Paying Your Tab

Story by FakeMan on SoFurry

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You end up buying the good stuff at a fancy club after a self loathing bender.

A particularly insistent husky helps you find a way to pay your bill . . .

Disclaimer - Smut. Delicious, sexy, oh so offensive smut. (This is a work of pornographic fiction. Please do not read if it would be illegal for you to do so.)

Paying Your Tab

The pink and green laser lights seem to swirl through the loud music pulsing in the dimly lit air. Your long coat lies crumpled beside you on the padded booth as your head lolls to the side. Both bottles sit before you on the table, scotch and gin with regal labels, somewhat stained and sticky at this point as you stopped using the shot glasses the staff provided a long time ago. It feels like just minutes ago the bastard took your idea, presenting to the board, grinning away your accusations as you were escorted from the room and asked to clean out your desk.

You'd made everything, but he took it all, the fame, the fortune . . . Now you barely had enough to make another month's rent. You look up as best you can, vision blurred as you watch a feline figure gyrate around a pole for a private booth on the other side of the club, neon lights glinting off of her spotted fur as she swings sensuously around and around.

The attendant seems to materialize behind you as you drift, trying to tell you that your second card wasn't accepted. Of course it fucking wasn't. All of your work from the past seven years was stolen by an upstart dingus who couldn't find his ass with both hands.

You realize your ranting, but eventually she creeps back and leaves you alone to wallow in impotent misery, loose ends of your tie hanging off of you like banners of shame.

"Mr. Davant . . ." Something dark catches you under the chin and forces you to look up. "We seem to have developed a small problem." You try to pull back but she pushes the riding crop forwards with inescapable force. Your eyes take a second to focus on the smirking face of the white and gray husky before you. She's all decked out in black leather with laced bindings around her bodice, wrists, ankles and tight shorts. There's a matching leather satchel by her pawed feet. "It seems that your bank account is shamefully low, and you haven't received any new payments in . . ." She surreptitiously checks the receipt in her paw. "Six months now?" She pulls her switch back from under your chin as your eyes meet her own frigid light blue gaze.

It wasn't your fault though . . . But she doesn't seem to care.

"Ohh . . . I'm so sorry." Her insincerity shows through her gleaming toothy grin as her fluffy tail wags slowly behind her. "But our establishment doesn't do charity." She eyes your two bottles. "And Rachmaninoff and Pike's were bad choices for a deadbeat."

That's not true at all. You were the smartest man at your company. You should have millions.

"If life operated the way it _ should , lovers would come with leashes, Mr. Davant. But our establish runs on cash _, not dreams." She clears her throat very ominously. "I'm sure a prominent businessman like yourself has alternate means of payment . . ."

You've had enough of this. None of this was your fault, and so you tell the bitch to fuck off.

"Oh, dear. I'm afraid that was a terribly wrong answer, Mr. Davant." She steps forwards, wide pawed foot resting on your crotch as her voice drops to a whisper. "But don't worry, we _ bitches _ have a way of working things out." She grinds down with the pad of her foot, making you cringe as your testes are squeezed, causing a wave of nausea rise up in your stomach as you struggle.

She can't treat you like that. You're a genius, and a hard worker. As she steps back, carefully removing your mostly empty bottles from the table, you rise to your feet filled with rage, taking a few tries to really stand up straight as she fishes for something in her leather bag. You take a clumsy swing at her.

"Oh no, Mr. Davant." She sidesteps easily as you stumble forwards, paw pressing against your back. "I do believe that you've fallen down." She smacks your ass as you topple onto the small table. "And I wouldn't want for you to hurt yourself so . . ." There are two ratcheting sets of clicks and the feel of cool metal tight against your skin as she cuffs your wrists to the legs of the table.

You try to pull yourself up, but the metal of the cuffs digs into your flesh as you swear.

"We'll deal with that filthy mouth in a second. First, I think you might need a little sympathy, you _ poor _boy." She reaches down into her bag as you shout back. There are already a few curious club-goers starting to watch. "So here's a little gift." She pulls out a small hypodermic half filled with a clear solution carefully screwing off the plastic cap and letting it clatter to the ground. "From me." She looks down at you grinning as she carefully slides the needle into the crook of her own arm, pulling back the plunger as the solution changes to a swirling crimson. "To you." She taps the side, letting a few carmine drops well out before plunging the needle through your pants and into your prostrate buttocks.

You barely notice the prick, but the pain as she pushes the plunger down cuts through the whiskey and vodka. Yowling back at her in wordless rage, you find yourself still stuck, chest down against the table as you try to kick back at her.

"Now now." She catches one of your feet in one of her paws easily. "I guess I'll just have to do this for your own protection." Two more cuffs clank in around your calves, connecting them to the other legs of the table behind you. "Now, let's make sure you're nice and comfortable." She pries your shoes off of your impotently wriggling feet before rusting around in her bag, coming up with a gleaming box-cutter.

Your breath catches in your throat as she leans in towards you. You try to threaten and apologize at the same time as the blade nears your prostrate body. The wicked knife darts down only to slice neatly through your belt. She's a sorceress with the blade as she cuts a few surgical tears in your pants before yanking back, ripping the slacks and your drawers from you in one theatrical tearing yank, drawing a few gasps from her onlookers.

"There we are. Wouldn't want you to be getting too hot yet." She pats your exposed smooth skinned rear, leaving an odd hot tingling sensation around the site of the injection. "That part comes _ later _."

There's a few chuckles from the gathering crowd. You can only see their feet as you toss out curses at them. You should be rich. You could own a place like this. Your limbs are starting to hurt as you continue to pull fruitlessly at your restraints.

"You're just so very slow. No wonder you lost your job. Poor little puppy." She chuckles as you call her a bitch again, threatening to call the cops. "Oh, you have a thing for the police do you? Don't worry, we care very well for our brave officers here. But let's worry about you for now. You need a little_ encouragement _." She grabs the near empty bottle of Rachmaninoff from the floor, swirling around the meager contents before picking up a shot glass from next to you and pouring a final healthy shot.

"Cheers." She upends her glass right above your bared ass-crack. You can feel the cold liquid trickle down over your anus, dripping past your balls as you grit your teeth. Her breath pants hot against your flesh as she leans down behind you, wasting no time before plunging her long supple canine tongue into your ass.

You bang your chin on the table at the intense sensation as your ass clenches down around her sloppy tongue that twists inside of you. A suede pawed hand reaches up above her pumping tongue and grinds in just above your wriggling anus, making your back writhe as she pinches your flesh. Her other hand slides against your belly, reaching for your hardening member, blunt claws stroking as it begins to pulse.

Your legs tense as your spine creaks out. She grabs the forming nub and jerks out roughly, causing a wheeze from you as new muscle and flesh forms, quickly coated by a plush covering of thick fur, brownish orange on the top and snowy white on the bottom. Her tongue squeezes inside of you, torturing your prostate as your cock jolts out hot gouts of pre against her pumping paw, loose ends of your white business shirt tickling the head of your shaft.

The gray husky yanks at your fluffy tail as it develops a slight upwards curl, tugging it this way and that, stretching out your anus as it develops with clenching animal suppleness. The fur spreads out to your butt and begins to trickle down your legs, skin thickening, becoming loose and sensitive as your bones creak, feet pulsing, toes splayed as your heel creaks out higher and higher.

Bucking against the cool dark finished surface, you can't stand the pressure any longer, testes clenching as you begin to cum against the table, smearing hot essence against your shirt and belly. But she doesn't stop, slick hand pumping in harder. It's too much. You shout for her to stop, sensations making you jerk and pull at your restraints, pressure becoming painful as she continues to slide against your blazingly sensitive cock.

Her tongue slams into you as each pawing jerk coaxes out another splatter of cum. An animal whine escapes your lips as her paw engulfs your shaft, other tugging at your tail one last time before coming down to stroke at the dangerously sensitive head of your cock. The rough pumps become shorter and fiercer, as the other rubs in at the swollen tip of your shaft, slipping a polished claw into your urethra, making you scream as you cum again and again, cock feeling like its pulling tighter every time. Her paw doesn't even have to move to squeeze around your entire penis at this point as the sensations of her claw scraping just inside of you multiply, overwhelming your senses.

New tail batting about with a mind of its own against her panting muzzle, you feel one of her paws squeeze in at your testes, making you cum yet again in a short hot slippery burst. She presses your tortured orbs back against your body as tickling white fur runs over your scrotum which pulls taut back against you. Her other paw squeezes your cock head in between strong padded fingers, your length nowhere near the bottom of your shirt any longer as the feelings change radically.

You moan as your tail flips up and her finger tugs against the darkening bulging head of your cock as any sign of your shaft recedes back into you. The feeling of her squeezing your cock head is immense as your maleness becomes plump and slick, nestled in the fuzzy white fur of your crotch, welling out into a slick canine triangle as the opening widens and her finger slips impossibly inside of you, tugging this way and that while new muscles form, clenching the spade-like edges of your new animalistic pussy.

With one last lusty lap, she scrapes around the insides of your ass before she pulls back her tongue from the base of your tail, panting as her finger slides into your canine vagina, every pulse causing the fur to slip up your chest a little further in a combination of white and deep burnt orange. Your hind legs strain against the ground, forming claws scrabbling against the wooden floor, now completely animal, just like your luscious bulging dark cunt as that twisting furry finger spreads you wider and wider, feeling better than you believed anything could.

"What a needy little dog you make. I'm sure there's a word for that . . . Oh yes, '_ bitch _' right? Doesn't that make your sopping little pussy just _ writhe _?" Her finger pulls inside of you, making you groan out, tail wagging at the impossible pleasure deep inside of your clenched body.

You look down as she slides her finger out of you, swollen edges of your bared canine cleft pulsing, almost begging for more. Opening your mouth, you find that you can't think of anything to say. You want to tell her to stop, to let you up, but you also want something more . . .

"Now that everything's as it should be down here." She prods the edge of your bulging cunt with her riding crop. "Let's make sure that things are going just as well on the more vile side of you." Her voice growls as she picks up the bottle of Pike's Scotch from the floor, tilting it back and letting the final dregs of amber fluid run into her mouth, swishing it around before spitting on the floor under her unceremoniously, running her long pink tongue over her thin black lips with a grin.

She circles in front of you, paw running up your spine, electric even through the thin material of your shirt as the plush coat rises up to your neck, making your skin tingle and twitch. Leaning down next to your head, she presses her muzzle towards your face. You turn away, angry rumble building up in your chest.

"If that's _ really _ the way you want this to go . . ." She reaches back and fishes in her bag, pulling out an odd looking device with two aligned heavy metal rings, one slightly larger than the other, leather straps dangling from the back.

You've finally found something to say, to tell her where to shove it, but before you can open your mouth, she's holding your head and pressing the device up against your lips, hard. You try to pull away, but she's impossibly strong. To stop the pain, you move your jaws, and she crams the odd contraption into your mouth, first ring holding your mouth open as she buckles the straps around the back of your head. You can see the second ring as your eyes cross. It hangs about two inches in front of your painfully open mouth as you drool and wheeze, unable to form proper words as it clacks against your teeth.

"There we go. _ Much _better." She wipes her paws on your shirt. Someone in the growing crowd laughs. You try to pull your legs up to hide your exposed vagina, but all that happens is the chains of your cuffs rattling against the table's legs.

She places both of her paws to either side of your head, rubbing in with tight pressure like a masseuse with a vendetta. Your skin grows hot under her touch as fur races up from your neck, prickling in as your skull begins to grind out, feeling like you're just on the verge of a sneeze that's not really there. A rumble builds up in your throat, but it's less of a growl and more of a purr as she grabs in at your ears, stretching out the cartilage into velveteen points that twitch and flicker as she rubs them between her fingers.

The sounds of the club come into sharper focus, and you can hear odd snatches of specific conversations, and the rustling of someone rubbing at their crotch through their pants. Their smells are now discernible as well as she coaxes out your muzzle, claws playing at your growing dark leathery nose as your nostrils flare, huffing in the musk of your own spilt lust and the smells of growing arousal from the thickening crowd. You pull at your cuffs as you feel the fur rushing up your arms in a plush cascade, fingers bulging out into paws as your growing claws tap against the polished wood of the table.

"What a good little bitch." She croons with cruel affection. Rubbing her leather-bound crotch against your huffing snout. You can smell her spicy lust as your muzzle haltingly stretches forwards, jaws widening, stretching around that cold metal second ring as your canine teeth sharpen into fangs, locking the gag in place and leaving your now canine muzzle opened invitingly wide. Your ears twitch as she leans in and gives you a teasing lap with her tongue, slipping over your new prickling whiskers. Your crotch feels hot, pulsing, burning with strange desire as you writhe against the table, huffing in her scent.

"Now just one more thing . . . Let's give you a bit of padding." She straddles you in one quick acrobatic swing of her legs, sitting on the small of your back, slate tail wagging against your own as her paws reach under your shirt, wrapping around and groping at your chest. Your lengthening tongue pants out past the second now warm metal ring in your muzzle as she teases your surprisingly sensitive furry skin, tweaking your nipples between her fingers. "Daww, puppy likes it." Your breath comes out in halting gasps as your chest swells with supple flesh, nipples widening, growing stiff against her teasing digits that make you yelp as she squeezes in slightly too hard. "Now I think you're ready." She pulls back, body sliding off of you and leaving your breasts pressed against the table in a slightly uncomfortable way. The now tight fabric of your shirt against the skin of your nipples makes you shiver, tail wriggling unconsciously behind you.

"Alright." She turns to face the audience of onlookers, a sea of legs and paws around you. "This is a mission to help a poor little lost puppy . . ." Her riding crop slides down your back as you squirm, feeling so many gazes settle on your prostrate body. "Who just decided on a very fancy couple of drinks that he couldn't afford." She knocks over one of the bottles next to the table with a loud clink. "So let's help this _ bitch _settle her tab shall we? One hundred dollars to cum in her, or on her." The leather crop slides up the edge of your dark swollen canine pussy that leaks shamelessly, slicking down your fur. "Wherever you like." The switch slides up to prod as your twitching pink asshole as you jerk against your restraints, tail wagging regardless of your wishes.

"But please remember. This is a cultured establishment. So, don't do anything you wouldn't do to me." She whips her riding crop down, making you yip as it stings against your ass. "Keeping in mind of course, that I like it _ rough _and _ hard _."

You try to crane your head around to see a pair of heavy orange furred feline paws on the ground, pausing to have a short conversation with your tormentor before a single hundred dollar bill flutters down onto your back. The sound of the tiger unzipping his fly is the loudest thing in the bar as he pulls down his pinstriped trousers, drawing some scattered applause as his tail whips about behind him. You try to pull away, but his massive paws grab your hips as he lurches forwards, barbed feline member crashing into your torrid pussy as you yowl out a wordless canine vocalization.

His slipping inside of you makes your tight walls clench, but when he pulls back, your insides go wild, teased by a million pin pricks as his barbs scrape against your torrid insides. You don't even have time to focus though as a dark skinned human walks in front of you, reaching down below your chin to unbutton your shirt and stuff two fifties between your pert white furred breasts. You try to pull your head to the side, but the dominant husky's foot-paw comes down on the back of your head, pressing your chin against the edge of the table. "Be a good little pet." She croons. "You can't deny that you're enjoying this."

You _ do _ try to deny it as the man's mahogany skinned cock nears your muzzle and your nose twitches, drinking in his musky scent. The tiger is pounding into you in earnest, heavy round reline orbs slapping against you as the man guides his throbbing uncut length into your open balmy maw. He's much more gentle as he slides in, gripping at the sides of your head as his muff of pubic hair presses against your snout, cock swabbing the back of your throat.

Your body writhes a bit as you gag, and your tongue pushes up of its own accord, making the gentleman moan as he pulls back, cock twitching as his fingers stroke your cheeks. The tiger's pace is frenetic, slamming into you and raking back with hot spines before one final violent thrust, white hot fountain of cum erupting inside of you as his heavy balls tense and churn. His claws drag through your thick fur, scraping your skin before he pulls back one last time, leaving a dribble of feline seed leaking from your pulsing canine spade.

Your mouth has been involuntarily tensing around the man's cock as the tiger came, and you can feel he's close as his shaft tugs and jerks in your muzzle. His fingers scritch against your cheeks as he cums, pulling back to let his hot pearlecent semen shoot into your open maw, splattering against your tongue. You desperately want to find the taste revolting, but the flavor is almost effervescent, leaking into your senses and making you moan out needfully. A few members of the crowd are openly stroking themselves at this point, a warthog gruffly huffing as a naga reclines on his coils, slowly stroking each side of his bifurcated maleness while his tongue flickers out, tasting the lust in the air.

Another hundred flutters down against you. "Another lucky contender. Don't worry, she's still _ relatively _fresh . . ." The coy husky rubs in at your head as you hear cloven hoofed feet step up behind you. The water buffalo's massive body strains at his business shirt as he reaches in and slides a wide polished digit below your pussy, collecting your slick nectar and then rubbing it against his shaft with a sloppy squelch, grinning around this thick cigar. He guides his long tapered member down, prodding your engorged pussy before grinding up, forcing his way into your tight pink ass.

You hiss out at first as he shoves in with his slick girth, spreading you out before pulling back and sliding deeper as your ass strains, tail batting about wildly. "Ohh,_ good _ form." The husky growls out as the audience continues to stare.

A white furred stoat in a loud shirt approaches you from the front, grinding his crotch against your cheek as he rubs a mottled hundred over your head, sliding it down to rest between your shoulders as you moan from the buffalo filling your ass fuller and tighter with every thrust. As the skender figure in front of you unzips his charcoal slacks, your eyes widen, not seeing the throbbing length that you were expecting, but rather a clenched glistening animal slit. "Ohhh, now let's see if you're learning anything." Your husky captor unbuttons the stoat's Hawaiian shirt, playing over the faint scars below either of his pecs. You'd better_ earn _ that hundred, pet." She whispers in your ear.

The buffalo's cock feels like its impaling you now, making you wince and moan in pained pleasure every time his heavy pendulous testes swing against you. The stoat places a padded finger in your mouth, running it around the edge of his labia before rubbing it in against your muzzle roughly. His heady female tang clouds your senses as your black nose huffs.

"Harder." The husky's paw rests on the back of your head for a moment before shoving you against the silky white stoat. You lap awkwardly past the metal rings holding your mouth open as she grabs at the ruff of fur on your neck while you weakly lick at the edges of the quivering pink pussy. The bull behind you is rocking your whole body as he slams into you. "Harder, pet." The husky yanks on your neck ruff, jerking you forwards as you press your new wide slippery canine tongue into the mustelid's torrid pussy. He groans and rubs his silky pelt against you as you swab around his wildly clenching insides.

Your jaws rattle against the sopping metal rings holding them open as the buffalo slams in all the way to the hilt, bellowing as he pumps molten hot waves of thick jizzum into your wildly clenching ass, stretched taut around his thick animal cock. Trying to howl just makes your tongue thrash around the stoat's clenching passage, pumping past his tight labia as his insides tighten and quiver, leaking out hot female nectar as you squelch inside of him sloppily. He moans and grabs hold of your ears, pulling you forwards as his insides clench around you in wild bursts of motion, making him yell out in bliss as his insides pull your tongue deeper inside of him.

The warthog snorts and grunts beside you, massive balls clenching as he strokes himself, squealing as heavy ropes of porcine jizzum land on your back with heavy spatters. As the buffalo and stoat both pull back, leaving you dripping from either end, the warthog tries to slide back through the crowd. Without even a breath, the leather clad husky is there, and in an instant she has him on his knees, yanking down on his tie as he desperately reaches into his pockets and tosses five crumpled twenties onto the ground below you before fleeing the scene with a snort.

Time is impossible to keep track of as the crowd boils around you. Your jaws ache as your gullet clenches around countless shafts, tongue also lapping out at ass and pussy alike as the patrons abuse you. The strangest feeling is the silent echidna that huffs, petting you gently as his member wriggles around in your maw, jolting out cum in four directions as you lap up his foreign seed.

It should feel disgusting, but you can't stop yourself, each string of seed splattering down on you a benediction to your needy body. Countless sets of paws and hands grip in at your hips as shafts of every shape plunge inside of your bulging canine vagina and stretch out your tight ass. The naga takes both at once, slick blunt hemipenes stuffing you full as he hisses, tongue flickering as he coils around under the table before cumming in a blazing torrent inside of you.

The crowd slowly thins as the night wears on before the slate husky that cuffed you to the table takes something from her bag of tricks. You don't even have the energy to look up despite the 'oohs' and 'ahhs' from those gathered around you. "He's been a lovely little bitch, hasn't he?" You can hear her undoing the laces from her tight leather shorts. "But none of you have even let him cum yet. How _ cruel _ you all are."

As she walks around you, your eyes lock onto the bright yellow silicone toy wobbling in her paw. One side is shaped like a massive canine cock, tapered tip, thick curves, and a heavy knot at the base. The other side is a strangely shaped bulb that she pushes against her glistening canine cunt, straining as she licks her lips before it slams into her with a fleshy thump. Her paws pull back as she clenches with finely conditioned inner muscles, bright yellow shaft wobbling as if it were her own, drawing a smattering of applause from the audience.

She reaches under you, collecting a palm full of slick secretions from below you an letting them dribble down the length of her prosthetic maleness, wiping her paw off on your mussed damp fur as she strolls behind you. "You've been a _ good _bitch." She lines herself up with your rump, "Now here's your treat."

You howl out as her first thrust shoves in all the way so the dildo's pliant yellow knot butts against the swollen edges of your feral cunt. "I'm not going to be as nice as these other _ generous _ patrons who helped pay your tab." She pulls back and slams in again, eliciting a whimper as one paw tugs roughly at your tail. There's no way that massive golden knot is going to fit, smacking against your female cleft again and again, her own strong clenching pulsing through the wriggling warm length.

"This was all just a warm up for you, you silly delightful cunt." She slams in again, gyrating her hips, making the rubbery rod slide around inside of you, bulge spreading your spade just slightly. "But all good things must come to an end." She raises up one foot paw and braces it on the table, grabbing your hips for leverage as she rams you, each thrust slower and harder than the last, rattling the chains from all of your limbs.

"Howl for me." Her throaty voice rings out as she grinds forwards, slick shaft deliriously warm as the knot grinds against your dark needy pussy, barely spreading the edges before she pulls back. Your eyes screw shut as you pant, trying to stay quiet, not wanting to give her the satisfaction. "Aww, how_ cute _." she times the word with a savage thrust. "Now, howl for me, _ bitch _." And with that, she surges forwards, force unrelenting, knot straining against your tortured entrance, distending as your dark skinned bulging edges pulse and writhe against it.

Your voice rings out in a loud wolven keening as that knot opens you impossibly wide and then slams home inside of you. You can feel every practiced clench of her own pussy surging through the latex length as the shaft tugs and shoves inside of you, making your fluffy orange tail jerk in her paw and your pupils dilate as your female orifice clenches wildly, filled to the brim, spade quivering around the base of the knot. Your howl carries on as your torrid cleft writhes and grips at the toy embedded in it, making the husky fucking you smile as she grinds her hips against you as if twisting a knife. It feels impossibly good as you climax, spasms rocking through your body over and over again as she continues to fuck you, eventually leaving you panting, lying on the table in a pool of your own, and other's lust as she relaxes, letting the bright toy slide out of her own pussy while still lodged triumphantly in yours.

"Alright. Show's over." She turns to the crowd. "Make sure to tip the barkeep." She grins falling back against a bench and taking out a cigarette, lighting up and breathing in a long drag as the rest of the patrons zip up and meander to the door.

Eventually the background music fades and the bright swirl of lights are replaced by the dull yellow glow of standard florescents.

You have no idea how long you've been lying there when she unlocks you from the table. "Hold still." She pulls at the stretchy yellow toy, making you yap out before it slides from your insides with a wet warm squelch. She hands you a towel as you shakily rise to your new heavy animal paw-feet.

"You made a bit more than just paying off your tab." She throws a wad of cash next to you: five hundreds and three fifties. "If you're out of a job, you might consider doing this more often." She takes a pull on her cigarette. "You're not half bad . . . But if you don't practice, all that talent might just rub off."

You look up at her, not knowing what to feel or how to react. You almost feel gracious, even though you still want to take a swing at her. "Here." She hands you your long coat from the bench, slightly wrinkled and smelling of musk. "Clean yourself up and get out of here. Come back tomorrow if you want. I've gotta go take inventory before the cleaning crew gets here." She grinds the but of her cigarette into an ash tray as she gathers up all of her supplies into her bag and walks towards the bar.

You towel yourself off as best you can before putting on your coat, taking a moment to rub in at the tender edges of your canine spade. Slipping on your long tan coat, you stop for a second at the precipice before opening the door and stepping out. Shoving the money into your pocket, the sounds of wind, rain, and the big city blare around you as you hail a cab, feeling an odd thrill at wearing nothing but your tight stained shirt and a thin overcoat, mind racing as you debate coming back here tomorrow night . . .

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