A Passing Acquaintance

Story by Lorddaventry on SoFurry

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A Passing Acquaintance

High in the sky, was flying a large black dragon through the air. Two long, white horns crowned his imposing head, from which two ruby eyes stood out. Narrow, dark gray ear combs framed his face. The ears overlying stretched below the horns backwards. Over the head, the neck down went a likewise dark gray spike comb, which up to half of his tail handed. The individual spikes were white like his horns. His body was wrapped in black scales. In the right light, even a slight, matt shine was on it. The plates on the front of the neck, the chest and the abdomen showed a dark gray color. Similarly, the flight membranes of his long, powerful wings. The claws on his massive paws were retractable. His tail end had a wedge shape and was of a similar nature as the leather flight skins. With another, vigorous flapping, the black dragon rose slightly higher and was once again borne by the tailwind. During the slight gliding, he threw his attentive look over the landscape. Short rocketed his eyes to the well-fortified leather bag on his right foreleg.   He sent a slightly condescending snort forward and rolled his eyes slightly. "Why they send just me in the desert." He groused mentally and looked forward to the hills on the horizon, which marked the boundary of the big desert and the Empire of Sullfar. "But the elders have unfortunately so decided." He argued with himself. Curious, he looked at the leather bag again. "I wonder what's in there?" He asked himself mentally and sniffed even think. "Apparently something important, otherwise they would hardly send out all." He added the while his memory fell back at the time of his departure. ..... A bright sunbeam hit on his black scaly face, when he stepped out of the high archway. Shortly he moved his eyelids, as the bright light fell in his ruby red pupils. A light bright veil fell over while his black scaled coat. Curious sparkled his red eyes, as he looked at the other figures in the big square with an awaken view. Two of his fellows were already in the air. One flew to the north, the other to the west. Further ahead, he recognized his blue colleagues, as he once elegantly catapulted himself into the air with a few wing beats.   Shortly thereafter the elders already came up to him. Wrapped in their gray robes, they approached him. One held a brown leather bag in his hands, which he already attached to the right foreleg of the dragon. "It's a long flight to Stormwind." Said one of the men and lifted confident his forehead. The black dragon slowly lowered his head and replied the tired look of the elders. The old man placed his hand on the cheek, which the dragon drew a faint cooing. The leather case tightened the man nodded to him to determine, before turning to the elders. "It's all ready, Master Atlas." He said calmly. "Do not let stop you Mirnehviir." Said Atlas confident and withdrew his hand. Short sniffed the black dragon on the pocket, before he nodded to him and walked to the edge of the square. He proudly raised his head in the light wind. ...... With outstretched wings, Mirnehviir drove still on the tailwind. "Well, after all, a city is easier to find than an airship." He thought further amused. Carefully he looked ahead to the hills. Behind the mountains the brown dunes of Sullfar already appeared.   "Not long now, and I ...." Suddenly whirred a fast object past his head. Startled, he made a frantic turn aside and held his position in the air. "What was that?!" he thought with a quiet growl in his throat. His sharp gaze soared over the treetops of the forest at the foot of the hills. Nervously gave his head back and forth. A metal crack came from the forest canopy, followed by the soft whir of a flying shackle. With heavy weights they raced turning toward him. Elegant evaded Mirnehviir the projectile and tried to find the origin from under the trees. But already flown the next rotating projectiles toward him. Frantically the Dragon made another role and thus escaped the second shackle. However, the third seized him and wrapped himself roaring around his hind legs. The heavy weights it forced him down slowly. Only laboriously succeeded Mirnehviir to keep the flying height. But again he heard this metallic cracking beneath the leaves roof. Two more chains soared up to him. The inertial weights to his legs restrict his mobility in the air too much, as he could still perform great evasive maneuvers. They quickly wrapped around his chest and handcuffed his wings, which made him fall unexpectedly in the canopy of the forest.   With a loud roar he fell down into the trees, and with a thud, it was dark. ......

Slightly dazed, Mirnehviir came back to himself and looked exhausted therethrough between thick metal bars. Breathing was difficult for him. A strange metal structure was pulled over his nose and the mouth. Hard leather straps held this muzzle on his position. The small holes in it left him little room to breathe. He slowly raised his head and said with a strong snort that he could not move properly. Heavy iron chains held his body fixed to the bottom of the cage. His wings were strapped with leather straps thick on his back. In a fleeting moment widened his eyes frightened. Frantically he looked at the bag on his right foreleg. Luckily for him, it was still there, where the elders had attached it and still sealed. "Then they were not interested to this." He thought with relief. "But what then?" He asked himself. A slightly sad look he threw at the sky. The sun had already set and some lonely stars appeared in the night sky. Near to his cage burned a huge bonfire, which numerous shadows had gathered around. Behind the flames he saw the dark outline of another cage. This, however, was covered with a tarpaulin. Two shadows came slowly toward the tethered dragon.   With slotted pupils he saw the strange men on growling. "Who do we have here?" Asked one of the men seriously. "It thought, they wanted only one dragon?" "And?" Interrupted his colleague in the word. "What, and?! Where is this one coming from?" He prompted after determining and stepped vigorously with the foot once the cage. Mirnehviir replied with a muffled growl. More let the muzzle not. "We have brought him down at the foot of the hills. Not far from where we had caught the other." Explained one. The first knelt before Mirnehviirs face and looked into his glowing red eyes. "The reward is indeed advertised only on the other, but they pay sure something more, when we deliver two." "What do they do with them?" Asked one of the men insecure. "Killing, skinning, what the hell I know!" Began the other a bit annoyed. "As long as the price is right, I do not ask questions." He bleated on. "Let's hope that they pay extra." Said the second again. "Otherwise we remain sitting on this thing!" He continued, pointing condescending to the cage. One of the shadows looked the dragon seriously. "On this, I do not want to sit!" He began to laugh and stepped back to the cage again.   With slitted pupils and a muffled growl, Mirnehviir watched them, as they walked back to the campfire. "That does not sound good!" He thought aloud in himself. "There must be a way to get out of here!" Echoed his thoughts voice further, as he vigorously pushed against his restraints. But this gave no way in any way. More than that, they seemed to be-tightening, the more he fought against. Exhausted, he let go of it and snorted vigorously in the muzzle. He carefully looked at his prison. At least as attentive as it would allow his chains. "The bars are made of hardened obsidian steel." Spoke his thoughts. "They would even withstand my fire breath. And with this damned muzzle, it is already not in it!" He argued further. "The floor consists of a solid steel plate." Slightly disappointed sank his face down. "I'd only break my claws on it." He thought as his gaze fell upwards. "The ceiling is not so massive, and the hinges are not very stable." Curious, he lifted his head again. "If only I could just get up!" He swore mentally and gave a deep growl. "This cap I could pry open."   But he already felt again the slow weight of his fetters as he tried to move. Exhausted, his head sank back to the ground and he looked sadly at the hearth. "Oh, if I just had flown faster." He grumbled to himself. "Then these bastards would not get me caught." Echoed his words continued as he closed his eyes wearily. "Shit!" Came forth a loud voice from the fire. Surprised raised Mirnehviir his head and looked with a curious glint in his eyes to the source of the voice. Suddenly a lot of activity around the other cage reigned around. The tarpaulin of the prison was half in the fire and was ablaze. "Damn it! See that it is quiet again this bastard!" One of the men swore determinative. Four of them stood around the cage and pulled vigorously on the chains from the grid, while others pushed into the interior with wooden rods. The whole cage hit back and forth. Mirnehviir could not see, who or what was included therein by the bright flicker of fire. But, this being fought with considerable force. Tensely, the black dragon watched this spectacle. "Watch the tail!" Cried one of the men panicked. As soon as he heard the words, he saw a long tail came out of the cage and spun around in a brisk movement. Two men have been taken. The blow echoed like the blare of a whip, whose power both slung from the cage. The tip of the tail flashes in the flickering light of a short bright shimmer, as it rose. From the top he forced down, heading straight for one of the men. This dodged at the last second. "Heaven! Ass, and son of a bitch!" One of the men swore angrily. "Where the hell are the tranquilizer darts!?"   Where the lashing tail impinged on the ground are discharged a shock wave, which reached to the fire. The powerful blast hurled the glow high up in the treetops, illuminating for a fleeting moment the night sky. At this moment, Mirnehviir could see the outline of the other cage. A brown shingled dragon fought bitterly against his tormentors. Vigorously he braced himself against the chains and snapped what the muzzle blazes. Yellow eyes gleamed menacingly in his face. Something small silver flashed on his neck, but already the glow was fizzles. Again, the long tail swung down and struck into the void. Once again discharged a shock wave, which split the trunk of the neighboring tree effortlessly. With a loud crack, one of the tree halves fell to the ground. Mirnehviir could feel the vibration in his cage. Amazed he looked at the split trunk. "What a force!" He thought amazed to himself.

Again swayed the cage, as the brown dragon against his restraints. But suddenly his movements were sluggish and he sank exhausted to the ground. Completely exhausted the men were sent go of the chains. "Jeez!" Cursed the leader. Mirnehviir could not see it exactly, but he realized how the man could disappear something small in his coat pocket. "This stuff does not work so long to this creature!" He bleated loudly. "Hopefully they will last until we arrive." Interrupted a man into. "It would be better!" Scolded the leader and beat the hecklers on the back of the head. "Now get your ass moving! And pulling that thing a new tarp over!" He swore further and showed decisive to the cage.   "Tranquilizer darts?!" resounded in Mirnehviirs thoughts. "That's why I'm so tired." He thought further. He heard a few quick steps approached his cage. Easily opened with one eye he watched the figure. Strong, the leader of these men kicked the grid. "You want some of it, too?!" cried the man angrily. Without reacting remained the black dragon in his attitude. Long the shape looked at him seriously. "Humph!" The man cleared his throat, shaking his head and strode vigorously back to the fire. "I hope these wankers pay decently for these beasts!" He groused to himself. With a furtive glance looked Mirnehviir after him. "No thanks." He thought to himself sarcastically, trying to relax in this oppressive attitude. With great difficulty, he managed to find some sleep. ...... Income came Mirnehviir regains consciousness. He felt a slight vacillation. Wearily he opened his eyes and saw between thick steel rods a blue sky. It was already day and the men were in single file on the road. Behind him they drew forth a double-Ballista, and behind it was the other cage with the tarp over it. He carefully looked at the ballista and the men who walked beside it. Thoughtfully he cooed to himself. "A dragon hunter ballista." He thought in wonder in itself. "Since the hunter wars I have not seen one." His look more skeptically to the men. "But these men bear no mark or uniform of the Hunters Order. These are determined only simple mercenary bounty hunter?" He asked himself and looked back at the double-barreled weapon. "But how they came to this bond spin?" He asked again.   But before he could use it more thought, he noticed some movements in the other cage. The dragon is slowly came back to himself. Out of a reflex, Mirnehviir tried to get up. But the chain still held him tightly. He noticed only that they no longer felt as heavy as last night. "The effect has probably finally subsided!" he thought with relief. But he could not let himself recovered his strength not show it. He did not risk another dose, at least until he was out of this cage. But if he could not break these chains, it would be meaningless anyway. Curious, he lifted his head again and looked at the second cage. The movements therein seemed to be hectic, but suddenly they stood still. Under the tarpaulin he saw two glowing yellow eyes that were looking at him. Shortly they blinked at him and disappeared out again in the shadow of the cover. Curious, Mirnehviir tried those eyes recover, but in vain. Instead, a long tail dipped under the tarp on, pushed between the bars and lifted up. The air around the tip seemed to vibrate.   "Not again!! Look out!" Cried one of the soldiers panicked. But already snapped the tail like a whip down. The ensuing shock wave raced straight toward Mirnehviir. Spasmodic he braced himself against his chains to escape this force, but could not move. Frantically, he pulled his head down and kept his eyes shut tight. He felt a tremendous shock, followed by the bright clank of metal rods. He quickly opened his eyes and realized that one side of his cage was torn. Even the anchoring of his chains lay on the street. A low growl came from his muzzle as he braced himself with all his strength against his restraints. This time they did not stand to his impact and were thrown downright. A chain met one of the mercenaries and yanked him painfully to the ground. "Fuck! He is free!" Roared the second. Mirnehviir jumped down from the destroyed car and looked around briefly. From front, several men already got down from the cars. Rear were the ballista and the second cage. The second mercenaries, he hit vigorously with his tail and threw him hard against the nearest trunk, where he lay motionless. From the front already ran the next attacker toward him. His quick look more forward to the car, which had a few boxes with small flame symbols loaded thereon. He then looked at the wrecked cage, as it briefly flashed in his red eyes. With his head he pushed himself hard against one of the wagon wheels. He turned it 90 degrees and tilted slightly to one side. He quickly let go of the cage and turned his back on quickly. With extended claws he smashed his front paws into the ground and lifted his hind legs. With a powerful kick, he threw the cage forward into the other car. A panic "Shit!" was to hear, even before the vehicle hit with an enormous bang and created a large, dense cloud of smoke. This gave him enough time to arrive at the second cage.   With two powerful swipes of his claws, the hinges disintegrated into its constituent parts. Another hit broke the chains. Massive, the lid of the car fell open and to the astonishment of Mirnehviir, an elegant female dragon came out. Her wings were like his shackled. But he had no time at the moment, to enjoy the scenery.

A muffled roar came from her muzzle. The pupils of her slitted, yellow glowing eyes on the dust cloud, she sprinted even right into it. Mirnehviir wanted afterwards, but her pace, he could not reach. "Shouldn't we get out of here?" He thought to himself quickly as she disappeared in the dense fog. Panicked screams and the sounds of weapons came through the dirty cloud. A loud bang echoed through the air and the black dragon saw a ballista and two mercenaries were thrown to the left side. Of which no longer remained as a pile of junk. "Let me go you fucking...!" Echoed the voice of a man backwards. Surprised stopped Mirnehviir and saw how the leader of the mercenaries, in a high arc flew over him. He lost a small metal tube, which lay before him on the street. The mercenary leader ended painfully in the cage of the dragoness. With a quick head movement Mirnehviir let fall the cover and bent with his paws the frame of the grid, which is why the cage is no longer allowed to open. In the meantime, the brown dragoness came back from the smoke cloud. With an angry shine in her eyes, she stared at the little metal tube, before she crushed it with her paw snarling.   A glance and a quick nod, she sent to the black dragon before she ran into the forest at a rapid pace. "Just you wait, when I get out of here!" Cursed the man in the cage. With a muted, condescending snort Mirnehviir looked at him. Growling and with slitted pupils he beat with his paw against the bars, which made the man wince scared therein. "You want some of it, too?!" the dragon thought amused. Then, without further hesitation followed Mirnehviir the dragoness, because with all the mercenaries he could not take it. "Get me out of here, assholes!!" He still heard the voice of the leader when he sprinted between the trees. A little more than an hour, the black dragon followed by in her footsteps through the woods. Mirnehviir did not know where he fled. He just followed the footprints of this stubborn female, which was in its pace certainly long gone. Finally, he slumped exhausted. Vigorous breaths hissed through the small holes of the muzzle. Unfortunately for him lost on the stony ground, the tracks of the brown dragoness.   "OK. One by one." He thought confident to himself. "First, get rid of this muzzle." He continued mentally. He grabbed with a paw on the back of the head, but was unable to open the small buckles. He drove out his claws and tried to separate the belt. But he felt the same, as the tip of his claw easily pierced in his shed. Why he broke off the experiment. He would injure himself unnecessarily. "CRAP!" He complained in and lowered his head dejectedly. A loud metallic percussion could be heard from afar. Alarmed stood Mirnehviir quick on his feet and looked back and forth frantically. "Did they find me?!" echoed in his thoughts. But appeared not mercenaries. Again was heard a slap. Curious, the black dragon started the echo counter to go. After a few steps he saw in amazement the brown dragoness. Still, he watched her from the distance. Easily startled, he looked at her bleeding neck. She had tried to solve the muzzle with the claws, which drew some bleeding cuts after themselves. With the head she hit against a rock. However, the metal structure was not resolved. There was just one more dent in it. Shortly thereafter, she threw herself sideways into a tree. Strain buckled, but the straps around her wings did not dissolve. Totally exhausted she lay next to the felled tree on the ground and snorted vigorously through the muzzle.   Mirnehviir took another step forward. Occurred unfortunately on a branch. Alarmed by the faint crackling, the female stood up instantly and looked growling to the black dragon. Somewhat intimidated, he stopped and said the threat of lighting their yellow eyes with an innocent look as possible. Confident he took another step toward her. What the dragoness countered with a dull roar. In addition, she raised threatening her long tail. The tip glowed on a fast twinkle, just as her eyes. Around the tail end, the air began to vibrate, moving in small circles. Mirnehviir crack startled eyes and quickly got back a bit. "She can use magic!" He noted. "And besides, she does not trust me." He went on thinking. Long she stared at the black dragon. Slightly tense stopped Mirnehviir and countered her stubborn views. In a fleeting moment her eyes gave way to one side. Shortly afterwards, was heard a metallic creak. With a hissing whirring flew a projectile toward the dragoness. Too late she responded. The force of the projectile hurled her against the rocks where she lay dazed. A second crack came from behind and threw another projectile forward.   Just in time, the black dragon was able to crouch. The weights flew almost across his head and brushed his muzzle slightly. Straightened up again, he jumped forward and turned to face the attackers. Several mercenaries came out of the bushes and saw the dragon with angry faces on. The tensioned arches and raised their spears, they aimed at him. One step laboriously from the center. He moved his left leg slightly behind him. "That was a huge fault!" Roared the mercenary leader, pointing menacingly angry Mirnehviir. The black dragon lowered his front body down slightly and lifted his tail ready to fight anything. With extended claws and slotted pupils he growled menacingly at the mercenary. The dragoness lifted dazed her head and threw her dim view to the male, who had placed himself protectively between her and the attackers. She was too weakened to get up, also her gaze darkened quickly and she lost consciousness.

"This will be over quickly." Said the leader confidently. At the same time, the men pushed two ballistae from the bushes and aimed at Mirnehviir. The mercenary leader raised his right hand to the weapon. "The black one, we do not need." He said determinative and a nasty smile on his lips. With a laughing nod the men pulled the slingshot bondage from the bow and began a large metal peer appeal.   Mirnehviir took a step toward the leader. Shortly afterwards, the left Ballista fired her slingshot bondage. Lowered his head and lifted his tail he looked at the revolving projectile. Skillfully he took a step to the side and held his tail tip in the trajectory. The bondage began to hook themselves. At this very moment, Mirnehviir made a turn and threw the weights to the second weapon. But before the fetlock struck, they fired the heavy spear. With a loud crack, the arch of the unit fell apart. A quick hissing accompanied the fatal bullet, as it flew on the black dragon. The eyes widened, he gave way to jump to the side. Only narrowly missed him the spear. Severing him from the wide belt on his right flank, which tied his wings. The projectile crashed into the rock wall behind him and dropped a few stones on the unconscious dragoness. An angry glint flashed in Mirnehviirs eyes. Imposing he spread his great wings and suggested them vigorously together. The massive gust of wind threw the mercenaries to the ground, which gave him some time. He turned to the female, who motionless still lay on the ground. He made a great leap towards her, spread his long wings and reached into the deep gliding after her. The extra weight brought him almost to crash, but with winey wing beats he resembled this in time from. Her body pressed tightly to his, he flew over the forest, as far away from these men.   Painfully, the mercenary leader picked up again. Furious, he saw the destroyed ballista and saw the dragon as he flew away. With contracted eyebrows, he stared deep breathing heavily behind the shadow of Mirnehviir. A thick vein throbbed on his neck. "What do we do now? Phargh!" Hardly the man had asked his question, struck him the leader his fist in the face. "A wet shit we do now!" He swore strong in the sky. ...... For an hour flew Mirnehviir with the dragoness the mountainside along. Suddenly he felt a stabbing pain in his shaft edge. The momentum had his wings slightly tense, which made him lose much altitude. With great difficulty he managed to maintain his gliding. Slightly ahead he saw a small pond with a dense grassy area beside it. In slightly shaky descent, captured him again this stabbing pain. Unintentionally, he let go of the female and dropped like a stone from the sky. Fortunately, the high grass and the earthy soil intercepted the lower fall. Exhausted breathed Mirnehviir frantically through his muzzle. He raised his right wing and turned horrified found, that he had a long, bleeding gash on his flank. His eyes squinted his head sank to the ground exhausted. "Has he caught more than just the belt." He thought, breathing heavily.   He laboriously picked himself up again and walked slowly to the female. Carefully, he pulled her to the edge of the pond. Set on the banks arrived, he could now look more closely at her leisure. With a soft cooing, he marveled at her. Curious, he sniffed at her, internalized her soft, feminine touch. Her elegant body was stocked with brown scales. Much like the grains of sand in the desert. A weak luster was on as the steep midday sun fell on it. In size terms, she was a bit smaller than he. Two long, slightly curved horns crowned her cute head and narrow ear wings on the sides, gave her beautiful face the finishing touches. Her claws were white like the horns. She also had a small thorn crest, which reached up over her back. Her tail was long and very narrow towards the tip. At first glance, it looked more like a whip. As he had already experienced. The larger scales on her bottom plates gave way to a light brown in color. "Such a graceful creature." He thought to himself softly cooing, looking at her with eyes half-closed. "With such a force." he continued, as the image of the split tree appeared to him again.

Skeptical, he looked at her wounds at the neck, which she accidentally inflicted herself. He carefully ran a claw under the straps of the muzzle. With a quick movement slid his sharp claw through the little belt and he could draw her the battered bucket off her head. Individual scales on her head were white towards the nose. For a brief moment he looked softly cooing her graceful face. His gaze remained hanging on the silver chain around her neck. An elongated tag was attached to it, with ornate letters a name was engraved.   Sahskia. With a damp gleam in his eyes, he looked at her again. Skeptical, he looked back at her still weak bleeding neck. Quiet cooing he licked tenderly over her wounds. After a few tongue brushing, the bleeding had stopped and softly cooing he looked back into her beautiful face. Unexpectedly, he shrugged, but because of his aching flank together again, what a low growl caused. In the end, he cut with his sharp claw trough the straps around her back and gave her long, narrow wings freely. Still unconscious she unfolded and the female was a sigh of relief from the improving itself. Her flight skins wore the same coloring as her base. Tired and exhausted, step Mirnehviir to the shore of the pond. He dipped his head under the water and drank several large gulps of the clear liquid. Peppy he pulled it out and enjoyed the cooling effect on his shed. He lay down beside the sleeping female on the grass and looked at her for a while to. He then cleaned up his right flank, and hoped for rapid wound healing. Laid his head on his paws, he wondered, when Sahskia will probably wake up again. But more and more overcame him fatigue and softly cooing, he dozed off.

......   Something scared tore Sahskia her eyes open and stood reflexively on. Surprised and relieved at the same time, she noted, that she was freed from her bonds. Elegant she spread her long wings and looked at herself in the mirror-like surface of the pond. She looked somewhat skeptical at the wounds on her neck. "Who ...?" Suddenly she heard a whimpering sound from behind and her thoughts voice trailed off. Surprised, she turned around and looked at a lying, black dragon. "What? He?" She thought amazed. Partly he was trembling as he breathed through his clumsy muzzle. Attentive listening the female in the air and looked frantically back and forth. Thoughtfully, she looked up at the sun and then looked to the hills. "I'm far too long away." she thought out loud in herself. "How can I call myself a keeper, if I can not even watch a shrine." she groused mentally continue. She made some great steps of Mirnehviir away and unfolded her wings, ready to start, but stopped abruptly and threw a wet look of her yellow eyes to the black dragon back. "I should not ...." She thought uncertainly in herself. Quiet cooing she huffed out vigorously, looking at him further.   ...... Restlessly, Mirnehviir moving back and forth. His injured flank made it increasingly difficult for him to keep the rest of his sleep. A sharp pulse startled him. With a low growl in his throat he came to himself and threw his awakened view up in the sky. The position of the sun after he had slept only a few hours. Slightly dejected, he noted that Sahskia had disappeared. "I wanted to thank her yet, for the help." He thought disappointed. To his amazement, his muzzle was gone too. The annoying piece of metal lay before him in the grass. The leather belt on it was bitten. "At least something." He thought wearily to himself. Facilitates breathing Mirnehviir deeply, enjoying the unobstructed airflow to his lungs. A faint breeze flew into his back and left the high grass dancing in corrugating movements. And then suddenly landed a wild boar in front of his feet. Startled, he sat up and watched amazed, as a female brown dragon elegant prepared for landing. With a steep nosedive she pricked down and spread close to the ground her wings. The gust of wind of her approach as the high grass and tended almost silently put their paws on the ground.   In her mouth she had another boar. Completely speechless, he looked at her. With dilated pupils, he looked at her almost flowing movements. She laid down across from him on the ground and tore a large piece of flesh from her prey, which she swallowed with relish. Curtly she looked him in the red, sparkling eyes. Once snorted heavily in his direction and then held her head slightly turned to the side, while she looked at him softly cooing. Mirnehviir managed meanwhile to close his jaw again and replied slightly embarrassed, these warm eye contact. In her yellow, sparkling eyes he saw a faint hint of a dark green. Direct around her now rounded pupils. In her magical look caught he grabed with his paw initially into space, what drew her an amusing grumbling. A bit embarrassed, gave his views to the side where he closed his eyes briefly. "Idiot." He referred to himself in thought, looking at the wild boar in front of his feet. While he satisfied his hunger, he tried to have as it was only possible as little eye contact with Sahskia. Although he was aware that she would not let him all the time out of her eyes. Between bites he attempted a short, shy glance repeatedly. Quiet cooing she watched him. "Actually, he is very cute." She thought to herself with half-closed eyes.   It was probably more wild boar than hunger there. Slightly less than half of the animal was left. However, Mirnehviir got down no further bites. Slightly puzzled, Sahskia looked at him. He tried to get up to drink a sip of water, but sank again cramped on the floor. With a faint growl in his throat, he fought against the pain impulse from his flank. The dragoness looked at him skeptically, until he finally lifted his wing. "Ahh. Damn it!" Swore Mirnehviir mentally, as he looked at his flank. The gash was torn again and dyed his black dress dark red. "Oh no!" Presented Sahskia horrified. Without hesitation, she stood up and quickly came up to him while she looked at the bleeding wound. Something startled flinched the black dragon and covert slightly shaky his injury again with his wing. With closed eyes, he held his head down, fighting the sharp pain. Suddenly he felt a pleasant vibration beside him. A warm touch on his cheek. Sahskia stood beside him and pressed gently cooing her nose against his head. He felt her warm breath as he slowly passed over his face, eased the pain. Relieved, he lay down sideways and lifted slightly hesitant his right wing. Listening to her gentle cooing, he felt her pleasant touch. A long, warm tongue touch she slipped down his cheek, which made him exhale relaxed.   She gently stroked her paw on his neck and threw a hard look at the wound. The cut was not as deep as she had first feared. But still she had to do something about the bleeding. Slowly Mirnehviir opened his eyes and looked at this female long. In her yellow eyes shone for a brief moment on a bright spark, as he had seen it before. He saw how a small stream of water from the pond rose and magically went around her left paw. It looked as if she would have pulled a glove.

Mirnehviir felt the gentle vibrations of her coo over her right paw, which she gently placed on his neck. With her left paw, she slowly approached the wound. Again flashed this sparkle in her eyes and a deep murmur came from her throat. Mirnehviir winced when he felt the coldness of the water in his wound, which drew a faint burning by itself. Gently, she pressed her paw against his body and drove slowly along the injury. A faint tingling accompanied the slowly decaying pain. The water evaporated to her paw, leaving a clean, closed wound. Relieved, calmed Mirnehviirs spasmed jerks and he closed heavily exhaling eyes. Partly, Sahskia nudging with her nose against his healed edge and gently stroked her head the lighter stripes in his shed dress along. A soft coo accompanied her loving touch. The eyes closed and with a faint purr in his throat, he enjoyed the small pats of her.   With a dreamy glint in her eyes, Sahskia looked at him. "So it's much better now." She thought with satisfaction. Purring softly she clung tightly against his body and lay down at his side. Mirnehviir felt the warmth of her body next to him and slowly lifted his head. He threw the brown dragoness to a warm look and sniffed excitedly on her neck. Stick with closed eyes along her neck, groped scale by scale. Enjoying, held Sahskia eyes closed and purring excited when she felt his wet tongue on her scales. While his muscle slid slowly up her neck she gave a faint, happy "Chirp" of herself. Both held their noses then held together and looked at each other dreamily. In Mirnehviirs eyes, Sahskias bright sparkle reflected again. In the bright, yellow lights he saw a clear, green sheen to her pupils. With half-closed eyelids she looked dreamily at this male. Mirnehviir felt the gentle vibrations of her purring quiet about the pleasant physical contact. A faint smell rose to his nose, which flooded his body with new energy. Without a doubt this stimulating scent came from the beautiful female at his side. With every breath this exciting scent was consistently stronger.   With slight pressure, she leaned against him and drove her head through under his foreleg. At the same time Minehviir turned onto his back. Sahskia moved over him and was lying on his chest. Cooing she stroked with her wet tongue up his neck. With eyes closed, he enjoyed her tender touch. When she reached his chin dropped her sparkling look with a dreamy gleam in his ruby eyes. He felt the gentle hum of her purring on his body and snuggled his head closely approached her. Supple she moved her elegant body and rubbed with her shed on his. Her fragrant scent spreading, she nibbled gently on his neck, which he drew an enjoying grumbling. He could feel the moist heat of her abdomen and could not resist longer her scent. The tip of his growing member pressed himself already slightly against her stomach. Cheerfully cooed Sahskia, when she felt his manhood on her abdomen. The eyes half closed she saw Mirnehviir with a seductive sparkle and slowly rose from him. Purring softly she looked at his dark limb as easily shrugging stretched into the air.   Gently, she put her nose to the weak ribbed top and internalized its distinctive odor. A pleasant shiver flooded her body. Deep blowing it this fragrance in every fiber of her muscles. She gently put her wet tongue to the weak pulsing shaft and moved it slowly up to the top. The black dragon breathed heavily, during this graceful female explored his penis. An enjoyable twitching surged through his body as he received another wave of her intoxicating scent. Playful moving Sahskia her flexible tongue around Mirnehviirs member. Amusing she purred, letting her smooth muscle circling slide over his top. She tasted the first drops of his lust, which made her passion continue to rise. Mirnehviir tore briefly startled his eyes, as Sahskia had disappear his penis completely in her mouth. With moist glance he looked at her as she lay beside him and indulged him. Skillfully her wet tongue was around the slightly twitching shaft and moved rhythmically up and down. What the black dragon drew a pleasant grumbling. Vigorously he snorted and dropped his head to the ground. Her scent in the nose, the wet tongue around his cock and her hot breath that flowed over it. Passionately Mirnehviir dropped in these emotions.   He felt closer to his climax, what his body was increasingly stiffen. Sahskia felt his jerky movements and also pressed her mouth a bit more against his abdomen. Mirnehviir took a deep breath and gave a passionate growl. Reflexively drove out his claws and buried themselves in the soft earth as his orgasm rushed through his muscles. Sahskia felt the more expectant twitch of his penis, along with the swelling of his knot. Strong massaging her tongue his slightly ribbed shaft, eager to get his liquid. Eyes tightly closed, pressed the black dragon more against her snout and rewarded her zeal with numerous splashes of his seed. The dragoness felt this hot wave in her throat. As if in a trance, the female purred as she internalized his intense flavor. Slowly she let his cock slide out of her tongue. Even the last drop of his lust she wanted to receive.

With a strong snort Mirnehviir stood up and came over to this beautiful female. In his ruby eyes, the fire of passion was burning, which reflected in the green glow of her yellow eyes.   He tenderly licked her on the mouth, caught a short tongue touching from her before he slid his smooth muscle playfully her neck down. An enjoyable grumbling came from her throat while she lay cheerfully down. Mirnehviir paused to their heady scent anew breathe. As an addiction it boosted his pulse and also demanded for more. Thrown the look in her sparkling eyes, she looked at him with this alluring lights, amplified by the reddish glint of the setting sun in the pond. A soft, playful "Chirp" gave the brown dragoness of her and turned elegantly on the back. Mirnehviir almost remained tongue stuck in his throat, as this graceful creature presented him her femininity. A faint sheen lay on her already highly excited lips. Attracted by her irresistible fragrance, he approached her. Gently stroked his smooth tongue over the moist lips what drew her a deep murmur. Pleasant, the dragoness closed her eyes and let her head slowly sink to the bottom when she felt his tongue. Her desire to taste, his fire stoked additional and awakened his instincts. With a passionate growl he closed his eyes and pressed his muzzle firmly against her body. Tenderly, he dipped his tongue in her femininity, and pondered it playfully in her body. Surprised expanded Sahskia her eyes when she felt Mirnehviirs flexible tongue inside. A damp sheen lay on her roundish pupils as she looked at this black male with her lustful grumbling.   Greedy for her lust, he explored her femininity, sent one shiver by the other through her pleasuring trembling body. With relish, he snorted in her femininity, known more of her intoxicating fragrance a. The tongue plunged deep into her passion groped Mirnehviir before continue. He could hear her pounding heartbeat clear and also her intensifying twitching betrayed him, her lurking climax. Hectic waved her tail back and forth. Her tongue hung out of the mouth with relish while she intensively exhaled. Mirnehviir could feel her vagina slightly narrowed and held his tongue with a slight pressure. Rhythmically her inner muscles began to move. The female growled softly, and with closed look poked her head up. Her claws dug into the soft ground and with a passionate roar she gave her intense orgasm hearing, while her body trembled. A wet wave of her ecstasy spilled out between her tender lips, which Mirnehviir let it enjoy over his face flow. Her echo listening he licked softly cooing to her slightly quivering lips.   With an intense purring she snuggled her head into the soft grass and enjoyed his tender tongue touch in the afterglow of her orgasm. A dreamy splendor lay in her sparkling eyes, as she looked at the black dragon, as he gently caressed her femininity with a closed view, holding up the pleasant flickering. A thin thread of saliva retired to the length, as Mirnehviir slowly loosened his tongue from her body. With a shimmering twinkle in his eyes, he slowly climbed over her. Sahskia looked spellbound in his rubies and purred happily continue. He gently nudged her nose with his and pressed his head tightly against her. With an intense murmur the black dragon fell to the elegant body of the brown female. A strong sigh of relief, he drew her as his dark limb gently stroked her moist lips. Mirnehviir felt the moist heat on his penis. A faint twitch surged through his body while he was deep in this green glow of her yellow eyes sank. Purring, licked Sahskia over his mouth and closed her eyes halfway. He felt her tongue and she looked at him with this alluring sparkle. As her intoxicating fragrance, the one more time nostrils him. Partly he withdrew his abdomen slightly, brought the tip of his penis between her moist lips into position.   The females lay her paws on his flanks. Gently, she pressed her claws against his shed, pulled him pleasuring purring to herself. Mirnehviir took a deep breath and slowly began to sink his penis. Sahskia let her tongue lustfully hanging out of the mouth, as the black dragon finally entered her. He tenderly extended her vagina, sent wave after wave of intoxicating feelings through her body. The finely ribbed texture of his penis embellished this feeling even more. With a deep, lustfully grumbling he leaned his head against her, as he sank his cock into her. Her passion overcame him like a whirlwind. He felt her racing heartbeat under him and lost himself completely in it. The rhythmic movements of her femininity also robbed him of the senses. Slowly he withdrew from her. Cheerfully shrugged the female, as his shaft again stroked over her tender lips. Shortly he waited, turned eye contact with her. And when met the passionate sparkle of her eyes, he pushed back into her. Alone enjoying, Sahskia snorted as his penis penetrated back into her. Mirnehviir lowered his chest more on her, rubbed smooth over her brown scale dress while pushing again in her. With each time, her heat more overcame him. Together with his pulse, he increased his pace constantly.   Sahskia let her head fall back to the ground and snorted heavily with her mouth open. Mirnehviir wrapped his forelegs around her elegant body and licked her tenderly on the neck. Her muscles stiffened increasingly, as well as his movements became more jerky. Both were near their peak. He felt exactly as her vagina slightly narrowed. The rhythmic movements of her inner muscles massaged his penis strong and dragged him more in her body. His knot began to swell, and with a final thrust he plunged his manhood into her quivering body. Passionately he bit her gently in the neck, while his twitching member erupted inside her. Splashes to splashes of hot liquid he gave her. A low murmur came from his throat, while he closely clung to this beautiful female.

Sahskia felt the delicate pain of his teeth on the neck, as her orgasm rushed through her muscles. Her long tail wrapped tightly around his and held him thigh. She felt his throbbing knot inside and the warm showers of his seed. She was deep breathing, as this ecstasy came into her head. With slitted pupils and a passionate roar she freed her frenzy.   Dreamy cooed the female in front of him and threw a warm look in two sparkling, ruby red dragon eyes. Tight embrace of his paws she could still feel his cock inside. Gently pulsing it with his heartbeat. With slight pressure pressed the dragons successive their forehead and listened in the afterglow the gentle hum of the others. A faint breeze flew over them and pulled a faint noise through the high grass. Individual leaves danced in the short wind game and fell to the reflecting surface of the pond. Small waves flowed over the floating image of Sahskia and Mirnehviir, how they fell asleep entwined. ...... Quiet cooing leaned Sahskia her nose against Mirnehviirs forehead. The black dragon slept on peacefully. Slowly, the females closed her eyes and licked her rescuer lovingly on the cheek, which drew him a gentle cooing. "I'll never forget you. And what you've done for me." She thought softly cooing. Cute he winced and gave a low "Chirp" of himself. Sahskia held with half-closed eyes her head slightly tilted to one side. "My cute black dragon." She continued mentally and gently rubbed her nose against his.   Then she turned her gaze resolutely into the horizon where the sun began its ascent. A last flash of her yellow eyes she threw back at him before she elegant rose into the air and disappeared into the rising sun. The warm rays of the morning sun tickled Mirnehviir slowly from sleep. Tired, he yawned and stretched his legs out with relish. But also came a disappointed whimper out of his throat. In vain he sniffed the air and in the grass. Sahskia, and her graceful perfume were gone. With a slightly sad look he stared at his reflection in the pond. Quiet cooing he looked at the bright stripe on his right flank. It seemed to him that he can still feel her gentle touch. But then his eyes fell on the leather bag on his foreleg. "Oh! I'd almost forgotten! "He thought frantically, moving to the grass and jumped after a few steps into the air. With spread wings he rose with a few strokes in the sky, back to his original destination contrary. The sandy hills in view, he flew confidently toward the border of Sullfar. "Will I see her again one day?" He asked himself still and called out to her graceful appearance in memory.   Something made him hope that he will meet her again .......

Eine Flüchtige Bekanntschaft

Eine flüchtige Bekanntschaft       Hoch am Himmel flog ein grosser schwarzer Drache durch die Lüfte. Zwei lange, weisse Hörner krönten seinen imposanten Kopf, aus dem zwei rubinrote Augen herausstachen. Schmale, dunkelgraue Ohrenkämme rahmten sein...

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Five Dragons: TLoP: Chapter 9,5: Mental Closeness

Five Dragons: TLoP: Chapter 9.5: Mental Closeness       Exhausted, he stepped in front of his room. Placed his hand on the handle, the more his gaze in wonder aside. A porcelain dish full of warm water stand, lying with a washcloth beside it on the...

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Five Dragons: DLvP: Kapitel 9,5: Seelische Nähe

Five Dragons: DLvP: Kapitel 9,5: Seelische Nähe       Erschöpft trat er vor sein Zimmer. Die Hand an dem Griff platziert, wich sein Blick verwundert zur Seite. Eine mit warmen Wasser gefüllte Porzellanschale stand, mit einem Waschlappen danebenliegend...

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