Don't get Immobilized!

Can she escape with her winnings, or will she get immobilized? i know it's monday, and i know you hate it, so i got some of that good smut to make things a little better.

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Teaching Anna - Immobile Princess

**1 Week, Happily Pregnant** Anna lay back in bed, murring happily to herself amongst the pillows. She'd just eaten her lunch and was currently just relaxing, gloriously full, and letting her body work at digesting it, bubbling, churning and sloshing...

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I'm happy, just peeking into being immobile for the first time in my life, and making boatloads of money from being assistant manager at the bank where i work.

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Food Alert

There was a drone of television, and while he chewed down the longer bites or drained full pitchers of beer, the blaring box across the room sometimes held a glimmer of the immobilized ball of lard's attention.

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Sharing Is Caring

The holidays were a time for eating, and thusly Sasuke loved them. Friends were quite generous during that time too, what with leftovers and the like filling their fridges and their stomachs several times over thanks to all of the cooking that was done...

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Don't Want

Dimitri dropped his pants, the belt buckle clattering on the wooden floorboards beneath his desk. He wrapped a hand around his cock, tugging on the flaccid piece of meat to bring it to full erection. The browser continued loading until a video popped...

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Out Back

Xav shuddered slightly in anticipation as he buttoned the last button on his shirt, his nerves rattled as he looked up into the mirror in front of him. The lithe arctic fox had just finished getting ready for his first day of work, and he couldn't have...

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Kaji had grown wary of Sasuke during the time that he had known the wolfdragon. Both mutts were prone to pranking one another, but as time had gone on in their friendship, their pranks had gotten to be more and more over the top. Sasuke had ended the...

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Fair Tales

"Are you sure you really want to challenge _me_, the God of Gluttony, to anything even passively related with eating? I mean, I know you're pre-" "No powers for either of us, and first one to stop eating loses. I'd say that's fair." "No eating the...

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Good Life

All 6 of the numbers matched. Dexter was just in shock as he held his ticket in his shaking paw, staring from the string of numbers on the crumpled paper to the television and back again. Standing up in front of his run-down sofa in his small...

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Heavy lids slowly lifted from Frank's eyes, the bright light of what looked to be morning making him shut them again and try to recoil. He didn't muster much movement, and had he been more awake that might have set off alarm bells in his head. Indeed,...

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Lab Testing

. \*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\* "subject is immobilized, already." the smaller bear noted down, annoyance clear in their voice.

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