrside story-

"Oh, shit!" Cried the horse with anger. "Oh, shit, shit, SHIT!" I had never seen that muscular white horse with golden long hair before in my life. Judging by his sleeveless shirt showing his muscular biceps and his trekking shorts he was probably some sports nut. "What is it, Carlos?" Asked him a fat frog with glasses. They seemed to know each other but they didn't seem like friends in the strict sense of the word. "My smartphone, Ranito!" Said the horse. "It fell to the bottom of this well!" The obese frog whose shirt barely covered his belly button looked down the well. "Woah, it's very deep. I regret to say this to you, but I don't think your phone survived." "No fucking way Ranito." The horse seemed pissed. "It cost me 700$. My father's going to kill me!...Oh! Look at that light! I think the screen is still turned on!" "Oh, it's true! Maybe it's not broken after all. But how are you going to go down there?" Asked Ranito. "It's too narrow..." "That's true." Admitted the horse. "There's no way my muscles would fit in there..." The horse then looked at Ranito's eyes with malice. "On the other hand, your slimy and greasy amphibian body would slide down easily if we tried hard enough..." "Wh-what?! But I'm too huge!" Said Ranito signaling to his big potbelly. "But if you got naked and we got you greased up..." "No! No way!" The horse started yanking at the frog's clothes. That's the moment I realized I didn't want to see any more of this scene, and decided to resume my midnight jog through the park. *Crack!* Oh, shit. I had stepped on a fallen tree branch... "Hey, you! The small lizard over there!" The horse called. I didn't like at all where this was going... "Umm...Yes? What is it?" I said innocently. The horse went towards me and put his muscular arm on my shoulder. "Oh, my. You just arrived at the perfect moment..." He made me walk towards the well. "See that light at the bottom? That's a 700$ phone. If you help me pick it up, I'll give you 20$." "And how am I supposed to pick it up?" I asked even though I already knew the answer. "Why, you just have to climb down there and pick it up. Easy peasy!" It didn't sound like a good deal at all. I wasn't going to risk my life for 20$... "I heard you lizards are good climbers, and your small, slim body is just the perfect size!" Said the horse as he felt my slender limbs. "Please, do it!" Pleaded the frog. "I don't want to end up stuck down there!" "I don't know..." I said. "It's too deep and dark..." The horse didn't seem to be listening. "Off with these trainers, I think your lizard feet will be more useful bare..." Carlos forcefully removed my trainers and socks off me, leaving my naked feet stepping on the cold grass. "Seriously, I don't think this is a good idea..." I didn't want to go down there, but the horse's biceps were too intimidating. Risking a pummeling by him wasn't that good of an idea either. Before I could protest any further my lizard butt was already sitting on the edge of the well. The frog came closer and reassured me. "If you fall and break your legs or something, cry in pain. And then we'll try to see what can we do." Very comforting, really. "What are you waiting for? Go get my phone already!" Said the horse practically shoving my head down the well. "Okay! Okay! Geez..." The well was very narrow. Even with my small frame I could reach the opposite walls easily as long as I kept my legs and arms spread out. I slowly climbed down, first lowering my right feet, then my right arm, then the same with my left limbs. As long as I remained calm, I'd slide down very easily. "Why are you taking so fucking long?! I'm freezing cold up here!" Shouted Carlos as if the depths of the well weren't likewise as cold. That's when I felt something on the top of my head. It felt itchy, but it was moving... Damn! A freaking bug was crawling down my forehead and down my nose! It was one of those long ones with lots of legs. I breathed heavily through my nostrils, but keep my mouth shut in fear I'd swallow it. "He isn't saying anything..." I heard the frog say. "Do you think he's fine?" Oh, god. The bug was crawling down my neck and sliding down into my white T-shirt. I really, really wanted to get rid of it, but if moved any of my limbs I could lose my grip on the walls and fall down. The only part of my body I had available was my tail, so I used it to lift my shirt up and flick off the bug off me. "I'm fine, I'm fine!" I said. Now that I got rid of that nuisance I kept climbing down. The light below me was becoming bigger and when I took a quick glance upwards the faces of the frog and the horse seemed very far away. "Damn, I can't see him anymore..." Said the horse. I hoped they wouldn't give up and abandon me down here. I lowered my left feet into the next protruding stone and... *Crumble, crumble, crumble!* "Ahhhhhhh!" I cried. That stone was loose and it fell off the wall when the tip of my left feet touched it! I lost my balance. I began to fall. "Oh, shit! We killed him! We're complices of murder!" Said the frog beginning to panic until the horse literally slapped some sense into him. As I fell to my doom I tried to spread out my arms and legs as much as possible to slow down my fall, but the walls seemed to be becoming less narrower the further I fell, and only my legs were able to reach them. I grasped at the walls with my feet and extended my claws to try and stop my fall, but the force of the fall was too much and my legs ended up being oversplit. I ended up in a very apparently painful position, my feet now were at a higher level than my eyes, my hands were lower than my thighs, my head was spinning, and inside my red shorts a rock-hard boner had made its appearance.

I had always been extraordinarily flexible, much more so than other lizards. When I was a baby my parents always found me curled up in all sort of impossible positions even for a newborn. And while children, more so with boys than girls, end up losing their flexibility as they grow up, that didn't happen to me. In fact, when I realized I could oversplit my legs without feeling any pain was also the first time I had orgasmed. For some reason, my special ability not only made me capable of impossible physical feats, it also was the source of all my sexual fantasies. I don't think you would be capable of understanding it as for the rest of the world over splitting your legs is a painful nightmare. That's why I kept both my special ability and my fantasies a secret. "Lizard guy? Are you ok? We can't see anything from up there!" Asked the frog. "Uh...Yes, I am fine! I just slipped a little bit, but I am fine!..." I could barely think straight. It was the first time I had over splitted out of the privacy of my room. My penis had come out of its slit and was causing a tent on my shorts. God, I just couldn't resist. I was living one of my fantasies! And outdoors, no less! I unbuttoned my shorts, which actually were in very bad shape after my fall and my oversplit, and started massaging my boner. "Do you have the phone?" Said the horse. "...Yes...Almost...There!" I exclaimed masturbaring furiously. "That's great!" The horse jumped in joy completely unaware of what I was doing. My hard-on felt so amazing it wasn't too long until I shoot my load into the depths of the well. I realized the bottom wasn't as far anymore. In fact, I could see Carlos' phone within the reach of my tail. I coiled my tail around the expensive smartphone and took it away from the mud it was trapped on. "Got it!" I announced. Now that I had relieved myself, it was easy to get out from my oversplit position with no more distractions. The only drawback was that now my shorts were completely tattered and I never wore underwear during my jogs. Geez...Oh well, at least it's not as embarrassing as someone finding out about my weird fetish. I climbed up from the well and finally I could see the horse and the frog's faces again. "Oh, I'm so glad you're well!" Said the frog. "You're all sweaty and breathing heavily though, that must've been quite a shock!" "Yeah, that's right...The shock..." I said as the muscular horse helped me get out from the well. I was a mess, my clothes were dirty and tattered and I had to keep my hands on my shorts so they wouldn't tear down into nothing. The horse yanked his phone from the bottom of my tail. And was happy to know it was working perfectly. "If I were a fag, I'd kiss you!" He claimed. Glad he wasn't a fag, then. "Here's your 20$." "Uh...Thanks." I accepted the money. "Well...I'd better get home, take a shower and put on some fresh clothes..." "I'm sorry about Carlos' attitude." Ranito whispered into my ear. "He's always putting everyone into trouble." "Yeah, I imagined. Well...I better get going..." "HAHAAAHAHAAHA!!!! What the fuck is this?!" Said the horse as he watched something on his phone. Ranito came to see it, and his expression turned into a mix of shock and morbid curiosity. "Woah! That's extreme!...But kinda hot!" I wasn't that interested in finding out what they found so interesting, but when I tried to get away the horse shoved the phone's screen in front of my face. It was a video. Of me. Fapping like mad on the bottom of the well. As my legs were oversplit. "Who'd thought..." Said the horse putting his arm on my shoulder once again. "That our lizard friend here was a pervert?" "It's not what it seems like!" I pathetically protested. But it was crystal clear what it seemed like. I had never felt so ashamed in my life. "How'd you do that?!" Asked the frog, getting a little bit over excited. "The legs over your head thingy? How much more flexible are you?!" "Well, I'm quite flexible, but it's not like it turns me on or anything like that..." "Woah! it turns you on?! That's such an interesting fetish!" Claimed the frog. However the horse was looking at me with a mix of fascination, disgust, and...malice. "I think this is such a great piece of avant-garde porn...I should upload it to the internet and share it with the world..." He proclaimed. "No, no! Please, anything but that! I'll do anything!..." "Nice!" Said the horse. "Then come to my house tomorrow. I want to know how much flexible you can really get..." I felt devastated. I had said what he wanted to hear. He had successfully blackmailed me. I had to do anything he said or I'll be outed as a pervert to the world. He was going to take advantage of my flexibility...but how, exactly? The thought of being oversplit against my will made me get another hard-on and my tattered shorts fell to the floor, as if delivering the final blow to my dignity...For that night, at least.


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