Eric's Conquest: Chapter 1

Story by lordgriffin on SoFurry

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#2 of Eric's Conquest

Chapter one of an Alternate ending where our favorite Tigress, Flora ends up with a DIFFERENT man

All characters belong to Tom Fischbach from his web comic Twokinds ( If you haven't read it before I highly suggest you do. This story is intended for adult audiences only as it contains lots of sex.

There is a Prologue you can find in my files

Flora sat alone in the bilge, deep in the bowels of the Na' Rella. It had no portholes to the outside, and only a small oil lamp to provide illumination. There was barely any furniture, just a table with a pitcher of water and a basin sitting on it. There wasn't even a proper bed, just a mattress with a rough blanket lying on the floor. None of that really mattered to her, what worried her more were the rusted chains and manacles that hung from the joists running above and from those hanging on the wall. The room was small, barely larger than a walk in closet and may have very well originally been just that. After all, it certainly didn't seem like the cabin a human would normally sleep in. The worst part was the smell, it was musky mold scent that she couldn't quite identify, but she guessed came from whatever had previously been stored here. Despite all this, the only real though on her mind was getting Trace back safely.

A knock came at her door, slightly raising her spirits. "Did you find him?" Flora asked in a desperate manner as she opened the door, tugging up her scratchy brown breeches and tugging at her belt. With Eric aboard, even though she normally walked clad in only her fur, the tunic and breeches felt reassuring.

Kathrine shook her head. "Sorry, we haven't spotted them yet, but I wanted to see how you are doing. I know you probably want to be alone but you shouldn't lock yourself away down here. You should come up top, get some fresh air, and maybe grab a bite to eat."

"I don't think so, I'm... I'm not sure I can handle dealing with Eric right now." Flora said as kindly as she could, knowing that the hybrid was infatuated with the human.

"I understand, but Eric knows what you're going though. Besides, he has his hands full trying to figure out a destination and faking papers in case we encounter a Templar ship. Frankly, I don't understand what you have against Eric, he only wants to do what comes naturally, but don't worry, I doubt he even has the time right now to flirt with you. Besides, you need to keep your strength up. I know you don't want to hear this, but it could be days before we find Trace and Keith. If that happens, he'll need you to help nurse him back to full strength." Kat said in a genuine sounding manner.

Flora thought about it for a moment. Well, I suppose I could help keep an eye out from up top, and it is getting quiet stuffy down here." The tigress said as she stepped out of her room. "Just make sure Eric knows I'm in no mood for his games." She added as the two made their way towards the stairs.

When the pair of women made it to the top, Flora was surprised to find that the sun was already getting low. It had been midday when they left and she hadn't realized how long she had been inside the ship. The Na' Rella was slowly sailing parallel to the coast, at least several miles off the shore. It was far enough away that the tigress couldn't make out much of the individual details. The trees blurred into one gigantic green mass, and only the distant mountains, obscured by haze offered a welcome contrast. She couldn't see any buildings, so it was clear that they were quite some distance away from the port and city that surrounded it. Gradually she looked around, scanning the horizon in the vain hope of spotting a raft approaching through the calm water. As the salty breeze gently blew about her hair, something felt amiss. She looked around the ship now, more quickly before realizing what it was. "Where is Natani?" The tigress asked, recalling that last time she had seen the wolf; he had been on the upper deck.

"Oh, uh, he was feeling a bit under the weather having never been on a ship before, so he decided to try and take a nap." Kat said, quickly coming up with an excuse to hide the real reason for Natani's absence.

Less than an hour after leaving port, a small raft had been lowered from the side of the ship. On board were Mike, Natani, and a few odds and ends. Evals and Eric together worked the winch to safely deposit the tiny boat into the water. It was not an act the human would normally debase himself with, but he was willing to do it in order to get his prize. He had made a deal with the cross dressing wolf and her brother, and he intended to keep it. Unfortunately, for them, he never said anything about letting them go after helping her brother. He had no idea what the wolf woman looked like under her robe, but it didn't really matter so long as she could produce offspring. Likewise, her brother was useful because he would offer greater diversity when it came to breeding his slaves. Right now the only male Keidran Eric owned were a fox and dog, and that just wouldn't do. Eventually he would need to at least one male and female from every Keidran race, and preferably more than that. After all, as much fun as it was to see what beauties he could make by interbreeding the different races, he also wanted pure breeds too. So it would just be foolish to throw away this opportunity.

The small craft hit the water with a small splash, and rocked back and forth, but both Keidran aboard it were easily able to maintain their balance. After just a brief moment, the two had located their oars and had begun to row their way towards the distant shore. As they left the ship, the Na'Rella pulled up its anchor and began to sail up the coast. Eric had let the pair know that the ship would return in about 6 hours to pick them back up. The human didn't want to raise the tigress's suspicions by risking her learning that they weren't moving. As far as Natani was concerned, he could leave and never pick them up. In fact, he had half a mind to just take off now that he was off the ship. Unfortunately, Zen was in a bad way. He needed intensive magical healing, the kind Natani couldn't give on the move. Plus, the human did have a rather large reserve of mana crystals for some reason. He might need to use some of those if Zen was in as bad condition as he claimed to be.

"We need to pick up the pace." Natani said to Mike while beginning to row a bit faster.

"You know, if you're in such a hurry you could just use your magic to make us move faster, couldn't you?" Mike grunted out as he matched the wolf's speed.

"I don't like being in such an exposed position. You're a slave, so if some human hunting party sees us, you can just say you're running an errand for your master, but I can't. I can't speak human, and I don't trust you to be able to quick talk us out of it. So, if we get spotted and I need to fight, I want to have my all of magic." Natani said in a condescending manner while scanning the shore for signs of life.

"Well, you could have at least said please." The fox said under his breath, eliciting a growl from the wolf that kept him from saying anything else.

The rest of the hour-long journey was done in silence. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, they made it to the shore. Natani ordered Mike to stay with the boat. The wolf didn't have to travel very deep into the tree line before he found Zen. The injured wolf had done his best to make his way to the coast for easy pickup. Unfortunately doing so had done no favors for his wounds. In the fight with Trace, Keith, and Flora he had been stabbed though the chest by the short Basitin. It was sheer luck that the foreign warrior had missed the wolf's heart. His lung on the other hand hadn't been so fortunate, and he would have almost certainly died from that wound if he didn't know how to use magic. Even with his knowledge, he still only had enough mana left to repair the damage to his internal organs, not heal the gaping wound. As such, he had lost a great deal of blood and had almost certainly gotten his injury infected. "Hey bro, about time you got here." He said weakly as Natani reached down and gently help him up. "Ouch!" He grunted as they began to make their way back to the boat.

"I'm sorry Zen, but I can't heal you until we get back to the ship. It takes too much out of me, and I doubt that scrawny fox can row all of us back by himself. I do have all of my mana stones with me; do you think you can use some of them to heal yourself a little on the way to the ship?" Natani asked as they walked.

Zen shook his head weakly. "No, sorry, I can't concentrate enough for magic. In fact, I can barely even force myself to walk. Don't worry though, I won't die on the way to the ship, but if you wanted to cast a spell to ease pain, I wouldn't be against it." He said just as the raft came into view.

"Yeah, I can do that. Then when we get back, I'll get you fixed up good as new." Natani said while motioning for Mike to come and help.

The sun was sinking towards the horizon line, turning the sky a mixture of orange, pink, and violet. It was a beautiful sunset and momentarily Flora was distracted by its grandeur. Then her rumbling tummy brought her back to reality. How long had it been since she had last eaten, it must have been breakfast, and that was like 8 hours ago. Begrudgingly she decided it was time to leave her post at the side of the ship. She would just have to trust that Evals would spot Trace's boat if it appeared.

Eric observed Flora from the ships wheel, entranced by the way she was bent over the railing on her digigrade paws making it look as if she were on her tip toes, and her tail hiked and twitching with those damn breeches obstructing his view of paradise. He allowed his mind to fantasize what she looked like under those trousers, and how she would act and fawn at his feet once she had been re-educated. He could hardly wait to sample her, and make her give up her beloved Trace, who was probably on his knees right now obediently pleasuring the Master Templars with his mouth while they relieved him of his magic.

The tigress spotted Kat walking towards the aft section of the ship, and ran to catch up with her. "Hey, so thanks for talking me into coming up here. You were right it's a lot better than sitting in that dinky room." Flora said brushing an errant strand of hair out of her face.

"Don't mention it." Kathrine said right before hearing Flora's belly rumble with. "So, I take it you're hungry then?"

Flora blushed, "yeah I guess I kind am."

"Hey, why don't you join me and Eric? I don't know why you don't want him making passes at you, it's a wonderful way to pass time, and he is very good at giving pleasure.

Flora frowned "Kat, I love Trace. He is my mate. Haven't you ever had someone you wanted to be exclusive to? Haven't you ever wanted to have your own way instead of just doing what you're told?"

Kat blinked, "Why would I deny myself physical pleasure Flora?"

Flora shook her head, glancing up at Eric who she was sure was leering at her from the Quarter deck "It's humiliating and degrading Kat. Maybe I should let you and Eric eat alone.

Kat took Floras paw, "oh come on, he's not that bad. I promise you he'll be on his best behavior. Plus, I convinced him to buy a couple of juicy steaks, marinated specifically for Keidran. I was going to eat one tonight and save the other for tomorrow, but I think you could use a good meal." Kat said in a jubilant manner.

"Well..." Flora thought about it for a moment, trying to weigh the good meal versus dealing with Eric before breaking into a toothy smile. "Sure, what the hell."

Eric's Private quarters were huge, running the entire width of the ship, and giving an amazing view out of the back. It was lavishly furnished with an expensive looking desk, a large ornate red and gold chair that looked quite comfortable, several shelves filled with a multitude of books and tomes, and a moderately sized table currently set with silver ware, glasses, cups, plates, and a pot of tea. There was even art covering the walls, though it didn't take more than a second for Flora to realize that the art was of Eric's personal design. Half of the portraits were of Kat, nude of course, in various degrading and exposed positions, and the others were of various Keidran females, probably slaves. Each portrait had a metal tag with the name of the subject, and Flora felt her frustration raise when she reached an empty spot on the wall and found a tag already affixed there with "Flora" on it. "Oh, hello Flora I didn't expect to see you joining us." Eric said while pouring some tea into a cup.

"Yes, I thought I'd share one of my steaks with her, and I told her you would be a gentleman." Kathrine said to him as he added some cream to the cup.

Flora practically growled at Eric. "Why do you have a tag with my name on it? I told you I am not posing for you got it!"

"Of course, I was a bit over eager when I had that made up. Would you like a cup of tea?" The human asked holding out the cup on a saucer to the tigress, seemly unfazed by her anger.

Flora sighed and tried it ignore the implication, nervously accepting the cup. "Yes, thank you." She said wearily and took a sip from the cup. "Mmm, this is pretty good." She said loosening up just a bit.

"Drink as much as you like." Eric said while pouring another glass for himself. "I don't think it will take too long for dinner to be served, since mine is already done and yours doesn't need to be cooked. Unless you prefer other wise of course?"

The tigress finished off the tea, then shook her head. "No, it's fine. It's been a while since I had raw meat."

The dinner progressed without incident. Much to Flora's surprise, Eric had been true to his word. The three carried on a polite conversation. Flora talked about how she first met Trace, while Kat and Eric talked about how he and the hybrid had known each other from their youth. The tigress enjoyed her steak, which had a strange, but pleasant taste because of whatever it had been soaked in. It was enjoyable enough that she had temporally forgotten about the predicament Trace and Keith were in. However, that changed when she noticed out the front window that Evals was helping Mike up over the side of the ship.

"What are they doing?" The tigress asked as she stood up. Suddenly a wave of dizziness hit her and she grabbed the chair for support.

Eric stood up and slowly began to move around the table towards her. "Are you alright?" He asked as Kat began to clear off the table. Flora waved him off and took a few steps towards the door, then stumbled only be caught by the human, feeling his smooth strong hands on the fur of her arms. Eric smiled, he had been waiting a while to get the tiger this close...his plan was going perfectly

"Thanks," she said. "I got it from here." However, he did not let go and just gestured out the window, so she returned her gaze to the scene happening outside. She watched as Mike and Evals turned the crank, and lifted the small raft up and onto the deck. As she expected, there were two figures sitting inside of the small wooden craft, however as she stared at them it became clear neither was her blue haired mate. One was Natani, which made little sense until she saw the second was the other assassin that had attacked them. "What the hell is he doing here?" Flora asked pulling herself free from Eric's grip and turning around to face him. Before he could start, Kathrine pushed by the two with an "excuse me," while balancing a tray with a precariously stacked pile of glassware on it.

"Well you see, that wolf is the Natani's brother. I made a deal to pick him up and treat him in return for a favor." Eric said calmly.

"And what favor was that?" Flora asked suspiciously glancing up at the bare spot that had her name on it.

Eric gave a little laugh. "I simply wanted her to help me convince you to come on the ship."

Flora stood there for a moment, shocked at his frank response. "What do you mean by that?!"

"It's really quite simple. You see, Trace and Keith aren't floating out there waiting for us, because they never stole a boat or even got to make the attempt. Mike and Evals lead the two fools into a trap, and before they knew what hit them, the Templar had already captured them. They wanted you and the wolf too, but I persuaded them otherwise." Eric said with a gloating, but sinister tone. "You should thank me, you'd both probably be dead without me"

The tigress involuntarily tried to take a step backwards, only to be stopped by the wall. "Why?" She asked in a shaking voice, terrified of the answer. "What are they doing to Trace?"

"Why what? Why did I ask for you and Natani, or why did I hand over Trace and Keith? The latter is simple, money. I am getting a lot of gold for those two. So much in fact, that I can pursue a new endeavor, and for that endeavor, I'll need Keidran capable of producing superior offspring. I couldn't let the opportunity of adding a rare creature such as yourself pass me by. You would have been wasted on the Templar. I on the other hand will make use of you to your full potential. As for Natani, well maybe you missed it, but I said he was a she so..." Eric let his sentence trail off, knowing that he didn't need to say anything else. "Oh as for Trace, I doubt he has any magic anymore and he is likely serving his masters on his knees. I think they found him rather... attractive, and after he's been pacified he'll serve them just like you'll serve me.

"You monster!" She yelled as she clumsily tried to smack him, only for her hand to easily be caught in his own. His grip was much firmer than when he had caught her fall just moments before, and try as she might she couldn't pull free from him. What's going on? She thought to herself. I should be just as strong as him, so how come I can't even make him budge! The human grinned evilly, then grabbed her other arm and dragged her to the table. She tried to fight back, but her legs would barely move now. "What... What did you do to me?" She screamed out, as she was forced face first onto the table, Eric's hand in the middle of her back pinning her with his body lewdly pressed against her ass as she was bent over.

"I would have thought you would have figured that out by now. I had Kathrine drug your food. I know you're shy, so I figured you would need some help admitting your true feelings."

Flora blushed bright red with embarrassment as she began to tear up. She felt Eric's hand reach around under her belly. She could tell he was excited, his breath hot against her feline ear as he fumbled and yanked at her belt. Kat moved around in front of Flora with a happy smile on her face. Grasping Flora's wrists and leaning back, Kat pulled Flora's face forward over the table making her ass and tail go up in the air freeing, Eric's hands. Flora felt his hand tug at the tie around her waist and with his hip holding her legs, he tugged her breeches down around her knees.

"Fuck you; you know I don't want this." She screamed at him feeling the cool ocean air on her exposed rump. Then she felt Eric's hand grasp her sensitive tail causing her to gasp and her head come up. He just laughed in response. Eric took a moment to admire what he had claimed. His hand slid under Flora's tunic up her back against that silken striped fur as he held her tail up. Her rump was nicely rounded, and the orange fur went over her ass with a black stripe just above the tail. Beneath and between her legs the fur was a soft white, with tightly puckered fleshy anus. Her tail struggled like a caught serpent, and Eric held it firm. His hand reaching between her thighs to caress the soft moist sex beneath "Ahhh, that's more like it Flora I see your already wet..." he grinned evilly. "No one is coming to save you Flora, want to or not, you're going to pleasure me. Flora struggled trying to sit up, but Kat held her fast. She felt Eric's hand pet her flank which strangely calmed her some. Still she had tears in her eyes as she felt his fingers explore her as only Trace had. "Eric...stop...don't...ohhhhh." Her feet danced on the deck but, Eric stood too close and she couldn't move.

Flora's eye's widened when she felt Eric push something inside of her. It didn't take long for her to realize it was his fingers, at least two she guessed. Eric used his fingers to examine the tigress's cunt as if it was an object. Flora's body was warm, moist, and slippery as he felt her intimate muscles contract around his fingers at the stimulation. Eric had taken many females, and one thing he knew was how to force himself on another. He felt around inside of her, stretching his fingers apart, and pushed them as deep as he could trying to get an idea on the quality of his investment. After a minute of exploring her insides, he pulled is fingers out, then did something even worse. Eric pushed them against Flora's muzzle and wiped her own scent on her nose. Flora squeezed her eyes tight as her face grew even brighter. This is the worst, she thought to herself as his wet digits cleaned themselves on her muzzle, the scent causing her further unwanted arousal. Trace would have never done this to her.

After a moment more of exploring her body, Eric admired his prize. Using one hand he pinned the tigress down and used the other to tug at the strings of the leather opening of his breeches, exposing himself. He had denied himself long enough. Gripping Flora by her tail once again he aimed himself at her exposed opening and pressed forward firmly.

Flora's back arched as she was suddenly filled completely with Eric's length. The human was huge compared to Trace, and her slippery muscles contracted around his length as she heard him give out a satisfied moan. Pain flew though her body, and for a brief moment she thought she was going to black out. She didn't though, and she wasn't sure that was a good thing. She felt so full as the human held himself balls deep inside her, not moving for the moment. "Wow!" Eric said with a content sigh molding himself to her furred back as his hands moved around to gently grope her furred breasts though her shirt. "You are really tight, I mean it, that Trace of yours couldn't have been much of a male. You practically feel like a virgin. I just hope that once I have you breed you still feel this good. Oh well, that's in the future and we should focus on the here and now. So tell me, how does it feel to have your master's dick inside of you?"

"Fuck... Grr...oh.. You!" Flora grunted out as she tried and failed to push herself up off the table, her arms still held firmly by Kat.

Eric shook his head and smiled. "No, no, no, you got it backwards" He said as he pulled back until only the head of his cock was still within her body before lunging in again to enjoy the warm tight feeling "Fuck you!"

Again she arched her back as he filled her, now making tears run down her cheeks. He didn't stop inside of her this time though. He only had one mission now, to rape and christen his new slave.

Flora felt Eric driving firmly in and out of her, causing her to grunt and pant with each thrust. He set a fast pace, one that the tigress considered brutal and animalistic, but also something that played to her own instincts. If only Eric was not so big , so...good? She though as she tried to struggle. Eric however, considered himself to be quite kind. If he had wanted to, he could have fucked the inexperienced feline hard enough to make her pass out, but that wouldn't have been as fun. He wanted her to feel every thrust of his cock penetrating her pussy. He wanted her to know what was happening to her, and he enjoyed hearing her sob as he made her his property.

Flora hated him and hated herself as she felt her body responding to Eric. Tears ran down her cheeks as she sobbed, but was no longer fighting. However once she could move again she was going to kill him. She could feel him gaining pleasure from her tears! She didn't care if she died after that, but she was going to take out this sick bastard. It didn't matter if it didn't hurt so much now. Wait, why was it feeling better, the human hadn't seemed to have slowed down, so why? "NO!" she gasped out as to her horror she realized what was happening." Somehow, some inexplicable way, her body was getting use to the assault. Worse than that though, she knew he must realize that as well. Indeed he did, now feeling himself gliding more easily though her moist passage.

Eric smiled sliding his hands along her sides and breasts with the familiarity of ownership. Feeling her tail wrap around his waist he said with a smile, "ahh see, now you're starting to get it. I knew the truth since I first saw you. Your body knows it to. You don't care about Trace, you don't care about freedom. All you really want is a thick dick inside of you. The sooner you admit that, the happier you'll be." He said before pausing for a moment and leaning down next to her ear. "But I really hope you're a slow learner. It's more fun for me that way." He let out an evil chuckle as resumed raping her.

Now Flora became nervous and confused...was Eric right, she kept feeling pleasure. No she did care about Trace, she wanted him...but...why was this feeling pleasant? Why was the feeling of Eric's firm stomach molded against her back sending a thrill through her as he hilted himself within her. She glanced toward the door, no one was coming to save her, what if he was right, what if the Templar managed to completely finish off her Trace..."

The minutes ticked by, and tears continued to flow down Flora's cheeks. Now it wasn't from pain, that was nearly gone. No, it was far worse than that. Despite herself, she was feeling pleasure from Eric's relentless, constant rhythm. She couldn't believe he was lasting this long, Trace barely lasted 20 seconds. Eric had to have been at this for at least 10 or 15. "Why won't he cum," she mumbled out loud by accident.

"Oh, you'd like that wouldn't you my little tiger. You want you're master to paint your insides white?" Eric said as he increased his speed just a little, eliciting a stiffened gasp from the feline.

"No, I..." She gasped as he slightly changed position sending a new surge of pleasure though her. Her mind was clouded by the images of his thick meat diving in and out of her pussy and thoughts of her lying in bed with Eric, curled up with him and caressing his chest while Trace was helpless somewhere else. She was so close, all she needed to do was let go. Flora gritted her teeth and tried to force the thoughts from her mind. She wouldn't let him win, she only wanted to be with Trace. Trace... Why was it that this bastard could last longer, why did he feel so much larger? If this had been Trace then... "NO!" She grunted, eyes opening in surprise. She gasped out in horror and pleasure, her cunt convulsing firmly around Eric's cock.

Eric grinned triumphantly and moved one hand under flora's hips to pull her back on his length; he gave a couple more thrusts before hilting himself and giving the tigress 7 or 8 strong shots of his seed as he climaxed into her womb with a satisfied grunt. His hot seed splashed inside, touching places she thought no man could ever reach, and making her moan in unwanted pleasure. Eric leaned over and gently whispered into the panting Tigress's ear "See, no one's coming to save you...I win...Thank you Flora...before long I'll make you forget all about Trace" then lewdly licked the tears from her cheeks with the flat of his tongue while he remained hilted inside her.

After 30 long seconds, Eric finally pulled himself out of her with a sloppy wet noise. He felt the cool air on his dick as Flora's juices began to dry on him, and enjoyed watching his white seed dribble from her sex down her leg. Flora too could feel his warm seed escaping out her well used pussy and down her inner thighs. Eric relaxed for a moment running his hand possessively over her ass "Ahh, that was great. I haven't come that hard in a long time. It's a good thing I came prepared."

While Flora tried to catch her breath and uncross her eyes, she caught a glimpse of Eric taking hold of the metal manacles she had seen in the room. He latched them onto the tigress's wrists then pulled her arms behind her back, so that Kat was freed from her position. Kat smiled and gave Eric a warm hug before kneeling to begin lapping Flora's and Eric's juices from her master's cock. She winked at Flora and said "see? I told you Eric was good...forget about that Trace, he was just a silly boy anyway.

Through her tears Flora saw Eric move before her and force her to her knees. Flora's eyes went wide as she got to see the human's magnificence for the first time. He was about 8 or 9 inches long and an even more intimidating 2.5 inches thick. It was no stretch to say that he was the largest 'partner' that she had ever been with.

Eric noticed Flora's gaze "You like what you see, don't you? You want more right? For me to rape you with this thick cock and turn you into my personal slave?" Eric stepped forward and gently scratched behind Flora's ear, his cock hanging right in front of her. Gently and softly he said, "Go ahead, you can say it. I know Keidran's, you are animals and can't help but desire to be dominated."

Flora couldn't take any more. She had tried to remain quiet, in the hopes that he would grow tired and leave her alone, but she couldn't take what he was saying. She forced herself to laugh despite the tears and disgusted way she felt. "You got to be kidding me, do you ever listen to yourself? You're so pathetic! You have to tell yourself how much better you are. I'm not a slut like you spotted alley cat, and I won't give into you, EVER!" She yelled defiantly at the human as she looked him in the eye, a single tear rolling down her wet cheek."

The tigress readied herself for a response that never came. She had expected him to hit her, or for him to resume his rape. He didn't though. In fact, he didn't even seem to be insulted by her. "You act all high and mighty, but I know the truth. You're pregnant, and not very far along. So that means you had to have been with another Keidran. Tell me, what did the father look like? Was another tiger? I hope it was, I'd love to have another pureblood slave. In time, you will tell me of the affair with all the juicy details" The human said with delight as he watched the Keidran's face contort itself with confusion.

"What are you talking about, I'm not pregnant?" She said utterly gob smacked by the accusation.

"I've been around, and with enough Keidran to know when one is pregnant." Eric retorted smugly.

"Pfft, more proof you're not nearly as good as you think you are. I haven't been with anyone since I meet Trace. He's the only one I've had sex with." She said bitterly, then thought to add, "and he's the only one to have satisfied me."

This time she seemed to have riled the blond Human. "Slaves shouldn't lie to their masters!" He yelled at her before strangely moving away rather than towards her. She mustered all her strength, feeling that if she could just get up then she might be able to overpower the little man while he was distracted. Sadly, the drug he had used on her was still in full effect and the Shackles held her fast. She could do little more than prop herself up enough to watch him. Eric walked over to his desk. He pulled open the drawer, and she could hear the sound of metal on metal. She knew what it was he had grabbed before even seeing it. In his hands he held a relatively narrow metal collar. It was thick and sturdy looking, but of narrower design than the ones worn by Mike and Evals. She wanted to run, but she was held fast by his bondage as he closed in on her. She watched in dread as he reached out and slid the damn collar onto her neck, feeling it snap together. The moment it did so, a spark like static electricity shot through her body, and she knew that whatever spell was on it was in effect.

"Now then my little slave, tell me who have you fucked since meeting Trace." He asked as he once again repositioned himself at her entrance.

Flora tried to resist, but as she did so, a pain began to build up in her head. A throbbing ache that grew until she couldn't bare it anymore and she finally answered him. "I already told you, just Trace, and of course you."

Eric couldn't believe what he was hearing. The spell must not be working right, he reasoned. Either that or she was actually telling the truth, and if that was the case... He needed to know either way, and the only way to do that was make her admit to something she never would otherwise. Eric, hard again from Kat's attention, moved around behind Flora, and again lifted her silken tail, then he slowly pushed his engorged cock into her wet pussy and gave a few thrusts. "Raping you once might have meant I just got lucky Flora, but now I am going to take you again. How does my dick feel inside of you my pet?"

Flora once again tried to resist, and once again, the spell easily overpowered her will. "It's... Err... Okay I guess. It doesn't hurt much like it did at the start." She said trying to phrase it in as neutral way as possible.

That was a start, but it wasn't the resounding defeat Eric was looking for. "How would you say I compare to your beloved Trace then?" He asked as he resumed his thrusts, and forced her head down so she had to watch him slide in and out of her.

"Err... You are... Gah, much bigger than he is." The tigress blurted out, now panting for air from the mental exertion.

"And you still say only I and Trace have fucked you?" Eric asked again, needing to hear her answer again.

"Yes, just the two of you." Flora quickly answered.

Eric paused for a moment, stunned by what this meant. "Oh my lovely Flora, you are so worth the investment I made in you. You can be breed by a human. You can be breed by me." He said as he slammed his hips forward, driving himself into her stronger than ever before and enjoying the feel of her warm slippery muscles sheathing him as his bare stomach pushed against her soft ass. Her breasts jiggled and she let out an unwanted gasp of pleasure because of her surprise.

She couldn't believe how hard he was plowing her, and what was worse she wasn't feeling any pain. She wanted the pain back, because the pleasurable sensation she was feeling now was so much worse. He was violating her, and she wanted to hate him with every fiber of her being, but her body wasn't doing its part. It didn't care that she was just being used; all it knew was that the stimulation felt good. Once again Flora felt herself doubting herself. Was she betraying Trace? Was Eric right and she was just an animal that craved... In and out he went, over and over again making wet noises that grew louder as time went along. It started to become hypnotizing as she forced to watch herself be penetrated.

Suddenly, the sound of the door being opened broke her out of her stupor. "Help, please help me!" Flora pleaded, even before anyone came into her limited view. She knew it was a long shot, but she was desperate, and when Eric didn't stop her as she tried to move her head she thought maybe her prayers had been answered. Of course they hadn't. She realized that it had just been Mike and Evals that had come into the room. They wouldn't be able to help her if they wanted to, not so long as they were forced to submit to Eric's will. Still, something didn't seem right with them. It took her a moment to realize, their collars and shackles were gone. "Wha... What's going on?" She stuttered out between thrusts.

"Mike and Evals aren't like you. Like Kathrine, they know how the world works, that Keidran exist to serve humans. They are loyal and because of that they have been rewarded." Eric said with a few grunts of pleasure thrown in there.

"What kind of rewards." Flora asked as she felt herself being pushed to the breaking point by the human.

"We're going to help Master Eric instruct you on being a good sex slave." Evals said with glee as she ran a finger across her cheek.

Mike moved around behind Flora as he talked. "When you aren't servicing him, you will pleasure us." The fox grabbed a bunch of her hair and forced her head backwards, making her look up at him.

"And when Eric eventually grows tired of you, we will breed you. Over and over and over again." Evals said as he undid his pants and dropped his trousers to the floor. "Now open wide, it's time to start your training."

"If you get that anywhere near my mouth, I swear I'll bite it off." The tigress growled at the dog as he pushed his tapered cock towards her mouth.

Evals stopped his approach and shook his head despite wearing a smile. "You still think you have some kind of say in any of this? I was trying to be nice, but I guess you need to be punished. What do you think Master Eric?"

"Oh absolutely, she's been a very bad kitty, turning down your generous offer to allow her to suck you two off. If she's going to be such a pain in the ass, you should fuck her there." Eric said as though it were the most normal thing to say.

Flora was horrified, but she didn't have a chance to say anything before Eric started take a seat, dragging the tigress with him. The human's hands had wrapped around her waist and began to lift her up off of him and spun her around. He then fully reseated in her as grabbed her tail and pull it up, exposing her anus to the well-endowed dog. "Please stop, I'm begging you. I've never had anal sex before." She blurted out as she squeezed her eyes shut, while tears cascaded down her cheeks

Evals stopped moving in, seeing the look on Eric's face. "You've never been taken up the ass before, not even before meeting Trace?" Eric asked looking with down with intense pleasure at the crying tiger, such a powerful animal reduced to sobbing before her masters.

"No, you're not supposed to have sex that way. It's so dirty, plus it'll hurt." Flora sniffled out as she looked up at the human with pleading eyes.

"Alright, they won't fuck you in the ass, if you do what I say. Stop fighting what you're feeling. I know you are on the edge, you're practically trembling. Let yourself cum, and let me hear it." Flora stared at him for a moment hoping he'd change his mind about the conditions, but of course, he didn't. After a moment, she nodded her head in agreement. He lowered her to the ground and she instinctively got on all fours.

"Lift your tail and present yourself to me Flora." Eric ordered as he released her wrists and she obeyed. He grinned to himself. This was going better than he had hoped. She was already submitting to the little things he was demanding. He'd have her will completely broke in just a couple weeks at this rate. He shoved himself back inside her, and less than thirty seconds later she arched her back, cunning with a loud, almost feral moan. She didn't use his name, but that would come later. He too came just seconds after her once again filling her womb with his seed.

"Good girl, now I assume you have at least sucked a cock before?" The human asked as he pulled himself out of her drenched pussy. Flora blushed deep red, but nodded her head. "I figured as much. Was it Trace that you sucked off?" Once again Flora nodded with an ashamed look on her face. "And how did it taste?" Eric asked, using a single finger to lift her chin and make her look at him.

Once again Flora did not want to answer, but the magic of the collar compelled her "it was salty and sweet, kind of like meat, only liquid."

Eric smiled, "and did you like it?" Flora, ears flattened and turned red while she shook her head no. Eric looked intrigued. "Why not?"

Flora tried not to answer but slowly the words emerged "B..because" she sobbed "ok Fine, Trace barely had anything at all for me to swallow , there wasn't enough Happy?"

Eric looked delighted,"oh I see. One wonders why you liked Trace at all...Well I am sure Mike and Evals will have more for you, won't you boys? I want you to ask to suck Evals' and Mike's cocks." She hesitated for a moment. "Do it or they will both take you in the ass, and they'll be sure to use their knots too."

"May I please suck on your cocks, Mr. Mike and Mr. Evals?" Flora quickly asked in a frightened manner.

"Of course Flora, we would love to fuck your face. Before that though, I think you should ask Master Eric to fuck you again. Seeing as how he has been so kind as to permit the request of a lowly slave like you." Evals said as Mike chuckled.

Flora closed her eyes as she fought the urge to gag. "Mmm... Master Eric, would you please... fuck me again." She said in a disgusted tone.

"I can't turn down a woman in need." Eric said with a biggest grin ever.

Flora had become used to Eric handing her tail and probing her pussy with the tip of his cock, so she didn't think anything of it. Suddenly she felt him aiming it higher and pressing half of his length into her virgin ass. Her eye went wide, and she started to let out a surprised yelp, but was quickly silenced by the dog dick shoved into her mouth. "Oh my god, you are so tight back here. It's like you were saving yourself just for me. Mmm, so fucking good! I'm glad you spoke up when you did. It would have been such a waste to let Evals take your virginity from you." Eric said, then added, "no offense Evals," as an afterthought.

Evals forced himself into the female Keidran's throat, not caring that she was gagging as he did so, but enjoying the feel of her rough tongue as she tried to spit his length out. "None taken master, it's only right that her virginity should be taken by you. Besides, I think she looks better choking on my cock anyway."

For a moment Flora's panicked mind didn't know how to react. Once she regained her composure she tried to act on her threat, and chomp down on the thick rod of meat that was being rammed into her face. She couldn't though; there wasn't even pain this time like when she tried to lie though. Her jaw simply refused to move. All she could do was stay still and think. Eric had lied to her, and she didn't know why she was at all surprised by that. Still, she was at least grudgingly thankful that he didn't seem to be fucking her nearly as hard as he had when he used her pussy. It actually didn't hurt nearly as much as she had expected, after his initial trust. It wasn't really that bad feeling him deep inside her bowels. His thick shaft was moving fairly easily, probably thanks to all the cum that covered it. Evals on the other hand wasn't being nearly as kind. He was roughly driving himself into her throat over and over again. She never was able to deep throat Trace because he was so small that she never had to worry about it. She hated the gagging sensation and could never get use to something slipping itself into her throat, let alone coming back out. Worse still, she could taste the dog's pre cum, dribbling from his tip and it wasn't nearly as bad as she wish it tasted. His scent was strong and musky, actually arousing her tiger instincts. She felt Evals' knot within her mouth, swelling to lock itself behind her fangs. She would be unable to spit out Evals' length now even if he let her; he had knotted to her face. At least he pulled out enough every 30 seconds or so, letting her get a much needed breath.

The two men continued to spit roast the tigress for the next few minutes while Mike stroked himself to stay nice and hard, but not enough to cum. Wet 'slich' and 'splat' noises filled the room along with grunts and moans from Flora, Eric and Evals. Just about the time Eric had finally started fucking her ass hard enough for his balls to slap against her dripping cunt, Evals let out a loud growl and climaxed down her throat. As Eric had said, Evals had a lot more then trace, and it actually felt good to finally have something more than the steak on her stomach as she tasted a dog Keidran's cum for the first time. It was salty with a musky flavor and a hint of sweetness. It was actually kind of good tasting, and she had no choice but to wait until Evals' knot went down, her muzzle locked in his groin. Evals wasn't done humiliating her though. "No spitting, you need all the nutrition you can get." He said as he added fourth and fifth load to her mouth. It got to the point where it was so full that some of Evals cum was dripping out. Finally, he was spent, "now you may enjoy your treat." Flora knew resisting was pointless, so she did as he ordered and swallowed it all in one large gulp, running her tongue along the underside of the canine's length as she did so, her breath warm and moist on Evals' groin.

It took a few minutes before Evals knot began to shrink. Evals didn't wait very long though, grabbing Flora's jaw and assisting. He pried her mouth open more than she thought possible just so that he could slip out. Flora took the opportunity to catch her breath and beg for mercy. "Stop it please, I did what you wanted. You promised that you wouldn't make me do anal. I promise I won't try to fight you anymore."

Eric continued to thrust, feeling her slippery bowels around him. Her tail hole was nice and tight as he actually pressed in deeper to feel her soft round ass against his body. Eric enjoyed how Flora's tail ran up against his chest gently tickling him. "You're right, you did what I wanted, and as a reward I kept my promise. I told you that Mike and Evals wouldn't take you. I never said anything about me! You're ass, your cunt, your mouth, your entire body is mine Flora! You have to learn that. You are my property , and there is nothing you, Trace, Natani, Keith, or anyone else can do about it. You can try to fight back but that's the truth, and eventually you will accept it. Now open wide for Mike's cock, I think you will find the taste and scent of fox much different. You have a lot to learn Flora. Don't forget your manners, be sure to thank Mike after he feeds you."

Feeling defeated she reluctantly opened her mouth, and let the fox take hold of her head. He placed the tip of his cock just barely at the tip of her tongue. Flora realized that Eric was right about the taste and scent. Mike was a touch sweeter, and his sent more tart, more arousing to the senses that were betraying her. Mike smiled down at the top of her head. Holding her firmly in his paws, he drove his hips forward forcing his dick into her mouth. His full length easily slipped into her slickened throat and choked her as he began to roughly use her throat as a sex toy, fixing his knot behind her fangs as Evals had done. It was funny to watch her there, locked to his crotch. Every time he forced himself into her, his heavy balls slapped against her chin, splattering them with the drool being forced out of her mouth by his rough actions. He was actually being even more brutal than Evals had been, yet she still wasn't gaging quite as much with him. However, she was finding it harder to breathe, as he wasn't giving her as may breaks, and those he did were shorter. Every 45 or so seconds he would pull out just enough for her to get a gulp of air. When she was allowed to breath he held her nose against his pubic mound, and she couldn't help but notice the fox's powerful scent that mixed with the smell of sex that now filled the room.

Eric was beginning to find it hard to keep himself from cumming. Even with the magic he used to enhance his stamina, her ass was just too tight to continue at the pace he was moving. He couldn't slow down though, that would be a sign of weakness. He wanted, no needed, her to cum before him. This was her first time getting taken in her back hole, but it certainly would not be her last, and he wanted to show her just how little control she really had to crush that defiant spirit. He shifted his weight a little so that he was thrusting into her at a slightly different angle.

This made Flora practically jump as a muffled moan escaped her stretched throat. This is so wrong, she thought to herself. I can't really be feeling pleasure from that hole. This must be the drugs doing, it has to be. I'm not that kind of girl. Why are they are all so much better than Trace..." She let out another lust filled groan as he shifted his weight yet again, this time actually making her shake as she fought back the desire to cum. _This isn't how I really feel. I can fight this I... I... Oh God by all that's holy...! _ Her eyes rolled back as never before experienced pleasure coursed through her body. She could feel her messy pussy convulsing around a non-existent penis, while her ass did the same to its large intruder. Before she was even finished cumming, Eric let out a victorious, " fuck!" The unwanted thrill of his perverted jizz filling her forbidden hole sent new waves of euphoria through her body. After her intense orgasm was over, she barely had the strength to hold herself up, being held aloft only by Mike's hand gripping her hair and his knot in her mouth, forcing her to continue suckling on it as she panted. She barely reacted when Mike's cum splashed against the back of her throat and filled her belly. Without even waiting for his knot to go down he carefully pulled himself out of her mouth, squeezing another load from his loins and soaking her face and hair before letting her fall to the ground at their feet. "Thank you." She whimpered, now to tired now to even try and resist the words she was forced to say. It's not like it mattered any way, she couldn't have stopped it even if she was at full strength.

Eric finally pulled out of her stretched ass, making her let out a soft grunt as he did so. He looked down at his handy work placing a triumphant bare foot on her silken orange and black stripped ass. White fluid now oozed out of her defiled hole. He watched as her anus slowly shrank back down to its original tight diameter for a moment, then gestured to Mike and Evals. The two Keidran picked up the exhausted tigress. Flora felt the two males ripping at the fabric of her clothing. They exposed her soft furred breasts and she felt the sensation of cool air on her exposed fur. They stripped her completely naked and the two grinning males held her up for Eric's inspection. Eric chuckled and groped her breasts "I told you at the festival I would have you this way, and from now on this is how you will stay. They dropped the nude tigress back to the ground save for the collar that would never be removed. She looked up though tired eyes at Eric. He was cleaning his cock off with the scraps of what had originally be her panties.

"I know what you're thinking," Eric started. "Master's cock looks delicious, and I owe him for making me feel so good, but I'm just so tired." Mike and Evals reached down and grabbed hold of her with their hands on her head and shoulders, bringing her up to her knees. "Don't worry, all you need to do is open your mouth, we'll do the rest." Eric pushed his dick down, so that it was angled towards her cum stained face.

Resigned and exhausted Flora opened her mouth as ordered, feeling the two strong Keidran's arms forcing her forward onto the human's rock hard cock slipping his length down the tiger's tight throat. Now, with her cool nose pressed against Eric's pubic mound, Flora got a taste of her human master. Eric tasted was sweeter than Trace, and bigger. She had something she could actually suck on with him. Her mind clouded as she inhaled Eric's scent deeply as he smiled down at her, the triumphant male. It was agonizingly slow at the start. She was forced to feel his engorged head ease into her mouth, forced to taste every inches of his skin. At least he cleaned himself first, she thought to herself as she began to gag when he was pressed against the back of her throat before finally sliding himself into it. She didn't think that she would be able to completely take the human's length, but as she was pushed down the last few inches she finally realized that it didn't matter what she thought. After a few seconds of resting inside of her tight throat, she was pulled back off of him, then forced back on almost immediately. This time it was fast, too fast. She was gagging nearly never time she was physically compelled down his length. She didn't cry this time though; she couldn't seem to find the tears. She was so tired, she just wanted this to be over with and she was still hungry. She barely even noticed when the two men let go of her and Eric took over, roughly dragging her by the hair as he thrust into her gullet.

"That's it, suck on it Flora. Slobber on your master's dick like the animal I will make you. You will love it and forget all about your Trace, you two were never meant to be" He said as he slammed himself balls deep into her muzzle, cupping his hand under her muzzle to keep her trapped.

"I ove... err ock," came Flora's response, completely muffled by the plump rod she was sucking on. She didn't care what she was saying, so long as it would get him off a little bit faster.

Eric grabbed hold of her head and pulled her in, burying himself all the way into her throat. "Drink up." He said smiling as he began to empty his balls straight into her stomach. She could feel his cock spasm as each load moved along his length, and she could feel the hot, sticky substance as it made its way towards her stomach. After what she guessed was thirty seconds, the human had completely finished and she waited for him to pull out and finally give her a chance to get a real breath. He didn't move though, he just held himself there, relishing the feeling and watching her as she slowly became aware of what was happening.

The tigress's eyes began to widen as panic set in. Air, I need air! She thought to herself as she glanced up at her rapist. He's doing this on purpose. Is... Is he trying to kill me?" She tried to push him off of her, but try as she might she couldn't even make her arms move, and it wasn't because of the drug or being tired. It was the damn slave collar. She couldn't do anything because of it. Even as her lungs burned for air, and her vision began to blur, all she could do was sit there like a sex toy, completely at her master's mercy. Where are you Trace, you are supposed to rescue me from this... She though as she slipped into unconsciousness.

When Flora went limp in his arms, he pulled out and let her crumple to the ground and, smiling, placed his foot directly on her face. He knew she was fine, this wasn't the first time he had throat fucked a slave until they passed out. "Sleep tight Flora, tomorrow is the first day of your new life. You're going to need your rest."

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