Road Rovers First Encounter

Colleen responds by climbing on top of him again and riding him reverse cowgirl, taking every inch of his erection deep in her asshole.

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Digimon, The Reunion

cowgirl style, and veemon and gatomon doing reverse cowgirl style as well but in the opposite direction of renamon and impmon.

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College Days - The Awakening

I got up eagerly and turned around before sitting back down in what i now know as reverse cowgirl. little did i know this would become my favorite position of all time.

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A Window with a View

It was a summers night, the pair had gone off on their honeymoon out in the tropics. "Think it was worth it?" The young female asked her newly wed husband. "I'd say so. I haven't been this excited since the day we first met honestly." The male...

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Chapter 5: Molly's Fetish

I stared down at the ruffled pink dress Molly stuck me in. A frilly pink wig covered my bald head, and a mask hid my face for now. I looked like the worst drag queen of all time. My arms rippled with muscle, and I smelled like a week on the road. The...

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Umbreon's Affair

She stood up, turned around, and slowly lowered herself to position herself in a reverse cowgirl position. umbreon's eyes widened as he felt the wet warmth of her insides.

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Renamon and Impmon, quite the afternoon

"awww oooh (estacy moan)" said both renamon and impmon as they had sex, but this time they were doing it doggy style, missionary, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl in the bedroom.


What You Mean to Me, Chapter 2

The first thing you thought of when your eyes opened to the flashing of your phones alarm, was that it was your birthday. As you turned the annoying phone off, thoughts raced through your head of how this day was going to go. Of your disappointment...

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Good Morning

Morning light filtered through the window, staining the bedroom that burnt orange that follows the sun's trail through the sky... but that wasn't what woke him up. Slowly, the gryphon found himself roused out of a deep slumber, the...

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Choose your own Yiff (Rave)

She got up and moved to him, mounting him in the reverse cowgirl position. she made her way down his cock until all of him was in her. at that, our hero made his way to him.

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Melissa's room...

Mellisa, hungry to continue the pounding, obeyed his command, putting her legs beneath as jack slid beneath her as well, them both readying a reverse cowgirl, jack eager to see her face as she rode his cock.

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A Bro In Need: Chapter 2

**[click]** **[extranet image: reverse cowgirl]** "huh. interesting." **[image saved]** "back to the search results..."

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