Beach Body Conditioner

Story by TiranMaster on SoFurry

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#50 of Adult Story One Shots

A story for and edited by darkwitt; who was a joy to work with on this piece. ^^

Story Description A pair of young men are found gawking at the local beach club though when they're found by a naga they get dragged into more than they bargained for.

I hope you all enjoy, I would love to hear what you all think! ^^

Waves lapped up against a beach as a naga lounged in a sun with a cool smile and a pair of sunglasses on. Coiled up he took a deep breath and flexed his arms a few times to wake them up as he'd dozed off a bit in the bright sun and had lost track of time. Nearby on the beach he saw many of the club goers relaxing and playing around in the sand. He'd recently acquired a high position in a club that had very high standards but for him all it'd taken was a simple flick of his sunglasses and a little reworking of their minds.

Relaxing in the sun allowing for the sun to shine on his crimson scales had the allowed for the naga to enjoy himself a bit more than he usually did. The large upside down black triangle on his chest was ignored by many as Ktran had taken the time to make sure only specific people would really pay it any mind. "Mmmm... any prospectives out there?" he murmured to himself. Ktran had been looking for the past two days for someone to peak his interest.

Nobody had quite sparked the naga's interest yet though as he straightened up and slithered over to the banister and placed his hands on it as he gazed out onto the beach. Sliding the sunglasses up his muzzle onto his forehead he noticed a pair of young men staring out towards the beach from outside the gate. Usually such average looking young men wouldn't be picked on his radar but the pair's expressions picked up Ktran's interest as they looked like they absolutely needed to get on the beach. The pair looked to be just the kind of people he was waiting for and Ktran grew excited as he felt a smile slide up his face and he nodded to himself. "Found my targets for this week."

He started inside where some other members were sitting around in a bit of a daze as they had for the last two days. Ktran had been pestered quite a bit by them the first few days he'd resided there so the naga had decided to quiet them up until he wanted to move on. "I'm heading out everyone. Don't get too crazy while I'm gone," the naga joked. None of the people really said anything though as they continued to sit there with vacant, but eager expressions .

Going outside Ktran turned to see the pair still standing there and looking at the beach longingly. Ktran wasn't that shocked as any other beaches nearby were constantly flooded with tourists who often littered the beaches and other times wouldn't have any spots open on the beach. "Excuse me," he said to the pair. Ktran had to stop himself from laughing as the pair nearly jumped two feet into the air in shock and nearly sprinted away as they'd been caught gawking at the beach.

The pair had been standing there for about ten minutes now debating with one another about possibly trying to jump the fence. "Come on, Dean. Maybe a quick hop over and we stay for like ten minutes. Nobody will even notice us," Henry begged. Dean shook his head though as he didn't seem interested by the idea whatsoever. The ferret's whiskers twitched with annoyance as the husky begged him.

"Henry, they could arrest us," the ferret said. As long as Henry had known, the ferret he'd been rather shy and the only reason the husky had been able to befriend him was a lot of forced social contact through anime club. Though Dean had been resistant at first, now they were rather close friends, though still now and again Dean attempted to shut the husky out and slip back into his own world.The husky tried to argue that point but let out a deep sigh as he knew the ferret was right. "Let's just get going..." Dean said. It was at that point that Ktran had interjected and had scared Dean nearly half to death.

"We're sorry for staring..." one of the two muttered. The naga took a moment to idly examine his two new 'potentials.' The first was promising, a husky with a dark orange pelt, mixed with his white underbelly. Though the effect was spoiled by his "Green Lantern" T shirt covered by a plaid over shirt. Sporting long designer jeans. Ktran was almost ready to mark him as a typical trendsetter until he noticed the suspenders hidden behind the plaid shirt. Clearly the T-shirt was not for irony as he initially thought. His blond mane had potential, but it was parted to the side in an unflattering fashion. Clearly the boy had a body to work with, but no mentality to match. His companion was another matter entirely.

The husky's friend was a ferret that took practically no effort to blend in with the typical fare of tourist. He wore a T-shirt sporting a Robot with some kind of lance from a series he could not even pronounce, let alone identify, and a pair of cargo long pants weighted down with a plethora of electronic devices. what caught his attention the most were the striped socks that nestled inside a pair of open toed sandals. the naga grinned inwardly, these two would be a blast to work with.

"We'll leave," the ferret said. Ktran stopped them though with a quick flick of his hand which made the pair stop in place as he beamed.

"No, apologies you misunderstand, my friends. I actually noticed you two looking and I thought you both would be interested in joining our little club," Ktran said. Both of them looked absolutely shocked that they would be offered a place in the rather ritzy club.

The pair exchanged a hesitant glance; it took them both a moment before they managed to close their mouths and regain their composure. "easier than I could have guessed." the naga snickered internally.

"Um... well... we don't have a lot of money so..." the ferret started, his husky friend nodding in agreement.

Ktran chuckled though as he slipped behind them and rested his arms around their shoulders; both of them tensed, unsure of his intention as he held them close to him. "Money, you wound me. What kind of hosst would I be if I didn't offer a chance to some handsome, young boys to meet the community? This is about a club who really want to help contribute! I've noticed you standing here a few times now," Ktran was accustomed to such silver tongued double speak, unlike the two sheltered introverts.From the way the pair had been standing, he imagined they hadn't even planned on staying long given their financial woes. Ktran figured that it was a common limitation, so when he saw the glint of guilt flicker in their eyes for the briefest of moments, he smiled at their predictable behavior. "Would you be interested in going through our club initiation? If you are dissatisfied, you can still walk away with a free t-shirt." he asked.

The pair looked up at him with wonder before nodding in agreement. "Yeah! I'm Henry, and that's Dean," the husky introduced as an excited gleam appeared in his eye. Ktran nodded as he pulled the pair towards the cabin with a devious smile.

"Well boys, your new lives start today with the joining of our club!" he laughed. The young pair exchanged confused glances at the wording but with a glint of his eyes they suddenly felt confused before they felt comfortable. The two youthful members grinned wide as Ktran felt his coils tickling with excitement as he was already planning their "initiation".


Yawning and stretching his arms out Henry rubbed his eyes as he glanced around the room. Yesterday was a pretty big blur in his mind after entering the cabin with Ktran though he did remember the naga leading him to a room with a few beds that were awfully cozy for being smaller beds. Rubbing his head the dog felt a bit dizzy and oddly lonely as he noted the naga was nowhere to be seen. "Dean, wake up," he said. The ferret slowly stirred from his sleep with a yawn as he slowly stretched out while his tail swatted against Henry's face.

"Henry, mhrrh. what's going on?" the ferret asked. Dean looked like Henry felt as the husky wanted to sleep in more but he felt an odd itch for something he couldn't quite put a finger on. Rubbing his eyes as he sat up Dean brushed down some of his fur while Henry turned to look at the room. None of the other beds in the room were occupied so Henry figured that they were used for the new members only. "Do you remember going to bed, Henry?..." Dean asked drowsily. The two paused for a long moment, as the lapse of memory didn't seem to settle right for either of them. "It's morning, Dean," Henry finally answered. The ferret didn't seem impressed by that answer as he gestured towards the sunlight coming through the window. "Nobody's come to grab us yet. Think we should go find Ktran?"

At the mention of the naga's name Dean's ears flicked up with excited recognition. That was an excellent idea. Ktran would know what was going on. Snagging some clothes the pair quickly changed into some polo shirts and shorts before heading out into the main lobby. Club members were milling around as the club's daily events went on though the pair were a bit surprised to see a rather stark lack of women. "I suppose this could be considered more of a men's club..." Henry mumbled. "...Or a men's cult. what kind of beach house has communal housing?" Dean shrugged while they asked a few of the members to see where the naga was but nobody seemed to give them the time of day. They seemed to go about their work, doing whatever it was they were doing with the same vacant expression, boyish eagerness. It was unsettling, but maybe they were just really excited to be here. Where was Ktran? the thought was sudden but sensible. and they eventually found an information booth at the ground floor.

Inside of the information booth was a musclebound dragon who beamed at them as they drew near. Drawing near him they were stunned to see his bright red eyes that seemed to nearly glow with how bright they were. "Well hello there, I assume that you're Master Ktran's guests." The pair nodded though they were thrown off by the use of "Master" when they nodded they also inquired about his location. "Truth be told I'm not sure myself as of right now. He might be out by the beach though, so that's likely the best place to check right now," the dragon explained.

The best answer they got was he may be down by the beach, so the pair figured they might be able to get out through the back door. "Well at least we're on the beach now.," Dean muttered groggily as he walked out into the gleaming sun.

"Well we never really needed Ktran to help us do that, Dean."Henry giggled in glee. Dean nodded with a small smile as he tried to avoid contact with most of the other club members.

Reaching the door to the beach Henry started to open the door when a large scaled hand held the door closed tight as he grinned down at the pair. "Where do you two think you're going?" Ktran asked. The naga's eyes sparkled with a surprising lustor though they appeared rather dark, the pair felt dazed as they slumped a bit.

"We thought you were out on the beach..." Henry grunted. Dean slowly nodded as the naga grinned and threw his arm around the pairs' shoulders.

"Well I'm sorry to disappoint, boys. You two aren't quite ready to go out onto the club's beach. The beach is a special place, very exclusive." he hissed tenderly as he gestured out to the other club members. The two boys stared longingly out at the beach, all of a sudden, the idea of not being out there seemed nearly unbearable. "Though, on the bright side... You two get to spend time with me today so that we can get you acclimatized for the real club life," Ktran explained. The pair felt extremely comfortable within the naga's perpetual aura of confidence. The pair also noted the dragon from earlier who'd been in the information booth. With Ktran approaching the dragon bowed deeply to him with the naga beaming. "Boys, this is Lane, my assistant."

The dragon smiled at them for a brief moment before bowing once more to the naga. "Sir, the room's all ready for you. I also made that call to Terry for you and he'll be here later today," the dragon explained. Ktran nodded and gave him a nod before the dragon bowed once more as Henry and Dean gave him confused glances.

Following along with Ktran the pair was led into a room where they were sat at desks almost like they were students. "Doesn't this seem a little bit much just to join a club?" Henry asked. Ktran didn't answer it though as he seemed to be busying himself with a little callander on his desk as he coiled himself up to a proximally of a seat for a naga.

The question seemed to hang dead in the air as Ktran gazed at the pair with his rather startling eyes. Purple and blue and pink danced in a pair of glazed orbs. A rubbery kaleidoscope showing them all the brilliant patterns they could ever hope to abstract. Henry felt himself let out a small moan as his mind started to feel light. "B...because if it is... we might....not... "

The response never really came as Henry subconsciously slumped in his chair as a small smile appeared on his face. Ktran's grin grew wider as Dean soon followed suit with a dazed smile and the pair both fell into a trance. "What" "mrrr...lights." the two muttered. As their conscious thoughts drained and eventually slipped into irrelevance. The day prior he'd subjected both to a trance early on though it was rather light. Nothing more than a suggestion that being near, or hearing about, the naga would make them feel far more comfortable.

"Boys, are you listening?" Ktran asked. "I..." the naga slid closer, his eyes bearing down on the two as their mouths quivered with unresponsive jibbering. their eyes widened to accept the colors. the intense projections that ensured not even language would be something the two boys could focus on long enough to utter a syllable... "Good, now boys I have to say that from what I saw of your clothing earlier it doesn't quite fit the 'look' of our club ensemble. Quite pathetic. We have a ssstandard to uphold! The good news for you is that I have a few suggestions to help with that," the naga explained. The pair beamed as they found themselves extremely attentive to the idea as they wanted to fit in the club's membership requirements. "Now listen closely, boys," Ktran said.

Henry sneezed as he blinked away some bleariness from his eyes, he must've dozed off for a moment while Ktran had been talking. "Alright you two, that was my little lesson for today. Understand?" the naga asked. Henry felt sick as he realized he'd missed out on what the naga was saying, but he didn't want to seem stupid so he grinned and nodded as Dean looked confused."uhh... Yeah! thanks, sir!"

Henry blinked as he looked over at his friend questioningly. "Th...thanks? but I don't rem..."

"Fantastic! Why don't the pair of you go get something for yourselves, we'll go into more depth later today about club life." With that Ktran handed the pair hefty wads of money as they both smiled and nodded before walking out of the room. The pair not noticing their crotches throbbing a bit from the attention given to them by the naga.

The pair walked out of the club and for some reason both of them felt compelled to visit a nearby expensive name brand store that neither of them visited very often. "Wanna go in here?" Henry asked. Dean glanced at the store front which showed off some people in various sports poses, one of them showed off a mannequin on a surfboard in shorts and a tight looking shirt.

"Why?" Dean asked. At first, that was a legitimate question. The store was covered in designer clothes, none of which really appealed to the attire of two recluse introverts. It was then a small tingle shot through Dean's head. "W...what do we want from here?" Dean asked, arms slowly slipping to his sides.

Henry already seemed to know the answer. As when he spoke, his eyes were just a little wider than usual. "Sandals....board...shorts... sunglasses. Stuff that'll fit for the beach."

"Yeah... the...beach," Dean mumbled.

"Psh'yah..." Henry responded to dylan's agreement with an accent that almost reminded him of a stoner. But the moment they made eye contact with each other to comment on the strange bit of behavior, they were only reminded of a pair of eyes. Assuring them it was alright... Their bodies shifted back to stare at the mannequin in the surfer attire. For some reason the sight made the two boys' hearts flutter, as they rushed into the store.

Walking in, the pair started to browse the clothes inside. Soon settling on some clothing that matched the mannequin out front pretty closely. They were so excited about their purchase they never left their new outfits when they left the changing room. There was a slight sense of self-consciousness about wearing the clothes when they walked outside. Neither of them were exactly what one would call "fit," and it became rather obvious when Henry's pudge bulged through the shirt a bit. Thankfully, Dean was a stick, so the shirt looked pretty loose on him. Though even with those facts being obvious neither of them desired to change out of them as they walked back into the club's main building.

The pair felt eyes from the others traveling over them as they walked through the room to where Ktran was having a conversation with a boar. Ktran grinned as he saw the pair in their new clothes and took the leftover money from them. "Boys, you're looking so well dressed," he chuckled. Henry and Dean shivered in pleasure as they heard the words of praise from the naga. "I'd like you both to meet a... friend of mine, Terry. He is a well known tattoo and piercing artist here in town. He's here to give you both piercings," the naga explained.

Dean and Henry both felt their stomachs lurch a bit as they glanced at one another nervously. "Piercings?" Dean asked. The feret gripped at his ear as he imagined the pain of having a needle going through his ear.

"Don't they know about this, Ktran?" Terry asked. The naga smiled though as he slid over and set his hands on the two young mens' shoulders.

"Boys, many of our members here get piercings. It helps accentuate their placement amongst our ranks." the naga explained. Though the words were rather unconvincing to someone else listening, the pair quickly nodded as it made perfect sense to their addled, slightly drugged brains.

The boar didn't seem very impressed though as he folded his arms and frowned. "Ktran, you told me they knew well about this. You know that I don't like..." As he spoke though the naga gazed at him with a dark look as the boar's face went blank for a moment before he nodded. "Of course, sir. I'm sorry. I'll get started right away. right away. right away." The two glanced at the boar before looking back at Mr. Ktran. Only to discover what caused Terry to act so compliant. The intense, glowing eyes were back, like from their dreams. The two boys stifled a tiny squeak of a moan, as their words slipped out in tandem at the naga's behest. "R...right away...right away..." With that, Ktran gestured for them to follow him into a back room of the lodge as a handsome lithe lion in a sharp tuxedo approached Ktran.

"Ah, Lane. There you are," the naga said with a smile. The lion bowed as Henry and Dean glanced at him in confusion. "Looking very sharp," the naga chuckled.

The lion smiled as Henry approached the pair for a moment before following Terry any further. "Who's this?" the husky asked. He'd heard Lane but the Lane they'd seen earlier was a buff dragon, though now that he looked at the lion he saw that he had very familiar red eyes.

Ktran merely chuckled though as Lane looked confused about it. "We met earlier, Henry. Remember?" the lion asked. His voice was also different from the Lane from earlier, but Ktran didn't let them get too sidetracked.

The naga threw his arm over Henry's shoulder and rubbed his head softly. "Don't worry yourself too much about that. Lane's my personal assistant and is very loyal. Now why don't you go follow Terry?" Henry felt only too happy to follow Ktran's words as he smiled and nodded before walking towards the room where Dean was just finishing up with his second piercing. The two rings dangled off of his right ear as it twitched a few times but Dean seemed pleased as he looked into a mirror.

"This is, like, soooo cool," the ferret chuckled. Henry had to agree as he took a seat in the chair where Terry was preparing the next ear ring for him. Terry's face was blank looking as he did his job expertly with a quick pair of pinches on Henry's left ear rather than his right as Dean's was. The pinching sensation left a bit of a painful feeling but as the young husky looked in the mirror he could only appreciate how cool he looked.

Sliding into the room Ktran gazed at the pair happily as Terry packed up his gear. The boar walked up to the naga and bowed deeply as the naga beamed down at him and lifted his chin with his finger. "Don't make me punish you anymore, boar. Now I'll check back in on you soon. Prepare yourself for a new tattoo soon, I think it's about time we marked up that nice arm of yours," he chuckled. Terry nodded as he left with the stuff in his case while Ktran folded his arms and beamed at the two young men in their new clothing and their earrings. "So boys, how do you feel?"

Turning around the pair beamed at Ktran. "This is really cool! Thank you, Ktran. How much do we owe you?" Henry asked.

The naga merely held up his hands as he smiled at them. "No cost at all, your thanks is good enough for me. Now why don't you join me for dinner? I'd love to have a nice conversation with you both," Ktran said. They both felt their stomachs rumble in hunger at the mention of food so they were only too happy to oblige. As they walked out of the room they found that the night started to blur away as Ktran started teaching them about to speak properly around the club...


The next day Henry and Dean woke up in desks as they had been entranced since the night prior through some intensive training from the naga. The pair yawned a bit and stretched as they felt the oddest bit confused as they glanced around the room. "What happened, brah?" Dean asked.

"Did you two doze off while we were talking?" Ktran asked. The pair straightened up as they realized they were back in the room with the naga. "I swear you two just don't want to listen..." the naga chuckled.

Both of them felt ashamed as they glanced down at their desks. "Sorry, Ktran, we like. got totally distracted, dude." Henry muttered. Dean looked just as guilty as the naga merely smiled and stood upright.

"Well it doesn't matter. Today you both get to come down to the beach today. How does that sound?" Ktran asked. Both of the young men felt their hearts beat in excitement.

"Dude, that's awesome!" Henry shouted. Dean nodded as the naga chuckled and started out of the room. As they started to follow him out Dean staggered a bit causing Henry to make sure he was alright. "Brah, you alright?"

The ferret looked perplexed as he rubbed his head a few times and his ears twitched in confusion. "I dunno, brah... I feel a bit... bogus... like... I dunno, just feels like we're talkin' different or something, man," Dean explained.

Now that the ferret had brought the point up now Henry felt a bit confused as he scratched behind his head. Now that he really gave it some thought... it was a bit odd how they were talking like this. Though... hadn't they always talked like this? "I dunno, man. I kinda get where you're coming from. Seems a bit weird," the husky said.

Deciding that it would give them too much of a headache to really pour over it right now they decided to just head out to meet up with Ktran. As they walked out they saw an orca talking to Ktran with the eerily familiar red eyes of Lane. "You know you two don't quite have the club walk down..." Ktran noted.

"Club walk, dude, sir?" Dean asked. They didn't think that anything was wrong with the way they were walking.

The naga chuckled as he gazed deeply into their eyes and they found that the world was dimming around them. "You boys know that good club members have that laid down surfer walk. After all, us in the club are anything but uptight," he explained. Images of the real way to walk were inserted inside of the pairs' heads as they slowly slackened a bit and their jaws dropped a bit. The words echoed inside of their heads as they felt the world brighten up once more and they shook their heads a bit. "You two coming?" Ktran asked, gesturing towards the beach.

"Of course, Brah!" Henry laughed. They started walking towards the exit as their shoulders slumped a bit and they both started to find that their minds were oddly getting focused heavily on surfing the waves, though they'd never surfed before in their lives.

Walking out onto the hot beach the pair saw that there were no other club members out yet. "I wonder where everyone is," Dean said. Henry shrugged as they followed Ktran out onto the center of the beach where two surfboards stood up. "Oh dude! Bitchin' surfboards!" Dean chuckled.

"Yesss. Surfboardssss. They're yours to enjoy.. why don't you go over there and catch a few wavesssss 'dude'?" Ktran made it a point to exaggerate his sibilance. as the two boys left their mouths ajar as they stared at the boards for a moment before shaking their heads and walking over.

Henry and Dean both admired the surfboards before Henry hadan odd twisting sensation in his stomach. He stood there in a confused daze; he was starting to feel really odd about this... this wasn't right... he started to piece together how they were two days prior, just a pair of nerdy young men standing in front of the club's beach who'd had no interest whatsoever in this sort of thing. Now he was talking like a local, his dress matched the kind of bums that would frequent this place. But most of all was his body. Gone was his clean cut parted hair, replaced by a blonde fauxhawk. which seemed to compliment his lighter brown and tan fur. which seemed to be much smoother and shorter. Dean on the other hand had longer hair now. almost like a girl's. but it was tied back in a ponytail, though he left a few of the bangs covering his eyes. Dean seemed rather happy at first, wiggling his rear and this thicker brown tail. But the moment he saw the concerned look on Henry's face, he took a moment to stop and consider as well. Now that he thought about it... they'd only started changing after talking with Ktran. "Hey, bro... did you do something to us?" he asked. Turning to face the naga he glared at him as Dean looked a bit confused himself. "We've been acting majorly weird since we met you! So what did you do to us?!"

Ktran didn't seem concerned though, quite the opposite. He laughed as he smiled at the pair and they both found his massive coils starting to wrap around them. The two instinctively pressed back to back as they prepared to push away the naga's coils. "Can't you guesssss? I'm turning you into surfer otters..." Dean's eyes widened in surprise, honestly confused. "Dude, s...surfer what?!" The heavy coil wrapped against their legs. The two whined as they were pushing at the snake's massive frame. It only served to exhaust them as Ktran chuckled.

" How are, doing this, b...brah?" Henry was trying hard to resist the new surfer speak that had been unwillingly planted in his mind. But each time he tried to slow his speech to talk the way he used to, it would spurt out like a nervous tick. The naga loomed over the two of them. showing off his proud black symbol on his chest, gleaming in the sunlight.

"You see, boys, I'm a Conditioner. We're Hypnotists and figures of immense mental influence that shape and mold others into what we want... Right now, I saw ssssome nerdy little boysss and wanted to make them into happy, sssslutty, jock otterssss. and you've taken to it like an otter to water." Their eyes were drawn to his eyes as they both struggled to fight against the coils and this sibilant voice.

Henry giggled a bit as his mouth started to hang a little. "Hehe... ottahs ta wattah brah. Rrrg! S...stop it!" The changing young man shook his head to wipe away the haze that was forming when Ktran whispered into his ears. Ktran gave a laugh. rather enjoying the display.

"Well I'm rather shocked that you're still fighting my hypnosis truth be told. Now that this has happened though... I want to see every inch of your identity melt away into my gaze as I've always enjoyed the sound of struggling otter boys, and you two are making such fun little playthings that I'm gonna indulge that fantasy." The naga's coils tightened a bit around the two young mens' bodies as their struggles proved ineffective against his body's massive strength.

Dean and Henry struggled and pushed but started to slow down as Ktran's gaze started to flow more colors into them. "D...don't look, dude!" Henry grunted.

"Like, you think I wanna?!" Dean exclaimed. what truly concerned them was how similar sounding their voices were now. amidst the haze and intense colors of Ktran's prismatic display, it was getting hard to tell the two apart.

"Don't worry, boys. In just a bit you're not gonna going to care... in fact.. you'll probably not even know what care meanssss...." Ktran's voice echoed around in their heads as his gaze intensified. The two boys twisted to look away. Only for Ktran's prehensile tail to grip their heads and turn them back to the naga's imperious gaze. Dean and Henry found themselves speaking. but it was entirely involuntary, their eyes filled with colors and lights. "We...have to make him stop, brah."

"But dude. I can' it."

"we...can't help....we're otters.."

"I.... what" Soon they couldn't even tell who was saying what as they chatted back and forth but their personalities and names faded into oblivion.

Ktran broke through their memories like someone would snap a twig and their bodies continued to shift in the coils of the naga's body, already starting to look different as they became more otterlike... The two were beyond words. beyond language. As they squeaked and muttered half syllables as their minds were gradually sterilized under the powerful conditioner's gaze. Ktran chuckled deeply as he cupped their chins. "There there.... you love thisss. after all. All otters are slutsssss."

The two otters felt their eyes flutter. A numb, distant sensation. Memories of life outside the beach, personality traits, the very fabric of their identity squirming under a magnifying glass. burned away as OTTER replaced with the occasional thought. Their minds slowing gradually down as SURFER continued to make it OTTER difficult to SURFER OTTER. The SURFER OTTERS found their thoughts replaced by SLUTS. But they knew they could OBEY if they just SURF away from the naga's OTTER influence. But the longer MASTER KTRAN stared, the less their own words were OTTER. SURFER. OTTER SLUT.








..........Otters are Sluts.


"Bro! Get up, man. We got some waves to ride!" Hem opened his eyes as his brother kicked him in the side. Derk grinned down at him with his signature smile. Derk was bouncing in place, tail swishing from side to side as the moment the bleariness was wiped from his bro's eyes, he was met with a posing, sleek otter boy.

Hem tossed a pillow at his washboard abs as he gave an adorable squeak of surprise. "Man, don't be teasin' me so early, dude!" but he giggled all the same and stood up.

"Aw... I gotta! After all..." The two pressed their chests together, letting their arms drape over their brother's shoulders. Staring in blank, vacant eyes as they chimed together.

"Otters are sluts..." the twin otters were both surf loving nuts who spent almost every minute at the club's beach. They were admired. They were loved. And they loved the attention.

"Brah, gotta take a chill pill once in awhile!" Hem laughed. He pulled off his well fitting shirt as he flexed his muscles and threw his arm around his brother's neck after taking a moment to give a long stretch. They were both aroused ,though neither quite knew why, though the pair were known to have a fuck together once in awhile as bros should. Boss man Ktran always said it was cool.

As the new pair of otters walked towards the waves where their surfboards sat they didn't notice any changes about their lives as the other club members wandered around on the beach. A clock chimed 9 AM over at the promenade, and the group of club members all seemed to acknowledge the time. The chime forced Hem and Derk to stop dead in their tracks, eyes wide as a small flash of colors reminded them of....


"Yes, dude?"

"Do you wanna pose on the beach for a while?"

"I totally do, dude. how did you know?"

"because otters are sluts, dude."

"Oh... right." The conversation was incredibly forced, but for some reason, neither of them cared. stretching their arms back, moving their tails up, they posed in a luxurious fashion. Giving long sighs as their musculature was stretched for all to see and admire. They would have loved drinking in the attention they would have gotten from the other members. If only the other members weren't all doing the same. Posing. Flexing. Showing off their meticulously molded bodies to no one in particular. Up on the balcony of the club house, Ktran chuckled as he groped his own cock a few times,aroused by the sight. Though it was cut short as his phone started ringing with a familiar tone. He grunted in surprise and snapped to attention. The naga quickly answered with a short hiss of compliance to the sound of a familiar voice on the other side. "Ktran, it's been a little while since you last checked in. How're things going for you?"

The naga grinned at he looked at his newest pair of playthings frozen like statues out on the beach. Who at this point were practically drooling as they stared into each other's eyes. The naga chuckled a little and took on a hissing noise that his master loved oh so much. "Perfect, masssster. This week'sss otter interesssst held me for a good while."

"I'm glad you're having fun, Ktran. Just don't go too overboard." "Not at all, ssssir! I wouldn't dare to suggest my tastes were fickle! In fact, next week I'm thinking.... ssstallions."

Mantra Brutes

Awakening with a groan Oengus rubbed his head and attempted to get up before ramming his horns right into the roof of the small space and falling back down. "Fuck..." he growled. The charr's deep voice filling the small space that he occupied as he...

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Blur of Humanity: Friend's Night Out Part 1

Blur of Humanity: Friend's Night Out Part 1 It had been a few weeks since the Anthros penetrated through the quarantine zone of what was once Heran City. As a result, the military pulled back from the region to set up a new line of defense without...

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Slave Kitty's Awakening

Blushing as he watched an immensely hot video of a bear being hypnotized into fucking a smaller otter who was all too willing to take it in the ass, Terry suddenly slammed his laptop shut as his mom opened the door. Pulling his blanket up over his...

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