Servant of the Sea

Story by FakeMan on SoFurry

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A diver goes a little deeper than intended, running afoul of a bored mistress of the sea, an OCD squid, and a sea serpent named "Rodger" . . .

Disclaimer - In old sea charts, they would leave large swaths of rough waters blank with only a vague doodle of terrifying serpentine figures and the note "Here Be Dragons." Discerning readers do the same thing in modern days, leaving such sordid tales such as this for others who are more than willing to sail off the edge of the world. So unless you're specifically looking to tangle with the monsters of the depths, I recommend finding a tale more grounded in reality. (This is a work of pornographic fiction. Please do not read if it would be unlawful for you to do so.)

Servant of the Sea

People just ruined everything. Linda had taken the whole week off for this, finally putting her scuba lessons to use, and what did she see while weightlessly floating in the grand blue abyss? Coke cans, a wrecked dingy, hundreds of drifting plastic bags, and wisps of tangled fishing line caught on every rocky surface. It was about enough to make her spit, even though that would be a terrible idea as she was currently wearing a mask about fifty feet under the surface.

There were a few nice features at least, some old Greek looking columns that must have been from way back when this area had been above sea level, but even those were covered in slimy seaweed intermixed with fragments of plastic and tin cans. It was a little bit surreal, she couldn't actually remember anything about this area being above water at any point in the past, but she must just have missed it when she read the brochure. She was pondering this when something fleshy and yet impossibly strong wrapped around her leg and then pulled, yanking her down into the depths through a curtain of leafy kelp into the ruins of the temple below her, leaving a frothy stream of panicked bubbles in her thrashing wake.

Linda gasped, disoriented as she opened her eyes, looking around the large hall that was lit by the ambient glow of dangling blue bulbs of seaweed woven through the terraced ceiling. Immediately her eyes fell upon the back of the huge building where an impossible regal looking figure reclined against the tentacles of a house sized inky black squid that lie squished up against the wall, wide eyes staring out like colossal malignant search lights. The more human figure laid belly down on one of the squid's huge limbs, tangle of kelp green hair flowing around her head like an aquatic halo as she looked at the floundering diver with an almost bored lilt to her head.

Her skin was pale white and as smooth as unfinished porcelain. As she sat up, she revealed odd blue circular patterns like droplets in a pond that appeared with increasing frequency down over her full yet oddly nipple-free breasts, descending towards her waist, which was where all the comparisons to a human being stopped. Instead of legs, four thick flat aquamarine tentacles extended from below her, pushing against the water as she floated up and sank back upon the colossal squid's limb with an otherworldly grace.

The baffled diver stared aghast as the strangely beautiful creature opened its mouth, apparently speaking to her, lips moving as her hand waved in front of her quizzically. It continued, shrugging and looking sideways at Linda, raising a painted green eyebrow as if expecting a response.

Almost forgetting where she was, Linda let out a short muffled murf of noise before pointing at her scuba equipment. She tried to communicate with the impossibly strange creature, gesturing to her regulator, and then to her mouth, and then making a big X with her arms.

The oddly majestic figure let loose the aquatic equivalent of a sigh before rising from her perch, giant inky squid shifting slightly as she seemed to whistle, only a second passing before there was a whoosh of motion and a huge, almost draconian figure slipped into the room. Its blue green scaled body reminded Linda somewhat of an eel, and somewhat of the dragons that could be seen littering the more touristy parts of China Town. Its body undulated, small almost vestigial limbs paddling at the water as it wound its way towards its mistress who caressed its muzzle before slipping onto its long back, riding along as it writhed towards the dumbfounded Linda. The sea serpent seemed happy in an almost canine way, mane of green frills bobbing in the water jovially as the queen rode behind its massive head.

The Queen leaned in towards the human diver, lips moving as if she were speaking again, becoming exasperated as Linda simply shook her head in non-comprehension while simultaneously eying the dragon next to here with trepidation. Rolling her eyes, the blue and white humanoid apparition leaned in and suddenly tugged off Linda's mask, yanking the regulator along with it as the human suddenly started flailing about, white bubbles frothing everywhere as she desperately tried to hold her breath.

"Stop. Look, just . . ." The Queen's musical voice was interrupted as Linda's hand slapped against her face. "Hey, will you . . ." Linda was drifting sideways as her foot lashed out and kicked the Queen right in her shapely bosom. "Goddammit. Just calm the fuck down you crazy bitch." She grabbed the human by her shoulders and shook her, deep black eyes wide with exasperation.

"Help! I'm drowning!" Linda shouted, grasping at her throat.

"Then how are you talking, huh big-shot? You surface dwellers are all so bloody dramatic." She rubbed her offended breast with a scowl.

"But . . . how?" The awestruck human stammered, one hand still at her throat as if at any second she would resume drowning.

"Magic. You'd think the whole ruined temple thing would be a dead giveaway . . . " The Queen raised the back of her hand to her mouth as she laughed while her makeshift serpentine mount undulated underneath her.

"B-but, I'm breathing water . . . you're speaking English . . ."

"No, no, you just think you are. Mythic powers are a funny thing like that." She reached out and stroked Linda's cheek with complete and total disregard of her personal space as her

"Are you a mermaid or something?" Linda's brow furrowed. If you squinted, it did kind of seem like that was the case.

The almost celestial being laughed, leaning back on her slowly circling mount as it wove it's way in a serpentine circle, almost seeming to purr as the Queen scratched at its almost floral looking neck frills.

"Absolutely not." She snorted. "You can call me Lamia if you really wish. Now, let's get to the business at hand. You humans have to stop leaving your rubbish down here. It's getting absolutely out of hand." As she spoke, a plastic bag drifted in through the curtain of green seaweed, but was quickly snatched and flung outside by the glowering giant squid in the corner.

"Oh, I totally agree." Linda nodded. "It's so horrible to see all of the garbage that's uhh . . . you know, messing up mother nature's domain."

"Mother Nature? Hell no! We don't allow that bitch down here." Her tentacles' grip on the beast below her tightened. "Last time _ she _ was around she totally wrecked the whole place up. Got drunk and sank an entire continent on a whim."

"Uhh, right." Linda tried to follow the impossible conversation, mind still reeling. "But, I'm really sorry for all that people have done to destroy your ecosystem, or domain, or whatever. I mean, I never buy net-caught tuna or anything, and I recycle on every Tuesday. It's like . . . I just really want to make sure that the ocean still exists for the next generation, right?" She yammered along nervously as the dragon continued to circle her almost playfully.

"Well, yeah. The ocean is going to be here regardless. Don't be so high and mighty. I've got a sister who lives next to a volcano that's been spewing out ash into the water for like three hundred years now: total nightmare. But the ocean's still there, even if it's a little stranger." The Queen shrugged.

"But that's all _ natural _, right? It's the way it was meant to be." Linda began.

"The way _ who _ meant it to be, my sister? Nah, she just got really unlucky in real estate. It could happen to anyone. But the point is, it's all branding. That Nature bitch just has really good PR." She twirled a hand through her green hair idly.

"Right . . . So, uhh, am I here to pick up garbage or something?" Linda asked. "Like, to make up for the misdeeds of my race?"

"Huh? Oh, sure. Honestly, I was just going to give you a stern talking to. But we could always use some more help . . ."

"I'll do whatever I can." Linda treaded water slowly.

"Well, that's not going to be much considering that you can't leave the temple like that . . ." Lamia pointed towards her in an almost accusing tone as her pet serpent slid through the water around the dwarfed human. "And Seymour over there is terribly agoraphobic, even if he is delightfully OCD."

"What do you mean?" The human turned, trying to follow the odd duo's movement. The massive squid brushed a bit of sand off the marble floor, suddenly stopping as Linda's eyes fell upon him and he pulled back and proceeded to glower.

"Most humans have trouble breathing water, you know?" The Queen shrugged. "And Seymour won't leave the room." It was hard to tell if the giant black squid noticed her talking about it as it shooed out an inquisitive crab that was wandering in.

"Right . . . so this only works in here?" Linda pointed to her throat, breathing in the water feeling almost natural at this point. "Well . . . I've got about thirty minutes of air left, but . . . couldn't you just have your uhh, other minions do it?"

"Oh, it's just us I'm afraid. Not many mortals come down here anymore." She sighed. "I've tried to send Rodger here out to punish transgressors, but he's just a little sweety pie, aren't you, yes you are . . ." She ran her hands over the ridges of the circling sea serpent's head, lower tentacles giving him a reassuring squeeze as he shook his body, fleshy pink tongue lolling out happily. "And watching him trying to pick up trash is like watching a T-Rex trying to give a hand job, just look at his tiny little arms." She teased one with an outstretched appendage, making the beast growl, or perhaps purr at the gentle contact.

Linda looked towards the undulating dragon-like serpent's almost vestigial legs, webbed claws gripping at the water as it swam. This Sea Queen's servant's didn't seem very useful. "Right . . . I guess I thought you'd have more help. Couldn't you train them or something?"

Lamia simply looked at her with a puzzled look, as if she'd just said something particularly incomprehensible.

"I guess I'll do what I can then. But then I'll have to go back for air. I mean, there's a good shop to get your tanks filled where the staff speaks English. But it'll take me a few hours . . ." The human tried to explain.

"Oh, don't worry about that. Air is overrated." The green haired aberration released the sinuous beast under her, four azure tentacles billowing gently as she floated down next to Linda, smiling and moving in uncomfortably close, pressing her white lipped mouth forwards, flowing seamlessly into a strange kiss.

The feeling was almost electric, and Linda's eyes widened in surprise as the Queen's tongue slid into her mouth, writhing around as the human stared into her midnight eyes. It felt like waves of heat and then coldness were passing through her. Her toes wriggled in her flippers as two of Lamia's tentacles squeezed around her rump, pulling her forwards into an odd embrace, white and blue plaint skin rubbing against her wet suit as the human's eyes rolled back in bliss.

"Hmm," The Queen rumbled, pulling back. "We really need to do something about that suit though. "Oh Seymour . . ." She called out in a sing-song voice. Linda was still reeling from the otherworldly kiss as a myriad of thick black tentacles engulfed her, grabbing every bit of her diving suit and apparatus. The muscular appendages all tensed and pulled, tearing the blue rubbery material off with a wrench and absconding with her tanks, flipper and mask, tossing them all outside before retreating back to the corner almost grumpily, reaching out only to catch an errant bit of rubberized material. "Good boy." Lamia smiled as the human covered her now naked form with her hands as best she could.

"W-what are you doing?" Linda stuttered, paddling in the water with one arm while her other covered her breasts. Her mind felt strange and hazy as she tried to think. "That was like . . . five hundred dollars."

"Oh, don't be such a baby. You did say you wanted to help out, right?" Lamia asked, running her fingers through Linda's now floating halo of blonde hair.

"Yeah, but . . ." The human protested.

"I just thought that I'd help _ you _out a little." She drifted behind Linda, impossibly smooth pale skinned fingers running down to her waist. "Being so pink and soft isn't really that helpful at all, is it?"

Linda had never really considered it before. She gasped inadvertently as the strange figure embraced her from behind, two of her thick flattish tentacles caressing her calves, suckers all squeezing as the Queen's hands rubbed in, circling around her waist to caress her lower back. It was impossible not to moan out as those powerful boneless limbs condensed, clenching around her, making her muscles twitch and spasm as a massive hot pressure built up in her lower back. Rodger the sea serpent still circled slowly with cheerful undulations of his massive body, bright and curious eyes watching their bonding with interest as his gilly mane bobbed in the currents. There was a lurching crack as Linda was clutched tighter, her spine creaking out, protuberance quickly fanning into a green vertical fin as scales prickled in along her forming thick tail in a tingling cascade that continued down her flexing legs.

The snow and sky skinned Queen then pulled back, grasping teasingly with her suckers and leaving Linda spinning slowly in the wavering light from the kelp ceiling. Looking down, the woman's eyes went wide as she looked at her legs, muscles bulging under the scaly skin, twitching as her new tail thrashed behind her, growing thicker and longer, tilting her upside down as she tried to make sense of the new sensations. "Am I . . . a mermaid?"

"Oh, you." The Queen laughed. "You do know that mermaids don't really exist, right? I'm sure you wouldn't want to be one anyways. They're probably just stories that some jerkoff sailor made up when his mates caught him trying to fuck a fish." She caught Linda's legs in her hands, holding her steady although she was very much still wrongside up, embarrassed that her femininity was on display. "Not that there's anything wrong with a good fish fucking on occasion. Mermaids are just silly though. You might as well go the whole way, right?"

Unable to form a proper answer, Linda suddenly found the Queen's hands massaging her feet, almost rubbery skinned digits rubbing between her toes. Writhing tentacles snaked around her dangling arms, holding them gently as Lamia's other pair caressed her inverted thighs, groping closer and closer to Linda's exposed female cleft. "I'm not really sure . . ." Linda tried to collect her thoughts amidst the hazy pleasure as her toes stretched out, pulling slick green webbing taut between them as her nails creaked, thickening out into dark black talons that capped the ends of her new digits that writhed in the Queen's grip.

"Really, there's just so much to love though." Lamia grinned, upper tentacles both sliding up either side of the human's tight labia before pressing in and spreading her quivering cleft open slowly. "Rodger would be _ glad _ to show you. Wouldn't you, boy?"

At the Queen's bright tone, the huge serpent immediately turned towards Linda's spread legs, huge nostrils sniffing aquatically past her now writhing webbed toes down towards her crotch, coaxed forwards by the Queen's cooing reassurance. Linda could feel the water being moved between her and the beast as it rubbed against her, seemingly drinking in her scent. The idea of such a huge creature writhing next to her made her oddly wet, more so than just being underwater as her pussy writhed in anticipation, edges quivering.

The eager draconian creature wasted no time, opening its maw to reveal multiple rows of sharpened fangs. Linda felt only a momentary pang of fear before its wide fleshy tongue slipped out, squelching against her before the vaguely forked tip slipped inside of her bared femininity as the Queen's tentacles grasped at either side. The sensation made her whole body clench as the hot mass wriggled against her torrid passage. It was just so wide, squeezing against every inch of her before pulling back and lapping past the base of her swelling tail again, tensing and finally slipping into her with a lusty squelch.

She was completely lost, mind drifting as Rodger's scaly bulk undulated in place, bobbing in the water before her eyes. He looked so powerful, scaly and sleek, attractive in a most sexual way. She could almost taste his masculine musk on the water as her upturned body melted in the Queen's grasp and her tongue licked out of its own accord, sliding over darkening lips with an unseen fleshy relish. Her vagina just felt impossibly taut, her insides feeling as if they were swelling against Rodger's frenetic lapping, bulging tighter and tighter against his boundless sloppy enthusiasm.

"Hmm, what's wrong. Don't you have anything kind to say to our dear Rodger?" The Queen's tentacles rubbed tight circles in at the edges of Linda's pussy as she simpered. "He's being _ quite _ the gentleman . . ."

"I . . . arrr . . ." A rumble built up in Linda's throat.

"There we go. Just relax. Tell him how you really feel . . ."

Linda's face screwed up as her mind tried to process the different impulses drifting through it. The serpent's body was just so inexplicably alluring that she couldn't handle it, his sniffing shoving salvo of affection driving her wild as her neck creaked, bending one way and then the other, vertebrae beginning to crack out longer. Her hair lightened from straw blonde into a pure snowy white that fanned around her like a mane as her skin turned a light luminescent green, scales prickling along as boney ridges protruded from her changing head.

"Rrrrrrr." Linda's mouth clenched shut, muscles straining as her teeth sharpened into interlocking rows of white razors and her jaw surged forwards. Dark horns grew from her scalp, poking back from her mane of flowing white hair as her ears fanned out into fin-like protrusions, feeling the small currents in the room as their green smooth skin stretched taut. Her nostrils pulled to either side of her creaking muzzle, flaring in time with Rodger's fleshy laps as her pulsing cunt grew vice-like in its tightness, pushing back as he roughly pushed his tongue sloppily into her now tight muscular slit.

Suddenly , Linda's body arched in the Queen's grasp. The changing human's eyes opened, slitted pupils of her now golden orbs dilating as she opened her animal muzzle and roared, sound filling the room as she thrashed, wordlessly ululating as the Queen slowly released her, drifting up to caress her now huge growling head in her delicate arms, fingers playing around the scaly edges of her lips around her bared fangs. The rest of her body strained, spine creaking as it bent, gaining impossible flexibility as her tail thrashed about, Rodger nipping at it playfully as she started to writhe in the water, torso elongating as a frilled ridge pushed out along her back, stretched tight as her growing body strained.

"Isn't that better?" The Queen chuckled , watching her body change with beaming satisfaction as she watched the metamorphosis accelerate, Linda's passion egging the changes on, fingers clenching into talons at the end of her webbed forelegs, dwarfed by the growing size of her draconic body, breasts slowly dwindling into her muscular flesh as scutes covered her entire sinuous belly.

Seymour waved away an inquisitive seal that poked its snout though the seaweed curtain, continuing to watch the strange aquatic dance with his dour countenance.

The other serpent nuzzled in at the once human's tail with amorous reassurance, fins around his neck frilling out slightly. She was growing longer and longer, body thickening as it twisted, starting to resemble his own in a way that made the playful dragon's senses sizzle. His tongue licked down her rudder-like tail, nearing the wide base of her hips as she began to calm down, new muscles tensing at his animal caresses. Her tail wrapped down under his chin and his small broad foreclaws scraped over the tip, making her shiver as he licked in at the underside of her tail.

It felt so right to have him huffing around the base of her tail . . . but she certainly wasn't ready for when his massive glistening tongue slipped over the flesh of her now prominent reptilian asshole. It was just so sensitive, clenching up at the sudden contact. The twinging circle of flesh was impossibly tender, shooting jolts of bliss through her body as her now seemingly miniscule hind legs tensed up, his tongue pressing against her tensed ring of flesh. With a teasing flourish, he surged forwards, making her gargle out in ecstasy as her amazingly sensitive ass clenched around him. Rodger's tongue writhed inside of her, eliciting wriggling pleasure from her twisting form, tail snaking around his body, twitching with every motion of his hot eager oral lashings.

"Isn't this great? Now you won't need any more air tanks. Don't worry, you can thank me later." The Queen beamed, stroking a tentacle down her ever lengthening spine-ridge. "Just look at you, all long and _ sexy _ . . ."

She could see the rest of Rodger's body waving slowly in the water, holding his position against her so effortlessly as he ravished her changed ass. Something musky was in the water, calling to her senses as her golden eyes focused automatically between his slowly paddling hind legs. She couldn't help but fixate as she saw his maleness, slick pink ridged shaft slowly slipping out past his tight genital slit, sides bulging as a hot bulb of flesh squeezed out at the base, whole sizable length quivering all the way up to the bobbing chiseled tip.

It made the inside of her clenched pussy feel tight and hot as her jaws hung open, tongue lolling as she was eaten out, mouth watering as she stared at his succulent cock. She wanted to lick it, to taste it, to feel it pulse like it was a part of her. She joust couldn't imagine anything that she had ever wanted more . . .

Her insides writhed as Rodger continued to ravish her. The sensation was unlike anything she had ever felt, hot and tight feeling growing in her writhing belly. The lips of her femininity pulsed welling out as something pink and fleshy pushed up from inside of her female orifice. It was impossible to even comprehend, as if her feelings where slowly coalescing outside of her body while the tongue slammed in deeper inside of her, causing her eyes to shut halfway as she growled. Linda shuddered as the first ridge of her new glorious draconic maleness spread the edges of her once-female slit. The pulsing rod shuddered, leaking her own potent musk into the turbulent waters pulsing longer and longer as Rodger's tongue swirled around inside of her wrenching ass.

"Oh, and look what we have here." Lamia bobbed below the two serpents. "You're such a _ naughty _little girl. . . . Or boy?"

Linda growled out a deep bass rumble of pleasure as the Queen's smooth porcelain white hand grasped around her throbbing cock, teasing the ridges as more girthy length pressed from her slit.

"Oh, okay then. What a happy little wriggling _ boy _." The Queen stroked down over the slippery pink rod that was nearly the size of her arm, teasing around the base as a hot knot of flesh swelled past the edges of her genital slit. "Good boy, Rodger. It seems like you've made a _ friend _." She simpered, uncoiling a tentacle and teasing around the elder serpent's shaft as well, suckers caressing the length as he shuddered, tongue stiffening inside of Linda's tight ass.

"But 'Linda' doesn't seem to suit you now does it?" Lamia purred, tickling their mammoth rods. "No, we need something much more regal don't you think? Something fit for a king? How about Charles . . . or Louis . . . or Henry . . ."

Linda bucked as the Queen ran a practiced finger over the slit at the tip of her throbbing cock.

"Henry it is then. You have excellent tastes, sir!" The Queen's words seemed to sink into the new dragon's mind. It just felt good, proper, stately, and yet, also desirable, fitting the amorous state of her, or rather, _ his _mind as he bellowed his approval.

In the back of the temple Seymore shook a tentacle, trying to remove a particularly obstinate bit of fishing line before pulling back, menacing eyes on the look out for any new bit of trash.

Henry squirmed as the tongue slammed into him with impossible strength, stretching the edges of his ass taut before sliding out with hot sinuous grace, leaving the tender flesh to gape for a second before squeezing shut with an electric twinge. Rodger nuzzled the back of the new dragon's tail as he swam along side of his slightly larger green scaled body, huffing water against his ear-fins as he turned, bending his sinuous neck to face his serpentine lover, growling as the frilled dragon slid his fleshy tongue against Henry's scaly lips. The white maned serpent leaned into the kiss, wide tongue swabbing at Rodger's cavernous maw as their forelegs pawed at each other in a cutely ineffectual manner.

The Queen smiled as their bodies writhed together. She did so enjoy showing foreigners how to enjoy themselves in the ocean. It had been a long time since she'd had this much fun. Lamia adjusted her grip on both serpent's cocks, hands pulling the slick pink ridged rods towards each other until their tips touched, followed by the rest of their turgid flesh. A passionate grumph of pleasure escaped from between their locked lips as the Queen rubbed their members together, squeezing their bulging knots and rising up the rods with a sculptor's firm grace before pinching their pointed tips playfully.

Both of the aquatic dragon's writhed, grinding their hips together as Lamia egged them on, bringing them to the edge of white hot pleasure before pulling back, collecting a dollop of their mixed pre and bringing it to her delicate white lips. "Hmmm . . . you're both delicious." Her tentacles played over the dragon's tails as they broke their kiss, wordlessly huffing against each other with animal lust.

Henry could feel a boiling pressure twisting up inside of him, so many desires percolating around in his mind that it was impossible not to get lost in the lust, panting in eager anticipation as his Queen sampled both of their essences.

"Just do what feels _ right _." The Queen's voice encouraged Henry breathlessly. "There's no wrong answer, as long as you're enjoying yourself." Lamia's tentacle tickled down his frilled spine, making his long muscular body quiver.

The new addition to Lamia's strange menagerie swam in a tight circle, descending down to the marble temple floor with a sinuous grace. As his talons clacked against the hard stone, he looked up over what served as his shoulder bending his broad tail back over his body, baring his tight needy anus and licking his lips with a hungry growl.

"What a fine gentleman." The Queen beamed, running her fingers through Henry's white bobbing mane. "Offering yourself up on a silver platter to my little Rodger." She kissed the eager new serpent's forehead sweetly.

Rodger descended behind him, massive head darting in, tongue flashing out with a few cursory laps over the waiting green scaled serpent's exposed ring of muscle as a contraction of pleasure rocked up his partner's entire muscly body.

"Or perhaps you're just a really slutty dragon." Lamia chuckled. "Not that there's anything wrong with that. Some of my best friends are particularly coquettish reptiles of one sort or another."

Henry growled out as Rodger began to mount him, flattening his long scaly body against the ground and lifting his rear as the older dragon's belly slid against the green frill running down the eager new sea serpent's spine. His tail fin thrashed about in anticipation, claws scraping gouges in the cold stone below, insides boiling as his cock pulsed between his legs, a tight wrenching need building inside of him as his entire world became panting anticipation, fleshy tongue scraping over his grass colored lips.

Rodger nibbled in at his protege's snowy neck ruff, making the lengthy muscular body under him arc up, so sensitive that even the faintest touch was driving his new-found draconic senses wild. The Queen giggled as Rodger's cock ground against Henry's buttock, smearing it with thick pre, making his tail pull up tighter to allow the now slightly smaller dragon better access. Front paws scrabbling in and clenching at his freshly changed companion's shoulders, his pulsing cock slid down the meaty base of Henry's tail, making the new male stop breathing, holding a lung full of water in his chest as Rodger's cock slid up against his exposed anus, prodding the abused hole with a tender roll of his hips.

There was nothing in the world that Henry wanted more than to feel that twitching length inside of him, filling him full of loving savage heat. He pressed his rear back against Rodger's pointed shaft, hissing at the slight bit of resistance before the length slid inside of him, making his neck bend up and his tongue lap out at empty water as ridge after ridge of hot serpent-flesh scraped into his tender ass.

"Oh, dear. Look at you just waving your pink fleshy tongue around like that."

Henry licked his chops slowly, groaning a deep bass grumble as Rodger began to fuck him in earnest, rocking into him with increasing fervor, both of their scaly bodies writhing together.

"Well, I'd hate to let such an _ eager _tongue go to waste, so here, let me give you something to keep it busy." With that, the Queen drifted up, hovering before Henry's panting muzzle before carefully wrapping her four tentacles against the sides of his massive head, pulling herself against him. Henry sniffed at the ovular orifice nestled in the nexus of her lower limbs, mythic scent like a fine wine to his senses as he pressed out with his broad slippery tongue. Lamia's tentacles tensed around him as he pressed forwards against the rubbery white flesh, feeling it quiver and tighten before he sloppily slid inside of her, spreading her aquatic femininity wide around his pulsing oral protrusion even as Rodger's cock slid further and further into his wildly wrenching ass.

The Queen shrieked in melodious pleasure as her new servant's tongue thrashed around her elastic insides, stretching her out with squelching fits of pleasure. She encouraged him with body-wide tensing moans of encouragement,leaning back, hands grasping around her smooth white breasts as she sang out in bliss, mottled blue tentacles tensing, each sucker making Henry's skin tingle as she wriggled around him.

Rodger was wasting no time as he slammed into Henry harder and harder, both of their lengthy bodies arching up as his knot began to press in at the edges of the new dragon's tight ass, making it quiver with every butt of hot flesh. The creature that used to be a diver groaned out against Lamia's flesh as his cock jerked out invisible jolts of odoriferous pre into the turbulent water, allowing him to smell his own heady lust in addition to the addictive aquatic tang of Lamia's tight orifice. Each of the older dragon's thrusts spread him just a little wider, thick knot pulsing, pressed tight against his anus before the rod slid back, textured ridges making him shiver as he rocked back, tail fin flickering against Rodger's own.

Henry's tongue lapped out in time with the shoving motions from behind him, twisting in his Queen's depths, making her wriggle and gasp as he growled out in delight. The older dragon's claws gripped in behind his lover's shoulders as he shoved in, pulling forwards harder and harder, no longer pulling back, distending his fleshy knot against the clenched orifice of his protege, slick rounded bulge forcing Henry wider and wider, making his nostrils flare and huff before Rodger slammed in, locked in place by the straining tight asshole that wrenched down around the base of his impressive maleness.

The wild sensations made it impossible to think of anything other than the sensory overload of pleasure rushing through Henry's body. His maw lapped hungrily at Lamia's orifice as her various limbs cradled his head. Tail shaking wildly, he could feel his ass stretched back and forth, knot shoving and tugging at his insides as the entire length filling him to the brim pulsed and shook, stuck on the very edge of release. His webbed talons scraped at the ground, tugged this way and that by the vigor of his mate's passion, straining as he pressed back, moaning as his cock throbbed, turgid in the water below him.

The wild ministrations of his partners at either end of his colossal body made it easy for Henry to miss Rodger sliding back, bending his sinuous body almost double, green frill behind his head tickling Henry's belly as they fucked with wild abandon.

Henry's breath halted, water caught in his throat as Rodger opened his maw, broad slippery tongue lapping forward, rolling around the tip of his lover's bobbing cock. That was all it took to set in motion the throes of glorious release as Henry's internal testes clenched, cock jerking before blasting out gouts of pearly white cum that stuck to Rodger's panting face, waving in the water as the older serpent felt the once-human's insides suddenly wildly seize around his embedded shaft. There was no denying it as his own member erupted within Henry's torrid confines with such force that streaks of white male essence leaked from the edges of his wrenching stuffed asshole.

The Queen shrieked in lusty joy as the tongue inside of her suddenly went ballistic, twisting and shuddering, pulling against her insides as her new companion rumbled out a muffled roar between her undulating limbs. His wild enthusiasm was impossible to predict as he scoured her clenching passage in rough savagely amorous laps that drove her over the edge, femininity clenching and writhing, leaking out her own mythic essence into the water, egging Henry on further and further.

It didn't stop either, draconic stamina letting Rodger thrust forwards again and again as Henry's cock continued to spurt out thick bolts of liquid love against his lover's amorous lapping and suckling muzzle while their bodies pulled and writhed into a bizarre twisted tangle of roaring love.

The Queen was the first to slide back, floating across the water and taking a deep heavy breath of the lust scented water even as Seymour tried to subtly wave away a few errant strands of heavy serpent jizzum. She looked down to her two tied serpents, still shuddering and groaning out as their cocks occasionally quivered out a perpetually penultimate jolt of pleasure before they writhed again as one.

"Mmmm, you're hired." She scratched Henry's chin as he purred, content to receive praise from his mistress. "But you're not really going to be much help with cleaning up or scaring away anyone, are you?" The new dragon lapped against her palm rumbling cutely.

"Well, I'm sure we can find another way then." She twisted a lock of her green hair around her finger thoughtfully. "Maybe you two want to make some more _ friends _?"

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