Spring Cats

Story by Iscin on SoFurry

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Spring Cats








by Iscin

This is a work of erotic fiction.

All characters portrayed within are 18 years of age or over.

All rights reserved © 2015.


Day Two

'Did you pack everything?' Kenta asks the tiger almost exactly thirty minutes after announcing his plans for their collective day.

'Yes.' Qiang replies curtly, careful not to growl at the large lion in case of risking further indecencies.

'Good, I'll check to see if Paul is ready now.' The lion says happily, making sure to give the tiger's bum a cursory smack before happily walking off to find their human companion.

The human is in something like a fugue state. His system is in shock and uncertain of how to process what happened yesterday. And now this morning being told by the big lion that the three of them are going out to a spring somewhere, a remote and no doubt very private nature site of some kind. It is all very unreal, convincing him even as he is getting dressed and packing a rucksack that he is only imagining all of this. This feeling will subside in time, but for the moment Paul is unable to shake the feeling that he is walking in someone else's shoes right now.

After getting enough things together, including plenty of water for himself and even the cat if needed, Paul comes down the stairs and joins the pair. Qiang is unsurprisingly loaded down far more so than the human. At the very least with this stature and greater muscle mass the tiger is able to carry a great many more things and more easily too than Paul ever could. He gleans the meanest of looks from the stripped feline before Kenta gains his attention, a big arm coming around and pulling Paul into the lion's side.

'This'll be good for us. The place I've picked out is really nice.' Kenta says, though his words seem to be said more for the tiger's benefit and the human.

'Are we really hiking there?' Paul asks.

'Path's too rough for a car. And besides, we couldn't enjoy this beautiful day like that now can we?' Kenta says rhetorically.

Together now, the trio step outside and Kenta locks the door to the long behind them. Paul is acutely aware of how quiet the tiger is currently being. There is no way for him to explain, even to himself, how fucked up this situation is. Months have taught Paul that both Kenta and Qiang are his employers, or rather owners as it has practically been. Having this role reversal is practically creepy for Paul, and the tiger's clear discomfort with it is not helping him to adjust. Paul jumps as a leonine paw comes down on his right shoulder, flinching under the weighted impact as Kenta tells them that it is now time they get going if they want to keep to the lion's schedule. It almost feels like both Paul and Qiang are being marched out by a prison guard.

This is going to be a very odd day.


Black Cat

Paul can feel his shirt sticking to his back as their group finally reaches the ideal spot promised by the leonine prince. Travelling along the paths around and over the hilly and forested countryside has left even the big cats at least partially exhausted. Speed and acts of strength are easy for the pair, but stamina is something else. All things being considered, from his sweat-drenched clothes to the pebbles that have continuously found their way into his hiking shoes, Paul is pleasantly surprised by where Kenta has taken the three of them.

There is no sign of civilisation all the way out here. Even the path disappeared about thirty metres or so back. Tall evergreens surround them as a natural barrier, concealing the grove inside. Although there are wildflowers and shrubberies, the existence of weeds seems to be at a minimum; suggesting the presence of a green thumbed ranger. However, the most impressive part of this secluded area is the fresh water that comes crashing down from a waterfall before collecting in a moderately sized lake before bleeding off down a narrow river.

'I hope everyone forgot their swimming trunks!' Kenta exclaims as the other two begin to realise why they have been brought here.

'Not a problem, I don't own any.' Qiang says whilst setting down the insanely massive backpack he has been lugging all this way.

'Good. But can you get started on the tent now, Qiang?' The lion tells his temporarily indentured friend right at the moment as the tiger starts rolling his shoulders.

'You can't be serious.' The striped cat growls, his face the picture of restrained contempt.

'Hey, the sooner it's up, the sooner you can join in.' Kenta says even whilst he begins to unbutton his shirt, revealing his toned abs and meaty pecs in the fresh summer sun.

For a moment, Paul imagines that Kenta is going to dive into the water to cool off, probably leaving his pants behind. However, the lion stops at a piece of exceptionally flat grass and sets down the bag that he has been carrying, whilst folding the shirt over to one side. The shirtless cat takes out a large picnic blanket and starts setting out clear plastic boxes and plastic cups, apparently having been carrying a full course meal prepared earlier; presumably by a third party. Paul is beckoned to join Kenta. He sprints over, leaving Qiang to continue setting up their tent.

'Wow. I didn't know you had all this with ya,' Paul says excitedly whilst hunching over, his long hair hanging down, as he feasts his eyes upon the picnic bounty the lion has brought with them.

'Well I told you this trip was as much for you as it is for me didn't I?' Kenta replies and starts opening up the boxes containing slices of pastrami, cucumbers, cheddar cheese and more. 'Do you want to grab some of those baguettes and start making us some sandwiches?'

'Do I!' Paul exclaims with a smile.

Both cats are shirtless now, their Adonis-like bodies providing ample eye candy for Paul. Although, for Qiang the half-nakedness is more out of necessity than that of Kenta. Even now after a whole day of adjusting to their role change Paul is finding it difficult to believe his eyes whilst he has sat watching Qiang try to set up the tent Kenta has bought for this sojourn. He looks more exhausted than even on his worst, or best, nights with Paul with their myriad and intimate one-on-ones. All the while Kenta and Paul have been enjoying a selection of meats, cheese, fresh fruit and more provided from the lion's large bag of culinary delights.

Qiang's tired and agitated disposition is entirely due to the ridiculous tent that the lion has had the tiger bring with them. It is a monstrosity befitting of the exorbitant feline, capable of providing accommodation for at least eight rural-types. The utter unnecessary nature of it is enough for the tiger to begin considering just how much of this trip is just a way for Kenta to antagonise his friend. Perhaps some assertion of dominance, reassessing the pecking order of their little unit together on the campus. Only their history is keeping the tiger here and working. His muscular body with sweaty, clinging fur on display for the human to stare at from a distance.

But, there is more to the atmosphere around here than sun and watching a labouring tiger. Qiang is the first one to notice a figure walking up the trail. The silhouette of the stranger just coming into view from behind the row of trees that are providing a natural barrier for the reclusive locale. He calls back to the lion and human, letting them know that company is arriving. Paul gets up on his feet, wiping his mustard-stained lips whilst Kenta continues to laze back on the grass, apparently dispassionate about everything and anything after having eaten enough to feel satisfied.

As the person draws closer Qiang tenses up as he realises who, or rather what is approaching them. The figure is black not because of poor lighting or dark clothing, but rather because of a fur that is as black as a moonless night covering their body. Even Paul can make out the figure now, realising that it is another cat with black fur and bright, yellow eyes. The human looks back to his lion companion but Kenta is still sat down though his eyes are tracking the approaching, stranger. That alone seems unusual to Paul.

Closer still the stranger is now clearly a black jaguar, shirtless and with bare paws, his only clothing is a pair of hiking shorts and a beige coloured bag with a single strap slung around one shoulder. He smiles as he reaches the proximity of the tiger, greeting the other cat with an extended hand. Qiang is uncomfortable in no small part due to the apparent size difference. This panther is at least Kenta's height and build, Paul is starting to wonder if Qiang is a little diminutive for his kind.

'The name's Meng.' The black jaguar introduces himself whilst shaking the tired tiger's paw.

'Qiang. You also here for... pleasure.' The tiger growls with one eye looking back at the mostly finished tent.

Paul runs up, his breath a little short whilst still digesting the picnic banquet. The panther notices the human and waves at him, similarly introducing himself. Whilst the three of them start to talk, Kenta watches from a distance, not unlike a lion in the wild presiding over his cubs as they mingle and play. It is enough to make Paul wonder if there is some protocol that is being performed here, but if there is it is beyond his perceptive power, even after the length of time he has spent with these two.

'So what are you doing out here?' Qiang asks, more pleased to have an excuse for taking a break than anything else.

'My dear young man, I am here every year around this time of season. It's a wonderful place don't you think?' Meng asks.

'Yes, very!' Paul responds. He is finding it much more natural to cut off the tiger. Any feeling of submission to the tiger has become nothing more than a memory now.

'Lots of sun, wild game and warm waters to enjoy. It's just what I need after having just spent three seasons with my pitiful clients.' Meng comments, his voice is rich and deep, a lot like Kenta's but with a more mature and worn-in resonance to it.

'What do you mean?'

'Oh. I really shouldn't speak poorly of paying customers. But I'm a physical coach you see, gym instructor mostly, and it's very depressing the kind of people we get in, especially at the start of the year.' Meng shakes his head with a weak smile. 'There is only so much I can do to motivate them to improve themselves. But then maybe they don't have the genes for it.'

'Ha! If they're humans then why even bother?' Qiang harshly comments, his eyes briefly meeting Paul's.

'Ah, but you should not fall victim to speciesism young cub. In my own personal experience, humans tend to surprise me. They adapt very quickly to difficult situations. Isn't that so?' Meng directs the question at the end to Paul.

'I, err, I suppose.' Paul replies uncomfortable, still self-conscious of Qiang's deathly stare.

'And who is that over there?' Meng asks whilst holding a paw up to shield his eyes and looking over to where the big lion is reclining.

'That's Kenta.' Paul says. 'He's sort of the king around here I guess.'

'Is that right? Haha'. Meng seems amused by this but comments no further. 'But now I must be going. Still lots of ground to cover. But you three should come over sometime.'

Meng palms at something in his pocket before taking out a small notepad. He quickly scribbles down the location of his cabin, giving both map co-ordinates and directions from the main trail before handing the slip of paper to Paul. The human takes it even while struggling to keep his eyes off of the black jaguar's bulging crotch that is on a near eye level with the furless ape. Happy that he has introduced himself to the strangers, Meng turns and starts to carry on hiking heading off in a different direction from where he came from.

'He seems nice.' Paul says once Meng is out of earshot.

'Yeah, so was Kenta, once.' Qiang replies snakily before returning back to the tent.


Skinny Dipping

The tent is now setup and Qiang has had an opportunity to eat from what remains of their supplies after Kenta and Paul. There is some food and drink remaining, but the lion has already told the pair that he intends for one of them, probably Qiang again, to acquire something fresh come the morning. The striped cat hardly minds the suggestion whilst he is presently in a mood immensely improved from a hearty meal after all of the maddening effort of setting up their temporary home out here. To his own disquiet, there is something to be said for hard work and the rewards one seeks after accomplishing something. Maybe he should do tasks of this sort of his own volition in future. Not that he will ever admit this to his traitor friend.

Fed by the gentle waterfall, the warm waters beckon for them to enter. Paul has been waiting for this with some anticipation and now Kenta gives them the go ahead to strip and get in. The big lion watches as Paul gets out of his clothes that have taken on a slightly alarming smell from all of that human sweat; something that the felines can easily pick up on even from some distance. There is no sense of shame for Paul around either of the felines these days as his pasty, thin body is exposed in the summer light. It occurs to him as he looks over himself that now is a good opportunity to get a tan. He may even be able to bulk up a little from the lithe, though deceptively capable figure, now that he is getting some real protein of the solid variety for a change.

Paul takes a running leap, jumping up with his hands gripping his legs, keeping them tight against his torso. Splash he goes, sending a couple of waves and a lot of rippling across maybe a third of the water before they dissipate. Qiang follows, roaring with gusto as he makes a running leap using all fours. Pouncing into the water, the big cat causes a more moderate amount of splashing and the waves just about reach the other side. Kenta is last, and predictably is the most impactful. Both the human and tiger have to swim away a little as the lion comes crashing down. The waves that are kicked up this time keep on going until they reach the other side and start bouncing back as ripples.

'Typical.' Qiang says, still clearly mad at his friend.

'What's the matter, don't like losing in competition again?' Kenta teases.

'It was NOT a competition!" Qiang fumes.

Paul stays out of the argument, simply floating this way and that, enjoying the way his pores are absorbing the surrounding water whilst witnessing the two big cats bickering like a married couple. This goes on for a good five or ten minutes, not that the human is paying close attention to it. However, the argument dies down as Qiang swims off in a huff and Kenta laughs about it while swimming over to Paul. The human squirms playfully as he feels the big cat's wet, arms come around him. The wet fur feels very different from the normally dry and lush texture. His mane especially is fascinating to the human as he gets cuddled up against the lion's broad chest, his feet dangling just where the lion's crotch is, feeling the size of him between plantigrade toes.

'You know. I'm starting to think that Qiang has not learned how this works.' Kenta rumbles to Paul, keeping the volume of his voice low.

'What do you mean?' Paul asks.

'Just follow my lead.' Kenta says and kicks with his legs, swimming towards the tiger with Paul in tow.

The tiger is almost in a happy mood, having started to unwind with his aching bone and muscle relaxing in the warm waters. However, this is about to change as he feels the vibration in the water and opens his eyes to see Kenta swimming up to him. There is a look in the big lion's eyes, that look that he has been seeing over and over again recently. Qiang opens his mouth, takes a deep breath and is about to pre-emptively say something when without warning Kenta vigorously swings one paw, splashing water into the striped cat's whiskers and eyes.

'AAH! WHY?!' Qiang roars, his hands up defensively.

'Shut up and start sucking Paul's cock.' Kenta commands, holding the confused human up in front in both hands.

'What?' Paul says.

'What?' Qiang also says.

'You've had enough time on break and you haven't fulfilled your other duties since yesterday. Come on!' Kenta says, all the while wearing his serious face.

'You're trying me.' Qiang growls, his ears laying flat.

'Is that you not doing what you're told?'

Of course he really can just call it quits right now. But then the consequences of him breaking the wager with Qiang may well be far worse than a damaged friendship. He glances around them as if checking that no one else is present to witness this. Looking back at the domineering lion and weasel-faced human the tiger nods and Kenta lets go of Paul, giving the human to the capable feline's paws. He pushes Paul underneath the water with him before they both resurface near the bank so that Paul can lean back against something.

Underneath the water, where the human's crotch still lies, Qiang brings his face up to the human's genitalia. His whiskers, less pronounced in the water, still prick up against the primate's soft belly. Paul begins to giggle as he feels the tiger's whiskers tickling him but tries not to make any sudden movements as there is an ever present fear of something so large and teeth-filled being near his penis like this. Qiang lavishes over the human, nuzzling into and licking like a kitten trying to suckle on its mother's teats. Sufficed to say that it does not take long for Paul to get an erection, even whilst watching Kenta rise up out of the water from behind Qiang.

Kenta's muscular figure is a temple of physical perfection complete with his mane slick back to the point where it looks a lot like Paul's own long hair. It is the perfect eye candy for the diminutive one in the trio. However, the lion is not approaching from this direction for the benefit of the human's gawking eyes. Even as the tiger begins getting a rise out of the furless mammal, massive paws with sharp claws come clamping down against the tiger's fine, firm buttocks and they tense in response. Qiang thrashes around a little under the water trying to wriggle free, but he already suspected that this would be happening. All he can do now is to continue his task here, coming up for air in regular intervals, as Kenta starts rubbing up against his friend's stripy ass.

'Are you sure this is, mmm, okay like this?' Paul asks, genuinely concerned that Qiang might drown when Kenta inevitable gets serious.

'He's an excellent swimmer.' Kenta says as he tightens his grip, spreading his friend's cheeks. 'How do you think he got that tight body of his?'

There it is. Qiang can feel it even as Paul sees it rising up over the stripy half-moons. A lion's manhood is a terribly arousing thing, even for someone as proud and aggressive as Qiang. Not that their human roommate would know their history together, but before Paul, Qiang was quite experienced with being the leonine prince's favourite playmate. He tries to resist purring over the human's turgid cock poking just inside his mouth as he feels Kenta begin to tease his hole with the tip of his long and thick barbed spear. Any juices are being washed away in the water and this makes Qiang nervous about just how much lubrication his anus is going to be taking benefit of.

Paul is rapidly losing the ability to pay attention. So unused to this kind of attention, the human is still overwhelmed every time he is indulged. Eyes rolling in the back of his head the human tries to swing his legs up and reaches down with both hands to grab the tiger's head. His climax is close, yet Qiang has no time to worry about that as he feels Kenta pressing into him now. The tiger is trying to relax, to loosen up back there, but it is no use. He screams silently underwater, his breath rising up and frothing on the surface between Paul's legs.

'Aaah yes, that's a good tiger.' Kenta rumbles as he forces himself inside of his friend's rectum.

'FUCK!' Paul exclaims as he reaches his climax at the same time.

Trapped between the pair Qiang is forced to deal with the human's semen, even whilst his anus struggles to accept the lion's meat. Not that Kenta is at all concerned about the tightness of the tiger's sphincter, unable to relax at all around him. The lion has more than enough raw strength to power through, with or without any proper lubrication. However, now that Paul is spent Qiang is finally able to come back up for air. Doing so, he gargles and gasps for air, some amount of the human's seed dribbling from the tiger's lips and adding to the lake water. Paul finds the sight of the gasping and panicked looking tiger between his legs, bobbing up along the water surface, an amusing one to say the least.

'What do you think?' Kenta asks Paul whilst he ploughs his friend, his strong hands around either side of Qiang's hips.

'He looks like he enjoys it.' Paul replies.

'F-Fuck you!' Qiang manages to say between the panting and groaning.

'No. FUCK YOU!' Kenta roars, thrusting so hard as to push the tiger up against the reclining human.

Pinned beneath the tiger Paul can feel Qiang's erection as the tiger is fucked harder by a seemingly enraged lion. If he had any wherewithal, or even feeling in his limbs at this point, the tiger might try to flip the human over and mount him; but there is no way he can do that in his present state. However, some small consolation is in the discomfort of the ape as he tries to wriggle free, feet just barely dangling in the lake but for the most part now being pushed into the grass and soil of the bank. All he can do is lay there underneath the tiger, whilst Qiang gets the breeding of a lifetime.

Kenta has plenty of energy it seems, his movements acting like a tidal wave generator as he fucks the tiger faster and faster. Fast and deep, his vigorous endeavour is something to behold but neither Qiang and Paul can really appreciated as the pair are pinned down beneath the horny lion. After only a couple minutes of this the tiger loses it. He screams instead of roars besides Paul's head as his cock twitches and shoots every round in his magazine. The human's head is ringing from the shear volume of it, but he will recover in time.

After another five minutes of balls slapping action, Kenta finally reaches the limits of his stamina. A few slow movements are now followed by one final push. Both Paul and Qiang groan underneath as they are pressed up against one another underneath the big lion. The human is feeling just as sandwiched a the tiger is right now, but they both endure. Charge after charge of copious and virile lion come shoot up inside of Qiang, the tiger's tail whipping around and the fur on his back standing on end. Paul can feel the feline shivering above him, confirming the pleasure this brings to Qiang even when he has nothing left to shoot over the human.

The lion's tremendous cock and balls carry an equally tremendous volume. This is something that Qiang had forgotten, at least from a first hand experience. In a moment of unusual clarity whilst in the throes of being bred like a female in heat, the tiger wonders if this is the reason that Kenta forced such humiliating last night with the human. Perhaps he has been building up to this, working the situation and his body until Qiang was once more ready to take the big lion. Even if that were the case, there is no way anything can prepare oneself for this. Qiang is sure that he will be sore for days to come.

'Aah fuck, that was fun!' Kenta says as he finishes up and starts slumping down over the other two males.

'Was it?' Paul squeaks, torso feeling crushed beneath they combined weight.

Another round in the water was called for after their fun, including some treatment for Paul who has been bruised but nothing broken. After which the three campers have retired to the tent that Qiang has loyally setup for them. Even for his own standards Kenta is pleased with the effectiveness of Qiang's work, even if the instructions were supposed to be easy enough for a child to understand. Praises are given even as Qiang nurses a now remarkably sore rear, something that Paul has more recent experience with than the tiger.

'What do you think?' Kenta says as he introduces the pair to their sleeping quarters in the tent for tonight.

'Really?' Qiang asks rhetorically and with a sigh punctuating the end.

Sleeping bags are what one might expect, and although they have packed them, Kenta has also brought a series of rugs and cushions. With enough of them he has arranged a sort of nest or oversized basket of satin silk and duck feathers. Even as the three stand together, barely dry as the sun is setting outside, Paul and Qiang can guess what Kenta wants of them. Just like back home he wants them to get snuggled up together. Two walls of furry muscle wrapped around one small furless ape.

Paul is happy getting down among the rugs and pillows together, Qiang is more reticent, especially with how sore he is, but complies nonetheless. Kenta acts as the biggest spoon of them all, whilst the tiger and human find alternating ways to lay atop the big lion as he rumbles and chuffs, enjoying the feeling of his two boys laying atop his naked body. Today was a good day, even if it was not the best for Qiang. The tiger can only hope that tomorrow he can find some way to improve his lot on this vacation.

Perhaps that black jaguar...

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