As always, comments are encouraged. Take a moment to tell me what you thought of the story or vote at the end. We all need a little encouragement now and again... Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the last class was over, and...

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I stand around and watch it all fly by Just like the camera filming a horror movie. I'm not sure which is worse, really The fact that I'm nothing or you have moved on and became something I was never there for you and I'd like to say I...

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Fatherly Reluctance

There isn't enough reluctant dads out there that have horny kids that wanna bang em, so i guess this is my first crack at a story being posted on this site. warning: contains elements of incest between a father and his son. 18+ only.

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The Reluctant Archaeologist

The reluctant archeologist \* \* \* a few hours after the big cat had gone to sleep, still long before dawn, sophan's diminished presence inside ileni made itself known again.

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The Reluctant Thief

The reluctant thief well after a long rest i guess i am back in the writing business. well first this story is an erotic story, featuring cubs and adults in adult situations, and as so may not be suitable for all audiences.

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The Reluctant Rogue

It was evening and although the air was slightly chilly, the falling sun still cast enough rays to take the edge off an otherwise average autumn day. A young man sat on a hammock stretched between two birch trees. He slowly unstrung his hunting bow as...

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A Traitor of Reluctance

They reluctantly followed him, unsure of what was going to happen next. "i hope he'll be okay." ducky said softly. "messa hope so too." spike whispered, walking beside his stepsister. "and we still haven't found petrie. nope nope nope..."

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Reluctant prisoner

Davir growled and reluctantly descended the ladder once more, looking over his shoulder and making eye contact with a disappointed mohss. the wolf put the step ladder to the side and backed up to the bound dog.

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The Reluctant Passenger

"Arden, you're being silly about this," Jayden said, putting her hands on her hips. "I am not!" the large dragon said, rustling his wings irritably, lashing his tail. "I have wings, I know how to fly, and if you think for a single second that...

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The Reluctant Mother

"Mmmm, you got good hips, you're gonna make some fine pups when I'm done with you". Her eyes widened at the realization that the large black Rottweiler moving swiftly over her had no intention of pulling out as he had promised earlier that night. She...

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The Reluctant Guardian

Obsidian flag stones shimmered beneath me, imbuing the reflected lamp light with an almost ethereal, violet tone. The room was a large gothic structure of dark stone and hanging silks, illuminated by wooden torches held in place by dull iron bands. ...

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The Reluctant Babysitter

Michael sat at his computer playing his favourite game with his guild-mates, mostly friends from school. They had just finished their latest grind and finally got the gear they needed for the next boss. It was a beautiful Friday night and being the...

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