Deal Made of Gold

Story by Thunderdramon on SoFurry

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#31 of Story Commissions

And yet another commission for FA: CrashB involving the bastard known as FA: Diarmaidhutchence and his dragon character Andrew. Crash decides to take a walk on the scaly side and I think he likes it. Also features a FA: Kokuhane if you look close enough.

"Are you sure about this?" Crash mumbled. He glanced up at his motivation and villain of the day. The four armed dragon had him by the arms and his torso, the lion-bull hybrid squirming around. Crash decided on the silly idea of getting to meet some people within Thunder's circles since the two hit it off so well. In the hybrid's mind, it was simultaneously the best and worst idea. He'd met Andrew, the tall drink of dragon-water at a small café after their whiskered dragon friend had left them to their own devices.

For the most part, Andrew wasn't that bad. He was a bit on the dim side, but idle conversation and exchanging tips at the gym happened a lot. He was somewhat of an open book as well and a heck of a lot more forward than the whiskered one. Once they'd met up, Crash's attention was clearly on the dragon's enormous build. At close to ten feet and well over a ton, the four armed dragon couldn't help but give a few minor flexes while they held conversation. The casualness of it all was what threw the hybrid so off guard. Andrew had nothing but a -presumably customized--tank top on and the minute flex of his four pectorals or one of his arms trailing off to flex a bicep which looked almost twice the size of his head was unreal.

After coffee, and the remark that he would never challenge Andrew to a game of patty-cake, the duo left to go walk around continue the talking.

"So...anything else you plan on doing to- Andrew." Crash started to ask, but noticed that the dragon's attention was toward something else. The lumbering multi-limbed dragon had been in the middle of crouching himself down and checking himself out in the window of a store. Teeth bared, he started nicking through and checking for food in them before turning his gaze down to his shirt and casually flexing for anyone inside. Crash rolled his eyes, attempting to tug the clearly narcissistic Andrew back from the store window.

"Hmm, what? Sorry about that. Can't help it sometimes." Andrew craned his head around at the tug of his shirt. Considering he couldn't see past his shoulders and traps, he could only assume it was Crash.

"I'm sure. Why are you so..." he started, attempting to figure out a way to stay as nice as possible towards someone well over twice his size.

"Egotistic, unaware of my surroundings, generally so damn big I probably have the IQ of a five year old?" Andrew returned.

Crash blinked in surprise. Andrew turned around with a smile on his face and all four of his arms barely reaching his sides no thanks to his biceps and ham-sized forearms. The two exchanged eye contact for a few moments before Crash gathered himself. It wasn't as if he was right in his questioning, but something else had been bothering him.

"Well, sort of. Compared to Thunder and a few other dragons, you seem to have a few things in common, but I can't really get draconian attitudes. If that makes sense, that is." Crash explained. He hadn't stumbled through his words, but he still felt like he was twisting his words. It was a weird thing to try and explain in words. He'd never really known any draconian species and after getting to know one and becoming introduced with a plethora of them, it was confusing. Andrew stared down at him in confusion before it seemed to click in his head. He snapped two of his fingers and pulled Crash up by the scruff of his shirt. The lion-bull cried out in surprise, squirming around before he was pinned in place against Andrew's torso by all four of his arms.

"Well, if you want to know what it's like being a dragon, let's do it. I know someone who should be able to help." Andrew bellowed.

Soon afterwards, Andrew had literally carried him to the back of a seemingly abandoned building. After being assured about his wellbeing, Andrew released him. The two trudged through the building before the lights were flooded on them. Someone began to descend, sitting and yet floating in place once they reached the floor. The ghostly being pushed up his glasses and yawned, then adjusted his loose fitting tank top.

"Annndrew, why'd you wake me up?" The ghost muttered, rubbing one of his eyes.

"Just a quick favor is all." Andrew put his hands together, executing a quick bow. Crash watched the purple ghost float around, humming a bit before nodding.

"This time, for a price since I was having a good nightmare and all."

Andrew crossed his arms with a grumble. The last time he had to fill out the price, it involved doing some really embarrassing pictures and videos. Hopefully he didn't ask for that this time. It seemed the gods smiled upon the multi-limbed dragon.

"Same as last time, but with your yellow devil friend." The ghost nodded, pushing up his glasses. Crash had been staring at the ghost the entire time, gathering the specter's attention. Crash could have sworn he had four eyes staring at him and shuddered a bit. "Who's this?"

"A friend. Apparently he wants to walk the scaly side of life for a bit. Sound doable?" Andrew asked.


"Wait, I didn't even say yes!" Crash cut in.

"Your eyes did. Too late now, can't exactly back out on deals with the undead and all that."

The undead? Crash stared wide-eyed at the ghost as he started to float up into the air. When he turned to Andrew for support, he was gone. The large dragon huddled near some debris left in the building. The sound of muttering caught his attention next. Looking up into the air, the ghost was posed with both legs crossed. The ground below him began to quake slightly before being illuminated with a purple light. Runes and letters of different and unrecognizable kinds filled the floor next. After that, it was nothing but a burning pain. Crash instantly doubled over, clutching his stomach. Purple arcs of light crackled around him, his fur feeling like it was going to burn off of him. The fur covering his body continued getting warmer and warmer and from the outside perspective, it seemed his orange pelt was melting onto his frame and forming indents. As he kicked around in pain, he took in larger and larger breaths, everything about his frame widening to support everything else. His muscles, exposed to the electricity felt like they were going into overdrive and slowly expanding, veins pumping underneath his changing fur. The seconds ticked by, Crash's clothing fitting less and less with every pump and swell of his muscles. The melting fur had finally stopped, giving his new frame a coat of bronze scales, bulk still growing and growing.

Finally, Crash felt his legs begin to split and change like the last few times they did. Despite having hooves, the sensation of gaining toes and soles was always an interesting one. The sole hoof didn't have that many nerves like the rest of him, but once his toes spread digit after digit, he couldn't help but groan in pain and relief as if he was taking off a pair of incredibly tight shoes. The process soon ended, leaving Crash heaving on the floor and the ghost looking at the bronze being curiously.

"Hmm, I think that should be it. Feel any different?"

Crash groaned, clutching his head. His head was still ringing, but the sound of tearing from his clothing was something he was used to. His top barely fit no thanks to his oversized pectorals, his broad shoulders barely keeping the straps in place. His shorts were long since destroyed, leaving the now dragon naked from the lower torso. Crash blinked, feeling dense scales instead of his usual fur. His muzzle hadn't changed much and he had the luck of keeping his horns. After giving himself a grope and tearing off his top, the dragon transformed Crash couldn't help but give a flex and pose after feeling Andrew and the ghost's eyes on him.

"Huh, this feels...pretty good! I could be bigger, but this is a nice start." Crash grinned, going through his poses. Andrew returned it with a thumb up while the ghost yawned and rolled his eyes before disappearing into the air. "So, like I asked before, anything you might wanna do?" Crash asked, still in the process of checking himself out more than he needed to. He spied a peek at his own equipment, letting out a prideful growl. Before he could keep going, Andrew walked up and gave him a part on the shoulder.

"Well, we could get you some new clothes. Much as I'm like the look, you might get arrested for public indecency and carrying an unconcealed weapon." Andrew snickered.

"Hmm, let's tempt fate!" Crash retorted. The bronze dragon walked off ahead with a swagger in his step, showing off a thick set tail that thumped against the ground every so often. Andrew rolled his eyes and followed suit, arms crossed. He really wished he had a camera and he'd asked to get pictures of this guy instead of the devil farmer, would have been much easier.

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