'The Other'

Confused about all this, he told 'the other' about his feelings because they didn't keep secrets from each other. 'the other' became silent, not responding. he was sure that 'the other' wouldn't answer.

The others...

I was falling...just falling...i didnt know where or how...i heard a noise but it was to faint to here i was about to wake myself up but i decided to sleep a while longer.as i was falling i heard voices "dont worry,im here for you." cora said "FUCK...

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the other koita

Warning: Please do not harass anyone who happens to share your name, especially do not do it on Discord. The last thing we need is username drama. so dmod is rolling out this new change. user tags are gone. usernames are now prefixed with a @, and...

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The Other Petrification

Even as it spread up his arm and over to the other one across his shoulders, he could feel it spreading down his back, and up along his ass from his legs.

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The Other Team

_fuck i should bed other orcas more often._ alise fellated him for the next few minutes.

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The Other Side

They said the grass was greener, on the other side. but i checked, and it's a goddamned lie~ just as grey, either side of the fence. and it tastes, the, same. another day, and another test. gotta play, the, game.

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The Other Place

The other place its an interesting smell, a dentist's office, i am half-awake, aware of what going on around me, but oblivious to any pain.

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**other ways** this is a request of littledipper. i hope you enjoy this, my friend it is a pacific night in the dearly farm, the cricket's sounds fills the environment at the farm.

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The Other Side

Off it went, to be melted into more useful parts for other devices. the rest of the night would be short-lived, but there was a whole other life waiting on the other side.

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other story

Hey, i have another story someone told me to post and i want to know what others think. it is kingdom hearts style, and it has kendo and alistair as the main characters, until alistair is replaced by alice(kendo and alice are from my kendowolf story), they

The Other Side

They kissed and kissed, licking at each other's lips, stroking their paws over each other's body. and then, on the other side of the door, her mother called, "sheila, marcy, dinner in five minutes."

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