Demon's Tea

Story by Iscin on SoFurry

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This was a commission for Fyrdragon.

When Fyrdragon is out in town getting some much-needed supplies she decides to visit a tea shop owner with whom she has an unusual friendship with.

Cover: Solux

Demon's Tea





by Iscin

This is a work of erotic fiction.

All characters portrayed within are 18 years of age or over.

All rights reserved © 2015.

The tall, robust and weary-looking dragoness is giving off a disconcerting aura as she walks through the town streets. Those that are, or were about to be, in proximity to her quickly change that as she stomps on past them. In each hand, she is carrying what looks to be shopping bags ready to split, if not for their being made of woven hemp that is a great deal more sturdy than any polyethene nonsense. In addition to her already burdened hands, the red and yellow scaled reptile has an array of worn looking satchels wrapped tight near the base of her tail, a common kind of bag dragons use instead of a rucksack when they want to carry even more stuff.

Fyrdragon knows that she must look a sight, with a sour expression paint onto an already menacing face. This is the first shopping run she has had to do in over a month. Most of the time she is able to comfortably live off of the produce of the farm, but there are some things that you just can not plant and grow in a field. Going on foot is also supposed to be a cost-saving decision, but the truth is that when walking uphill with all of this the task becomes practically Sisyphean even for a big farm girl like her.

However, before she tackles the long trek back to the farm, Fyr has someone that she has been more than a little anxious to meet again. Every time she is down her, Fyr tells herself that this time she will stay away from that place. Yes, keep a good distance in fact. However, once down here in the town proper that itch deep inside of her starts to become increasingly exacerbated, all of its own; proximity is all that this particular itch needs. Fyr silently curses to herself, keeping her voice to a low draconic grumble so as not to elicit more attention from those who can already see a black cloud hanging over her.

Inevitably though Fyr finds herself taking the necessary detour to the small teahouse, established one the street with maybe the highest elevation in the entire town. She comes to a stop at the door of the door and sets the bags in either hand down, flexing and refreshing the muscles in her digits. Hanging just inside the door is a sign that is clearly resting in the "closed, sorry" position. Fyr rolls her eyes. The business owner here always seems to be publicly closed for business, it makes a person wonder exactly why she ever wanted to start a business here. Though it does not matter to the red and yellow reptile whether she gets any tea or not.

Two knocks is all it takes. Even from out here Fyr can pick up on the flurry of activity happening just inside. There are thumps and the sound of shouting. After almost a minute has passed the door opens and Katlyn appears, dressed in a light blue kimono that is tied just underneath her bosom. The white skinned demoness smiles, tilting her head as if to see if anyone is standing behind Fyr before asking her to step inside. Fyr grunts and comes inside ungracefully so, her tail barely missing one of the flowerpots just outside of the door before she puts down the bags again, this time inside and Katlyn shuts the door behind them.

The teahouse is in a constant state of never being quite ready for guests. It is still listed as an active establishment, however, the demoness uses the building more as a personal home to its entirety than a place of work. she helps Fyr take off the tail-bag before inviting her to come through to the kitchen around the back of the building where there is already hot tea and seats that are not quite as dusty as the ones on the main shop floor. The red reptile knows the way and leads, sighing in relief at the moment her ass meets the seat taking the remaining weight off her feet.

'So what brings you to my teahouse once again, Fyr?' Katlyn asks whilst walking over to one of the in-use pots, her geta sandals making a slightly echoey noise with each step taken.

'Just needed a pitstop. Was a long morning and I still need to take all of that back with me to the farm.' Fyr says whilst crossing one leg and beginning to massage her calves through the jeans.

'Oh, I see. So I don't count this as a social visit? Or are you just limbering up for that now?' Katlyn teases as she begins setting out the cups.

'I knew you'd have something for my thirst.' Fyr quips, still dancing around the issue between her legs.

Katlyn ignores that last line, not counting it as the consent that she requires for her special service that she knows the dragoness has come here for. she quickly collects the pot that has come to the boil with loose tealeaves agitated inside and brings it to the table where Fyr is sitting. The demoness has a sickly smile as she pours the broken liquid through a filter and into one of the waiting porcelain receptacles. It is always some small wonder to Fyr how the bitch can afford such fine ceramics and that they never seem to get stolen or damaged, requiring replacement. In fact as the cup and saucer is pushed up to where her arms are resting against the edge of the table, the dragoness swears it is the exact same cup she used here last time, imperfections and all.

The demoness joins her guest in sitting down and begins nursing her own cup of dark brown tea. It only takes Fyr a moment to realise that no cream nor sugar has been provided and looks around her surroundings before spying the condiments aligned against one of the work counters behind Katlyn. The dragoness grunts as she gets back up on her feet and starts walking around to get it for herself. In doing so, she now comes far too close to the horned one's reach. The establishment's owner waits for the perfect moment before suddenly something whips up and strikes sharply against Fyr's derriere.

'Ouch!' Fyr exclaims as the demoness' thin but nimble tail swipes across the reptile's rear. 'What was that for?'

'Being discourteous.' Katlyn says. 'You should have asked.'

'For the sugar?' Fyr asks whilst rubbing the stinging sensation.

'No. For that other thing.' The demoness replies snappily and leans back, staring the dragoness down.

'Wait, wait. I didn't come here to fuck ya!'

'Of course you did darling.' Katlyn says and takes a sip of her tea.

Fyr grumbles yet more, making a grab for the condiments before now quickly returning to her seat. She is trying to maintain her cool, to play the charade on her own terms, but is there any point in masking her true intentions here really? This is the dilemma she always faces with Katlyn. It is not so much the sex, which is always exemplary, or the perversions or even the dialogue that Fyr finds unsettling. No, it is that smug superiority that Katlyn always has about her. The demoness always projects this picture of complete self-confidence. It is a certain, sickly flavour of smugness that can only come from one such as her. It makes Fyr's scales crawl and if she can in someway get the demoness to admit her desire before the dragoness, then that might be enough to feel on equal footing again.

'That's a lot of sugar for you isn't it?' Katlyn rhetorically comments as Fyr pours the powdery white substance in.

'No.' Fyr hisses, still caught up between her libido and her personal disdain for the hermaphrodite.

Under most circumstances Katlyn is the patient sort. She will tease and exacerbate her target's compromised situation until they come begging for it. And although Fyr is in a sorry state internally, the dragoness is dragging this on for longer than is in anyway acceptable for Katlyn. Luckily however, the supernatural vixen has a very special method of forcing the matter along. She waits for Fyr to start drinking her tea before glancing down and now back up, muttering something under her breath. Something awakens inside of the demoness and reaches across the table to crawl its way inside of the dragoness.

Katlyn has cast a powerful aspect of her malicious soul out. Although ethereal in nature the projection of psychic force feels like a wave crashing over Fyr, which clings to her scales as it climbs inside using tendril like apparitions. Every nerve ending underneath her scales is lit up like a Christmas tree. It is not precisely a form of brainwashing or any kind of curse, but it does carry with it a strong suggestive presence, and most importantly an aphrodisiac-like effect. Fyr gasps, wings visibly shaking and trial coiling hard around her seat as she feels that itch exploding out into a bushfire. Something has to be done about it now. There will be no taking her leave until the dragoness and the depths between her legs are satisfied to their fullest.

'Strip.' Katlyn states, both hands on the table as she stares down the reptile opposite her.

'Yes!' Fyr replies in raised pitch, the scowl washed clean from her face, now replaced by the compromised look of a female in unrelenting heat.

She stands up, kicks the chair behind her and proceeds to begin tearing at her own shirt. The demoness is amused by the lustful dragoness' disregard for her own clothing, at this rate Fyr will be returning home in the nude. With her shirt now reduced to tatters, Fyr snaps the back of her bra off and tosses it to join the torn remains of the shirt on the floor. Placing both hands on her buckle she looks back at the demoness. Katlyn's eyes are tracking every action, tongue slipping and sliding between her lips like an agitated serpent getting ready to strike.

'Go on then.' Katlyn says. 'Don't tease now darling.'

Belt off, button popped and pants down. They fall with a soft thump against the floor and Fyr kicks them away. Now all that the dragoness is wearing are a pair of plain panties; if she had suspected that she would be making a trip here today Fyr may have actually gone for something more frilly. Near total nudity is more than enough of a show for the demoness. As she approaches the female there is no attempt to hide what is rising up from behind her kimono. Fyr clears her throat and parses her lips, there might be words for this, but the psychic influence is limiting her ability to say anything rational.

'P-P-' Fyr tries to mouth the word.

'Penis?' Katlyn offers.

One of the demoness' hands extend out and places palm against tit. The dragoness freezes, her expression is like that of a deer stuck in the headlights of oncoming traffic. her other hand joins in by going for the other firm breast and now Katlyn begins to grip and squeeze the dragoness' ample chest puppies together, thumbs rubbing up against the teats capping off either milk producing mound. A wicked smile is carved onto the demoness' face as the reptile makes the cutest of noises, her legs and back as she tries to lift her arms up, fingers extending for that which is between the demoness' legs.

'Pleeeease.' Fyr begs, her mind pushing through the oppressive force coiling around the centre of her conscious cognition.

Katlyn allows the dragoness the willpower to get her hands around the demonic dick that not so much dangles as juts out from between her legs now. The organ is long, thick and throbbing from glans to base with protruding veins. Hot the touch and already beginning to dribble over itself, Fyr can smell and even taste its musk rising up in the air between them as the demoness presses her body forward, the kimono barely clinging to her shoulders. It is all that the dragoness can do to squeeze her fingers around the dominant woman's wang and start massaging it even as it presses up against her naked belly.

With each second of physical contact Fyr can feel the demoness' indoctrinating presence transfer into her body. The point of no return has already passed, long before any penetration has even begun, and now the demoness' thoughts are being proxied into the dragoness' actions. Fyr's knees begin bending down, her tail living to balance herself as she gets down onto a more suitable level. Katlyn's hands now go for the reptile's horns. Those are an especially useful feature of dragons and demons alike. The dragoness is told to open wide as Katlyn thrusts gently, forcing her monstrous black erection between Fyr's hands and up against the reptile's lips.

The tip of the spear is hot, broad and oozing with exotic juices. Even if she were not under the psychic influence of the demoness Fyr would be under the influence of magnetic sexual attraction now. She is already opening wide and pulling her lips over it. Katlyn sighs as if she is slipping into a warm bubble bath and nudges forward with her hips. The black inches of the demoness' cock is fed into the dragoness' voracious mouth. Fyr's serpentine tongue begins acquiring a slippery but generous grip around the member.

Already the demoness' member is tickling the back of the dragoness' throat. Without even thinking about it Fyr starts swallowing around it. Her throat works just as hard as her lips and tongue, squeezing in around Katlyn as the dominant hermaphrodite grows harder still inside the reptile's gullet. It feels as though it is growing hotter too. As the reptile's lips come to touch the demoness' bush her eyes begin tearing up. Even with all of this overwhelming lust the demoness is simply too much for the scaly cocksucker to be comfortable with.

'Having difficulty down there?' Katlyn sardonically asks, enjoying the savoury displeasure mixing with the sweet lust in Fyr's eyes. 'Here, let me help you with that.'

There is almost no need for Fyr to do anything herself, as Katlyn has both horns well in hand, and through them the orchestration of this fellatio. At first she is pushing the dragoness away, letting the red and yellow girl suck down fresh air through her nostrils whilst her tongue dances around the broad and juicy black head. Next she pulls Fyr back, her arms impossibly strong as Fyr is fitted all the way back down, forced to deep throat the entire thing even as the erect length causes a visibly bump underneath her chin.

Katlyn picks up the pace as she goes. She is careful to pace the dragoness, but is more than willing to make her choke on more than one occasion. The room echoes the squelching, gasping and sucking sounds made by the dragoness, all of which server as an underscore to the demoness and her sultry moaning and slapping motion of her heavy loins vigorously swinging above the reptile's breasts. But even for one such as Katlyn there is a stamina limit, especially with one so naturally gifted as Fyr. The pace is already slowing down again whilst the hermaphrodite bites her lip and steadies herself.

The climax comes more quickly than either of them anticipates. It only takes the faintest of licks from Fyr's tongue before Katlyn is gasping and grasping, holding the dragoness tight between her legs. Fyr's hands, that were reaching to massage the now still family jewels, make a change to get an anchor on either side of the demoness' waist whilst she tries her best not to fight back the outpouring of thick, creamy seed that is now shooting down and out from the demon meat throbbing inside of her mouth.

Glug. Glug. Glug.

Sickly sweet with a savoury aftertaste, the demoness' exotic seed pools inside of the dragoness' gut. As her orgasm starts to die off she begins pulling back. There is jut enough of the demoness' voluminous load left to fill Fyr's cheeks as she purses her lips until the fat black cock head plops out with a wet sound. The dragoness swirls the concoction around before swallowing, opening her eyes again to look back up at the pleased demoness.

'Good girl.' Katlyn says.

Supernatural in more than one manner, Katlyn is ready for a second round before she can even clean up from the first. Fyr watches with aroused trepidation as the demoness' long, semen-painted, black fuckstick starts rising up once again. With a gesture of her hand, the demoness instructs her randy reptilian to get back up on her feet. Fyr does as she is told and then some. There is no need for commands now as the dragoness turns around, bends over the table scattering the cups and saucers and hikes her tail up.

Katlyn makes a growling sound as she watches the dragoness presenting herself. Fyr has always had one of those booty's, the kind that in the professional opinion of a succubus like Katlyn is simply irresistible to leave unspoilt once seen. The black baseball bat between the demoness' legs stands to attention, veins even more pronounced than before as it throbs with aching stiffness. Her red eyes home in on that red ass whilst her tail flicks around and snacks between the reptile's legs, snaking around one and now the other.

Partially bound, and prostrate over the table, Fyr is now exactly where she needs to be. The dragoness mumbles and wiggles a little as she feels the lady cock pressing up against her crack. With a sharp and curt slap, Katlyn turns this into a muted roar of surprise. Fyr tenses up, her buttocks gripping in from either side of the black breeder hotdogging her. The demoness giggles, her hands and claws pressing in on either side of the female's fat ass as pre-ejaculate oozes out, dribbling down all over Fyr's rump.

This goes on for a minute or so as Katlyn makes sure that Fyr becomes intimate with the proportions of that cock against her ass. It is rubbed back and forth, sometimes pressed in deeper, sometimes pulled back a little. All the while her hands are just as busy. Sometimes she spanks the submissive dragoness. Other times she is reaching around and between those red calves, finding the dragoness' dripping dick scabbard and indulges in a little finger spelunking.

'So are you ready for all of this then?' Katlyn asks after having teased the dragons to the point where she is slack-jawed and drooling over the table.

'W-What?' Fyr asks with a voice that is dripping with confusion, even as her pussy drips with denied anticipation.

Maybe Katlyn has overdone it this time. The combination of the psychic, musk and physical stimulus, along with that load of demon seed still seeping into the dragoness' stomach lining from the inside, has been too much for the big girl. Inebriation is a common side effect when the demoness really goes to town on a partner. Fortunately though she also has a foolproof method of snapping the sex slave out of it and waking up all of those sleepy neurones.

A part of Fyr probably knows what to expect, but that part has become drowsy with intoxicating musk. As Katlyn lines herself up there is a pregnant pause whilst she sinks her fingers in on each half moon. With this style of possessive grip, she intends to keep this back bumper steady for what comes next. The tip is resting just between the dragon's cheeks, and throbbing against the rim of her anus. A small almost bubble-like collection of pre-ejaculate has pooled in the seal, perfectly lubricating the sphincter edge.

With gusto, the demoness plunges forward, ramming her hips against the reptile and her balls swinging in close behind. Fyr becomes alert with a startled roar, her wings beating in response, the table shaking whilst Katlyn's tail and hands grip ever tighter, holding the big girl steady. Now the demoness is grunting instead of laughing, her eyes wide with lust as she thrusts inside, draws back, and thrusts again. It is not the entirety of her length, but it is by far the lion's share of the throbbing fuckstick.

'You bitch!' Fyr exclaims, but is soon shut up by involuntary clenching of her teeth from the demoness only fucking harder and deeper.

There can be no exaggeration made of Katlyn's utter devotion to anal. Nothing else can quite compare to penetrating someone in that most sensitive of areas. And the pain it causes to some trust up dragon such as Fyr here is all the more satisfying for her. This is the real reason why Fyr both loves and hates coming here. One the one hand no one else quite fucks like Katlyn, but on the other she is a total cunt who will render her victim unable to comfortably sit for a week.

Little comfort comes from the abundance of pre-ejaculate being produced by the succubus' serpent as she power drives into the female. Their grunting and groaning are syncing up as with every piston-like penetration Katlyn brings their bodies and minds closer together. Her white body with black accentuations is growing sweaty from the exhaustion of fucking the big dragoness, yet there is no sign of the demoness slowing nor stopping anytime soon. Fyr cringes and digs her claws into the table, causing yet more incidental damage to the business.

For twenty long minutes Katlyn tears into Fyr's ass. The fucking is so protracted and profound that the demoness has conjured up more juices from her cock and the dragon's vagina and are feasibly realistic. The floor is slick with sex and sweat and the air is similarly humid. However, even as Fyr can feel her extremities beginning to go numb, she can also feel the demoness begin to slow down. The rhythm is softer, a little irregular and now she can feel Katlyn's tits pressing down against her wings as she hunches over, panting heavily.

'A-Are you ready?' Katlyn asks, her tongue hanging loose.

Fyr only grunts and flexes her ass in response, unable to articulate words right now after having passed the point of the total-body female orgasm. It is enough for Katlyn to understand even as she does not truly care. She begins the final stretch, with slow but powerful thrusts that swing her loins up and between the dragoness' legs to spank her pussy. The one-two effefct is pushing her into another orgasm, from head to tail as the demoness buries her bone for the last time. Finally, the climax comes.

After having taken one load down her throat, Fyr is more than generous in taking another up her ass. She can feel it racing up her rectum. The liquid is thick and hot just like before. The reptile closes her eyes and shudders her wings as she feels the exotic spunk seeping into her intestines, its warm glow growing from the lower half of her torso. It is enough that she is numb to the feeling of the demoness' fingers gripping into her, their sharp nail edges leaving impressions in her shiny red scales.

For a good five minutes the two rest against the table. Fyr facedown against the uncomfortably flat surface, whilst Katlyn rests against the dragoness' back, between her wings. Their bodies exhausted, their minds are starting to clear. It is Fyr who is the first one to start moving again. She turns to her side and the demoness rolls along with her. Katlyn's cock plops out, flaccid and even more messy than before. The dragoness sighs with relief before tightening her sphincter again and starts trying to get up on her feet, groggy.

'Is that it?' Katlyn asks, now on her back with her legs and dick dangling over the edge.

'Yeah. This time.' Fyr replies as she starts scanning the room for her clothes and shopping.

'Same next time?' She says.

'I'll think about it.' Fyr responds as she starts huddling off with a flinching limp.

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