Old Dogs Make the Best Mates

Story by Solyka Roluco on SoFurry

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The day was more than halfway through but the sun still glared down on the city, apparently having no concept of time. It was quiet, but the summer type of quiet where the only noise was the buzzing of cicadas, distant sprinklers and passing cars, most of which blocked out by the sound of the wind whooshing over an old white pickup as it cruised down an avenue towards the edge of town. In the passenger side, Olive sat cross-legged in her seat with a grocery bag cradled between her knees. She dug out her bottle of Mocha Cappuccino and gave it a good shake as she looked over at Rocky with one solid arm partially out of his window and the other steering. He looked ahead with eyes that seemed half-focused, half-daydreaming, but she wasn't worried. She knew he was a good driver. Olive unscrewed the top with a loud crack and he glanced over. Having noticed her gaze, he half-smirked. "I dunno how you drink that stuff." She had a feeling he'd have something clever to say about her drink, he teased her harmlessly about it in the grocery store. "I dunno how you can drink black coffee. It's so bitter."He chuckled, "Hey, honey, I didn't get the way I am by drinking lattes."Olive unbuckled her seatbelt, he looked over, and she scooted closer to him then fastened the middle belt. She leaned against him and took a small sip. "I'm glad you didn't drink lattes then. You DO put a lot of sugar in your coffee though." Rocky grabbed the wheel with his other hand so he could swing his arm around her and press her into him. Before he could come up with some witty retort, she added in a low tone, "Must be why your cum tastes so good." Rocky rose a brow at her but he smiled. "Definitely not the junk food doing it."Olive glanced down to his lap where a discreet bulge had formed. Something she liked about her new relationship was how little it took to get him going. She nearly had to beg and hire a stripper to get her previous boyfriend to so much as think about pumping blood to his dick. She coyly slid her hand over and gave his bulge a gentle squeeze. She watched his face for his reaction which was for him to utter a short groan. "Oh baby, don't mess with me if ya don't mean it."Olive shrugged innocently. "Of course I mean it. I always mean it." She rubbed a little more firmly, pressing her palm into the soft portion made up by his balls and pressing her fingers into the stiffening portion that was his dick. Rocky gave her side a little squeeze and he tipped his head down towards his lap. It didn't take even a split second for her to know what it was he wanted. She giggled, "You know I can't do that now. Too many cars. And it's daylight." "Aw c'mon. Just a little?" Olive slid her hand upwards onto his soft belly, "Maybe when we get home. I just wanted to warm ya up." "You know it doesn't take much to get me going."She sat back against the seat and drank from her bottle, her smiling lips made it difficult but she managed. Rocky glanced to her then placed his hand on her thigh. "Oh, I'm gonna get you for this." Minutes later, they pulled into the road that cut through an amber meadow and wound back towards the trees an acre or two from the main road. They passed through the strip of woods entering the clearing that made up Autumn Oaks Mobile Estate which, contrary to the first thing that comes to most people's mind, was well planned, manicured and occupied. Olive was weary of telling people where she lived but more often than not, when Autumn Oaks was uttered, they rose their brow and usually followed it with "Oh! Autumn Oaks!" Though she was sure when Mobile Home was uttered, the first thing they thought of was Broadway Village. His truck rumbled slowly through the community and as they passed others walking along the road or out watering their gardens, they politely waved. Neither considered themselves a people-person, but neither considered themselves rude either. Near the back of the community but not quite all the way, they pulled into the driveway of their home, next to her small, black hatch-back car, and gathered up what they could to bring inside first. Olive grabbed most of what was in the front seat, eager to get the chore done, while Rocky meandered towards the bed to grab the heavier bags that wouldn't fly out on their way home. When he stepped up to the deck and the front door, Olive was struggling to juggle the bags as she fumbled with the house keys. "Damn keys." she muttered, embarrassed that she'd grabbed to many bags and now couldn't get inside. Wordlessly, Rocky grabbed the two bags on her right arm so she could unlock the door. Once inside, she took the bags back from him and hurried to set them on the counter just to the right of the door separating the kitchen from the living area. They went back and forth about three times each before everything was inside then began the chore of putting things away. Olive hoisted herself onto the counter while Rocky passed her things to put into the cupboards. Both being rather short in stature, the team effort seemed to be the only efficient way to do this. Ten minutes after they got everything inside, most everything was packed away and the two could relax. Olive flopped on the couch and grabbed her tablet, still on it's charging cable, to check her social media. Rocky took his sunglasses from the back of his neck, a habit she'd seen other men do but didn't quite get, and got himself some water. "So," he began as he placed his hand on the counter, facing her. "We gonna pickup where we left off?"Olive looked up at his shit-eating-grin and she rose her brows, silently laughing. She unfolded her legs from beneath her and placed her tablet to the side before leaning against the arm of the couch. "Well I dunno. Do you think we can?" She wasn't even sure what she meant by that but, it was the first thing that came to mind. She tried to hide her mistake by acting as though it didn't happen. She only waited for his response. Rocky slowly wandered clower, his glass still in hand. "I'm always ready for ya." Relieved that he interpreted some sort of logical meaning from her response, she sat up and lifted her arms. Rocky came forward, set his glass on the side-table then stood at her feet. She wrapped her arms around his midsection and rested her chin on his belly. His hands came up and cupped her shoulders, then his fingers began to play with the straps of her bra.  "I'm so glad we have our own place." he seemed to exhale just before he took back his hands so he could undo his pants. Olive sat back just enough to let him and eagerly watched him reveal his already excited member. He lowered his boxers just enough that his cock could be freed and that was enough for her. The lips of her sex throbbed with hunger but she'd make it wait. She knew what he wanted. Olive leaned in and first pressed her tongue against his tip and she was immediately rewarded with a pleasured sigh. She carefully put her lips to his tip and used them to manipulate the skirt of skin protecting his taut and shiny Glans. She caressed his tip with his own foreskin for a moment before taking his whole length into his mouth and working her tongue around his shaft to adequately wet it. He continued to utter an array of pleasured sounds and she hummed in response. She pressed her tongue to his shaft as she pulled her mouth to and fro. Her hands pressed lightly against his hips mostly to keep herself steady. Olive swirled her tongue around his tip when she reached it then sank her mouth back down over him with her lips curled tightly over her teeth. She could taste his pre on the tip of her tongue, thick and sticky. She could feel it stick to the back of her throat but she ignored it. Olive rocked her head back and forth sucking hard but minding her teeth. Rocky placed his hand to the back of her head and arched his back so that she could get every inch of his modestly sized cock into her mouth. Despite being shorter than average, it was still just as thick and still reached the back of her throat just fine. Between dives, she inhaled to keep herself from suffocating and also to settle her gag reflex which she still hadn't quite tamed. "Oh fuck, hold still, baby." Rocky managed before holding her head firm with one hand and her shoulder with the other. "I'm gonna fuck your mouth." Olive nodded the best she could without disturbing her progress and she held still while maintaining pressure with her tongue. Rocky thrust hard into her mouth, breathing hard and muttering under his breath. She moved her hands from the sides of his shaft to his sides as if to urge him deep into her throat. Rocky suddenly stopped then came a drawn-out groan. He continued to utter praise as a hot glob of semen shot into the back of her tongue. Reflexively, she manipulated it to block the back of her throat, paranoid that his cum might hit her uvula and make her throw-up. He continued to eject hot, thick cum into her mouth until it was completely coated, or so it felt and tasted, and he rocked a few times before releasing her head. She closed her lips around his cock as he withdrew to take as much cum with her as she could. Quickly she swallowed her mouthful and leaned in to clean him with her lips and tongue. She was careful to not neglect his glas still hidden by his skin. Once finished, she sat back and little and smiled shyly up at him. "You give the best blow-jobs I've ever had." Olive pretended to brush it off though a part of her wasn't so sure about this claim. She herself had had only one partner previous to him and his cock was too large for her to work with for long before her jaw ached or she got tired of gagging on him. Him on the other hand, being considerably older than her, had many partners, which he admitted to.  She didn't mind this. It was part of what made him such a good partner. "Now lay back." He said. Olive blinked but she quickly did as she was told. She didn't expect to get any after he already had his, that was how it worked with her previous partner, and she wasn't sure he'd be able to do anything right after cumming. She said nothing and did as she was told. Olive laid back and he took her hips and brought her down further so that her rear was off the cushion. Rocky got onto his knees and teased his still wet length against her soaking crotch. He nimbly unbuttoned her shorts, took them down to her knees where they fell the rest of the way, then he pressed the pad of his thumb against her clit. Her body jumped in response and the throbbing in her lips became more powerful. Even at her angle, she could see that most of the crotch of her panties was dark with wetness. She figured he'd move them aside but instead he pulled them down as well. Rocky gazed down at her wet and swollen sex like a crackhead would look down at a stash they didn't expect to find. "Fuck," Rocky muttered as he parted her lips with his thumbs. He looked deep into her pink folds, shining with need. Quite against her expectations, he bent and buried his muzzle into her pussy and ran his tongue between the entire length of her lips. He came back and delved his tongue inside her, the sensation of his hot breath and his warm, wet, strong tongue made her grip the cushions as she tried to control herself. There was a loud and wet smack as he parted then he straightened back up. "God you taste so good." Olive blushed and could only manage a giggle. For as long as she'd known him, he'd always been generous with his words and compliments. She still hadn't gotten used to it. Rocky inched forward and took his base between his fingers and ran the bottom of his shaft between her lips a few times. Olives eyes watched hungrily. Only when he pressed his tip into her tight opening did she close her eyes to let her 'feel' senses take over for her 'vision'. She felt him delve deep inside her, slowly and steadily. He took her thighs into his hands, his hips pressing forward until his entire length was concealed inside of her. Rocky thrust slowly at first, taking in the sensation of his young, tight, silky partner whose walls clenched and pressed in on him relentlessly. His pace quickened slightly. The sound of the fronts of his thighs smacking the backs of hers and her ass was the only sound in the home. She hummed with pleasure, again her body jerking when he pressed his thumb into her clit. "I wanna feel you cum on me." he said, just above a whisper. "Fuck you're tight." Olive could only manage a

nod, most of what part of her brain that was still functioning was focused on the buzzing pleasure slowly rippling out from her sex. She bit her bottom lip as images of his cock sliding in and out of her, wet with want, overtook her. He worked her clit as he pumped into her and groaned. Olive arched her back, her body randomly jerking which signaled she would soon orgasm. She imagined Rocky cumming thick streams into her and filling her pussy until it dribbled out onto the floor. She pictured him cumming hard and shooting a powerful stream of cum all over her freshly fucked and slightly parted opening. "Oh god, Rocky!" She whimpered as her spine jerked into an arch. She hoped it was an ample signal that she was cumming because she couldn't manage more than that. Rocky growled encouraging things as he thrust harder and faster. Olive became rigid and gasped, everything numb except for the inferno of orgasm between them. When her lungs began to work again, she mewled loudly, whimpered and gasped until she could feel her limbs again. When everything beyond her own body came back into focus, Rocky was groaning as well and slowly decreasing his furocity. She could feel cum seeping from her and she knew he'd cum again. He rocked into her a few more times then stopped and leaned over her, his arms on either side of her torso. Olive brought her arms up to take his thick biceps into her hands. "Fuck that was good." he breathed. Olive tilted her chin up and touched her lips to his. He pressed his mouth to hers and parted it wider. His tongue snaked against hers and the louds smacking of sexes was replaced by the loud smacking of lips. He moaned into her, and she him, then they parted. For a while he rested over her enjoying the feel of her sex still throbbing and periodically spasming. It was only after when his cock shrank enough to fall from her did he sit back. Olive hummed pleasantly and ran her finger between her legs, then she laughed. "There's so much." Rocky chuckled then he stood to go clean up. "That's what happens when I fuck a beautiful woman." Olive blushed and watched him go off towards the bathroom just off of the kitchen. She didn't want to stand and lose any of the cum he had gifted her but she had to clean up as well. She carefully stood, clenching her

muscles to try and keep in what she could at least until she reached the bathroom. Nearly jogging, Olive made it to the bathroom and stripped off the rest of her clothes to shower. She allowed his seed to dribble from her body and down the drain. It felt good to have it inside her but it was no longer useful. She turned to wet her hair and she heard the door open. "Room for one more?" "Only if you can behave yourself. " "Never around you." Olive gave him an impish smirk as he stepped in and closed the space between them with his hands pressing itno her lower back. "I love you." he murmured. "I love you too, my hunky horndog." He smirked and pressed her hips into his. "Tolda ya I couldn't behave." he said as he began to grind into her. "That's okay, I don't want you to."