A Late-Night Storm

Story by tigerwriter93 on SoFurry

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I revealed my true self to a

community of

those who claim to love me -

one member decided to voice her


on the matter, one that was more


an annoying mosquito

buzzing in my ear. She openly

questioned my sex life, yet

is that not a taboo subject

among close-minded followers of


Puberty happened to the old me,

the sheltered me.

I'm fully aware that

penis plus vagina equals snoo snoo,


not penis plus anus -

don't act like I'm stupid.

This brainwashed zombie continued

harassing me on the matter, as did

others who

agreed with the old-fashioned, 50s

American lifestyle.

I told them I was done -

no longer did I want to

associate myself with fag haters.


I'm a lost cat without a home -

wandering, searching, hoping for a

better life

filled with a love that God


I hope this torrent doesn't come

to pass. Was this merely

late-night wanderings of the mind?

A prophetic vision of what's to


Or a warning.

At least the graphite flaked off

onto the paper - now the

self-healing process begins


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