Tangled Up In Pleasure - Chapter 1.5

Story by Snow Flake on SoFurry

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Within a few days of her return back to her cabin and living with a bulging load of eggs; Snow felt her insides rumbling. With a soft moan, she dropped her task at hand and headed outside all naked. Since the whole incident, she preferred walking around inside of her cabin all naked so she could see her big breasts and bulging belly.

She walked for a good bit till she stood a few feet from the forest's outer trees. Snow could feel the eggs in her ass beginning to shuffle and move about meaning that they were about to exit her. Squatting down, Snow raised her tail and waited for the first egg.

It didn't take long for the first egg to start spreading her apart and when she felt it; she moaned loudly and placed one paw on the snow to steady herself while her other went up to her breast and began to grope and pinch at it while her muzzle hung open in pleasure. After a few seconds, it finally popped out of her rear and fell onto the snow; clothed in the orange fluid from the tentacle. Before she took take a moment to recover, the remaining five quickly followed and ended up piling up with the first one; her tailhole now feeling lighter and empty.

Snow only had a few seconds for a quick breather before she felt her other tunnel beginning to get active. Turning around, Snow got on all 4s and rested her breasts and upper part of her body on the snow while she raised her tail up high and spread her legs with her rump going up towards the forest as if she was offering herself. She could feel the first of the nine eggs stretching her womb wide before sliding down her aroused wet insides from the earlier laying before spreading her labia wide and popping out onto the snow; all covered in the orange liquid and her own arousal. Just like this, the other eggs followed the first one and as each fell out of her, she moaned and looked back lustfully as her body emptied itself of eggs while she was getting simulated.

However, when the last egg in her began to exit, it was slower than the others. The feeling of it traveling in her caused her to moan loudly and feeling it press on her sensitive g-spot, she yowled loudly and all the arousal that had built up since she was filled with eggs and laid them, shook her body. The egg fell out of her vagina while her insides squeezed and rippled as she had her first squirting orgasm.

When Snow's orgasm ended, she collapsed onto the snow and lay there panting; some of her female juices leaking out and onto the snow. After a while of recovering, Snow shakily got up and looked at the eggs she laid. Licking her lips at the sight, she was tempted to clean the ones that came from her womb but from the edge of her vision, she spotted some tentacles crawling towards the eggs. Deciding not to get in the way of them, Snow turned tail and walked back to her cabin; her mind filled with dirty thoughts of eggs and tentacles as she was still under from the drug she was fed.

Story: © Nikita

Characters: © Snow Flake

Official Owner: © Nikita

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