Counter Earth Chronicles Chapter 35: The Bad, The Bold and The Brazen

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#36 of Counter Earth Chronicles

Last Chapter-

Alex continued his weekend servitude Sunday afternoon by visiting Lord Tiger who was supposed to be in seclusion- but after 'recovering' for a week the warrior was tired of being idle and anxious to return to the field. That he did with a certain little human accompanying him for a ride along....

Counter Earth Chronicles

Chapter 35: The Bad, The Bold and The Brazen

Day 109 still continued

I followed Lord Tiger back to his hover bike where he contacted Springer to come and pick up his latest capture. He was still smiling ear to ear while we waited for the junior knight to arrive.

Springer arrived about 10 minutes later with a transport vehicle.

"Be VERY careful with that one. He is immobilized but still quite slippery." The Commander said to the junior knight.

"Understood sir." The young buck said.

"Um, that is most likely because he is very naked." I commented.

Springer just rolled his eyes at the fact he would be handling a naked con-artist.

"It just means that there is less of a chance of him using his bag of tricks to escape then." The beastial warrior said to the two of us.

"I will let you know when he is safely cuffed and stuffed." Springer said as we boarded Lord Tiger's hover bike and departed.

"So what is our next destination? The Pavilion at World One?"

"No, Alex not that park. Sir Ram was talking about New Land Park, a new park that is being constructed on the north side of the city. Some old abandoned properties are being demolished and a park is being made in their place." The tiger warrior said to me.

"Really? How old were these buildings?" I asked.

"They were here since before the master came into power."

"And who or what are the Beasts Only gang? What are their crimes?"

"They are a gang of outlaws and miscreants who have refused to accept the High Evolutionary as their master and refuse to follow his laws. They are wanted throughout the empire for theft, robbery, extortion and arson."

"They sound like the Bandit Trio." I said to the he beast as we headed north.

"They are similar however, we have only been able to capture and judge some of the underlings. The head of the gang and his second still remain at large."

"Were the underlings ever punished before?"

"Yes, Alex they were banished once and warned if they came back they would receive the living death or devolution. The warning didn't work because the gang continued their heinous activities as well as adding to their crimes."


"They now kidnap and hunt humans." The he beast said to me solemnly. "The gang's leader recently concluded that humans were a blight on this planet. So he and his gang now kidnap the innocent right off the street plop them down in the wilderness and hunt them for sport."

(That's disgusting.)

"How many have they killed Commander?"

"About thirteen before we captured and judged part of the gang. Unfortunately the leader and his second got away. But this evening the four that we have will be punished."

We arrived at the north side of the city slightly after 6 PM. The neighborhood was a rebuild- many old buildings were being torn down to make way for new ones. The park was a literal island in the heart of the neighborhood. It appeared to be about a mile in length and a mile in width surrounded by new construction.

As we landed and approached the park, I saw Sir Ram peering over the condemned underlings of the Beasts Only gang. All were bound, crouching and looking at the ground as if their world was about to end. I saw a muscular lizard, an equally muscular steer, a man- scorpion thing who from the waist up had the torso, arms, hands and face of a human, but from the waist down the body of a scorpion complete with a spiked tail and a red naga.

Also in attendance, but off to the side were Mara Sir Ram's main squeeze and the two junior knights the nervous looking male cheetah and the male caracal from earlier. Both were dressed in the standard blue junior knights uniforms.

As soon as I saw them. I started shivering.

"Alex?" Lord Tiger said placing his paw on my shoulder. "Are you sensing something?"

"Yes... danger. We are not safe here Commander."

"I thought so." The warrior responded. "Right then. Go stand with Mara, Sanda, and Chemar there." Lord Tiger ordered me as he parked his hover bike near the park's entrance.


The tiger warrior leaned down. "Above all be quiet and behave yourself." He said whispering in my ear.

(He knows we are in danger and wants me to act normal?!)

Quietly I approached the goat lady and the two knights in attendance. Of course my tracking chip was promptly scanned by both knights while I was greeted by Mara.

"Good evening little human!" The wicked goat lady said to me. "Come here for this evening's events?"

"Good evening Mara, what is going on here?" I asked studying the surroundings.

For a new park it looked like it had been here for quite some time- beautiful walkways, benches and many many gorgeous trees and open fields. I had a hard time believing it was new.

The two junior knights gave me a confused look. "We are here to see the master's punishment carried out on those four there." The caracal said to pointing to the condemned.

"I just wasn't aware the Commander would be attending." The cheetah said.

"Why wouldn't he be?" Mara added. "He helped catch this gang and was instrumental in bringing them to judgement. It is as simple as that."

"Only the underlings- their leader and his second were still out there somewhere." I commented.

"Funny we should meet today Alex!" Mara said placing her paw on my shoulder. "I have a couple of projects coming to fruition and I am in need of a test subject." The goat lady said slyly.

"I have seen your weaponry being used by the knights and it is performing wonderfully." I said folding my arms behind my head. "Thanks Mara, but I am with Lord Tiger today."

"Oh that is too bad." She smiled. "Perhaps another time- maybe later this week?"

(Oh, hell no.)

"Steady on mate, she was just joking!" Sanda said to me.

"Uh no she is not." I said to the caracal.

With that the ceremony began. I also noticed Lord Tiger had disappeared.

"Remnants of the Beasts Only gang you have been judged and convicted for disobeying our master's laws, for committing crimes against the empire, against your fellow citizens and being a nuisance to this civilization through your destructive actions which diminishes us all. We are gathered here this evening to serve your punishment. Do you have anything to say for yourselves?" Sir Ram said as he walked in front of the four.

The lizard was the first to speak. "If you expect me to apologize for my actions I will not. I enjoyed what I did, it was fun and I would do it again!"

The scorpion-man added. "It was a shame we couldn't have taken down more humans." The steer and red naga nodded in agreement. "But for what it is worth it was a great run."

"Besides we are only going to be devolved. I for one don't mind going back to being a quadruped. The first thing that I am going to do is find some females and have some fun!" The steer added.

Sir Ram snickered when he heard that. It reminded me of what Lord Tiger had said earlier in the afternoon as well. The group didn't have any remorse for their actions- at all. They didn't care that they had violated the High Evolutionary's laws; they were well past redemption.

"That remains to be seen!" The red naga said coldly looking around. "Here they are now! Cousin Fang, cousin Slither so nice of you to attend!"

"Since when do we allow family members to attend these things?" Chemar said to the caracal trembling as two additional nagas entered the park and approached Sir Ram.

"That is the gang leader and his second!" The caracal said to the cheetah.

"Uh oh!" I shrieked. Before anyone could say anything else the two nagas had produced weapons and aimed them at Sir Ram and the four of us.

"Paws Up!" The one called Slither ordered. He was grey with white markings. The other naga who was green in color quickly released the condemned from their bonds who then disarmed Sanda and Chemar.


Soon all who were in attendance were at this gang's mercy. Sir Ram was knocked to the ground and stepped on by the steer who held him at bay with the ram's own service weapon.

Sanda was grabbed by the scorpion-man who threatened to use his stinger if the young knight made any sudden movements.

Chemar, was grabbed by the green naga, Fang who bound the cheetah up to his neck in his long tail.

The muscular lizard grabbed Mara, but not before throughly groping her and admiring her form as he did. In a weird sort of way I think she liked the attention. She also started to admire his, but thought better of it- she loved Sir Ram.

I was watched by the gang's leader the black and white naga (lucky me). Who unlike his second, who was watching the cheetah didn't like touching me. So he didn't bind me with his tail. I just had a weapon pointed at my back.

"Thanks boys it was starting to get quite hairy there for a bit. Now this is a fair turn of events isn't it? What shall we do wit em?!" The red naga asked.

"How about some payback?" The steer said.

"It would be only fitting." The lizard said. "We get to take out some knights and some innocents in the process too."

The muscular lizard of course was referring to Mara and myself while Chemar on the other hand started trembling- badly.

"I never thought I would die like this!!!" The cheetah screamed. He was quite scared. Fang, the green naga started to take notice.

"Your fear is quite delicious! But not to worry young knight."

"Why is that?" Chemar asked.

"My venom isn't as potent as say Stinger's here he said motioning to the scorpion-man. When I strike you- you should have about an hour before you die!!" Fang said to the trembling cheetah.

Sanda turned to his captor, the scorpion-man. "And how potent is your venom mate?"

"You will be dead within 30 minutes!" He stated snickering. "Don't fear though, I will hold you when you draw your final breath. I want to be the last thing you see before you pass on."

"Oh!" The caracal said condescendingly.

"You seem to be quite calm for someone who is about to die little human." The black and white naga said to me. Unlike my cousin Fang- my venom is a little more potent. My prey convulse and die 35- 40 minutes after I bite them."

(Oh really?!)

"You know Mr. snake, I have been in enough of these types of situations where I am really starting to get desensitized to the peril and eminent death thing. If this ambush had happened say about a month and a half ago, I would have kissed your tail, hugged you tightly and begged and pleaded with you most undignified like to spare my life. A month and a half later- MEH."

"MEH?!" The black and white naga said in amazement.

"MEH." I repeated as I turned around to stare him right in the face.

"You have some stones there little one." He said to me. "I like that, you will be the last to die after the knights and the goat."

"But you will be the first to die cheetah!" Fang said biting Chemar on the neck- hard.

"Aiee!!!" Chemar screamed and wailed as he collapsed within the naga's coils crying. "He struck me! I am dying! I am dying! I am dying! AHHH!!!"

"Did he just scream like a little girl?!" Slither asked snickering.

"He did." Sanda said. "You will have to forgive him, it is his first week on the job."

"Hmm... he is not convulsing." The scorpion-man stated. "You are ok cheetah. Fang is just screwing with you."

"But he bit me!" The cheetah screamed.

"I did." The naga hissed. "But I guess I forgot to inject anything."

Chemar turned a deep deep shade of red at hearing that. I think he might have even peed a little during the attack.

"Fang, quit screwing around!" The red naga started.

"Aw but cousin Hiss! I was just having some fun!" Fang whined.

"Quiet I have something to say!" Hiss shot back. "Fellow members, I proposed we kill these knights first and then, the goat-lady and the little human last!" The red naga said as he stood behind the steer who was still standing over Sir Ram.

"That is nice." I interjected. "I think your leader Slither had already implied that."

"Oh." Hiss said after being corrected.

"I like you human." The gang's leader whispered to me. "Perhaps I won't kill you today. Maybe I will drop you in the middle of the Great Forest and hunt you instead!"

(Well that is good to know. I think.)

"If you are going to do that Hiss, aren't you are missing someone?" Chemar said standing up and regaining his composure.

"That he is." Sir Ram interjected. "Our Commander."

"I thought there were supposed to be more of you here!" The red naga said stupidly.

"Poor fool." The caracal said as he started to laugh. "You don't even know that you are already dead!"

"Wha?" The red naga said staring around like a trapped rat in a maze looking for a exit.

Sanda continued. "Fool by your actions today you have directly challenged the Knights of Wundagore and their leader the fiercest warrior in all the empire; you have just ensured your own death!"

(Wow!! Lord Tiger is the top fighter and fiercest warrior in all the empire?! I thought he was just top 10 maybe top 5, but number one?! Damn!! He is much much more than he appears to be.)

Sanda continued to laugh and his laughter was infectious! He was then joined by Chemar, then Mara as we openly mocked our captors. I then joined in as well laughing at the three nagas, lizard, steer and scorpion-man. Who were enraged that their prey was taunting them.

"You will all die for that!"

Just then I heard a familiar sound. The sound of a sword being unsheathed!


And someone being impaled.


It was followed by Hiss who made a loud *HRGH* noise.

The naga looked down and realized he had a sword sticking out of his chest and a angry tiger growling directly behind him!

"At least he didn't hit anything important!" The naga wheezed as he started spitting up his own blood.

He then screamed when the sword sticking out of his chest moved vertically up his torso and then down, then up again, then side to side. It appeared that sword struck every major internal organ the naga had- he wasn't going to survive that.

"Looks like he did." The caracal said. "Sorry mate! If I were you, I would beg forgiveness of all those you have wronged in this existence and prepare for the afterlife."

"Damn!" The creature said coughing up blood from its mouth as he collapsed and died.

Seeing the attack from Lord Tiger, the steer guarding Sir Ram attempted to help. As he turned his attention away from Sir Ram to shoot Lord Tiger, the weapon the steer was using backfired hitting him in the crotch with some sort of ray. He keeled over grasping his genitals. Sir Ram promptly picked up his service weapon from the ground and shot the steer with it. The steer was swiftly paralyzed by the evil beastial scientist's weapon in a most undignified position- holding his genitals.

"You can't use a knight's own weapon against them fool!" Sir Ram said.

I realized Sir Ram had been playing the steer from the start.

"Our weapons can do that?!" The cheetah said to the caracal.

"Someone hasn't been reading the manual." The caracal said to the cheetah.

Seeing that Sir Ram and Lord Tiger had regained control of the situation Mara, Sanda, Chemar and I began to attack our captors. Mara was able to free herself from the Lizard's tight grasp rather easily as were Sanda from the scorpion-man and Chemar from the green naga.

I turned around and dodged the barrel of the weapon Slither had pointed at my back. As I moved out of the way, I realized that our captors weren't moving! They had been paralyzed! Most likely by Lord Tiger before he had attacked the red naga.

Seeing our captors incapacitated, Chemar got really really bold. "Sanda!" He said to the caracal.

The caracal knew what his colleague wanted. He grabbed the tail and stinger of the scorpion-man that was behind him and pointed it at Chemar like a spear. The cheetah then picked up the green naga that had attacked him earlier and ran him though with the scorpion's tail.

Fang's eyes went wide with terror. "Don't!" He pleaded.

It was too late. The next sound the green naga made was a loud *HURK* as he was impaled by the scorpion-man's stinger.

Chemar then threw the dying naga onto the body of his dead relative.

"Just screwing with you!" The cheetah said coldly. "Let's see if Stinger was telling the truth! If he dies in thirty minutes or less I buy dinner tonight. If it is over 30 minutes you are treating Sanda!"

"Interesting." Mara said to lizard, scorpion-man and black naga that were paralyzed behind us.

"What's that?" I asked.

"I wonder if those two nagas knew when they got up this morning that they were going to die today?" The goat lady asked wickedly. "Your underling and second are dead and dying perhaps we should make it three or even four?" Mara said approaching Slither the gang's leader. The black and white naga's eyes grew wide with terror. "Don't worry Slither sweetie, you will be the last to die."

"Hold off my dear." Sir Ram said to his girlfriend. "We have punishment to deal out to these ruffians and thugs and it is appears we are down one. I think Slither should take Hiss' place. It would save our master from having to conduct another judgement proceeding."

The knights lined up the steer, lizard, scorpion-man once again. In place of Hiss who was now deceased, his cousin and the gang's leader Slither all still very paralyzed.

"It appears we are still to be de-evolved after our thwarted escape." The lizard said to his fellow prisoners. "We are getting off easy."

"Not that easy." Sir Ram said. "Alex and Mara. Take these shovels and dig two moderate size holes on each side of the park- about ten feet apart."

Mara did as ordered. I wasn't as quick. I was a bit confused as the devices we were given didn't look like any shovels I had ever seen- they were thin smooth cylinder like devices which I had no idea how to operate.

Mara realized my confusion and showed me how to use the device. "You are helpless." She said to me. "You aim it at the ground like this and then push the button." Instantly a circular hole was made a two feet wide and three feet deep. After 'digging' our holes, we quickly returned to the ceremony.

"You four- your actions did not contribute anything to the empire or this civilization- instead you pillaged and plundered it. In caring out your punishment this evening I realized that by reverting you back to your original animal states the empire and this civilization would not benefit from it in the slightest. So that caused me to wonder what would be the best way for you to repay this civilization in a positive and productive manner and repent for your transgressions?" Sir Ram said starring at the condemned.

(I had seen this play before during my own punishment procedure a five months ago.) I looked at Mara, she looked at me.

"Watch closely Alex. This is why I love Rammy. He has such a beautiful and devious mind!" The goat lady whispered placing her paw on my shoulder.

The lizard answered first. "By making restitution to those we have wronged?"

"Nope." The ram responded.

"By performing hard labor in lock up?" The steer asked.

"No, think bigger boys." The ram responded with a demonic grin.

"By becoming test subjects for lab experiments?" The scorpion-man asked in horror.

"Not even close."

"By giving our lives for the benefit of the empire?" The black and white naga said aghast.

"No, there will be no further death here today." Sir Ram said. "You four are to become trees for this park in order to provide a sense of decor, beauty and shade for all who attend. You will scrub carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen to the benefit of all! Won't that be nice? Your pathetic lives, meandering, worthless lives will actually have a purpose!"

The four were speechless.

I watched as each of the knights picked up one of the prisoners and placed them in the holes that Mara and I had dug. Their clothes were removed and each stood naked as the day they had been born. I also noted that the lizard and steer were quite endowed.

"How long will this take?" Lord Tiger asked.

"In about 20 minutes after receiving their injections, they will root into the ground. In 40 minutes they will start to grow bark and in 90 minutes the transformation should be complete and these four will turn into healthy growing trees. We will have to check back in a few weeks to make sure they sprout leaves and fully bloom though. Oh and one more thing you four- the transformation will be quite painful." Sir Ram said snickering.

"You can't do this!" Slither protested.

"You should have thought about that before you consciously decided to become criminals of the empire." Mara retorted.

Lord Tiger, Sanda, Chemar and I watched in perverse fascination as Mara and Sir Ram injected the thugs with some sort of serum that started their transformation into trees for the park.

Each cried and wailed as they received their life altering injections. I am not sure if it was from the needle, the realization of their fate or the actual pain of the transformation. Maybe it was all three.

"Don't feel sorry for them mate." Sanda said to me. "When they started their life of crime they were past redemption."

"Now lets see, you will make a nice spruce." Mara said as she injected the still paralyzed lizard with some green fluid and quite a healthy one at that. "And you look like you would make a splendid maple tree!" Mara said as she injected the scorpion-man with red fluid.

Sir Ram injected the steer and naga with brown fluid. "You steer will make a splendid and healthy oak tree and you naga... Slither in the coming days you will probably want to grieve over the death of your cousins and the end of your gang- so you will make a splendid weeping willow tree! As a bonus their remains will be buried right at your base providing you will enough fertilizer for years to come!"

Damn that ram was sadistic!! It turned out that Sir Ram was right on the money. In 20 minutes the thugs did take root. In 40 minutes they started growing bark. All four of them were screaming in pain during their transformation process.

All in attendance watched from a distance as the four transformed into trees. As we started to leave the park the thugs screaming slowly subsided. I looked back to where we had been and four strong trees had formed where the thugs had been only 75 minutes before. I still can't believe what I had witnessed that day. It disturbed me, but it reinforced what I had already known, don't break the laws on this world- the punishment was quite severe.

Sanda and Chemar left to catch dinner before returning to patrol. I think Chemar did end up paying because Fang had died from Stinger's venom in under 30 minutes. Sir Ram and Mara left to catch dinner as well saying something along the lines of it being date night.

After retrieving his sword and washing off the blood from it and his uniform, Lord Tiger escorted me back to his hover bike. It was around 7:50 in the evening and starting to get dark. "I guess I better get you home." The tiger warrior said to me.

I looked at him.


"Commander did you know there was going to be an ambush?" I asked the beastial warrior point blank.

"We learn from experience Alex, just as you do." He responded. "Now let's go- I have to clean my uniform and fur and I have to get you back to Ursa."

The tiger warrior did something Sorren and I should have done while we were interviewing Mike Anger in World Three- anticipate a ambush. The Commander of the knights had. I also realized that while we were being held hostage by the gang, we were only in danger for a very brief moment- because Lord Tiger and Sir Ram had set up ambushes of their own.

As we were taking off from the park, I got one good look at the former members of the gang all now trees. I did note that the weeping willow that Slither had been transformed into looked some what sickly and weak. I would hear some time later that the tree died a few seasons after that for causes unknown. In comparison the spruce, maple and oak trees which were beautiful and quite healthy as well- continued to flourish to this day.

Despite being disturbed by what I had seen that evening I believe the condemned if returned back to their beastial forms after spending a few seasons as trees- would still be remorseless and would return to their life of crime.

Lord Tiger and I were flying over the south end of World One on our way back to castle Wundagore when once again- the tiger warrior altered course.

"Another diversion Commander?"

"Yes, some younglings out here near dusk?"

We landed the hover bike near by and started to approach the children.

As we did I looked up at the street sign. The two were at the corner of Liberty Street and Battlefield Road.

"Wait Commander!" I said grabbing the tiger warrior's paw.


"Let's observe for a little while. I heard there is something special happening on this corner." I said to the he beast.

So we stopped and watched. It turned out that the two younglings were the buffalo calves from the Ultimate Fate news special I had seen on the hub. I recognized them almost instantly. They were standing on the corner talking to passers by, residents of the community and anyone else who cared to stop.

"Ma'am you seem pretty depressed this evening." The boy calf said to a disheveled woman who was walking by.

"I am." The woman said as she stopped to look at the young beastial. "I lost my job last week, I can't find work to pay my bills and I think I am going to lose my home."

"I just want you to know that I care." The boy said as he hugged the woman.

The woman was shocked at first but then returned the hug.

"Thank you little one. At least someone does."

The girl calf gave the woman a flower and a hug as well. "Keep trying don't give up!" The girl said as the woman departed.

Then a man and his daughter walked by the buffalo siblings also looking equally distraught.

"You look broken." The girl calf said to the man.

"I am." He replied. "My home burned to the ground today and I lost everything."

"Not everything you still have each other." The boy calf responded. "If you are in need of shelter, I know of a place."

The two calves spoke to the family before each giving them a flower and hug as they departed.

"What is going on here?" Lord Tiger asked me.

"I had heard about this Commander. It is a small movement- beastials trying to see to the disenfranchised, less fortunate and the general inequality second class citizens are experiencing under the empire in an effort to hurt the insurgency and weaken the rebellion."

"Impressive." The he beast said. "But we better send them home. It is getting late."

We then crossed the street and approached the buffalo calves.

"Little ones do your guardians know you are here?" The tiger warrior asked gently.

The two nodded.

"Our mom is on her way." The boy said.

"I recognized you two from that special. I thought you were still angry and bitter about what happened to your father. Why the change?" I asked the two of them.

"Well." The girl started to say. "After we sought payback for our father, we realized revenge left the both of us feeling quite empty. We felt less than whole and quite lost."

The boy continued. "One night several weeks ago our father visited. He told us not to grieve for him because he was in a better place- safe and happy. He said that he was more concerned about us. He did not want us to remain bitter and to go through life hating those that had wronged him and us. Instead, he wanted us to do something about mitigating the misery and suffering humans are experiencing on this world. Perhaps it would at the very least prevent what happened to him from happening to someone else."

"So we decided to come here in our free time." The girl said.

(The man-spider was right. WOW.)

"Well. It is getting late you two time for you to be heading home." Lord Tiger said to the calves.

"Bess and Tess how are my favorite children this evening?" Another woman said stopping to hug the two.

"Just fine Mrs. Sine. How are you?" They asked in unison.

"Just plodding along." She said kissing each on their foreheads. "Thank you for caring."

As the woman walked off the children's mother arrived in quite a nice looking hover vehicle. It was time to go home. Lord Tiger and I waved as they departed.

"Something special has started here Commander. I hope it grows and blossoms into something even bigger."

The tiger warrior was silent.

"Something wrong sir?" I asked. He had started back toward the hover bike but had stopped.

"I thought I saw something moving in the alley over there- a large something." The beastial warrior said as he drew his service weapon.

I realized were were only a few blocks from the Wild's house where we had been earlier.

I carefully followed him into a narrow dark alley which grew darker as the sun was setting. As we rounded a corner, I caught a brief look at something. It was fast and did indeed looked like the blur we had seen on the beastial children's cube.

Lord Tiger quickly started running after what ever it was. I followed as best I could. The creature was swift, very swift and kept out distancing us despite our best efforts. As soon as it cleared the alley it went back into the street and then down another alley. Fortunately there was no one around.

"This is not working!" Lord Tiger said kneeling. The warrior thought for a minute. "Alex, we need to convince the creature to attack us!"

"Like it did with the children earlier?!" I asked as I caught my breath.

"Precisely- that way we can lure it out of the shadows and capture it." The Commander of the knights said thoughtfully.

"Um, ok how do we do that sir?" I asked starring him right in the face.

Lord Tiger placed his left paw on my right shoulder while gripping his service weapon with his right paw. "Alex I want you to know that I honor and respect you as a sentient individual, a honest human and upstanding citizen of the empire." He said growling at me. "But this is the only way...."


Lord Tiger then started pushing and rough housing me right there in the alley! With extreme control of course. At first I was confused and hurt. Then I realized what he was doing. Like the beastial children earlier who were teasing Corey when they were attacked, he was teasing me in order to provoke the creature!

"No tail! No tail! No fur, no paws or claws! Ha ha ha!! You are just a furless freak! Ha Ha Ha!!" The tiger warrior chanted.

I looked around and did see movement from a narrow alley down the street. "Louder!" I said to him. "I think its working!" The knight did continue his chant- even louder this time.

"You humans are all inferior and flawed! No better than cockroaches!"

That did get the creature's attention it turned around and trotted toward our direction and then shifted into a full on sprint at Lord Tiger- full speed and growling quite loudly. Before the warrior had finished his last 'ha ha ha'. He was knocked to the ground and had the white blur standing on his chest growling very loudly at him.

I suspect the creature was another failed man-beast experiment courtesy of Sir Ram that was on the loose. This time in the city. It appeared I was right.

To Be Continued....

Next week: Alex's weekend of servitude and our current story arc draws to a close as He and Lord Tiger encounter an altered beast.

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