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Chapter 40- Let the Training Start

The ride to Ian's house was largely peaceful Lucas thought as he lay against Ian's warm chest. It was nice to finally be able to snuggle up with Ian and not have to hide everything from the world. He had missed that a lot, especially when Ian was idly scratching behind his ear which felt absolutely amazing! While Ian was doing that Lucas simply enjoyed listening to Ian's steady breath and strong heartbeat. It relaxed him quite a bit and made him feel safe for that moment. Despite the fact that seven teenagers were all stuck in the back things were actually quite comfortable thinks to the expansion spell that had been placed on the car.

Everyone else was largely minding their own business. Erin was fooling around on her phone, probably texting a few of her friends he figured. Xander was just reclining back while Richard was listening to his music. Greg was alert as per usual looking around for threats even though Lucas highly doubted they were in much danger especially with Agent Wilson at the helm of the car. While he had never saw the Agent fight, he was positive he was quite effective, especially since Lucas doubted Jordan would not tolerate anyone but the best to protect his home and children. The raccoon remained completely silent however. The man was far less talkative than his partner, that was for sure. But he seemed nice enough just more reserved. But eventually Lucas's gaze went back towards Ian's baby brother.

Besides his music Richard still seemed a bit lost, probably still in shock from Allison's kiss, not that Lucas really blamed him. It WAS unexpected, as he had never seen the coyote girl so affectionate towards someone. Jonah had teased him quite a bit before Richard finally managed to tune him out with his headphones. The dingo was staring out of the window now, his mind seemingly many miles away. He had tried to engage him in a conversation but the dingo had proven quite unwilling to indulge in idle chatter at that moment, so Lucas had given up and simply continued to lay on Ian's chest in peace.

Bored, he looked thought back to Jai and how odd the cheetah had been that morning, especially when he had spaced out for a bit. Just what did he see that took his attention so much? Whatever he saw Lucas couldn't see or sense it which was strange. He had gotten very good at sensing things so how could Jai sense something invisible when he couldn't? Maybe he would ask him tomorrow? After he finally gave him his decision regarding making art for the school paper? That seemed fair. However his focus was broken when he saw Xander leap up a bit as if he heard something.

The other fox looked left and right, ears twitching in confusion before he seemed to realize what was going on as he swiftly started relaxing soon after. "Something wrong Xander?" He asked the fox in a curious tone.

Xander didn't reply, at least not immediately as he gave a one second gesture before he finally spoke, "It was my grandfather, he wants to start my training today, said he wanted you there as well...something about collecting the debt you owe him."

The debt... with all that had happened he had actually forgotten the fact he had owed Xander's grandfather for letting Xander go. He wondered what the old Elf wanted? He still knew very little about the Fey but he doubted Lysander wanted him to simply water his azaleas.

"Did he say what he wanted me to do exactly? Or did he just leave that a mystery?" Lucas asked in a half cautious tone. While he did trust Lysander to a certain degree, he still felt wary about just what the Elf wanted from him.

"Yeah, did he say just why he wanted Lucas there?" Ian asked, breaking his earlier silence.

Xander just shook his head before he decided to speak. "No, he just said he wanted Lucas there, didn't give a real reason just said he wanted me and Lucas to go see him at his grove... alone."

Ian immediately scowled at that, obviously unhappy with the wording. "Alone? Greg and I aren't allowed to come? Why?" The wolf asked in a concerned tone as his ears jerked back lightly in distress as his muzzle was still cast in a scowl. "Does he think we'd interfere in your training? It's not like we could stop him if he wanted to do anything, especially with that damn anti-magic ward of his."

Xander just shrugged, obviously not having a real answer to Ian's question Lucas figured. "He just said he wanted me and Lucas, he didn't elaborate much sadly. We should be fine though, Grandpa is an honourable guy! I doubt he'd hurt Lucas, especially with me there, we'll be fine!"

"I didn't know you two could talk telepathically, is that exclusive to him or do all the Fey have it?" Erin asked, her interest seemingly peaked as she had put away her phone while she spoke. Even Richard had taken out one of his headphones so he could also listen in.

"All Fey have some degree of telepathy. We have talked a few times like that after you brought me back home. Freaked me the hell out when it first happened, but I got used to it. It's not much different than how Lucas communicates with Noctis." He explained. "It's nice, we always talk before I go to bed. He makes sure I had a good day and keeps me posted on some things regarding the Fey. It's pretty cool having someone care about me in such a manner really, especially since my mother never gave a rat's ass about me." Xander said before devolving into incoherent mumbling and assorted swear words.

Things went back into another few moments of silence before Xander finally decided to stop mumbling under his breath for a bit but his face was still in an angry scowl, obviously remembering his life under her thumb.

Jonah himself just let a harsh snort at that though. "I certainly know about those types of mothers, mine would have happily burnt me at the stake just so there would be one less Mage in the world."

"Really?" Lucas asked surprised, he honestly knew nothing about Jonah's past in all honesty outside his relationship with Chase, and that was only because his weird vision powers. He knew nothing about Jonah's home life, but to think his own mother wanted him dead was horrifying. "That's awful!"

Jonah just waved him off however in his usual dismissive manner. "Was years ago Snowball, I got away from that bitch when I was five. Lived on the streets years afterwards, my Dad was the one who gave me the chance funnily enough. He was a coward, he could've taken me and run but he didn't, stayed with the bitch while I struggled for survival." He stated while leaning back a bit. "Wasn't so bad though...I had time to work on my fire during that time, and actually managed to get a successful thing going as a street magician in Melbourne, so I did get some money to survive."

"You were a street magician? You used actual magic in front of Mundanes? How didn't you get caught? I swore the Australian Council would have been tipped off about a young Mage or is it different from the British Council? We keep a close look on families who have Ahtan blood in their family line especially if both parents have it since they have the highest chance of producing a Tahleno. The Knights help also. How does it work in Australia?" Richard asked curiously.

Jonah just shrugged though in a noncommittal fashion. "No idea, never had any run-ins with them. When I was in Melbourne I never stayed in one place for long, in stayed in one part of a city for a few days before moving somewhere else, so it's doubtful they could find one kid out of millions in that city." He said before shaking his head before changing the subject. "So I guess you and Snowball will be going to see your grandpa when we get home right Runt?" He asked Xander his tone almost affectionate.

Lucas honestly still didn't understand just what went on between the two of them but Jonah had been far less hostile towards the fox. Which was a good thing of course, but still very weird in a sense.

"I guess so," Xander replied in a friendly voice. "Wouldn't want to keep him waiting for long. I really want to get a start on Fey magic I think it could be useful!" He said in an excited manner, he was practically bouncing around in his seat. "Plus I get to hang out with Grandpa. I never thought I'd be able to meet one of my grandparents so it means a lot to me." Jonah just nodded but otherwise stayed silent surprisingly.

Though Lucas himself frowned after remembering his unfortunate encounter with his own grandparents and how much he hoped that both of them would stick far away from him and his family after the funeral. Shaking his head he quickly stopped himself from going down that particular road, it wasn't fair to Xander after all, he had a right to be excited about his grandfather it wasn't like there was many good things that had happened to him all he deserved to be happy about a relative actually caring for him. The ride fell into an almost serene silence as they continued their way to Ian's house, and finally they arrived, driving into the driveway and into the massive garage.

Once they were out Ian quickly grabbed him and gave him a swift kiss before whispering into his ear. "You sure you'll be okay love? Hopefully Lysander won't be having you do something TOO dangerous."

Lucas just smiled and grazed his cheek with his paw lovingly, he still couldn't believe he found Ian, but he was still so happy that he did. "I'll be fine Ian, trust me. I doubt Lysander will give me too much trouble, especially with Xander there. We'll be back in a few hours I wager, so don't worry so much okay? I love you." With that Lucas stepped back and headed towards Xander who was eagerly bouncing between his footpaws obviously excited for this. "So should we go?" He asked him. Xander just nodded excitedly and the two headed out after giving one last wave goodbye before they headed towards the woods, the hike wasn't near as bad as it had been last time, especially since they knew the way and weren't scrambling in a mad frenzy.

The hike had actually been peaceful and after several minutes of hiking they found themselves in front of the ward. Lucas could FEEL the magic in his very own bones, felt it prickle along his skin. The magic felt ancient, like Mother Nature herself (or would that be Gaea or possibly Demeter if Greek mythology was in pay... maybe he should stop calling it mythology... Ian and his family definitely took it seriously and even Allison seemed to take them seriously as well.) Personally wove the barrier in front of them. Fey magic, he figured it was nature based, much like Mage magic but different at the same time.

On a whim he switched so he could see the runes that made up the ward. To his surprise they were incredibly intricate and elegantly crafted. Everything was linked in such a manner that he doubted he could break through it even if he wanted to. After all, Xander's grandfather had who knew how many centuries of experience to perfect his craft while Lucas himself had only a few weeks, at that but his curiosity made him seriously tempted to at least TRY and fiddle with it. It would be an interesting test on just how far he could push himself. He had managed to break through high powered Mage wards without too much trouble, so surely he could at least try and break through right?

"It still is weird you know," Xander spoke once again in an almost awed tone. "I know the ward is there but I can't see it, incredible, can you?"

"I see the spell runes, they look a lot different than the ones I see from Mage based magic, they are more primal though... It's hard to explain really, but it feels as if the magic is sourced from the Earth itself and not the plains... despite the Fey technically living in a plain of their own."

"It's because us Fey can draw from Gaea more directly, the magic of your kind is indeed sourced from the outer plains which is why it feels so different from mine. All Elemental Mages draw power directly from their specific Plains while even Non-Elemental Mages can draw from them." A voice stated from behind them which made them both jump in surprise, turning around the two saw the tall Elf standing behind them, his clothes were of very high quality and his arms were behind his back.

"Lysander!" Lucas exclaimed, once he'd manage to calm himself down. Xander's reaction was much different as his first move was to quickly embrace the Elf in front of them.

Lysander just gave the boy a soft smile before embracing him back in a gentle fashion. "Good to see you child." He said to his grandson before turning his attention towards Lucas himself. "I'm glad to see you made it as well young Lucas."

"Well, you summoned me, it's not like I could refuse really." Lucas reasoned while shrugging lightly. "Xander said you wished to... 'collect my debt' is that correct? If so, what do you need of me?"

Lysander just smiled. He was beautiful, which wasn't really surprising from what he had heard nearly all the Fey were supernaturally beautiful. Though still very uncanny in Lucas's mind because he looked so DIFFERENT than your typical Fur or their reptilian brethren.

"I ask your assistance, with Xander's training, and I wish to see if I can help nurture the power you have inside you." He said while pointing on of his slim and deceitfully delicate fingers towards Lucas's chest. "You have an immense amount of power inside you child, beyond even my ability to fully comprehend. I can help you learn to control it though I believe...If you are willing to allow me of course."

Lucas just let that tumble through his mind. Could he really help him understand his power? So many of things Lucas could do were supposedly impossible and he knew for a fact that it seemed to exasperate Allison and even Jordan sometimes. If he could learn to control it, maybe he could protect everyone, and prevent someone from suffering his mother's fate.

"That sounds alright... just how do you intend to help me though?" Lucas asked in a curious fashion. "I cannot use Fey magic, I don't have Fey-blood."

"It's simple child, the ward in front of you, see if you can dispel it. I know you can ignore even the strongest Mage made wards, with enough practice you could possibly even pass through Fey made ones as well."

Lucas just looked at him funny, did he seriously expect him to BREAK through his ward? Sure he had been CONSIDERING trying it, but actually attempting it was another thing. What if he failed? Would he disappoint Lysander? He could barely get a read on the thing and Lysander expected him too dismantle it?

"I can't..." He said awkwardly, "I can barely understand the runes on this ward, they are far different than the ones in Mage based spells."

Lysander just smiled before placing a delicate paw on his shoulder. "You doubt yourself child and that simply will not do. You can do anything you set your mind to. Just have faith in yourself young one and at least try and do it won't you?"

Lucas just sighed, obviously unhappy with this situation but he didn't really have much of a choice it seemed. It was worth a try he guessed, besides, he was extremely curious just to see how Lysander's magic ticked. If he could figure this ward out he could possibly even duplicate its effects somehow. With that in mind Lucas gave the man a nod before looking towards Xander who gave him a large thumbs up and a nod.

"Alright, I'll try, and hopefully I won't disappoint!" He said before closing his eyes and letting the runes surround him completely. They were everywhere in every shade he could imagine and maybe even in shades he couldn't. They were beautiful and he could hear the power humming through them. He vaguely sensed the gathering golden runes surrounding Xander and his grandfather before he focused on the sheer mass of runes that made up of the ward. Taking a deep breath Lucas began his attempt to dismantle the ward.

The start was tough, he couldn't even get the runes to budge. He could feel beads of sweat rolling down his brow but he ignored it and kept going with what he was doing. Gradually he began to make some progress, one by one he managed to separate the runes and slowly break them apart. It was incredibility slow going but he persevered as best he could. As he broke the individual runes apart the ward itself began to unravel and as more and more runes were broken apart the easier the others started to go.

Lucas was actually having some trouble keeping up with the falling runes, erasing them before they could begin to reform and repair the compromised ward. He could feel his heart beating in his chest as he began to use more and more of his magic reserves to fuel his antics, and he was beginning to worry that he would run out of magic altogether before he could break through, but inside he felt an unshakable resolve. He would succeed though, he wasn't going to give up! He needed to get stronger so he could protect Erin and Ian, the two people he loved the most. They needed him. With that resolve in his heart Lucas swiftly got a second wind and began to rapidly tear through the wards until the runes had completely faded and he couldn't even sense them anymore.

Gasping for breath he fell to his knees, completely exhausted, but at the same time he felt proud, he'd done it! He'd actually completely dismantled Lysander's ward! He jumped slightly when he heard Lysander start to clap his paws together. Glancing aside he saw the Elf giving him a bemused if very proud smile while Xander simply looked between them in amazement.

"I told you that you would succeed child, did I not?" The man said in a proud voice. "Always believe in yourself and you can do anything. Nothing is more toxic for a spell-caster Mage or Fey than doubt. If you have doubt in your heart your spells could possibly backfire on you. Always remember that." He said before helping Lucas back on his hind paws. "But let us go and start Xander's own training, I'll reset the ward once you leave and everything I summon you I expect a repeat is that okay?"

Lucas just nodded, still somewhat out of breath. With all that settled the three just walked into the clearing intent on fully starting Xander's training.


Ian just frowned as he watched Lucas walk into the woods. Even if he trusted Lysander to a degree (after all he could have killed them all instead of returning Xander but he gave him back anyway.) He still didn't like Lucas going somewhere without him. At least Curt could keep an eye on him at his house (or well until Curt moved back to Scotland after the funeral at any rate.) But it was just him and Xander...what if they got ambushed? Shaking his head he tried calming himself. Everyone else sans him and Greg had already headed inside.

"You shouldn't worry so much Ian." The burly tiger spoke in his calm and matter-of-fact voice. "Lucas can handle himself, he'd be able to handle an ambush quite well I'd wager."

Ian just frowned at him. It was still weird for the wolf that the tiger almost always had an idea on what he was thinking. Was it some super-secret Protector ability? It wasn't a telepathy spell, he would have sensed one. Was he really THAT obvious about his thoughts?

"Yes, yes you are that obvious. You're an open book, especially for me. We grew up together and we were trained to recognize our liege's body language and other factors so he could aid them as much as possible."

"True, you always were good at it though, even before you started training." Ian pouted lightly. "Am I seriously that obvious?"

Greg just gave him a smile, a real genuine one, not the ones that never reached his eyes. He really missed those smiles, it reminded him of when Greg was his best friend and brother and not his servant. It still hurt him on just how much Greg had changed since he took the mantle of his personal Protector. They were still close, or he thought they were at least, but not nearly as close as they had been when they were younger.

"You wear your heart on your sleeve Ian, that's why I can read you so well. Maybe some people can't, but as I said we grew up together. I know you better than anyone." He said before he became more solemn. "I worry for you though...you being gay will complicate things back home. There will be challenges of course and you will need to fight to keep your birthright, unless the Council banishes you outright of course."

Ian just growled at that, he knew for a fact that his grandfather would never allow his banishment, he knew it deep in his soul that it wouldn't happen, and he could handle a few challenges. "Grandpa wouldn't allow me banished, and neither would Grandpa Amos. The McKellar's would have my back also, and I doubt many of the Clans would be silly to exile their sole Light Mage. I'm the only one in the entirety of Western Europe. Besides, Lucas would be an immense boon to the Clans and even the most homophobic of the Councillors would see that."

"What about your Uncle? Michael Tiernay? You know how he is and how much he covets the thought of usurping the Mansfield's. He would do his damnest to dishonour your Clan. He still resents the fact Hector the Conquer usurped the title of Clan head, especially because Hector was originally English."

Ah, Hector the Conquer, Ian knew that name. Hector was originally born into the Mansfield Clan of England who were a low ranked Clan. (He wasn't even the heir as he had two elder brothers.) However after eloping with Caitir Tiernay, the beautiful and eldest daughter of the tyrannical ruler of Scotland Moray Tiernay, the man who quickly retaliated with a Clan war and wiped out almost the entirety of the old Mansfield Clan except Hector himself.

Enraged and desperate for vengeance the younger Hector fought through Scotland in a rage and finally he made it to Edinburgh, demanding a trail by combat. The tyrant accepted and set his own heir to fight to the death. The proceeding fight became one of the most legendary Magic Duels in the history of the British Isles until finally Hector prevailed and took out his opponent. Defeated Moray was forced to concede defeat and handed his headship to the young wolf who then founded the current House Mansfield on March 4th 1300 on his 30th birthday, and now after over 700 years the Clan still held strong.

"It won't happen, Lord Tiernay would never allow him to attempt usurpation. Besides, he married into the family right? If he truly hated the Clan we wouldn't have married Aunt Erika right? Sure he is an asshole, but he isn't evil, he's my Uncle! Plus I love Mikey." He stated bringing up his ten year old cousin. The coyote had always been quiet, but he was wicked smart and a damn good Water-Mage in his own right. "I really should call him, see how he's doing since we've left."

"Should be fine, we haven't been gone all that long. Do you miss home much? I do honestly, things were easier there I think, and your family is there."

Ian just looked towards the garage floor, truth be told he did miss home. Canada was nice, but it could never compare to his beloved Scotland. The only thing that Canada had over his home was Lucas, who he feverishly hoped would travel back with him once he eventually returned back towards Scotland. He had actually talked about it with his father, they decided to at least wait until Graduation before going home. Mainly because the school really was a good one and Ian didn't want to leave Lucas behind, but hopefully they would still visit often especially during the Summer holidays.

"I miss it everyday, but at the same time I thank the Fates that we moved here because I found Lucas." The burly wolf stated warmly. "The poor kit has been through so much, especially with his mother's death and his awful grandparents. I feel like the Morai personally sent me to find him you know?" Ian noted. Greg merely shook his head at that however. "What? You seriously can't believe everything that has happened has been just coincidence can you?" He asked somewhat frustrated. "While it could be it just feels improbable you know?"

"I really doubt the Morai sisters have much to do with this, why spend so much time on one person out of billions? Things really could be a weird bunch of coincidences," the tiger said, "But I'm glad you found Lucas myself, the poor guy truly has been through a lot. So has Xander really, what ever happened to him must have been horrible."

Ian just nodded, he still wasn't truly sure on what the other fox's deal was. Lucas had told him about how Xander had told him about his lost love at last, but refused to elaborate saying it was Xander's story to tell. Which made sense, even if Ian hated Lucas keeping things from him! Speaking of which...

"I still can't believe Lucas never told me about his suicide attempt... Sure I had noticed the scarring on his wrists, but I didn't want to intrude... I hoped he would just tell me you know? He trusts me doesn't he? He knows I would love him no matter what right?" Ian asked, honestly feeling a bit insecure. That had been weighing on him quite a bit on all honesty, the fear that Lucas still didn't trust him fully.

Greg however just sighed went up to pat his back gently. "I'm sure he trusts you Ian, but that is something very personal you know. Lucas is the private sort. So he probably just didn't feel comfortable talking about it." The tiger said to the wolf. Ian nodded, that did make sense, but it still hurt somewhat. "Besides, it's not like you've talked about your previous flings right?"

Ian just looked down uncomfortably. He really he hadn't, but why would he? He had Lucas now and nothing else mattered, they were in the past and Lucas was the present and the future. Besides, talking about the other guys would be supremely awkward.

"That's different, would you talk about past flings with your lover? Well... you've never HAD any past flings have you?" Ian mumbled, far as he knew the muscular tiger was still a virgin which was oddly hilarious really. It wasn't from the lack of offers really, the feline had gotten plenty, but he always refused them point blank. Sure Ian got them also, but the thought of pussy frankly made his balls shrivel up inside his body so he had absolutely no interest in exploring the fairer sex's body. Greg just growled and Ian could only smirk when he noticed the mighty tiger was blushing.

"As I've told you several times, romantic entanglements would only distract me from my duty," he said in in flat voice, "And sex can be a distraction in and of itself. My duty is to protect you, and that is all that matters to me."

Ian just gave out a frustrated sigh, he hated when Greg got like this, there was no reason for him to completely deprive himself of sex. It was if having an existence outside shadowing him was completely foreign to his ethics, which was ridiculous. His own father had a life outside of his dad. He had a wife and child. Not for the first time he wondered how Greg would have been if his entire Clan hadn't been slaughtered on that fateful night? Would he have he been so unhealthily devoted? Would he be happier? No matter, wondering what could have been was pointless since there was no changing the past. Greg was Greg and like his element he was virtually unmovable when he set his mind to things.

"I still think you should at least try to have a life outside me you know. Find a pretty girl and fuck her silly... Go on a date, go to the movies. Just do something that DOESN'T revolve about me in some way. You are a person not a slave." He tried, he knew this was rather pointless as they've had this conversation more times than Ian could possibly count but he never gave up hope that one day Greg would listen and become his own person outside his duty. However his ears quickly perked up when he heard someone enter the garage.

"Richard told me that Lucas and Xander were summoned by Lysander, is that correct?" Ian heard his father ask them. Turning around he saw the older wolf look towards them his face impassive but still showing at least some concern.

"Yeah, they left a few minutes ago." Ian replied in a helpful manner.

His father just sighed in a mildly annoyed manner becomes he spoke. "While I understand that he has the right to summon his grandson, I still would have preferred that he would have contacted me prior to it. Why did he ask for Lucas though if I may ask?"

"Xander said that he was wanting to collect Lucas's debt apparently." His father frowned at that. "But Xander said he doubted it wouldn't be anything incredibly dangerous, especially since Xander himself was there. Besides, he couldn't exactly refuse the summons, or else he would risk bringing insult to Lysander. You always said that refusing a Fey's summons wasn't the best idea you could have."

Jordan just signed once again rubbing his paw against his temple in frustration as if he had a headache but once he spoke his voice was calm if a bit exasperated. "That is true but still the point remains. He should have contacted me or at the very least Evan before the summons, as he is still a minor and thus still under the watch of other adults." He replied before shaking his head. "Anyway, what's done is done, come inside and we will start lunch, Lucas and Xander should be back in a bit, so we should probably set some aside for them. Does that sound fair?" Both Greg and Ian nodded before they all headed in ready to eat their lunch and wait for the two foxes to get back from their summons.


Xander just looked around fascinated as he watched his grandfather while the forest itself seemed to warp itself to his desire. Vines dances around him and flowers bloomed, wilted and bloomed once again in and endless cycle and even the trees seemed to have the same effect. However his grandfather eventually stopped and everything turned back into how they were before his magic took effect.

"That was incredible!" He heard Lucas exclaim from beside him, the white fox had been just as entranced by the spectacle as him evidently. His grandfather just gave him a pleased smile, obviously enjoying the praise he had gotten from the young Mage. "So the Fey really can control nature to a degree!"

"I am happy you enjoyed yourself Child, it was quite a basic bit of magic truly enough to help both of you get a feel of things. Did you see it with your sight child?"

Lucas just nodded at him obviously quite proud of himself in that regard. "Yeah! Watched the entire thing! But it felt completely alien, the ward did also. While I dismantled it, the process of figuring out the proper casting of it was beyond me. With enough practice I could probably figure out how to modify it enough so I could cast something similar, but it would still be vastly different from the ward you created."

Xander's grandfather just nodded while rubbing his delicate chin obviously thinking about things. Xander himself was curious though, could Lucas really modify spells on a whim to suit his desire? Sure he could see and mess with runes but such power would be awesome! He did use that lance spell after only seeing it twice, and the lance itself was made of darkness instead of light... It reminded him that nobody not even Lucas himself knew just what he was fully capable of...Which was both cool and terrifying at the same time.

"Your powers are truly remarkable I must say. I have never met anyone quite like you in all my many, many years of life." The Elf said his voice curious. Lucas just blushed a bit at that and looked down before the Elf turned towards Xander himself. "Now my grandson, I want to see if you can bring this flower back to full health."

Xander noticed Lucas smile at him, exactly while his own stomach filled with dread. "That should be easy! You've done it before remember!" Lucas said easily.

Of course he remembered...both those times were right before horrible things had happened after each time. The first was his mother meeting his bastard stepfather and the he found out Derrick's true colours. His grandfather expected him to do the same thing? Fear jumbled inside Xander's belly and he quickly started to feel slightly ill, something his Grandfather picked up on.

"Is something wrong child?" The Elf asked as he bent down towards the sitting fox patting his head with his delicate paw. "You look ill despite the fact I sense no illness from you."

Xander just shook his head, quivering in fear. "I can't..." He whispered hoarsely. "Every time I did something similar something bad happened... I'm afraid if I do try it something will happen..." He said before he started crying a bit. "I'm so afraid that I'm going to screw something up!"

Frowning Lysander scooped him up into a hug and shushed him gently as he rocked him back and forth until he calmed down somewhat. "Nothing will happen my grandson, you will be okay, trust me. I will not let anything happen to you, you can trust me on that. I'm also sure your friends will also see that nothing will happen to you. The past is the past and you are behind it, do not let your fear stop you from learning, so please let us try."

Xander just nodded, still feeling a bit scared, but the warmth and comfort of his grandfather gave him faith that he was right, that nothing would indeed happen so with a deep breath to regain his composure Xander gave a tiny nod. "Okay, I'll try..." He mumbled still a bit nervous about trying the flower thing, but he was not going to let his past hold him back. He was tired of letting it do that. He was finally free now, he had friends, people who actually cared and he was going to let them down! He knew that him learning Fey magic would help everyone immensely, so even if he was scared he knew he would be okay. Taking a breath he took the flower from his grandfather's paw and placed it on the ground. Kneeling in front of it he placed his own paw on top of it and closed his eyes, willing the flower to bloom again.

He felt nothing at first though, which made him frown a bit. However just as he was to grow frustrated he felt it, a surge of power rush through his body until it gathering around his paw. Opening his eyes he saw his outstretched paw was glowing a familiar light green, and as soon as it happened, it was over. Curiously he quickly looked down and saw a beautiful yellow rose where the wilted flower was. He heard two sets of clapping and turned around to see both his grandfather and Lucas both clapping making him blush underneath his fur briefly, cursing the cream fur that made his belly and cheeks for showing it, looking down he waited until the clapping was finished.

"See, nothing happened," he heard his grandfather state in a frank tone. "You did well now, let's try a few more things. We'll mostly keep on the restoring plant life thing today I think, but we will start on much more difficult things next time. That however will be saved until after the funeral."

Xander noticed that Lucas looked down towards the grass as that was mentioned, but didn't say anything. He must still have been struggling with everything, not that Xander blamed him. He himself had plenty of baggage which he still needed to deal with, but he just nodded towards his grandfather respectfully before they resumed the training.

They went on for several more hours until it was nearly seven. Knowing that they needed to be home before eleven and that he definitely knew that Lucas would want some time with Ian before they left, Xander asked his grandfather if they could leave for now which his grandfather graciously accepted. After saying goodbye the two foxes went on the path towards home. Xander felt sweaty, especially since he hadn't changed out of his uniform before they made their trek to see his grandfather. He knew his uniform would probably require washing but thankfully the school had provided him with three other sets so he would have clothes to wear tomorrow.

The trip itself was largely quiet with Lucas mostly staring into his face, not for the first time Xander honestly wished he could read minds because he was really curious about what his friend was thinking about...Growing bored with the silence though, Xander decided to see if he could engage his friend in a conversation until they got to Ian's house.

"I had a good time," he started cheerfully, "It is great finally being able to learn a new form of magic! You were incredible by the way, how you dispersed that ward! You have a good time?" Lucas just nodded, still seemingly miles away in his head but Xander remained unperturbed, he was determined to get Lucas to talk. "I'm curious though, how does it feel? When you mess with the runes? Does it feel any different from when you normally cast spells? Or does it feel similar?"

Lucas just looked down for a bit, as if thinking his answer through. After a few moments he sighed and then started to speak. "It feels weird really, the power radiating off the runes. It's beautiful, but at the same time rather scary. As if you do one thing wrong and you can go Boom! But yeah, it feels a lot different, especially if I'm observing someone cast a spell. I can watch someone cast a spell while I use the rune sight thing and can actually try and copy the spell myself, using the runes I saw as a baseline. I could probably change a spell entirely if I really tried, moving runes around a bit you know? Not that I've actually tried it so I'm not really sure." Lucas said as he rubbed his chin.

Xander just nodded, that did sound interesting, and would probably come in handy down the line. The rest of the way was spent with idle yet engaging chatter until finally they reached Ian's. Naturally, as soon as they walked through the door Ian had swiftly grabbed Lucas, kissing him and carrying him downstairs, presumably to his room. Shaking his head Xander just chuckled at what he had seen. Ian must had been hornier than usual he wagered. He didn't even seem to notice him, even though he was literally right beside Lucas. With a shrug he gradually made his way towards the kitchen. Hopefully there would still be something to eat for him since he was honestly famished, but just as he was about to walk inside the doorway he heard someone call out to him.

"Did you enjoy yourself runt?" He heard Jonah's voice ring out behind him, the voice was cheerful so it seemed that the dingo was in a rather good mood.

That was good, he didn't like Jonah in a bad mood much. Turning around he turned to the dingo and smiled. "I had a great time! Just got back! Ian already grabbed Lucas though so they'll probably be busy for a while, and I was about to grab something to eat. Do we have anything?"

Jonah just nodded at that before he spoke out, "Yeah! We had lunch. Stripes is actually working on dinner now so you should probably wait a bit. Besides, I actually wanted to talk to you for a bit swap stories you know, curious about if you are actually up to it?"

Xander just looked at the dingo for a bit. It felt odd, him wanting to talk with him, but Xander didn't see much harm in doing so, so he returned the dingo's smile and nodded. "Sure, sounds fun! Yeah! We can talk until dinner! Wanna sit where we sat last time?"

Jonah just shrugged. "The room is full, but Wolfie's room should be empty, let's talk there maybe? I would rather it be in private."

Xander just nodded and next thing he knew they were on their way to Richard's room, with Xander being genuinely curious on just what Jonah wanted to talk about...

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