A Simple Favor

Story by Kalebthecat on SoFurry

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Chapter 1

Feline Fantasies, Tort

6th of March, 5:54 PM

Tilted against the brick wall, safely covered by the overhead balcony, Riley lit up another execrable cigarette and placed it to his lips. After a momentary pause, the white tiger took a puff and shattered into a fit of violent spluttering. During the attack, the cigarette managed to find its way onto the wet pavement just a few steps away from him. Riley straightened up, he'd doubled over thanks to his coughs, and saw his present lying on the ground. "For fucks sake..." He rumbled . Already the flame had snuffed out and he wasn't abject enough to smoke something that had been on the dirty streets of Tort.

Putting his forepaws into the pockets of his tawny hoodie, he dug around for the box that normally housed the devils. When the package left his pocket, he flipped it open and flung his fingers in without checking. He found nothing. Frowning, he shook the box upside down as if doing so would magically produce cigarettes. "For fucks sake!" Riley repeated and launched the box as far as he could, it landed in the road waiting to be killed. Grumbling to himself, Riley pushed back against the brick wall once more and threw up his hood. He moved his eyes to observe the pavement and started to silently complain about his life.

"Hi love, looking for a good time? Half-price if you want it up the ass." A guttural voice chuckled. "Hey 'Goma!" Riley cheerily shouted and kicked off of the wall to stand up straight. "Why are you here early?" Riley asked with a friendly tone. "I'd ask you the same thing, tiger." Goma replied with a wink. The black panther, who was approximately 6'1 foot, towered over the white tiger as he stood next to him. As always, there was a palpable air of hubris around Isingoma, one that made him seem haughty and titled.

"Need a cig'?" Goma questioned as he reached into his jean pocket. "Oh!! No! I -i I don't smoke."Riley blurted out, raising his forepaws to ward off the packet. "Really? Because I could have sworn that you just dropped a cigarette and then went to get some more. The packet is right over there!" Goma pointed over to the box and bared his teeth in a teasing way. When he did, the box was flattened by a moving car. "Sure you don't want one, kid?" Goma repeated as he took out a cigarette for himself. He lit the demon and took a puff before putting it between his fingers. "No I don't... I was just trying them out, see? I-i'm not really a fan." Riley smiled falsely and turned away from Goma. "Whatever you say." The black panther smirked once more and blew smoke out into the air which caused Riley to couch slightly.

The two felines stood in silence for a while with only the repetitious sound of cars and pattering rain around them. "So are you going to say why you're here?" Goma asked when he snuffed his cigarette out on the wall. Riley turned around to meet the panther, who had stalked awfully close to him. He was now standing just in front of Riley, forcing the tiger to stare directly at his pecs. Gulping down nothing and rubbing his arm, Riley glanced away and opened his mouth to say something. "You are only a bartender after all." Riley's ear flattened out at the insult. "I just wanted to get here early... Try to get everything ready sooner, y'know? Why are you here?" "To shower or maybe I want to get dressed. Take a guess kitty." Goma dismissed Riley with a wave and pushed past him. Riley staggered sideways, narrowly avoiding falling flat on his face.

He shot after Goma and walked just behind his tail tip. "So... .err... Is anyfur else supposed to be here?" "No. I always get here early, so my Dad just gave me a key to make things easy on me." Goma flashed his key and slipped it into the lock on the double doors. They swung open, revealing a foyer with an opulent ruby red carpet and numerous potted plants. Each plant was vibrant and green, watered perfectly each day. It was strange for Riley, he was used to seeing the entrance way bustling with a line and the club's bouncers. Then there was the wolfess at the front desk, she was never smiling; understandably she was the only canine member of staff and the club was named after her race's natural rival.

Everyfur in the foyer intimidated Riley, the equine bouncers had manhandled him on multiple occasions as they demanded to see his I.D to prove that he was indeed male. It had happened four times in a row now, one time for each bouncer. It would go something like: "I'm a bartender. I work here." Riley would explain as he flashed his staff I.D without paying to enter. The problem was that not a single Ezillian I.D card (no matter what the purpose) had the holder's sex or gender written down, to protect civilians from potential rapists was the government's explanation. After all, the government thought that most rapists wouldn't pull down somefur's shorts if they thought that there was a dick hidden away.

"Bullshit!" The bouncer would howl with laughter. "We don't have a single female staff here." The wolf at the desk would scream something at the equine , who would apologize and correct himself. "We don't have a single female staff here, other than our lovely receptionist." He'd pull a face at the receptionist that was equal to sticking out one's tongue. "So what am I supposed to do? I need to work you know and I'm not paying to do it!" By the now the line behind Riley would be making a lot of noise, some would be getting ready to throw beer cans at the tiger's head. "Strip?" The bouncer would request. "If you've got a dick downstairs I'll let you through." Riley would give out a groan, try to push past and get grabbed by the bouncer who would throw him into the small closet on their right.

The door would slam shut and Riley would be plunged into pitch black until the bouncer turned on his flashlight. "Go on then. Gotta make sure that the I.D ain't fake." "This is fucked up..." Riley would complain as he started to strip himself off his bottom half of clothes. "Does the shirt need to come off?" "Is your dick under your shirt? No!" Rolling his eyes, Riley would awkwardly reveal his panties and get a laugh from the bouncer. "Sorry girl, didn't think that we had a cross dresser." The equine would practically laugh his head off when the panties came down as well. Riley's exiguous sheath was apparently the funniest thing manly studs like the club's bouncers had ever seen. "Yeah! Go on in cub!" The bouncer would say through chuckles as he left the white tiger to get dressed.

"Is it normal for the bouncers to make us staff undress?" Riley quizzed nervously to Goma, who was ducked behind the counter; he was trying to find the keys to the changing room. Goma scoffed, "No! What, do they make you do it?" "Every single time." Riley stressed. "They think that I'm a girl, just because I'm a little bit feminine!" "A little bit? Riley when I saw you I thought that you were some confused female who wanted to get a dick." The panther laughed. "Maybe if you had a bit of muscle...." "Stop teasing me Goma." Riley hissed, slamming his fists onto the counter and accidentally spitting on Goma.

The panther shot up faster than Riley anticipated. "I'm sorry!" Riley howled as he fell backwards and brought up his arms to defend himself from Goma's fury. "Was that your fucking spit?!" Goma snarled, he vaulted over the desk and leaned over Riley. Glaring down at him with chartreuse eyes, his shoes came close to Riley's ears, threatening to squish them. "No!" Riley whimpered as he curled up into a ball and rolled to face away from Goma. He mumbled something like 'That's what I thought' as he moved back behind the counter.

There was another thing that Riley hated about the foyer, the fur behind the desk always had wicked eyes. Maybe it was the bright colors, or the way that they glared through him, but Riley hated speaking to the receptionist. She'd lower her glasses, glare at Riley with her brown eyes and ask: "What'd you want?" Her tone was always cheery and ebullient most of the time, yet Riley was struck with fear whenever she started speaking. The worst part was asking for his pay. The boss had it kept behind the counter, when Riley checked out he could collect his day's pay and leave. Alas, Riley's pay was so pathetic that there wasn't even an envelope to keep it in. She'd just hand over a note for a five, sometimes a few coins and usher Riley out of the door with flicks of her forepaws. It was embarrassing, anyfur in the foyer got to see how much his labor was worth.

"Are you going to carry on sniffling on the floor Riley? Or are you going to get up and get the bar ready?" Goma scowled as he stepped out from behind the counter and through into the main room without even waiting for Riley's response. "I'm just resting-" Riley noticed that Goma had left. As if a rope was tying him to Goma, he scurried after the panther with enough speed to put a cheetah to shame. He flung open the door to the hall and saw Goma disappearing behind the curtains. Riley gave chase.

It was difficult to see in the black light room, but fortunately the neon green lines that ran along the sides of the stages acted as a beacon for him. Moving as quickly as Goma had, he glided over the laminated floor and past his bar. The bar was nothing special, it was a wooden block that had an inundation of different alcoholic drinks. There were a few dispensers for beer and soft drinks, but no fur wanted the weak drinks; the customers always wanted to get smashed whenever they visited the club. He climbed over the metal railings that separated the stage from the pit and moved over the wooden floor with grace. He slipped backstage and once again saw Goma entering a room at the end of the only hallway.

Riley ran down it, determined to catch up to Goma before the white tiger's fears started to nip at him. There were clothing racks in the way that needed to be pushed aside and Riley almost tripped over a pair of hooker boots, but a few seconds after Goma had entered Riley burst in as well. They were now standing in the typical changing room that was exclusively for the staff of 'Feline Fantasies.' There were beige tiles covering the floor, grey painted walls and rows of newfangled, 6 foot tall lockers everywhere. Between the rows of lockers there were benches, Goma was perched on the end of one.

"Took you long enough." He grumbled and stood up. "Why were you waiting for me?" A frisson of fear came over Riley as he approached the panther slowly, expecting Goma to have a knife or a gun hidden behind his back. "Figured that you'd want to know which lockers you can have and which lockers you can't have." Goma answered and showed his forepaws. "Ohh..." Riley relaxed, but did his best not to get too close. "Do all of the staff own a certain one? I've just been using any old one, I'm not going to get fired-" "Stop worrying. That doesn't matter, so long as you pick one that isn't used at all. See the one at the far end?" Riley nodded and found it with his eyes. There was dust collecting on the door and the cobwebs above it were either woven by a large spider or had been there for years. "No fur uses that one. Slap your stuff in there and call it your own." At least he wasn't being curt. "It's a little.... ugly." Riley admitted. "All of the others are painted. Are you sure that there aren't any other lockers that I can have?" Riley whined. "No! Take that one or let your stuff live on the benches." Goma snarled as he started to take off his plain, black t-shirt.

Goma rolled up them hem before slipping it off. Riley blushed as Goma's toned, muscular chest was revealed. His muscles were perfectly sized, each defined with clear lines and bulging ever so slightly. His pecs were curved as were his abs, something that Riley adored. The white tiger hated the sight of bulging thick muscles that were the size of grapefruits, they were so unnatural and hideous. "What the fuck are you staring at?" Goma growled as he dropped his shirt onto the bench. "N-nothing!" Riley replied as he scurried past Goma.

"You were eyeing me up weren't you?" Goma questioned, he licked his lips. Riley's tail started wagging in agitation. "I'd never do anything like that, I'm not interested in you." He stated as he turned away. "Oh get lost kitty. I know that you're gay. I've seen the way you look at the dancers on stage!" Goma howled with laughter. "Really? And how do I... look at them?" Riley blushed, doing his very best to sound aggressive. "Like you're about to come in your pants!" Highly embarrassed, Riley cried out: "W-well! You're the one who, w-who... Who has a boner whenever he's own stage!" "So you have been glancing, or have you been focusing? Studying, huh, huh?!" Goma queried with rising volume as he puffed out his chest to scare Riley. "It's hard to miss when you're painted some neon color and flaunting your cock in everyfur's face!" Riley huddled himself in the corner and didn't get into his work clothes yet. "So-so! You're clearly the fag here!" He shouted when Goma didn't react.

The panther twitched and stopped un-fastening his belt. "Well..." He resumed his action, slipping the belt out of the buckle and placing it in his locker. "I never told you that I was straight." A twisted smile stretched across Goma's face. "Besides, who ever said that I didn't like it when you were eyeing me up?" "Excuse me!" Riley cried. "Who doesn't like getting some attention from cute guys? Good to know that the youth still find me attractive." "Well next time I'll avoid stroking your ego." Riley frowned as he took off his hoodie. "Maybe you could stroke my cock instead?" Goma suggested. "Fuck off! If you're just trying to mess with me because I happen to like guys, go and stroke your cock alone!" Riley furiously shoved his hoodie into his locker and dug around in his draw string bag for the white shirt that he'd been provided with.

"You do want to move up in this career don't you? To get more money in your pocket?" Goma tried to pump Riley for information as he took off his jeans. He folded them neatly before putting them into his locker, his belt and t-shirt resting underneath them. "What's that supposed to mean?" "Let's just say that if you prove to the boss how good at fucking you are, he might give you a promotion." "To what? Slut queen? No thanks, I'd rather just stay as a bartender where the furs who hit on me don't have a chance to get it off with me." "Actually, the promotion would see you becoming a dancer. You would need to learn the ropes, but until then you could earn a good living off being a prostitute. You don't have a boyfriend do you?"

Riley thought for a moment. Marvin was more a friend than a boyfriend and he'd never wanted to know the answer to the special question. "No I don't." "And you're eighteen?" "You know that, why are you asking?" "Making sure that I didn't miss your birthday." Goma grinned, obviously lying. "All I'm saying is that you could do be doing better; if you're willing to be a little more adventurous and less prude. On top of that, you must get sexual impulses all the time? Am I right? I mean, you probably wouldn't be topping, but a dick in your ass is better than a finger." "Alright, stop being bawdy." Riley frowned as he did up his bowtie and turned to face Goma.

He was greeted by the panther in nothing but tight, rubber briefs, he was grinning wildly and nearly started laughing when he saw Riley's shocked expression. "Aww! Come on, you've seen me naked before! This ain't a new experience." "It is when you're up close." If it was possible to blush even more than Riley was, his fur would turn red and steam would come out of his ears. "You're a different thing up close as well. Kind of cute, want to get closer?" "Are you asking to have sex with me?!" Riley cried, peeling backwards slightly. "Just oral. I need a fluffer before I go on stage, thought that you'd want the honor of going down on me." "Dude! You don't go on stage for another half an hour." "Then I'll come and get you when it's time, I know that you'd appreciate giving somefur a blowjob." "I'm NOT a whore." Riley exclaimed and tried to get past Goma.

The panther stuck out his arm and spoke. "Come on kid, it's just a favor. It's not like you have a boyfriend anyway." Goma stepped directly in front of him and despite Riley's kicking, un-tied Riley's bow tie. "Hey! Fuck off!" Riley cried. The panther scowled and in one kick movement, kneed Riley directly in the chest. He folded over awkwardly, air rushing out of him. Goma straightened him back up. "I just want to look at your body. Your fucking fit." Goma claimed as he took out the buttons on Riley's shirt. The white tiger wanted to fight back, but knew that the panther wasn't playing around. His shirt was taken off after a few seconds and dropped onto the nearby bench.

"You should do your job without your shirt on." Goma stated as he sized up the thin feline. He fit into his trousers perfectly, his belly was as flat as it could go without him having to lose internal organs. "Thanks." Riley fumbled to get his shirt back on. "But I like to my job with my clothes on. It makes it less chilly." Riley pouted and snatched his bowtie from Goma. "You're good at tying things..." Goma complimented out of the blue. "You're good at not getting laid. I'm not going to suck your dick." "You will if you don't want to get fired!" Goma shouted before Riley could leave the room. The tiger stopped and turned around.

"Pardon?" Riley asked with shock, confusion, curiosity and disbelief. "If you don't do it!, I can get the boss involved. He'll fire you on the spot for being rude, he doesn't want some prude kitty working for him. But if you do it well..." Goma chuckled. "He'll sample you and give you a raise, or a promotion if he enjoys the sex. You can't seriously be planning on being a bartender for the rest of your life can you?" Riley thought for a moment, Goma did have a point and anything better than his weak £33.50 each day sounded like a miracle.

"What would I have to do? When and where?" Riley gave Goma a small interrogation whilst trying not to let his temptation become known. "Take shirt off for the rest of the night, suck my dick before I go on stage and maybe the boss will be he hearing about a lovely, slutty white tiger who should be a dancer." "Why do I need to take off my shirt?" Riley questioned, sensing that he was being tricked. "So that our customers are interested in your body. If they find out that you're one fit white tiger, they'll be begging for you to become a dancer." Goma continued his attempt to cajole Riley into doing what he wanted with his offensive blarney. "I'm not interested in dancing on stage." "Oh, you are. I checked your CV, dance schools and dance schools was what popped out to me. That's why you came here isn't it? To make money and get into a university for dance. Well... if you do it well, they'll rain money down onto you." Goma pointed out. Riley was tempted by the sound of money, but was it worth it? "Come and get me when you're about to go on stage."

Riley dismissed Goma with a wave of his paw, he'd heard voices outside of the changing room and was therefore no longer afraid.

Twenty five minutes later...

"So..." The gray wolf burped, leaning over the bar as he tried to grab at Riley's shirt. Gracefully, the white tiger stepped back and filled up the wolf's shot glass from a distance. After swiftly imbibing it again the canine belched once more and slammed his glass down on the counter with drunken force. "You got somefur at home?" He asked. "No, sir." Riley replied with a giggle, swaying slightly as he tried coy. The shot glass became filled with alcohol again. Riley was planning on inebriating the gray wolf, hopefully to the point where he fell asleep, then he'd loot the wolf's sleeping body. He always picked out one fur every night, it took about an hour and sometimes they caught on, but when it worked he'd split it with his boss and walk home with a fat wad of cash in his forepaws.

"Want somefur at home?" The wolf continued, he'd stopped grabbing at Riley, but couldn't take his eyes away from the slender feline. "Of course, sir." Riley answered again and moved away to fill up an elephant's glass. The gray-skinned behemoth scowled at the wolf and walked away when he'd gotten a drink. "Hey! You don't go anywhere." The wolf slurred, pointing at Riley. "I'm not going far, sir." Riley promised, staying close to his target. "Want something stronger?" Riley questioned as he picked out the strongest alcohol the bar had. "Why the fuck not?" The wolf splashed what was left in his glass onto the floor and nearly threw the object at Riley, fortunately the tiger glided forwards and plucked it from his grasp before he could.

"That'll be an extra..." The wolf threw a few notes at Riley, way more than what was needed. "Fuckin'... rob me blind why don't you?" The wolf bellowed and grabbed his empty glass from Riley. He tried to drink from it and noticed that it was empty. "Huh?" He got out of his stool. "What you playing at, tig'?" "Nothing sir. You didn't give me a chance to fill up your glass..." Riley tried to elucidate. "Bullshit!" The wolf stumbled backwards and nearly went over, but regained his balance before he embarrassed himself. A few heads had turned now, but so far no fur had moved to help Riley. The white tiger swallowed nothing. "Sir..." He raised his forepaws to try to calm the wolf down. "Have one on me." He picked out another bottle of alcohol and tried to fill up the wolf's glass, the wolf fell backwards as if it were poison.

Scrambling to his feet, he started accusing Riley of theft and several other offenses. "Sir!" Riley called out with a raised voice, the whole club had turned their heads now, still no help came. Panicking, Riley started to breath heavier as his tail curled beneath him. He knew what was about to happen. Screaming as the wolf brought back the forepaw that had his glass in it, he ducked down beneath the counter and waited for the dangerous rain that should have followed. Nothing came. He heard the wolf complaining and got back up to see one of the bouncers gripping the wolf. "GET THE FUCK OFF!" The wolf demanded. The equine guard fumbled with the wolf's pockets and tossed Riley a wallet whilst no fur was watching him. Riley winked at him and slipped it into his pocket as the bouncer escorted the wolf from the building.

Riley rested on the bar, proud because of his impeccable acting and the horse's timing. He'd need to slip that bouncer a few notes before he left, but it was worth the extra cash. "Err! Barista?" Somefur called out to Riley's left, he peeked upwards to see another bouncer calling to him. Riley's heart sunk, had he caught onto Riley's ploy? Had he seen the wallet?

Riley got out of the bar and walked over to him, trying to act natural. "Hey, is there something wrong?" Riley did his best to stay calm, after all he had been deplorably robbing somefur only moments ago. He recognized the bouncer, he had been the first to question Riley's sex. Riley felt anger bubble in his chest, was he really going to have to bribe somefur like him?

"Err... No. You promised that you'd be giving Isingoma head before he went on stage didn't you?" Had Goma being spreading shit behind Riley's back? "Yes I did." Riley sourly agreed, biting his lips as he focused on keeping his tail under control. "Well now is the time to act on it. Come on! He's in the back." The bouncer grabbed Riley by the wrist and dragged him towards the staff door that was located at the end of the hall. Riley didn't resist, but pulled himself free from the bouncer's grip when the tugging got bad.

"So what happened to Goma's other fluffer?" The black stallion inquired as he guided Riley behind the door, he locked it and put the keys back in his pocket. "His what?" Riley snarled caustically, eyes glinting with absolute rage as he turned to face the equine. "Goma said that he didn't have one..." Riley explained "Oh... Err... Yeah I was wondering what was going on there, I could have sworn that I saw that cat coming in here a minute ago." "Urgh!" Riley threw up his arms in complaint and tried to leave. He tried the door. "Let me out!" He demanded.

"No, wait! Goma said that he'd pay you didn't he, why don't you just do it?" "Because I'm not a whore!" Riley cried again and banged himself against the door. The bouncer grabbed his arms. "Don't do that you might hurt yourself! Look, if you won't do it for Goma could you at least give me some head?" Riley gagged in surprise. "I'm not sucking any fur's dick!" Riley shook off the bouncer who frowned at him. "Yeah... I should have figured." The horse rubbed behind his head and got out the keys to unlock the door. "Sorry. I'll go tell Goma that you're not doing it anymore." The stallion seemed uneasy suddenly, Riley picked up on that quickly.

"What's wrong?" He worried as he put a forepaw on the horse's arm before he couldn't turn away. "Are you afraid of Goma or something?" "Who isn't? He's the bosses son, fuck with him and you'll get fired. That and he's a bit violent from what I hear..." That was news to Riley, he almost felt guilty for putting the horse in front of a pissed off panther with so much power. "Really?" Riley's attitude changed on a dime. "Are you going to be okay?" "I'll be fine." The equine didn't sound too convinced himself. "Where is he? Maybe I'm just being too petulant about all this. I'll do it." The equine's eyes shot open, going from worried to excited. "Really?!" He exclaimed with glee, giving Riley a benign smile. "Good luck with Goma. He's in the changing rooms" Without another word, the equine shot off towards his post. Riley mumbled a curse under his breath and walked down the corridor, kicking things as he went.

Upon entering the changing rooms, Riley sensed a far from convivial atmosphere. Isingoma was exactly where the bouncer had told, sitting on a bench in the changing room in the midst of all the other feline dancers. There were muscular panthers like Goma, flaunting toned muscles that came from hours of working out, there were beefy lions who must have been on steroids and the polar opposite, a few skinny lions who's manes had been trimmed down to nothing to give themselves a feminine appearance. Along with those, there were other races of felines, but not a single white tiger apart from Riley.

Riley didn't know names, faces? Maybe, but names would take a while to learn. What Riley did know, however, was that most were into guys, so it was no surprise when Riley walked in on a few lithe cheetahs covetously fawning over the libidinous black panther. They kissed his nipples, toying with nubs with sharp teeth as they raked their claws over Goma's body as if they were desperate for sex. They weren't wearing much, only panties and lingerie. A few wore stockings and gloves, one wore a lace bow around his neck and a few bracelets along his arms. Depending on their body types all of the feline dancers wore different things. For example, the effeminate dancers always wore lingerie or nothing, where as the more beefy dancers had the option of a jockstrap or boxer shorts that would show off their bulges.

Riley assumed that Goma was busy with the felines, undoubtedly flirting with them and blowing up their egos before they got on stage. Riley didn't' know the name of tonight's opening act, only that Goma was starring as per usual and the cheetahs (presumably the ones who were flocking to him) would be featuring their body parts to elicit cheers from their audience. Riley surveyed his surroundings, waiting for Goma's followers to disperse. There was a tiger leaning against the far wall of lockers whilst he smoked a cigar, he seemed bored and occasionally rubbed his dick through his boxer shorts. At first, upon seeing him, Riley got excited, he was glad that he wasn't the only tiger in the workforce, but his ear flattened out when the bilious tiger growled at him and walked away. Riley heard a few chuckles from a group of cougars who were busy getting dressed, the nudged the shoulders of a few leopards who exchanged a few words among themselves before turning back to whatever they were doing.

"Riley!" Goma shouted when he finally noticed that the white tiger was in the room. "How long have you been fucking standing there?" The cadaverous cheetahs around him scattered, most likely heading backstage now that they'd got their boners raging; Goma's however, was still non existent. "A few minutes at most." Riley rolled his eyes and approached, when he was in grabbing distance Goma pulled him to his knees which made Riley gasp. "Just fucking get the job done already." He growled as he dexterously pulled down his rubber briefs to show off his round, feline sheath.

Riley's nose was filled with the scent of male musk, he purred to himself whilst he took it in. It had been a while since Riley had smelt the musk of another male and he'd never been exposed to such a strong one. Riley stuck his nose in deeper until it nudged against the edge of Goma's sheath as he prepared himself mentally.

"Hurry the fuck up, I haven't got all night." Goma spat as he took Riley by the hair and shoved his face directly onto his sheath. Goma's balls collided with Riley's chin and his nose was poked by Goma's heavy sheath that was beginning to swell. "Mhh!" Riley's muffled cry echoed. He shoved Goma's legs apart with his forepaws and clenched his eyes shut as Goma tried to get him to open his mouth. He brought him back once more before ramming his sheath into his face.

The sudden thrust galvanized Riley into taking actions. Riley had enough brains to open his mouth as the musky sheath was plunged into the front of his mouth, only then did Goma stop his pounding, but his relentless grip didn't slack. Riley twisted his mouth around Goma's sheath and swirled his tongue along the inside of it as he coaxed the panther's cock out. It had a heavy, masculine tint to it that Riley had tasted countless times before both from his boyfriend and the random men he'd hooked up with for one night stands, but by far Goma's was the most potent he'd ever encountered. Riley wasn't exactly ardent about having the piquant scent waft into his nose, but he was gradually getting the urge to reach into his trousers and rub his cock in order to satisfy his own carnal needs. He settled for rubbing his tool through the fabric with two fingers, a small wet patch formed over his meatus.

Riley stroked along Goma's leg to encourage him as his tongue lapped up the panther's delectable taste. He touched under Goma's sheath with his tongue, forcing the panther to make an amatory gasp and rut into his mouth very slowly. The sudden rhythm made Riley gag once, but he timed himself to be bobbing backwards whenever Goma thrust forwards to elate him further.

With his own forepaws, Goma stroked along Riley's comely body. He dug his claws into Riley's shirt and perforated the fabric, but he was careful when his claws got close to Riley's skin.

Breathing in air and Goma's intoxicating scent with his nose, Riley continued to suckle until he felt a growing warmth pushing into his mouth. He rewarded Goma's length, that was just beginning to show itself, with licks across the fleshy tip. Goma moaned above him and began to ruffle Riley's hair. Soon Goma's full length was in Riley's mouth, all eight inches going down his throat. The white tiger began bobbing up and down, swirling his tongue around as well to ameliorated the experience for Goma. His rough tongue gave Goma ineffable pleasure and brought him to the edge in a matter of minutes by licking along his sensitive barbs. "That's enough."He growled in disappointment. "You can finish me off later if you want, slut." Goma stood up and rubbed his hard, dripping erection across Riley's face to clean himself off; the tiger kept his growls contained and got to his feet when Goma put on his briefs again.

"Heh." Goma smirked when he turned around, "You enjoyed that didn't you?" He pointed to the bulge in the front of Riley's pants. The white tiger blushed and covered himself as he examined the other furs in the room. The changing room was mostly empty, but those who still remained had been watching Riley go down on the panther. They each had their own erections, some had pulled down their underwear to fondle themselves and two lions had just finished rubbing one another. Riley felt proud, knowing that he'd just pleased at least five males with half a blowjob.

Before the pride could get to Riley's head, Goma slammed him against the nearby lockers making the tiger scream. "Shut the fuck up, pussy!" Goma snarled as he shoved his forepaw over Riley's mouth to muffle his screams. He un-buttoned the tiger's white shirt and tossed into his own locker, revealing Riley's slim body and his glossy, snow white fur. His chest was mostly a blank canvas of fur, free from markings, except for the few black stripes that curled onto the edges of his belly. Riley suddenly felt a chill despite the buildings heating system; every other head in the room had turned in his direction to admire his body.

Goma released Riley and stepped away to his locker to close the door. "I'll hold onto this until after tonight. You come get it when you're finished. And don't take off that bow tie!" Goma informed, dismissing the tiger with a wave of his forepaw. "It makes you seem cute..." He rumbled as he turned away. Riley didn't need to be told again, he scurried away to the bar before the lions could start their invective derision.

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# Chapter 7 ## 5th of April, 2:31 PM ## Stable Lane, Annie's Grooming Parlor * * * "Nathaniel..." Soft lips osculated against the white fur on his neck. "Do you know what day it is?" The voice asked with a sexy purr, lips pulled back to reveal the...

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Guidance Of A Horse And Reins

# Chapter 6 ## Merjuh University, Guidance Councillors Officer ## 20th of September, 12:04 PM * * * ## \*Shaun\* "I don't want to do it..." The white cat mumbled as he and Jiyeon stumbled towards the administration building in the center of...

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Police Dogs

# Prologue ## Central Tort Police Station, Tort ## 6th of March, 10:00 PM * * * "I don't know how it happened..." The cadaverous white tiger mumbled nervously, his paws shifting from one stance to another. His forepaws were clenched between his...

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