When Going To A Gay Bar

Story by Veerano on SoFurry

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Here it is. My longest and best work so far and it's finally here after nearly two months of writing!

This thing has been an eye opener, a test of what I can really do when I put my mind to it. 15048 words, 28 pages later and jesus christ I'm proud of myself after this one.

Warning, read the huge list of kinks before reading this involves a lot of strange things.

So, enough rambling, read my new magnum opus and enjoy the smut fest!

When Going To A Gay Bar

Afternoon was dragging its heels as per the usual for a Friday and the excitement of evening drawing near was thick in the air of one household in particular. Theo could hardly believe that he was going to his first gay bar tonight, courtesy of a friend of his suggesting him this little place downtown which had the less than elegant name of 'The Busted Cherry'. Usually not one to take such suggestions, especially from that friend...for some reason he found the offer extra exiting when it had been pitched to him.

So there he was as he looked himself over in the mirror for what felt like the hundredth time already, the twenty year old can't help but be proud of how he'd cleaned himself up. His silvery fur hugged his every curve and a mop of black hair broke up the colour slightly with its presence. Those long whiskers didn't even droop slightly on either side of his small, round nose, too happy and excited to let them fall. As he looked into his own eyes, those deep blue gems gleamed back at him alert and decidedly ready for whatever the night threw at him. Even his floppy ears which lay almost on his shoulders were preened to perfection, not a single piece of fur out of place on them or the rest of his visible fur. Stepping back, he gives one last wink at his reflection and the rabbit in the mirror mimics the same thing before he finally exits the bathroom after what could easily have been hours of showers, preening and generally trying to look ready for a good night out.

Now was the fun part, choosing what to wear. If he was honest with himself he had no clue what the 'standard' attire was for gay bars. So, he decided to wing it and he ended up choosing a nice orange t-shirt with the words 'Try Eating THIS!' on it and some tight fitting jeans that really drew attention to his lovely rounded rear. Giving his fluffy semi-round tail a wiggle, he chuckles as he confirmed that his tail could move ok through the hole at the back of the jeans even though he was fairly certain he wore these only the week before. Carefully, he maneuvers his sheath so he can zip up his fly without trapping any of that fluff and then huffs a little as he succeeds "ok...I'm as ready as I'm ever gonna be I guess."

Shortly after that, he vacated his home and made sure to lock up tight before heading down the street to the bus stop. Downtown was at least a two hour walk away, even for a rabbit so Theo sat in the bus shelter and attempts to relax as he waits patiently for his ride downtown. It was a pretty cool evening, making the bunny debate whether he should hurry home quickly to fetch a coat. But just as he was about to do that he saw the big red bus round the corner and resolved to just deal with it and get to his destination quicker. He sticks his arm out briefly and the vehicle screeches to a slow stop with the door almost perfectly lined up with the rabbit as it opened to welcome him into the warmth of its inner area.

--------------------------------------------------- The Bus Ride ---------------------------------------------------

Hopping into the inviting bus, Theo finds himself under the wondering gaze of the middle-aged lion nestled in the driver's seat. According to his name badge, he was called Fred and he wasn't what most might picture as a bus driver. For one his body looked like a schoolgirl's dream, each of the golden furred muscles of his chest almost perfectly sculpted and equally wonderfully clung to by his tight black tank top. His lower half was just as awe inspiring, a tight set of the bus companies trademark red shorts which also gave away pretty much everything that the lion could hide...though it was obvious that he didn't want to at all. How could the bunny tell this? Well it was simple really and the little bit of fat brown sheath that poked free of one leg hole would be a dead giveaway to most as well.

"I said, where are you going bunny?" was what broke the rabbit's staring, having been dumbstruck by the now grinning stud behind the wheel. With a slight blush, Theo told him that he needed to go downtown and which bar he needed to stop at. A harsh laugh broke from the feline and it was deep and hearty, if it wasn't so surprising of a sound in this situation the bunny might have murred at its lovely tone. After recomposing himself for a moment, the driver looks up and down the other male and shrugs "sure, that'll be three-fifty then and I'll tell you where to get off being as you're the only one on the bus tonight"

Taking a quick look, Theo noticed that the lion was right. He was alone on the bus with this hunk of a driver and he was going to make the most of it, starting with a little simple bit of trickery. With an almost too practiced guise, he roots in his pockets and makes sure none of his money jangles and drops his mouth open briefly "f-fuck...where's my money?" The driver raises a brow, seeming to buy the act and humming a bit to himself. Fred didn't usually care, in this situation he would always just say that no money meant the other male couldn't get on...but this rabbit was getting to him somehow. With a cough, the lion speaks in a calm, low pitch that makes the bunny shiver "well...I'm not supposed to do this but you seem like a nice kid so I'll let you ride..."

This is when the bunny's eyes light up and he thanks the feline several times over and feels his tail twitching happily behind him. Theo had him now, it was time for the make or break moment "If there's any way I can make it up to you just say so...and I mean ANY way" he adds that last part so that the lion couldn't possibly miss the message, adding a teasing wink on the word 'ANY' to seal the deal. It was Fred's turn to blush, but he smirks and nodded "well...I have had a little problem that I've needed to deal with for most of this shift...maybe you can help me with it"

Grinning, Theo steps back and lets the feline open up the door to let him into the little cubicle space that he had. Before the bunny could even move though, he sees one of those large golden paws reach down and sees the button on the shorts burst free to expose what was hidden making him murr. With only a slight alteration; there it was...the pink feline rod that stood out a good seven inches from the lion's crotch. Licking his lips at the sight of it, the rabbit laughs some "I thought you said it was a 'little' problem, doesn't look little to me hehe" A short laugh was all he got in response, as he was pulled into the lion's lap softly.

With a slam the door shuts via a quick slap from Fred's long, slender tail and then they were trapped there together. It was a little awkward, but somehow Theo managed to lower his jeans enough to feel that hot piece of man meat brushing up at his ass. Moaning softly as the bristly tip grinds over his hole, the bunny slowly starts pushing down over it and feels it sink slowly and deeply into him "mmf...!" Fred purrs, as it had been a long time since he'd gotten such an eager 'rider' and his cock pulses in its temporary home just as the rabbit starts to slowly move up and down.

"You'll have to do most of the work bun, I'm already behind schedule because of you hehe" At that the rabbit laughs and tucks his front up against the lion's and moves his head onto the other male's shoulder so that he could see properly at the road ahead. With a sudden click, the whole world went dark...well for the bus anyway as the lion hides their fun from prying eyes and switches the bus sign to 'not in service' so no one could find out what they were doing either way. He was doing a good job of driving like this, especially considering that he had a slutty rabbit riding his cock for every drop of pre he was already leaking into his ass.

Doing his best to make up time, the lion sped the bus down the roads at only very slightly under the speed limit. He was also doing his best to concentrate on his job as long as possible, keeping an eye on the stops as he hurries past them. Thankfully, no one seemed to want this particular bus anyway, all the shelters were empty and then they reached the long road that had none on it. But by that point nearly fifteen minutes had passed and the feline driver is forced to pull over as he feels himself getting close to the edge.

Once again screeching to a halt and quickly putting on the handbrake, he grabbed the needy rabbit's sides and slams upwards hard. Once, twice, three times and that was all he needed, jamming that barbed dick right up on the last thrust and roaring out hard as he graced those tight insides with his pent up load. His noise of pleasure was so great that a nearby tree was vacated of its bird residents despite the bus being made of thick metal and having double glazed windows. That was a testament to how much he had needed that release and as he very slowly comes down from that incredible high, he could feel his own seed oozing out of the rabbit's hole around his cock where it ran all the way into his pants and over his balls "D-damn kid...I haven't cum like that in months..."

Both of them were panting heavily for a few moments, before the lion got the bus moving again and gets them the last of the way to their destination while his feline member slowly shrinks back into his sheath hidden by those pants. Theo's job was to carefully button back up those shorts and then to once again awkwardly cover his own backside, creating a smear of lion cum inside his underwear that'd take some washing out later. By the time they arrived, both were acceptably covered again and the bunny gives the lion a deep kiss before opening the door and slipping out. Fred opens the bus door and shuts the driver door before he looked up just in time to see the rabbit jump off and turn to wink "thanks for the free ride stud" Then he was gone, walking out of sight to leave the lion to chuckle to himself "goodbye bunny and good luck in there...you'll need it..." before he too disappeared into the gloom.

------------------------------------------------------- The Busted Cherry ----------------------------------------------------------

As the bus pulls away and it and Fred dissolve into the night, the rabbit is faced with the bright, night-piercing neon sign of The Busted Cherry. It was all cherry red letters and even had a cherry with a mallet over it at either side of the bar's title for extra effect. Impressive as that might be, Theo soon moves over to the entrance and is greeted by what must be the bar's security guard. The bunny didn't mind admitting that this guy was made for his job by the look of him, intimidating would be a gross understatement.

His name tag was the same red as the sign, referring to the large elephant as 'Zane'. Easily topping eight foot tall and with muscles that would make even Fred envious, but with the noticeable exception of a large belly, he looked pretty damn tough. With the massive grey mass looking down at him with piercing yellow eyes, Theo couldn't help but feel tiny and powerless next to the brute. He was made even more intimidating with the leather jacket and jeans look he had going on, not even bothering with a shirt. Though even with that rough exterior, somehow he seemed calm into the air around his trunked face and powerful body. It almost made the lapine brave enough to try and cuddle up to his belly and see what happened, although he would never dare to do it.

Zane grunts at the rabbit, holding out his hand and speaking gruffly just one word "ID?" Theo nods, reaching into his pants and pulling out his ID and handing it to the elephant. It took the big brute a few seconds, but he nodded and steps aside after handing the other male his ID back "Ok you're good, strip and you can come in." To say he was surprised by that last part was kind of a given, but he wasn't about to argue with a guy like that...who in their right mind would?

So Theo pulls off his shirt, then his pants and underwear folding them up into a neat pile. Zane took his clothing and gives the now naked lapine a look over before taking that pile calmly "You'll get these back when you leave, welcome to The Busted Cherry mister Theo." The wink the larger male gave him was surprisingly soft, before the big lug moves to the clothing hold and puts the rabbit's clothing in one of the spaces and adds a temporary label to the front with 'Theo' on it. It was quite obvious that he had gotten the shorter furs' name from his ID; though it was still a little disturbing to know someone that dangerous looking knew who he was now.

Either way, he was allowed entrance in to the bar now. Theo was a little slow to make his way inside and has to cover his eyes a bit as the brightness inside catches him off guard. Checkered flooring was as far as he could see, each square lit up in alternating colours of the rainbow like a massive dance floor. The walls were a sea of spotlights, dancing on the trademark red paint and a smaller version of the bar's sign. On the left wall was a long bar, with a few pink stools lining the stretch and what seemed like a large selection of liquid refreshment on display at the back of it. To his other side there was a large set of speakers with a DJ deck on top, the former of which was blaring out popular music.

After his eyes finally settled into the cluster fuck of colours; he saw that he was far from the only guy here tonight. First of all there was the bartender, a tall horse who was cleaning glasses behind the bar and keeping an eye on things as he did so. Next there was the DJ, a fox that was busy sorting out the next song that was going to play it seemed. Thirdly there was a whole group of canines in the corner, most of which had feral dogs with them all of which were not leashed. A few felines were also dotted around, as well as a similar amount of rabbits like him most of which were dancing to the music with their cat friends. Finally he could see a few more males hidden around, though he couldn't really tell their species from where he was. All he knew was that everyone was completely nude just like him, giving him ample eye candy and a good enough reason not to cover his own body either.

It wasn't too difficult for Theo to make his way over to the bar, feeling a few eyes lurking on him as he moved over. His silver fur betrayed him in an environment like this, making his body look extra juicy as the multitude of lights shined over him. However, he makes it to the bar and takes an unoccupied stool with a relieved sigh. Relief was cut short unceremoniously however, as he looks up to find himself under the watchful gaze of that equine bartender who he swore was checking him out a moment before he asked "What're you having stranger? Don't worry your first one is on me, anything for a cute bun like you"

Blushing some at the compliment, the rabbit smiles and hmms a bit before ordering a 'Blitzer' cocktail from the small menu he found on the counter. The horse nods, soon shaking up the concoction, pouring it into a glass and adding a little umbrella for that extra touch of class "Nice choice, enjoy!" One sip was all it took to get Theo hooked and it took him less than a minute to slurp up every drop, the whole time managing to somehow stay refined with it. He placed the now empty glass on the counter, about to ask for another when a squeak is forced out of him as something cold pressed at his rear.

Looking back, he sees that three of the feral canines had been curious enough about the unfamiliar bunny to warrant an investigation. By the gleaming gold tags hanging from black leather collars around their necks, the trio was named Wally, Ace and Nate. Wally was the largest of the three being a huge black Labrador; he also seemed to be the alpha of this little group and definitely called the shots. Ace was the middle ground, a beautiful brown and white collie with a big bushy 'mane'. Lastly there was Nate, a German shepherd who was only the smallest by a short margin compared to Ace. All three of them were wagging their long tails, excited to have a new friend to play with.

Theo wasn't sure about the dogs; they seemed harmless enough though so he turns back towards the bar. Immediately he feels it again, that cold pressing right up under his tail only this time it was three different spots of cold. Sure enough, when he looks back this time all three of the ferals had their muzzles mashed together, all wanting a sniff of his rump. A little effeminate giggle left the bunny, they were so silly and adorable he couldn't help it. That's when he is forced to make a completely different, a harsh gasp as the coolness is broken by a large warm, wet feeling pushing up to his still slightly stretched hole.

All three of the dogs were getting a taste it felt like, each jostling their tongues around one another for a shot as a taste at the bunny's backside and the feline cum that had oozed out earlier. It was at this point that the bartender chuckles "Well...looks like you've made some friends, lucky bastards get the first go of you it seems" Theo was shocked at this new development, he'd never even thought about doing anything with a feral. But even through his unsettled mind, the fact that his bunny cock was soon raging hard again from just their tongues struck him as a sign that he wanted to try now.

A short set of whines sounded behind him as he briefly shifted so his ass was hidden, but then jumps down from the stool and gets down onto all fours for them. He didn't know much about feral mating habits, but he did know that doggy style was named after canines for a reason and as he wiggled his small tail in the air for them it seemed to work as the signal they needed to carry on.

Being the alpha of the three, Wally got to move in first, giving that eager bunny ass a few more licks before he decided to mount up suddenly. Pokes at his ass and weight on his back, Theo thought he knew what was coming next. He was partly right, but not even close to ready for Ace to suddenly mount up over his head. The bunny blushed, as that collie cock shone in the reflection of the floor light and slapped his cheeks wetly and eagerly as it too attempted to find a hole to fit itself into.

It only took that moment of distraction for Wally to find his mark and suddenly he was in and humping wildly at the bunny's tight ass. Theo would've screamed out if his mouth wasn't suddenly packed full of collie meat, which he moans around and suckles on as those canine balls slap at his chin over and over. Poor Nate had no hole to mount up over, so he just moves to the rabbit's side and nudges his arm. Without even thinking about it, the lapine reached under the dog and starts stroking his eager sheath and cock.

All three of the dogs were quite well equipped thanks to their size, all around seven inches long and a good few thick at the base. Theo was admittedly struggling with the three hard malenesses, though two were easier than the other. The cocks in his paw and ass were more simple, but not while his mouth was being pounded with such strength and vigor that he was almost struggling to breathe around that tasty canine rod. Even his paw started to get pounded at with that same force as all three of the dominant canines let nature take over.

Unfortunately for Theo, one bad thing about feral canines is that it doesn't take them long to start getting close to the edge. Knots were smacking at his ass, mouth and paw but never pushing in for some reason. 'These dogs must've been trained not to knot, but why...?' Musing was cut short though as the canines grunted and howled in dominance as cum splatters the inside of his mouth and ass as well as squirting onto the already well stained lights. Groaning, Theo took his double sided filling and murrs around Ace, gulping down his juices as they shot for a good few minutes.

With panting surrounding him, the bunny felt his ass and mouth vacated of cocks, making his ass ooze a mix of doggy and kitty cum over the ground behind him. Theo took a few moments to recover, before slowly getting back onto his feet. He was a little shaky after that and gives the dogs a pet on each of their heads to thank them for the fun, making them happily bark back. It was then that Wally pads around and nudges at the back of the rabbit's legs, prompting him to start walking away from the bar.

---------------------------------------------------The Foxy DJ------------------------------------------------------

They were leading him somewhere and he didn't have much say in the matter as they shepherded him over the entirety of the bar area, over to the corner where the DJ was lazily resting in a seat behind the docks. Theo had assumed that the dogs belonged to the guys in the corner, but was soon proven wrong as all three placidly nuzzled the fox's legs before laying down a short ways behind him "good boys...looks like you got me some new blood for me today huh? I'll have to reward you all later for that show too."

Now that he could see him up close, the vulpine was actually a pretty strange one to behold. Instead of the rustic brown and cream fur most foxes had, this one was sporting a bright royal blue coat and had a neon green Mohawk adorning his skull. Looking down him as well, that wasn't the only green on him, as a quick look down would see a little bit of his fat tip that was poking free and that was also glowing in the same colour. Also his eyes seemed to glow in a similar shade, though a little less intense than the rest of the opposing colours. Right now those eyes were looking over Theo's body as he gazed over the fox, sizing each other up.

Nodding to himself as though he'd settled something in his own mind, the DJ reached out a paw of greeting "Name's Derek, you've already met my three loyal canines I see hahaha" Giggling a little, the rabbit takes the paw and shakes it "I'm Theo, nice to meet you...and your dogs hehe" Laughing again, the fox slowly stands and starts slowly walking around the bunny in small circles, licking his lips like he was examining his prey. With a sly movement, one of his paws moved to feel the well-used ass of the other male and murrs "wow...they didn't hold back on you did they? They're such well-trained pets aren't they haha?"

Theo was getting used to having his ass randomly attacked today, though it did still make his tail twitch to that soft touch after such rough treatment from the canines. Dereck smiles to himself, moving a paw around the bunny, the soft fingers wrapping around that pink cock that had been left un-touched thanks to the dogs' assault "How about we give your ass a break for now...and you have some fun with mine hehheh?" A shivery moan leaves the rabbit, not as used to having his length in someone else's paw, though he still nodded shortly to answer the question without letting out any more embarrassing effeminate noises.

With a swish of his long blue tail, the fox murrs and openly leans over the DJ decks and shows the rabbit his tight green hole that also seemed to be leaking canine cum. Murring lowly at the view, Theo slowly moves up behind him and grins as his paws reach forward. One of those paws moved to hold one of those soft fuzzy cheeks, while the other rubs its fingers over that messy hole. Pushing slightly, one thick finger slides in easily, and then a second shortly follows it. A soft grunt escapes the vulpine, having not been expecting a tease first before the fun, though he was far from complaining as his canine shaped cock rubbed against the well painted decks.

Squishing noises that were loud enough to break through the music started as Theo began fingering the needy fox's cummy hole, each movement making the eager male more and more excited. A faster movement by the moment and the bunny wasn't even going all out as he leans into the vulpine to get some extra depth. But, a loud moan broke through his clouded mind to get him back on track as Dereck begged "Mmf please stop teasing and fuck me bunny!" Giggling some as he relished that sound momentarily, the rabbit softly pops his fingers free of that oddly tight hole...he could definitely get used to being begged like that too.

Soon enough though, he replaced the fingers with what the other male really wanted; that pink bunny meat. It didn't take long for the bunny to aim up and plunge in, knowing he didn't need to hold back on the foxy slut just by judging how well used his hole was. Being correct in his assumption and hearing nothing but pleasure in the satisfied groan the vulpine let out, he continued by starting to thrust. Both of them were already preing from their last fucks, one trickle inside and the other running down the thankfully waterproof DJ equipment. Even as he speeds up, Theo was begged to go harder so he kicked his hips into overdrive.

Holding Dereck's shoulders now, he got the extra leverage he needed to start pounding that blue ass with all he had. Slap after slap, each time smacking his balls up against the taint of the bliss filled fox. Both of them were already panting, but kept up the speed and held back their orgasms for a good few minutes before it finally became too much. First to go was Dereck, who moans lowly as his cock jumps below him and shoots his payload up all over the underside of the decks as well as onto the ground. The tightening ass of the fox in his orgasm was enough to set the bunny off too and he rammed his cock in one last time to fill that tight space with a few good shots of his hot bunny cum.

Neither of them moved for a short while, panting one on the other softly. After the short break, Theo slowly moves back, letting his cock pull free of the fox hole with a satisfying slurp and make a small gush of cum escape and run down over that blue taint. It took an extra moment for Dereck to straighten up too, looking down at the puddle of vulpine goo that was now drooling its way down to drip off the underside of the deck "oof...now I gotta clean up...thanks for that though bunny boy" He winks at the rabbit, before ducking out to go get a cloth for the decks, leaving the rabbit to slowly wander back over to the bar.

--------------------------------------------------Back At The Bar--------------------------------------------------

Considering his ass was slightly numb and his legs were still a little weak from that last load, Theo took his time crossing back over to the bar. He could see a trail of canine cum that he'd likely leaked out earlier and didn't even bother avoiding stepping in it as he sat his well-rounded rear on a bar stool once again and soon ordered another Blitzer like he did earlier. The bartender gave him his drink with a smile and a chuckle "Looked like you had fun over there huh?" Laughing gently back, Theo looked at the horse and nodded as his eyes roamed over the equine now that he had a better idea of what this place was like.

What a gorgeous piece of man he was too, getting the look over he deserved with a body like that from his recently returned company. Ebony coloured body and a six-pack that made him look like he could bench-press three of the Bunny if he wanted to, this guy was a catch. Pure golden eyes broke up the sea of black that coated him, showing the softness that was inside that he let come to the surface whenever he talked with that deep but subtly soft tone. Then there was his tail and hair, both long and flowing across his neck and rear majestically. Lastly there was his package, two huge balls and a thick flopped pole that Theo knew wasn't even fully hard and it was already so impressive.

Catching himself drooling, he wipes his lips and takes a few sips of his drink. His admiration hadn't gone unnoticed however and the big equine grins a little to himself before asking "Didn't manage to catch your name earlier cutie before the ferals took you away hehe. Why don't you tell me your name so I can decide if it is as adorable as you are?" Smiling softly, Theo tells the horse his name calmly and takes another sip as he lets the equine look him over fully, Shifting a little on his slightly sore ass. With a soft look, the taller male nods and bows playfully "name's AJ, nice to see a new face around here for sure."

Giggling, the bunny smiles at the playful bow as he gave another sip of his tasty drink. For a moment there was near silence as the stallion lets him recover some before finally asking "so how'd you hear about us Theo?" The rabbit answered honestly and quickly after drinking down the last of his drink "Ohh, my friend suggested I come here. You might know him actually, Louis...that tiger guy with the blue stripes?" Laughter rather suddenly erupted from the equine as he slaps his forehead, seeming to have found that hilarious for a reason he would share with the confused lapine only once he stopped laughing so hard.

"Wow...and here we thought 'Loose Louis' was put off by us, seems he only gave us another plaything instead haha!" Theo blushes at that, his fuzzy tail twitching some at being referred to as a 'plaything'. He stayed quiet for a moment before looking up to find the horse once again checking him out, this time he was almost ready for that though. With an almost practiced grace, the bunny saw the equine suddenly lean over the bar and felt his oddly soft fingers brush around his long ears which made him shiver slightly. It was so gentle that the bunny almost didn't feel it, but as the horse lifted one of his ears he also leant in and whispers hotly into it "You're much more fun looking than Louis though...sexier too hehe."

Theo's cheeks lit up bright red, moaning softly at the teasing words as well as the subtle heat of the horse's breath rolling over the sensitive insides of his large ear. A slight bit of his pink tip pokes free at the arousing sensation travelling through him from that whisper and it does not go unnoticed by the stallion that grinned and gives a soft lick at that ear. Gasping suddenly and softly at that, the rabbit feels as though a bolt of electricity fires right the way through him, making his bunny boner slip out once again especially helped out by the next thing the teasing male whispered to him "you look flushed, come around here and I can help you cool off a little Theo hehe"

Not one to turn that sort of invitation down, Theo moves slowly from his seat and gives AJ plenty of time to open the little gate into the bar area for him. Immediately after he slipped around the back of the bar, he heard the gate shut and bolt behind him before turning around to find the stallion practically in his face with his imposing masculinity. It was a little bit of a blur for the rabbit that had been temporarily distracted by looking down at the other male, but to the horse he saw every move he made as he gently leads the lapine back a few steps before giving him a firm but somehow still tender push down onto to his knees.

If Theo hadn't been already beetroot red by this point this would have done the trick, as he was now face to face with the beautiful equine schlong and orbs. That shaft, thick, long and oozing pre in long strands all over the rabbit's knees...it was everything the common slut fantasized about and so much more besides. He'd been in this position with many a male before, but he'd never seen someone so intimidating in the size difference department and even though he readily opened his mouth ready for that gorgeous meat he knew this was going to test his limits perhaps even to the breaking point of his mouth's potential.

AJ didn't even have to be the sexually practiced stud he was to see that the rabbit was nervous even if his mouth was eager enough to open up ready, those flopped ears giving it away a fair bit. Giving Theo's head a soft rub of positive reinforcement, he used his free hand to move his large cock head up and pressed it slowly into the bunny's hot, tight maw "mmm...don't worry I'll try my best not to choke you or anything with it buddy..." Feeling a little relieved that he wasn't about to get his throat fucked to pieces by that still swelling meat, Theo applied a gentle bit of suction around that salty tip and even licks around the large urethral hole to stimulate the equine even more.

Longing to push deeper, the equine slowly presses his fat manhood forward and makes the rabbit's mouth stretch wider than it ever had before to compensate for that incredible girth. Theo lets out a soft groan around that tasty shaft as it grinds against almost every part of his mouth, still managing to lick around it somehow as it squeezed his tongue to the sides forcefully. His noises of pleasure only helped add more to the horse's own bliss, as the noises vibrated through his entire cock and finally got him to full size. With his eyes bulging at the other male's size, that poor bunny felt more and more being pushed in and soon that large head brushed right at the back of his throat and made him gag as it suddenly sends a splash of musky stallion precum forcibly down his hungry gullet.

Though he barely even got to taste it, Theo knew he preferred that thicker, more productive goo than the canines from earlier. Suckling it down eagerly, he manages to coax the horse to start slowly moving his hips back and to so that monster meat thrusts carefully into his already aching mouth. AJ could hardly control himself, it was rare he found anyone with such a small mouth compared to his cock that could handle him like this and he was going to make sure he enjoyed this immensely. Those huge black balls swung with each soft hump, that is until he felt a soft fuzzy paw wrap around them and start rubbing to make him moan harder "damn bunny...keep this up and I can't guarantee I'll hold back on you much longer..."

Theo's mind was too flooded with equine musk for its own good by that stage and instead of taking that as a warning; he took it as a challenge. With a grunt and a loud 'schlorp' he pressed his head forward and gags as he takes over a foot of horse meat right down his throat, almost kissing that sheath as he did. AJ flat out neighed out in pleasure as he felt the hot, wet warmth of that bunny maw surround most of his shaft and finds his mind unable to resist his feral urges any more.

So, with both hands on the rabbit's head he starts thrusting properly, slamming his equine pole hard into that mouth and throat and making the latter bulge out with every push inwards. Meanwhile, down between the equine and the bar was the struggling bunny who immediately regretted his decision. Suddenly forced to take that massive dick so deep over and over, his gagging was endless and a stream of drool mixed with some stallion pre oozed from the corners of his mouth each time those powerful hips let him draw an albeit quick breath.

Poor Theo had no chance of keeping up with the strong assault on his face, those black orbs smacking his face loudly and wetly (thanks to all the rabbit drool) with each slam inwards. It was getting harder and harder to catch a breath and he could feel his eyes rolling up into his head as his throat was so brutally used like that. Almost blacking out now, this was how he wanted to go, impaled on the length of a real stud. Thankfully for him though, it was only a matter of about six more thrusts before the stallion started to gear up for the final crescendo.

Flat out yanking the abused bunny off his cock, AJ starts rubbing his huge cock quickly and aims it at the coughing and spluttering rabbit. With his free hand he holds Theo's head up and shoves a finger into that mouth to pull it back open, just in time for him to let out a loud wicker of bliss as huge streams of potent horse jizz blast from his cock and start slapping over the lapine's face. It felt endless to the rabbit, as each new rope of thick stallion cum smacks his face and inside his mouth and paints his silver face white. By the time the horse finally starts to settle down and the hose of spooge turns into a lazy drool, the rabbit's cheeks and chin are dripping cum all over the ground below him and his mouth is completely packed despite him swallowing at least five full mouthfuls of the stuff during that insane drenching.

Panting was rife again, the bunny so much more so than his horse companion as he regained his breath and energy by falling back onto his rump. That's when he noticed something odd, well not odd but surprising to be sure. Even after that large load and obviously tiring orgasm, the stallion's cock still stood up strong with its now widely flared head still oozing his juices onto the bar floor. So far all the males Theo had ever met were what he affectionately referred to as 'one trick ponies' as they only ever had one load in them, but this stallion seemed ready for a round two despite barely just completing his first wave.

Theo looked up slowly as he gained his breath back and blushed as AJ grins back at him "not bad bunny...but we're not done yet, show me that cute tail end of yours...seems that needs cooling off too" With his cheeks reddening, the rabbit slowly gets up and then turns to bend over the bar top with his rump pushed out towards the stallion and his short fuzzy tail shyly wiggling "Just...go easy ok? I've never taken a horse before..." Nodding knowingly, the equine slowly guides his fat flare up to that dog cum leaking ass and lets the rabbit feel its heat press up to his unprepared hole.

Starting with more of a grind than a push, the flare of the equine struggles against that tight ring and almost seems like it won't fit for a moment or two. But with a scream of pain and pleasure, Theo felt his ass suddenly give way to that monster and spread wide as it slowly and gently pushed his innards apart like someone was shoving a fist in there. A thick groan leaves the stallion, feeling the almost crushingly tight rabbit hole squeezing around his every vein as he kept guiding himself deeper, thankfully providing plenty of lube with his stream of leaking stallion precum "Jesus Theo...you weren't kidding about this being your first horse cock, you're the tightest thing I've ever felt...or at least that I've felt in a long time..."

A hot blush crossed the groaning lapine's cheeks as he received that compliment about his tight ass and if he wasn't still in a great deal of agony from how thick and long that cock was he would have almost thanked the other male. He could feel every new inch of hot male meat pushing open previously untouched areas deep inside him; thankful that he was so productive with that pre otherwise this would be even more agonizing. Just as the bunny was about to shout out to stop, the horse preempted his call and suddenly stops for a moment. It was only a brief pause but it was still welcome, the rabbit's insides getting a slight break from being stretched deeper.

It didn't last though and what came next made Theo gasp deeply at the pleasurable ache, as AJ pulled slowly back and dragged that huge meat almost all the way out of him. Just the flare stayed in and the bunny realized what was about to happen only seconds before he moaned out, the stallion starting to give slow long thrusts into his smaller body. Each push inwards created a visible raise in the bunny's stomach, shaped almost perfectly around that huge flared length. More than anything, the rabbit was slowly starting to feel the pain slip away and be replaced slowly with pleasure as he panted from those long thrusts knocking the air out of him slightly.

Barely believing what was going on, Theo grips the bar tightly as his ass was taken by that studly equine and feels that river of pre slowly making his ass more and more lubricated. Naturally the extra slipperiness didn't go unnoticed by the horse, who started to speed up gradually now that the bunny was starting to get used to his girth. Grunting sounds left them both as things sped up, each thrust starting to inch the equine closer to his hilt inside that now not so tight hole. Momentarily forgetting the bunny's lack of practice, AJ suddenly gripped his hips and slams in and makes his huge balls slap against the rabbit's own comparatively tiny pair as he forced the last of his huge cock in.

A harsh gasp escaped the bunny, feeling the other male hilt into his ass and seeing that thick bulge push out right at the top of his belly as well as right down to his abdomen. Panting, the equine gives that fuzzy back in front of him a soft rub "I'm sorry Theo...I can't hold back any more...your ass is too good..." That was all the warning the poor rabbit got, before he felt those powerful hips behind him start to slam back and to and make his whole body rock with them as that huge cock powers through him over and over again and the what little resistance he had left was rutted out of him.

Each thrust made a satisfying slap, each pull out made a glorious 'schlorp' noise and every hot breath from the equine was like music to the bunny's ears. Even though he'd never done this with a horse, he was far past the point where his ass had gone numb to the ache and all he felt was the immense pleasure that big male was plowing through his insides. Knees shaking as he grips the bar for dear life, he suddenly moans out hard in bliss as loud slaps of his bunny cum start hitting the back of the bar. It was the most intense orgasm he'd ever had, dragging on and on as that equine tool struggles to keep slamming through his tightly clenching anal muscles.

But that tightness was only making AJ more excited and just as the lapine finally seems like he's finally starting to come down from his blissful orgasm, the equine joins in with his own. Pushing right the way in and staying there, he neighs out loudly so that the whole bar knows what's happening as he gushed his thick, fertile load deep into the rabbit's stomach. Each pump felt like a few pints worth of man milk, causing Theo to grip his stomach as it swelled up slightly to the huge release being forced into it. He could feel the equine pressed flush to his back now, both of them struggling to get their breath back with panting as that strong hose inside the rabbit finally runs dry and starts to slowly shrink back into the equine's sheath.

The lewd pop could be heard bar-wide and the bunny felt what could've easily been a gallon of equine jizz start spurting out of his gaping ass, too tired to try and stop it and having no desire to either as it soothed the aching feeling that was starting to slowly return now that their fun had ceased. Even as that thick waterfall gushes over the back of his legs and runs down over his taint and balls, the bunny barely cared as he gave a look back at the stallion "fuck AJ...that was amazing...been ages since someone made me blow a load just by fucking me". The horse laughs a little weakly, some of his strength returning as he slowly gets his balance back and stands back to admire his handiwork "damn...I must've needed that, I practically wrecked you. Maybe you should go get cleaned up in the bathrooms otherwise that's gonna be murder to get out of your fur."

Nodding, Theo slowly gets up too with a slight groan as some more cum that had been trapped oozes free of his ass. Letting the bunny out from behind the bar, AJ winks and calls after him as he headed off to the restroom "Feel free to come back around later bunny...that was too fun for a one time deal" Laughing, the rabbit nods with a slight blush, before heading off to the little bunny's room. He couldn't help but giggle at the sign on the men's room door, a lewd image of a guy with a huge wang to let there be no doubt which gender this was for. With a quick push, he made his way inside and leaving only the trail of cum behind.

-------------------------------------------------------Bathroom Business----------------------------------------------------------

The bathroom was everything you would expect, a sea of black tiles and porcelain greeting the lapine visitor. Three black walled stalls hugged the corner, while a row of urinals lined the wall going from the opposite corner. Groaning softly, Theo looked in the mirror at his cum soaked form, stallion and dog milk staining his silver fur. The horse was right; this was going to be absolute murder to get out especially with this much on him. Somehow though, the bunny didn't care much right now; even rubbing it in a little before looking towards one of the bathroom stalls. He needed to pee and wasn't quite sure he was ready to encounter another horny guy at the urinals, so he padded over to the one door that was open and slips inside with a quick click of the lock.

This was the point where the rabbit noticed something that honestly didn't surprise him at all at this point. Pretty much the entire floor was covered in a mix of cum as well as piss; seems whoever was last in here was a fan of watersports...or just a really bad aim. With a slight gulp, the bunny points his sheath to the open lidded toilet and starts relieving his pressured bladder, the golden stream meeting the inside of the bowl with a quiet pattering noise. It went on for over a minute, Theo needing this release more than he thought as he lowly murrs as he finally stops the strong arc and gives his sheath a wiggle to dislodge the last few drips before flushing with finality.

As if on cue to that flushing he heard a rough, attention grabbing cough from the next stall that made the rabbit twist his head to the noise. Gasping loudly, the bunny could not believe what he saw. A clean cut hole was sawn out between the two stalls; a glory hole that looked like it was made to fit even the largest of males through. Right now there was definitely a guy at the other side of that hole, as his huge, almost tentacle-like cock was standing proud through the gap and almost hitting the lapine's leg as it twitched a little in impatience. Theo had only ever seen a cock like this in his most private magazine collection, it was some sort of marine mammal's meat; most probably an orca by the size of it.

He knew immediately what to do; he was no stranger to being in this position even if he was more unfamiliar to the type of maleness he was about to be pleasuring. Knowing better than to keep a big guy like that waiting; the bunny got down on his knees into the similarly shaped gaps in the messes below and immediately gets to work down there. At first he felt his face pull back due to repulsion, as the strong saltiness of that length assaulted his taste buds even as soon as the first lick. With a little gulp, he gets back in there when he hears the other male tapping on the dividing wall impatiently and kisses and licks over that huge orca cock hotly despite every fiber of his being telling him to pull away from the incredibly overwhelming taste.

Soon enough, those taps of impatience turned into moans of enjoyment as that small tongue works over the mass of man meat and makes sure not to leave a single spot dry. A clear of his throat later and the marine creature speaks in a deep, spine tingling tone "Mmm...not bad, you're no slouch at this...but I didn't come in here to be teased I came to bust a load out, so why don't you open that little mouth and take my cock in there so I can get my rocks off you little slut?" Theo blushed at that and slips back a bit so he can kiss the extra strong tasting tip, before opening up his maw wide and taking that cool, slippery schlong into his warm mouth and soon enough into his throat too.

There would've been no way that the bunny could have taken him even just an hour ago, he was so long and reached way back to the rabbit's throat and then some. If it wasn't for sucking off AJ, the poor lapine would be gagging and choking already. Though the orca was longer he was not even close to the thickness of that fat horse cock, especially near his tapered tip. This was still a new challenge though and he took it slow which seemed to make the orca happier than if he had gone fast for some reason. His short muzzle was pressed through the hole a little now as he took the whole of that orca cock in a glorious deep throating that made the other male moan loudly.

Yet, Theo immediately regretted his decision to push that deep as a strong hand suddenly grabs his muzzle and keeps it still as he rests deep in that hot throat. A low grumbling moan, a sudden hot liquid feeling that blasted right the way down into his belly and a disgusting taste that made him shudder to the very core all made the bunny well aware of exactly what the dirty orca was doing. A paw instinctively moves to his belly as he felt it packed full of the other male's warm bladder-load of piss, the once flat belly growing even more than the horse left it as the marine mammal held nothing back on his new furry toilet.

Coughing and gagging deeply as he was flooded like that, the bunny's nose huffed for breath between pulses of that liquid. Everything was starting to get fuzzy, he was slowly starting to daze in and out of consciousness as he was denied proper breathing ability. Thankfully though just as his mind was about to shut down from lack of oxygen, that flood of warmth finally stops and settles in his over-packed and heavily pregnant looking belly. Gasping for air, he finally feels the other male pull back a bit to let him regain the breath from his lungs "sorry about that fuzz bucket hehheh...still got the desert for you though so get ready slut"

This guy couldn't be serious, how the hell could he expect him to recover from that so quickly? Desperate, Theo takes a few deep breaths while he's got the chance and does start to feel a little better before the salty cock in his mouth starts to pull back and start thrusting again slowly. Whoever this was, he was nothing like the other guys the bunny had met so far. He kept up a slow rhythm, slamming his testicle-less crotch over and over at that rabbit muzzle. All the lapine could taste was the male's urine from moments earlier, even as he started injecting pre into him to wash away that nasty tang. He was also feeling something that made him shudder; as his still gaped ass was creating a huge yellow and white tinted puddle all of its own on the floor.

It was like this for almost twenty minutes, the orca slowly but roughly claiming the bunny's mouth and throat as his property while packing his belly with more of his liquids. Theo's whole face had gone numb after the first five minutes of the abuse and now murrs as he had started enjoying the treatment and had even grown to appreciate the taste if only a little. But just as he had managed to start enjoying himself enough to get a full erection again he was unceremoniously cut short as a harsh groan shook the cubicle walls.

Now if the orcas cock had been a piss fountain; its cum was certainly at least a geyser of some description as it mixed in with the copious fluids in that bunny belly and made it push out, even enough more to make the divider between the two males creak in complaint. Again he was lost for air but this time the other males grip had slipped and he could pull back just enough to breathe throughout the onslaught as well as managing to somehow not lose a single drop of that potent load. It was a full minute or two before that hydrant of a cock finally ran out of goo and quickly shrinks its way out of the bunny's mouth as its owner pants deeply "jeeeeez....it's not often I get sucked dry like...-that-..."

Theo couldn't help but grin a little at the compliment, or he would've not been able to stop it if he hadn't been busy gaining his own breath back properly and coughing up a large amount of orca goo after all that time spent with restricted airflow. Even when the orca takes his leave from his stall, the rabbit remains for a short while to leak the mixture of man fluids although he does manage to hop up onto the toilet to make sure he doesn't make any more mess on the already flooded floor. It was going to be a long draining session if he wanted it all out, though some fucked up part of him didn't want it -all- out...

------------------------------------------------Something To Do With Plumbing-----------------------------------------------

The bunny only left the stall after a good few minutes, as he reflected on the night so far. Looking in the mirror at his cum and piss stained form and running his paws over his still rounded belly, he smiles and nods. His friend had been right; this was the sort of place for him even if he himself hadn't known that when he came in here. The Busted Cherry was definitely going to become one of his most visited places after tonight, or it would once his poor body recovered from tonight's abuse. With a chuckle, the lapine wondered why he had even bothered taking hours to get his fur all nice looking earlier after all it was all but ruined now thanks to the company at the bar.

But then, with a twitch of his large ears, he heard the bathroom door open behind him and used the mirror to examine who had joined him in the room. With a quiet gasp he affixed his eyes onto a tall, lean hunk of a dragon. The creatures red scales shimmered in the light, giving extra detail to those well-formed muscles. Nothing was in excess, but nothing was under imposed either on this guy he was just perfectly sat in the middle. A long, thick trunk of a tail swung behind him with each step and the bunny thought he could probably knock someone out just with a single slap of that thing. Lastly he could just make out a small long incline where the dragon's crotch was; damn...genital slits gave him no idea if this guy was hung or secretly not even male at all.

Theo was not expecting him to suddenly speak up, his deep tenor echoing around the tiled walls "You ok sir? You've been in here a good while now, did the orca guy give you a packing?" The second question was likely guided by the large stomach the dragon could see on the rabbit as he turned around to face the person addressing him politely. With a blush and a soft smile, the lapine simply nodded and petted his rounded belly almost proudly for effect. Laughing a little, the dragon smiles toothily back at him and offers a paw "Well either way, I'm Chris nice to meet ya bun." Greeting the other male with a paw shake, the rabbit introduced himself too and shyly blushed at the oddly extra warm grip of the dragon.

Chris simply chuckles at the red tinge that was somehow still visible through the cum-stained fur of the rabbit's once silver cheeks; he was more than used to having this effect on people by now. He was eyeing up the bunny too, examining his once slender form with appraising looks all over. Considering the largeness of the bunny's stomach, the overgrown lizard could somehow still easily see the other male's excitement in his presence as that pink cock slips out for what must be the dozenth time today. Following the line of those deep green eyes was all Theo needed to do to know what the dragon was eyeing up and he gladly pushes his hips forward to teasingly show off his goods.

A noticeable grin crossed the taller male's muzzle and a flash of pink crossed his lips as he used his large tongue to wet them softly. Chris wasn't one for dancing around the issue at hand and eagerly moves close to the rabbit, lowering a hand to openly cup the other smaller creatures package "you're pretty big down here, at least for a bunny aren't you haha?" Gasping quietly at the sudden touch, the rabbit's face lights up again with a deep blush as he nodded in response and a dull tinge of soreness crosses him but is almost covered completely by the pleasure that the dragon's warm hand provided. With a wink, the scaly male lets the bunny's bits flop free again and hmms "Well, being as you're packing a decent size down there...how about we try a little something I've been wanting to test out recently?"

Theo felt his head tilt in confusion, looking up at the dragon with curiosity. Chris moved away and sits on the reinforced lid of the toilet in the stall where the orca was about half an hour ago now. The rabbit followed him into the stall and shuts the door behind them so they could have a little privacy, then he blinks at what he turns back to see. Spreading his legs and showing the rabbit a better view of his genital slit, the dragon smirks as he points to that slit with one of his claws "see if you can get your dick in here for me..." Hardly believing what he was being asked to do, the bunny slowly moved up and holds his belly up as he lined up to that hot slit "you sure Chris? ...it looks really tight in there."

With a simple nod, the large male pushed his hips up and grunts as he felt the gap in his crotch open up around the length of the rabbit. Meanwhile, Theo gasps as he felt a heat like he could never have imagined surrounding his cock slowly. The amazing feeling made him eager for more, so he began pushing back and pressing his cone like cock into the dragon's depths deeper. Each inch brought with it an electric shock like feeling of pleasure powering through the crotch of the large lizard-like male, making him pant and groan in response "Jeez...that's an odd feeling...but it's so good..."

If Theo had said he would have never have expected to do this today, it would be a massive understatement. Here he was; a rabbit who was starting to slowly thrust back and to into a dragon's genital slit. In the wild the only way a rabbit like him would ever end up inside a dragon would be to get eaten by them, but here he felt almost totally in control despite the obvious difference in their statures. Back to the task at hand though and his mind was cloudy with bliss as he plunged much faster into the hot insides of the other male now. Chris meanwhile had been forced to relax his body as he panted feverishly and moans out whenever he gets the breath to, loving this so much that his own length was threatening to push out beside the rabbit's cock.

With a fateful shudder, a pop and the slick sound of escaping, the dragon's member forced its way out of his genital slit suddenly and pushed the rabbit's cock out of there too. Theo couldn't help but gawk at it as it grew up to full size almost immediately and sprayed precum from its massiveness over the dragon's own face. Regaining his breath, Chris swung his legs up and shows off his other hole "damn that was good...finish us both off would you buddy?" How could he turn an offer like that down? Moving only slightly, the bunny plunges his meat into the even hotter hole and moans as he pressed his body right up to the other males so he could start giving the deepest thrusts possible with that big belly in the way.

Groaning once again fills the bathroom, as both bunny and dragon make those lovely noises of pleasure for anyone able to hear them. A sudden push and the bunny was stood up again and had to grab the dragon's legs for balance as the other male gave a lunge downwards with his head. Seeing that huge cock being taken in and sucked on by the dragon himself was more than enough to arouse Theo even more and he started slamming harder and faster giving all he had now. Underestimating his own arousal, he ploughed that scaly ass with all he had and rather suddenly feels his balls lurch upward. He lost count of how many pulses of cum he pushed into the dragon after that and the fact that he could see the dragon gulping down his own huge load at the same time only pushed him further than he thought possible.

Even though he knew it was mostly from dragon cum, Theo was still oddly proud of the fact that the scaly stomach in front of him ended up bloated up even bigger than his own and felt the two big domes colliding making him be forcibly pushed back. Hearing a wet pop as his cock leaves Chris' tail hole; he backed up against the stall door panting and murring deeply as the dragon finally pulls off his own meat and blasts the last of his load over his chest and face. Both of them took a good few minutes to recover from those mind wrecking orgasms and when they had they smile at each other before Chris speaks up "well that was certainly...different haha. Leave me here for a little bit, I'll be out in a little while ok?" Nodding, Theo takes his leave and exits first the stall and then the bathroom, completely forgetting his cum-stained state and not really caring anymore regardless.

-----------------------------------------------------Saving The Best For Last------------------------------------------------------

Blinking as the orgy of colours hit his sensitive eyes again, Theo gave those bright blue peepers a quick rub so they adjusted a little quicker. Once he stopped seeing stars, he headed back towards the bar and got an odd look from the horse behind it as he came back "I thought you went in there to get cleaned up not get worse hehe?" To that comment the rabbit chuckles and before ordering just some juice, he needed to get the taste of salty orca liquids out of his mouth now that it had stagnated in his mouth a bit. Almost as though he understood, the equine slid him a drink and winks "here, this'll help get rid of that taste...and it's on me as thanks for that fun earlier."

Taking one large gulp made the bunny gag a little, as his numbed taste buds were assaulted by the strongest orange juice he'd ever experienced. But it was just the initial burst that got him, as he used that intense overload of fruitiness and swilled a small amount of it around in his mouth to clear out that left over saltiness. As it was gulped down, he noticed a slight aftertaste of pineapple too such a strange but effective mix. Relieved and actually starting to enjoy the odd drink, Theo slowly drank the rest of it before placing the glass on the counter "Can I get another AJ?"

A short laugh left the horse but then he looked past the bunny as the music that had been playing this whole time stops and the familiar voice of the foxy DJ filled the bar, causing the rabbit's ears to twitch and turn to pay attention "Ok gentlemen, it's time for our weekly draw...and you all know what that means!" Cheers and hollers of adoration filled the bar as the rabbit tilted his head from confusion, what draw was Dereck talking about? Fortunately the equine behind him quickly gave him his answer in the form of a pamphlet, one that explained that some lucky or unlucky sap (depending how they looked at it that is) was about to become the willing cum dumpster for the whole bar. Blushing a little at that, the bunny watched as the foxes slender paw dug into a hat filled with small slips of paper in that likely held the names of all the residents.

Considering his luck tonight, Theo wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it ended up being his own name that got pulled out on his first trip here. As that fox paw retracts he braced himself and caught the vulpine shoot him a grin as he unfolded that small slip...god damn it this had to be a set up. "Ooo looks like we've got a rare treat tonight boys...a newbie to our lovely bar for our cum dump, let's all wish mister Theo the best of luck shall we as we all rub ourselves to get ready and our very own resident assistant helps him get ready..." That last part was the only bit that caused him concern, 'get him ready'...what the hell were they planning?

He wasn't given long to ponder though, as the large brutish elephant that had previously been on guard duty outside approaches the much smaller bunny "Looks like you've been a lucky bunny tonight through and through...come with me sir" Blushing, he lets the colossal hunk of a man lead him to the center of the room and couldn't help but gawk as he noticed that he was already getting quite excited for this. All the rabbit could feel was relief that he didn't have to take that thing...it was like both his arms in thickness and looked as long or maybe even longer. But his brief relief was short lived, as the hulking creature suddenly turns him upside-down and carefully positions him on a thankfully quite soft chair that had been placed in the middle of the room, most likely while the rabbit had his bathroom adventures.

With his gaped and cum-soaked ass now completely open and on display, the big pachyderm holds his legs one with one hand and the other with his trunk. His free hand moves something that the bunny couldn't see but soon he didn't need to, as he lets out a gasp to a cool plastic tube slides into his thankfully quite wide hole. Grunting and shivering all over, the rabbit manages to get a look down at the large funnel now deep in his ass. It was lodged in perfectly, deep enough to stop any cum escaping but not too deep to break the poor struggling hole any more than it already had been tonight. Hardly able to stop blushing, he watched as the entire bar worth of creatures of all different shapes and sizes surrounded the funnel with their mismatched cocks. Naturally they'd never all crowd around at once so they formed an orderly queue of sorts, where all the males were constantly rubbing and edging themselves for when it was their turns.

Panting a little, the bunny looked at all those wonderful looking lengths and braced himself as best as he could for the long road ahead he clearly had here. Tilting his head back though; he was greeted once again by that massive slab of elephant meat and the pendulum like boulders that hung under it except this time there was no looking away from it. To say his resistance dropped immediately would be an understatement as he kisses and starts licking over that musky length and hears a grunt of approval from above as he teased the elephantine length "looks like we're ready to start now hehheh."

Right about then he heard and felt the first pack of horny quick-shots loose it almost on cue to the elephant's words; each splattering the plastic tube with their thick goo and making it slowly drool down directly into the bunny. They were soon replaced with the next group, who Theo didn't even look at as he worked to tease the biggest guy there with his skilled mouth. Each long tongue movement seemed to coax a small grumble of pleasure from the host of that gorgeous meat and soon enough he had to practically guzzle the stream of pre that started to flow from the large urethral passage the other male possessed.

This was a slow process right now, as most guys were taking a while to get close and some were even taking their time rather than letting everyone get a good shot into the bunny. Fortunately, Zane was there to give deadly looks at anyone taking too long. After all, although the bunny didn't know it time had passed considerably since his arrival; it was already way past midnight. So, soon enough more slaps of cum on plastic were heard, these ones more productive and not daring to waste a drop before stumbling off somewhere. Panting into the larger male's balls as he started to clean those musky orbs with his tongue, the bunny felt his already swollen belly once again starting to feel fuller.

Each new group was more productive as well as quicker to blow than the last, after all not one male had stopped rubbing and teasing themselves the whole time so far as they were being fueled by the erotic display (other than those already spent of course). Theo lost count of how many separate loads were now packed into the gut that he couldn't even see past anymore if he ever even bothered to look down. But things were starting to take their toll on him too, getting a little dizzy from being in his upside-down state for what had to have been at least an hour already maybe even a couple of hours. It was making his technique noticeably sloppy, although the elephant was far from complaining as he created a large pool of precum that was slowly growing across the ground.

Dereck the DJ and his dogs took their turns, obviously the latter having to be helped by a few volunteer paws before they dumped their canine loads in there. AJ made his belly swell a few more inches all on his own let alone with the group of other bunnies loading up that funnel at the same time as that equine load. The anonymous orca had his go, this time only giving cum thankfully but still making his poor stomach strain more with the load he provided. How could these guys even keep producing that much? Thankfully Lenny was still in the bathroom otherwise god only knows how huge he would have gotten with that dragon's spunk on top of all this.

Everyone in the bar had a go, some even a few goes and the bunny wasn't exactly dry as he had orgasmed and came down several times during this ordeal and had left the underside of his now gigantic belly pretty soaked in bunny spooge. But finally it was the last male's turn, the only one yet to bust his load once and the one that the rabbit was both dreading and looking forward to the most at the same time...Zane himself. All the teasing the bunny had been providing made the elephant more ready for this than he ever remembered being for his turn at filling the weekly cum dumpster.

Quickly handing the legs of the rabbit over to the AJ, he moves around and starts rubbing that monster cock fast and hard. He wasn't holding back at all and even Theo could tell that as he heard the furious, desperate noise of a hand wetly sliding over that huge rod. Each push made him tingle all over; really doubting that he was ready for whatever the other male had ready for him in those huge sacks. Although the rabbit also knew one last thing that wasn't really helpful but rather kept him on edge the whole time, that big pachyderm had to be close if he was going this all out.

Close was right too, as Zane panted deeply and then he lets out a groan of pure lustful release. Theo gasped out loudly, moaning as he felt the elephant not only fill the funnel up in moments but also completely overload it and soak his body in thick, fertile cum that had the deepest, richest musk he'd ever experienced bar none. He could feel his stomach bulge out in every direction as most of the flow forced down into him and the last thing he remembered was hearing the crack of the chair giving way under the weight of his gut and the feeling of his belly cushioning his fall as he passed out. Zane just kept going for another whole ten minutes, before his seed finally stopped flowing and he was left standing above an ocean of his own cum with a rabbit with a belly the size of a whale in the middle "someone get him the plug and help me move him upstairs...he's gonna need to stay here a while to work that one off..."

-------------------------------------------------Revelations Of A Cum Dump----------------------------------------------------

After that messy night at the bar, Theo was forced to spend nearly a whole month in the upstairs bedrooms of the bar, slowly letting his belly shrink some. Upon being able too, he got cleaned up in the shower and he left The Busted Cherry behind for now and decided to take a detour on the way home and by pure coincidence he encountered the bus driver from his last trip, the lovely lion Fred. This time he couldn't give the big kitty his ride though as there were quite a few others on the bus this time and he was forced to take a seat on the solid chairs instead of the feline's lap. Though before he took his seat he did manage to slip his working friend his number slyly, to which he received a sly wink in return. It was a short trip to his destination, a huge white building with a red cross on the top; the local hospital.

The bunny needed to know if he'd be ok after that rough night nearly a month ago and gets an appointment for a few days later. During his waiting time, he took a well-deserved rest at home and enjoyed life pretty normally until the day of the appointment. It was finally the day he'd find out if any lasting damage had been done to him by those large males. The time in the waiting room was long and filled with a little anxiety, but eventually he got called to go to room 203 and lifts his oddly numb body down to that room with a little difficulty.

Room 203 was an examination room, so it was very private and no cameras being as the doctor was on hand all the time, doctor Andrews in this case. For a doctor he was pretty surprising too, not many ursines made it into the medical profession that he knew of. His big fuzzy white belly could almost be seen through his thin medical coat and that was far from the only thing pressed into fabric about him. Though for once the bunny manages to pull his eyes away from the smiling creature's package to look at his cute ringed eyes, even for a panda this guy just sweated off cuteness. It was as though he knew what the bunny needed straight away when he looked at him through his bespectacled green eyes, though he still had to ask regardless so he could fill out the medical form in his paws.

As he was instructed to, the bunny takes a seat on the examination table and explains to the other male why he needed to be checked for various things to which the bear blushed some but nodded at the odd story "Ok then Mister Theo...so you had sexual intercourse multiple times that night?" To that question the rabbit simply nods and wiggles his tail some as he noticed the adorable tint of red that had appeared across the cheeks of the panda. Noting some things down, the ursine male soon lowers the clip board he had been using to write on onto the table "I'll need you to lift your shirt for me then...or even better take it off it'll make the tests easier."

Chuckling a little at the request, the rabbit shrugged and nearly immediately takes off his shirt in front of the other male...after all he was used to being stuck naked thanks to his giant belly for so long. With a soft touch, the doctor examines away, placing his stethoscope on the still roundish lump of a belly the rabbit had a few times and gasping some as he gave it a few testing prods. With a sudden touch of his paw, he feels around that stomach gently and hmmed quietly before moving back "I'm going to need you to perform an extra test for me sir." The bunny tilts his head at that but nodded as the other male moves over to a drawer and pulls out some colourless pills from it. Quickly filling a small glass with water he offers one of the pills as well as the now filled glass to the lapine "swallow this and wait around an hour...then I'll call you back in ok?" With that, the panda waits for his patient to get his shirt back on before showing him the door outside.

Seating outside as he was told, Theo couldn't help but wonder what that was all about. As he went through it in his mind he was distracted by thoughts of his time in the bar and smiles bashfully as he petted his stomach idly, time passing remarkably quickly after that. It was only about fifty minutes later when the bunny felt a bubbling, sickly feeling in his stomach and groans in displeasure as it only got worse by the moment. Grunting, he holds his stomach as though that might give him some relief as he sees his stomach push out again slowly and feel a good deal heavier all of a sudden. Having no idea what was going on, he urgently heaves himself to his feet and knocks on the door of room 203 and hears Dr. Andrews give him the ok to come back in after a short awkward silence.

When he enters the doctor is piling over his notes in one corner, though he soon stopped with a gasp as he sees the state of the rabbit "Ohh my...and I was starting to think I was just crazy..." Theo tilted his head and growls a little, although that noise coming from a rabbit was less than threatening as he asked what the hell the panda had done to him. Calm and collected as any doctor should be once more, he smiles and points to the swollen orb that was the belly of the lapine "isn't it obvious...all that sex left a little something extra behind...or what seems to be a lot of little extras by the look of it..."

Blinking, the blue eyes of the bunny bulge out in shock as he shouts out "you mean I've somehow gotten pregnant!?" Shushing him, the panda simply nods "calm down sir, this is an incredible discovery. It's very rare to find a male capable of producing young...especially to the degree you seem to be able to." Theo was dumbstruck, rubbing his belly and indeed feeling dozens of different sized lumps moving around inside him. He could hardly believe it, he was going to be a mother...and oddly he felt suddenly a lot less panicked and even had a great rush of fulfillment pass through his body as he imagines having young of his own. It seemed he wasn't the only one imagining things though, as he was pulled from his thoughts by the sound of rudely ripping fabric.

The culprit of the noise was the panda's impressive cock; that had managed to burst from the crotch of his pants and now greeted the outside world with a throb. Upon noticing the tear, the doctor blushes deeply "Ohh...umm...my apologies sir, it's just that the idea of such a fertile other is making me a little aroused..." Theo grins at him a little and decided he may as well make this trip into a top up to his already packed man 'womb'. So he moves over to the examination table and lets his pants fall off as he did, so that when he bent over the table, his bare rump was completely open to the monochrome bear (Having left his underwear at the bar as a playful going away present).

Doctor Andrews went bright red at that sight but his body reacted before his brain kicked in this time, letting him move up behind his patient and probe his thick human shaped cock tip right into that tail hole. He had no problem pushing all the way in there after all; the bunny had taken way bigger things than him after his escapades at the bar. But that wasn't to say that the rabbit found him easy, as he began to thrust and make him flinch with little bursts of discomfort from his rear end. It didn't last long though, as soon enough the thrusts of that panda rod started to rub against his prostate on each thrust and stimulate it enough to make it cause the rabbit to get hard beneath the examination table.

The panda was quite well trained at this considering his profession, knowing all the best places to maneuver his length so that lightning bolts of pleasure constantly wreck their way through those tight innards. Many slapping noises were filling the room, as with each thrust those round panda nuts slap against that lovely rump again and again. Nothing would've stopped the panda now that he had gotten going, even if a colleague had walked in and got him fired. He wanted...no he needed to breed this bunny full of his panda cubs and every time he thought of doing that his length throbbed harder inside the warm bunny hole and squirted pre in there for more lubricant.

Maybe the exam table wasn't the best place for this though, as it sounded like it would give way at any moment as things sped up and got rougher for the lapine. But somehow it miraculously survived this use it wasn't meant for, even as the panda started to go all out on that tight ass and make the bunny groan out in pure pleasure. Panting, Dr. Andrews could feel his peak coming close and attempted to hold it back as long as he can before he just couldn't take it anymore. With a dominant roar, he starts pumping his large load in there nice and deep, each thrust only forcing more from his clenching set of orbs. Theo moans lowly, his own load squirting out over the ground in nice long squirts as he was filled up again and though nowhere near to the same degree as the last time he felt it was more than enough for the top up that had been in mind the whole time the panda had been drilling him.

Both of them relaxed there, panting atop each other as they recovered from that and Theo rubbed his belly a little as he almost felt the extra cubs being made inside him already. After a good few minutes of relaxation, the panda pulled back and carefully tries to hide his now flaccid cock back into his torn pants as the bunny pulled his own back up. Giving up on hiding his package, the big bear smiled at his patient and blushed as he asked "Hey si- I mean Theo? Do you mind if I become your personal doctor? I wanna be the one to help birth that huge litter you're gonna have... and I wanna do this again of course" The bunny smiles and nodded, before giving the panda a deep kiss and thanking him for helping out.

It was only when the rabbit got home that he remembered the reason why he originally went to the hospital, but he no longer cared. He was going to be a parent; that was all he could and all he wanted to focus on now. Theo was determined to make a good mother for the multitude of different species he was going to produce...and was just that when he finally gave birth to them four months later with the assistance of the panda that had been the one to give him the good news in the first place. Together they became the greatest parents around...even if they did end up with dozens of mismatched cubs.

They now live together, with their happy healthy children and live a comfortable life filled with fun, fucking and of course the occasional trip to their favorite bar...

-------------------------------------------------------------The End-------------------------------------------------------------------

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