Rex and Connor (Part 2: Experimentation)

Story by DireWulfAlpha on SoFurry

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#2 of Rex and Connor

Connor's playtime with Rex reaches new levels. Hope you all enjoy, and stay tuned for part three!

Connor awoke the following morning feeling more refreshed than he had in a long time. The arctic fox had no idea what time it was, only woken up by the light coming through the window, the faint sounds of birds chirping somewhere in the trees of the neighborhood, and his body telling him it was completely rested. Being Saturday, that was fine; he had nowhere to be, after all. He sighed contentedly and stretched his body, lifting his hands up over his head and feeling the stretch down to the tips of his footpaws and his tail.

"God, I can't remember the last time I felt this good!" he thought.

Then it hit him. He had gotten his first muzzle-job last night.

From a feral dog.

HIS dog.

There were no words to really describe how he felt about that, but his stretch was sufficiently ruined.

On one hand, he felt shame. Guilt that he had used his pet, his faithful pup in such a way. Embarrassment that he had to get his first sexual experience from his dog instead of another fur like everyone else. One thing was for sure: Connor definitely couldn't let this get out to ANYone. He could only imagine his parents' reaction - talk about being immediately disowned.

...On the other hand, though, it had felt good. Though the initial shock in remembering what he had done caused Connor to feel weighed down in guilt, the more he thought about it, he couldn't deny that it had been, in a word, incredible. That tongue on his balls, then working over his shaft, and the feeling of squirting his load into a waiting muzzle and a tongue ready to lap it up... he had never experienced something that intense before. And it wasn't as if Rex didn't enjoy it! Or, at least, Connor thought he enjoyed it. Those adorable puppy-dog eyes certainly seemed like they knew what they wanted when the fox's cock came into view, and Rex was panting up at him happily after he had finished. Connor could have sworn he saw the dog smirking. He wondered then if Rex had been turned on by everything too... he hadn't even thought to check after coming down from the orgasmic high.

Come to think of it, he hadn't ever really looked down there. Rex was his family's puppy, and had quickly grown into Connor's best friend. The whole concept that he was sexual in any way was just foreign to Connor. Sure, he was aware that furs occasionally had sex with ferals, but this was his own dog! Why would he ever bother to look between his legs?

But after last night, the same mischievous part of Connor's brain that told him to open his legs for Rex couldn't help but wonder what the husky was packing...

Connor was left with one of the biggest dilemmas he had ever encountered. He could go about his day and the rest of his life accepting that last night had happened, but ignoring any further temptations toward his pup, or he could explore the dark road he had discovered. What if he could do more with Rex than they had already done? What if Connor could touch Rex's own package, feel it throb in his paw, and maybe even raise his tail for him? He knew that if anything was to happen past the last night, it more than likely had to occur this weekend while his parents were gone and he had the house to himself. Who knew if he would ever find enough time to be alone with Rex again for these activities? Especially if things got more heated than they had last night.

The fox figured that getting up and going through his morning bathroom ritual would clear his mind enough to think this all out, but the tent he was pitching in his bed sheets was clearly tugging him in one particular direction. Regardless, Connor shoved himself up and made his way to the bathroom, putting his laptop back on its desk on the way. He was still nude from the previous night; hell, why put on clothes if he was alone? Rex had already seen him like this so he didn't need to feel embarrassed anymore, and he wouldn't need any clothes for the things his libido was telling him to do with the dog, anyway.

The fox couldn't help but feel butterflies in his stomach. It was like a whole new world of possibility had opened up thanks to Rex. If the husky was eager, Connor was willing to see how far he could go. The muzzle-job Rex had given him definitively trumped any solo masturbation Connor had ever experienced. He couldn't help but wonder how the dog felt and tasted, and what sucking his first dick would be like. Maybe he'd even get to feel his first cock under his tail.., the thought made his hole clench as he wondered in the shower how a feral dog's cock would compare with his own fingers, which he was no stranger to experimenting with. These thoughts kept his mind working, his heart beating, and his cock hard all through the shower, through drying off, and through walking downstairs to the kitchen. On the way, he saw Rex lying by the bottom of the stairs. He immediately perked up upon seeing his companion, panting happily and running up to receive his daily dose of friendly pats and scratches.

"Hey, buddy. You have fun last night?" Connor asked

Rex barked, and Connor could have sworn it meant, "Yes!" though it could very well have just meant, "I want food!" It got a laugh out of him either way, and Rex proceeded to sniff around his legs and crotch - he could probably smell the arousal from the fox despite having just cleaned himself. He was still rock-hard, after all.

Connor decided it would be best to get some food down before he embarked on any more sexual adventures with Rex, and he made sure his pup had food and water before making his own breakfast. His mind continued to race the whole time, and he was anxious to get started.

Immediately upon finishing his food and taking care of a couple chores around the house that his mom had been so insistent on him doing (such as watering the plants), Connor decided it was about time to prepare for the fun he intended to have with Rex. Unfortunately, he had to put on a pair of shorts to finish the outside chores, but quickly lost them when he came back inside and was back down to his fur. Heading back upstairs to the bathroom, he took a towel from the closet in case of any messes, which were likely if his orgasm was anything like the previous night's. He hadn't even seen Rex cum yet, and he had read somewhere that ferals came a lot. Deciding his bedroom was the most appropriate place for the fun, he spread out the towel on the floor and kneeled on one side of it.

Connor knew if he took the next step and called Rex up to meet him, there would be no going back. The anticipation was killing him, and the lust was building, making his member poke out of his sheath again.

There was no way he couldn't take that plunge after experiencing the euphoria of Rex's tongue. He needed to know what it was like to go farther.

"Rex! Hey boy! Come here!"

It didn't take long before Connor heard his faithful companion run to the bottom of the stairs and bound up them. The fox could hear him panting before he could even see him, but Rex knew right where to find his friend and barged right in, Connor having left the door to his bedroom open. Thinking that it would be best to start with something familiar, Connor decided to see if he could get Rex interested in his member again and spread his legs while kneeling on the towel.

"Rex, you wanna try what we did last night again?" he asked as Rex came closer. Sensing his master's arousal, he seemed drawn to its source and quickly buried his snout in the white-furred crotch in front of him.

"MMmph!" Connor was still shocked by how good this felt, as well as his pup's eagerness. Rex went straight for the bit of Connor's red, tapered cock that stuck out of its fuzzy pouch, licking and slobbering all over it. It didn't take long under these ministrations for the rest of Connor's cock to emerge and start leaking salty pre into Rex's waiting muzzle. He let his husky enjoy himself, going down hard on the fox until his crotch was covered in drool, but he wanted to go farther.

While his husky was still slurping away, Connor reached under Rex and started rubbing his fuzzy, white belly with his paw, something he knew the dog loved. This time, though, he was going to be going a little farther south than he had before. He ran his paw through the silky fur of his pet, stroking lovingly and inching his way down to the husky's hind legs. Soon enough, he found his target: the thick, full sheath that was home to Rex's cock. Having never touched a feral like this, Connor wasn't really sure what to expect, but assumed that it wouldn't be too different than his own tool. Needless to say, this sheath felt heavy. Connor couldn't wait to see what his pup was packing inside.

Dizzy from the sensations coming from his groin, where his husky was still working with his muzzle, Connor had to focus on gripping the sheath at its sides and stroking it up and down as he would his own, coaxing Rex's cock out. Rex's panting picked up, an indicator that he was enjoying the sensations of having his cock gripped in such a way by Connor's paw. Connor realized at that moment that Rex may have never felt these things before. The family had adopted him as a pup, so he never had the chance for this type of interaction with other dogs - the fox was essentially taking the dog's virginity.

Before long, Connor could start to feel a sticky wetness on the underside of his paw as he was stroking. He wasn't surprised; he had read somewhere that feral dogs tended to make a _lot_of pre and cum compared to their anthro equivalents. He couldn't deny how hot it was to feel Rex squirting into his paw, though. Connor could also feel the beginnings of something hot and hard rubbing against his paw on each stroke up the sheath, making him work stronger and faster to release his husky's dick from its hiding place.

The fox couldn't take the anticipation anymore (and was also getting a little closer to orgasm than he wanted to thanks to Rex's tongue) so he decided to give the husky a break, moving his head away from the fox's needy crotch with a whine from the dog. Connor needed a close inspection of the cock quickly sliding into his paw. Lying down on the towel next to Rex, he was able to get his head easily under the big dog, using his left arm for balance and his right to continue teasing the drooling red flesh into the open.

"Damn, pup."

It quickly became apparent that his dog was incredibly well endowed, and he mentally kicked himself for only finding this out now. He should have known, sometimes getting a glimpse of Rex's full ball sac hanging between his hind legs, that he was packing an impressive length, but never gave it a second thought. Now, Connor couldn't help but reminisce on all the years he knew he was gay in high school, had secretly craved dick, but thought he had no one to experiment with while he got to hear all about his friends' first sexual experiences with their girlfriends. Well, at least now he would be able to have some fun with Rex to prepare him for college. His heart sped up and his tail thumped the towel as he thought about all the time he had with Rex this Summer before he had to move out...

Meanwhile, Rex's cock was still emerging. The knot hadn't even been freed and Connor was already a little ashamed to admit that his husky's member already beat his own in length as well as girth. He knew it wasn't uncommon for ferals of all species to be bigger than furs, but as the hot, tapered length throbbed in his paw and spurted some clear fluid into the towel, Connor couldn't believe _this_was the cock he was about to let spear him for the first time. He took a deep breath, moved his paw to the edge of his dog's sheath, and pulled it back slowly. More veiny red flesh was exposed to the air until his knot was freed with a final pop.


It seemed Rex liked having his knot out. Connor liked it too, as he got a look at the whole picture that was his husky's impressive package. Low-hanging white balls framing it, Connor was sure he was looking at about eight inches of prime dog-meat, using his own six inches as comparison. It was difficult to get his whole paw around it at the thicker portions, and downright impossible to close around the bulbous knot near Rex's base, though he enjoyed the huffs and light growls he got out of his pup when he squeezed it. A couple more tentative strokes up and down the full veiny length smeared Rex's copious pre all over the shaft, making it glisten tantalizingly. Connor simply had to taste it, and he scooted farther under his pup so that with a slight tilt of the dog's tool, it was rubbing against his muzzle.

Connor let out a sigh of pleasure and Rex continued panting as his dripping meat was touched for the first time, rubbing against the arctic fox's face and smearing it with pre, marking him and turning the fox on to no end. His own length throbbed uncontrollably, even without stimulation from his own paw or Rex's tongue. His own tongue poking out of his muzzle, he hesitated a lick along the tip, and was rewarded with another spurt of sticky fluid, this time being able to catch it in his maw and taste it for the first time. Bitter, yet not unpleasant. Probably an acquired taste.

"I'll just have to taste more," Connor thought.

The fox tilted his head and let the tip penetrate his muzzle, his husky giving a "ruff" of pleasure and thrusting instinctually, trying to bury his bone. Connor held his hips still - there would be plenty of bone-burying soon enough. His virgin pucker throbbed at the thought.

Connor let his tongue work over whatever amount of husky cock he could fit in his muzzle, running it over the veins and lightly stroking the thicker portions closer to the knot while he worked. He hoped he was doing a good job for his first muzzle-job, but his dog's pants and huffs and pre were a good indication of that. He had to swallow every now and then when the liquid built up too much in his muzzle, and still some leaked out. A white-furred paw played with the husky's similarly colored balls, and the fox wondered how much more they had inside them.

"Damn," Connor thought, "He's gonna fill me to the brim."

The anticipation got the better of him, and he had to let the dog's cock fall from his muzzle after a minute of this. Rex let out a whine of disappointment, enjoying the new sensations of having hot, moist, suction around his member. After sitting back up on the towel and licking his paw to get any more of Rex's delicious juices, he assured his husky with a rub on the head that something even better was coming. Of course, Connor couldn't be entirely sure that Rex knew what he was saying since it's not like he spoke English, so to drive his point home, he moved up on the towel on his knees, bent over until his chest touched the floor, and hiked his tail as high as it would go.

Connor figured that the sight of an exposed, winking butthole atop a dripping cock was universally understood as "Fuck me. Now."

Rex, on the other hand, was excited to have something new to lick, and Connor would have been disappointed if he didn't immediately realize how good a dog's tongue could feel on his rump. A long initial lick from his balls to his hole gave birth to an intense lapping session focused on the fox's entrance. In no time, he was covered in drool, panting, and clutching at the towel. The rogue tongue working him over was making his ass clench and his head spin, and he had to resist the urge to paw himself, knowing he would probably cum in seconds if he did. All the fox could do was whine, moan, and try to hike his ass even higher to let his pup know what he wanted.

The rim job didn't last long; Rex was just acting on instinct to get the tight hole in front of him ready for penetration, it seemed. Connor could hear panting and shuffling behind him, and then felt the big dog rear up and press his torso against his back. The fox let out an "oof" and could immediately feel the husky thrusting hard and fast, desperately searching for his mark. He guessed this was due to Rex having never mounted anyone before, and Connor was proud to be his first. Eager to help his pup find his target and feel the other male inside him, he reached back with a paw, feeling along the dog's torso until he came into contact with the cock he had so recently held in his muzzle. Gripping the wet length and using it to ease Rex's hips toward his asshole, Connor took a deep breath and prepared himself for his first-ever mounting.

"OH! Fuuuuck, Rex..."

The arctic fox moaned as, with a hard thrust, Rex sunk into his rump. It seemed his dog didn't want to force his owner to anticipate the sensations anymore, content to give him the dicking he had been begging for and feel what it was like to be fucked by his tool. Connor could have came right there, and probably would have if the initial stretching of his backside didn't elicit a brief shock of pain. This was not a two-fingered tease while pawing; this was a real dog cock, unrelenting and spreading him wider than he ever had before. The tip had delved in easily, but the shaft quickly expanded and Connor could feel the veiny meat open his hole wider and wider while the tip plunged deeper with each short thrust. The panting dog atop him was still spurting, however, and Connor knew the hot fluid deposited deep inside him would serve to lube him and turn these feelings into pure pleasure before long. That being said, he was more than a little thankful for the tongue-bath his pup had given him.

"Aaahh!" Connor moaned as the thick shaft inside him pummeled past his prostate, and he squirted his own pre on the towel, throbbing with each thrust from his dog. Rex's hips were working in overdrive, never letting Connor's sensitive, virgin insides have any break from these intense new sensations. Once the initial pain of the fucking went away, the fox found the feeling of being impaled by such a girthy tool... intoxicating. He'd let the dog's cock set up permanent residence in his ass if he could.

Deeper and deeper Rex thrusted, until he let out a triumphant bark and Connor's stretched anus was introduced to the thick knot near the bottom of Rex's shaft. The force of the thrusts almost knocked Connor forward, with Rex shoving the better part of his massive eight-incher in with each slam of his furry hips. His knot kissed the fox's abused hole each time, and Connor quickly turned into a whimpering, moaning mess.

"Aahh... Rex... F-fuck me! Unf! Knot me, pup!"

Rex drove home with his powerful slams again and again. Connor's hole clenched and spasmed around the veiny, spurting length inside him in response. Connor knew that with his insides receiving such treatment, it was only a matter of time before he blew his load all over the towel underneath him and it seemed that Rex was getting close too. His hot breath came out in huffs on Connor's back while he panted and grunted with each thrust. The fucking continued, but Rex got more forceful, his knot begging for the entry that Connor so deeply craved. The sounds of lustful, feral sex filled the bedroom.

*smack* "Unf!" *smack* "Fuckyeah..." *smack* "Rex!" *SmackPOP* "ARF!" "FUCK!"

Rex bore down hard on his final thrust, and his determination finally paid off as the fox's hole gave way for the biggest intruder it had ever encountered: the husky's massive knot. The dog barked, the fox moaned, and his hole immediately clenched around the other side of the knot, sucking Rex's cock snugly into place. The stretching and pressure he felt on his inner walls sent Connor flying over the edge, is cock throbbing along with his tailhole and sending thick ropes of cum barreling out of his own dick in the orgasm of his life. Meanwhile, Rex's short, knot-deep thrusts and the tight fox ass around him made him howl and release his own seed deep into Connor's guts. Everything those thick balls had been waiting for years to release was blown deep into his master's rump while the fox came and begged for more. Spurt after spurt made Connor's insides heat up and a full glow quickly overtook him. He could have passed out right there, speared on his loyal companion's dick and still being filled with his cum, had it not been for -

"Dude! What the fuck are you DOING!?"

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