Breeding the Scavenger

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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#2 of Needs Rewritten/Old works

A thief decided to loot an abandoned castle. Unfortunately she finds herself a permanent resident of the forgotten halls.

Polly ran through the halls of a castle, a castle she thought would be long abandoned and ripe for the picking, a scavenger's dream, but no, the castle had been home to a particularly angry ancient beast assuming the form of a man. The man had given her an ultimatum, leave or be enslaved. Now Polly was the sort to take such things with a laugh and stab the man making the threat, after all she was a shorty for sure, but she had plenty of fight in her, unfortunately the man had turned out to be a manticore in disguise, a large muscular lion with a scorpion's tail and she did not want to see her life end at all.

Polly ran skidding to a stop at the large double doors that led to the exit, she touched the handles and pushed but they refused to budge either by magic or by whatever force created her wanting to see her dead. She cursed and cursed again kicking the door before choosing to run a nearby hall, it wasn't long before she heard the roar of the manticore following close after her, but before she got too far away she crashed through a door nearly falling as she made her way down the steps of a spiraling stair case leading to what she hoped would be her safety, but unfortunately it was not as she thought. The dungeon was only light by torches on the wall and several empty cells lines the walls, not only was there no other doors, but there were no windows, no grating to sewers or deeper levels. She had no place to hide and as she turned she backed away slowly as the man stalked down the stairs staring at her before slowly shifting to his beast form again with a roar. Polly had been caught and she knelt before her new master begging forgiveness.

On the way to the beast's chambers she expected to be cleaning rooms and linen, but now her gullet was full of thick feline meat her back on the ground. She gagged and choked around the cock still not believing that the lord of the castle wanted to use her as a breeding slut. Polly felt disgusted as she heard the beast above her groan and rumble in pleasure. It spoke as her mouth was stuffed full of barbed meat, "Yes, You'll do nicely. Not many manticore females thanks to your kind...but we can fix that can't we?" Her eyes widened and she tried biting down, but his cock was too big, she flailed and tried to get out from under him, but his weight kept her down. She whimpered and gagged more not wanting to be some sort of breeding machine for a beast. Her mouth was finally relieved of duty, but as she gulped in fresh air her mouth and face was coated in warm thick semen causing her to sputter and sob. Without pause she was turned on to her back by a strong paw. She shivered as she felt her back being tasted by that thick rough feline tongue. Polly breathed in and out trying to calm herself, but failed as that warm tongue lashed out at her pussy causing her to moan. She soon bit her lip trying to quiet herself, not wanting to give the bastard any satisfaction, but it was too much. Polly opened her mouth wide to groan out her pleasure while her master lapped and nudged at her pussy. One of her moans turned to a yelp as she felt his tongue trail up her back to her neck where he began nibbling at her neck. She shivered feeling sharp teeth poke, but never penetrate, and for moment she had hope, hope that he would be gentle when breeding her, but she was wrong. His cock struck true inside of her and broke her immediately. She cried out her pale cheeks flushing red from the sudden penetrating. Polly nearly choked as the manticore's cock was pulled free slowly, barbs scraping against her insides before finally he stuck himself back inside of her again. She cried and yelled scratching at the floor was the manticore mounted her his paws holding on to her hips now to keep her in place as he took his new breeding bitch. The pain continued to build as she was rut, claws intensifying the pain as they dug into her sides. At times she even felt herself nearly blacking out, and perhaps Polly would have preferred passing out there and then, as pain was replaced with pleasure slowly. It built, filling her body and sending shivers up her spine every time he thrust and caused her body to lurch forward. She panted and a tongue was pushed inside of her mouth forcing her to taste her own juices and his foul tongue which was rank with the flavor of salted meat. She whimpered as her body moved on its own, rocking her hips back to his thrusts receiving them like a good girl and then she felt it, a flood enter her pussy, semen drenching her insides. Polly panted and groaned there her mouth free to scream and moan, but the manticore wasn't done. He continued rutting her pushing inside of her, refusing to pull out until he came again and again, semen pouring out on to the floor wasted, but more was pumped inside of her breeding her successfully. Finally she was allowed to rest as the beast pulled out and her body was dragged on to the bed. She closed her eyes and fell asleep there hoping to wake up in her home.

Polly woke up mind in a daze and her body sore. When she looked to the side there she saw the manticore in human form, brown skin and thick familiar human cock presented to her. Her cheeks flushed and she eased her head in to his lap to kiss and lick at her master's cock, she knew what she had to do, and perhaps if she was a good girl her master would fill her as a human and not as a dirty beast, but part of her wanted so badly to be filled with the semen of a beast, to be bred like some livestock. She was in love now with this beast and could have no other, she was now truly his slave.

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