Nether Encyclopaedia: The Realm.

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Here is a brief description of the Nether Realm, home of all Netherbeasts from my Netherhiem series, (I know a lot of Nethers going along, but I just like the name, since I sometimes prefer evil and malicious stuff) A geoghraphic explanation of the realm and the continents it holds.

Next I'll be doing the species of Netherhiem sectioning them in their own continent.

This is something that was suggested to me by one of my viewers and it gave me a time for a break from thinking of new chapters for my stories, but I'll get back to those in time, soon hopefully.

Hope I did it right.

The homeworld of all Netherbeasts.

It consists of five continents

Eizeldarm: the home of the Void Walkers:-

The place is usually in constant night time, with very brief moments of sunlight.

The main city has a mix of victorian and gothic style to it, with surrounding forests made of special flora that illuminate the forest during the 'night time'

Thought most VoidWalkers live in the city, some live in the surrounding forests in tribes, most being Ferals and Creepers.

The people are all skilled users of magic, great minds of science or masters of alchemy, all three are mandetory teachings in their schools. Using all three occupations the city was built with a clear essence of magic and machinery working together, along with the tribal shamans of the forest acting as medical doctors or witchdoctors.

The kingdom is ruled by four royal species of the void: Ferals, Myths, Lusts and Violences.

Sahhra: the home of the Dune Runners:-

A vast desert with a humid but forgiving climate.

Only has one main city with several watcher outposts many miles from it.

The whole realm, city and its people have an old arabian design both in housing and clothing, usually looking like the characters from those 'Hundred and One Nights' stories.

The kingdom has the palace which is built on top of a hill, raising it above all other buildings, a large yard laid in front of it and a long and wide flight of stairs leading to it.

Being only affiliated with magic, they get excited by witnessing the technology that the Void Walkers and Celestials make.

Sahhra is ruled by three royal species of the sands: Djins, Ifrits and Mirages.

Svernis Atma: home of the Deep Ones:-

An underwater realm with a surface housing small islands that were later built on to welcome guests of other realms.

The people are a mix between fish and other creatures, with the fish side more evident.

Their houses are built with corals and mud molded together to form bolders, with some shells and stones as decorations.

Most simply wear loincloths, or just swim around naked but when visitor come and inhabit the surface, they wear special equipment and clothing built and designed with the help of the Void Walkers to help them breath and generally function outside of the water.

The palace of the ruling family is built with broken pieces of old homes and ruins, and decorated with all kinds of shining coral and beautiful stones they could find.

The continent is ruled by one royal family of the deep: Undines.

Syokarr: the home of the Hive:-

Murky swamps and dense forests that allows little sunlight to pass through, with an almost mutated look and feel.

The people are all insectoids in appearance with a few 'taurs' roaming around.

As their name and appearance suggests, their housing has an outer design of a insect's nest, but the inside is more modern, some found hanging from or sticking to trees, on the ground, or half sunk in the swamp.

The people usually go around naked, since clothes restrict their movement and wings if they had any, but if they do wear something, it's simple pieces of cloth sewn together and draped over them to at least cover 'points of interest' and some also cover their whole bodies.

The Hive were once part of an alliance of certain species that aimed to take over all of the Nether Realm and enslave all others. But their plans were stopped and all those species along with the Hive were exiled. Only for the Hive to come back with shame and regret for their actions and desiring to return. Luckily, they were confronted by a forgiving Overlord at the time, though some hatred for them still lingers.

The Hive are ruled by four royal species of the swamp: Thread Spinners, Carriers, Venom Siphons and Moon Husks.

Edennia: home of the Celestials

A bright and glowing city of marble and gold, surrounded by wide plains of perfectly green grass and majestic scenery.

As their name suggests, the Celestials have a similar robotic appearance as the Void Walker Myths, but they are more angelic than demonic, with golden 'circuits' going through their bodies.

Their houses are usually made from white stone or marble with actual gold or other precious stones as decorations. Some houses are built on floating pieces of land in the sky, but connected to the main island with some chains, with warp pads as means of transportation between them.

Their clothes are simply royal in design made mostly from light colors or dark ones but with glimmering or shinning 'effects'.

They are ruled by four royal species of the sky: Bishops, Guardians, Architects and Masterminds.

All those continents are co-ruled by their respectable kings and by one Overlord who is chosen from one of the ruling species (except the Hive, since there is still some mistrusts towards them)

Character Ref: Hydrus

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