Basilisk's Gaze

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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#1 of Needs Rewritten/Old works

A young girl travels to the mountains time and time again, finding the local wildlife to be fascinating and non threatening. This time she may meet her end.

Lilah spent the majority of her free time camping out in the verdant mountains near her village. Since she was still fourteen her father had forbidden her from exploring such places since they were wrought with danger from creatures that could destroy humans with a single glance. Lilah however, did not care about her father's warnings and was in fact fascinated by these creatures. Cockatrice, gryphons, drakes, and more inhabited the mountain and she wanted to at least be able to see them all once. The next creature on her list was a basilisk, a cunning and dangerous four legged reptile with sharp stony backs and supposedly the ability to petrify things in place with its gaze. Since it was a smart creature, perhaps she could communicate with it and ask it plenty of questions, and hopefully not anger it, but first she would need to find one. Now she began her trek deeper into the mountains in search of the basilisk.

Little did the girl know every single one of her little trips into the tree coated mountain side was observed by a pair of bright red eyes from the tree's and rocks, the eyes of a basilisk who called himself Nev. Nev had always been curious about the girl coming into his home so often to look at such creatures that could kill her without breaking a sweat. Now she seemed to be searching for his kind, and certainly the majority of them would kill her, but what fun was that? Nev admired her body, admired all human's bodies. Humans were soft creature, and he had never seen one so young and so innocent. Her hair was a particular bit of interest since it was bright red, a color like bright gems. If Nev could somehow capture the girl then he could get away with doing what he wanted to her, perhaps even break her mind and make her a slav, still, humans were always vengeful creatures so he had to be careful not to incite the anger of her family and village, but impregnating her of her own will was another story breaking her, toying with her and taking what he wanted from her with his power was mandatory. Landing in front of the girl before she travelled too far, he prepared his plan.

Lilah gasped and fell upon her rear her dress open for all to see what was underneath now as a grey scaled serpentine creature with two clawed hands landed before her. She breathed out unsure of what she was looking at, but upon seeing its tail covered in stone like scales she closed her eyes tight not wanting to turn to stone, an effort which seemed to amuse the basilisk. It cackled, reared its head to her, and slithered towards her hissing, "Afraid of the old legends? Petrified with just a stare hm? Hm? No, those legends aren't true at all. Our eyes are certainly special though perhaps you should take a look." Unfortunately Lilah was young and foolish enough to fall for the trap her pale blue eyes opening to stare into his red ones. Immediately her body felt heavy, she could still move, but something felt different, her mind was a distant haze. Lilah felt the basilisk curl around her his claws gripping at her shoulders and something soft and fleshy touching her leg, and even though his body was so cold, her body felt warm, her cheeks flushed red and she felt like tearing her clothes off. Regaining some of her senses she managed to ask, "Ah, why are you so close?" although, part of her mind would prefer if she tried to escape the loose grip of the basilisk that was now rubbing at her sides causing her to shiver. Nev licked at her ear gently and hissed quietly, "I am only so close because we are you not remember? Our forbidden union? Your promise of your virginity to me?" Lilah shook her head and struggled meekly against the basilisk's hold, "No I don't remember" she blurted, but her body responded to his statement heat coursing between her legs causing her to nearly double over unable to hold herself up. The more she listened the more she felt her heart beat, the more she felt the heat in her body grow and the less she struggled against her lovers hold.

Nev had successfully influenced the girl, her mind was his to play with, as was her body. Slowly uncoiling from her he chuckled as she fell to her knees breathing out hotly. When she turned to look at him a claw touched her chin and brought her eyes to his yet again to add a bit more of the spell, to sow the seeds of his wants and his needs into her mind. Lilah responded in kind by removing her dress slowly her eyes glazed over now and her body still. Once her skin was bared to the hot sun Nev inched closer to her until Lilah's hands gripped at his pale, tapered, thick cock which rose from a slit near his lower body. Nev let out a pleasured hiss as she engulfed his cock, her tongue working feverishly to please him, to taste his sweet flavored member. She groaned around his cock as she sucked, nearly taking it to the back of her throat even though she was just a virgin while a hand of hers buried itself between her legs to stretch and prepare her pussy for her lover with two fingers. Meanwhile, Nev gripped her head to keep her still as he began driving his cock further and further into her mouth until finally his cock burst, thick spheres full of semen entering and popping inside of her mouth coating her tongue and throat with his seed. Lilah groaned and chocked at this, pulling her mouth away finally to cough and sputter semen dripping from her lips. When she could finally breathe again she looked up to see her lover's cock was still hard and ready to be serviced again.

Nev coiled around her yet again this time his lower half fitting between her legs causing her to giggle and lean back against the strong bodied reptile, resting her head upon his chest. With a hiss he slowly entered her, loving the feeling of her soft pussy swallowing his cock, slowly tightening around it, but it was too easy for him. Tilting her head to the side he looked into her eyes to free her from his spell at least for a moment. All at once she realized everything that was happening and electric pain shot through her spin and she groaned and yelped struggling to escape. Lilah whimpered and struggled attempting to escape, but the basilisk coiled around her tighter, pushing his cock further inside of her until finally he was in as far as he could go. This caused her to cry out and shiver tears streaming from her cheeks as she panted, finally giving in. Yet again Nev forced her eyes on to his, and yet again the spell was cast, pain and terror turning to pleasure and love. Lilah cooed for him, opening his mouth to him wanting to feel his tongue against hers and so he obliged, his forked tongue coiling around hers as he placed his maw over hers, careful not to damage her with his sharp fangs. There they stayed like that for hours, his lower half working at pushing his cock in and out of her pussy while the rest of his body held her in place to breed her properly as he would one of his own kind. Finally those semen filled sacs emptied out into her pussy, one by one filling her until she felt as though she would pop. Soon she felt their warmth pouring out into her pussy, coating her walls and digging deep inside. Lilah's toes curled and she cried out weakly as she felt her own orgasm mounting, shaking and shivering coiling as best she could to her lover while he tightened his grip around her. Finally he uncoiled from her, allowing her free movement, but she stayed upon him, gyrating her hips gently upon him so she could feel his semen being stirred by his thick member buried inside of her pussy. Nev watched curiously as she rode his cock, milked his member and moaned like a bitch in heat while rubbing at her clit with a delicate finger. Nev allowed this little show to go on, never had he seen such a slave so eager to please, so wanting of his seed and so he gave her another dose causing her to groan and collapse against his chest. Nev then ran clawed hand against her cheek receiving an odd purr and a giggle from the girl. Nev leaned in his tongue flicking at her ear, "I love you" and with a happy sigh Lilah answered, "I love you too..."

Lilah awoke with a start in her small camp. She looked to the sky and saw the sun was coming down, almost time for night. She stood and packed her things quickly, her father would be upset! Her cheeks were flushed red at the dream she had, the dream of a horrible creature seducing and raping her again and again, but in her dream she loved it and wanted nothing more than to serve him, to be the basilisk's wife. What a dream. Regardless, she took her things and ran, not noticing the red eyes that watched her and waited for her next visit.

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