Zodiac Reading

Story by tigerwriter93 on SoFurry

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Hello Pisces.

Keep in mind what I'm about to

reveal for

the rest of this week, or the rest

of today.

Your two fish among the stars have


to me rewards and consequences

in your near future - take joy or

take warning -

cosmic beings will guide you as you


this rutted path you keep

traveling, apathetic

to the beautiful, dynamic world

that breaths

around you - that breaths

without you.

Your third-eye craves for change;

it hungers. The arid habitat of

tradition leaves it

parched. It's impatient for Someone

to reveal His

plan for you, oblivious to what

He reveals to you, if anything at


Change is scary, Pisces; I

understand. Don't

allow others to waste your mind

away by feeding it

synthetics, and hide it away from

the rest of

your fellow beings. You're more

than mere fish,

Pisces; you're a free child that

needs to explore,

that needs to get dirty and scrape

their knees -

to learn what others believe.

The world isn't a polished, blue

marble; it's

a disgusting and cruel wasteland,

it keeps you

on your toes, it keeps you alive -

that's the beauty of Mother Earth. 

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