A naughty show

Story by Janus Oberoth on SoFurry

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The first chapter based in this pics.

Pongo a Perdita put a show for Captain and the two cows in the stable.

It was a quiet day in the farm, Captain, Duchess and Princess chatted in the stable. Heat outside is intense, so the three decided to spend the time in their favorite place in these occasions.

All of them are almost inseparable in these occasions because they are the only big animals in the farm, the rest are small animals counting to all Dalmatian pups that run here and there.

Captain and the cows enjoy the company of the pups because they are playful and they cheer them up every day.

The tails of the three animals move from side to side to frighten the flies that fly in the place and bother them trying resting on their bodies.

"We need a male here." Duchess says looking at Princess, she that laughs with complicity.

She usually feels that itchiness with necessity of fucking, an urge that each animal has.

"That is truth. Do you remember that bull that passed by the road the last week?" Princess asks looking at Duchess.

The cow signs with longing, they saw with a lot of interest a bull that was in a truck of transportation of cattle that had broken down close to the entrance of the farm.

She and her friend had looked at him with a lot of attention and pleasure while the bull had kept on winking at them and moving his tail while some men were repairing the truck.

"How to forget it? He was very handsome." Duchess says looking at Princess. She nods and the two cows sigh again at the thought of a so strong and desirable bull for them.

"Captain. Don't you want action too?" Princess asks looking at Captain.

"Of course I would like it... having a mare to fuck her to until I get tired, but I refuse to get myself a lot of illusions." Captain responds looking at the two cows, they look at him.

"Why?" Duchess asks feeling confused.

"I doubt a lot that Roger and Anita would buy a mare because they spend a great part of their money in the Dalmatians." Captain responds looking at the cows while he moves his tail to frighten a couple of flies that move near.

"It is truth." Duchess says looking at Princess. Her friend nods while she whines with bother by the flies that fly to her around. Her tail had always been effective to frighten them.

The three animals get startled when suddenly they observe a shade in the entrance of the stable, it is Perdita that looked very agitated while she enters rapidly in the stable being heading for the bottom of the place.

Duchess observes that Perdita acted as if she was fleeing away from something, Princess is about to ask what it happens when Pongo gets in the stable and he gets close to Perdita in position to attack her.

Captain, Princess and Duchess look at each other without being able to believe what they see, they think that something bad would happen when Pongo jumps at Perdita. She falls backwards on hay and Pongo licks her snout with affection.

"I caught you." Pongo says smiling and looking at Perdita. She laughs by the look of Captain and the cows that were looking at everything with bewilderment. They understand what happens because a minute before Pongo was about to attack Perdita and now he kisses her.

"That was because I allowed that you made it." Perdita says looking Pongo at his eyes.

She licks her mate's mouth for some moments before stopping and smile affectionately.

"Liar." Pongo he says with affection before beginning to bite Perdita neck delicately.

Pongo licks his mate's neck while Perdita closes her eyes enjoying the previous game.

"Pongo... we cannot make it here, they will observe us." Perdita says whispering in the right ear of Pongo. He smiles smoothly and kisses Perdita on her mouth for a moment.

"Then let's give a good spectacle." Pongo says returning to lick Perdita's neck. She laughs feeling as the tongue of Pongo produces tickles on her neck.

Pongo begins to lick Perdita's body while he moves back. Perdita feels as the saliva gets wet her fur, Pongo begins to stimulate and lick the nipples that finds on chest and stomach of Perdita.

The Dalmatian female dog opens her hind legs when Pongo's nose gets between them. Pongo observes his companion's vulva, it is surrounded by white fine and short fur in addition to have spots to its around.

Perdita closes her eyes when Pongo begins to move his nose on her pink slit dividing her petals with each motion, he takes a deep breathing permitting that the intense and intoxicating aroma fills his nose completely.

That aroma makes his senses in his body intensify and his member begin to swell up in his sheath. Pongo begins to lick slowly and directly the slit of his mate.

She quivers every time that the tip touches her clitoris, the female's body arches with pleasure.

"¡¡Mmmm. Pongo!!" Perdita moans feeling as the tongue of Pongo that moves on the exterior of her vagina stimulating it.

Pongo pushes his tongue into the slit of Perdita and he moves it in circles rubbing with his tongue the internal walls. The Dalmatian enjoys the taste of the juices.

Pongo's tongue caressed the vaginal walls, his tongue slowly is covered in juices. The chin also gets wet and some drops drip from the chin to the hay.

"¡Move it more!! Perdita says placing her forepaws on the posterior part of the head of Pongo to move it and the nose of his mate rubs her clit and to obtain more pleasure.

Perdita pants feeling as the tongue of Pongo moves in circles.

Princess, Duchess and Captain observe everything with complete surprise, they cannot believe what they see. The three animals never thought that the Dalmatian parents were exhibitionists, with so many cubs around.

Pongo stops and slowly he takes out his tongue of the inside of the vagina of Perdita. He smiles seeing that his mate pants of pleasure, the Dalmatian takes down his nose and sniffs the female's posterior hole.

Perdita trembles when Pongo's hot respiration touches her anus, she opens her mouth and moans when she feels the first lick of the tongue on her sphincter. Pongo licks smoothly while he perceives the taste.

The tongue slowly covers the little brown hole with saliva, Pongo pushes his tongue with force against the sphincter, and the tip presses trying entering in the Dalmatian female dog.

Perdita's eyes open completely when the tongue enters in her posterior passage. It moves slowly inside his mate's tight hole, the saliva fills each crack slowly.

Perdita pants and moans with pleasure, Pongo's nose sends waves of hot air to her clitoris increasing her pleasure. Pongo lays his right forepaw on the swollen vulva of his mate and he begins to masturbate her, the small pads of his paw get wet with juice.

While Pongo eats Perdita's posterior tunnel with love, Captain and the two cows look at him with wide eyes.

"A good size for a dog." Princess whispers in the ear of her friend.

The duchess looks attentive the hard penis of Pongo, she just like Princess had not seen a penis in long time. The scene and the vision of the swollen member hanging between the legs the dog excite them. Their vaginas get wet slowly.

Perdita's body arches and she utters a strong groan of pleasure when her juices are shoot out and fall on the forehead and between the ears of Pongo. He raises his head and he opens his mouth.

The delicious juice falls on his tongue, he closes his mouth around the slit of Perdita. She moans and sees that Pongo closes his eyes to enjoy the juice that fills his mouth.

Perdita's orgasm disappears slowly in the meantime she still is reclined on the hay, the Dalmatian female pants rapidly while she sees at her mate. He smiles on her smoothly.

"Now it is my turn." Perdita says licking her mouth and looking at Pongo to the eyes while she stands up.

Pongo leans on hay taking the previous place that Perdita occupied. Pongo opens his legs slowly while his mate smiles at him smoothly before placing herself in position.

The Dalmatian female begins to give soft kisses to the whole penis of Pongo, he closes his eyes and enjoys the subtle stimulation, but pleasurable. Perdita stops kisses and begins to lick Pongo's knot

He moans and pants with pleasure, Perdita's tongue feels incredible on his penis, and the female enjoys the taste of the hard meat. Her right paw takes her husband's speckled balls and stimulates them softly.

Perdita's tongue begins to move up slowly on the swollen shaft until he gets to the tip.

Perdita licks the precum accumulated in there and she savors it before opening her mouth and closing it around the member of Pongo.

"Suck it dirty bitch." Pongo he says moaning and panting of pleasure. He feels as the saliva covers his cock and the tip touches the entrance of the throat of Perdy.

Perdita takes down more her head and takes the hard member in her throat, Pongo's knot touches her lips. The female the savors on her tongue. The head of the female dog shakes off slowly.

Her saliva drips on the balls and sheath of Pongo.

"I would like be Perdita in this moment." Duchess says whispering in the ear of Princess. She wants to have that tasty and hard penis in her mouth.

The other cow nods and observes attentively as Perdita takes out Pongo's penis of her mouth and she leans on her chest on the hay while she begins to lick the knot of Pongo. He moans with pleasure. Perdita bites the knot softly.

"¡Ohh Perdy!!" Pongo moans feeling a great pleasure when Perdita's tongue moves on all his knot.

Perdita licks Pongo's balls and moves down her snout until her nose touches Pongo's anus. She begins to lick it circularly, her mate moans and pants with pleasure while his hole is wet in warm and slippery saliva.

Perdita feels pleased listening to the barking of pleasure, she pushes the tip her tongue against Pongo's little hole. The female dog feels that Pongo's anus opens and her tongue penetrates in him.

Pongo moans of pleasure, the tongue of his bitch moves in his rectum of slow way soaking it completely. Perdita sees that her mate has his right forepaw closed around his penis, he masturbates while his tongue is hanging out of his mouth.

Heavy breathing and moans fill the inside of the stable, Pongo's penis suddenly erupts and thick semen spurts fall on the body and the head of Perdita

The cows and Captain get surprised by the quantity of cum that Pongo can shoot.

Perdita takes out her tongue and she closes her mouth around the penis of Pongo. He moans feeling as the female gives him oral sex.

She makes it slowly in order that the member does not lose its hardness, the sound of sucking fills the place while the audience looks captivates the two Dalmatians. Perdita stops after some minutes and she moves in order that Pongo stands up, he looks at Perdita with lust.

Perdita smiles and moves suggestively her ass to tempt at her mate.

Pongo positions himself behind his mate and he mounts her rapidly. He moves his hips looking for Perdita's pussy, she closes her eyes when the tip touches her slit.

Pongo pushes slowly, he closes his eyes feeling that his penis is wrapped up by the soft vaginal walls. Some moments later the knot touches his mate's vulva, he begins to move inside her.

"¡¡Pongo... fuck me hard.... please!!!" Perdita says moaning feeling as the penis of Pongo moves in and out of her vagina rapidly. A hard member in her body it is one of the best feelings that she can have in her life.

"¡You are so tight like a virgin bitch!!" Pongo says moaning. The soft walls caress his penis and squeeze it pleasantly.

"Lucky bastard." Captain says murmuring and moving his hind legs with discomfort. He feels that his erect member hangs below his stomach and the precum is dripping from the opening.

He can perceive the aroma of sex that disquiets him, he is fortunately that the walls and door of his corral impedes that the other ones see his hard shaft. The horse wants to go out from there and sinking his hard meat in the Dalmatian female dog.

Pongo and Perdita moan noisily, Pongo pumps his cock rapidly inside the warm slit, he feels excited that they are observed by the other animals in the stable.

Perdita moans while her juices drip from her opening and wet the hay.

The pleasure of both slowly grows rapidly almost to get to its peak, Pongo stops and takes out his penis slowly. He pants and after some moments his cock is hanging below his body and juices drip of him.

Pongo moves his hips and the tip touches the Dalmatian female's anus. Perdita closes her eyes when the penis tip begins to press her sphincter. The precum on the tip gets wet the posterior hole.

The forepaws of the Dalmatian hold with more force Perdita's thin hips while he pushes with more force. A groan of pain is heard in the stable when the tip enters in the anus of the Dalmatian female.

"So fucking tight..!! Pongo moans feeling the embrace of the anus of Perdita. The anal walls squeeze his cock with force while they wrap it. Perdita pants while she has closed eyes.

The member keeps on sliding slowly in the posterior passage of the female until the knot to be under the root of Perdita's tail. Pongo slow withdraws his penis until only the tip is inside Perdita.

He gives a strong thrust and Perdita moans when her mate begins to fuck her with force.

She moans of pleasure feeling that her anal walls are stimulate and sprinkled with warm and slippery precum.

Pongo moves while he pants and moans with pleasure, his balls of are rocking rapidly on the air and they hit the female vulva incrementing Perdita's pleasure.

"¡Faster!" Perdita moans feeling as the penis of Pongo in and out of her anus providing her a great pleasure.

Pongo increases his velocity hearing Perdita's plea, the penis moves faster just like the sphincter to his around. Pongo pushes his knot against the anus of Perdita, she growls of pain to feel that Pongo's knot presses her sphincter with force.

Pongo increases his determination and suddenly is listened the barking of pain of Perdita when his knot penetrates her. The Dalmatian begins to pump with more velocity achieving a deeper penetration.

Perdita and Pongo moan while their pleasure increases in each minute that pass until Pongo feels that his climax is approaching. He increases velocity and fierceness of his thrusts.

Perdita's body rocks back and forth until Pongo stops suddenly and he closes his eyes growling at the moment of releasing a new load of thick semen in the anus of his mate.

"¡¡Ohhh Ponggo!!" Perdita barks closing her eyes when Pongo's hot semen floods her rectum, spurts hit her anal walls and she shakes feeling a new orgasm.

Pongo feels the anal spasms around his member while the other animals look at him without moving. Captain bites his lip when his own semen gets wet his hoofs.

A thick stream of seed is shoot out while he looks at the couple of Dalmatians. Duchess and Princess move their tails feeling as their juice drips from their slits.

Pongo licks Perdita's neck with love.

"I love you." Pongo says whispering in Perdita's ear.

"I love you too." Perdita says while she pants recovering from the orgasm. Pongo places himself in position of tail with tail with Perdita.

The minutes pass while dogs remain tied, Perdita looks at Captain and she licks her mouth slowly. The horse feels uncomfortable seeing that the female looks at him directly at his eyes while she winks seductively.

Pongo looks at the two cows and he smiles to them slowly while he places his right forepaw on his balls and he squeezes them smoothly. The two cows laugh with complicity.

Slowly the knot decreases in size until Pongo feels that it is enough. He begins to pull out with force, Perdita and he growl with force while they try to separate, Captain sees that Pongo's knot appears.

He pulls with more force and finally the penis slips of the anus of the female, Pongo feels that semen drips from his member. Perdita turns over and puts the cock in her mouth to suck it.

Pongo moans and he introduces his snout below the tail of Perdita, she quivers feeling Pongo's licks in her hole, Pongo's tongue enters in the rectum and picks up the semen that is deposited inside it.

Pongo and Perdita move after some moments and close their eyes at the moment of begin to kiss.

The two Dalmatians are kissing for some moments until the break the kiss and smile at each other. Pongo and Perdita get out of the stable with calm, Pongo smiled at the two cows while Perdita winks to Captain. He looks at the female dalmatian with surprise and feels a little restless.

Both dogs get out of the stable while Captain and the two cows are still surprised.

Pongo, Perdita, Captain, Princess and Duchess are © Disney

Written by Janus Oberoth

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