That Warm, Moist Summer Breeze Part II

Story by Ceeb on SoFurry

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I wrote this fanstory between commissions as a sequel to That Warm, Moist Summer Breeze because I can't get enough of that mare. D: I seriously love working with mares, so if you've got one and she's four-legged (and not a pony!), hit me up and we'll make it work. <3

Desmond being Desmond, he sneaks back into Summer Breeze's barn for yet another tryst with the beautiful mare. Her caretaker, however, doesn't appreciate intruders, but they fortunately have a lust for Summer Breeze in common...

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Desmond and writing (C) me

Jack and Summer Breeze (C) FA: hyperfreak666

Jack slid his brush down through Summer Breeze's mane again and again. He was often hypnotized by her beauty when it came time to groom her. He knew a few mares who walked on two legs like he did, and he wasn't a stranger to their loving. Locking lips and fondling some thick, full tits did it for him like they would for any other healthy young stallion, but Summer Breeze was special to him in a way two-legged ladies could never be. He knew her strong, taut body intimately. There wasn't a part of her he hadn't stroked, scrubbed or licked. Common were the nights he spent buried in her. For the way she rumbled and nuzzled him as he brushed, Jack rightly guessed he'd be getting some that night.

"You're such a doll," Jack dreamily cooed. "So damn perfect..."

Summer Breeze smiled craftily. She bumped her snout into Jack's and flicked her long, blonde tail. With her gaze and a flick of her head, she instructed Jack to tend to her hindquarters. Jack was a subtle lover with Summer Breeze and he entered her pussy with only a finger. Her body quivered and this put a toothy grin on Jack's snout. Knowing he could so profoundly affect such a big and powerful beast made him feel very manly indeed.

To Jack's knowledge, he was Summer Breeze's only suitor. She could tell no secrets for obvious reasons. It hence came as a terrible surprise when he heard a bump on the loft above and footsteps after it. Summer Breeze perked and stared into the aisle. So did Jack, whom immediately and shamefully pulled out his finger. He picked up the heavy, wood-backed grooming brush.

Desmond dropped down into view and twisted about on his heel. By coming from Summer Breeze's left, he didn't see Jack ducking around her right side.

"There you are, beautiful," the intruding foxcoon smiled. He reached into his pocket for an apple and produced it with a flourish. Summer Breeze had just snapped it up off of his palm when Jack lunged from the margins of the stall. He took Desmond down to the dirt aisle and frightened a squeal out of him.

Jack closed a calloused hand around Desmond's neck and made to strike him with the brush. Desmond bleated, "I can explain!"

"You better start, then!" Jack snapped in a fluster. "Who the hell are you to just break in here!?"

"I didn't break in!" Desmond yowled, reaching for Jack's wrists. The zebra shoved him against the floor and Summer Breeze whinnied for her farmhand's attention. "Let go of me and I'll tell you what's going on," Desmond groaned.

Summer Breeze whinnied again. Jack turned to her and asked, with a voice that was still sharp, "What is it? What's wrong?"

"She knows me," Desmond huffed. "And she doesn't want you to kill me."

"Oh, I wasn't gonna kill you," Jack murmured. "Just give you a country welcome, maybe..." He stood up but threatened the twink with the brush when he dared to sit up. "Stay put. You can talk from down there."

"All right, all right," Desmond hissed. "Fuck, I wish she could talk," he nodded at Summer Breeze. "She'd explain it."

Jack narrowed his bright green eyes. He cracked a smirk but it was gone as quickly as it appeared. "I think... I think I know where you're going with this. But I wanna hear it from your lips anyway, so get talkin'."

"Well, um," the foxcoon mumbled, "I come and see her sometimes. On the weekends." Jack waited and he gestured with the brush for the fox-mix to elaborate. "I bring apples, I brush her sometimes, with that brush in fact," Desmond said, pointing at it, "and I kiss her between the eyes, and..."

"And you pull up a crate and you make love to her," Jack said tonelessly.

"Yes," Desmond stiffly answered. "It's wrong, I know, and it's weird, but she's just..." The foxcoon shrugged and sighed.

The zebra sucked his bottom lip thoughtfully before he pulled Desmond up by the paw. "She's irresistible. Just totally perfect, right?"

Desmond slowly grinned. "Yeah, pretty much that." He turned and looked at the mare whom eyed him coquettishly. "I never, ever meant any harm by it. I try to take good care of her when I do it... She has every opportunity to kick or bite me," he shrugged.

"She's not that kinda girl," Jack smirked. "And you're welcome that she's so well-mannered," he warningly said, jabbing the brush against Desmond's chest.

Both boys shared knowing glances before Desmond put his slim, pink-padded paws on Jack's chest. The zebra was just as much of a twink as Desmond but he was a head taller and certainly tougher from his days on the farm. "Look, I don't necessarily want to be on some sex offender registry," Desmond smiled, "and I don't think you do, either." He slid his paws down over Jack's body yet halted at his pelvis.

Although his mind was first and foremost on Summer Breeze, Jack was stricken by the girly prettiness of the foxcoon. He set the brush aside and returned the touch, though he went for the boy's round ass cheeks. "You're saying you want to sleep with me to keep me quiet."

"If it's any consolation, I'd sleep with you anyway," Desmond winked. "But yeah, that's it."

Jack rumbled thoughtfully and planted a short, quick kiss on Desmond. "I'll admit, this hard-on I'm getting was supposed to be for that pretty mare there," he uttered. Together they looked to Summer Breeze and they took in her unmistakable smirk. She was loving every second of their closeness. "I ought to kick your butt out of here, but if she likes you, I guess that means you're not all bad."

"Or it means I bring her tasty apples," Desmond remarked. Jack patted his ass and nipped his ear. "Mmh, hey," the fox sighed. "How's this gonna go, handsome? I'd say the ball's in your court now."

Jack shot a quick glance at Summer Breeze wherein he conferred with her. A bat of her eyelashes said everything. He looked back and forced a sudden kiss on Desmond. It was fast and hard, smoldering with gay sexuality. Jack slathered his tongue across Desmond's palate and teeth only to jerk it back smartly. With his lips still affixed to Desmond's sticky black jowls, Jack huffed, "She's never watched me fuck another boy. We'll call it foreplay."

"Ooh, god, yeah," Desmond gasped. "I'm all yours."

"Damn right you are," Jack grinned. The clothes came off in seconds. Neither Jack nor Desmond cared to tease. Once their erections were bared, Jack pressed cock-to-cock with the intruder and shared another quick kiss with him.

Desmond's paw closed around Jack's equine shaft. It made his own uncut penis look particularly small. "Goddamn, you're hung."

"Mhm," Jack hummed. "I bet you can handle it, though."

Slow strokes up and down Jack's shaft left the zebra huffing and grinding into Desmond's soft paw. "You're just saying that because I'm a fox," he sniped.

"Yep," Jack grinned. He smooched Desmond's lips and stroked briskly through the foxcoon's hair. "Mm, your hair is so pretty. I love blondes. I mean, if you couldn't tell."

"Yeah," Desmond smirked. "For once I'm not the hottest blonde in the room." He pulled away from Jack only to twist around and brace his mitts on a sturdy support beam. He flagged his tail high above his pert, round ass. "I haven't had a good reaming in a while... Be gentle, baby."

Jack smeared his pre all over his meat and got it passably lubricated. He glanced at Summer Breeze and made note of her coy smile. "Y'know, go figure," he chuckled while pushing against Desmond.

As that horsecock notched between his ass cheeks, Desmond squeezed the wooden beam nervously. "What?"

"You and me were both here for her," Jack said quietly, down into one of Desmond's flattened ears.

"And instead, we're boning each other," Desmond responded. He shrugged and coiled his shaggy tail around the zebra's leg. "As if this is the first time I've been sidetracked by some cock in a barn."

Jack shook his head and sniggered. He held Desmond's hips with both hands. The softness of Desmond's fur appealed to him greatly. He had to push quite hard to open up Desmond's anal ring, but the penetration happened soon enough. The foxcoon winced and pressed his head against the beam. Jack nosed against the crown of his head. "You okay?" he whispered.

"Fffuck, that smarts," Desmond sighed. "Yeah, I'm okay... But you might have to kiss it and make it all better when you're done," he teased.

The stallion slowly sank into Desmond. When the twink's anal passage was too snug to slide into, Jack eased back an inch or two and then gyrated it forwards. Anal sex was a rare enough act for him that he had to remind himself to take it slow. As he pressed in, he longed for Summer Breeze's snatch, but having his way with an admirer of hers was a fine way to warm up, he thought.

Summer Breeze watched hungrily the sight of her beloved caretaker bottoming out in her favorite new suitor. She nickered and her call caught the attention of both boys. Desmond was too flustered to answer. He panted in pain and pleasure with his tongue lolled out of his yap.

"What is it, pretty girl?" Jack cooed to Summer Breeze with a smile. He reached out and barely brushed his fingers across her nose. They were damp with pre and she snuffled them with a full-body shiver. "Hey fox-boy," he huffed down to Desmond, "I have two questions."

"I already know what they are," Desmond sneered. "She's my first and only mare, and yes, I'm part raccoon."

"Not even close," Jack said impassively. "What's your name, and how long have you been sneaking in here?"

"First, I'm Desmond," he answered softly.

Jack started to tug his cock back. The flaring head dragged against the foxcoon's walls and inflicted upon him an impressive reaming. It left Desmond's toes curling. "That's a really cute name. I'm Jack, by the way."

"Ah, that's a cute name too," Desmond grunted. He folded his arms above his head and rested his cheek on the beam. "As for that other question... I dunno, two or three months?"

"Two or three months?" Jack blurted. "You must be a slick one..."

"Foxcoon," Desmond grinned, "natural ninja powers."

"The power to dig through the trash while you get fucked in the butt, more like," Jack deadpanned. Desmond swatted his face with his tail.

"Fuck you, keep going," Desmond growled. "Hey, Summer," he cooed to the mare, "you should've told me your caretaker's a stud, I would've let him catch me sooner."

Jack laughed and wrapped his arms around Desmond suddenly. He squeezed the boy in close and used the leverage to muscle his cock in more firmly. The effect left Desmond squealing and gasping, these being noises the stallion and the mare clearly liked to hear. "Funny thing about Summer Breeze is that she doesn't talk a whole lot," Jack remarked. "Great at keeping secrets."

Desmond gripped Jack's arms momentarily, then he reached down to jerk his small, swollen cock. "Christ, my asshole is never gonna close all the way after this. I better get a turn with that mare for this."

"Lucky for you she gets exactly what she wants. I mean, look at her flutter those eyelashes at you, you're definitely getting some pussy," Jack grinned. "I'm kinda surprised. I didn't know she was the kind of girl to cheat on me all this time... Couldn't have picked a prettier boy for it, though."

Panting and gasping from the penetration, Desmond began to lose his composure, but he wasn't about to cum and he was in fact pacing himself. "Hey, as thick as you lay on the prettyboy stuff," he shuddered, "I gotta wonder which one of you likes me more..."

"Probably her," Jack smirked. "Boys are a last resort for me, 'specially with her around."

After a few more generous bucks from Jack, Desmond breathlessly said, "Bend me over the stall door." The zebra did just that, putting Desmond face to face with the lovely mare. Then as Jack went at his ass more and more wildly, the blushing foxcoon bumped his nose to Summer Breeze's. "God, you're the prettiest mare I've ever seen," he quivered. "But this," the fox said bashfully, "this is still pretty weird..."

Jack watched with split attention as Desmond started to provisionally kiss Summer Breeze. Her being a full-sized mare made this an unusual and inordinately slobbery affair for Desmond. Her tongue stuffed his maw to the point that his cheeks bulged. He suckled it with a groan and his anus noticeably clenched around Jack. Despite all of the lurid things Jack had done with Summer Breeze, making out was a new one. Seeing Desmond suckle her tongue so uncertainly told Jack that this was the first time the fox had ever made out with her. He wondered with a smirk if he was doing it to impress or shock him.

"Hm, yeah, you kiss that pretty girl," Jack lewdly urged. He reached around and grabbed Desmond's penis which the fox had ignored since locking lips with Summer Breeze. The zebra wasn't accustomed to giving handjobs but he pleased Desmond well enough. He assumed correctly that himself at the rear and Summer Breeze at the fore gave Desmond more than enough pleasure to stay engaged.

Pleasure notwithstanding, Desmond looked endearingly shameful with his ears pinned back and his eyes half-open. Summer Breeze had put her mouth to work on Jack's meat in the past and both he and Desmond often kissed her on the snout, but actually burying her tongue between Desmond's jaws was new and thrilling to her. With her sultry green eyes, she made it clear to her boys that she was loving the play. Unseen to their hungry eyes but most definitely noticed for its abundant musk was her snatch. Under her tossing tail which fanned her scent all about, her vulva throbbed. Juices drooled from it and her clitoris winked constantly.

"Agh, gawd," Desmond ineloquently blurted around Summer Breeze's tongue. The fox himself had a large, messy tongue with which he could pleasure just about anyone or anything but he had no hope of competing with a draft horse.

As Jack worked on Desmond's progressively more loose rear and fondled his dripping little cock, he watched the one-sided smooching with a crooked smile. "I never would've thought you'd like to snog," Jack said, ostensibly to the mare.

By grinning at the corners of her mouth and grinding her snout against Desmond's, Summer Breeze made it obvious that although Desmond had instigated the kiss, she owned it. Her thick drool ran down the boy's chin, caking his fur. Some of it reached his neck before gravity dragged it to the ground, and Desmond had swallowed even more than he was wearing. His hope of edging his way through sex with Jack was a bust. A climax was fast approaching and the zebra could tell by the way he clenched down.

Jack licked his lips and nuzzled Desmond's ear. He had nothing to say but he rumbled hotly into it as he bore down, bucking harder and harder to the benefit of them both. Desmond couldn't tell what it was he liked more. Summer Breeze was as lovely as ever and this new taste of hers for kissing was a depraved thrill. Jack's reaming and stroking was more orthodox, building on the tone his play with the mare set. Wherever his pleasure began, it ended when Desmond rolled back his eyes and quaked. He perked his round butt back into the zebra and he parted his jaws wider for Summer Breeze, though by then his offer was symbolic. His cock throbbed in Jack's hand and then he came, sluicing his cum through the zebra's fingers and against the stall door. He groaned around the mare's tongue and paused to guzzle down her drool before he whined, too.

Sensing what had happened, Summer Breeze eased off of the kiss and extracted her tongue from his maw. As he composed himself and as Jack held him tightly and quickened his hard bucks, the mare licked the foxcoon's snout and snuffled his cheek warmly.

"That was fun," Desmond huffed through soaked jowls. Jack's thrusting kept Desmond against the stall door and Summer Breeze playfully necked with him, nuzzling and exchanging gentle licks. "Goddamn, are you gonna finish up in me?" he gasped to Jack.

"Mhm," the zebra puffed. He had since clenched his eyes shut and he showed his teeth in a grimace more often than not. His big, black balls swatted the boy's thighs and his tail thrashed around. "With all this sneaking in you been doin'," he panted, "the least you can do is let me dump my nuts in you!"

"Fair enough, baby, fair enough," Desmond hissed. He braced one paw on the door and tangled the other up in Summer Breeze's mane. Desmond lamented, "My butthole's gonna be trashed after this..."

Jack sniggered impishly and squeezed around Desmond's middle. "Probably," he admitted, "but I bet it's worth it. I know you fox boys can be real size queens."

Other than a cutely indignant grunt, Desmond didn't reply. Jack leaned over the fox even further and found himself nuzzled by Summer Breeze whose nose he gently kissed, but he wasn't about to make out with her like Desmond had. He opened his eyes and stared forlornly into hers as if to apologize for fucking Desmond instead. Summer Breeze seemed not to mind and she winked at the zebra, her blessing to have at the foxcoon.

Within a few moments and as Desmond bit his lip and closed his eyes, Jack was bucking with the full length of his penis, coming within an inch or two of freeing it each time. By then, Desmond's anal cavity was mercilessly gouged and sore, but in a pleasant way. "Christ," the foxcoon winced, "you take forever to get off..."

Desmond's timing couldn't have been better. Jack was too far-gone to comment. Instead he gasped and shuddered when his climax hit. It made his knees shake and he pressed balls-deep into Desmond mostly to brace himself. Deep inside of the foxcoon, he unleashed his equine seed in a volume Summer Breeze always felt satisfying. Inside of Desmond, it was overwhelming. The twink yowled as it flooded his bowels and escaped around the stallion's penis. A thick runner of the stuff ran down Desmond's taint and balls, slicking Jack's own hairless scrotum along the way.

Jack grinned while huffing sharply through his nostrils. He kissed Desmond on the back of the head and murmured, "Not nearly as good as my mare, but still damn fine for a guy."

"Thanks, I suppose," Desmond tiredly chuckled. "Uhn, I'm gonna need a shower," he pouted, "and maybe a tampon."

Jack slowly pulled back. A trickle of cum followed, lessening as the flare of his tip seated against Desmond's exit. A moment later, he tugged it free to which Desmond yelped, and then came the gush of spunk the zebra expected. By the time it was through and Desmond's gaped anus no longer gushed, the fox looked he'd had white paint slung against his ass.

"That's a good look for you," Jack smiled. "Really, it is."

"Fuck you," Desmond pouted.

"Give me a little time to recuperate," the zebra slyly answered. "In the meantime, come along with me if you think you can walk."

Desmond followed the zebra into Summer Breeze's stall. They passed her on opposite sides and both petted her flanks along the way. Meeting the zebra again at the mare's hindquarters, Desmond asked with a mischievous smile, "Dinner for two?"

"Yep," Jack smiled. "I get the feeling you're no stranger."

The dirty boys nuzzled up under Summer Breeze's pretty blonde tail which was obligingly held high and aside for their noses.

Jack and Desmond kissed each other and then Summer Breeze's muff. The zebra pressed his tongue flat against her clit until she started to needfully wink it again. When he could, he suckled it. Not unexpectedly for a fox, Desmond went for the mare's quivering, sometimes clenching tail hole with his smooth tongue. He hooked an arm around her back for support and slathered her big, black donut with one hungry lap after another.

Like every other horse under Jack's care, Summer Breeze was spotlessly clean. Desmond got even for the biased kissing when he forced his tongue deep into her asshole where he caked her anal walls in drool. Between the pleasures given to her from her two favorite boys, Summer Breeze was a portrait of bliss. She rumbled in pleasure and her body shook softly.

"I never go for the ass like that," Jack murmured as he reached up under the mare and tweaked her nipples. "Looks like it's doing it for her, though..."

Desmond slurped back his tongue and huffed across her slick pucker. Nuzzling into it a second later, the foxcoon cooed, "I figure if I'm gonna sneak in and fuck somebody's horse, I might as well get it all out of my system." He ended with a kiss on her anal entrance, and then he nosed lower and bumped his snout to Jack's. "Move over."

"Get in line," Jack smirked and nudged Desmond back the way he came. Feeling playful then, Jack crushed his lips against those of Summer Breeze's cunt and he buried his tongue inside of her as deeply as he could. Desmond growled and swished his tail while nosing his way back in, grinding cheek to cheek with Jack and wriggling his tongue into the snatch the stallion already occupied.

Around two tongues with such wildly different girths and textures, Summer Breeze began to quake in the legs and her moisture, which was always abundant, became particularly heavy. Juicy like a ripe peach but infinitely sweeter to the boys eating her, Summer Breeze's musk-infused wetness ran down their chins and stained their tongues. Her pheromones mingled perfectly with Jack's equine senses, but they had a strong effect on the mare-hungry foxcoon, too. Her admirers were hardening up again and after Desmond grabbed Jack's stallion meat for a few pumps, Jack returned the favor by kneading Desmond's smaller cock in his fist.

In the confusion of their slurping, Desmond and Jack ended up tangling their tongues and then their lips locked. Both were loathe to leave Summer Breeze's cunt but they found themselves sniffing her on each other and tasting her on their lips and tongues. It took the mare nickering and nudging her rump back at them to get them on task again, but by then they were badly aroused and craving more than just licks.

The zebra stood and pulled a crate near. Elevated enough to have at the mare, Jack grasped his penis, still slimy with the seed he'd dumped into the foxcoon. Its flaring tip drooled pre and Jack smeared it across the mare's slobbery cunt lips. He shuddered and she whinnied very softly to him.

"Hope you're okay with sloppy seconds," Jack teased. It wasn't clear whom he was addressing. Desmond knelt close by and watched with great interest as the zebra entered Summer Breeze. Beholding her thick snatch parting wide for the zebra twink compelled Desmond to masturbate, but slowly, for he was again pacing himself. As Jack bottomed out in the mare, Desmond scooted up behind and hugged him around the legs. Jack grunted but petted Desmond's head. "What are you doing back there?"

"Enjoying myself," Desmond shrugged. He nuzzled into Jack's taut ass and nipped one of the cheeks. Jack shivered and flagged his green-accented tail high. Exhibiting the same thorough loving which had endeared him to Summer Breeze, Desmond eased Jack's ass cheeks apart and gave his tight anal ring a wet kiss. Unlike the adoring rimming he had given the mare, Desmond was brisk was Jack. He licked down the smooth run of the zebra's taint and kissed his full balls. Jack sighed and Desmond dragged his tongue across them as thoroughly as he could in a few seconds. Soon Jack made it clear with his body language that he wanted to have his way with the mare. Desmond gracefully eased back.

"You're a cutie," the foxcoon said wistfully to Jack.

"Thank you," Jack answered with a flirtatious smile. "I could say the same to you."

As the zebra worked himself into a rhythm with Summer Breeze, the conversation wore thin. Desmond watched and masturbated for a short time longer before a cheesy smile spread across his face. He stepped around to the mare's front and pulled up another crate. Like the one Jack stood on, it promised apples, but now held only tools and cobwebs. He kicked it up in front of the mare and and stood upon it, putting his small, uncut member near her lips. Summer Breeze smiled demurely and fluttered her eyelashes.

"A pretty lady you may be," Desmond smiled, "but don't act like you've never done it."

Jack grinned. "Don't let her fool you."

"Oh, I'm not," Desmond winked as he petted the mare's head. She nipped at his fingers and then huffed across his penis. Finally she took him in and suckled him softly for her size, but it turned out to be very firm for Desmond. He puffed and wrapped his paws mildly around her head. "Gentle, honey, gentle..."

Summer Breeze eased off just enough to placate the twink but she made up for the lessened suckling by beating and squeezing his meat with her tongue. She'd already proven her tongue capable inside of Desmond's mouth. Putting it to work on his small cock was even more a treat to both herself and Desmond. Against the charm of her skilled mouth, Desmond was helpless and his moans were as steady as they were noisy.

Jack was fast but efficient with his lovemaking. Having just fucked Desmond rather gently, he relished the opportunity to screw Summer Breeze with everything he had. She could take it and then some, and nothing got him off quite like her velvet snatch. Desmond could testify.

"Ooh, god," Desmond crooned. "How you holding up, Jack?"

"I'm good," Jack sighed. "You gonna be able to bust a nut without my cock up your butt?" he teased.

Desmond flipped Jack off for his answer. The zebra smirked and shook his head. For a bit longer, Desmond and Jack had at the mare in their own ways, Desmond slowly grinding into the mare's maw, Jack much more vigorously giving it to her snug cunt.

As Desmond shyly came near his second and final climax, he thought about what an unlikely evening it had been. Huffing and blushing with his ears splayed down, Desmond asked the stallion, "Are you gonna let me come back after this?"

Jack considered for a moment, but he too was quite far-gone. "Hold on," he huffed, and he weighed down on Summer Breeze with the roughest, fastest bucks he could manage. The sheer force of his fucking along with the size of his endowment would have put Desmond in the hospital but Summer Breeze wiggled her ass back and snuffled hotly through her nostrils. Just like her admirers, she was on the cusp of a messy climax and it was her whom released first. Around Desmond's cock, she made an inarticulate noise of equine pleasure and her box wrenched down upon the zebra's cock, spurring him to yelp and brace his hands on her back. She squirted with jaw-dropping force around him, drenching his loins and wetting the hay beneath. True to her status as a careful girl, she didn't give so much as a nip to Desmond's penis and as a matter of fact resumed her suckling as she felt the best part of her orgasm. Her cocksucking was desperate and harsh and Desmond whined and squirmed at the feeling.

For the way Summer Breeze involuntarily gripped their members, Desmond and Jack both seemed neck and neck in their race to release. The zebra had regained just enough composure to shakily fuck the mare but Desmond was a wreck, having doubled over Summer Breeze with his paws on her thick neck. Soon Desmond yowled in pleasure and he shot his smaller second load into the back of Summer Breeze's maw. She drank down his jizz and swished her tail against Jack's face in delight.

As Summer Breeze nursed Desmond's small penis into its afterglow, Jack gave the mare's twitching pussy his last few thrusts. Within a minute of Desmond's orgasm, the zebra grimaced and moaned with an arched back and tensed muscles. He bottomed out within Summer Breeze and proceeded to dump into her what he hadn't left under Desmond's tail. Jack voided his fat nuts nearly to the last drop and when he was through, he fell across her broad back and nuzzled into her. Even distracted by his orgasm, he licked her sweat and savored her perfect form.

"Christ above, what an orgasm," Jack blurted.

"Yeah," Desmond stupidly answered. "She tried to suck my dick clean off my body... Oof."

"That'll happen," Jack managed to chuckle. "Girl's used to sucking things bigger than toothpicks, you see."

Within the hour, the boys had wound down from their lovemaking and Jack allowed Desmond to rinse his backside with some trough water. Not long after they dressed and as Summer Breeze snacked on the rest of Desmond's apples, the foxcoon pressed up to Jack and kissed his cheek. Jack took it first ineffectually, and then he smiled and wrapped his arm around Desmond. "About your question," he said.

"My question?" Desmond repeated, wracking his brain. Finally: "Oh! Yeah... That. Listen, I wouldn't be surprised if you don't want me to come around here anymore..."

Jack nipped Desmond's cheek with his flat teeth and petted through his silky hair. He plucked a few strands of hay out of it with his fingers. "I sure as hell can't say it's kosher for you to just sneak in for some quality time with Summer Breeze, even if I can't exactly condemn you for it." He licked his lips and considered for a moment longer, petting Desmond's back and watching as the mare contentedly ate her apples. "All right. I've been getting fed up breaking my back working here alone, but I sure didn't want a co-worker who might not, uh, share my views on what happens in here after dark."

Desmond started to smile widely. Jack kissed him to keep him quiet. He went on, "If you don't mind busting your butt for nine bucks an hour, I can get you a job here."

Desmond giggled like an imp and kissed the zebra on the cheek. "Count me in."

As he let Desmond out the rear door, Jack said somewhat urgently, "It's not gonna be an orgy in here, now! You're gonna have to work."

The foxcoon turned around and leaned over Jack. He got one last look at Summer Breeze and cooed absently, "I figured But she's worth it."

Watching the foxcoon go, Jack thought with a dreamy smile, she is. He turned and looked at her again. Taking in her profile, he told himself, she really, really is...

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Training You Can Bet On

Mark may have been an orca and a porn star too, but his home turf wasn't the sea or the studio: He belonged at the gym where he maintained his astonishing build, bullshitted with the men and helped train the boys. In spite of his imposingly tall and...

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