That Little Corner of Heaven

Story by Cheetahs on SoFurry

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Mathias, a rare feral naga in a university filled with anthros and ferals who despise his kind, always picks the farthest corner from his peers to sit in. This time, it pays off big time.

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So, what does your cheetah overlord has in store for you today? I'm thinking of a classic college-life tale with ferals, and anthros, and nagas, and erotic stuff that the naga witnesses, and also erotic stuff between nagas. How does this sound for a change?

This tale that you are going to read details the life of a male naga who realizes how drab college life is. Nobody loves serpents, and everybody else seems to get some. Quietly, he retreats into the back corner of a class room and waits for the excruciatingly slow class to end. Only, this time, things get a bit more interesting when a daring female naga decides to sit next to him and show him the advantages of sitting in the back, away from prying eyes.


Mathias slithered up the ramp that led into the grand antechamber of the Blackstone University, his head held low to allow the cowl of his hoodie to cover his bland features. The less people he noticed at the edges of his vision, the better.

If only he could muffle out their grunts, growls, and taunts...his Ipod used to fulfill that role, until the music blaring in his ears had allowed that ripped tiger to sneak up on him and--

Cold shivers crept through Mathias' frame at the mere thought of it. He slithered over the ramp quicker, with fluid grace in spite of the narrow size of the damned thing. At least the wan sun of late morning warmed its metallic surface, making it feel warm and pleasant to the touch, a real treat to a Naga.

Mathias was a coast garter snake, with ruby coils speckled with dark spots and straight, light yellow lines that ran along the sides of his body. He had no crest, no frills; diverse as his coloring was, Mathias lacked most of the features that made a naga--well, a naga!

A few of his peers found his colors agreeable, but most picked on the strange coloring of his light brown forehead, questioned the strident looks of his coils, and even brought his long size into question. As if Mathias could do something about that to begin with! Wasn't it enough that he had to wear a ridiculous hoodie to cover himself up, and appear more normal? It was the middle of autumn already, a week after the school year started, the one which transitioned from the warm, sunny days to the cloudy, desolate ones of early winter. Hoodies made the most sense, even though Mathias didn't like the to have his serpentine neck covered.

Somebody called him out from behind. Mathias merely increased his speed, undulating his body with practiced dexterity across the short distance between him and the University's main entrance.

"That's the right thing to do, to flee. At least you got enough common sense, you fucking snake," the gruff voice came from behind. A centaur. Perhaps a minotaur, even though they could just climb the damn steps and keep the ramps free from the ones who really needed them.

Once Mathias made it through the door and handled his student card to attendant of the Gatekeeper, a weight shifted off his chest. He made it, safe and sound, with only an insult or two along the way. Nobody stepped on his tail or kicked his sinuous body. That was a victory in itself, one that made Mathias take in a deep breath of musty, comforting air as he glanced at the two hallways that spanned left and right.

In front of him, the antechamber opened into a grand, circular room with a domed ceiling, painted with various paragons of various species. Felines, canines, cervines, dragons, even a feral gryphon. No nagas. Never nagas. Nobody liked nagas.

And yet, Mathias crept into the Blackstone University, watching the fliers enter the circular room with narrow, emerald eyes. All they had to do was launch themselves into the air, flap a few times, land on the wide platforms that led into the upper corridors. Only the gryphons and the avians did that. Dragons prefer to show off by performing various aerial tricks meant to impress both the feral and the anthropomorphic kind. Mathias turned his gaze from the tasteless display, sickened by those attention whores. Even so, a part of him urged him to keep looking, to envy the capabilities of the better, more superior species that took every single gift nature gave them and left nothing for the nagas.

Grow up already, Mathias thought. What are you, fucking eleven or something?

Nope. He was worse. Twenty, in his first year at the prestigious Blackstone University, still a virgin, soon to be part of the forever alone group. As he slithered towards the corridor on the right to his first class, Mathias poked his forked tongue to taste the various scents wafting from the people milling around. The clatter of hooves, patter of claws and talons upon the dark marble floor filled his ears, just as their fragrance filled his mouth and nostrils. His blood stirred from the subtle smell of heat, and he chanced the feral gryphoness a glance before looking away from her.

That was his one, sole talent. To single out feral females in heat from a vast, rowdy crowd, and to sometimes notice their bare pussies, drenched with arousal, which they shamelessly exposed for the world to see. Ferals had no decency. Ferals didn't need decency. Ferals were ferals, free to walk around naked.

Mathias was, theoretically, naked as well. His hoodie might have covered his yellow torso, and his small, sturdy scales might conceal his muscles, yet, underneath that protective layer, laid his faded yellow underside and pink vent.

The harsh sound of the doorbell broke Mathias out of his reverie. People flooded the corridor, spilling from the classrooms like a veritable avalanche. Mathias veered towards the middle of the corridor, away from the rampaging anthros and ferals alike, but even the wide corridors couldn't make up for their lack of manners.

"Sorry, apologies, oops, sorry my bad," they said, one by one, males and females alike, as they tripped or stepped onto his tail. Mathias nodded, told them not to worry, keeping his hiss of discomfort to a dull buzz.

He turned around when the scaled foot of a feral dragon pressed onto his tail. He bowed his head at him, like every naga should in his posture, and smiled with half a mouth.

"I'm sorry, I really am. It's kinda crowded in here, is all," the brown drake said, his forepaw still clutching Mathias' tail.

"It's ok, it happens," Mathias said. He tried to flick his tail, to wriggle out of his grip, but the drake flared his crest and snorted a puff of hot vapors.

"And why does it happen?"

Mathias shrugged. His lips curled upwards to reveal his fangs when the drake's toes curled inwards, his talons pressing on the sides of the naga's thinning tail.

"Because you're fucking here, where you obviously don't belong." His booming voice stopped time itself. At least that's what it seemed like, when everybody froze in their tracks to stare--and cheer with hushed voices.

"I'm sorry, but this corridor is big enough--"

"He is sorry," the drake growled. He spread his light brown wings to clear a circle around them. "That's it folks. He is sorry. That's all you get from him. Fuck the ones who trip onto his coils, because he is so fucking sorry."

Some hooted, but most cheered, and almost everyone applauded the dragon, stomped their hooves or paws, or fluttered their wings for taking a stance against Mathias' kind--like everybody freaking did, since the semester started.

"How is it his fault that you're clumsy?" Came a high pitched feminine voice from the side. "That's like blaming the ground for being treacherous."

Mathias spun towards the source, and stiffened when his gaze settled on the burgundy gryphon with tawny hindquarters, the female in heat he had spotted earlier. She mantled in front of the dragon, and clacked her beak defiantly.

"Let him slither off, so that everybody forgets this moment of unbelievable stupidity where a dragon who can fly picked on a naga."

Loud, hearty laughter backed up the gryphon's argument, and the female winked one of her vermilion eyes at Mathias. He swallowed emptily, dumbfounded. How, when, why...

"You can fly as well," the dragon shot back. "What does that make you?"

"A student who has classes downstairs, obviously?" she drawled, much to the crowd's mirth.

The dragon snorted, his nostrils flared, his hindquarters rocking slightly from the gryphoness' fertile fragrance. He let go of Mathias' tail, and slinked through the crowd to hide his budding erection.

The crowd began to disperse as hushed mutterings burst to life. Mathias tucked his coils tighter against one another, and almost pushed his body forward towards the gryphoness to thank her for intervening on his behalf. If only she didn't turn around to present him her slick pussy instead... A feral tiger bumped into her, the symbol of courage itself, chuffing with obvious eagerness as he led her into the bathroom designated for the feral kind.

A great, hissing sigh escaped Mathias. That's how it always happened. That was the main reason he would never fulfill his new year's resolution. A few months left, and he couldn't even bring himself together to speak with a female, least go through the mating act itself.

He smiled wryly at the ridiculous thought. Gryphons would never let a naga inside them, be it him or Prince Charming itself. His stomach churned, and his shivers had yet to subside from his earlier encounter with the dragon. At least he found the right classroom in time, and managed to crawl to the back of the rectangular room before other ferals arrived.

The chatter of his colleagues dimmed for a moment while they gauged their naga classmate. They had enough decency to throw him a glare and nothing more before they rekindled the gossip. Some sat on chairs, others lounged on the desks themselves, and a lion took the teacher's seat, his broad, meaty, bare paws rested on the table. His toes flexed every time he yawned, which he did every couple of seconds.

Unlike them, Mathias couldn't sit, for he had nowhere to sit. This damned, antique classroom meant for seminaries had the squat, narrow desks meant for anthros, and anthros only. Mathias had to fold his coils neatly to fit the restrictive gap underneath the desk. Then, he removed the satchel with the notebook from his shoulder, and propped his elbows against the desk's ebony surface. His uncomfortable position didn't disturb him as much as the constant chatter of his peers did.

They all had somebody, or a group of somebodies. A few preferred the species related to theirs. Others mingled with whoever entertained them the best. Matty the little and hated naga stood alone, and for good reason. He had no charisma, variable levels of intelligence, and the body of a serpent. Who in their right mind picked a naga, a freaking snake with two barbed cocks, as a partner?

Another naga, obviously. Fuck me right?

The thought graced Mathias' mind every time he dwelled on his precarious situation, a cruel jape that made his short, dark claws press against the smooth surface of the desk. If Blackstone University had more nagas, Mathias would have known it by now.

A few more students rolled in, followed by a husky wearing an indigo suit over a checkered shirt and a black tie to go with the dark nuances of his fur. His aquamarine gaze snuffed out the whispers as he took in his class.

"Why is there so many of you in the front? Spread a bit, give me some room to breathe, for crying out loud. What are you my fan club?"

Groans of displeasure followed, but the husky's growl ended them. He got out his laptop and tried to connect it to the wide screen behind it, muttering something inaudible to Mathias, who stood at the very back of the room. Mathias' heart stuck in his throat when he noticed two other students, a yapping coyote with his arm wrapped around a female panther's shoulders, approaching him.

They took the seats in front of him, without even bothering to look at him. Good. They were the cool type, too superior to lay eyes upon Mathias. That made his coils loosen and relax, and his tail tip to flick lightly as Mathias brought out his notebook.

"So, Logistics," the husky rasped with that deep voice of his. "What on earth can it possibly refer to? Any of you geniuses know what Logistics entail?"

The flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet the requirements of both corporations and customers alike, Mathias thought. He didn't raise his hand, and allowed the husky to say it in his stead. Why draw unwanted attention to himself, when the semester just began? He only had to nail the assignments, then the exams, and...

Mathias noticed it. The coyote's posture, drooping a bit, as he leaned towards the panther. One arm stretched to grab her waist. It remained there, his fingers kneading in suave motions while the panther shifted in her seat. Her hands gripped the edges of her denim skirt, pushing it down to free her bottom. Then, she bent forward, over the desk, pushing her bottom through the gap between the chair's backrest and cushion. Her tail swung to the side to reveal a patch of fur, darker in color, clumped in patches due to the hefty arousal that coated it.

And, a bit lower, her pussy.

Mathias stifled a gasp at the glorious sight. His coils shifted slightly, his muscles tightening of their own accord at the bare female before him. Her pussy looked so pink, so smooth! Her folds were neat, slightly wrinkled and loose from the many cocks the panther probably took inside, but it still stirred Mathias' heart, and not only.

His breath hitched when the coyote's little hand, the one that massages her side, slithered across her back, down to her tail. He shaped his fingers into a makeshift whisk, then pushed inside her, bit by bit. His muzzle scrunched from the delightful feeling of wet female swallowing his paw, and the panther's toes curled inwards to present Mathias her pink, smooth pads. Her tail shuddered as she took her boyfriend inside with a soft yet audible squelch.

She released a curt moan, which the coyote promptly silenced by wrapping a paw around her muzzle. He raised an eyebrow at his girlfriend, she nodded, and he released her.

"Fuck. You entered too deep," the panther whined. "Take it slower, lover. I almost fucking came."

"You're so wet down there my paw practically slid by itself. Shut the fuck up and take what you're getting," the coyote replied with his squeaky voice before the panther's muzzle leaned over to give him a short kiss.

"Well duh. That's why we moved here in the back. You pleasure me I pleasure you, remember?"

The coyote grumbled a little, but licked his girlfriend's cheek and nuzzled her neck with a fondness that made Mathias' scales tingle from its intensity.

"When is it going to be the other way around?" The coyote asked.

The panther shrugged and wriggled her hips to take more of the coyote's fingers into herself. "Never." She blocked his muzzle with two fingers to silence him. "Because you had to be a smartass and call yourself a gentleman. Now focus on the task at hand."

The coyote had no choice but to nod, pretend to write notes with his right hand while his left hand worked on the panther's pussy with slow, deep, tantalizing strokes. The constant squelching of fingers driving in and out of the panther's fleshy folds drowned the husky's words. As much as Mathias tried to concentrate on the class and scribble his notes, he couldn't help but linger on the coyote's fluid drenched fingers, to watch him push inside his girlfriend up to his knuckles before spreading inside her.

The panther bit back a cry of delight, and buried her muzzle into her paws to muffle her increasingly louder moans.

"Tell me when you cum," the coyote said through clenched teeth. "And keep fucking silent. I don't want to get expelled because of your horny ass."

The panther tried to nod, but whined instead. Her tail curled around the coyote's paw, her tail tip flicking restlessly and her toes kneading at the floor while her mate carried her to her peak, higher and higher.

Mathias gave up taking notes. Her moans dwarfed the husky's guidance, and he found himself staring at what transpired before him long enough for the husky's slideshow to pass at blinding speed. The squelches, her hearty purr, her moans, and the sweet fragrance of female arousal made Mathias' vent clench repeatedly. One of his peens poked out, in spite of his uncomfortable position, to pulsate and throb whenever the coyote pierced his mate.

He brought his tail around it, suppressing a hiss at the touch of soft scales upon his sensitive flesh. A shudder traversed through his coils from the tingling pleasure brought by his tail upon his smooth, tapered tip, enough to make Mathias jolt and bang the desk with his elbows.

His stomach sank, and blood froze in his veins at the too loud noise. He waited, still as a statue, for ten excruciatingly slow heartbeats, before he sucked in a deep breath.

They didn't notice. None of them did. His peen fled back into his vent from the frightening occurrence, and it didn't come out again, not even when the panther's frame tensed, and her muffled, ecstatic growl rippled in her throat. Her pussy clenched rapidly around the coyote's fingers, milking him with deft strokes while her juices dribbled on the floor with an audible drip, drip, drip.

"Gha...gha...ha..." the panther gasped, her eyes half lidded from the might of her orgasm. She grabbed her mate's paw, suckled his fingers, one by one, then slipped her paw into her drenched pussy to wet her fingers.

"Your turn," she purred as she slipped her slick paw into his baggy trousers to rub off the coyote's erection. She started with slow strokes meant to enkindle her mate's lust, then stroked him harder and faster the more he squirmed and bucked.

Mathias looked away when he came, repulsed by the frail yips of his orgasm. That could have been him, if he wasn't a naga. He would have had his single, normal cock rubbed, sucked, fondled, and his cum swallowed with gusto by his mate.

Instead, he stood at the back of the class room, coiled in a mighty uncomfortable position, with no notes taken, and watching another male cry out his pleasure, right in front of him.

Mathias' hands balled into fists, the tips of his claws poking at the soft layer of wan scales covering his palms. He shifted his coils due to nerves while he breathed in the tart scent of cum mixed with the sweet, pleasant fragrance of feline climax. He seethed inside, yet he patiently waited for the class to end before tucking his notebook and pen back into his satchel. As always, he waited for everybody to evacuate the room before he left. Wouldn't want another incident where somebody tripped into his coils, right?

The next class shaped up to be equally slow and dreary. Marketing, taught by a pudgy bulldog who couldn't--or didn't bother--to keep his class silent. Mathias headed straight to the classroom, ignoring the dull ache and the soft growls of his stomach. Better to skip a meal than be late for class, especially when he had to climb several ramps to get to the second floor. Just because nagas could use elevators, that didn't mean they should. Mathias hissed at the thought of his first elevator experience. Never again.

The class room had the classic shape of an amphitheater, with tiered rows of long tables with closed front and sides rising in several orderly columns spread by broad aisles to accommodate every species in existence. The dais stood in the center of the grand room, in front of a huge screen, with an IPS panel no doubt. A desk occupied it, small, cozy, and surprisingly empty. The bulldog whose name evaded Mathias' mind was known for both punctuality and skipping breaks in order to make it to the class on time.

Not that Mathias had any complaints. The almost empty room--save for a few geeky foxes in the front-- allowed him to choose his table, as well as his favorite spot. Mathias picked the far left corner in the back, where the tables were taller, broader, to accommodate the feral kind. He dumped his satchel on the left corner of the table and sprawled into the empty space underneath it, grateful for the opportunity to unwind his coils.

More students streamed from the several doors positioned at the end of the amphitheater. Most of them were anthros, the vocal type who couldn't, for the life of them, keep it low. They laughed, growled, roared, even shoulder checked themselves as they wobbled down to the tables meant for their kind. The gryphon Mathias met earlier arrived here too. He flinched when her vermilion gaze matched his, and held his breath while he waited for her to take a seat. As expected, the gryphoness turned around, flicking her tail across that wet cunt of hers on her way to a distant table, on the opposite side of him.

Just because she intervened on your behalf doesn't mean she likes you, Mathias thought. He slumped under the table, his elbows pressed on the hard surface to keep himself from slipping under it. Maybe he should; make himself unseen, forgotten. Would the university's staff even notice him before the closing hours and ask him to evacuate the building?


The jarring sound of the bell made Mathias shudder to awareness. He gulped hard when he noticed the bulldog entering through the teacher's door, his back straight, his enormous head held high. He unloaded his laptop on the desk with great eagerness, already asking his questions about marketing's role in today's society before he even plugged in the DVI link to the TV!

Mathias turned towards his satchel...

And froze when he saw her. It was a her. Had to be, for she wore a purse, colored with various shades of brown and black to match her scales.

"Is this yours?" she asked, her voice rich, smooth, serene. It contrasted with her stern posture and her straight, erect crest. "Well, who else's."

She slid it over to his side of the table, slipped off her leather purse from a slender shoulder, placed it near Mathias' satchel, and slithered over to his side.

"Hey, you're--there's enough room for the both of us if you just--" Mathias stuttered as her coils practically slid over his. He tried to shift out of her grasp, but her king cobra coils were bigger, more muscular than his coast garter ones, and she didn't relent. Of all the places she could sit, she had to pick HIS table, and move over right next to him!

"There's enough room, yes. That's why I'm making myself comfortable, but thanks for being a dear." She flexed her crest and narrowed her fiery amber eyes, her pupils becoming narrow slits. "You don't mind this, right? Of course you don't," she said before Mathias could let out as much as a peep. "You're a naga yourself. You know how tricky it is to get your coils spread in a nice, relaxed position."

Her question stunned Mathias. Every possible reply vanished from his mind, buried under the comfortable weight of her coils. Not that she actually needed an answer to her rhetorical question. This gorgeous, tall, and quite scary naga already brought out her notebook and pen with slow, nonchalant moves, settling the pen in the hollow space above the notebook with great care to keep it from sliding off the table.

She stood slightly taller than him, flaunting the slim, black and yellow neck of a king cobra. Her scales looked positively smooth and glossy, and her coils had the specific faint yellow cross bands running down the length of her body. A flimsy, leathery crest covered the back of her neck, and continued along her back. Half yellow and half black, it had the spiky protrusions characteristic to a dragon, and it flexed and folded with surprising dexterity.

And she was completely naked! No clothes, no accessories but for her purse. Mathias chanced a look at her wan belly, splotched with darker tints, only to avert his gaze from hers just in time to hide his beet red cheeks.

"Aren't you getting your notebook out? Class is about to start."

She spoke with great ease, as if her body didn't rest upon Mathias' coils at all. This strangely alluring king cobra sat right next to him, and her coils twined with his, her soft scales rubbing along his thicker ones with faint, rasping sounds.

"Ri--right, you're right. I should totally do that," Mathias said. His gaze sank to the table, to his satchel. Shaky fingers grasped the edge of his notebook, pulled it out, opened to a random page, and flipped to a blank page. All the while, the naga's eyes darted between him and her own notebook, a plain thing with twisted corners.

"How did you know?" Mathias asked.

She craned her neck forward, towards the bulldog's desktop displayed on the huge TV.

"Oh right," Mathias muttered. "Didn't realize. Heh. I'm Mathias, by the way, and it's really--I mean really--it's kinda nice to see another naga."

"Jacqueline." She shifted closer to him, until their shoulders bumped into each other. "Get your pen out, Mathias. If I trail behind, I'll rely on you to get notes from."

"Right." He grasped the pen between frail, unsteady fingers. Every fiber of his body shuddered. From stress or excitement, Mathias couldn't tell. Perhaps it was both. To see another naga, and have her sit next to him--over him, actually--made his heart flutter.

"So, what is the scope of the marketing activity? What does it target?" came the bulldog's deep, guttural voice. Nobody answered, so he continued. "The customers. Why? Because it's the customers that give value to an organization. It's them who shape up its line of products, them who dictate its activities. It's the customers, forever and ever amen."

The PowerPoint presentation appeared on the giant screen, listing a few bullet points about the origins of marketing and how it evolved over time. Jacqueline's wrist already shook from her furious scribbling, her lines neat and her words straight on the blank page.

Mathias tried to write as well, yet his overly stiff fingers created jagged, unreadable characters. He tried to shift away from her smothering embrace, but that only made it worse. Her coils twined with his as her muscular body explored every inch of Mathias' slender one, and her tail sought his to wrap around it in a tight yet pleasant grasp. Mathias' jaws clenched from the tingles her touch sent through his frame, and he couldn't help but jerk his tail tip.

Jacqueline's crest straightened. "What is it, Mathias? If you cannot keep up with the slides, you can look over to mine. I don't mind. We're colleagues, right?"

"No it's just--you're a bit too...invasive," he blurted out. His heart clenched as soon as that vile, unneeded word left his mouth. Cold fingers raced along his spine, making him shiver and his head spin under the weight of that one word.

Curses! He didn't mean it like that! What naga in their right mind would say such thing to an amazing, open minded female?!

"I don't think I am, Mathias. Blame the staff, not me," Jacqueline said, unperturbed. "They made these ridiculous tables. We're just using them however we can, and I can't last throughout the whole class if I'm not comfortable." She looked at him when the bulldog stepped away from the laptop to explain something. "It's ok, isn't it? I'm sure you don't mind a bit of touching. I'm hardly the first naga to grace your table."

_You are the only naga,_Mathias wanted to say, but his throat suddenly turned dry. He nodded instead, and Jacqueline returned to her notebook to write down the information from the new slide.

Fuck. That was close.

Mathias took her cue, but the pounding of his heart, along with the gentle strokes of her tail upon his, distracted him to no end. She not only rubbed herself against him, but constantly sought to sneak her tail under his. That made Mathias more than uncomfortable, especially when each stroke closed in to his sensitive vent.

The constant twitches of his tail only served to enkindle Jacqueline's persistence. She groped him tighter within her coils, pushing and pulling, just enough to distract him for a fleeting moment during which her tail tip sneaked under his tail to rub against his vent.

A sudden jolt crept through Mathias. His pen skidded along the page at the pleasant touch upon his private area, and his coils turned stiff, rigid, unresponsive. No matter how much he tried to urge his coils to shift away from hers, the touch of her deft tail tip upon his vent summoned a flurry of pleasant tingles that dispersed along Mathias' coils. Awestruck by what transpired under his very table, Mathias looked at Jacqueline with wide eyes. His cheeks burned from a mixture of shame and excitement, and his tail tip flicked back and forth under the gentle ministrations of her tail.

Was she...what was she...?

Yes she was. Mathias' features scrunched, and he barely stifled a gasp when the tip of her smooth tail poked at his vent. Jacqueline retreated in the blink of an eye, allowing Mathias a moment of respite to process her actions. Only, he couldn't, for she did it again, and again, and again. Her tail tip no longer twined with his tail, or massaged him; it lingered near his vent, caressing Mathias with tantalizing strokes that quickened his blood.

He shot her a glare, which softened into a look of surprise when he noticed her straight, stiff, unyielding posture. Her crest lay flat; her pen moved with the same fluid strokes, and her breathing was nowhere near as heavy as Mathias'. How could she be so infuriatingly nonchalant about it?!

"New slide," she said with that cool, matter of fact tone of hers. "Go go, write it down. Don't let me distract you from what really matters here."

Mathias tried to write it down, but her tail tip returned upon his vent with a vengeance, stroking him enough for shudders to creep through his lower body. Mathias took a deep, shuddering breath before leaning over to her side of the table.

"Listen, could you like...not rub me down there..." he trailed of as soon as her gaze bore into his. She didn't say anything. Instead, she pushed her tail tip into his vent, slow and careful. Mathias half hissed, half moaned as she penetrated him with sudden expertise. She coiled around one of his half erect peens, applying just the right pressure to make Mathias release a curt gasp.

"I'm just curious, Mathias. There are few nagas in this University, and even fewer accommodating males such as you." She flicked her forked tongue at him, then winked. "I kind of like it. Don't you?"

He did. More than he cared to admit. If only this happened elsewhere but in a classroom full of people, with a class in session! A few quick glances around, and Mathias' head slumped in fright. What if somebody noticed? What if they had already noticed?

"I...I am..." he began.

"No you're not," she cut in, her crest wobbling as she thrust her head towards the new slide. "That's where you should look. What happens under this table remains under this table. You just focus on the teacher's slide show and let me do what I have to do."

Mathias nodded. His notebook suddenly seemed like a better alternative. At least he didn't have to look upon her, or worse, the bulldog.

"I promise that you'll like whatever is about to happen," she whispered with a low, strangely seductive voice. "Just relax, wait for it, and write down your notes. Whatever you may think of this, we're still students, Mathias. We have to study. So take notes and relax."

Mathias relaxed. He surrendered himself to her whims, light headed as he was from her increasingly persistent strokes along his vent, and inside it. She penetrated him several times, making Mathias flinch every time due to the jolts of pleasure that rushed through him. Her tail tip instinctively knew where to go, what to grab, how to grab. At the fifth stroke, Mathias couldn't help but grow, no matter how hard he tried to stifle his erection.

His main peen grew in size, throbbing with pent-up lust flared by her inquisitive touches. No matter how good it felt to him physically, Mathias wanted nothing more than to slide under the table, to shrink to the size of a pebble and disappear.

He couldn't, however, not when Jacqueline's smile stirred his heart, as well as his peen. Her smile broadened with each one of his throbs, until it grew as big as his own cock. Jacqueline's crest twitched as Mathias' erection pushed her tail tip out of his vent. Her scribbling increased in intensity, as well as the shudders that ran through her body.

She enjoyed it. Perhaps as much as Mathias enjoyed himself. It took a single blink of his eyes to remember where he was. A single deep breath for clarity to sneak into his lust addled mind.

They'll catch me, they'll catch me, they'll catch me, the one, dreadful thought circled Mathias' mind. Although most of the students had their eyes glued to the teacher, some browsed the web on their tablets and laptops. All they had to do was to turn around, and they would catch him.

Jacqueline caught him first. Her flexible tail tip slid along the seven smooth, fleshy inches of his cock, stimulating his tiny bumps and soft ridges with suave caresses. Mathias tried his best to contain his moans. His tail curled in around itself, and he squeezed his eyes shut from her tantalizing touches. It felt so good, especially when she knew what to touch, where to touch. Oh god. Jacqueline was a freaking goddess, a true connoisseur of the romantic art--

Mathias let out a soft hiss when her tail descended upon the other seven inches of his cock. She moved away from his thinning, tapered half, and slithered down his increasingly denser and thicker barbs, meant to latch onto a female's vent and keep her in place during a naga's greatest moment of pleasure.

"Careful, they're...they're weird. The barbs. I don't think you'll..."

Jacqueline laughed at his expense. "I know what they are, and what they are meant for. That's why I'll want them inside me, when the right time comes." Her voice softened to a barely audible whisper, which made Mathias' jaw to drop, both in surprise and from the increasingly demanding pleasure her touch brought to his lower body.

She wrapped around his thicker, barbed base, squeezing him enough to elicit a muffled moan from Mathias. She flicked her crest at that, and used her muscular coils to pull him towards her and into her wet, blissfully tight vent. Mathias only sank his tip inside her, but his vision still flickered from how good it freaking felt to enter a female.

That's what he did, right? He entered a female! Him, the loser naga, the forever alone virgin!

Sudden excitement welled within Mathias' chest, blotted out by the sudden realization of his current circumstances.

"You there! Indulge us for a moment, will you?"

Mathias froze and regarded the bulldog with wide, unblinking eyes. His mouth opened, but only a frail moan left it.

"He's not talking to you dummy," Jacqueline pointed out.

Mathias shuddered, hissed, moaned as she pushed her vent in and out of his member, unable to shrug off the panic that latched upon his heart. He stood there, stiff as a statue, staring at the bulldog who questioned a jackal about the different type of polls and the customer's preference towards them. He swallowed a mouthful of emptiness before his eyes squinted from the pressure welling within his lower side. His throbs picked up, his barbs flared around Jacqueline's tail. She noticed his growing excitement and pulled out of him with a wet plop to snuff out Mathias' budding orgasm.

He threw her a glare, but Jacqueline didn't even notice it. She scribbled again, with fast, furious strokes.

"Shouldn't you be writing?"

"Yes, yes of course," Mathias said.

As soon as he returned to his notebook, Jacqueline attacked his one erect peen again. Like last time, her tail tip curled around his thick, barbed base, applying the right amount of pressure to hold his cock still while she fucked his tip with increasingly faster strokes. Every plunge into her wet, tight depths lessened Mathias' resistance. Every spasm of her eager muscles around his stiff, blood engorged tip reminded Mathias just how bad he wanted to cum.

His male's instincts attempted to take over, to push him inside the female and fill her with his great load, but Jacqueline didn't relent. She slammed his tail with her own, and wrapped her coils tighter against him when Mathias shifted. It had to be slow, tantalizing strokes. It had to be his tip alone, for that's what Jacqueline decided for him. Mathias was fine with it...mostly...

If the whole fucking class didn't become increasingly noisy! The bulldog raised his voice over the din, dispelling Mathias' haze of bliss, forcing him to write down stuff he didn't know for a purpose he did not understand.

Sex. That's what he wanted. To have sex with Jacqueline, to cum inside her, to lose his virginity with the most incredible female he had ever mated with. And yet, his racing heart kept his lust in check. Jolts of panic cut through his building climax every time the bulldog's eyes hovered over towards the back rows meant for the feral kind. Maybe he didn't see him. But could he hear him?

Try as he might, Mathias couldn't fully stifle his gasps, nor keep his moans contained when Jacqueline pushed her vent into his cock. He tried to hum or hiss, yet a female--a real one, and a naga at that--felt too freaking good around his cock.

"Give me the other one, Mathias" she said without even looking at him. "A single one won't do. I want both of your cocks."

Both of them? Mathias drew back, dumbfounded. He seldom brought out his other cock. He didn't need the other cock. What if he couldn't get it out? What if Jacqueline realized what a huge loser he was and left him before he had the chance to cum?

"What's the problem?" Her tail tip squeezed his base tighter as she looked at him with the corner of her eye. "You can't get it out?"

"It's not that I aghhhhh!" Mathias cried out, louder than he wanted, or intended. A few heads turned to face him, but Mathias couldn't see them through his half lidded eyes. Jacqueline snaked her tail tip back into his vent, deeper than ever before. She twisted around his second peen and pulled it out of his vent with a faint plop, hard enough to make Mathias falter and throb with renewed vigor. His barbs flared, and shivers wracked his frame. Was he--was he going to cum?

Jacqueline's tail tip retreated from Mathias, and so did her coils. His peens, without the support of her coils, fell on the hard, cold ground, making him jolt from the unpleasant impact.

"That was reckless of me," Jacqueline said as her embrace smothered him once again. "I got a bit too excited, and lost some notes as a result. No biggie. We'll handle it."

She returned to writing down the information from the new slide while her tail tip worked both of his peens. Same moves, same strokes, but twice the pleasure. Mathias' whole being tingled with the fires of bliss. Hot tendrils tugged at his lower body, urging him to cum.

Not yet, Mathias thought as he fought back his great pleasure. When I will cum, it will be inside her.

Jacqueline merely prepared him for it. While her hand dutifully wrote down the information with elegant strokes, her tail tip slithered between his peens, stroking them in turns until they pulsated with orgasmic swings, and then wrapping them both in her clutch to hold them still while Mathias' pleasure subsided. The string of ups and downs drove Mathias crazy. Literally. With each hiss or moan, his stomach lurched with fright from being caught, just as his tail tip lurched with unrestrained eagerness. Deep inside, Mathias wanted nothing more than to pin down Jacqueline's tail and push his cocks into her. Give her a good filling, like she deserved.

Jacqueline beat him to it. As soon as she put her pen down, her tail squeezed both of his peens together, so tight Mathias almost came from the sheer pressure exerted upon his overly sensitive flesh. Then, she guided him into her vent, wriggling just enough to help ease him inside her.

Mathias' breath caught in his throat. Every muscle in his body stiffened, and his hands balled into fists from the sheer tightness of her depths. Her hungry muscles massaged him with eager strokes, lathering her arousal across his flesh, bumps and barbs, exerting pressure upon his twin cocks from all sides. Jacqueline's own breath hitched. She shuddered, her pen trembling in her hand as her tail released Mathias. Only the first half of his cocks made it into Jacqueline, and he already throbbed with orgasmic fury.

He was close, so close. And all Jacqueline did was write, write, write while Mathias inched closer and closer to his orgasm. It took all his willpower to refrain from yelling at her, to tell her he was about to cum, like he had always wanted to say to a female.

She probably knew that already, for her muscles shuddered with increased frequency. Tantalizing ripples traversed through her depths, urging her to clamp down upon Mathias' twin cocks. Every time she did that, Mathias' features scrunched. She drove him over the edge without knowing it, and Mathias was about to cum.

The bell rang.

Mathias cried out for a curt moment before his jaws clenched, tighter than ever. He jerked in Jacqueline's grasp, and accidentally rammed his cocks further up Jacqueline's vent due to the sheer panic that flooded his being.

His shove urged Jacqueline's muscles to clutch his cocks, harder than ever, enough to trigger Mathias' release. His eyes widened for a curt moment before he squeezed them shut from the surge of pleasure that flooded his being.

In that instant, Jacqueline slammed her vent against his, hard enough to force both of his peens inside her. The sheer pressure exerted upon his members, along with her dampness, pushed Mathias over the edge. His coils shifted, and he slumped over the desk as he broke loose inside Jacqueline.

His barbs flared to keep Jacqueline in place as his cocks unleashed a torrent of seed upon Jacqueline's eager muscles. Each throb of his cocks was accompanied by a hearty spurt, and each hearty spurt flared Mathias' bliss.

Stars speckled his vision from the sheer might of his orgasm, and every ounce of strength he had left fled his being. He never came this hard, this much. Jacqueline's rhythmical spasms merely served to stoke his lust, to urge even thicker gushes of seed out of him.

Mathias covered his mouth with both hands, and cried out his great pleasure. It felt divine--no, better than that--to cum inside a female. Everything felt right about it; her tightness, her strong muscles pressed against his cocks, her shudders. They all worked together to drain Mathias of every single droplet of seed, regardless of the muffled ringing of the bell.

Once he tapered off, that ringing became crisp clear, loud, terrifying. Mathias stared at the room sprawling in front of him, his eyes wide and unfocused. Students passed on the aisle to the left, their eyebrows perked, throwing him constant glances while they muttered to one another. Mathias' stomach lurched at that, and his gaze drooped, unable to look upon them. Even though Jacqueline's coils covered him, Mathias felt more exposed before them than he ever did.

Mathias didn't know how long it passed since his climax hit him. He only looked up again at the class when the door banged shut.

He found it empty, save for Jacqueline.

Of course. He was still inside her, and all he could give her was the stupid smile of a geek who had sex for the first time.

Jacqueline sighed. Her crest stood erect, and her eyes narrowed as she pushed her notebook over to his side of the table. "There. All the information you need from this class."

Mathias winced as she clenched upon his overly sensitive members. "Wha--what are you--why are you giving me your notebook?"

She gave him an incredulous look. "What do you mean 'why'? Your notebook's almost empty, and I doubt even you can read those hieroglyphs you doodled."

"Heh, that's right," he agreed. "Thank you. It's very--very considerate of you."

Jacqueline shrugged. "Just thought you're going to need them is all. Marketing's that one class where I had the lowest grade." She paused to wink at him. "You can probably guess why."

Mathias' cheeks turned aflame, and he cocked his head to the side. "Wait. Are you telling me you're..."

Jacqueline didn't wait for him to finish. She dislodged herself from him with a firm tug, a river of juices following in the wake of Mathias' members. He groaned at the wet, squelching plop that followed, and shuddered from the feeling of his own scales against his sensitive members.

When he looked at Jacqueline again, the king cobra was already on her way towards the door, leaving a trail of washed ivory juices in the wake of her beautiful tail.

"I'm not from your class. Big deal. When you reach your final year, you'll realize just how boring your colleagues are. Better to group up with the newcomers." She flashed him a hearty grin before she slithered out of the classroom.

"Huh. Strange," Mathias whispered to himself. His heart still pounded from his recent adventure, and his head still swam from the physically and emotionally exhausting experience.

He had sex. He fucked a female, even came inside her, he did. A wide smile spread across Mathias' lips at the thought, along with a strange longing. His stomach churned at the memory of her colors, and his heart skipped a beat when his gaze hovered over to her notebook.

She had such a neat writing style. Mathias couldn't help but gasp at the tidy rows of information, at the neat bullet points containing information he couldn't remember for the life of him. He participated in this class, and yet, everything looked foreign to him.

Apart from a string of numbers. That seemed familiar.

"Her phone number," Mathias said. It took a full minute for the realization to hit home, and when it did, Mathias' both cocks flared to life.

"FUCK YEA!" He screamed, only to wilt a moment after. Too loud! And yet, in spite of the panic that slithered through him, his cocks remained hard as ever at the promise of spilling their seed inside her again.

***THE END***

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