Unexpected Exploits Side Story Nothing but Character and Plot Development.

**_unexpected exploits side story_** **_nothing but character and plot development._** liam is curled up next to rio early on monday morning. after a long day watching and sexing the cubs, they both slept through the night.

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Light for the Future

Sorry 'bout that :/_ _anyways, a break from the last story, this contains plot development and serves as nothing more to expand the story.

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Zion: Light of the New Moon Part 2, Ch 1.4 Myre

) 6) cut to lord dalton and miri discussing leijh (plot development) contributing readers, make sure you vote before midnight (pst) on thursday, november 24th.

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The Short Attention Span Porn Story Contest Winners

**plot development** first place: "meeting at the baths, they fucked." second place: "too scared to fuck at the baths, they went to a motel and fucked."

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Bioshock - Betrayal?

Pacing, plot development, character development, and relationships were all... well crap. this series has a ton of flaws.

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Don and Jake - Chapter 4

#4 of don and jake decided to go ahead and post ch 4 because it's so short and just contains plot development with nothing "juicy." also i suck at dialogue. jake pulled into the parking lot of t-bone records.

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Scenario Poll

[Scenario Poll for the next chapter of Frat Boy Fun](https://www.patreon.com/posts/frat-boy-fun-51744287?utm_medium=clipboard_copy&utm_source=copy_to_clipboard&utm_campaign=postshare)

From The Ashes- Part 8: Matchmaker pt1

Hey, people. It's me again. Sorry for the long wait, real life issues and the like have resurected the cockblock demon. But, I was able to keep him at bay long enough to write this. First off, yes. This is a (dare I say it?) the first NO-YIFF segment...

Warrior Clan: Chapter Three: Nightwalking

Hi! Here I am again, with the third chapter of "Warrior Clan" up my sleeves. This is a very short chapter, where the destiny of Jake and CIS 43 will change forever. The forth chapter is under production and will be up shortly. In the meantime,...

Elisyum: The Great Lords: Prelude

READ ME Members of the Team: Eon, Nex, Kayin, Himura and Ramiel This is Eon This was supposed to be the 1st chapter of the story but after reading it the Team agree its not very good so it'll be edited and posted again. Sorry for the...

Sheer Turmoil Utter Peace Chapter 9

Hope you enjoy this chapter, this one is going to be short but hopefully not too short. I'm using this chapter to help explore different characters and plot tangents and see where they go from there. Almost forgot, I do not own zoroark, copyright...

VigoRx - Ch1p5 - Evaluation

VigoRxChapter I - The Get TogetherPart 5 - EvaluationIn the Lab OfficeBrett sits attentively in his seat, sloughing off the drowsiness. Thinking about someone growing like that got him feeling a little odd all over. He could almost picture what it...