Bird of Prey

Story by Thunderdramon on SoFurry

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#30 of Story Commissions

Another one for FA: CrashB for himself and FA: Infernous. Involves a dragon turned Crash going over to a friend's place and finding out that his friend is a bit wilder than he first thought. Involves CV, bondage and the like. The dragon-TF bit shall be explained with my next submission titled "Deal Made of Gold"

Being a dragon was surprisingly fun and frustrating at the same time. After what was supposed to be just one day as a dragon turned out to last a hell of a lot longer thanks to one of Andrew's acquaintances. The ghost disappeared into the air with the promise that the transformation had lasted a day. Their last encounter had been more than a week ago. After being given a promise from Andrew that he would find a way to reverse the process, Crash was left on his way home with a pair of boxer briefs courtesy of Andrew. At an incredibly large twelve feet or so, the biggest pair Andrew had on him -literally on him at that moment--felt incredibly snug, leaving a package that jostled and bounced around with every one of his ground shaking steps.

It made a heck of a show for any bystanders considering that bulge almost swung near his knees. With this new body came a few more thoughts that crossed Crash's mind. Why did he have to be nervous? They were looking and ogling at him like he was some sort of stud, why not enjoy it? In his old body, he probably would have been too nervous to think of something like this. On his way back home, he decided to flex a bit and show off for anyone passing by and he got a few swoons from a few conservative guys that had passed by.

Once he'd gotten home, Crash had another problem. The door was too small along with his apartment which forced him to crouch to enter some places and deal with his roommate's constant prodding of what occurred to him. The polar bear was a bit of scientist and didn't take his explanation of magic too seriously. Of course, it lead to numerous tests and the like during the week until he finally laid off on the experimenting, leaving Crash alone in his room for the first time.

He enjoyed the feeling of privacy, and the time allowed him to get to actually know his new body until Andrew found a way to fix him. With his abnormally large frame, Crash was forced to slightly kneel just to fit in his room and the apartment, so he couldn't go too crazy. With the entire day and room to himself, Crash figured out something incredibly quickly. He hated being alone. His roommate and Andrew had been the last bit of physical contact that he had during his week as a dragon and he hated it. He couldn't figure out why since he used to cherish his privacy and alone time, but it seemed to drive him mad.

"I need something to do..." he grumbled, lying on his bed. The metallic bed frame creaked in resistance even while Crash had only put his upper body onto the bed while the rest of him was splayed on the floor. However, he couldn't help but chuckle a bit. Some of the simplest things were either a complete hassle due to his size or impossible, and he loved it. He stared down at himself, a bronze hand wandering around the scaled hills of his chest and gave himself a grope before descending downward toward his equipment. Before he could even get that far, his phone started to ring. Grumbling at the bad timing, he reached over for his cell phone, gently pressing the "Accept Call" and speaker button with a claw since his fingers were too big for the damn thing.

"Who is it?" Crash rumbled.

"Woah, sounds like you got a cold or something, you okay?" the voice over the phone questioned.

"It's...well, something, I'll tell ya later. What do you want, Infy?" Crash asked gently in some attempt to keep his voice down.

"Just wanted to know if you wanna visit over my place or something, maybe hit a bar after I'm done with some guests here." The voice asked. Crash could have sworn he heard someone yelling in the background, but didn't question it since he figured who those guests were.

"Sure, I'll be there in an hour or something, should give you time to clean up if you're not having too much fun over there." Crash chuckled.

Over the phone was the sound of a whip cracking and another groan. "Got it, see ya man!"

Crash poked at the phone again to drop the call and realized a problem. Getting outside was one problem, but finding clothes for someone of his size was another issue. Crash was forced to become inventive and simply tie one of his blankets together like he would a loin cloth. It didn't help much considering one would still be able to see the indent of his shaft poking against the fabric. After squeezing his way through his apartment door and the building, he made his way over to his friend's apartment in the hopes that he could at least fit in the damn building.

By some way of the gods, Crash was able to fit in the building where his friend lived. Infernous, or Infy as he called him, lived quite a ways away that would normally require the bronze Crash to travel by car. Since he didn't fit in any currently modern car, Crash had to hoof it. Due to his immense size and overly muscled frame, running was nothing but a short jog over there. He had to make a few quick pit stops to adjust his loincloth so it didn't unravel itself in the wind. When he arrived near the door -which only came up to his chest, a nice change since his chest didn't even reach the door back home--, he sniffed the air. Something caught his senses and he couldn't help but wonder what it was.

"Is that...a cigar?" Crash mumbled.

Crash knocked on the door gently as he could, he was greeted with a "come in!" from the bird inside. Crash took the invitation and slowly stepped inside. Almost immediately, he was hit with a cloud of smoke that made him cough out of surprise. Just what the heck was going on in there? He didn't mind the smoke so much -another weird draconian feature--, but the curiosity bounding from his current situation had him confused. Was there a fire going on? Back on the phone he did hear yells, but Infy seemed incredibly calm so that couldn't have been it.

Upon going deeper into the apartment with his shoulders huddled and slightly kneeling to the ground, Crash saw that the apartment was mostly dim lit save for one room. Aside from the scent of smoke, Crash could also smell what he assumed was Infy along with someone else. He could also detect sweat and a few other odd smells. After checking through all the rooms, one of them still had the light on inside and slightly cracked open. Crash attempted to look after crouching down a bit more, his tail slightly thumping against the ground and forcing himself into an uncomfortable position just to fit in the hallway. The door at least allowed him to get a small glimpse inside. He could see the large red tail hawk lording about that large gut of his and someone much smaller. Judging from the fin, he seemed to be a shark of some sort and he was clinging onto Infy's stomach while smoke littered the air. That must have explained why the place was so overloaded with it. He had a habit of going overboard when it came to his cigars, but he wondered why the other guy was there. From the small bit of leather related clothing he spied, Crash got a pretty good idea of what was happening.

"Now, since you've actually been a pretty good pet for tonight, let's give you a reward, eh?"

The shark seemed to stay silent for a moment. Infy went out of his line of sight; presumably to do whatever it is that he wanted to. Sounds of moans and pleasures erupted from the room, making the ill fitting dragon raise a brow. Were they seriously still going at it? The usual sounds of love-making reached Crash's ears, but his curiosity was raised once more when the sounds of squelching and thumping reached him. That wasn't a normal sound, nor was Infy's sudden grunting and moaning. Crash had only known the hawk for but a few months, but he didn't seem like the type to suddenly break out into moaning while in the middle of doing it.

"Yeah, right up there, squirm for papa hawk..." Infy huffed.

Crash rolled his eyes at the self appointed name. His tail idly swung around before it gave a random thump, making Crash jolt in surprise. His head knocked on the ceiling, causing him to fall on his butt.

"Who's there?"

"It's me...Ugh, my head." Crash mumbled.

"Oh, come on in, I'm just wrapping up here!" Infy yelled.

Crash gathered his bearings and stumbled into the room while gripping his head in annoyance. He really hoped that he didn't puncture the ceiling. Infy's room was something that Crash had expected. It was pretty plain save for the hawk on his bed and the various amounts of leather gear and sex toys strewn about. Despite the outlandish gear, the one thing that had Crash's attention was the shark currently head deep into the hawk's shaft. Infy's shaft was much larger than when he ever saw it contained in a pair of briefs and pants as he took a drag of his cigar again. The entire thing looked about the size of the average man's leg with nuts that brushed against the floor. Most of the shark's had had disappeared, the head of the hawk's shaft spread open along with his foreskin flapping over the poor guy's shoulders.

Crash stared intently as Infy's cock lurched and flex, slurping more and more of the shark's head, shoulders mashing against the side of his cock. Infy's hands clutched the bed, bucking his hips and swallowing more and more of the shark. His shoulders soon followed along with most of his torso. Crash could see most of the shark's body squirming around from the outside of that enormous shaft. The more he stared, the more he couldn't help but twitch and groan a bit. His loincloth started to make way for the swelling black pillar, completely enraptured into the hawk's process.

With another flex and shove from that veiny hawk shaft, the poor shark had most of his torso wedged into Infy's cock. He let out a deep grumble and reared his head back with a massive grin as that thick, foreskinned tool started to leak pre cum onto the floor with abandon alongside Crash's own. With another deep squelching sound, the only thing left of the shark were his two flailing feet that stuck out from his cock before those disappeared inside as well. Infy could feel him squirming and writhing around with such a tiny and musky space to work with, but it made Infy all the happier. He gave his cock a pat before sighing contently as he felt the shark make one of those massive orbs his home, then turned to Crash.

"Haha, sorry about that. Could have sworn you were gonna be longer." Infy chuckled, scratching the back of his head. He then took another look at the large bronze dragon in his room, confusion rising. "Uhhh..."

Crash blinked for a few moments before adjusting his loincloth and hiding his half hard member best as he could. "Yeah, it's me. Ran into a bit of a scaly problem, but it should be gone in the next few days. Just what was that...and why do I want to do it myself?"

Infy's look of confusion was replaced with a grin. He patted his cock once more before giving one of those now human sized orbs a grope, causing them to squirm and wriggle in response. "For a lot of reasons, guessing from the fact you're dirtying my floor. I think I know a few places if you want to try it yourself."

Crash nodded eagerly in response. "Though, if they happened to be "me" sized, that's also great."

Infy rolled his eyes, bounding over to Crash and letting his junk drag across the floor. He gave a pat to a scaled arm and smiled. "Well, let's hit the streets for a meal. I just have to-"

Crash gave another nod. "Yah, find some clothes. Lord knows I had the same trouble." He returned the pat and then motioned to his haphazard loincloth which was now soaked in pre cum. Crash groaned in disdain. That was going to take forever to get dry. Maybe Infy had "him" sized clothes, he'd have to ask. As Infy left the room, Crash couldn't help but stare at Infy. He licked his chops and wiped the drool from his muzzle. He patted his gurgling stomach and shook his head. Nah, he couldn't do that.

Least not yet, he had a pre-meal to try out.

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