Dragon's Play

Story by StrangeBreed on SoFurry

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A fun little commission I did for Fyrdrgon of his characters Fyr and Anna and his friend's character Carenath. Contains a lot of m/m oral and anal, some m/f oral and vaginal and some incestuous teasing. Hope you all enjoy :)

Thumbnail made using this picture here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/17377016/ by jackiejackal, which this story is based off of.

Carenath let out a long yawn as he awoke in his friend's bed, the bronze scaled dragon looking to Fyr with a gentle smile. He looked at the muscular body of the red dragon, his yellow stripped arms stretched out over the pillows as he lay on his chest, still slumbering away. Carenath and Fyr had been friends for years and since Fyr had moved away the two saw each other less frequently. Fyr had invited him down for the week and Carenath was eager to fly out, having arrived just the night before.

Carenath soon got to his feet, yawning with a long stretch as he lumbered out of bed, wearing only a t-shirt and underwear. He quietly fired up the Wii, hopping back into bed as he fired up a round of Smash Brothers. He occasionally looked over to the slumbering dragoness on the couch, her gold and orange scales catching his eyes as always. Anna was Fyr's sister and despite having an on again off again physical relationship with Fyr, he always carved some action with the lovely dragoness.

The previous night all three had had quite a bit to drink and things got just a tad flirty between the two. He felt tempted now to wake the lovely female up while her brother slept, but eventually gave into guilt, returning to his game instead. As he played Anna continued to stir in her sleep, seemingly on the edge of wakefulness as she tossed back and forth on the couch. She eventually opened her eyes and caught Carenath's gaze, giving him a warm smile as she whispered, "Morning."

The male dragon gave a soft chuckle, before giving her an equally warm, "Good morning sleeping beauty." The two simply smiled at each other, Carenath seemingly forgetting all about his game.

As time went on, Fyr eventually started to wake himself, a silent yawn escaping him as his eyes slowly dissipated from their fuzzy state. He could hear low murmurs across from the bed, and the soft gentle smacking of lips almost as if someone was being kissed. His eyes slowly were able to make out the room as he fully awoke, his cheeks flushing red as he saw what was making the sound. Carenath and Anna were cuddled up together on the couch, lips pressed to one another as they shared a long, sensual kiss. Their tongues intertwined as their muzzles locked, the pair clearly reacting from the tension of the previous night's flirting.

The two could barely hold themselves back, Anna moaning into Carenath's mouth as she rubbed her palm over the outline of his shaft, getting wet from the sheer size of the lump in his underwear. He sucked on her tongue as she touched him, his fingers pushing her panties up. She spread her legs as the dragon made his move, letting his smooth digits sneak into her panties and graze against her soaked sex. He ran them along her wet slit, tickling her gently before sliding his fingers inside her. She clutched him closer as he slid his tongue deeper down her throat, her hand gripping at his crotch as he slid his fingers in and out of her.

Fyr could feel his underwear getting tighter and tighter as he watched his best friend fondle his sister, wanting so much to be a part of it. "God you're wet!" Carenath growled as he nipped the dragoness' neck, planting a few pecks on her cheek before resuming his long kiss. Anna was beginning to grind against the other dragon, paw still firmly fondling his thick tented length. The tip of Fyr's cock was peeking out of the top of his underwear as he got harder than ever, a small drip of precum staining the waist band of his underwear. He quickly shuffled over, fearful that the pair would catch him watching with a hard on.

The two stopped their lewd activities suddenly, their heart's racing as they heard Anna's brother turn over in bed. "W-we should probably stop" Anna whispered as she pulled away, getting to her feet as she looked around for the rest of her clothes.

Carenath let out a disappointed sigh as he looked at the damp spots on the front of the dragoness' panties, realizing just how wet he had gotten her. He didn't bother getting dressed himself as he lay on the couch in a slump, his cock raging hard and left unattended as the equally disappointed dragoness put herself together. "I'll see you later ok Car?" she whispered, planting one last cheek on his cheek before leaving the room.

Carenath sighed as he sat there alone, peeking over to his friend before frowning. "You're not fooling me you know?" the dragon grumbled before being met with chuckles.

"Sorry pervert," Fyr said with a giggle, "Can't help waking up when you're over there finger fucking my sister."

Carenath sighed as he sniffed at his dampened fingers, "You're just jealous she doesn't wanna fuck her brother!"

"As if!" Fyr said, locking his shoulders defensively.

Carenath gave his friend a cocky grin, "Fine then, I guess you don't wanna lick these clean then?" He hopped over to the bed, rubbing his fingers over the other dragon's nostrils. Fyr inhaled the slicked digits with a low groan before reaching up, slowly sucking his best friend's fingers clean, all the while shivering from the taste of his own sister. "Yeah... that's what I thought!"

"Sorry I accidentally blue balled you buddy" Fyr whispered as he fondles the lump in Carenath's underwear, giving him a big grin.

The bronze dragon wore the same cocky grin as he reached down, yanking his underwear down so his impressive length could flop out, "Well, you gonna do something about it then?" Fyr flashed his eyes up at his friend before leaning down, throwing the covers off the bed as trailed his tongue over the tip of Carenath's cock. "That's better!" Carenath said with a sly grin, soon leaning his head back with a moan as Fyr began swallowing his whole cock down. "Wish those were your sister's lips, but I guess I can't complain."

"Damn right you can't complain!" Fyr said in between slurps, dropping to the side so the two were 69ing. He slid his own cock out, the slightly smaller shaft throbbing from all the tension, "Now put that in your mouth!"

"Why do I gotta suck your dick?" the bronze dragon laughed in between sighs from his friend's sensual slurping, "You blue balled me!"

"Yeah, and you made a move on my sister, on my couch without _my_permission!"

"Hey," Carenath fought back, "She put the moves on me!"

"Whatever, just be a man and start sucking!"

The bronze dragon growled before gripping his friend's shaft, sucking on the head before gulping down, giving him smooth swallows before breaking for one last statement, "You're damn lucky you have a nice cock!" The red dragon gave a chuckle before slurping back down, the two sucking each other off nice and slowly, clutching each other close the longer they pleasured each other.

Eventually the two let out a sigh of a breath as they each took a break, Fyr wiping saliva from his lips before turning to the side, reaching for his rump to spread his cheeks out. Carenath looked down at his best friend's pucker with interest, the bronze dragon nodding to the shelf where his friend often kept his lubricant. "Yeah, it's been too long since I've had a good hard fuck!"

Carenath grinned as he leapt to his feet, stepping over to his friend's shelf to grab the little bottle. "It's been a while huh?" the bronze dragon chuckled as he let a long glob of lube pour out, slowly stroking it over his massive length, "You sure you can still handle me?"

Fyr gulped as Carenath pressed the head of his cock to his tight rump, the tight hole just barely starting to stretch. "I-I don't know," his tail whipped about a little, he did really want to take his friend, but was not about to be unrealistic about his blessed size, "I wanna try though, just go slowly ok?"

"You got it" the bronze dragon said gently as he began to lean in, Fyr whimpering as his ass barely was able to handle the thick cock that began forcing its way in. The muscular dragon sighed as he slowly stretched open, a round of stings tingling through his backside as the long shaft started sliding in. "Ahh, fuck!" Fyr whimpered, nipping his bottom lip as his claws scratched at the bed.

"You sure you're ok?" Carenath asked his friend, stopping for a second as he checked on his status.

"Y-yeah," Fyr groaned in response, "I'll be fine, just keep going ok?"

Carenath shrugged before slowly pushing back in, "Alright, you're the boss." He couldn't help but let out a low moan as the dragon's tight rump wrapped his cock in its warmth, eventually able to get his entire length submerged in. As he pulled out Fyr let out a long sigh, his pain clearly easing up by the time Carenath started pushing himself back in. "Yeah there we go," the bronze dragon moaned out as he started to thrust in, his thick cockhead pretty much punching at his friend's prostate, "Oh fuck yeah!"

Fyr began stroking his own shaft, gripping it good and tight as he panted from the rough thrusts in his rear, "Yes, just like that, ride my ass Car!" Carenath's hips bucked heavily into his friend's tight backside, sliding in and out in a steady rhythm, his balls slapping constantly against his firm butt cheeks.

"I forgot how tight you were!" Carenath groaned as he kept thrusting away, his entire shaft wrapped in Fyr's warmth as he got closer and closer to cumming. Fyr leaned into his friend's thrusts, letting his rump slide up and down over the bronze dragon's pulsing cock. "Fuck," Carenath moaned, "If you keep doing that I'm gonna cum for sure!"

"What, this?" Fyr laughed as he pushed back even harder, steadying his rhythm until Carenath tensed up.

The bronze dragon groaned and sighed as he pounded Fyr's ass raw, mumbling out "You bastard" as his cock fired bursts of thick cum into his best friend's backside.

"Mmm, I can feel it in there," Fyr moaned as he felt the sticky dampness in his rear, sighing as Carenath slid out carefully, a string of cum still connecting the two, "Didn't realize you were so pent up!"

Carenath sat for a second to enjoy his afterglow, "Yeah well, when you don't fuck me for a week and then cock block me with your sister, I tend to get pent up!"

"Oh come on," Fyr chuckled as he hugged his bestie, "You'll get another shot with my sister... at least now you know she wants to fuck you!"

"I guess that's true," Carenath noted as he got up, feeling rather sweaty after all that had happened that morning, "I'm gonna go shower if you wanna join me."

Fyr nodded as he got to his feet as well, "Don't mind if I do!" The two hopped into the shower soon after and turned the water to a comfortable warmth. Fyr reached down carefully to wash Carenath's back as he knelled down on his knees, Fyr moaning as his friend swallowed down his still aching hard cock. "Do I get some ass today too?" the red dragon asked as he eyed his friend's butt, thrusting into his mouth a little.

"We'll see," Carenath replied with a wink, kissing the head of his friend's cock as he added, "That's if I'm feeling generous."

"Hey I'm letting you crash here for the week!" Fyr growled before sighing at the feeling of his balls being rubbed.

"Yeah, yeah," Carenath laughed in between slurps, "Take some frustration out on my muzzle, then you can have some tail later."

"I better!" Fyr groaned as he leaned back, closing his eyes as Carenath's warm, moist lips kept swallowing down his cock. He relaxed as his friend so expertly pleasured him, not taking much longer before he pushed in one last time, breath panting as he shot a heavy load into the bronze dragon's mouth. Carenath got back to his feet with a grin before pulling Fyr closer, locking their muzzles together into a kiss. Their tongues slid along each other as they passed Fyr's cum between each other's muzzles, sharing the thick, salty strands in a slow tangle.

Carenath grinned slyly as he gulped down the cum in his mouth, "I always love the taste of your cum!"

Fyr swallowed himself as he smiled back, returning to washing himself off, "Yeah, pretty good if I do say so myself." He gripped his friend's cheeks and whispered into his ears, "Can't wait to fill your ass with it!" The two shared a laugh as they finished their shower, grabbing a couple towels to dry off before returning to Fyr's room.

The two decided on a game of Mario Kart, each getting rather competitive as round after round played out. They each gave each other's ribs the odd jab as they played, trying to throw the other off balance. As time went on Fyr got more and more bored with their activity, snaking his fingers around Carenath's back, playfully tickling his spine before resting his palm over the dragon's butt. Carenath let out a low sigh as he felt a couple fingers probe at his pucker, digging in slowly with a little wiggle. They stung at first but began to feel quite good, Fyr sliding them in and out faster and deeper. "You really wanna fuck me don't you?"

Fyr rolled his eyes as he pushed his digits in even harder, "What was your first hint?"

Carenath shook his head as he raised his rump, "Alright fine horn dog, go get the lube then!"

"Already on it!" Fyr called back as he quickly came back with the bottle of lube, already letting a long glob of it drip down onto his friend's pucker. Carenath shivered from the sudden coolness on his rear, sighing as it was rubbed around by his friend's fingers. He pushed both digits in a little as he began stretching him out, trying to keep up a steady rhythm until the dragon's rear was ready to attempt penetration. He curled them around to poke at the bronze dragon's prostate, rubbing it gently until Carenath got even harder.

"Just get in there already!" Carenath finally grumbled out in annoyance, trying to hide a moan as Fyr's fingers probed deep inside him.

"Oh, someone's getting eager huh?" Fyr laughed as he slid his fingers out, letting a little more lube spill out onto his shaft before rubbing his shaft with the solution.

The bronze dragon rolled his eyes as his friend teased him, flinching a bit as he felt him push the tip of his cock inside him, "No, I just-ahh, wanna get this over with!" He grit his teeth as Fyr pushed himself all the way in, saliva pouring from Carenath's lips as he whimpered from the sudden violent stretching.

"Sure you do!" Fyr growled as he slammed into his friend's backside, the bronze dragon's rump barely able to accept such a massive invasion. The red dragon let out a low guttural moan as his shaft was met with resistance, the dragon slowing down to give his friend some recovery time. "God you're tight!" the red dragon groaned, eventually to push in a little deeper as his friend's body eased up.

"Yes I'm tight," Carenath said back with a wince, his body tightening as he felt another sting, "It doesn't help that you have so much girth!" He let out a low, almost agonizing sigh as the long, hard shaft plunged in deep again, Fyr gripping both of his friend's legs as he started bucking his hips wildly.

"Y-yeah, almost there!" Fyr groaned as he kept pounding away, reaching his hand around to grasp Carenath's shaft. He pumped it smoothly as he kept thrusting in, the two sharing a steady rhythm until they both moaned out, each firing a heavy load of cum before collapsing onto the bed. The two hugged as soon as Fyr had pulled out, sharing a laugh at their earlier exchanges of macho fronts. "So," Fyr finally said as he let out a little yawn, "What do you wanna do next?"


The next afternoon, Carenath lay back in bed with Fyr, both playing Brawl on their Wii. Both dragons were entirely focused on their game until Carenath heard the jingle of his text tone. He checked the message after Fyr landed another killing blow, smiling at the screen and making a quick reply during his respawn time. "Who's poking ya? Some sexy lady from back home?"

"Something like that" Carenath replied with a wink, playing for a little while before knocking a stock off of Fyr's stack. He replied again before Fyr could get back in the action, even going as far to allow his red a couple blows on him.

"Wow, must be some girl to distract you from this match!"

Carenath flashed his eyes at Fyr as he reacted to a rather suggestive text, "Well you would know..."

Fyr shook his head as he snatched his friend's phone, pausing the game. He read the texts aloud in a very effeminate voice, "Please don't tell my brother, I'd hate to come between you two..."

"I'm sure you'd just love to do that!" Carenath laughed.

Fyr flashed his eyes as he continued, exaggerating even more with his next statement, "I really wanna see you tonight Car, yesterday was amazing... I really got the hots for you."

Carenath leaned back, putting his hands behind his back, "What can I say Fyr, she likes what she likes."

"Man you gotta reply!" Fyr said with excitement, the two seemingly forgetting the video game all together.

"You serious?" Car asked, looking at his friend curiously.

"Dead serious, I'll even let you guys fuck on my bed if you need to... just promise me you'll let me watch if we can somehow make it work."

Car nodded with an enthusiastic grin, "Deal!" Fyr seemed to wear a permanent smile as the idea of such a show filled his mind, getting up to shut off the Wii. "Hey Fyr, Anna asked if she could tag along with us this afternoon."

"To the shooting range?" Fyr asked, puzzled as he sat back down, "Usually she prefers to go alone... though I bet she just wants to tag along to fuck you with her eyes."

"Would that bother you?" Car laughed as he nudged his friend's shoulder.

Fyr thought about for a second before replying, "Nah, that's cool, tell her to meet us there in an hour... I have a feeling today's gonna get quite interesting!"


An hour or so later, the two dragons entered their favourite shooting range, care smiling gently as he caught eyes with Anna. The sexy dragoness quickly stepped up to the pair, hugging each as she tried her best not to make her interest in Carenath obvious to her brother. "Alright, so who gets to shoot first?" Fyr asked when they had finally all signed in, noticing the little glances his best friend and sister seemed to be sharing.

"You can go first if you like buddy," Car offered, the bronze dragon's eyes roaming up and down Anna's body, "Unless you'd like to Anna?"

"Hmm, oh no, no," she said with a blush, snapping out of her crushy little trance, "You go right ahead big bro!"

"Ok, thanks guys" Fyr said as he stepped over to the gun rack, giving his friend a wink as soon as Anna's back was turned. He loaded his rifle and lined his eye up with the scope, aiming carefully until he was in proper sight with the target. He pressed his finger down softly on the trigger, a shot firing out and leaving the wooden target in pieces. At the same time, Anna continued to move closer to Carenath, even going as far as rubbing the back of her hand along his arm. After a few more shots, Fyr was on his last round, carefully lining up to take out one more target. "Ok who's next?" the red dragon called out, making sure to turn slowly in case his sister was being flirty.

Anna stepped forward, playfully pushing Carenath aside, reaching for the rifle that was passed to her. She began to reload the weapon carefully, each bullet sliding in before the rifle was cocked, "Ok, here goes nothing." She aimed the rifle precisely, lining up each shot with expertise. Round after round each target was left to pieces as Anna made quick work of her task, soon leaving empty holders in every space that there was once a target. Both males were taking turns both watching her performance and the way her butt just barely fit in her tight jeans, easily impressed by both feats. "See boys... child's play!" the beautiful dragoness said with a sly wink, passing the rifle over to Carenath, "Think you can do any better Car?"

"Err, umm," Carenath jittered in response, "I can try." He took a moment to load up the ammo in his gun, raising it slowly so he could line up a freshly added set of targets. He lined it up a little too quickly, scared he wouldn't impress the others. It was a fair fumble, the shot just barely missing the target.

He could hear Anna's chuckles before she was behind him, her soft hands reaching around his back, "Here, let's straighten you out." From behind her posture was innocent, a backwards hug to help with his aiming. Her one hand clutched his, changing the position of the gun, but her other roamed over his crotch, unseen by Fyr as she rubbed her palm over his junk. "There, nice and tight!" she said as she breathed down his neck, Carenath's breath tightening as he took the shot. The target shattered to little pieces as his bullet made a direct hit, the pair sharing their same dance as round after round was depleted. "That a boy!" Anna said finally with one last tug on Carenath's hard on, pulling away as it was Fyr's turn again, "We'll make a man of you yet!"

Carenath almost spat back, but stopped as he felt a slap on his rear. It was playful as to not give away the pair's secret, but made the bronze dragon blush nonetheless. "Your turn Fyr," Carenath said with a slight grin, "Let's see if you two can keep up your winning streak."

The red dragon laughed as he was passed the rifle, hilting it as he stated, "Challenge accepted!" Fyr tried his best to ignore the giggles behind him as he lined up each shot, being as precise as ever with each wooden circle. Behind him Caraneth was uncomfortably stiff both in his back and cock as he dealt with a full erection. Anna kept fondling his cock, this time with her paw slid into his jeans. She stroked slowly on the shaft up and down, smirking every time more of his precum touched the tips of her digits. Fyr clenched with each shifting sound, his ear flickering as he heard a slurping behind him. Anna sucked her fingers clean of the dragon's pre with slow slurps, moaning gently as she enjoyed the salty taste. Fyr carefully lined up his last shot, shattering it to tiny pieces after a short breath. He turned with a nod as he set the rifle down, ignoring the blush on the faces of both his companions, "You getting hungry at all Car?"


Carenath sighed as he dropped down into the passenger seat of Fyr's car, watching Anna leave for her own vehicle as the red dragon ignited his car to life. "Stop looking at my sister's ass," Fyr laughed as he pulled out of the parking space, "Wanna see where I work after lunch? I gotta stop by and grab something."

"Sure," the bronze dragon said with a smile, "I'd love to." He smiled to his friend as they pulled out of the parking lot, soon driving off into a horizon of trees. Fyr sighed as he let the cool summer wind hit his face, his scales feeling refreshed as the wind filled the inside of his car. Carenath looked outside as they passed several trees, the whole are very beautiful in its structure. "How about there?" the bronze dragon said as he pointed to a nearby diner, the sign out front labelled The Bear's Burrow.

"Yeah, that place is pretty good," Fyr said as he turned to the exit, finding a suitable parking space, "Sort of like a road house, also has pub food, nice little atmosphere."

Carenath nodded as he stepped out of the car, following the red dragon to the entrance, "Sounds great!" When the two entered they were met with a rustic but friendly atmosphere, almost like a local bar and an out of town cabin had crashed together to make one neat little restaurant. Just as soon as the two were settled a rather pretty jaguar met them, giving them her name and taking their drink orders as she left two menus for them to look over.

"So," Fyr said as he smiled across the table to his friend, "You're really serious about my sister huh?"

"What do ya mean?" Carenath said with a blush, attempting to defend himself.

"It's not just the casual flirting and the eye browsing, you guys have that look when you see each other... little bit of a crush there I think."

"Shut up!" Carenath said with another blush, having more of his drink as his eyes roamed over the menu.

"Hey, don't worry about it buddy," the red dragon chuckled, "I'd support it... so long as you let me watch sometimes you hear?"

Carenath laughed enthusiastically, "You pervert!"

The rest of lunch went very well, the pair sharing a lot warm conversation as they filled in the history gap between their last visit. After they were both full the two had left in the car again, this time to visit Fyr's work. It was a beautiful apple orchard which Fyr himself owned, several long acres of trees lining row after row, with bright, shiny red apples on each branch. There were several kinds there, Gala, Braeburn, Granny Smith and Pink Lady, each looking riper than the last. "So you like it?" Fyr finally asked after finishing the tour with his friend.

"I love it!" the bronze dragon replied enthusiastically, honest impressment apparent in his voice, "Can't believe you own all this!"

"Well it started out small, but it grew," Fyr began, passing an apple to Carenath before taking a bite of his own, "Sorta like an apple tree."

"Cute," the bronze dragon said with a smile, nodding at the welcoming taste of his Red Delicious, "I'm proud of ya man!"

"Yeah," the red dragon said with a nod, relaxing for another moment before getting to his feet, "Well, ready to go, figured we could drive a little longer, show you some more of the country side... then we could maybe go see a movie or something."

Carenath nodded before getting to his feet, "Yeah, that sounds perfect!"


Carenath yawned as he leaned his head against his palm, starting to get a little tired of the constant similarity in his surroundings. His thoughts strayed back to Anna as his mind drifted off, feeling a stirring in his loins as his erection returned. He looked to Fyr with a sly grin, suddenly running his hand along his friend's leg. "What are you doing?" Fyr asked as he felt the touches of his friend, tensing up only a little as the palm gripped his lap.

Carenath leaned into his friend and nipped his ear, whispering low, "Just focus on the road." Fyr said nothing in reply as he raised his arms, making sure he still had control of the steering wheel. Carenath carefully unzipped Fyr's pants, carefully stretching the clothing out so he could snake the red dragon's cock out. Fyr sighed as he felt his friend's hand gently stroke his cock, getting hard very quickly as the bronze dragon dipped down, letting out a warm exhale over his shaft. His breath tightened but his driving remained steady as Carenath ran his tongue over the tip, a bead of precum dripping out before the bronze dragon swallowed his length down.

"Man, I'm gonna miss you when you go back home!" Fyr moaned, still driving well as his friend gulped down his cock over and over. He sighed and groaned, carefully steering the car as he felt his cockhead touch the back of his friend's moist, warm throat. "Yeah, that's it!" he groaned, thrusting gently. Saliva poured over his waist and balls as Carenath worked over his shaft, gripping his orbs firmly as he deep throated his friend. He kept swallowing down smoothly until Fyr's legs began to shake, the red dragon quickly regaining his composure as he shot a thick load down his gullet. Carenath let out the longest sigh as he swallowed the thick, salty seed, pulling off slowly to kiss the tip of his cock, slurping off an extra strand of white.

"Thanks." Carenath chuckled as he zipped his friend back up, relaxing in his seat as the two continued the trip home.

"Damn, do you ever slow down?" Fyr laughed, "I don't remember you being this horny all the time!"

"What can I say?" the dragon laughed, "Your family just does something to me."

Fyr looked serious suddenly as he thought to himself, "About that... I have a plan for tonight."

"Oh?" Carenath asked curiously, giving his friend a little look.

"I wanna watch you fuck Anna."

The bronze dragon gave his friend a sly grin, "Tell me more."


Carenath shook his leg on the ground anxiously in a continual nagging drum, waiting anxiously for the text to arrive on his phone. Fyr sat on the couch beside his friend, equally nervous as the two awaited the reward to their plotting. Anna had agreed to come over, a rather lewd conversation exchanged between the two after Fyr had 'passed out on the couch.' Carenath seemed to now permanently wear an erection that would not go away, the reminding texts of his conquest's wetness keeping him stiff as a rock. Fyr was also quite enthused as he thought of the show ahead, wanting nothing more than to see and hear his sister in the thralls of ecstasy. The two nearly jumped several feet when Carenath's phone finally vibrated, the bronze dragon looking down to see the words, 'At door' He gave his friend a wink before getting to his feet, whispering in a low hiss, "Play dead."

Fyr dropped to the couch immediately, faking all the signs of slumber to the best of his ability as his bronze friend slinked away. The red dragon's ears flickered as he heard the door open, the bright, cheerful voice of his sister greeting Carenath as they exchanged the briefest of words. Anna had barely had the chance to drop her things in the front hall before assaulting Carenath with her tongue. The two shared a long deep kiss as their hands roamed each other's forms, the clear hunger of numerous pent up moments building to a crescendo in physical form. The pair stumbled down the hall to where Fyr lay, Anna stopping at once as she knelled down to get a closer look at him. Fyr let out a little snore, a slow swish of his tail and mumbled something inaudible; all the signs his sister had informed him off through complaints as they were growing up.

"Yup, he's out cold," Anna said as she slowly peeled her skirt down, "He won't be up for hours!" The lovely dragoness slowly unzipped Carenath's pants, sliding his thick, hard shaft out of his underwear, "You on the other hand..." She let her tongue linger on the head just for a moment before swallowing down, gulping the smooth shaft down with the hungriest of moans. The bronze dragon slid a couple fingers into her panties, rubbing over the slick folds that had grown soaked with her arousal. "Y-You've been making me this wet all day... I think it's time you do something about it!"

Fyr opened an eye just a slit as he heard his friend lunge onto his sister, another brief kiss exchanged before the two made a run for the bed, clothes flying every which way. "God that's beautiful!" Fyr heard Carenath moan out as he looked over the dragoness' lovely spread, reaching down to run his tongue along her wet slit, "You taste so lovely!" He groaned in between each lap and slurp, Anna's claws digging into the bedsheets as she moaned at a near ear piercing level. Fyr did his best to control his breath as his heart rate accelerated, his cock already hurting from just how hard it was getting.

Anna was almost in tears from the dragon's perfect tongue work, his bronze muzzle soaked from constant arousal. "Y-y-your t-turn!" she cried, shaking as he sucked on her clit, her whole body ablaze with pleasure.

"No!" Carenath growled as he dug his tongue even deeper, Anna whimpering out near breathlessly, "I'm not done yet!"

"Y-you can't, you, n-no-fuck!" she finally howled out as she squirt into Carenath's mouth, the dragon happily swallowing it down before taking a break. "Y-You made me cum already you bastard!" she laughed, huffing out breaths before the dragon pressed his cock to her lips.

"It tasted wonderful too, don't worry, I'll get you ready for more." His words seemed to ignite her fire back, the dragoness swallowing him down as he began pinching her hard nipples. He took turns being soft and rough, stimulating her sensitive breasts as she deep throated his impressive length. "Wow beautiful," he sighed as he felt her lips pressed tightly around his cock, "You sure know how to give good head!" He peaked through the door, having left it open a crack without Anna realizing. Fyr looked back as he held his own throbbing cock, palm full of sticky precum as he beat off to such a magnificent sight.

"Glad you're enjoying yourself," Anna whispered sensually, returning to her delicate work, "Truth be told I've never taken a cock as big as yours before, so it's gonna need all the help it can get!"

Carenath gave her a dark grin as he pressed on the back of her neck, Anna making a slight gag as his cockhead hit the back of her throat, "Don't worry beautiful, I'll be gentle."

She glared at him as she regained her breath, moaning as Carenath leaned down, sucking on her right nipple, "Y-you better not be!"

The bronze dragon chuckled as he kept sucking on each breast, one at a time, waiting until he smelled her arousal again before tossing her to her side. Fyr quickly dropped to his sleeping position as the two faced him, able to still view them with a believable squint. "Alright sweetie, just remember," he whispered as he lined his cock up to her soaked folds, pressing an inch in, "You asked for this!"

"Oh fuck!" Anna cried out as the first few inches of Carenath's cock sank in, his thick girth spreading her lips out at an alarming pace. Her eyes filled with a few tears as her pussy stretched wide open, a slight sting reaching her nethers as she clenched from its sheer size. "Oh fuck Car! God damn you're huge!"

The bronze dragon gave her a toothy grin as he started thrusting, getting his shaft good and soaked with her juices. "You did ask me to be rough remember?" he gave her neck a good nip, raising her leg with his arm as he bucked his hips wildly. He groaned out as he felt his entire length in and out of her tight pussy, a slick sound ringing out as his balls bounced from the hard thrusting.

"Mmm, don't stop!" Anna cried out, moving her head to the side so Carenath could nip her neck as hard as he wanted. He in fact did so almost immediately, his sharp fangs digging in just deep enough to give her strong tingles. Anna's eyes rolled back as she nipped her bottom lip, nearly tearing at her brother's bedsheets as she was finally able to accept the remaining inches of the dragon's thick manhood.

"Yeah that's it, c'mon!" he growled out as he kept pounding into her, his entire length buried into her as he reached a resounding climax. In near unison the two moaned out, thick strands of white cum dripping out of the dragoness as she sprayed her nectar all over her lover's waist. "A-about time!" Carenath said in a mix of a sigh and a laugh, dropping down to take a breather as Anna reeled from her second orgasm of the night. Carenath moved carefully so she could lay on her stomach, the dragon leaning down to suck on her neck ever so gently.

"Mmm, Car..." she moaned gently, reaching her head around to meet his muzzle, the two could sharing another long kiss. Nearby, Fyr was already forced to slow down, his legs and palms sticky with seed as he kept pleasuring himself to the sight of his sister and best friend. As their kiss broke, Carenath began planting slow little pecks down Anna's body, from her neck all the way down to her thighs before he began running his tongue over the dragoness' luscious lower lips again. "Ahh, mmf, already?" Anna chuckled between gasps as Carenath licked her clitoris, soon snaking his reptilian tongue into her pussy to scoop out his own salty cum.

His breaths were staggered and hungry as he lapped his tongue wildly, tasting every inch of the sticky mess the two had made together. "Delicious!" he moaned as he started to grow hard again, tongue darting over her lips and the nub of her clit as he stimulated her over and over again.

"Fuuuck!" Anna howled as she felt shivers run through her body, the work of Carenath's tongue rekindling her flames of passion. "Alright, alright," Anna cried as she dug her claws into Carenath's back, her soaked pussy more fragrant than ever, "Take me again!"

The dragon grinned as he hoisted her up, getting her into a doggy-style position. He lined the head of his cock with her soaked slit, giving it a short rub before sliding back in. He sighed gently as he felt the comfortable slickness of his own cum, using it as lubricant as he began pounding into her again. "Mmm, no wonder you were teasing me so much!" he gave her butt a quick slap with his palm, "You're really pent up!"

"Ahh, c-can't help it stud!" Anna moaned as she leaned back, aiding in the dragon's rough thrusts, "Especially with that package you're packing!"

"G-god damn!" Carenath growled as he kept thrusting in, watching the dragoness' beautiful backside as it bounced over his thick cock, "You're so tight Anna, I ain't gonna last that much longer!"

Anna grinned as she clenched her body, hearing the noticeable increase in her partner's breath as her pussy tightened around his shaft, "Just try your best!" She couldn't help but chuckle as she purposely sabotaged her lover, keeping herself good and clenched as he kept humping away. Fyr struggled to keep quiet as he touched himself in just a way as to remain unnoticed, his cock throbbing in his palm as his balls ached with the need to fire out a heavy load. "Oh shit!" the loud cry of his sister took his full attention, the dragoness raising her ass up as Carenath had begun pounding in at an all-time high speed, "I-I'm gonna-!" She couldn't finish her statement before letting out a shrill cry, covering the dragon's legs in her juices as cum flooded her pussy once again.

A long strand of cum connected the two as Carenath pulled out, an almost foamy, frothing layer covering both of the pair's lower halves from all the combined fluids. "Mmm we're making quite a mess," Anna sighed as she turned and dropped against the bed, sighing as she rubbed her cum coated folds, "We'll need to wash these sheets when we're done."

Carenath smiled as he knelled down, nipping at the dragon's neck before sharing a long kiss with her again, their tender moment allowing their body to slowly recover for a final round. "God you're beautiful Anna" the bronze dragon sighed in a loving tone, reaching down with his muzzle to plant gentle kisses on each of her breasts.

"Mmm, that's nice" she cooed, hands roaming the scales of his back as she leaned into his loving embrace. The pair continued to share their tender moment, palms sliding over scale as they massaged each other ever so gently. After a good amount of recovery time, Carenath decided to coax their interaction back to a sensual direction, his fingers sliding over her dripping folds and lightly rubbing them. "Again?" Anna chuckled as she let out a low moan, feeling the dragon's thumb as it circled the nub of her clitoris, "Three times huh?"

"Three times" Carenath replied plainly, kissing her neck again before lining his cock up to her soaked flower, sliding it in with relative ease. She looked up at the bronze dragon with a blush on her cheeks, reaching back with her arms to clutch the bedsheets as her lover began thrusting in again. His thrusts were soft though, and slow, the two looking in each other's eyes as they finally made love rather than fucking. Carenath grabbed both of Anna's legs and hoisted them over his shoulders, leaning in close so he could kiss her as he pushed his cock in and out of her messy sex. Fyr panted outside on the couch, pawing as hard as he could, no longer concerned about when he was going to finish.

The lovers on his bed gazed longingly into each other's eyes as their passion reached an all-time high, Anna moaning at the top of her lungs as Carenath groaned out from the slick feeling of cum and juices that coated his hard shaft. He could tell this would be the last orgasm the two would share this evening; Anna looking quite tired and Carenath feeling a mild sensitivity forming on his erection. He was able to keep the pace up however, and managed to help his partner achieve climax in a short amount of time. "C-Car, I-I want you to finish on me," Anna moaned as she reached a dry, but comfortable orgasm, "I want you to mark me!"

The two were too focused on each other to hear the gasp outside, Fyr leaning back as he fired a thick volley of white onto his chest. His heart beat at an alarming rate as he finally came, the red dragon reaching for a towel on the floor to wipe himself off with. Back in his room, Carenath had pulled out of Anna and now stroked his soaked length with a firm grip. He panted as he increased the pace in which he stroked, tugging hard as he smeared the mixes of arousal over his throbbing prick. It took no time at all, his breath increasing as Anna rubbed his balls with the palm of her hand. Long shots fired out over her breasts and down her chest, Carenath reeling as he covered his lover's beautiful scales with all the seed that was left in him.

"Mmm, that feels nice!" Anna said in a sultry tone, rubbing the sticky seed all over herself with a smile. Carenath had dropped down beside her and stroked her hair gently, admiring her beauty as he enjoyed the warm ripples of afterglow. Anna kissed his forehead before getting up, careful to make sure the pool of cum didn't drop anywhere as she got up off the bed. "Ok loverboy," she told her companion with a playful smile, "Let's get cleaned up."

Carenath nodded with a chuckle as he slapped her butt, "Sure, I guess we can always get dirty again tomorrow!" Fyr kept his eyes shut as he thought of a reply to his friends idea, a grin forming on his muzzle as he thought, 'You better believe it!'

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