Basalt and His Hunt

Story by Bellicose B on SoFurry

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#2 of The Odd Couple of Buru

Hello all. I hope you're ready for the long haul on this one.

It took me a bit longer than usual, but I've finally churned out a sequel for "Basalt and His Prey". It's a bit massive; all together the darn thing is over 10,000 words, with about 7000 of those being pure smut. Again, this story features a man and a rather large, beastly basilisk, but this time the scenario played for you is a bit different from before. You'll see what I mean...

...unless you are under 18, or have some sort of problem with particularly graphic sexual relations between a grown man and a much larger, grown reptile. In which case, please leave before you hurt yourself. I wish you the best, innocent creature :]

I do hope that you enjoy, and please remember to comment/ rate/ fave if you want to see more stories like this. Also, if you'd like to skip ahead to the nasty bits, go ahead and press Ctrl+F and type in "I hope you are not too tired"

With his long work at last completed, Dolmen finally stood aside to look over the fruits of his labor. He'd spent the whole evening finishing his repairs on their old, handmade dresser, fixing the damage that Basalt's tail had dealt it back in the fall, and at long last it seemed that the task was finished. He gave his stiff joints a good stretching as he examined his handiwork.

Looks good to me. Time to test it out.

He opened and closed the polished, ashwood drawers, shaking them roughly as he did so to check for any sort of imbalance in the newly repaired footing. For the first time in weeks the thing didn't wobble. Fixed.

Damn thing was more trouble than its worth, he thought to himself with a weary smile. I only have but two pairs of clothes to my name. But at least that's one less thing to worry about around here.

Satisfied that the dresser had been restored back to an acceptable condition, Dolmen drew his fur cloak tighter about his burly form and left the grotto to take a look outside. The cold struck him immediately as he pulled back the worn, canvas cloth that served as a makeshift door for their cave, and an involuntary shudder ran down his body as he stepped outside into the frosty air.

Winter had well and truly settled over the Buru flatlands. In all directions Dolmen could see only the pale grey sky and the lifeless, barren fields of the cold off-season, devoid of all movement save that of the grasses set into sway by the chill winds. From the high position that he and Basalt's cave occupied on the hill, he looked out over the surrounding knolls, hoping to catch a glimpse of his mate as he was out and about hunting tapa. Desolate, featureless hills spanned endlessly beneath him, but their grey faces remained unyielding to his search. There was no sign of Basalt.

He sighed. It was getting late.

High above the plains, a lone hill-dragon circled lethargically beneath the flat, steely clouds as she conducted her own search. Dolmen gave up his hunt for Basalt momentarily to observe her. He noted her size and the coloration of her wings. Definitely female, and a young one at that. If he was to be considered any good judge of the creatures, this was likely only her second winter. At this time of season a hill-dragon such as her would only be out and about if she were hunting for the migrating herds of tapa making their way south, just as his mate was doing. For those living upon the Buru flatlands, the little cervine creatures were a mainstay in any meat-eater's diet. He wondered if either she or his Basalt would have any luck bringing one home today.

His stomach grumbled. He certainly hoped so.

Dolmen put aside the pains of his complaining belly. He focused his attention instead on the hill-dragon and the pleasant freshness of the air, watching the distant predator circle lazily amongst the clouds and admiring her animal majesty as he enjoyed the sensation of the brisk cold upon his cheeks. He savored the crisp, mid-winter air with each breath that filled his lungs, quickly forgetting his hunger.

Nothing like good, clean, evening air to make one feel young again, Dolmen thought with a smile.

The cloud- veiled sun sank slowly to the rim of the plains as Dolmen enjoyed the sights and tastes of the season, and before long the hill-dragon took to the south in search of fairer hunting grounds. Soon she was lost to sight. The light faded from the chilled countryside as the sun set, and with a sigh Dolmen got to work starting a fire for the evening. Basalt would be home sooner or later. There was no point in standing around and waiting any longer.

A few seasons back the old basilisk had dug a pit lower down the hill for their fires, and Dolmen spent a few minutes going back and forth between their grotto and the earthen hole as he took some brushland firewood from their store and heaped it onto a pile. It was mostly thin, weedy plants and scrubby, tough vegetation- as there were few trees to be had in the Buru flatlands- but they burned with a pleasant, if fleeting, scent.

The labor of lifting the tied bundles of shrubbery and thin branches whilst covered in layers of tapa fur soon brought a thin sheen of sweat to the human's tawny chest and neck, and he took a moment to wipe the excess from his brow. It was an odd feeling to be sure; inside of the furs he was growing hot, but his exposed face and extremities were bone-cold. A gust of chilled wind passed over him as he paused to wipe away his sweat, and he knew that his scent would carry on with it across the fields.

He chuckled. A few seasons ago that simple scent had posed a quite unexpected threat to their very survival. Basalt had confessed to Dolmen earlier in the fall that his smell had begun to distract him during his hunts- a result of the basilisk's sense of smell naturally improving with his age- and he'd explained that even at distances of many miles a basilisk as old as himself had no difficulty picking up such scents. The 'distraction', as it and its consequences had come to be called, proved to be the cause of a good deal of stress and failed hunts, and it had taken Dolmen some time to think of a solution. He smiled as he remembered just what he had come up with.

Basalt hated it.

But the fire pit required his attention, and he dropped all thoughts of his mate to finish his work. Basalt would be home soon, and unless he wanted to eat raw tapa like a beast it would be best to start their fire. Once the pile had been built up high enough and spare kindling had been set aside, he fetched his flintrock from inside their cave and set to lighting the pile. This took a considerable amount of effort, but before long he had a good little blaze going, and at last he was able to settle beside the warm flames and enjoy a moment of rest.

He loosened the furs around his shoulders and exposed his broad chest to the warmth of the flames, enjoying the toasty feel of the heat after hours of biting cold and frosty air. The sun at last sank completely behind the ridges of the distant hills, going out in a rosy display of dusky clouds and violet skies before fading at last to darkness. Soon there was only the light of the fire left to see by, and Dolmen huddled close to the warmth as he waited for his mate to return from the hunt.

He didn't have to wait for long. After a few minutes of pleasant dazing in the warm comfort of the fire pit, Dolmen picked up that earthy scent of basilisk musk amid the brisk, smoky air. His head rose from the shelter of his furs, searching the darkness for a familiar shape. A deep, rough voice called out from down the hill- clearly inhuman- and Dolmen smiled as he recognized the source. Basalt had returned.

"You know... we really should consider the risks of lighting a fire like this, Dolmen. I could see it all the way from North Point on the Hills."

The massive, dark shape of the basilisk could just be seen rising up the slope of the hill, and Dolmen stood to greet him. Basalt took his time climbing the rise, and as he drew closer to the light Dolmen could see that he carried a large, limp shape in his jaws. His hunt had been successful after all.

So it seems my solution still works.

"What's the harm in that, old thing?" Dolmen asked with a grin. "No one else lives around here. You think bandits are gonna go poking around in basilisk territory? You worry too much."

The basilisk entered the light of the fire, dropping the carcass of the dead tapa down near the spare kindling. Bathed in the glow of the warm light, his brutish, reptilian face looked particularly beastly. Dried blood from his kill matted his lips and unkempt tusks, and his lethal eyes had closed to slits from the sudden bright light of the fire. He snorted brusquely as Dolmen came and inspected the kill.

"I worry because you are very small, and there are a great many things in this world that can hurt you... especially when I am away. Now stop fussing with the carcass and get this damn thing off of my nose."

Dolmen chuckled and left off inspecting the dead tapa to set about undoing the 'damn thing' that bothered Basalt. Tied just above the ridge of his road snout and set directly on top of his nostrils was a tiny, securely wrapped bundle of pungent herbs and ferns. They looked rather ridiculous perched upon the big brute's nose, but they had been necessary for Basalt over the last few seasons due to the 'distraction', and for the sake of his hunts Basalt had learned to endure the thing and its overwhelming scent. Dolmen thought it had been a pretty good idea. Basalt had been, and still was, less than enthusiastic about the solution.

"There ya go," he said as he untied the bundle and stored it in his cloak. "All done. And you know, by human standards I'm not nearly close to being considered tiny. If you remember, I was the biggest man in my village back in the day."

Basalt breathed in deeply as he was freed from the stifling scent of the herb bundle. His lethal eyes glazed over for a moment as he took in the scent of Dolmen's sweat, but he shook his head roughly and was able to dispel the effect that it had on him.

"Hmm. Maybe so. But to me you are still only a man, and all men are tiny."

He settled his great bulk beside the fire to watch as Dolmen set about cleaning and preparing the tapa for the fire. Dolmen felt the old beast's eyes on him as he worked. There was nothing quite as invigorating as having something that could turn you to stone look at you with love.

Humph. Tiny.

The basilisk wasn't entirely incorrect in his statement, even if Dolmen was considered large for a human. Years of hard living and rugged life had carved his old body into a mountain of muscle and bronzed flesh, and even in his later years he had managed to maintain his bulk through great effort. He was proud of his image.

But even he was not comparable to Basalt.

Like his human mate, Basalt was long since out of his prime. But as a male flatlands basilisk, he was a great deal bigger than even the largest of men. From snout to tailtip he measured well over twenty feet, and most of his thirteen-hundred pounds consisted of pure, monstrous muscle. The firelight stretched across the vast expanses of his thick, leathery hide and glinted off of the dull, blunt tips of his massive claws. Basalt was an alpha predator, a beast, and there was no shame in being smaller than something like him.

Still, he didn't like it when Basalt called him tiny. It was demeaning.

Dolmen grinned as he thought of a counter. "Heheh, you didn't seem to complain about my size last night."

Basalt made a low sound of displeasure at the crude humor.

"Tch. Give me my food, little ape."

Dolmen finished cleaving off one of the tapa's long, furry legs, grunting as he heaved it over to his mate.

"Eat up. No telling when we'll get another one."

Basalt didn't waste any time with preparations or cooking like his mate. The basilisk grasped the leg in one paw, opened his vast jaws wide, and with a single movement swallowed the haunch whole. In one colossal gulp, bones, hooves and fur all went down. Dolmen watched with morbid curiosity as he saw the thing disappear behind glistening rows of fangs. He marked its progress as the lump slid down Basalt's throat.

He briefly imagined what it would be like if he were the one being swallowed by the basilisk, but he quickly put the thought aside and returned to his work. He had his own _tapa_to deskin and grill.

The fire popped and crackled as it made short work of the brushland kindling, and Dolmen got up to pile more on when necessary. Basalt had curled himself around the fire pit, and his long tail circled about the edge to form a complete wall around the light. The old basilisk liked nothing better than to curl up beside the fire- with a full belly and his mate at his side- after a long hunt out in the cold wilderness.

Dolmen smiled as he watched the beast rest. He remembered a time when he had thought basilisks where little more than feral, savage monsters.

"I saw another one of the hill-dragons earlier this evening," he said conversationally, cutting the silence of the night. Basalt let one lazy eye roll open at the sound of Dolmen's voice.

"Yes. I believe I saw her as well. The little one, yes? The dragons must be running the herds thin up north."

"Do you think it's gonna be a problem for us?"

Basalt closed his eyes once again. He yawned, and Dolmen found himself staring once again at those monstrous rows of fangs. The beast's mouth snapped back down, startling the human.

"Mhmm. Perhaps. Hunting is scarce enough this time of year. Competition will make the season difficult."

The two passed the time in pleasurable conversation as Dolmen finished skinning and preparing his tapa for cooking, and before long he had set the thing to roast on the small fire. The delicious smell of the meat soon rose from the dusky smoke, and Basalt's nose crinkled at the scent. He snorted rudely.

"Ugh. I cannot fathom how you humans eat that, all burnt and singed as it is. Repulsive."

"Says the one who eats rocks."

Basalt laughed gruffly, bringing his head around to nip at his mate's exposed neck and earning a playful swat in return. He curled about and set his head beside Dolmen to watch the progress of the roasting meat.

"You should try it some time. Tapa is fine raw, but you cannot truly savor the meat of prey until it is drawn to that exquisite level of stillness... stillness that only stone can provide. Petrified flesh has so much more... crunch. And besides, it's good for my claws."

"The only thing you're claws are good for is tearing up my clothes."

"Well, if you wore less clothes, that wouldn't be a problem, would it?"

"You wish. Like I'm gonna freeze to death just so you can get to my ass quicker."

"It is not your 'ass' that I am interested in, little man."

"Ha. Old pervert. Let me cook, or we'll be out here all night."

The basilisk closed his eyes as he took in the warmth of the fire and the comforting smell of his smaller mate. He sighed deeply.

"All night. That would not be so very bad, I think."

It didn't take Dolmen much longer to finish cooking his own leg of tapa, and before long he was able to enjoy the fruits of his mate's hunt for himself. Like Basalt he hadn't eaten in two days, and the warm meat gave him a wonderful, warm sense of fullness. He savored the moment. The pleasant heat of a warm fire, the heavy bulk of his mate at his back and the generous weight of freshly cooked _tapa_in his belly... this was the life. He sighed and set down the rest of his leg, leaning back against Basalt and leaning against the beast's toasty hide.

This was never the life he thought he would be living, but he would trade it for nothing else. He wondered if Basalt thought much the same. Despite the fact that he and the basilisk had been mated for well over two decades, he knew very little about the old beast or the life he had lived before they met. He wondered what plans Basalt had once had, and if he had ever suspected he would one day be mated with a human.

"We are indeed an odd pair," Basalt admitted when Dolmen at last spoke aloud his thoughts. "I confess that I have always had a weakness for your kind. There is softness to you, a tenderness that cannot be found amongst my own kind. And of course... there is that scent of yours as well. Yours in particular. I knew as soon as I met you that you were mine, that you would be mine forever."

"Sounds romantic when you put it that way, but you certainly weren't so gentle back then."

"Huhuh," he chuckled deeply. "I have since learned just how frail you humans can be."

Dolmen rested his hand on top of his mate's blunt snout, stroking the rough skin there gently as he remembered those distant days when they had first met. That fateful hunt.

"Yeah... you know... I was a bit surprised that it worked out like it did."

"Hhmm?" How do you mean?"

"Well, I thought it was funny at first how you... you know... came at me. I kind of expected you to be... uh, how do I say-"

"You are referring to the fact that I am the receiver in our relationship"

"Yeah. That. But you make it sound so poetic. I was just going to say that I was surprised you like it up the-"

"Of course you were surprised. Humans like you have a very limited understanding of how basilisks mate. You equate the receiving partner with a position of submission, and you are surprised by the outcome of our partnership because you recognize that I am not a submissive creature. I, however, do not abide by such a simple understanding of things. I chose to be what I am in our relationship because I enjoy it, and because the difference in our size makes the alternative difficult. I am in every sense of the word more dominant... and more powerful... than you, and I do not need to apply your senseless human standards to myself to be comfortable in my dominance."

Dolmen blinked in surprise at the lengthy explanation. Basalt was not usually so wordy.

"Wow. You put a fair bit of thought into that, huh?"

The basilisk snorted, stirring the embers of the fire. He brought his great head up onto Dolmen's lap.

"Hhmm. That is the difference between Men and Basilisks, Dolmen. We think."

Dolmen swatted the top of the basilisk's meaty head as a comeback, and Basalt let out a content, rumbling purr. Together they shared the dying light of the fire as the first few hours of the night rolled past, and dozing in the pleasant warmth they were content to remain silent. The heat of the other's body, the familiar smell of a mate, the fullness of a stuffed belly... these were all they really needed. Dolmen slipped in and out of slumber, dozing in the warm glow before at last he fell into slumber.

It was some time before the basilisk's movement stirred Dolmen back into wakefulness, and he opened his eyes to find that their fire had well and truly gone out over the hours of their idleness. His breath puffed visibly in the moonlit air as the cold crept back upon him. He pulled the cloakfurs tight about his frame as the basilisk stretched and shivered, and together they rose from the body-warmed earth. Basalt flicked a claw across a thin, burnt log, scattering embers.

"A shame, Dolmen. You let the fire go out."

"I never said I was your fire-wench, beast. We both fell asleep."

"Bah... Let us be inside, then, before this cold gives you the ague."

The pair made their way back up the short rise in silence, leaving behind the cold carcass of the tapa to whatever scavengers that would dare to enter a basilisk's territory. Dolmen huddled close to Basalt's broad flank, marveling at how well his mate had absorbed the heat.

He let Basalt head in first and then followed, shutting the tarp flap behind him as he went. Their cave had no other openings to the moonlight outside, leaving the interior completely dark, but Dolmen needed no light to know his way around his own home. He followed alongside Basalt to the mats of fur where they bedded. His ears picked up the soft smack of hide meeting fur-covered stone as the basilisk sank down into the warm pelts, and his happy, reverberating purr rumbled deep and low, echoing around the cold, rock walls. Dolmen took his place beside him, nestling up against that thick, leathery hide. Snug between warm fur and musky, familiar flesh, Dolmen could have easily fallen right back into slumber.

But the basilisk had other ideas.

The human felt a huge paw slide down the curve of his muscular back, and he struggled to suppress an entirely unmanly yelp as the beast slipped a blunt claw-tip down the crevice of his shapely rear. Basalt's breath fell down hot against his ear, and a shudder slipped down Dolmen's spine as his mate rumbled hungrily against the side of his neck.

"I hope you are not too tired, little one."

Dolmen chuckled at his mate's lascivious behavior, and he brought his arm up to pull Basalt's head down to his own. He gave the basilisk's thick, lower lip a quick, hungry kiss, tasting the blood of his kill and reveling in the fact that he had just sampled raw predator. If his mate was in that mood, he was bound for far more than a taste.

"Depends. What'd you have in mind?"

Basalt shifted beside him, and soon Dolmen felt his mate's massive chest press down against his own. A colossal paw came out of the dark to hold his wrists flat against the furs, pinning him like prey, and his cock twitched beneath the covers as Basalt's breath came down across his face once again. A single drop of the beast's drool dripped down onto the human's lip as he spoke.

"What you said earlier... it teased at me. While you slept, I played with the notion of what you would call the nature of our relationship. An idea came to me."

A slick, sickening sound filled the silence of the cave, and soon Dolmen felt something long and heavy slither its way over the top of the furs that lay between he and his mate. The basilisk's prehensile cock moved like it had a mind of its own, slipping out of its internal sheath to burrow eagerly into the furs, looking for the flesh of its target.

Dolmen gulped. "Go on."

He heard Basalt lick his chops, although he couldn't see the act in the darkness.

"I think- just for tonight- I should remind you why I am the dominant male in our partnership, little human."

Basalt's snakelike organ found the edge of a fur blanket and slid inside, and Dolmen drew in a tight breath as the long, thick appendage squirmed against his thigh. Its thin tip wedged and burrowed, ever seeking, and he writhed beneath the larger male as his balls and flaccid manhood were explored by the slimy appendage. Basalt rumbled happily above him, eagerly flexing and driving his cock deeper and harder as he mercilessly began to frot his mate.

"Gah... B-Basalt... are you sure? You're so-"


He wrapped the flexible tip of his reptilian shaft around the thickening girth of the human's cock, enveloping it completely as if to demonstrate just how true the statement was. His paws ground Dolmen's wrists deep into the furs, pinning him down beneath his bulk as he resumed his work.

"By the end of the night, little love, you will understand that better than ever before... and come to properly appreciate it."

The basilisk's smooth cock slid and rubbed against his own, soaking his groin and belly in Basalt's slimy, copious pre, and with each movement Dolmen felt himself getting harder and hotter. Each breath he took sent a fresh batch of basilisk musk straight into his lungs, and before long the combined effects of Basalt's frottage and that potent scent brought his manhood to full mast.

Another paw came out from the darkness and quickly pulled the restrictive covers off of the smaller male, removing at last the only defense Dolmen had against the monster's advances. Now free to explore his mate's fully-excited body without barriers, the basilisk's wriggling organ quickly sought deeper and warmer targets, and Dolmen shuddered as he felt the tip find the warm space beneath his substantial sack. It seemed to relish its discovery, for as soon as it settled into its new position it graced the underside of his balls with a generous squirt of hot, soppy fluid.

"Hmmm," Basalt rumbled as he worked himself against his mate's body. "If you keep up that squirming, Dolmen... you are going to make me hungry again."


There was no warning given, no fair notice, and before Dolmen could utter another word he felt the hot, humid warmth of the basilisk's throat envelope him as those jaws clamped over his head. The sharp points of a predator's fangs pressed against the side of his face and skull, and Dolmen would have expressed his panic vocally were it not for the basilisk's immense, dexterous tongue, which quickly sought out and penetrated the human's mouth. Dolmen's yell was stifled by nearly two feet of slimy, thick basilisk tongue, and he could only weakly groan and choke as his head was gnawed and slurped. Down below, Basalt's cock worked furiously against Dolmen's now rock-hard manhood, and the slippery sounds of flesh upon flesh echoed wetly around the cavern.

To Dolmen there was only the wet, sightless heat and pressure of a predator's jaws wrapped around his head, and all of the cold outside world was lost to him in those dark, wet recesses. Breathless, hot minutes rolled by one after the other, and Basalt showed no signs of releasing his prey. Dolmen gagged as the beast's tongue slid pitilessly up and down his throat, claiming him, owning him, and all the while those monstrous fangs clamped down on his skull without mercy. He began to choke and sputter, his senses overwhelmed by lengthy tongue and the forcibly insistent cock sliding along his own, and he feared that at long last Basalt had finally snapped and gone feral. His worst night- his deepest fantasy- had finally been made reality.

It's finally happened. He can't control himself!

Overstimulation and lack of fresh oxygen sent dazzling stars spinning into his vision, but just before he was sent to a different kind of darkness Basalt at last pulled back. His long, sinuous tongue slid out of the human's mouth with a sickeningly wet "slurp" as he pulled his jaws off, and at that same moment the beast's cock pulled back, aimed and fired a particularly powerful shot of pre straight at the man's loose sack, hitting it square on. He heard Basalt smack his lips together, pleased at his mate's taste.

"Ahh. Delicious. You know, one day, before you get too much older... I really think I might just eat you, human."

Dolmen took a moment to cough and sputter as he cleared his throat. He was used to his mate's rather forceful method of kissing, but this had been a new extreme. He'd never been so close to blacking out. The basilisk released his wrists for the moment, content simply to be atop his mate, and Dolmen brought a hand to his head to feel the dampness of his own blood where Basalt had bitten through the thin skin of his temples.

Ouch. Bastard's playin' rough tonight.

"You've been saying that since we met, Basalt. If either of us get any older we're gonna be in the ground."

Basalt rumbled, his tongue emerging from the dark to give a long, languid lick to the human's exposed neck.

"I suppose I will have to do it all the sooner then," he growled against Dolmen's jawline. "But not tonight. I still have something to prove to you."

The basilisk pulled off from him and settled down just across the covers. Dolmen shivered and sat up as he was suddenly exposed to the cold of the cave, his nipples hardening, and he wrapped his arms across his bare chest to cover himself from the chill. His mate's low, rumbling voice called to him from the shadows.

"Come to me."

Dolmen cracked a smile, teeth flashing briefly in the dark. "Ooh. So serious. You better have something good for me over there. I'm not staying out of the covers for nothing."

The only answer he received was a deep, bass growl. He shuffled forward on his knees, feeling his way through the black expanses of fur as he made his way towards the low rumbles of the beast waiting for him. He was stopped suddenly by a thick appendage shoved against his chest, and he grasped blindly at the thing for a moment before realizing it was the basilisk's tail. He cupped the blunt tip in his hand.

"Huh. This isn't what I had in mind, big guy."

"Silence, Dolmen. Use your mouth for something other than talking for once."

He massaged his mate's thick tail, feeling the long, corded muscle tense beneath him as he worked at the hide. "Ya know, I use it for eating too."

The irritated growl again, and Dolmen chuckled. He loved teasing the brute. Despite his mate's unusual roughness, he could tell that the basilisk was in a good mood tonight. Otherwise he wouldn't have tolerated all this talk. When Basalt wanted someone quiet, he made them quiet.

He pulled the tip of that long, thick tail up to his mouth, feeling the eyes of his mate upon him as he did so. Unlike him, Basalt could see perfectly well in the darkness of their cave, and he knew well that those lethal eyes were fixed upon him as he slowly drew the tail-tip up to his mouth.

Basalt doesn't often ask for this. He must be in an especially kinky mood, Dolmen thought as he drew his tongue slowly across the tip. A slow, pleasured hiss sounded from the darkness, encouraging him, and so Dolmen continued.

He started with just his tongue. Slow, languid licks, as if he savored the earthy, dry taste of basilisk flesh, and all the while he listened intently to the pleasured hisses of his inhuman mate. After a short time he judged Basalt ready for something a bit more intimate. He slowly brought the tip of the beast's tail to his mouth, opened, and bit down gently.

Basalt's hiss fell into a sort of sharp, gutteral growl, bringing a shudder down the human's spine. He knew the sound well. Despite the gruffness and anger of the sound, it wasn't a cry of displeasure. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The basilisk rumbled and hissed lowly as Dolmen alternated between slow, reverent licks and quick, sharp little nips, and every now and then he would suckle- just briefly enough to coax out that delicious growl of ecstasy- on the tip. He had quite gotten lost in his rhythm of oral fixation when the tail was suddenly pulled from his lips and hands, and with a breathless, deep voice Basalt finally spoke.

"That... is enough of that."

Dolmen licked his lips and gums, trying to rid his mouth of the earthy taste of basilisk. It was not necessarily unpleasant, but it did rather leave him with a dry mouth. He smiled at the darkness, not knowing exactly where Basalt was but confident that the basilisk could see him.

"Getting you too worked up, you kinky old lizard?"

Basalt didn't respond in words. Before the human could react he was pinned back against the furs once more, surrounded by warm, leathery basilisk flesh, and he wheezed as the air was forced out of his lungs from the impact of the tackle. Basalt weighed well over half a ton, and Dolmen felt every pound of that muscle and bulk as it forced him down against the soft furs beneath them. Strong paws gripped his wrists and the inside of his thighs, holding fast against the instinctual throes of his struggle, and stuck in this prone, spread form he was helpless as Basalt's head bore down between his legs.

The human let out a shuddering, weak noise as the first sensation of that rough tongue ran against his vulnerable balls, and he was forced to simply moan and shudder in place as the basilisk freely sampled every inch of his manhood at his leisure. The beast's tongue was not at all gentle, and Dolmen felt every bump and rough, scraping stroke as his mate hungrily suckled and lapped at him. Soon the desperate, hungry attentions sent that certain kind of pleasure shooting up his spine, and he weakly called down to his mate for a halt.

"Ugh... uh, Basalt? Can you... ohh... slow down?"

Basalt made no sign that he had heard, and Dolmen knew that there was in fact a distinct possibility that he had not. With the basilisk's nose buried deep in the human's exposed crotch and his tongue free to swipe at the seat of his musk, the basilisk was in scent nirvana, and Dolmen knew just how badly that scent could affect his mate when he was in lust. He didn't realize however, just how far Basalt had gone down the hole until he felt the first tentative pricks of basilisk fangs against the sensitive flesh of his cock.

He cried out as the fangs pressed down... hard.

Basalt's vicious canines didn't lessen their torment, even as his mate's sharp cries of fear rang throughout the cave, and if anything his monstrous instincts were only spurned on by the sounds of his prey in pain. The agonizingly sharp edges of each fang could be felt individually as the beast held them fast against the human's cock- but only just. The immediate fear of having his pride bitten off winded down as each second passed, and Dolmen realized that Basalt had not yet done the deed. That slow, dark laughter rumbled forth from the basilisk's mouth, hot against his cock, and Dolmen realized that the basilisk's only intention had been to frighten him. Indeed, Basalt quickly pulled off from him, and shortly after he felt a rough, reassuring tongue swipe across the pinpricked flesh.

"Basalt. That. Was a bit much."

That deep, rumbling laughter was the basilisk's only reply, for his maw had returned to renewing its efforts to stimulate the man's shaft. Moans of delight quickly replaced the cries of fear, and Dolmen leaned back with eyes closed in bliss to enjoy the powerful tongue and wondrous suction of the beast's immense mouth.

Terrified though he was at the prospect of having his manhood bitten clean off by the beast, this was not an unfamiliar or entirely unwelcome experience, and indeed they had played this same game many times before over the decades of their partnership. Each time the basilisk would try to convince Dolmen that he had truly gone over the edge, that it was finally the moment when he would surrender to instinct and devour his mate, and most of the time- such as this night- Dolmen would believe him.

It was never much fun in the moment, but it was a delight to look back on, and he had often spent long night fantasizing about those times.

To Dolmen- who was by no means a man of ordinary tastes- the thought of being devoured by a prime, powerful predator hardly inspired mere fear alone. He relished the terror, savored the rush of excitement brought on by his mate's fangs and claws, and this could be seen clearly in the reaction of his body. He had not gone soft throughout the ordeal of Basalt's threats. In fact, it had only served to make him harder in the basilisk's mouth. Basalt made sure to take advantage of this.

Soon the sounds of fear were forgotten in the sweet symphony of his prey's pleasured moans and silent gasps. The beast's long, slick tongue made easy work of the human's already eager shaft. Buried as his entire genitals were in the safe expanse of Basalt's cavernous maw, with his arms and legs pinned and spread wide, Dolmen was forced to lie still and simply take all of the pleasure that his monstrous mate wished him to accept. All the while the threat of those great fangs remained just bare inches from Dolmen's vulnerable shaft and sack, a constant reminder of just what kind of creature suckled from the human's malehood.

A basilisk. A monster. A predator.

Before long Dolmen began to feel the telltale shivers and spikes of pleasure that would lead to his release, and he struggled weakly against the iron paws that held him against the warm furs. He called out to his mate, who still suckled and slurped down in the darkness below.

"Grgh... Basalt. P-Pull off, old thing... I-I'm gonna..."

Basalt must have sensed the shudders that rocked through his mate's body, and to Dolmen's relief he allowed the human's cock to slip out of his jaws. He gave Dolmen's loose, slobber-wetted sack one last, slow lick and a single, quick nip before his head rose out from the musky air of the smaller man's crotch. Dolmen suddenly felt cool air on his throbbing manhood, and the exhilarating chill sent a new type of pleasure tingling across his body as he came down from his high.

Dolmen felt the beast move above him, followed by a hot blast of air to his face, and he knew that Basalt had moved his head close to his own once again. He looked up into the featureless darkness, hoping to catch even the slightest glimpse of the monster he had come to live with. He had no such look however, and his mate remained nothing more than a vast, powerful form in utter darkness.

"That was close, Dolmen. You have always lacked restraint, but tonight you will not be ending our play so early. I want this to last."

"That's gonna be a bit hard when you bite me like that. You know what that does to me."

The beast rumbled. "Yes. That is why I did it. But you will endure tonight... or suffer the consequences."

Dolmen hardly suppressed a laugh. "Oh? Is the big, bad basilisk finally going to-ahck!"

He was silenced as the basilisk's jaws snapped around his throat, those fangs hard and deadly against his exposed flesh. Dolmen knew quite well how very much his mate adored the rough, stubble of his neck and the feel of his throat, but nonetheless he couldn't help but gulp nervously as he felt Basalt's tongue run greedily along his skin. Again, this was no true threat, but rather only another demonstration of how easily the basilisk could- if he allowed his instincts to run loose for even a moment- completely overpower and kill his beloved.

"Okay," Dolmen grunted out as he felt the teeth press harder against his throat. "I get it. I won't cum unless you say so. Killjoy."

The basilisk raised his head, taking a quick lap at the blood that leaked just so from where his fangs had pressed too hard against his mate's neck. He spat roughly as he pulled back away from the human, once again leaving Dolmen alone and cold in the dark.

"I despise that word. Cum. It is abominably crude... it lacks respect."

Dolmen rubbed his sore neck, wondering how many pinpricks he would have in him before the night was over. He smiled at the darkness where his mate could be heard settling once more across the furs.

"Tacky? Since when the hell did you get so uptight, you old lizard? Who the hell is gonna judge you in here?" Basalt growled lowly, and Dolmen felt the tip of that long tail curl around his leg and pull him closer. He followed its pull on his hands and knees, eager to get back to the beast and avoid the cold of the cave. As he went, he couldn't help but tease Basalt further.

"Tch... I despise that word. It's crude. Ha. Guess I might as well say, oh Basalt, I promise I won't spill mine seed without thy express permission."

He must have drawn close to the basilisk by this point, for a massive paw suddenly surged forth from the dark to tightly grip his throat. He was pulled against his mate's chest as another paw came down to grip lewdly at his well-rounded ass.

"Yes. Much better."

Dolmen grinned, a particularly difficult task considering his throat was held in a vice-like grip by his mate. The paw held him just tight enough to make breathing difficult, and he gasped out further mockery with all his reserved breath.

"Oh, you like? Been... cough... practicing... your voice."

He felt Basalt shift and curl around him until he was surrounded on all sides by the smell of basilisk and the invisible bulk of muscular, leathery flesh. The paw on his throat leisurely released him and slid down his chest as another pair pushed him down flat on his stomach. He lay flush against the furs, looking around in a futile effort to see what his mate was about. It was infuriating not being able to see the damn lizard.

Then suddenly his legs were pried open and any complaints he might have uttered were silenced as the beast's snout inserted itself in a none-too-gentle fashion directly between his plump cheeks.

"Gah! A little warning please!"

The basilisk gave out a satisfied rumble as he ran his snout along the human's cleft, enjoying the scent of his mate's simple, human musk. Dolmen felt that long tongue slide down against his left cheek.

"I hope you've washed today, little man."

"Ha. Unlike you I actually value cleanliness."


A set of massive paws spread him wide open, and before long he felt the hot, humid breath of the beast as it assailed his taint and the back of his sack. At first Basalt seemed content only to take in the human's scent; his broad snout wedged itself firmly in the space between Dolmen's ass and sack, inhaling deeply and filling his lungs with his mate's musk straight from the source. Even this was enough to set Dolmen back into an endless series of breathless gasps and shudders, and each forceful nudge from the beast's blunt snout into his taint sent a shiver up his bare, exposed back.

It wasn't long before the scent drove Basalt to his next course of action, and with his paws spreading the human's cheeks wide he allowed his long, slick tongue to scoop down and taste his mate from his loose sack all the way up to the bottom of his tailbone in one, great sweep. Dolmen felt his cock jolt as that tongue ran over his tightly clenched hole, and his hands gripped the furs beneath him in a death grip as he hung on for what was surely to come.

He knew just what Basalt planned to do to him with all that tongue. He had endured it before.

Basalt's paws held fast on his rear as his oral appendage swept up and down along the human's exposed ass, savoring every inch of that private, sacred flesh as his taste buds were treated to primal, human flavor. His copious saliva quickly left Dolmen's ass nice and wet, and a small pool of the beast's slaver had formed across the furs beneath the man's now-soaked nuts. The sounds of the beast's hungry slurping filled the cave, punctuated only by the quick intake of air into human lungs as Basalt finally drove that long, muscular organ right into Dolmen's tightly clenched hole.


The basilisk took that sound as an approval, and clutching down- his claws digging into the firm rear of his mate- he forced his blunt snout forward further and dug his tongue deeper within his mate's ass with quick, brutal strokes. Twenty-three inches of basilisk tongue didn't have to work hard to find Dolmen's prostate, and the human let out another weak explicative as his pleasure button was brutally worked by the beast's rapid oral ministrations. Basalt let out a pleased rumble at his finding, the vibration only further adding to the squirming man's carnal experience. His fangs pressed into the smooth skin of his mate's ass, adding an element of pain to an already overstimulating act.

The vibrating, dexterous tongue soon set a slow, measured pace of in-and-out as it ruthlessly took its time exploring and excavating his mate's pristine rear. Each ponderous movement sent another shocking wave of pleasure coursing through the human's sprawled form, and Dolmen had no doubts that Basalt enjoyed the sensation of his body clamping down around his invading organ. He had long since learned how to handle the beast's tongue, even as long as it was, and any discomfort he might have felt from the deep penetration of his mate's slippery organ was summarily ignored in favor of the pleasure emanating from his prostate. One of the wonderful things about Basalt was the ease with which he could penetrate him; both his tongue and his cock were tapered and came naturally lubricated, allowing for a clean, quick spearing.

He grunted roughly as that tongue rudely rocked against his inner hotspot.

Fuck. He's been at this for a while now. My cock is leaking like the damn village faucet over here, and he's still not had his fill.

As Basalt commanded he did his best to hold out against an early climax- no small feat considering how recklessly and forcefully Basalt rimmed him. He kept his hands well free from his cock, knowing how easily he could set himself off at this point, and his white-knuckled fists clenched at the furs as he gripped them. His teeth grinded down painfully as he fought to concentrate, and it became nearly impossible to enjoy the sensations whilst simultaneously trying to avoid an early climax.

By the time his mate pulled out- his tongue slowly retreating with a long, wet "shhhclip"- Dolmen was reduced to little more than a quivering, sweating puddle of muscle and limp flesh. He only distantly felt the basilisk shift behind him as he once again settled over his prone form. The beast's weight settled casually over his back, and Dolmen felt his mate's breath hot against the back of his neck.

"Ahhh... much better than tapa, I think. I should have you more often," he said, bringing down his tongue to lap at Dolmen's exposed ear. He nipped it roughly enough to draw blood, earning a quick, pained sound from the human. "The hunt would certainly be easier."

Basalt flipped Dolmen over onto his back without care or reverence, and Dolmen could feel those eyes ravaging his breathless, quivering body. He heard the basilisk lick his lips hungrily.

"You look soundly ravaged, little man. Quite... vulnerable."

Dolmen reached out a hand and punched at the beast's invisible chest. "You try taking two feet of tongue to the ass and see how ravaged you look, old thing."

The beast rumbled. "Two feet? Hardly. I barely gave you even one."

Dolmen gulped.

One? There's no way. I swear I could feel that thing in the back of my stomach, the way he was going at it.

Basalt seemed to sense his surprise, and he let a paw descend down the human's chest, trailing a claw down his tanned belly. "Has it been so very long, Dolmen? Have you grown so complacent in your position that you have forgotten how to take me?" He gave a pleasured growl, letting his claw dig into the base of Dolmen's bellybutton until the man squirmed.

"Delightful. It will be like your first time again."

"Ha. Except this time I won't scream."

Basalt rumbled low in his chest, sending the powerful vibrations through his mate's prone form. "Do not speak so soon."

The basilisk crawled further up Dolmen's body until the man felt that the beast's chest was above his face. More importantly, he felt a sudden wave of heat engulf his lower half. Without a doubt, Basalt had just settled his hips over Dolmen's. The heat from the basilisk's genital slit could be felt clearly upon the man's stiff cock, and he felt his heart begin to beat faster as a single, hot drop of the beast's internal juices dropped from their sheath and fell onto his sack.

"I am going to take you now, Dolmen. I am going to remind you exactly where you stand in our relationship. And if you release-"

"Cum. Just say it. It's easier."

" Release ," Basalt said with a growl in his tone. "... before I allow it, I will bite off that diminutive, fleshy thing you call your pride."

Dolmen chuckled, bringing up a hand to gently caress the throbbing, puffy vent that held Basalt's hidden cock. Now it was the basilisk's turn to groan.

"I don't think so. You'd miss it too much."

That long, prehensile cock suddenly surged forth from its sheath without warning, and with a wet, slick sound it quickly darted out and slammed itself into Dolmen's unsuspecting mouth. The human quickly found himself gagging on unexpected basilisk cock, and he sputtered and choked as it quickly and harshly forced itself deeper within. As soon as it poked the back of Dolmen's tonsils it retreated back outside, lying against the man's chest as he was wracked with a series of short, unpleasant coughs.

Basalt was the one who laughed now. "Then I think I'll bite off that tongue of yours. That, I will not miss. Now... you've spoken enough for one night. From now on, the only sounds I want to hear from you-"

His cock slowly snaked its way down Dolmen's rugged, scarred chest, trailing down his belly and leaving a slick trail as it went. It wound its way down his own manhood, giving it a pleasant rub as it passed, and then down his sack before curling up outside of his wet, loosened rear end. Dolmen gulped as he felt its slim tip nudge at his entrance.

"-are the sounds of your surrender."

There was no gentleness in that first languid thrust, and with a simple, powerful roll of his hips that prehensile cock forced itself past Dolmen's weakened barrier and into the tight confines of his inner tunnel. It had been years since Basalt had last taken his human in such a manner, and a clear, bass groan of relief passed out from between his fangs as he felt the tip and the first few inches of his reptilian meat squeezed by the smaller creature's tight confines. He rumbled in the darkness above, and to his sides Dolmen could hear those horrific claws tearing through the furs and raking into the stone floor of the cave. His mate was doubtlessly struggling not to simply ream and ravage him right then and there.

"So tight... I had forgotten what you felt like... inside."

Dolmen had no witty retort to follow that, and he could only groan and lean back as the basilisk's cock squirmed and wriggled forward with a life of its own, desperate to seat itself further inside of him. Basalt's vast chest loomed over his face, and he inhaled that deep, potent musk eagerly, letting it fill his lungs even as that monstrous, endless cock began the slow pilgrimage deep within him. The massive beast standing above him, the scent of that beastly musk, the pain of over a dozen cuts and bites across his body, and of course the increasingly stuffed sensation of Basalt's thick, slippery shaft in his rear- all of these sensations wreaked havoc on the part of Dolmen's mind that craved submission, and before long his mouth fell open, eyes rolling up, as he surrendered to the pleasure.

"Remembering yet?" Basalt growled roughly from the darkness. He gave his massive hips another drive forward, sending a few more inches of that beastly cock deep within his mate. Dolmen's limp body suddenly tensed; his sore and battered prostate had just been slammed.

"Ahh... found it. That took me longer than I had thought it would."

Dolmen felt his limbs shudder involuntarily as each new inch of slippery, reptilian cock slid carelessly past his abused prostate. Basalt must have sensed his mate's reaction, for soon each rock of his hips sent a jerk down his snakelike shaft, purposefully nudging his prostate with each well-aimed thrust. Dolmen had always envied the fact that Basalt had total control of his muscles in that regard, but now he began to freshly appreciate just what a prehensile cock was capable of. As the first foot finally slid in with a slick sound, the tip began to curl and carefully wind itself further within, following the natural trail of Dolmen's insides as it sought out his large intestine.

Deep down in his gut, Dolmen felt and heard a low gurgle; Basalt had found it.

"Ghhmm," Basalt groaned. A claw came down to Dolmen's heaving chest, searched out a plump nipple, scraped across it roughly. "Now we are getting somewhere. Let us see how witty you are when I reach the back of your throat."

Even lost in the pleasure and haze of musk, Dolmen knew that Basalt wasn't serious about that. He knew very well that Basalt's cock was only a bit longer than three feet, not near enough to accomplish such a horrifying feat. But still, the confidence in the beast's growl only inspired delightful fear in the human. In the mood that Basalt was in, he would ensure that every last inch of those three feet were inside of him before the night's end.

The soft, wet sounds of a long basilisk cock sinking into a defenseless, human ass bounced off of the cold stone walls, and with each slick note Dolmen felt his prostate suffer under the assault. Each forceful shove sent another inch of meat roughly past his prostate, and each and every time his own manhood twitched and let out a spurt of pre. His cock- already wet from Basalt's earlier tongue bath- was soaked anew with his own fluids. He bit down on his lip, his hands clutching the torn furs fiercely as he struggled to rise above the pleasure.

Can't cum yet. Basalt's not done. Just concentrate... fuck, this was a lot easier when I was younger.

Dolmen laid back, his legs stretched wide as Basalt slid himself down deep, and with each passing second he felt his prostate get pummeled and his gut utter low, unpleasant gurgling sounds. He felt the beast's hips press lower and lower, until at last he felt the tip of his cock meet Basalt's belly. It greeted that musky, leathery hide with a wet kiss of pre.

"Almost there, little one," Basalt called to him gruffly. His own voice was terse with pleasure. "Just a little further... do not yet lose yourself. When you finally go over, I want your seed for myself."

Dolmen briefly wondered- when his mind found the brief clarity to form rational thoughts amidst the brain-numbing sensations forced upon him- just how deep Basalt was inside of him. He imagined that slimy, seeking tip buried somewhere deep in his colon, probing the entrance to further depths without concern for his own health. After all, he was just prey. There was no need for Basalt to feel concern for the pains or pleasures of prey. His cock jumped at the thought, further staining Basalt's hide with his clear pre.

"Hmm... you are going limp on me, human. I do hope you are still conscious. I want you awake to experience this. I want you to feel me in the moment that I remind you what you are."

Those great, wide hips settled just over his own, and for a brief moment Dolmen felt the newest inches of Basalt's cock suddenly grow a bit wider, yawning open his ravaged hole to new levels.

The base. He was close.


With that one word Basalt pushed himself forward one final time, sinking his musky, reptilian crotch down between Dolmen's legs and connecting the swollen lips of his sheath with the human's ass. Basalt's cock shuddered from fat base all the way to his slim, wriggling tip, and somewhere deep inside Dolmen felt the first of a long series of heavy, liquid deposits. The basilisk gave a low, earth-shaking rumble, rolling his beastly hips down and grinding his mate into the furs. Dolmen wheezed as several hundred pounds of basilisk hips settled their full weight on him.

"There. Now, Dolmen, perhaps you have a clearer understanding of things. Tell me... do you remember now why I allowed you the role you have taken for granted? Imagine," he growled, giving another roll of his broad hips and sending a violent twitch down the length of his deeply imbedded, wriggling spire.

"Imagine... if I did this every night, as you have done so to me. I do not think you would last long."

That was an understatement, as Basalt's complete penetration- coupled with the fact that the beast's rough belly now openly stroked his aching, desperate cock- had sent Dolmen to the precipice of his limits. His eyes had squeezed shut as he was forced to feel every fat inch of his mate's lengthy breeding tool as it stuffed his ass and colon, and his hands came up to weakly hold onto the beast's broad sides.

"Not so talkative now, hm? Good. I want you paying attention. Listen... deep within yourself... to the sounds of your body's submission."

Dolmen could indeed hear every gurgle and slosh as Basalt's cock teased at the entrance to his small intestine, but even if he failed to hear, he could feel what happened next. A long, slow ripple made its way down the beast's cock, down every inch, sliding past his prostate as it traveled, until at last it reached Basalt's tip. Then the impact came. A sudden, hot push deep inside, fired like a wet jet at the barrier of his small intestine. Dolmen heard it against the deep, pleasured growl of the beast that had claimed him.

He was being seeded.

Male flatland basilisks like Basalt were unique among the many creatures of Buru in a variety of ways. Six limbs rather than four, those petrifying eyes, a long, prehensile cock, and of course that unearthly musk. But there was another unique quality to basilisks that Dolmen was only rarely able to appreciate. Their reproductive system boasted a wide number of impressive features, and first and foremost among them was the ability to cum at will and to the very limits of their massive, internal testicles.

In all the years they had been together, Basalt had only taken him three times. Each time Basalt had done so in the same fashion as he did now: a slow, measured penetration, followed by a complete and utter emptying of those colossal, internal testes into his lower bowels. He did not stop until Dolmen was completely full, even if the process took several minutes. Dolmen knew, as those first few pumps rolled along that shaft and deposited another load into his guts, that he had a long wait ahead of him.

"Breathe. I have only just... ungh... begun."

Dolmen settled in for the long haul, his cock leaking constantly even as his insides were steadily, slowly pumped to fullness by a persistently ejaculating basilisk cock. Each minute saw his stomach bloat as his intestines were slowly filled.

Pump... pump... pump... pump... gurgle... pump... pump...

At last a slow, oozing trickle began to leak out of Dolmen's ass, driven out by the slowly undulating basilisk meat inside of him. Feeling that at last his mate had been properly stuffed, Basalt pulled his broad hips free from Dolmen's and began the arduous process of drawing free from his mate. Once again Dolmen felt every inch of Basalt's mobile meat as it retreated from him with a mix of harsh jerks and smooth pulls, and once again he was forced to the edge of climax as his completely soaked and battered prostate was freshly abused.

This time however he could hold off no longer, and as Basalt carelessly slid his cock out of him he felt himself go over.


Dolmen cried out as a huge paw suddenly swooped down and mercilessly clutched his balls, those rough paw-pads pulling them down and holding them by their roots. His climax was cut short just as the first shot of cum lanced across Basalt's chest, and above him he heard the basilisk hiss in displeasure.

"Pathetic. I told you to hold it."

Basalt lost interest in the slow game, and with one last tug he pulled free from the human. A quick rush of his thick, goopy seed flowed out to soak into the furs beneath them, followed by a slower, slicker trail that constantly leaked.

Dolmen stifled a whimper as his balls were clenched roughly, painfully, and his release was put to a brutal stop before it even truly began. His hands came down to pull and grasp helplessly against the paw that held his jewels, but the beast's grip was unrelenting.

"Basalt!" he cried out to the darkness pitifully, his usually deep voice shrill with pain. Basalt rumbled above him as he shifted positions again, and Dolmen felt the basilisk move off of him. A breath of hot air blasted against his groin, and he heard the wet sound as his mate opened his cavernous jaws wide. A broad, wet tongue slipped out.

"Now. Cum."

The paw released him, only to be replaced by the beast's muzzle, and free from his restrains his balls at once tucked in tight and let loose. Dolmen let out a ragged moan as Basalt's tongue immediately went to work on his pulsing, tortured shaft. Every single drop was greedily swallowed, every single pulse voraciously milked by wicked tongue and suckling throat, and all the while Basalt huffed in the scent of his mate's sweaty musk straight off the tap. Dolmen's eyes rolled back in his head as he was taken to the root, as Basalt drank his fill.

He was the prey, nothing more than something to be taken and used, and in that instant he knew it better than ever before.

When at last Basalt had sucked him dry, he continued nursing the spent shaft of his mate for some time. He finally let it slide from his jaws, and with a deep, pleased rumble he curled up around and on top of his smaller mate. Dolmen's completely spent body welcomed the blissful heat and rumble of the old beast, and he smiled weakly in the dark.

"Ha," he managed to say between deep lungfuls of the chilled, musky air.

Basalt's eyes fell upon him. "What was that, little one?"

It took a while for Dolmen to recover sufficiently to speak once again, and he patted Basalt's side. His grin widened.

"You... you said... cum."

Basalt's deep purr cut off all at once, and for a moment Dolmen worried that he had angered his mate. Then another sound filled the cave.

A deep, baritone laughter. Basalt's laughter.

"Dolmen. You talk too much."

The pair curled up and snuggled against each other, all violence and rough carnality dropped as quickly as it had descended upon them, and the rest of the cold night passed in the silent, warm embrace of the other. All hungers had been fulfilled, leaving only bliss.

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Basalt and His Prey

Dolmen looked up from his book as the clean flatland breeze swept over him, and he paused his reading to take a deep, fulfilling lungful of the chilled air. He held the breath in his chest- noting the subtle hint of basilisk musk in the taste- and...

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