Marcus Returns

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Okay, so its been a while since I've written anything. Really sorry bout that people. I hope this newest installation in the series helps to sooth all your tempers... hopefully.

I believe this one is a little shorter, but that is to a dwindling creativity and stress as I'm about to start college. I hope its alright.

And one final note, I wrote this story entirely on my new Ipad I got, so I'm still getting used to the keyboard of the case it came in. So, I apologize for any errors in this submission

Trystyn blinked a few times, expecting this to all be a illusion. Something his mind kicked up and that he was hallucinating. But when the image of that tall, buff black and white dragon didn't fade away, and the blue dragon in his arms didn't vanish into a puff of smoke, the human realized that they were indeed real.

"Marcus.." he said the name, his voice shaking. The young man struggled to his feet, hefting up Thomas in his arms, and nearly stumbled into the dragon's front. Marcus caught him efforlessly with his one arm. He truly was strong.

His muzzle pointed down and he smiled. "Hey," he said softly, "Been a while."

Trystyn simply nooded, his mouth hanging open a bit. He was still in shock over seeing the dragon from the train again. With one hand Marcus gently put a finger to the human's jaw and shut it, chuckling softly as he did so.

"So," he began, gesturing to the people behind Trystyn, "Who are all these fellas?"

For a moment he didn't know what the dragon was talking about, but then his brain clicked. Glancing over his shoulder, he looked at his brothers and friend standing there, looking confused as to what was going on. His face flushed a light shade of red.

"Uhm.. Marcus.. this is my family.."


"So then, the guy comes charging at me, roaring like crazy! His body is just massive! He swings his fist at me, but I quickly dodged it, rolling out oft he way and swiping my tail at his feet, stumbling him. He sees whats happening and tries to correct himself when WHAM!" Marcus's fist slams on the table with a loud thud, rattling the empty plates and cups, "I send a fast right hook right into his face. Guy goes down like a sack of bricks!"

After introductions had been made down at the road, the group quickly invited Marcus and Thomas to come up to their place and hang out. Leo and T.K. were wanting to thank the dragon for looking after Trystyn on his way to the city a few months back. Foods were made, drinks were guzzled down and Jokes were fired at one another as the sun set on the beautiful island.

Leo was chuckling lightly at the Dragon's boxing stories, the tales extremely exciting and entertaining. Who would've guessed Trystyn knew such a fun fellow. Drake too, was impressed by the dragon's fighting prowess, though he instead focused more on the rippling lines of muscle that he could see on the dragon's body than the stories.

T.K. was busy off playing with Thomas in the next room over, the sound of laser beams and starship battles coming from the game console they were using. Trystyn couldn't remember what the game was called, but apparently, it was super popular with the kids nowadays.

And Trystyn, well... the human was stuck in his own little world. His mind just seemed to not be able to comprehend that he was with Marcus again. What did this mean? Sure it was a short time that they were together on the train, but something surely grew there right? Marcus did like him a lot, and so did Trystyn with regards to the dragon. What would Michael think of this?

All these question's burned like a wildfire inside Trystyn's head, makng him rub his eyes as he felt the beginnings of a headache coming on. A part of him told himself that he was simply overreacting to the situation, and that he should calm down and relax and enjoy himself with his refound friend. But he found himself unable to do so. It almost felt like he was cheating on Michael, just by being here with a guy he used to like..

The human's eyes looked up at the laughing, smiling dragon. Marcus had grown even bigger than he was before, and not just in height. He looked thicker, judging by the giant muscles that showed through his seemingly too small shirt. Bigger, buffer.. sexier. Yep.. it wasn't a "used to like" thing. It was a "Still liked", and that's what scared Trystyn. He still liked Marcus.

Trystyn knew for sure that he liked Michael, his boyfriend, a LOT, and would never do anythiing as low as cheating on him. But he also felt this attraction to Marcus, like a metal object near a powerful magnet. He groaned quietly. Forget a headache. This was becoming a freakin migrane.

A hand suddenly resting itself on his shoulders snapped Trystyn out from his thoughts, who jumped from the unexpected contact. He looked up and saw the cause for his problem; the tall, handsome dragon Marcus, flashing that million dollar smile down on him. He felt his heart beat faster.

"Well, it's getting late. Me and Thomas should be heading back now," he said, eyes focused on the human. His gaze... was almost predatory. "I can't tell you how good it was to see you again. And it was a pleasure meeting all of you as well."

"Bye Trystyn," said the little Thomas, giving the human a good long hug. "See you tomorrow?" His eyes, so big and puppy like, looked hopefully at him.

"U-U-ummm well..." Trystyn stammered, unable to think straight.

It was Leo who took over. "Sure! Why not? We could all hang out this week." he exclaimed, a big smile on his face. He was oblivious to his human brother's plight.

The dragon looked at the orca, then to his brother, then to Trystyn, his smile never leaving. "I think we'd both love that," he said, nodding his agreement to the idea.

"Yaaaaay!" cheered Thomas, letting go of the human to climb onto his brother's back. Both dragon's waved as they headed for the door. "Goodnight!" they called

"Goodnight," came the reply.

And then the door shut, and all the remaining eyes turned towards Trystyn, who was sweating profusely and staring at the door.

He noticed the other's gazes and paled a little bit. "I.. uh... I'm.. I'm going to bed," he stuttered out before he quickly left the room, heading for the stairs up to the second floor. Once in his room he sprawled out onto his bed and stared at the ceiling.

"Oh god I'm going crazy."


Sleep was not forthcoming that night, nor was it gracious for the rest of the week. The stress of dealing with this issue drove all ability to rest away from the poor human.

Everyday played out in a simliar matter. The two groups would get together and head into town. They would check out the local shops and stalls for handcrafted items, see movies, eat local fair. Differences were that some days they would go down to the beach, go snorkling and play on the sand. Sometimes they would go hiking on the island's many trails, or rent out canoes and go up the rivers. But one thing that never changed was the pairings. Namely, Trystyn and Marcus.

Each time the group split up, it seemed that the human got paired up with one of the dragon siblings. Mostly Marcus. Trystyn didn't know how he did it. Was he bribing Leo or something?

One question though weighed heavily on his mind. Why hadn't he told Marcus that he was in a steady relationship? The human had seen the way Marcus looked at him. It was an intense focused look. And then there were the touches. It was so slight that it was like it had never happened.

But it did happen. Trystyn felt it every time. A light touching of their hands. A gentle squeeze on the shoulder. An 'accidental' butt graze. Yet he never stopped Marcus nor called him out on it.

But that all changed the last night.

It was a night of the full moon, its bright rays reflecting gently off the ocean's water. Stars littered the darker parts of the night sky, with a nice cooling breeze to compliment it. It was relatively quiet, and the beach in front of the bar was empty.

The group had come to said bar to celebrate the last night on the island. Trystyn had excused himself early and had gone out to a private section of the outdoor bar, just right off the beach. He sat on a bench leaning back to view the shattered glass like sky.

A few minutes later a shuffling sound could be heard coming down across the wood planks. "Is this seat taken?" asked Marcus, gesturing to the empty spot next to the human.

Trystyn shook his head. A bad move he thought later, but too late to take it back. The dragon sat down, his weight causing the bench to creak a little under him.

"Its a beautiful night" commented the dragon, looking up at the dazzling night sky.

Trystyn nodded silently in agreement, continuig to stare up into space. It was beautiful.

Then he felt his skin tingle. Turning his head, his eyes widened to suddenly see Marcus's muzzle scarce inches away from his face. Somehow he had managed to move right next to the human without him even noticing.

Marcus slipped an arm around the human's waist. "The sky is almost as wonderful as you are"

Trystyn tried saying something, but the words died on his lips. His brain began to piece together what was happening.

"You know, ever since that train we were on, I haven't stopped thinking about you." Marcus said, getting a bit closer. "It made me crazy. All my dreams had you in them."

"Marcus I.."

"See Trystyn," said Marcus, cutting him off, "Over this past few months I realized something.. but I don't think it was until this week that I managed to figure it out what that really was. And now I know.. I'm crazy about you!"

"Marcus ple-" his voice was cut off by Marcus suddenly closing the gap between them, pressing his lips onto Trystyn's with force.

The dragon murred happily and began to makeout with the object of his affections, which slowly started to kiss back. More and more they got into it. Their lips pressed together with all the passion that would rival a bonfire. Marcus began to push down on the human, so that they were laying on the bench, with him on top.

"Marcus~" Trystyn moaned between the kisses.

The dragon slid his large paw under the human's shirt, gently pressing and rubbing the soft flesh underneath.

"Oh Marcus," Trystyn moaned louder. He could feel himself trembling under the dragon's touch.

The other paw of Marcus' slid into the human's pants, giving his ass a firm squeeze. Sparks of pleasure flooded his body. But something felt... off.

It was then that Trystyn realized something. Something was very wrong.

This wasn't right. It felt awesome, Trystyn would not deny that. To be held like this, touched like this. He wanted it, and wanted it bad. But it wasn't right. He wanted this... but not with Marcus. Images of his shark popped into his head and he slowly stopped kissing back. He wanted Michael. He wanted Michael to touch him like this, feel his rough skin on his body. He wanted to do this with Michael, his boyfriend.

"Marcus stop," he said, breaking the kiss. This needed to stop.

The dragon either didn't hear him, or ignored him, continuing to put tender kisses over the human's face and neck.

"Marcus please stop!" he said louder, pushing on the dragon's chest. He barely moved Marcus an inch though. But the sudden shift in weight caused them to fall off the bench and roll onto the sand, with Trystyn winding up on top.

Marcus gave a goofy, lustful smile. "Oh," he cooed, "Somebody wants to be the top beast here." He then went and began teasing and nipping around Trystyn's neck.

The shock of pleasure tha coursed through the human's veins made him shudder and bte his tongue. But he couldn't give in, he told himself. He needed to end this.

Taking in a deep breath, Trystyn roared at the top of his lungs, "MARCUS ENOUGH! STOP!"

That seemed to do the trick, as the dragon removed his head and backed up, confusion filling his eyes. Why did he make him stop? It was obvious that they were both enjoying this.

The sight sent tears building into the human's eyes, and he forced himself to get up and off of the muscled dragon's body. When he spoke, his voice wavered for a moment, but he caught himself and strengthened his resolve. "I have a boyfriend Marcus... He's really nice guy..." He slowly spoke louder, not daring to look into the dragon's face and lose his confidence. "His name is Michael. He's a shark. I think you'd like him... he looks kinda like you.."

He turned his gaze out to the moonlit waters of the bay. "The day we became official, I swore to myself that I'd be loyal to him, and him alone. Maybe it's oldfashioned, but that's the way I do somethings."

Steeling his nerves, he looked over his shoulder at the dragon, who seemed to be in a form of shock. It killed Trystyn to see that, but he continued. "Marcus... I know you are a great guy. There is no doubt that you're going to make somebody super happy. But it's not me.. I'm taken, and I've already broken my promise too far tonight. This ends now.."

Marcus sat up, reachin out for the human. "Trystyn come on. It's just some harmless fun.."

Taking a few steps back, Trystyn shook his head and gave a smile full of tears, "Nothing is harmless when it comes to the promises made with loved ones. Goodbye Marcus. Stay in touch.."

And then he ran. His footsteps kicking up the sand as he ran in the opposite direction of the dragon, tears streaming down his face. But he still smiled, a complete feeling swelling in his heart. He could hear the dragon calling his name out across the beach and waters, but he did not look back once. Nor did Marcus give chase. The moment, was over.


By the time Trystyn had stopped running, he had become exhausted. But as luck would have it, he had run all the way to the beachome's street. Trudging his way up the steps, he entered through the door, kicking off his sand covered sneakers as he did so, then made his way upstairs to his room. Not bothering to remove his clothes, the human collapsed onto his bed, dead tired from his ordeal, both emotionally and physically.

The feeling of something hard under him brought Trystyn a break from his rampant mind. Reaching down, he drew out his cellphone, the same one he got back when he first came to the city. The one he got because of Michael...

Suddenly alert and mind clear, Trystyn sat up against the bed's backboard and opened the photos gallery. He panned through the photoes until he came to the ones he treasured most. The ones that contained his precious Michael's smiling face. Some showed the two together, holding hands, out on trips or just acting goofy. . Others were just of the handsome shark, standing tall and proud, his powerful body showing beneath his clothes.

The sight of Michael's face brought warm feelings to the boy's heart. This felt much better, and it made him feel less guilty over what he'd done. Bringing up his contacts list, he hesitated for a moment, finger hovering above the call button. Should he call? Would he be there to pick up? Taking a chance he pressed and dialed.

The call picked up after three rings.

The shark's warm, strong voice came through the speaker. "Hey buddy!" Trystyn's heart soared! "Good timing man. We, me and my bro, just got home about.. I dunno, an hour ago? Anyways it's nice to hear from you! How's it hanging in Hawaii?"

Trystyn chuckled half-heartedly. "Its.. going okay. I missed you so much! I can't wait to come home and see you.. Its... been.. really lonely here without you."

The shark didn't reply for a few moments. When he spoke up again, his voice was more hushed and a tone of concern came through. "Tris, you sure you're alright? You sound upset..."

Trystyn couldn't help but smile. Michael always seemed to pick up on when something was wrong. "No no, everything is cool... It just feels really good to hear your voice again... feels like forever."

"If you say so. Just remember, if something is wrong you can tell me alright." Another reason why Trystyn liked the shark. He'd ask, but never pry into another's personal matters.

"Okay. I promise," he rolled over so he stared at the cieling, "Actually... I have a favor to ask you Mikey."

"Name it hun!"

"Could you pick me up at the airport tomorrow? I'd.. like to spend some time with you when I get back"

Michael snorted on the other end of the line. "Bah, really? Did you need to ask? Of course I'll be there. Text me the details later will you?"

The sounds of indistinct shouting could be heard over the phone. "Gotta go. My brother is going to kill himself trying to fix this leaky pipe we have."

"Hey Michael? Before you go.."


Trystyn paused for a second before saying, "I love you Michael"

There was no response for a moment, then "I love you too Trystyn." The human could almost feel the smile he knew his boyfriend had on his face.

"Bye Mikey."

"Later hun"

Trystyn hung up the phone, setting it off to the side. He brushed his hand along his face and looked with surprise as he felt tears meet his skin. He hadn't even noticed that he'd started to cry again. But the sight of these tears made him smile. They were happy tears.

Grabbing hold of his pillow, he hugged it tight againts his body, wishing it was for every moment the shark instead. He drifted off, content, and with a warm fuzzy feeling in his chest. And unbeknownst to the human, the moon's rays drifted through the curtains to land on his face gently, illuminating three small faint scars, all in row, on his cheek.


Michael groaned as he stepped out of his car, working out the kinks in his back as he stretched. In the months following the disaster, car manufacturers quickly design cars and other vehicles that could accomidate the tail that most of the morphs had. While it worked, the comfortablilty of the earlier models was something to be desired, and Michael just so happened to have one of those types.

Smiling to himself as his blood flowed to all his muscles again, he glanced up at the airport sign. Following the directions, he turned his feet towards the "Arrivals" section of the terminal. He had showed up a half-hour early to what Trystyn had said to expect his arrival, determined not to make his little human wait to see him.

The thought of seeing Trystyn again made him smile cheerily. The previous week had been torture for the shark, who had felt that something bad was going to happen to Trystyn while they were seperated, so when said human had phoned in, it brought a load of relief for him. He wanted nothing more than to hold the human once more. He may looked gruff on the outside, but Michael really liked giving hugs to Trystyn, and getting them too.

He glanced up at the flight board and his smile faded. Apparently Trystyn's plane had gotten in earlier than he had said it would. An hour, actually. Quickly glancing to his watch to make sure he had the time right, he groaned inwardly when he saw that it was indeed, the time it was.

Michael quickly made his way through the crowd to the custom's exit. He hoped that maybe he'd find the human there. But as he scanned the thinning crowd, no such luck. He couldn't see Trystyn anywhere. Discouraged, he sat in one of the chairs that the airport provided. "Dammit," he cursed himself.

The doors to customs opened, and another crowd of people came out. Amidst the chaos, Michael caught a glimpse of someone in the crowd of fur and scales. A human face.

He instantly stood up, his height allowing him to see better. He watched with a growing smile as Trystyn came up and out of the moving sea of tired tourists and walked to the shark. Both stood, facing one another and saying nothing for a moment.

Michael broke the silence first with a friendly wave and saying, "Hey..."

"Hey..." replied the human, giving a shy smile.

Then, without saying anything else, they embraced eachother in a powerful, love filled hug. It may have been just a week apart, but it felt like years had passed to Michael since he held the human.

Trystyn looked up to face the shark, who saw something he hadn't seen before in those eyes. A strange, mischevious sparkle.

"I know I just got back... and that you're still recovering from your trip too.. but this past week made me realize something Michael. I don't want us to be just friends anymore."

The shark made to protest but was silenced by the human pressing a finger to his lips. "I want us to be more than "Just Friends" Michael. I'm in love with you, and only you... so I have another favor to ask of you..."

Mind whirling, the shark nodded. "S-sure. Anything you w-want!"

Reaching up as far as he could go, Trystyn smiled and leaned in to Michael's ear.

"I want you to take me~"

Michael's eyes widened in shock for a moment...

....then he grinned and kissed Trystyn with a fire he didn't know he had.

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