A growing attack

Story by Bronzewing on SoFurry

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This is a gift for Tyrnn. Was inspired after seeing some of the photos taken of his suit over at AC, such as this one http://i.imgur.com/fCRGaCG.jpg. Wanted this to be something along the lines a godzilla movie so its told from the perspective of the people finding themselves in the path of something they shouldn't be in front of.

Contains stomping, crushing, eating, and general destruction of a city.

Tyrnn belongs to Tyrnn

Another day, another dollar at this terrible place Sarah thought to herself. Sitting at this desk every day just to talk to people in other buildings was her job. And she hated every minute of it. No matter how she talked to the people, they simple acted like she was an unwanted cog in the machine they operated in. Constantly filing reports while nearly having to beg for the information from the various people she was required to talk had started off well enough, but over time it was now a thing she hated. Sarah's phone beeped at her in a manner that brought joy to her face. It was time to leave this place, to clock out and have the rest of the day to herself.

Sarah had a relatively calm day after spending the morning at work. After few red lights she managed to pull down onto her home street with her house sitting right where she had left it. That was one fact she always loved, even with the terrible people she worked with regularly. Pulling into the driveway and grabbing her purse was the last step on her way to relaxing the afternoon away in relative calm. Dropping the keys and handbag with a clatter of noise on the table, Sarah moved into the kitchen to find something to parch her thirst. Pulling the refrigerator open to let a breeze of cool air over her face so she could find just what she wanted. It was while Sarah was looking in that she noticed the ripple in the various containers.

Raising an eyebrow in confusion, Sarah watched it happen again and again till she could feel it herself. But it didn't stop there as soon she could hear the deep thrum of something in the distance, along with what sounded like shouting in the distance. Sarah walked back outside in confusion as she listened to the sounds rolling in even as the furniture started to creek from whatever it was. By the time she had reached the sidewalk her neighbors had joined her looking for what the disturbance was.

"Do you have any idea what's going on?" Sarah asked one of her longtime friends on the block.

"Not a clue." He responded with a shake of his head. "Not even a cloud in the sky for it to be a storm."

"And we don't get earthquakes here!" His wife responded in an effort to break up the tension with a forced smile.

Sarah turned from her neighbors to gaze at the center of the city to her left. After seeing nothing she searched the horizon to her right in an effort to find what was going on. An object was suddenly launched from the distance, sailing over the houses of the people she had known for many years to crash through the home next to hers, smashing through till it went into her house.

"Oh no." Sarah gasped in shock while she looked on at her now ruined residence. "No, no, no"

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked on at the sight, but Sarah didn't stay looking for too long. Screams erupted from the other end of the street as whatever it was that caused this came into view. Sarah didn't have to wait long for the emerald being to come into view by kicking its way through the house at the end of the street. Gold shone brilliantly off various part of the giants body along with the green scales coating the rest. Sarah was slack jawed at something from mythology striding through the ruin of a home before his feet slammed onto a parked car. Fear pulsed through the pack of humans in a wave she could feel as the herd instinct kicked in to run from the predatory behemoth. The snap of his wings opening wide made Sarah want to run faster. Every thump of her heart beating brought her forward a great distance with her friends, but the thump of the giants feet was also always behind her.

Screams and shouts of fear filled the air, yet they also went silent during the run towards what she hoped was safety. Glancing over her should when she reached the streetlight Sarah could see the giant had crushed everything along the roadway, no matter who or what it was. The most startling thing though was that he appeared larger than before, his horned head rising nearly four times the height of the buildings from earlier. When his feet had crushed the car at the start of her run they had simply crushed the roof down in the center. Now a single vehicle was nearly fitting entirely under a single sole. Sarah swallowed hard when she watched a three-toed foot slam down onto the very car she had just driven him in not long ago.

Turning back to follow the crowds fleeing into places many hoped would be a refuge, Sarah went further down to hide in the apartments at the end of the block. From the vantage point of a window she could see the dragon striding towards a small market till his clawed toes dug deep into the concrete outside the squat structure. Sarah could see a grin spreading over the dragon's snout as if he could feel the fear from the humans inside rising. A single paw was lifted, his movements almost gentle while he placed the clawed appendage on the roof. Sarah could see the toes spreading wider, covering more and more of the rooftop just seconds before he flexed his muscles. Spider webs of cracks appeared under the sole of the titan, spreading out as he increased the pressure slowly, letting the people know what was about to happen. Once a place many picked up a cup of coffee or a snack quickly vanished into a cloud of dust that rose up around the shin of the giant.

Sarah collapsed backwards with a hand to her mouth, trying to suppress her screams as if they would draw the behemoth to her at this distance. Every tremor of the monolithic creature moving around could be felt through the rocking apartment she was hiding inside of. Others using this place cowered nearby, a few looking out with the rest curled up in fear. Shattering of another building being destroyed brought her view back out to see what had happened. A gasp slipped past her fingers when she saw the people in the hand of the monster. They lasted a few seconds before the dragon opened his maw wide, tossing them in so they slipped down the moist tunnel of his throat.

"This can't be happening to me." Sarah whimpered seconds before it turned to a small shout of fear. The crimson eyes of the reptile had locked onto the apartment instantly after her utterance, almost as if he had heard her words.

Turning from the window, Sarah crawled from the giant who was staring at this very building.

Her dusty hair dropped down over her face while the rumbling thumps of the feet came ever closer. Sarah could hear the crumpling of cars, the crunch of pavement, while the giant loomed outside to block out the sunlight. Shattering glass and the breaking concrete rained around her body while ivory claws searched the rooms around her. Warm scales pressing against her slight frame made her scream as loud as she possibly could until the fingers dragged her out into the light.

"Someone help me!" Sarah screamed at anything she could from between the emerald scaled digits around her and everyone else. "Please! Get me out of this!"

Shivering in terror, Sarah tried not to turn around just yet and instead looked at the palm of the giant. She could feel the scales under her body stretching wider by the second, even hear the sinews of his flesh growing larger. That realization that what she had witnessed earlier was really happening. This dragon was growing ever larger while rampaging through her city. Sarah turned her fear filled eyes upwards when a snort blew the hair from her face. Everyone with her in the palm of the giant dragon had the same look up terror plastered over their faces, and it only got worse when Sarah looked into the face of their captor. A tongue passed over the lips of the behemoth, his silted eyes gazing at their forms without any sign of mercy.

A second later she found her voice for screams once more when the maw opened wide. Misting saliva coated her body while the blazing humidity of his mouth flowed over the group. Just a tilt of the hand sent the group tumbling down the green slope, vanishing over the wet carpet like tongue and into the darkness. But Sarah held on for the briefest of seconds onto the scaled edge of his palm, just long enough for his mouth to close after expecting his latest catch to be within his mouth. She could feel the heavy lips knock the breath from her lungs when they closed around her body. The fangs of the titan slipped to either side of her form, the tongue passing under her flailing legs. Sarah could feel the lips raising around her body as if he were smiling, but that brief hope for mercy slipped away when the broad fingertip pressed into her face. Sending her deep into the blackness of his closed mouth.


"This is a studio for broadcasting news, Hannah!" Blaine shouted over the commotion of the people attempting to find out what was going on with the disturbances rumbling through the building. "T.R.N.N has six crews scheduled to be out in the field today so I want you to find out why they are not broadcasting!"

"On it sir." Hannah quickly responded before heading off to the quieter portion of the studio with phone in hand.

"Tory." The director turned to his assistant standing dutifully next to him. Trying to get the worry off his face while he thought of what he needed to say next was next to impossible. "Get a hold of all the department managers and tell them to be ready to evacuate. I have a bad feeling about this."

"Alright boss." Tory said with a slight quiver in his voice and a hasty nod.

Blaine rubbed his forehead with a hand, anxiety and nervousness getting the better of him in front of his employees. Turning away from the bustling people searching for facts in the mess that was going on, he instead looked out the window overlooking the city center. People were running, crashing, some had even taken to holding onto the sides of cars trying to force their way through the thick crowds. This made him in more nervous as he eyed the fire alarm out of the corner of his eye but something caught his attention. It was just a glimmer over the roof tops, yet it was a glint that had never existed in the years he had looked out these same windows. A burst of smoke rose up from the rear of the fleeing population down on the streets, concealing whatever it was in the distance. That was when the power cut out along with the pop of electrical equipment frying out as even the backups struggled to keep everything working.

No hesitation stilled his hands after that. Reaching forward, Blaine tripped the fire alarm and began motioning everyone join him in heading down. With his managers having gotten their orders just in time he had little to do except make sure everyone made it down the darkened stairwell safely. The talking never dulled with the employees questioning what was going on in the city outside as what information they did get in time sounded insane. Blaine simply ignore the chatter, instead focusing on each step downwards, though something was off. He could feel it through the metal railing under his hand, even the building itself was thrumming in a rhythmic pattern that was growing deeper and more pronounced. A deep shudder ran through the building, leaving everyone shockingly silent. Crashing glass and crunching concrete accompanied a violent shake in the building soon after the first disturbance.

Screams were tearing through the stairwell as portions were ripped from the wall to hang precariously. People stampeded downwards, leaving Blaine to get swept into the flow heading down past broken walls. Through the gaps he could see light shining in from places that should never have sunlight. Eventually the stairway led to the lobby area, leaving the director to find a direction to head in while the throng of panicked workers ran in every direction they could. Sighing in defeat at leading his people to safety, Blaine simply followed the crowd outside only to stop dead in his tracks just through the doorway. Buildings had broken facades along the entire street and high above he could see the markings having torn through the offices below his studio.

To Blaine they looked like claw marks, a set of four deep scars traveling along the face of the tower he worked in. Stumbling backwards in fear, he found himself alone in the center of the street, the packs of fleeing people staying far from where he now stood. Looking down, Blaine found out why they avoided it. Compacted deep into the ground was the pavement and everything unfortunate to find itself, or themselves, under what had passed through here. And the impression was shaped like a three toed footprint to the businessman's eyes. Sweat poured from his body as terror swept through his body at the idea of what could have caused this. And it was only then that he realized the tremors he felt inside the building before this happened, were still echoing through the glass canyons of the downtown region.

Thoughts for saving his employees were smothered by the urge to flee from this place as quickly as possible. Blaine headed down a street the steps turned from, several others following his example in an attempt to escape whatever it was. The deep thumping of the giant's movements never went away as they fled. Instead they seemed to grow worse, getting to the point that the cars on the street bounced with every crunch. Blaine looked down a street to his right and saw the monster raising a foot over a crowd of people fleeing before it. The emerald scales glittering in the reflected light off the towers until he lost sight of it around the corner, and then he heard the screams of the stop with the earth moving stomp of the giant. Those same footsteps never ceased even after that one, and Blaine caught sight of the giant moving along the same path with him. He could swear the reptilian titan looked bigger every time he glimpsed the green behemoth.

Blaine was hardly in shape, soon falling behind and left panting while everyone else sprinted ahead of him. He jumped in fear at the sound of broken glass nearby, only to find that it was caused by a pair of men hauling out electronics from and abandoned storefront.

"Hey!" Blaine shouted at the men who seemed to ignore him. "Have you seen that thing just down the street?!"

"Yeah we have." One of them chuckled before heading back inside.

"Best reason to get what we want for free without a cop in sight." The other smiled at the director panting for air.

"Maybe you should stop being idiots and run for your lives instead!" Blaine yelled in return. It was only then that he realized the footsteps had stilled from the giant.

"Maybe we-" One of them growled out briefly.

It was then that the reptilian titan showed himself once more to the cowering director. An immense paw soared down the street to land in the center of the intersection almost perfectly, its size filling the six lane road completely. Blaine and the two men were knocked to their knees by the jarring impact of the foot setting down. They could hear the bones creaking in the heel of the giant as it rolled with the footstep. Following the limb upwards the humans could see the bulky muscles and sinew jiggling along the calf and thigh from the sudden stop before tightening with strength. Blaine saw the flesh of his sole spreading out under the uncountable weight, asphalt crumbling and cracking. For a brief few seconds the three men looked to one another, seeing the same look of terror plastered over their faces. Then the silence was shattered by the sound of buildings rending apart.

Glass flew out over the trio in a dangerous volley of cutting rain, though it was soon replaced by the landslide of concrete and brick. Steel and stone pelted the street around Blaine, even digging gouges through the roadway, leaving Blaine to toss himself down out of the path with the hope he could survive. Like an angle of death sweeping in, the emerald foot cleaved through the dust with gold plates glittering in the dim light leaking through the raining wreckage. He looked on in horror as it rose over the two men still cowering near the former store front till they were trapped under the shadow of death. Crumbling masonry drowned out their cried of fear, but it was the thunderous crash of the paw slamming down like the hammer of god that ended them. Unyielding pressure pressed in from the font of the stunned human as the giant settled in place, the dust dispersing from the impact's power.

Blaine was slack jawed at what had just happened before him, and the fact that he had lived. His heart was still pounding after the near death experience. The sight of the field of scales in front of his eyes where once was two other people were was a resounding memory that would never fade. Dusty air was soon replaced by the dry scent of leather from the reptilian body looming all around him. Backing away slowly from the crotch between the toes, he looked around the digits surrounding, their height alone taller than he was while standing. Thick gold plates stood on top of the clawed toes while the emerald color coated the rest of the body surrounding him. Even while standing still Blaine could hear the sound of the ground crunching constantly as if the giant was still stepping down.

Looking down towards the ground, the man could see that the flesh was pressing outwards, covering more and more of the ground even as the titan stood still. Every scale was growing larger under his gaze, every minute detail enlarging to the point that he could see the damaged edges and scuffs along the armor. Backing away even further, Blaine crawled from the sound of ice being chewed on as the being towering over head grew steadily. He lifted his eyes along the muscled legs and thigh, passing more golden plates decorating the reptilian giant's leg and belly. Half expecting to see the eyes glaring down at him for surviving the stomp he instead found the snout looking into the glass façade that looked untouched by the rampage. And people were staring back out at the titan as if this was some show for them to watch, not a single one fleeing from the massive being.

Ivory tipped fingers tapped lightly, almost gently against the face of the structure like the giant was pestering a fish tank like a human. Blaine could still see the glass shatter from the briefest of touches from those deadly claws. It was like a lightning strike in front of him when the titan made his move, the arm reaching in through the floors to grab something deep inside. The ground rumbled from the swift movement, the toes to either side of his body digging deep as the reptile stepped forward with his other foot. Coughing at the influx of more dust as well as the reptilian odor still lingering around, Blaine was shocked to find pain shooting up his side. Looking down he saw a cut from a shard of broken concrete after it had been launched from the simple movement of the titan. Covering it under a palm, Blaine turned his eyes back upwards to see what the reptile was after.

The arm of the behemoth was elbow deep inside the tower with the glass still shattering around the enlarging limb. Blaine witnessed the next action in awe, fear, and complete terror. Flexing muscles churned under the sheath of scales to create a dazzling light show of the sun shining off the emerald and gold. Cries of pain echoed down through the gaping hole in the building, from the humans inside as well as the structure itself. Blaine could hear the splintering of the spine shattering deep within the belly of the tower. Windows broke while the top of the spire leaned, its balance broken along with the people under the gaze of the titan overhead. All it took was the limb pulling free to send the building tumbling away from the destroyer, his teeth glittering at the destruction he caused while he looked down for something new.

Blaine nearly wet himself when the crimson eyes were suddenly turned towards his cowering form. The toes to either side clawed at the ground, digging in as the foot was suddenly dragged away. He didn't know what was about to happen, but he didn't have the will to flee from the burning gaze locked onto his prone body. Crouching down low, he could see the giant looking him over with a wide stance, the wicked grin never vanishing. Blaine swallowed hard as the titan loomed back up to his full height that steadily grew taller even during this brief pause in the destruction of the city. Tears swept through the dust coating his face when the same foot he had been sitting near was brought up to blot out the sky.

Rising higher and higher overhead, the foot hovered unerringly above Blaine's prone body. Every curve along the ball of the digitigrade heel was visible now, every scale on the sole on show before his eyes. Dust and debris coated the entire surface, but along the front, near the toes, Blaine could see the crushed remains of the men he had attempted to save mere minutes ago. Time seemed to slow down briefly when the bulging muscles propelled the paw downwards towards him. Damaged scales under the heaviest portion of the sole came into view, even a few places where the thick skin could be seen, all of it approached rapidly. Blaine could only think of the power this being held, that only the strength he held could damage the armor coating his body. Displaced air blasted over him before growing warmer, then it all went away in an eye blink of pain and thunder.


"Any word on what exactly we are here to kill?"

"From what all the reports I'm hearing are saying." Zane responded to his gunner. "It's a dragon the size of a damn skyscraper."

Blank looks were all he got in return from the others in the armored hull of their tank for the first few seconds. Shortly afterwards laughter filled the tight chamber, rivaling the engine in intensity while it revved over a mound of debris. Hours ago the call had gone out from thousands of people within the city, now the sun was setting and they had seen not a soul in the destruction. They had laughed at the idea of a literal kaiju attacking but it still sat within their minds after seeing the destruction first hand. Each was looking over the ruin for any sign of the cause, yet thick clouds of smoke poured from blazing fires, creating shadows in the dying sun light coming in from the horizon.

"Ten o'clock, left!" Shouted the driver as he spotted something in the thick clouds roiling from his vantage point at the front.

Zane looked out through the camera equipment mounted on the turret for any sign of the target, flipping through various options to see what it was. All he sighted in the growing darkness was the pair of tanks flanking their own but it looked like they had seen it as well. The heavy turrets on the main battle tanks swiveled around to look at the churning dust and smoke. Not a word was said between the four men, such was the trust they had in one another. Slowing to a crawl followed by stopping near a fallen storefront for cover, the tank scanned left and right for what they assumed was a target a few hundred feet tall.

A slight rumble rattled the tank crew, being felt through the suspension holding the bulk steady. From above them they could make out the shape of the so called giant that they were told to destroy, only it was far larger than what they had been told. Rising seemingly a thousand feet, perhaps even further than that, the titan loomed through the dense smoke with the sunlight hitting him in the back. Zane could hardly make out the features as the shadowy front of the dragon filled the sky like a storm front ready to unleash itself. From ahead of their position they could see the immense paw of the being slam down over the city block with enough force to make the tank bounce on its tracks.

"Alright men." Zane said surprisingly calmly to his crew. "This is most likely a suicide move, but I doubt we can run away now with him above us."

"I want you to fire at the heel on that thing." He went on. His soldiers moved to a rhythm that was ingrained into their muscles from a long time serving on this vehicle. Zane looked over to see the other tanks lining up as well before giving a soft sigh at the command he was forced to give. "Fire."

Silence was broken by the crack of the shell escaping the barrel, the heavy beast rocking back under the force of the shell being launched. Zane never blinked during the action as his eyes tracked the orange flash sailing through clouds rolling till it slammed into the scaled wall covering the street. Splintering light from the shot compacting itself blinded Zane for a second, a quick blink letting him see the usually deadly object lying in a heap amidst the broken buildings. Two other shots flared into view immediately afterwards to slam home on the vast target. They simply deflected off the dragon's hide to disperse their velocity in the ruble strewn streets like trash.

"Fuck!" Zane shouted as he withdrew from the scope, his hands slamming hard into the console mounted to the chair before him. He didn't have to utter a word as his crew was already on the move but his anger at the failure was starting to get to him. "Reload for another shot now!"

His crew readied another shell in the chamber for the second attack in record time, yet they were still far too slow. Earth rumbled under the tracks as the giant turned his body towards the tanks at his feet. Zane saw the glint of firelight in the reptilian eyes of the giant, glowing crimson in the darkening skies. A thunderous force nearly knocked him free of the harness securing him down when the other foot landed in the distance. Looking skyward he could see the snout coming in closer, the titan kneeling down to look at what had tried to harm him. Ivory fangs glinted in the dimming light of the sun when the lips of the dragon lifted in a sneer in sent cold shivers through the body of the tankers.

A talon the size of a truck trailer fell heavily over the top of the turret of the sister tank to the one Zane was inside of. For the giant the claw was probably needle sharp, to the humans' eyes it was a blunt edge that used overwhelming force. It slammed down, creating a dent in the armor till the plates split apart to let the ivory weapon inside. Zane looked on through the viewports of the hatch over his head while the tracks of the tank collapsed under the pressure to leave the sides to collapse, bulging outwards. Flames erupted from the depths of the formerly powerful vehicle, sending shrapnel out in every direction. The tank rocked violently sideways, a ringing echoing through the seating area.

"We're hit!" The driver shouted. "Tracks are damaged, we can't move!"

"Bail out everyone!" Zane shouted at his crew. He figured out what had happened after his driver's announcement. The ammo rack had detonated from the force crushing the tank, sending a shell through the treads of his own. "We have no time to repair our ride. Leave it behind and get out now!"

Zane popped commander's hatch open, quickly slipping out and to the side of the turret as he waited for his crew to join him. Hot air blasted around him, scalding him slightly as he realized he had been spotted by the giant. He looked up to see the face of the dragon glaring downwards as he clung to what had been a significant part of his life. Every exhale of the titanic being blazed with the strength of a furnace to burn like a summer day in the desert. Quicker than he thought something so massive could move, the claw tip planted itself over the vehicle, blockading the only exit for the trio still inside. It was then that he had made a terrible mistake in leaving the tank and drawing the attention of the destroyer.

Screams of panic rung out from within the armored tank as they quickly realized the doom that now hung over their heads. Zane jumped free of the tank when the finger behind the claw quivered and bulged suddenly. Crushing force was quickly applied behind the white obelisk, spearing though the protection of the tank in the blink of an eye. Flames poured from the engine exhaust as the fuel erupted from the ruined drive system. Turning to flee, Zane powered away from the new tomb seconds before it detonated in a similar way to how their compatriots had. Diving behind a destroyed building saved him from harm, whistling shells sailing mere feet over his head to land off in the distance or embedded itself in the ground.

Zane lifted his head to see the head of the giant turning away after the destruction of the second tank to most likely remove the third. Zane had to do something, yet all he had with him was the service pistol strapped to his hip. Popping the buckle open, the former tank commander sighed softly as the familiar weight of the handgun filled his hand. He nodded about what he needed to do now as he slipped out and walked towards the towering reptile scanning the ruins for the third tank. Zane could see the boxy shape hidden under the fallen remains of a parking garage, hastily placed rubble helping to disguise the tank from above. Raising the gun up, Zane took aim at the only thing he could, the scaled flank of the dragon still kneeling above.

"Hey! Over here you monster!" Zane yelled as loudly as possible. His finger pulsed over the trigger rapidly, firing off shots that were lost in the darkness since the sun had set over the horizon. "Look at me!"

The giant turned to stare down at the disturbance with the air of someone looking at a bug on the ground. To draw in the gargantuan reptile Zane fired towards the face of the giant, attempting to hit the eyes in the distance. He could see the deflections off the gold chest plates of the dragon, every shot unable to reach high enough on the kneeling being to be effective. Clicks of an empty gun rang out loudly in the mostly quiet wreckage filled with only the sound of lungs filling and exhaling. A rumbling came down from above in a rhythmic pattern, thundering through the body of the soldier. He saw the grin return over the snout, the chest rolling with the sound. It was then that it hit him, the giant was laughing. Zane was forced to clutch his ears as a powerful noise hit him hard enough to be felt through his entire body. The lips of the giant had moved, his very voice was strong enough to cause physical pain to a human standing so close to his body.

Rubble moved, the ground quaked, and the green scaled titan loomed up over the wreckage of the city that had formerly housed millions of people. Zane fell down to the broken streets while the dragon stood up to his full height that rivaled the altitude that aircraft normally held as their realm. The grin over the snout of the behemoth vanished to be quickly replaced by the look of disinterest. Ground moved in a rumble that kept Zane from standing up, it was shortly after that he saw the source of the disturbance. Filling the sky above, replacing the view of the dragon's body was just a single toe of glimmering green that danced in the light of a few flickering flames.

Zane dropped the gun to his side in defeat at the overwhelming show of dominance from the dragon. His powerful tank, armored enough to deflect attacks, with a weapon that could shoot through most targets, had been defeated by a finger. Soon he would be ended by a small part of this being's foot. A flex rippled through the muscles under the lit scales of the sole of the reptile, letting Zane know it was time. The toe surged towards him with the speed of a meteor, yet time slowed briefly for the commander. Looking off to the side, Zane could see the shape of the third tank safely hidden away outside the region of the dragon's foot. It was then that the ground spread itself under the power of the titanic being, ending Zane's life, but his sacrifice saved his fellow soldiers.


"So pathetic." Tyrnn rumbled down at the solitary man who defiantly stood against him.

Tyrnn was having the last bit of fun this city could provide, the last defense before his departure being just three vehicles. They stood little chance against him just like the rest of the towers and people who had been ended under foot. He thrived upon worship from the humans of this world, growing larger and stronger as they looked to him like the god he was. They had feared him like they should, but in the end they always thought of him as an all-powerful being. That single thought was all Tyrnn needed to feel the power surge from deep within his chest.

Now that vortex had all but vanished, quickly being replaced by a need for more. Tyrnn didn't even bother looking at the lone human as he stepped forward towards the next city. Stretching his wings wide, the dragon caught the light from the sun over the horizon behind him so that he could be seen. It was only a few steps from the wreckage of his first conquest and he could already feel the blaze building from people seeing him in the distance. His green body and golden plates reflected the light coming from the sun so that those in the beacon of a city could see their doom approaching.


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