Commission: Best for Hire

Story by dracologist on SoFurry

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Two sex assassins had been watching one another for a long time, keeping an eye on their competition, but when the job is finally given to them that they should take out one another, can these two sexual killers put their feelings aside for the purpose of doing their duty? Read and find out.

This story is among one of my favorite that I've written in a while. I'm not sure if it's what my commissioner intended when he presented the idea to me of two assassins who kill one another through sex taking on one another at the request a lower competitor so that shi could take over the territories, but I like how I adjusted it to fit the story better. Instead of just two assassins their people that have yearned after one another and it makes the story far more in depth and emotional. Instead of just being another sex fight story it's now a tragedy that asks the question if duty to the job is more important than duty to the heart, and which between them won out at the end of it. So I'm happy with this story and I hope all of you are too.

Best for Hire

She sat in this room, the lights turned off as she waited in the shadows for the man she was supposed to meet here. This wasn't any normal hotel meet up, it wasn't some girl that had been hanging around the bar for a lucky guy to come by and hand her a key. This girl had a mission, a target, and she was waiting for him to arrive, told reliably where he was going to be and she was asked to wait for him. It was find, she didn't mind the wait and actually liked to feel like the one prowling for once. When it came to assassins she was clearly a cut above the rest, her small half the city came to her in order to solve their issues and she did so very cleanly, very efficiently, and very professionally. This wasn't a cloak and dagger type girl, she also wasn't a run and gun girl either, but while she sat there the clear display of her large, full, round breasts poked against the leather straps that held them down. A corset fitting her body, wrapped around her mid-section helped to keep her safe while the straps that go over the shoulder wrapped in an "x" just in front of her massive bust to barely be able to cover those very pert and ready nipples. That wasn't all either as the tight pants that she managed to wear covered her lower half, keeping that perfectly heart shaped ass covered just enough with cloth tight enough to show off every single curve of her thickly muscled thighs. Even that little tail of hers looked like it could knock someone out if they got close enough to get hit by it, something that a few people had given her profession. Despite the dark leather that made up her outfit the pink furred bunny's long ears ran down the length of her back, just barely missing the touch of at the top of her rump but giving her every single possible length for her targets to stroke, to feel, to rub, to lick, or whatever it was that they were into while the girl worked her skills to bring them to their own demise.

His hand moved to grip that door handle easily, just holding it for a second as he moved to slide the card into the handle. He knew she was in there, there was no way that he wouldn't, the client that hired him to deal with her had made sure to set up this meeting just so that this fight could happen. He had arrived without a shirt, his bare chest standing tall with the wall worked muscles that traveled down the length of his body. Her own muscles could match his, but this wasn't entirely about strength of body, it was also about stamina, willpower, and handling the opponent in a way that they could no longer resist. When the card moved into that slot on the door the light turned from a red to a green allowing him to twist the handle and step inside. One hand lifted into the palm of the other, working to stretch himself out while the very audible click of the door opening and the loud call of it slamming behind him announced his silent movements so that she could know he was there. It wasn't often that a human was able to meet up with a furry, they normally didn't travel in the same circles in this world, but this wasn't just some casual meet up, this was a job, and it was a job that he was going to see done thoroughly. Where his short brown hair helped him to be unnoticed by most, the show of his strength as he rounded that corner to look at her showed this bunny girl that he was here to play just like she was. His body flexed and he'd stand professionally before her, waiting for her to rise.

The rabbit would stand to meet him, her face not providing a smile at all while she focused herself entirely on him, "James Philips, known as The Titan. I think you know why I'm here." She said, her tone hollow, uncaring, and willing to get started.

"Betty Marshell, Love Bun. Yeah, I know why you're here. You've been taking over my city inch by inch since your kind were... made." he responded, watching her, looking over her but already moving towards that bed.

Betty had to chuckle at the way he formed those words, her lips smirking some while her head turned to the side, "Made? I think you mean perfected." She retorted and moved to join him on the bed, looking over that strong body while her hand slowly reached out for the sake of feeling over those strong and firm muscles. She was pretty strong herself, build, well maintained, but she wasn't exactly as big as he was, and the sight of that body was doing it's job well for her, just like the sight of hers was doing it's duty on him, "Been a higher call for sexual assassins as of late, James. Can't blame me for jumping on it. Besides, I always thought we'd do better as a team if you were ever willing to settle."

"It became far too late for that the second you stepped foot in this room, Betty. You know that. Don't worry, once I have you out of the way I'll be able to take back what you claimed." He announced to her, his eyes traveling over that beautiful bunny body, looking at her fluffy fur, the large and succulent breasts while they strained the leather straps holding them down. James wasn't the kind of person to be dissuaded by fur or fluff, actually in a way he had always liked it, and even as that arm moved to wrap around the square of her back he'd pull that figure against his own, lifting her just enough to feel the crushing of those massive tits against his strong and well developed chest despite her muscular arms wrapping around the back of his neck.

"Yeah, you're right. Honestly, I was half hoping you wouldn't show. It's a shame that I have to kill you, but at least it's going to be the best session I've had in a while. Something about you always left me wet and wanting." She smiled to him, finally moving to lean herself in, pulling herself into a deep and full bodied kiss right there on the spot at the very start, something that sexual assassins tended to simply not do.


The feeling of her lupine lips against his human ones was a different experience all together, the texture of that fur rubbing over the flesh that made it up easily rubbed, nipped, shivered against his own even as their breath met halfway between one another with the tone of a thickened moan shared between them, harmonizing while those bodies worked to rub along the other. With his hand holding her lower back he'd already pinned her long and floppy ears down, trapping them against her corset even while his other hand moved to slowly slide that right leather strap off of her shoulder, exposing that massive tit so that the fur crushed into his built chest with nothing in between to separate the two. It was her fluff covered skin against his own, and the movement of her own arm lowering the other strap made sure of that, willingly becoming bare for him, to feel those full and pert nipples of her cutting through her own fur to chisel over his chest like a pair of diamonds smashing into her own huge rack and even dribbling a soft roll of white fluid down the length of his skin to be soaked up against her fur. The corset would stay, even if the top no longer mattered to hide anything, but what needed to be removed was the set of jeans that she'd wrapped her fingers around, feeling that already thick and yearning dick trying to dig its way through the fabric in order to poke at her those tightly leather pant wearing legs that were already moving to climb her way into his lap in order to improve her position on him. Her fingers moved to unfasten those pants easily, unzipping them and even reaching boldly down to wrap her fur covered fingers around that thick and meaty member, pulling it free with a slow and painstaking stroke from the base all the way to the tip where her wrist would roll and her palm could press in on that long cum tube on the underside of his dick, feeling it, murring at it under her breath, and knowing that she was going to be taking it soon enough, even if the intention was to try and drive him into an early grave with it. The idea, though, the thought of finally getting into a bed with this man, it was something she'd thought about for a while.

His own thoughts were similar, from the first time he'd witnessed a picture of her with his files he knew that this was a woman that he'd be keeping at his side, if it hadn't been for this job then he might have eventually done just that, not even fighting her for the half of the city that she'd taken from him. How could he have even fought her on something like that? This amazing lupine woman, this beautiful creature that now rested in his lap, stroked the length of his member at it's entirely, and spent her time now blushing her cheeks through her pink fur while the soft sounds of her cooing voice reached out over his lips, daring for another kiss, for another bit of passion to be shared. How could he fight her over territory? It was something he'd have given her willingly the entire time. While Jame's head leaned in easily his own lips pressed back to hers this time, delivering a muffled grunt against her teeth, his tongue slowly snaking it's way into her mouth, licking along her gums and then around the top and bottom of her own even while his fingers moved to slip down under her tight leather pants, feeling his human fingers grip down on her furry rump, holding it in both hands at once and still not having even nearly enough grip to both of them to be able to claim the entire ass as his. While he had them, though, he'd pull her more against him, letting her feel that stroking member right against her pant covered hips, the closest she'd ever felt to having sex with this man, despite the thousands of fantasies she'd had in doing so.

The taste of his tongue on her lips, the flavor that made her ears want to fold back far more than they already were, and the very easily texture made her almost call out, almost cry in a muffled tongue for more even while she pressed herself more into him. Even if it wasn't the job, she'd be doing just this, pressing her body to his, crushing those massive tits down into his skin, and absolutely laying him onto his back so that she could grind her leather covered crotch over his own, feeling the fabric pressing in at her slit, folded by that dick that she was sitting on with her hands at his shoulders and her eyes locked on the sight of his handsome body below her. His thumb worked to pull that leather flap to the side, tugging it in just the right way to release the button that held them tight around her hips and free her, giving her the moment she needed to lift her hips and feel his strong hands slide the rim of her bottoms over her wide and perfectly shaped hips, exposing her for any to witness if there was more than her perfect lover laying here in this room right now. Once it was free those hips descended again, sliding her hand over the strong texture of his human chest, his well toned abs, and then to take hold of his thick, wide, long cock give him a show as he was able to watch it's bulbous head press at her fur covered slit and spread those lips wide just as the lips of her mouth parted in a deep ad long moan. The more that was fed into her, the higher pitched her panting grew and for what seemed to last a beautiful eternity in the first moments of penetration for the man that she had spent nights, weeks, she'd lost count dreaming about, the final crash of her wide hips hitting his lap came down far harder than even she could have anticipated it would forcing an easy grunt from his figure while that dick remained fully buried inside of her and that plush rump crushed down over those large and impressive balls.

Even as she found herself impaled on him the girl's short tail found time and mobility to wiggle a bit side to side. A cock filling her, stretching her, widening her depths and that tail shivered and moved in response while she remained down to help calm her panting a bit. This girl couldn't even make eye contact with James right now, not while she was working to last more than a few seconds on the man that she wanted to give this to more than anything, but the human wasn't in any safer position. His breath reached up to her easily, watching her while she kept her head turned up, and when his own hands moved to take hold of her large breasts, rubbing them, gripping them, watching his fingers sink into their soft and fluffy amazingness, she'd finally turn those amber eyes back down into his green gaze, breaking a smile at him before her hips finally lifted up just enough to drop back down quickly, immediately, instantly with a hard and delivering wave of pressure that hit much lighter than the first time. She wasn't going to smash her rump into his nuts, not just yet, but she wanted to wear him down with her speed, to show him why the term, "fucking like rabbits' existed to begin with. As her fluffy butt moved quickly up and down that length she'd pick up motion, rolling her hips to the side, forcing his eyes to lose contact with her this time while he felt his own head leaned back, his own breath panting, and his own driving member forcing it's way into her. Even his strong hips were getting in the fray as he'd lift them just enough so that she wouldn't have to drop so far, giving her even more speed to work with while her heavy and massive breasts swayed, bobbed, shook, and jiggled against the always awaiting motion of that heavy dick.

As much as he'd love to just relax back and allow her to do all of the work this human couldn't bring himself to cheat her like that, to lose what he was able to provide her, what he wanted to provide her with so desperately. He had his own skills and while usually that was just work on his part, James wanted to show this girl that he could keep up with her, that he could pleasure her just the same way she'd been doing him. So while he'd love nothing more than to continue feeling that amazing lift and drop she was delivering, it was his turn to show off a bit, to put her into a position and give her what he had up his sleeves. This human wouldn't be a professional if he didn't already have an idea of what position that would be and when she lifted his hands moved up to wrap his fingers around her corset, holding her just on the tip of his cock before pushing in order to remove himself from her entirely. Already that member was growing cold, needing that tunnel back and loving the texture of her body that ached to have the dick replaced instantly, the gaping depths that she'd been left with throbbing, pulsating, wanting to be filled once more before it calmed down and the mood lost. It was the twist of his body that got the both of these sex assassins back into the game, back into the mindset of the job, but where he pulled away from her after removing her from his body that bunny knew what he was going for and only followed along with it so that she could give him what he wanted.

It was hard to keep objective against someone that you've always wanted to be with, and where she could live her life wanting nothing more than this moment between them to last forever it wouldn't be a lie for him to inform her that he already felt that way. The chemistry was no mystery here, what they shared was something that went well beyond their training, far past the principles of "find, fuck, funds", it was something that drove them together, a mutual attraction that made them want to do things they'd never do with any other target. This was why when he rolled her over onto her front she'd willingly move her large rump into the air, she'd place her knees under her body and spread them for him. Nobody else would ever have been able to say that she did this for them, but James could, this man could say that the Love Bun gave herself to him to be mounted, and she could say that The Titan followed this to mount her proudly, bring his body over her, hold her hips and drive that thick, massive dick into her beautiful figure, spreading her all over again from a brand new angel and forced her to lift her voice in time with his own towards the ceiling of this room.

He started off slow for her, pulling long and then delivering in hard, not moving at a rabbit pace like she had been, but going in a slow and powerful rhythm that concluded each time with her body jerking forward after the sound of a very audible clap from hips hips crushing down her large rump into her body. The recoil helped to push him back some, but that only made him drive in harder, giving her a well placed fucking as he'd moan down to her, feeling his hand over her back, touching her fur, and imaging her like this every night where he could watch that flesh colored cock slowly disappear into her depths over and over again only to come out her mouth in the form of a honey noted tone. By the time she finally looked over her shoulder at him she could see the soft look of his eyes staring back at her, those cheeks blushing deeply once again before she'd turn her head back towards the bed, using it to help hold her figure in place despite the strong delivery he was providing her. Their breathing didn't even come through in long draws anymore, instead every crashing thrust shattering their lungs into quivering releases of air from their body, trying to hold off for one another just a bit longer, wanting this to last. Her rump started to feel sore, a perfectly pleasant level of pain that she'd just delighted in knowing that the man she wanted so badly could bring about, but even that pain would subside when he pulled back, forcing her head to turn back to him once again. The sight of that rosy red cock pulsating, leaking, dripping it's precum over her large and pert rear showed that Betty wasn't the only one between them about to burst, but even if she got a break for this very short second it was only a matter of time before they'd have to start up again.


He wasn't going to roll back over onto his back again, but with his guidance Betty would move to roll herself onto her back, her arms lifting up invitingly to him, an invitation that he'd slide into instantly with his strong chest once again pressing to her fur covered mounds. James's eyes once again connecting into hers, his green gaze matching her amber tone while skin nestled into the fluffy pink fur of this beautiful creature. The throbbing feeling of their nether areas weren't going to last much longer, but where she lifted her hips up towards him she knew that she had to offer herself once again, had to surrender her body to his. His motion followed the same, and with their meeting points that member once again slid into her body, filling her, stretching her all over again while their lips drew into a deep and longing kiss. Both knew that no matter who came out on this one, it was going be the last position that they shared together and while fingers moved over her body, passed over that soft furred shoulder she could feel her back being lifted just enough off of the bed by his strong arms to crush her further into his grip, more into against his frame. Those lips continued to roll, caress, feel over the other and with a deep and hard push to drive their hips against one another the dripping and drooling lower areas of their body would finally be brought to their ultimate peaks. They didn't want to break kiss, every muscle in their bodies trying to pull them apart so that they could moan, call, cry out in climax with their orgasms rushing through one another, every drop that he used to fill her was matched with the sensation of her own running juices splashing back out over his member, and while they panted against the other's lips, they struggled to keep them together.

The ultimate sexual point of their assassination was the climax, to outlast the opponent, to show them the best time that they'd ever had and give them exactly what they expected and for one another this was precisely what they'd done here tonight. The hard panting, the touching of their quivering lips no longer able to even rub across one another while they just pressed into, her arms wrapped around his neck, holding him, while she stared into his quickly fading eyes, her own grip loosening slowly, and finally with a shifting of their lips the final motion of separation came over the two as he felt her fall away from him, her head dropping down towards the bed and his slowly falling down next to hers. The last motion of their bodies as their hearts refused to pump was to feeling of their cheeks rubbing one another while both slowly cooled down against the other. The shallow breath of their figures, her fingers locked with one another just for the sole purpose of making sure that even when all strength was lost she would never stop holding him in her strong arms, and his own arms wrapped under her just to make sure that as long as he was over her he'd never release her either. The shiver of their bodies finally dropped into a cold, silent still, that left them in the final position they had always wanted to be in with one another.

The sound of that buzz came in with someone new using the key, the smile passing over her equine face while her hooved feet brought her into this room to look at the two, to watch them for a second. This creature, this herm, stood there eying her handiwork in setting such an event up. It was a wonderful transaction on her part. Two of her biggest competitors down in a single evening and the entire city all to herself and the only thing that she needed to do was keep under their radar and save up her pennies to fire them after one another, pennies that she was now able to keep to herself being that they were both off the market. It was a fantastic day, a grand celebration for her new "promotion" and all she needed to really do now was just have this mess cleaned up, but then again that was what housekeeping was for, right?

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