Teenage Troubles: Chapter 7

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Chapter 774 Murnan Road, City Of Fait08:04 AM, 11th of AprilHe began panting like the twinky boys he had seen in porn as Max's cock hovered in front of his tight, virginal pucker .It lanced into Lyall's un-sullied ass. "Uhh!" He moaned with more volume as he was deflowered by one of the fox's herculean thrusts. Max's knot halted his length from driving deep into Lyall's insides. As the thick, tumescent knot struck against Lyall's tight tailhole, Max's balls oscillating to hit Lyall's regularly as conkers would, the rabbit let out more yells of jubilation. "YES!" One erupted as he received another burst of pumps on his semi-hard cock from his companion's forepaw. Max had Lyall pinned down face down on the bed, no pillows or anything, his face was forced to kiss the bed sheets. The other forepaw had Lyall's arm pulled behind his back to prevent his escape, not that Lyall planned on running. In truth, he fantasied about rough sex with Max. After all, Max just gave off a dominant aura; it made Lyall want to submit."Harder!" He begged. Lyall had arched his back, but Max's relentless grip prevented him from moving his thighs back to get himself off, he was at the predator's mercy. Max let out another feral growl as his onslaught became more sloppy, his forepaw continued to drop off of the edge of Lyall's cock as he jerked him off and his rhythm became wild and more determined. Lyall felt his ass spreading more and more, Max's copious amounts of precum lubing up his ass for the inevitable knotting. It came seconds later. Lyall's pucker was forced wide as the thick bulb at the end of Max's cock drove itself between his walls and made him cry out in pain as he orgasmed. It splattered over the sheets beneath them and over Max's forepaw, but regardless he continued to milk Lyall's cock dry as more and more of the sticky liquid dribbled out of his meatus and down his length. It went into the depths of his sheath, but he could always wipe that up later and get a taste of himself.The clenching of Lyall's ass as he climaxed tipped the fox over the edge as well. Combined with the warmth, his lust and the adrenaline pumping through his veins Max let out the biggest orgasm he'd ever had. It filled Lyall up, sputtering deep into his guts and marking inside of him should anyfur get a sniff of him. "Ugh!" Lyall cried as he felt it splash over his walls. Max howled behind him and collapsed on top of him, the power of his orgasm taking over his mind.Max's cum ran down Lyall's taint and over his balls as Max pulled out. He wiped his retreating cock on Lyall's black fur and patted Lyall's voluptuous ass. He stuffed his cummy fingers inside of Lyall's mouth and made the rabbit clean him off, Lyall did so happily; glad to taste his own cum. Max rubbed Lyall's expanded tail hole with a finger, keeping the

orifice open whilst Lyall lubricated his fingers with spittle. He took them out of Lyall's mouth now that the rabbit had drank his fill. Plunging them into his ass to tease his prostate further, Lyall cried out and fondled his sheath to awaken his cock...Moments Later, a familiar sensation ignited in Lyall's balls which snapped him out of his reverie. Acting quickly, he blocked out all sexual thoughts of his crush by fiercely biting down on his lips with his buck teeth. Lyall sighed as he let another good dream of Max go to waste along with another unfinished masturbating session. He pulled his right forepaw up and wiped them on the bed sheaths, he took the two fingers from his other forepaw out of his tail hole and cleaned them on the sheaths as well. Lyall had been fully conscious ever since Max had insulted him, it played on his mind, telling him that Max cruel whilst the other half debated that Max cared deeply about him. It was a fierce battle, but no side was going to win for a while. Gradually, the war died down and Lyall got the chance to pay attention to Max's adorable snoring and his groans. Lyall had rolled over to see Max at full mast, he had quickly flipped back over as his vivid imagination was sparked. The idea of being bedded by Max so roughly was absurd; but that couldn't stop Lyall from dreaming about the comely canine.Lyall had been trying hard to attract Max's attention since he'd first gotten to snuggle up to him as he was carried to bed like a revered prince. He'd tried to get Max's approval by sitting naked in front of him, hopefully the fox would have grabbed him behind and whispered something romantic as he bent the rabbit over to pop his anal cherry. But that was only a ridiculous fantasy in which everything went perfectly. Lyall's next attempt was to simply get Max to pity him, he thought that if he'd acted vulnerable the fox's protective instincts might have kicked in, alas Max had only grown angry."Morning!" Max yawned from behind him. Anticipating shouting or violence, Lyall to curled up into a ball to hide himself for just a few seconds more. Accidentally, he pushed back against Max. The fox bit his tongue to stop himself from gasping as his morning wood was massaged to transform in into full mast thanks to Lyall's ass. Instead the Max chuckled and lay down with Lyall tucked against his chest, he pulled the covers up over them. "You're not even awake are you?" He ran his forepaws through Lyall's hair, pushing his fringe from side to side to entertain himself."I'm awake..." Lyall answered quietly. Max shot backwards, almost falling off of the side of the bed. "Be careful!" Lyall demanded, grabbing Max's arm and tugging him back to safety. "Why did you stroke my hair?" He questioned calmly now that Max was safe."Why did you cuddle up to me?!" Max snapped, clicking his fingers in front of Lyall's face and making him jump. "Sorry." He added

to apologize for his tone. "Don't worry. Everyfur gets a little cranky when they wake up. Can we just put this morning behind us?" Lyall requested."I've already forgotten about it." Max grinned and put his head back down, brushing Lyall's arm on the way back down."Wow! Your furs are really soft." Max complimented, reaching back and stroking Lyall's arm. The rabbit seized up, but relaxed as he quivered with pleasure. He turned over after wiping the smile from his face to watch Max as he continued stroking his arm. Praying, he hoped that Max would take it further by moving his grasp down to his sheath and shushing Lyall with his other forepaw. Alas, the fox stopped after a minute and sat up. "Do you mind if I go to the bathroom first?" Max asked. "I'd love to just stay in bed all day, but we have to do something today." He pointed out."Of course not. Take as much time as you need. I'll go in after you." Lyall stated, observing Max's morning wood through his boxers. His knot was fully plumped out and created an obtrusive bulge that everyfur would be able to recognize. "See you in a bit!" Max raised his forepaw and walked off to the bathroom, not doing anything to hide his erection."Uhh..." Lyall sighed as he closed the door and sat on the edge of Max's bed as he fondled his cock through his boxers. "Mhh." He moaned as he started to masturbate again. With his spare forepaw he lowered the edge of his shorts, so that they were rubbing against the bottom his ball sack with so much friction that pre oozed out of him at a faster rate. His cock sprung upwards, flicking some of the pre-ejaculate into his black fur. Nervously, Lyall began to rub his cock very slowly, cupping around his small length as he pumped himself into an orgasm. He did so with caution because he knew that the fox could return at any moment, or worse, Jane could walk in and catch him in the act. In addition, Lyall had never masturbated until he came, hell at first he'd thought that his pre was cum. Within seconds of rubbing, Lyall;'s cock was entirely exposed and he reached down with his other forepaw to rub his furry sack. Despite the fact that his paw pads weren't lubricated, their soft texture made it more sensual as they occasionally rubbed a sweet spot which elated Lyall further.His forced dream and his early morning masturbating session had already put him on edge, so in seconds he felt cum rushing to escape his meatus. He released his cock and clenched to halt the orgasm, it worked and Lyall started panting as he relaxed. He halted a trail of pre with a finger and then licked his finger clean, it was tasteless to his disappointment; he had expected some kind of flavor or tinge. Sighing, Lyall pulled up his shorts for the last time; fate would make him wait weeks, possibly months before he got to taste his own cum.As luck would have it, Max walked back into the room the moment Lyall's erection had gone down. "Hey!" Max

greeted, he had his arms behind his head, so that Lyall could see his un-shaven pits. If there was any musk about Max, like the musk that covered his bed sheets and pillows, the deodorant was masking it. The deodorant's smell suited Max, it gave Lyall the impression of a manly-man or a bread winner, which was exactly the type of male Lyall was looking for. "Hi! Lyall greeted in return, giving him a pathetic excuse for a wave; it was nothing more than a tilt of his forepaw. "That was a quick shower.""Yeah I didn't bother... You shouldn't either. We don't stink.""Coolio, anything we're doing in particular today?" "Well we need to eat and get dressed, then we have the house to ourselves, so go get ready!" Lyall rushed off into the bathroom to do as Max had said. He brushed his teeth, used the toilet and sprayed more than enough deodorant and antiperspirant before leaving again. Max was laying spread eagle on his bed, fully clothed to Lyall's disappointment; he'd wanted to get dressed with Max. The fox's jeans were belted tight and his shirt buttons were done up with equal strength, so there was no chance of an embarrassing moment in which Max's clothes would fall off. There was a black helix spiraling down the center of Max's shirt, which somehow added to the formal look, but Max was absolutely pulling it off. "You'd look good with a tie on!" Lyall commented, he blushed and dived into his bag to find some clothes."My Dad took all my ties." Max declared stoically and rolled over to face the wall for two reasons, one was so that he wouldn't see Lyall getting changed. "Get dressed, I'm not looking." As Lyall pulled on his clothes, Max turned on his smart phone and was blinded by a flashing light warning him that he had missed calls. He pressed a button and the machine spoke to him, "One missed call from: 'Dad' and 'Elliot'" It announced. "Press-" Max pressed the correct button without hesitation and deleted all of his messages. He then went onto his contacts and dialed a number."Hey! Why are you calling so early?" A familiar vulpine voice asked."Shut up! You know why I'm calling." Max grumbled."Well don't get cranky, son!" The vulpine on the other end of the phone howled with laughter, but shut up when Max didn't make a noise. "Err... Are you coming to the football game this afternoon?" They asked. Max looked over his shoulder at Lyall,"No. I can't make it, sorry!" Max was about to hang up."Max I can hear that! Don't be ditching things because of me." Lyall frowned. "I can come with you if you want anyway. I don't mind watching football." Lyall falsified as he pulled on a pair of boxers that he'd carefully selected."Scratch what I just said! I can make it." Max grinned."Great! 12:45, the usual place! Bring you ball!" The fox on the other end hung up on Max. Max ended the call on his side and pocketed his phone."Are

you done?" Max asked impatiently, tapping the wall to entertain himself."Almost!""Well what's taking so long?""I wanted to pick a pair of boxers that are... comfortable." Lyall deceived as he buttoned his skinny jeans. He took out a black shirt, it was emblazoned with a garnet cross, tilted slightly to the left. The sleeves ended at his elbow, but arm warmers of the same colors gave the impression that they continued down to his wrists. "You can look now." Lyall informed confidently, one hundred percent sure that Max would like his outfit.When he saw him, Max's face remained neutral, but as the rabbit turned around to pick out some socks, Max took note of the words 'Death Valley' scribbled underneath the cross. "I'm sorry, it's all I had left." Lyall apologized. His paws were wrapped up in black socks that kept his toes warm. He sat down next to Max on the bed. "There's nothing to be sorry about, it suits you!" Max patted Lyall's back as he spoke, making the rabbit flinch.  "But would it kill you to lighten up? Let your ears stand up!" Max laughed, taking hold of Lyall's floppy ears and trying to get them to say up, they immediately sagged. "Hah." Lyall forced a laugh and rubbed his arms. Max had a fair point, Lyall's ears that hung down constantly and the bags under his eyes made him look despondent and much older than he actually was."This is just my look I guess." Lyall responded, shuffling back to sit against the wall. He crimped his legs and rubbed his toes through his socks."If you're scared of me, you're allowed to go home." Max frowned. "I know that I might have gotten a little scary last night, calling you a faggot and what not." Max added. "Not that's anything wrong with liking dudes." Max stammered to avoid offending Lyall."It's alright. I was being pathetic and girly." Lyall mumbled, not daring to meet Max's eyes.

 "You weren't! Do you mind if I make up for it with a cup of tea? I've been told that I make a mean brew." Lyall giggled at Max, he sounded strange thanks to his words. "I've never had one." Lyall admitted, blushing as his feminine giggle came to an end. "I'm sort of a coffee person.""So that's why you can never get some sleep. But who cares, you'll love it. Tea tastes greats!" Max stated, hoping to encourage his friend. He nudged him on the arm. "What could go wrong with a cup of tea?""But what If I don't like it-" Becoming impatient, Max interrupted Lyall to stop the rabbit's carping."Then I'll fucking drink it!" He snapped. He quickly took a deep breathe to clam himself down before he lost his tempter again. "It can't hurt to try." He put a forepaw on Lyall's leg and smiled, fortunately the rabbit didn't seem too intimidated. "I suppose you're right." Lyall admitted, climbing out of the corner to stand next to Max."Great!" Max set off with Lyall in near pursuit. "My mom's gone out to work-""On a Saturday?""Bills

won't pay themselves! I normally do a paper run in the holidays to help out." Max explained."Sorry to sound like a pig, but what's for breakfast?" Lyall questioned, he expected cereal or something light."Well aside from our two mugs of tea, a full Vedish breakfast for the both of us: toast, beans, omelets, sausages and bacon!" Max answered, licking his lips at the thought of a delectable slice of meat. "Isn't pig meat incredibly expensive?" Lyall asked."It's feral meat, idiot!" Max laughed. "Unless you want to grab a knife and nip round my neighbors house!" Max's crude humor shocked Lyall, but the fox carried on laughing until he entered the kitchen.He snapped into cooking mode immediately, "Right! Get the milk, two mugs, the eggs, the bacon, the butter and sausages!" Max dived into a cupboard and pulled out two plates, numerous pans, the cooking oil along with sugar and two tea bags. He flipped the kettle on as he lit the oven, leaving Lyall to stumble around in the fridge for the ingredients that would make their breakfast. He left them out on the counter and turned around to see Max wearing a cooking apron, "What?" He asked. "I'm not spilling oil all down my clothes." He smiled and took the butter from Lyall. "Are you lactose intolerant?" Max questioned. "Do you eat meat?""Yes, Max. I am an omnivore, like most of the furs on this planet." Lyall rolled his eyes. "But I wouldn't mind a carrot or two." He grinned,"Second shelf at the back!" Max joked as he cracked six eggs into separate pans, three in each. "Do me a favor and give me the whisk, then you can grate the cheese. Do you want cheese on your omelette?" Max asked. "Yes please!" Lyall chirped as he handed Max the whisk, going back into the cupboard to find the grater; Lyall was glad that he was helping."So... Lyall..." Max asked as he whisked egg white and yolk together. "When was the last time you had a good breakfast?""It's been a while... We mostly eat cereal or toast in our house.""God that's an abomination!" Max laughed. "My Mom says that on weekends we absolutely have to have at least one big breakfast, no excuses. Oh and we have to have a few glasses of milk as well, growing and what not.""My parents generally just cook me dinner and leave me to my own devices.""No wonder you're so small." Max grinned in a jocular way and saw that Lyall had finished grating his cheese. "Now... Come take over here. I don't trust you near the oven." Max said, the two swapped places and Max began melting butter into the pan. "Make sure that you tell me when it's a mixture, see any shell, pluck it out." Max instructed. He opened the bacon and sausage, moved to the slower cooker and turned it on. He used a fork to lay out two sausages and a slice of bacon for himself. "How many slices of bacon do you want? And how many sausages?""Just one of each please.""Lyall you're allowed to have more than

one." Max frowned."Yeah but this omelette will fill me up, I don't want to waste anything.""Alright, alright." Max allowed Lyall to get away with not eating a food amount of meat, but he would certainly be adding more cheese to Lyall's omelette. He turned the slower cooker on, it would be done in about five minutes. "Do you want your bacon well done? With fat?" Max asked, he certainly did. "It'll put hairs on your chest!""Weren't you the fur who told me to trim my chest furs?""It's just a saying!" Max laughed."I knew that!" Lyall blushed. "And yes... I would like my bacon well done and without fat." Max felt a little delight in his heart, he was glad that he shared a few food preferences with Lyall. When the butter had melted into the pan, Max poured the egg mixture into the pan. "Tell me when that looks like a yellow pancake!" Max requested and turned away to cook the beans; he used up the whole can. Leaving Lyall to play look out, Max poured out both of their cups of tea and left it to brew whilst he started on the toast. "How can you focus on this?" Lyall was already confused by what was going on. "Oh! Oh! It looks like a yellow pancake!" He cried."Okay, you watch the toast. Butter it when it's done, make sure that my slice is burnt!" Max requested.Using a spatula, Max lifted the edges of the omelettes and tilted the pans to get the runny egg to go the edges. He repeated this method until there was no runny egg left in either of the pans. He added cheese to both omelettes and folded them over. "Voila!" He announced, setting down the omelettes on the plates. He turned to Lyall, who had just finished buttering their slices of toast. Max's was charred black ,just how he liked it. "Thanks!" He smiled, and set his down on his plate. "I think that the meat will be down as well." To both of their satisfaction, it was. Max set that down on the plate as well, along with the beans. "Do you want any ketchup?" Max asked, finishing off their tea."Yes please." "Alright. I'll bring it to you in a second. Go ahead into the dining room, start on your food if you want. Unless you need to do some kind of prayer?""I'm not religious." Lyall stated. "But thanks for asking.""No problem! Got to respect stuff like that, unless the fursons a dick." The rabbit walked off into the Vaughn's dining room, it was normal and felt almost empty. In the middle of the room, there was a table for six. Each set already had cutlery laid out On the oak wood table there was a glass vase filled with roses that were at the pinnacle of their ephemeral lives, they look stunning with all of their vibrant colors. There were three family portraits hanging on the far wall, the strange thing was that it was only Max and his mother in all frames. The first had a very young Max sitting on Jane's lap, the second, a cub version of  Max holding her forepaw and the third was Max holding a football with

his mother standing next to him with their arms linked. They were each done in different styles, two with graphite pencils and the other was done with Biro. The walls and floor were a chocolate brown, the curtains and most of the furniture had jam red accents to them; the two colors complemented each other. As Lyall sat down, Max came into the room with the ketchup and his own breakfast. He laid his food next to Lyall's and gave the rabbit the ketchup, "Go crazy if you want!" Max disappeared into the kitchen, presumably to get the tea. Lyall squirted the red gunk in a clear spot and started cutting his meat into small pieces, juices ran out of the sausages as he did, his mouth was literally watering. How long had it been since he'd tasted proper meat and not some crappy tofu substitute? Max came in with the tea, "Taste it!" He commanded, letting Lyall take it from him. The rabbit drank from it, it was sweet, but tasted lovely. "You make a good cup of tea!" Lyall complimented, he set his down on a coaster."Like I said." Max grinned with pride and started to chomp away at his breakfast. Lyall was much more refined, he chewed his food and swallowed when it was mush. A thought crossed Lyall's mind. "How long will your Mom be out for?" Lyall asked."Until five, why?" Max questioned suspiciously."No reason really..." Lyall lied, in truth he planned on coming out to Max. He planned it out in his head, after all he couldn't afford to make a mistake. Max didn't seem homophobic, so Lyall hoped that he'd take it a lot better than other guys. He waited until Max had finished eating, so that he wouldn't choke on his food."Max, could I tell you something." Lyall asked with a stern expression, the fox looked up."Sure, go ahead." Max smiled."I'm... I'm gay." Lyall felt as if his world had just shattered, yet Max hadn't even responded. In an act of anticipation, the rabbit stood up and started sobbing. "I'm sorry!" He sniffled and dashed upstairs with shame beating away at his mind. The fox grabbed his forepaw and twisted it behind his back. "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" Lyall screamed, he'd never thought that he'd get beaten up over being gay, but that time had apparently come. "N-no, please!" He stammered, shrinking down onto the cold wooden boards to defend himself. He felt as if Max had already started kicking him, breaking his fragile body."Lyall..." Max sighed and crouched down next to him. He embraced the rabbit. "What's all the fuss about?" The fox asked. "You're gay, so what? I have enough sense to not hate a guy just because he might want to date me." Lyall sunk into Max's arms sobbing in delight this time."Thank you!" Lyall marveled through his tears and ended up making Max topple onto the floor. He snuggled onto his chest. "Are you?""No. I'm straight." The two stood up together and Max dried Lyall's tears now that he'd stopped. "If you... if

you don't mind me asking, why do you consider yourself to be gay? Shit, sorry... You must get that a lot.""No I don't. You're actually the first furson outside of my friendship group who I've told." Lyall admitted. "Well I'm honored. I'm sorry for asking that question...""It's cool. If you want to know, I say that because... Well... I actually don't know why I'm gay. I like dudes? Yeah that's the best explanation I can give. Why do you consider yourself to be straight?" Lyall asked in return."Well I've... had sex with a girl. And I liked it." Max fibbed."Really!? What was it like?" Lyall asked."Ahh why am I lieing. I haven't. I guess that I don't know what I am... I should really experiment a bit, shouldn't I?""You should and I'll be a willing test subject!" Lyall noticed that things we're starting get absurd."Really?" Max beamed. "Mind if we do it now?" Max lifted up Lyall's shirt and got on his knees to osculate his lips against Lyall's navel."Oh... I don't have a condom with me." Lyall informed, keeping his shirt up whilst Max paid worship to the rabbit's belly."Hah? Who needs one. I want my bunny boi to have a good time when he looses his virginity." Max had a wicked smile on his face now, he stood back up and pressed his lips against Lyall's, forcing his tongue inside of Lyall's mouth. The rabbit had always wanted to become passionate with Max, now that it had finally happene-"Are you just going to give me a dumb look all day? Or are you going to answer my question" Max asked now that he'd finished his breakfast. Lyall snapped out his imagination and blurted out the first thing that came to mind: "What was it?" Lyall asked in embarrassment."I asked if you'd like to play some video games again." Max  repeated."S-sure... But could I just..." He sighed "Max I have something to-""Ding dong!" The front door bell rang out loud, shaking Lyall's skull slightly and stopping him from speaking. The noise stunned Lyall and gave regret the chance  to flood his brain and change his mind. Lyall flinched and prayed that Max hadn't heard a thing. "Can you tell me when I get back?" Max asked, rising from his chair and gliding across the room to stand next to Lyall. "Or is it desperate?""Nah forget about it." Lyall tried to sound cool and leaned back in his chair.Max moved out into the hallway. "Sup, Quinn." Max greeted somefur, he heard the slap of two forepaws meeting. Lyall recognized the name, Quinn was Max's best friend; he felt a twang of jealously in his heart. "Am I allowed in?" Quinn asked."Sure." The door closed with a heavy thud and Lyall gritted his teeth, he wanted Max to himself.The two entered the room side by side. "Lyall, this is Quinn."Thanks For Reading!As always please tell me if you spot any mistakes ^_^Story, Characters and Locations © Kalebthecat

Special attention (DU 4:6)

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Teenage Troubles: Chapter 6

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