World of Chaos: Chapter 13

Story by HowlingNightWolf on SoFurry

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#13 of World of Chaos

This story contains adult themes, including violence and sexual interactions, often times between creatures of different species. If this sort of thing offends you, or you are not of age, then you should not read this story. Otherwise, enjoy! Let me know what you think!


I gazed out over the forested valley from the balcony of my room. A large rucksack sat on the floor by the door, filled with various trail rations and equipment for the road. The sword Silvernight leaned against the wall beside it.

The sun was dipping below the mountains to the west. Growing up in a castle located on the southern plains, I was unused to the beauty of the mountains. Despite it's cold bitter air, It's the beauty that originally drew me to the Sutvalds to begin with.

The events of the nights meeting were heavy on my mind. Ivaylis informed me that there was an emergency counsel being held, and that I was asked to attend.

It was held in the same hall as my knighting ceremony, though a much different mood was in the air. The serious faces of the Lords and Ladies sitting at the head table made me a little nervous as Ivaylis and I approached.

Princess Vailadriel sat at the table beside her mother, tonight wearing a form fitting emerald gown that made her wild green eyes glow. I swallowed, then took a deep breath. Her slender form was only highlighted by the tight dress, hugging her around the torso as snugly as her matching green gloves gripped her delicate fingers, running all the way to her shoulders.

"My Lords, My ladies," I bowed.

"Ah, Sir Rekkdyr, I'm glad you could join us. Come, sit." Lord Aquilis said, rising at our approach. He gestured to an empty seat beside him.

Also at the table was Ciara O'Connor, dressed this time in a simple doeskin leather vest that left her midriff bare, and rugged, worn trousers of a thicker cow leather. She sat beside that same snow leopard.

Elvish nobility all gathered, as well as knights and sorcerers. Once everyone had taken their seats, however, the room numbered only about thirty attending.

Lord Livillios rose from his seat.

"My lords and ladies, tonight we have called this meeting to ask for aid." He called to the room.

My eyes met Vail's, and her smile melted me where I sat.

"As we all know, slaver activity in this region has grown immensely over the course of the last year. So much so, in fact, that they were capable of taking one of our very own, Princess Vailadriel." he paused, smiling at his niece.

"We were lucky to have her returned to us unharmed, and that is no small part due to our friend, Sir Rekkdyr." He continued, nodding to me.

"Alas, these lands are not as safe as they once were, and the Lords and Ladies of Rainhaven wish to remedy that! This increase in creature trafficking, this is not the sole problem, but merely a side-effect to a larger issue. What that may be, I cannot say." he looked to the halfling at the table.

"Lady Ciara O'Connor's brother has been taken. The bravery of her and her Naettura ally is undeniable. I myself witness the destruction at enemy encampments wrought by these two skilled warriors. They have volunteered to go to the very Island Kingdoms of Skera and Manir, both in search of their kin, and to discover if they can, the true reason behind the increase of slaver activity."

The room listened intently to his words.

"We cannot send a warband to the island, in danger of sparking open war. That is why we must ask for volunteers to accompany Ciara O'Connor."

Princess Vailadriel was eyeing me, a small frown growing on her face. I tried to give her small grin, but I'm sure the attempt ended in more of a gruesome baring of my teeth.

"What we are asking is going to be dangerous. Traveling to the heartland of the Island Kingdoms, a brutal place, with barbaric raiders. You will be alone, likely far from the aid of any friendly peoples."

I knew, as they spoke, that I had to go. I wasn't going to stay here, in Rainhaven. Not now. Not while I had these strange desires. It was too dangerous, for Vailadriel. Besides, I knew what it was like imprisoned by these fiends. I did not know this Camden O'Connor, but if he was anything like his sister, he did not deserve such a fate.

"Are there any among the attending who will take up this task?" Lord Livillios asked, eyes scanning the room.

Vail shook her head slightly, the frown growing as I stood from the table.

"My Lord Livillios. I know only too well what torments these men are capable of. I would be shamed not to accompany the Lady Ciara in her mission." I spoke, bowing. The lord nodded.

"While it pains me to see you leave, You will prove a mighty ally to the company." He stated.

"My lord, If I may?" Ivaylis asked, stepping forward from behind me.

"Go ahead, Ivaylis." he replied.

"I know that I am of the Royal Guard, and sworn to defend the Palace of Seasons. I do not ask for a release of my duty. I ask only to accompany the halfling. Proactively defending the interests of the royal blood by determining the truth of this threat, and eliminating it on their own shores." She asked.

Lord Livillios considered it for a moment, turning to Lady Aralyn and Lady Eava. They both gave a nod. As did Lord Aquilis beside me.

"It would seem we are in agreement. You shall accompany the party."

I turned to the elf, who gave me a nod.

The sky was alight with the glowing of stars as I withdrew from my thoughts, leaning against the smooth white-stone balcony railing.

The night was cool, as summer nights this far north are. A gentle breeze rustled my fur, sending a slight chill down my back, the threat of fall on the horizon. Gnolls were made for a warmer climate.

The door to my chamber creaked open behind me, and I turned, expecting to see Ivaylis with some more equipment or supplies for the journey ahead. The elves had been far too generous. When I came under their care, I had nothing in this world, save a broken sword hilt. Everything else had been taken. Now, I had a beautiful new weapon, armor, six elegantly crafted tunics, and a rucksack full of equipment for traveling on the road. Between the food and equipment gifted so far, I'm sure I'd cost them a small fortune.

My eyes drew to the small form entering my chamber. It was not Ivaylis, but the Princess Vailadriel.

I straightened immediately.

"My lady." I said with a bow. "What brings you to my chambers this late?" I asked.

She quietly closed the door behind her, turning to face me. She was now wearing a thin, midnight blue nightgown that hung loosely from her slender body. She appeared to be alone.

My heart began to beat hard in my chest. This was not an official visit.

"Please, Rekkdyr. May we cease the formalities?" She asked, coming toward me cautiously. "We shared a cage barely big enough for me, let alone you."

"Those were extreme circumstances." I replied. "Where is your guardsmen?"

"They believe me to be asleep in my chamber." she replied.

"If they discover your absence, alarm will be raised. Rainhaven will fear to lose it's princess a second time." I stated, pausing. "Why didn't you tell me you were of royal blood?"

She frowned, considering me.

"It shames me to say, but at first, it was because you were a gnoll. I couldn't begin to know your intentions, and I felt it safer that the knowledge remain with me. When it became clear that you were no enemy, it was to protect you, as much as me. If they had found out what I was, they would have definitely taken me from your care. I know you would have thrown yourself at them to defend me. It would surely have been your death." her eyes fell to the floor as she explained.

She was right. I would have died with a sword in my chest, hands around a guards throat. I glanced off at the forested vale of Rainhaven.

"Please, don't go." She whispered, embracing me suddenly.

I placed a large hand on her back.

"Your uncle is right. These slavers are a menace that need to be stopped. You know as well as I do what they are capable of." I said, coming to a knee, to her eye level. I wiped away a tear as it rolled down her soft cheek with a thumb. My claws where once again filed smooth and dull.

"That's what frightens me, though" she whispered. "What if you never return?"

"I don't know, Vail." I replied. "Nothing is certain in this life. I cannot say for sure that we will prevail. I can only swear that I will try."

"B-but, I. I love you."

Vail embraced me in a hug. Her delicate arms wrapped around my neck, her sobs echoing through my chest.

"I-I'm sorry. Never before have I felt such strong feelings for another. My heart aches, longing for you. All I wish for is to hold you in my arms. Your scent to fill my lungs. But it can never be. We are of different worlds. You are of royal blood, to a proud people of grace and beauty. I am a monster, pretending to be a knight." tears were swelling in my eyes. "What can you possibly find attractive about me?"

She pulled herself from my embrace, eyes red with tears. She glared at me sternly.

"You're heart has proven time and again that you are no mere beast." She said. "You're strong, quick, intelligent, and, furthermore, you always do the right thing."

"I'm a hunched monster, covered in fur, with large, clumsy clawed hands. My jaws could crush you in half."

At that, she placed her hand on my cheek, the one with the horrible scar.

"I meant what I said before. About the nobility of beasts." She whispered.

"What of your people? You are not yet of age. Do you think your kin will approve of their underage princess, laying with a gnoll?" I asked. "If I don't lose my head, I will certainly be sent from your side."

Her face fell, and I could see she knew I was right. Her hand slipped from my face.

She gave a small smile, tears still freely rolling down her face, returning her gaze to mine.

"I'm older than you, ya know. By at least twenty-five years." she grinned.

I chuckled, pulling her back into an embrace. She met my embrace with a kiss, her soft dark red lips meeting my bestial ones.

We fell back onto the stone floor of the balcony, Vail lying on top of me, the night sky stretching out above us. Her soft white skin seemed to glow in the moonlight, the contrast with her dark blue nightgown only accentuating it.

I held her to me, deepening the kiss, feeling her tongue slip between my lips, running over my sharp fangs, to dance with my large hyena-like tongue.

We lay like that for a while, before, finally, I broke the kiss.

"I'm sorry, Vail." I whispered. "With all my heart, I wish things were different."

She sat back on me, a look of sadness on her face.

"I know. You're right." She rose to her feet.

"You leave tomorrow morning. You should get some rest. I hear the voyage through the north-seas are rough on even the most experienced sailors." She stated, turning to leave. I climbed to my feet, following her to the door.

As she reached for the door, I pulled her around, for one final kiss.

As the door closed behind her, I returned back to the balcony, heart racing.

There was no way I was getting any sleep tonight.


Aklys and I stood at the northern bay in Rainhaven, a beautiful elvish drakkar longboat docked before us.

"The White Dragon. A solid vessel, well suited for hard waters and a stealthy landing on an isolated beach." Lord Livillios said, staring at the vessel. He was dressed in a simple, though fine brown tunic, a heavy fur cloak draped on his shoulders.

"Once again, My lord, I cannot thank you enough." I smiled at the elf.

Indeed, our journey will have been much longer if we were to travel across the plains. Even then, there would be no guarantee of finding passage to Skera. Aklys stated mentally.

"Your quest will aid more than Rainhaven. Every soul that dwells in this realm, both man and beast, are being threatened. Remember that." he replied, bowing.

Just then, I could see the elf Ivaylis leading the large gnoll Rekkdyr down the dock to us.

"Sir Rekkdyr." I said, bowing. "I cannot express my gratitude to you for your decision to accompany me."

"The honor is mine. Your bravery and devotion to your kin is humbling." He replied through a fog of fatigue. His eyes were red, his face somewhat sullen, as if he had seen little sleep.

_We will be glad for the combat prowess you bring to our group._Aklys told him mentally. He looked around, confused.

"That was Aklys, the snow leopard beside me." I grinned.

He looked at the cat.

"The men of Duskshire don't speak of the Naettura. I apologize if my ignorance is insulting." he spoke, bowing to the animal. I couldn't help but chuckle. The gnoll was so polite, it was sorta cute.

Not at all. Our kind are rare now. It's been nearly seventy years since I've seen any of my kin. She told him.

How old was she, exactly? I asked myself.

The gnoll nodded to the cat.

Ivaylis stepped forward, dropping her rucksack on the dock.

"My lady." Ivaylis said, bowing low to the cat. "My lord." she added, bowing again to Lord Livillios.

Rekkdyr turned to the front of the docks, I glanced around the massive gnoll, seeing a group of elves approaching, a large antlered orc towing over them.

The orc Skempta, accompanied by Lady Aralyn, Lady Eava, and Lord Aquilis, and the princess Vailadriel made her way down the dock. She was dressed in nothing more than her bear fur mantle, a large wooden shield upon her back. She did have a leather baldric that held her longsword in a scabbard on her hip.

"You think you can get rid of me that easily?" she asked, punching Rekkdyr in the arm as they approached us. "Pass me off to a bunch of fairies?" she grinned, revealing her large tusks.

Lord Livillios cleared his throat.

"Ah, I mean, elves." She corrected, quickly.

"What? I didn't--" The gnoll began. The orc woman just laughed.

"I'm not quite ready to part company with you yet. You seem to find excitement for yourself. Because of you, I found myself eating at the table of the Lords and Ladies of Rainhaven. Never thought that would happen in a million years." she grinned.

"The Lady Skempta Beastblood insisted on joining the company upon hearing your part in it, Sir Rekkdyr." Lord Aquilis said.

"She is a strong warrior, competent in battle. I would not have made it as far as I did without her aid." Rekkdyr said, bowing to the orc. She smirked.

"I'm not some fancy noble you have to bow to, gnoll." She grinned, punching his arm again. "But your words are kind." Lady Aralyn gave the orc a strange look. I could tell Skempta's presence was endured, because of Vailadriel and Rekkdyr.

"Yes, well, we have assembled a company of five. You shall travel to the Island Kingdoms, to recover Ciara O'Connor's lost brother, and discover what truths lie there. To aid you in your endeavor, We bring these." Lady Eava announced, approaching me. I hadn't noticed each noble holding a bundle.

"Ciara O'Connor. I present to you this bow." She said placing a parcel in my hands. I uncovered the wrap to reveal a bow of dark, almost black wood, blue and silver spiraling up along it's limbs.

"Swift and silent, this bow bites with the frost of the northwinds. May your enemies fear the halfling ranger from Northmeadow." She grinned.

The bow was absolutely beautiful. The wood could only be darkwood. Light, yet strong, it made fine bows.

"Thank you, my lady." I bowed in gratitude.

She turned to Lady Aralyn, taking a bundle from her.

"Lady Aklys of the Naettura." She said, unwrapping the bundle. A small carved wooden amulet hanging from a tight leather collar emerged. It was rough and simple, compared to the gift I'd received.

_Lady Eava, I cannot accept this gift!_Aklys stated, taking a step back.

"This was made for your kind, Lady Aklys. It's rightful place is in the possession of a Naettura."

The elf crouched, clasping the amulet around the cat's neck.

Thank you, Lady Eava. Aklys projected.

Eava rose from the cat, smiling.

"The return of the Naettura is long overdue." she said, turning to Lord Aquilis. He passed her another parcel.

"Skempta of Clan Beastblood, Feyblooded orc of the Northern Huntsmen." She announced, approaching the towering orc. "It would seem, despite our differences, we share similar blood she winked.

"Nymph?" The orc asked. She had a slight look of surprise on her face.

"My mother was a dryad, if you'd believe it." She replied, grinning softly.

She handed her a small, long bundle, that revealed a large dagger.

"This dagger is is known as Wildfire. It belonged to the druids of the Circle of the Wild hunt. They would be proud for you to have this." She said.

For the first time since I'd met her, the orc didn't have a smart-ass response. She seemed genuinely surprised.

"Thank you, Eava." She mumbled, taking the weapon.

The elf bowed, turning to Lady Aralyn.

She passed her a flat, rectangular bundle.

"Ivaylis Wildwind. Royal Knight of Rainhaven." She said, turning with the package.

"My lady, I need no such gift." Ivaylis stated.

"You would refuse a royal boon?" Eava asked, jokingly.

Ivaylis reluctantly accepted the item, unwrapping a leather-bound book.

"This grimoire contains the arcane knowledge and histories of your family." She explained. "Written by your father himself, back in the days when he headed the Academy."

Ivaylis looked utterly stunned, though pleased.

"Thank you, my lady!" She said, clutching the book to her.

"And, finally, Sir Rekkdyr." she said, Princess Vailadriel stepping forward.

"My Lady, you and your kin have already given me so much! Not the least of which my freedom. What more could you possibly offer?" He asked.

Princess Vailadriel approached the gnoll, reaching up to give him a light peck on the cheek. The beast tensed at the action.

If I didn't know any better, I would have sworn Rekkdyr was blushing beneath his fur. He had a strange look on his face.

The small elf girl slid a silver bracelet off her delicate wrist.

"This is actually a ring." she smiled, placing the item in his large hand. "I made it myself. It's magic helps to keep a clear mind in the fog of war." She said, stepping way from the gnoll. A look of sadness came to his face.

"Thank you, My lady Vailadriel. And to you, Lords and Ladies of Rainhaven." He said with a bow.

"The way ahead is long, and unclear. Walk it with caution, but courage." Lord Livillios said.

As all five of us climbed aboard the longboat, we turned to the nobles of Rainhaven. They stood at the docks, as the ships crew set to work pulling anchor and preparing for launch.

Rekkdyr and Princess Vailadriel exchanged similar looks full of sorrow. It was clear their friendship had grown strong during their imprisonment.

As the ship pushed out into the bay, the docks grew smaller and smaller. I turned to face my companions. Surely such a group never existed!

Gnolls and orcs, elves, leopards, and halflings. I shook my head, grinning.

I turned to the front of the ship, as it's whitewood dragon carving at its point slowly drifted northeast.


In the days since my return, I grew more and more fond of solitude. It was strange. For so long now, I had desired nothing more than a return to my pack. But now, It just seemed I was a stranger in a land that should have seemed familiar.

Istas and I had spoken about our missing packmates, our mother, how we were not full-blooded wolves, how that was even possible. It was a lot to take in. Our mother told her about our heritage not long after I disappeared. She spoke of how a strange feeling was on the wind, and the future grew dark.

Istas said mother claimed the spirits of the wilds warned her of dangers coming to this land.

I sat on a large cliff face, overlooking the expanse of the tundra below to the east, and our valley home to my north. The wind rustling my snow white fur, the summer wind already threatening to give way to autumn.

She had also spoken of the packs troubles, with her being the only wolf of mating age, and no suitors to carry on the packs legacy. The trouble was, Haeko and I were both of mating age, though Istas was direct blood. That would breed a weakened pack, one that would not survive the test of time.

She tried to talk Haeko into merging our pack with the equally devastated Ironclaw pack in the valley to the south, but he had absolutely refused. A history of feuding between our packs left him bitter.

I sighed. "Vindr." I breathed, a frosty gust of wind bursting forth from my muzzle, sending a cascade of leaves billowing across the tundra below.

My magic was certainly coming along. For some reason, I refrained from revealing my abilities to my packmates, however. Instinct told me it would only make it harder for Haeko to trust me.

A twig snapped behind me, catching my attention.

I whipped around, nose sniffing the air. Human.

"Show yourself!" I demanded in the common tongue of man.

"Shit, we have ourselves an educated wolf!" a man declared, stepping from the brush. He was followed by four others, each wielding axes and shields.

My back was to the ledge of the cliff face. I was cornered.

A menacing growl escaped my muzzle.

"One more step, and I will freeze the blood in your veins!" I barked.

"Listen, dog! This cloak is made from the hide of your kin! Go ahead, fool." the first man growled, stepping forward.

I expelled a sudden burst from my lungs, sending an icy gale at the intruders.

The man shielded himself with his winter wolf pelt cloak, laughing as he stepped closer, un-phased.

He held his axe aloft, which burst into flames.

"So, shall we take his hide, boys?" He grinned, brandishing the fiery axe threateningly.

He lunged forward, swinging fiercely. I ducked left.

"Foss!" I barked,a burst of water exploding in the mans face, causing him to stumble backwards.

The others approached, brandishing axes and torches.

I bolted for the cliff, leaping from the ledge.

Closing my eyes, whispering, "Hrata!"

Nothing happened, and I kept descending the great distance.

I focused hard, imagining the flapping of a bird. The gust of wind under my wings.

I opened my eyes, catching myself on large, black raven wings, before circling around climbing the thermals beside the cliff face.

The men were shouting in awe at the raven flapping away, that had only moments before been a horse sized wolf.

I just shapeshifted! I thought, as I soared far from their reach. It was strange, seeing the world from this height. Familiar landmarks appeared strangely, and the valley seemed so small. The sensation were so different, from the motion of my wings to the strength of my chest necessary to sustain flight. my muzzle had been replaced with a beak, and the world appeared in new way before my eyes. It was almost disorienting, I'm surprised I didn't just fall to my death anyways.

I couldn't dwell on that now, I had to find the pack, warn them.

I soared over the den, seeing no sign of wolf, but plenty of men milling about.

I landed down in a tree, trying to appear as a normal raven.

"Damn. They must've caught our scent." a man was saying.

"Tracks in this direction! Their heading deeper into the valley!" another called.

They were likely moving to the ice caves, the tunnel network our pack had used for generations as a safe haven from the world in times of danger. I feared these men were too persistent to allow such caves deter them, however. It was a trap.

I carefully took flight, flying ahead of the men, quickly coming to a rest on the ground.

I regained my normal form, giving a loud howl of warning, hoping it would carry to the packs ears.

I quickly rushed forward in the trail, back towards the approaching men.

"Got one here!" I cried in the human tongue, bolting into the treeline at the right.

I dove to the ground.

"Hlyod!" I whispered. My body began to blur and seemingly melt into my surroundings, effectively blending me in with the natural vegetation around me.

A man crashed through the vegetation, quickly followed by two others.

All three looked around.

"Where are you? Who said that?!" they were calling, glancing around.

I muttered another chant under my breath, causing a large sphere of fire to erupt from nowhere, hurling itself at the men.

One was caught in the flames immediately, the other two managed to leap away.

I directed it to one of the two remaining, leaving the first man on the grown, writhing in agony from the flames.

"Fire!" one exclaimed in shock, rushing for me, as I focused on directing the flaming sphere at the other.

Another muttered spell launched a glob of mud from the earth into the charging mans face, slamming him backwards.

I continued with directing my flaming sphere, swallowing the second man up in it's heat.

By the time the third human wiped the mud from his eyes, I was standing over him growling fiercely, a frosty blue fog drifting from my snarling muzzle inches from his face.

"You will answer my questions!" I growled, "Or I will rip you to pieces, understand?" I asked, letting the chill from my breath kiss his face.

"Y-yes." He whimpered, nodding vigorously.

"Where are you taking us? What use do you have for my kind?" I growled.

"M-most of you are being sold to a man in Manir. I-It's across the sea. The rest are either being sent to the fighting pits, or being skinned for your pelts." He quaked beneath me.

I saw the cloak adorning his shoulders. Anger coursed through me.

"And that, upon your back. Was that one of my kin?" I roared, snapping forward, nipping a hairs width from his face.

"Y-yes." he cried.

I stepped back suddenly, calmly.

The man sat up, shaking.

"You've seen I am no regular wolf?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Know that I can bring the fury of nature upon all of you, for I am Naettura!" I lied.

Fornvarr had spoken of the Naettura and their guardianship over nature. Perhaps this man had heard of them, and their reputation would be enough to get him to flee with the rest of his kind.

"I give you and the rest of your kind one chance to leave these lands alive. Otherwise, you shall all perish!" I growled.

The man nodded again, stumbling to his feet, he reached for his axe.

"Bolhyrr!" I barked, causing the weapon to burst into flames.

"Now go! Inform the others!" I roared. He ran from the small clearing, back through the trees. I grinned to myself, taking flight once more as a raven.

I could see the men below wielding torches, all dressed in pelts of whites and greys.

I should have flayed the man where he stood. I doubted my bluff would work against these men. I doubted I'd be able to take them all. It was worth a shot though.

I soared to the caves that cut into the glacier along the northern face of the valley.

Moments later, I was trotting through the icy corridors in my normal form once again, following the fresh trail of wolves to one of the many hidden chambers within.

I came upon Orlo first, him and the pups in a small, secluded chamber off the main route. It seemed to continue on for a ways through a tight passage at it's back, though I was unsure how far.

The wolf tensed as I entered the chamber, rising on weary paws in defense.

"Orlo! It's me, Aatu!" I called. He relaxed noticably.

"Aatu! I'm sorry, My old nose is not what it used to be." he said, rushing to me. The youngsters all crowded around me, sniffing and smelling at the stench of human on my coat.

"I killed two." I explained. "They were wielding torches. One with an axe of flames."

"He's the one that slew your father." He said.

"Why haven't you moved on? If these men keep coming back, they wont stop until our pack is destroyed!" I asked.

"Because, this is our home. Has been for generations. I was born here, as was every wolf I've ever known, save for Eluniss." he said.

I growled. "Where is Haeko? Istas? Why do you alone defend the young?" I asked, panicked. I could have sworn I smelled their scents coming in here.

Orlo hesitated.

"Orlo?" I asked.

"They went deeper into the caves." He said at length.

"Why? Why are you not with them?"

He lowered his eyes.

"I'm unsure. I think Haeko has lost his mind." he said. It was then, I could see a painful looking bite trickling blood down his foreleg.

"What is he doing?" I growled.

"Istas. He said something about the survival of the pack." He whimpered, cowering back from me. He had always seen me so calm, and I realized now that my anger and fear was causing him to cower. Unnerving though my calm may have been, it appeared I was downright frightening when I was angry.

"Orlo, listen. I'm going to try to seal you in this chamber with the pups. Don't make any noises. The humans won't be deterred for long. I'm going after Haeko." I said, trying to calm my voice.

"Seal us in?" He asked, confused.

"The druid taught me some minor magic." I told him.

"Fossunnr!" I said, creating a cascade of water over the entrance.

I followed that up with a burst of Frosty air from my lungs, freezing the water in place over the entrance, making it appear as if it was just part of the icy corridor.

"Bol." I muttered at the lower corner of the wall, melting a small hole through, to allow air to pass in to the stranded wolves.

"You know your way through the caves behind?" I asked through the hole.

"Yes." his reply came.

"If I do not return, make for the back passageways." I told him.

"Aatu, be careful!" he called after me. I turned for the tunnels, quickly picking up Haeko's scent.

Unsure of what awaited me, I pressed onward through the caves.

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