Be A Good Little Kitten...

Story by Drataya on SoFurry

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Underage, get out now, this story DEFINITELY is not for you.

You all have no idea how BADLY I wish I could draw a few delectable scenes from this story. I browse all the gorgeous, sexy art on this site and drool, wondering what these two would look like. Hhhhrrrr... maybe someday I'll have funds enough to have my beautiful dominant wolf and sweet submissive little saber kitty drawn.

I had great great pleasure finishing this story. Pleaaasseee feel free to give me feedback. Did you like it? Were there other things I could add later? Suggestions? Heavens knows I could put more description into the room they are in, but I was so very caught up in getting this finished... Hrrr... enjoy my furry friends.

He had ordered her to please him. Being a good pet she would obey. She loved her Master. Oh how very much she did, he was so good to her. He could be so very nice when he felt inclined to. Kaiari leaned forward almost timidly, her tufted little ears tilting back with uncertainty, grasping the base of her masters throbbing shaft with light fingers as he stood looming over her. He is so lovely... she thought as she looked up at her canine master, marveling at his soft, beautiful dark grey fur and large bushy ears and striking grey blue eyes that stared down his muzzle at her. Just her hand wouldn't do. She wanted him to feel very very good. Behind her, her long sleek tail swished slowly. Her mouth glided over the head of his cock, teasing, exploring down its length cupping her tongue against his pulsing cock. Oh he felt so good in her mouth. Letting out a pleasured moan, her lips brushed against him as her tongue flicked and lapped every inch, every surface, squirming in place with her own lust. She pushed the long strands of red-brown hair out of her face, pressing her full breasts against his legs. Her lips found the head of his shaft, taking in a small ways so her tongue could rub and flick at its rim and sensitive tip. Master groaned in blissful longing, stroking the back of her head, his eyes locked on her movements, his beautiful ears perked forward attentively. She slid one hand up his length to grasp at the base, giving it a few strokes while her tongue circled, suckling as if ravenous. She glance up at her wolf master over her rectangular glasses, slowly working him further into her mouth, then back up, teasing the head before plunging him deep within her mouth, the head of his cock touching the back of her throat. She gagged a bit, but her lips were tight around him, tongue circling, lapping, sucking hungrily with staggered little squeals of wanting. Wolf and feline. She would never have imagined before meeting him.

He let out a long, low groan as her mouth took him. It stole the breath from his lungs, and he tugged in tiny little gasps tinged with lust. Every little lick and kiss and suckle made him throb, and before long, he was gnawing on his lower lip, sharp canines quite nearly drawing blood as he groaned into the back of his fist. He looked down at the little nymph between his legs, his pretty little black and grey feline, and saw his hips were already writhing and thrusting on their own. How lucky to have such a good little pet all to himself. The moment she took him in her mouth.... the moment he felt his head bumping the back of her throat...It was all he could do not to grip her red-brown mane of hair and force-fuck her throat into submission. All that he was able to do was keep his legs steady, and whimper with desire, his bushy grey tail wagging blissfully.

"Good .... Gooooood kitten." She heard him murmur huskily, and she locked her moss green eyes with his own grey blue ones as he watched her.

She wanted to please him, please the Master that was so very kind enough to keep her, all his own. She groaned as she felt his little thrusts of longing, and when she slid him out briefly to gasp in a gulp of air she mewled cutely, wrapping her long slender tail around his left ankle. As her tongue flicked and suckled at his head, she slid one of her paw like hands between her legs to get it well lubricated before stroke at his shaft with one wet paw. She purred loudly, dropping her hand back down to her side as her mouth began swiftly taking all of him into her mouth, stuffing his long cock well into the back of her throat. She was gagging then, her chest shuddering with the sudden decreased supply of oxygen, but her choked out moans filled the air as she let every inch of his throbbing member feel her slick, warm mouth.

She could feel as his cock pulsed wildly in her mouth, could feel him losing control as she pleasured him. Inside, she was satisfied; joyously thrilled that he was so pleased with her lavished attentions.

He couldn't take it anymore. She was making him throb and ache so much. If she teased him much more, he felt like he would explode anyway. His nostrils flared as he took in a new smell. Her scent drove him wild, seeing her stroking him with that wet hand to lube him up only to slide the entire length into her mouth made his head spin deliciously. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, crying out deeply with staggered moans of pleasure. What a woman. What a delicious, wonderful, sexy, little Kitten. He loved it. This was not the shy creature she had been before. She was so lewd. The growl that rumbled from his throat surely shook the very air surrounding them. He was barely aware of gripping two fistfuls of her hair, pulling her off of him with groan, and forcibly bending her backward. Such a lovely, petite little feline. He thought as his eyes scanned ever so lecherously over her gorgeously toned form. She had the body of a dancer, and her lovely fur was so soft and inviting.

She stiffened. One moment Kaiari was suckling pleasantly, the next she was frowning cutely at having the object of her attentions taken from her mouth. Hear head tilted, bell tinking. "M-Master?" she had panted heavily, but that was all she could get out before her flexibility was put to its first real test.

His lips curled back over his deadly sharp teeth in a savage grin at her inquiry. From this vantage point, with her on her knees, and bracing herself, chest arched up, he felt atop the world. He plunged his steel-hard shaft back into her mouth, and vigorously began to truly ravish her throat.

She found herself bent backwards, bracing herself on her hands as her master plunged his cock deeply into her mouth. She choked, fingers curling as she clutched and clawed at the floor below her, trying to stay in place as his hard shaft thrust in and out of her mouth mercilessly. She was not used to this; under her own will she could control just how far in his cock went, but this, this was different. Her long tail rapidly unwrapped itself from his leg, its bushy tip flicking stiffly. As she attempted tiny gasps of air, she found herself driven into a lusty frenzy of her own; sweet fluids were leaking down her inner thighs, she wished she could cry out, but unable as she felt the head of his shaft slam into and down her throat with every thrust. Her eyes rolled back, her lungs burning for air as her master fucked her throat. It hurt, she couldn't breathe, but it also felt so good. She wanted to taste his cum so badly, she found her tongue cupped once more against the length of his cock for added pleasure, her tongue sliding against the ridge just below the head with every thrust.

Mercy was the last word in her master's vocabulary right now- assuming it even made the list. He sawed in and out of her throat, plunging himself all the way to the base of his furry sheath over and over. His toes were curling, he felt his balls boiling with cum just aching to pour into her mouth and down her waiting, willing and eager throat.

"Spread... spread, dammit!" he growled out roughly, his tongue snaking out over his lips. "Play with your clit. Slap it! Twist it! Rub it! Pinch it! I'm going to cum, Kitten! Show me how much you want me to cum for you!!" His voice was a breathy gasp, and the way he gripped her hair to hold her down and in place spoke volumes about just how achingly close he was. "EARN your air, Kitten!" he snarled, ears flattened against his head as he looked down at his pet through heavy gasps and moans.

Kaiari let out a choked out squeal as her master plunged so very far into her throat, squirming under him, her back aching terribly at being forced to bend so far for such an extended period of time. With every thrust, the bell that adorned her black and green collar jingled loudly, adding to her muffled, gagging moans of yearning. She wanted it. She wanted to taste his seed in her mouth. Trying to prop herself on one arm made her muscles burn at such abuse, but her other hand slid between her legs to do as her master commanded. Her clawed fingers found her clit, throbbing with lack of attention as her lust drove her absolutely mad. She pinched it, hard, twisting as her throat was rammed again and again with her masters hard cock.She slid two fingers inside her wet slit, pushing them as deeply as she could inside, rubbing against her little pleasure point with muffled squeals of pleasure, thumb rubbing hard against her aching clit. She wanted to squeal and scream unhindered, fuck she wanted to BREATH.

But Master said she had to earn it. Sliding her fingers back out, she rubbed her pretty flower again, then gave her clit and soaking wet flower a hard resounding SLAP, somehow managing another squeal despite being stuffed to the point of near blackout from lack of air. She moaned in agony, her muffled voice vibrating against his cock, needing, wanting, begging for release! She opened her maw as wide as she could, tongue suckling for the taste she could feel would come, if only she was a good little kitten. Kaiari plunged her fingers back into her soaked opening, her body shuddering with the intensity of pleasure coursing through her body.Her clit hurt, hell her whole body ached, or did it feel good? The pain was so mingled with pleasure she could hardly distinguish between the two. Again she let out a muffled scream against him, tears streaming down her hot furry cheeks as she glanced at him with intensely pleading, lustful eyes. She wanted her master to cum. She wanted to taste him! She pinched at her little button again, choking out a loud moan of pain, slapping her pussy and slit hard again.

Master's narrowed eyes watched his pet as she carried out his order. "Hrrrr.... yes Kitten... yes...Ahhh! Harder Kitten!" His eyes were glued to her frantically pumping hand, ears perked completely towards her as he heard the slick wet sounds of her fingers sliding in and out of her delicious slit. "Hhhrrrr! Slap it! Ahhhhgggg! Damnit Kitten HARD!" he was trembling at her frantic squeals of pain and pleasure, he almost wanted to hilt himself balls deep into her slit at this rate. "HHHRRRR!!! FFuucckk!!" With a primal roar, he exploded like a volcano: What felt like gallons of his seed flooded her open maw and shot down her throat in an endless stream. He came so much it overflowed from her lips to coat her cheeks and drip down - and up- her face. The feeling was so wonderful, so intense he nearly collapsed like a puppet with its strings cut. She could feel his knees almost gave out under him. It was a miracle either of them managed to stay standing.

"Good...ohhh fuuuuuuck! Good-naah.. girl, good girl..." His voice staggered out, tongue lolling out of his mouth in heavy pants.

She felt his thick seed pulsing in her mouth, and it was all she could do to try and keep her body from flying into a panic as both air deprivation and now the drowning feeling of cum filled her. She swallowed what she could, her tongue sliding over his pulsing cock, wanting to milk every last drop from him. She had to tilt her head the slightest bit to keep the streams of thick cum from sliding into her eyes; as it was, it dripped down her chin and throat while sliding up her cheeks and into her long, now very damp with sweat hair. Her body glistened, her chest rose and fell with heavy staggered gasps as she was given her first true gulps of air. She panted heavily, glasses askew, her entire body trembling.

With a long, low growl of satisfaction, he extracted his drooling, dripping cock from her throat, helping her to lay down onto her back. His cock was slowly retracting into its sheath, and he loomed over his pet, drinking in the sight of her cum painted face.

"Good girl. Now, I hope you have the energy for the rest of your duties." He breathed with a grin.

"M-master?" she barely managed to squeak out in question, her voice trembling as she lay there, head spinning, rounded furry ears drooped as her tongue snaked out to lick at the remnants of cum on her maw.

He grinned ever so wickedly, petting her hair almost lovingly.

"You are going to get yourself very, very close to cumming again Kitten. Pinch your clit as you pleasure yourself." His ears perked forward, his tail held high in dominance as he growled down at his pet. "When you are close, you are going to stop." He chuckled, a dark, sadistic laugh. He panted, trying to catch his breath. "You will whisper, 'Please Master, stuff me full instead.' You will then let go of your clit. Then, my Kitten, put your chest to the bed, face down...ass up." He stroked her all the while, grinning down at her. "You will spread your legs and spank your pussy and clit. Then you shall say, 'Thank you Master."

Her breath came in staggered gasps as she listened to her Master's words. So he was not done with her... She should have known. "Y-yes M-Master..." she stammered, ears flattening and flicking as she shrunk in on herself submissively. Her hand slid back between her legs, two fingers sliding into her aching wet flower, while the other hand took her clit between her fingers and pinched hard, eliciting a yowl from her parted maw. Kaiari's head tilted back, little moans rising up from her mouth, her hand moving faster, driving her cries to a pitch as she came dangerously close to release. But Master had said she could not cum.

"M-Master....naah... I want to cum! Hhhrr! Master please.... please stuff me....ahh! Please stuff Kitten..." she gasped out, looking up at his looming, beautiful form with pleading green eyes. She let go of her sore clit, drawing her two fingers out of her dripping slit. She writhed under her Master's gaze as he looked down at her with a grin, his hand reaching out to tap the bell on her collar once before motioning her to turn over. She did so, laying on her chest as he had asked her to, presenting her rear to him, sleek tail swishing high over her slender back. She looked over her shoulder at him, giving her sweet little flower a hard slap, then another, moaning in longing for her Master. "Please... please stuff me Master..." she whispered out again, squirming under his gaze.

He groaned lustily, stroking up and down the length of his cock, which was already rock hard again and throbbing. Master knelt down, drawing his tongue over his pet's pretty, nectar sweet flower, teasing his tongue inside her dripping petals. He chuckled at her little mewl of pleasure; her fingers were digging into the sheets in front of her. He leaned over her, his hands sliding down her soft sides and back up again, grasping at her deliciously round hips. He gave a teasingly small thrust forward, the head of his cock butting against the wet slit between her legs, reveling in his pet's pitched moan of longing. Oh how she wanted him, but, as he was sure she suspected, he was not in a very merciful mood. He knew what she wanted... perhaps he would give her a little taste before doing what he truly had planned.

He grabbed her tail, hard, pulling it up to one side, fully exposing her puckered hole and dripping slit, causing her to jerk away in pain. "Sweet, good little Kitten pleased her Master so well..." he growled out almost lovingly, sliding his cock into her pussy slowly, letting her feel every inch of his thick hard shaft. He groaned, feeling her slick walls clench around him, and he gave one hard little buck, the head of his cock slamming against her inner most depths. She squealed for him, this was what she wanted; her Master plunging into her sweet little flower. He let his cock sit inside her for a moment, letting her squirm as it pulsed and throbbed against her. But only for a moment. He pulled out, giving a dark chuckle as she groaned out for him.

"Master...nah.. Master, please... please don't stop Master..." she rocked back towards him, tail flicking in his grasp, but was met with nothing. He was tormenting her again. She hated when he tormented her when she was so close to cumming.

He gave her little time to beg, his hands grasping her beautifully round ass cheeks and spreading them wide. His cock head teased at her ass's entrance, gripping her more firmly as she instinctively tried to jerk away from him. "Kitten wants her Master to stuff her full?" he growled out, sliding the head of his cock against her tight hole.

Kaiari squealed, struggling against him. "M-Master! N-not Kitten's ass! P-please not there!" she moaned out, yelping as his claws dug into her fur, into her supple flesh. He commanded obedience, and obey she would. Her teeth were biting into her lower lip as she stilled for him, her body trembling. Oh how she would ache when he was done with her. She knew her Master far too well.

"Good Kitten..." he breathed out, and with a sudden hard jerk, he hilted himself balls deep into her ass, snarling loudly, his deep voice mingling with his pets pitched squeal of pain and pleasure. He bucked in and out of her ass hard, letting the entire length of him slide out so that when he slammed forward again, she would feel his cock part her tight hole over and over.

"Nahhh! M-Master! P-please--- aahh! N-not s-so hard! Ahhh! M-Master!" her squealing voice filled the room as he rocked her back to meet him again and again. Her claws dug into the bed sheets, ripping holes in them as her Master plunged mercilessly into her tight hole. Her tail coiled tightly, lashing furiously as she yowled and begged him to stop. She both hated and loved having her ass fucked, the very few times he had chosen to anyway. Hated it because of the slightly painful, strange feeling it gave her. Loved it because... well because after a while it felt so good.

He drove inch after delicious inch into her puckered hole, slick with her own cum, balls slapping against her wet slit. His pace quickened, no longer letting his cock leave her entrance. On every thrust he pounded into her tight hole, his deep voice moaning, growling, crying out as her hole squeezed hard against his shaft. He could feel her pussy dripping against his balls, she was enjoying it, oh he knew she was enjoying it. "Ahhh! Good Kitten! Master will--- naahh! Fill his pet up again!"

"M-Master! Nnnaaah! Ahhh!" she squealed, feeling every inch of his hard throbbing cock as it slammed repeatedly into her tight ass. Kaiari was enjoying it now as his shaft slid easily in and out of her hole as she bucked back against him, driving him deeper. "Ahh! Fffuck! M-Master! Please cum-- Naaahh! Cum in m-me! Nnnyeahhh! Please! Ahh! Please!" she begged him through pitched, squealing cries of pleasure, clutching at the floor.

He let out a snarling, deep throated moan of pure bliss, incredibly thrilled she was begging without him having asked. His ears pinned against his head, tail stiffening as he felt himself growing closer. Master pounded into her tight hole with renewed vigor, the loud, wet slaps and their mingled cries of ecstasy filling the room. His balls swelled and tightened as her wonderful hole squeezed his thick shaft. "Mmm! Hhrr! Ahhhh fffffuck Kitten!" he snarled out loudly, his claws digging painfully hard into her round, jiggling cheeks as thick ropes of seed shot out of his pulsing cock and into her ass. He felt her cum against his balls, felt the hot slick fluids dripping from her onto the bed and the floor. Oh how he loved his pet. He gave a couple more rough bucks, milking every last drop from his throbbing cock before burying himself balls deep into her ass, collapsing on top of his tiny little pet.

"Nnaahhaaa! MmmMaster!" she cried out in almost pained release. Kaiari's body shuddered violently, brought to her own climax mere seconds before she felt his hot seed fill her tight hole. She grunted as he collapsed on top of her, her chest rising and falling in heavy pants as she tried to fill her burning lungs, sprawling out on the now messed up bed as carefully as she could. Her little feline tongue panted from her maw, throat against the torn up sheets. Oh she loved the feeling of his weight threatening to crush her small body like this. She knew he would not hurt her, not that way anyway.

Master laid atop his little kitten for a few moments, before slowly sliding his cock out of her thoroughly soaked hole, his limp member retreating into is furry sheath. He watched for a moment as his seed oozed out of her puckered hole and dripped onto the floor. Kissing the back of her head, he grinned darkly as he slid one powerful, calloused paw between her legs, slipping his fingers against her dripping slit. He gripped both her wrists in his other hand tightly as she tried to jerk away from him, overly sensitive now that she'd already had her release. Even her tail tried tucking tightly between her legs, to no avail. "Kitten came for Master..." he breathed against her furry ear, sliding two fingers far into her tight little flower.

Kaiari screamed out a choked, almost sobbing cry. Master knew how sensitive she was after climaxing; feeling his calloused paw pads deep inside her was quite close to painful. "Aaa-ahh! S-stop! Please!" she protested, struggling to scoot herself away from him and crying out as his other hand gripped her wrists more tightly.

He let out a low chuckle, jamming his fingers hard against her sweet spot, feeling a sharp spurt of warm fluid against his hand as she came unwillingly. His teeth lightly caught at her ear. "Good Kitten..." he growled as he slid his fingers out of her delicious slit and brought them to his maw for a taste. His long flat tongue lapped the delicious juices from his hand. "Sweet, wonderful, good Kitten..." he purred in her ear, rolling off his pet and laying beside her, eyes closed, a wide smirk on his lips.

She squirmed. That last orgasm had hurt. She let out a little whimpering gasp as his teeth nipped at the ridge of her tender ear, curling in on herself the moment he rolled off of her. Despite herself, she smiled tiredly, nuzzling into her Master's furry, sweaty chest. She did not care how messy they were. Kaiari was content to lay there with him anyway. "Master... Master is good to Kitten..." she murmured softly, feeling warm and giddy as his arm wrapped possessively around her shoulder.

Yes. Master was good to her. And she would be good for Master.

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