FPP Side Chapter: Birthday with Mangle

Story by Ceeb on SoFurry

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#10 of Freddy Pimpbear's Pussy

Because chapter 3 will be delayed due to artist difficulties, have a side chapter. c; Actually a trade with FA: nightfaux for the fantastic cover image of the series.

Sweet just-eighteen Tracy gets dragged huffing and pouting by his father to a strange new joint that's just opened up, and he finds out what it's like to know the gentle touch of a woman - at least until daddy comes back with a few drinks in him...Interested in featuring in a side chapter like this? All of the spruced-up and eager-to-please animatronics will be fair game for side chapters running $60 each. Note me for details!

Writing and concept (C) me

Night (C) FA: nightfaux

Tracy (C) FA: iko

Five Nights at Freddy's (C) Scott Cawthon

Tracy kept close to his father and cut a skittish rhythm with his hooves. He was very uncomfortable, and if he had had his way, he would have been at home, keeping to himself - but father had other ideas. It was Tracy's eighteenth birthday and that meant it was time to become a man.

Gaudy neon from all angles offended the senses. The red light district was full of life at any time of day but especially so at night. Then and there, Tracy had never felt more out of place than at that particular moment. He pressed into his father's flank and got a strong arm wrapped around his middle for his troubles.

"I think we should go home," Tracy moaned.

Night squeezed his boy close. "Nonsense. You'll love this place."

"I kinda doubt it," Tracy said quietly.

Nobody would dare accost someone like Night. He was a stout six-foot-tall beast with the hooves and build of a stallion but the face of a gryphon. Tracy took after him only in the most tenuous sense in that he too had hooves and a beak, but the rest of him was slight and frail. The ears gave away the fact that he was primarily a desert-bound fennec fox.

Seen obliquely from the sidewalk, the neon sign for Freddy Pimpbear's Pussy was as nauseating and unintelligible as any other, but Night recognized the facade from their web page He twisted up a sneer and pulled Tracy through the door and past a pair of eagle-eyed bouncers. Apparently they thought Night and Tracy didn't look troublesome.

"What the heck is this place?" Tracy blurted on their way in. They walked on checkered black and white tiles, heading into a den of throbbing dance music and flitting lights.

"Tough to explain," Night muttered. "Let's just say that the talent in here has to like you."

Never before had Tracy seen a gentleman's club and he immediately thought the term was a misnomer. Garish lights, worse decor and a distinct lack of clothing on who he guessed to be the talent added up to a less-than-reputable sight.

"Dad," Tracy bleated, tugging at Night's arm.

But Night was vacant. His lewd eyes had fallen on one of the working girls, her a vixen with an eyepatch and a hook for a paw. She was sitting nude in a long, curved couch, swilling booze and letting tanked patrons snack away at her cunt. Not for Tracy, he thought, but maybe for daddy some other time...

"What is it, son," Night inattentively replied.

"This place is weird."

Night fixed his eyes on Tracy and smiled. "Hogwash, you're here for a good time. We just need to find you the right girl."

"Dad, no-o-o," Tracy whined. Night pulled him along to the bar. At Night's insistence, Tracy had a martini. It was non-alcoholic, but he complained about disliking booze anyway.

Ignoring his son's whining, Night engaged the twenty-something barkeeper with a winsome smile. "Excuse me, dear," he cooed to her, whom seemed to be a wolverine, "but which one of these ladies do you think would give my shy, just-eighteen little boy here a fun night?" To illustrate their bond, Night squeezed Tracy close. The birthday boy huffed and shyly avoided the bartender's eyes.

The bartender was still fluttering her eyelashes at Night's charm when the question was answered by somebody more inclined to know. Mangle set her paws on the shoulders of Night and Tracy to the discomfort of the latter and the smiling interest of the former. "So sorry, boys. I couldn't help but eavesdrop," the white vixen said with a wink, "but it's this handsome young man's birthday? And he needs some attention?"

Tracy's male gaze fell on Mangle's naked and pert breasts. Her pink accents were as lovely as her yellow eyes were calm, but all the serenity in the world couldn't ease a skittish boy like Tracy, and he said to the synthetic vixen, "Umm, no... No, that's okay."

"That's absolutely right," Night said right over Tracy with a smile. "You look like you'd be perfect for my timid little man here."

Tracy looked at Night with peeved anxiety. Night squeezed him around the middle and said to the vixen, "Anywhere private we can go?"

"Right this way," the vixen purred. "And by the way - you can call me Mangle."

Tracy followed the vixen with her swishing hips and tail only because Night doggedly pulled him along by the wrist. The hideous pizzeria decor gave over to something resembling a nice hotel on the way to the VIP rooms. On either side of the hall, noises of sex and bawdy private shows bled through the doors. Mangle led the father and son duo to a quiet room down the hall from the others. It was just a few paces away from a steel door with the words parts and maintenance stenciled on it.

In the moodily-lit room was a leather couch, a table, a minibar and a dancer's pole. Tracy blushed at the sight of the latter object and entered only when Night nudged him in. "You kids have fun," the gryphon chirruped mainly to his son as he shut the door. Tracy practically lunged for the door and halted when the latch caught. Though he could have easily opened it up for an escape, he spun on his heel and stared guiltily at Mangle.

A smile spread on Mangle's rosy-cheeked face. She closed the gap slowly and with a shake of her tail. "I never got your name," she cooed just as she set her paws on his chest. It was a practiced move with men: Go for the chest, accentuate the muscles even if they didn't have any - anything to build them up.

"Oh, um," he sighed, "Tracy."

Mangle teased her pink claws up along Tracy's chest. She had never seen anything quite like him. The soft, fuzzy texture of his fur was dreamy. "You're a handsome young man," Mangle winked. "Not all men need to be big and strong to be desirable. Did you know that?"

Tracy smiled thinly and dodged her gaze. "I imagine you have to say that, right?"

"Mmm, not as much as you'd think," Mangle chuckled. "Please, Tracy, have a seat, and let me entertain you..."

Despite seating himself, Tracy murmured, "You don't have to dance, I don't--, I can't see myself getting much out of that."

All that meant to Mangle was that she got to skip to the next step. From the first moment Tracy settled back into the sofa, Mangle straddled his wide hips and bumped her nose into his dark beak. She kissed it with a wet smack of her lips and stole her paws up under his shirt. Tracy's first instinct was to gasp and resist but it was a token effort and not one Mangle heeded. She played across his nipples which had already stiffened.

"Oh, god," Tracy gasped.

Mangle giggled and pushed her pretty snout into the crook of his neck and shoulder. A playful growl did wonders for the submissive gryphon. "Touch me," she recommended. "Wherever you like, as much as you want... I'm built for this," she crooned.

Tracy overcame his apprehension enough to put his paws on Mangle's hips. Him being a boy with girlishly wide hips made him especially appreciative of Mangle's slender figure, and in time he began stroking her supple behind. "Umm, you're very pretty."

The vixen batted her eyelashes. "Thank you." She readjusted herself, pushing her groin to his in the process. It was then that Mangle realized that Tracy was suspiciously smooth. By this point in her act, most of the boys had already pushed her back to stick it in, but Tracy was dormant. "Mmm, you really are a shy thing," she tittered. "There's no need for that, dear." A kiss on his beak lit his cheeks up. Mangle nosed into one of them for another soft kiss, and another one a bit lower. She then chained kisses down his neck and started unbuttoning his shirt, kissing the downy fluff one exposed segment at a time until she neared his belly. "I'm not flexible enough to go much lower," she lied.

"That's okay," Tracy tightly replied. "Um, are we about done here? I should really go find my dad, he's gotta be wondering how this is going..."

If a client resisted enough, Mangle and the others would let them go without a problem, but they were quite empathetic. Despite his shyness, Mangle could tell that Tracy was interested, if not unsure of himself. She nuzzled his beak and cooed to him, "It seems to me your father wanted you to have a good time, sweetie. I don't think his idea of a good time is to get half-undressed and then scamper off - do you?"

"Well... No," Tracy admitted. "But you're so pretty, and I'm so..."

"You're so...?" Mangle smiled.

"Never mind," Tracy huffed.

Mangle nibbled the gryphon's neck. "If you'd like to leave, I won't stop you," she gently said. "But I hope you'll stay. You're such a cute little thing."

In all this apprehension, Tracy's paws had never left Mangle's rear. Suddenly realizing that he was still holding her cheeks caused him to avert his eyes and slink his paws to the cushions. "Okay... Okay," he whispered. "Be gentle with me, just do your thing."

Although Tracy had no lips to kiss, Mangle made due on his beak and met his eyes with a sentimental gaze. Without a word, she scooted back and knelt on the floor. In symmetry, she slid her paws up Tracy's thighs and they met at his groin. Using an exploratory touch, she kneaded his groin and came to a silent, immediate realization. That's new, she thought. Don't react to it. Be calm. He's self-conscious enough as it is.

Mangle reached for Tracy's fly and opened it promptly. Beneath the denim folds were briefs which she hadn't expected, but she understood why he wore them. "Let's get these off, you have such nice hips and legs," she purred as she tugged Tracy's jeans off. It was plain as day that Tracy wasn't like other boys: Instead of a throbbing cock, Tracy had a pussy. Mangle softly rubbed the folds through his briefs. Tracy parted his legs wider and gripped the armrest of the couch as a long, but docile moan escaped him.

The vixen leaned low and partook of a sniff of Tracy's musk. It was male enough, but not entirely. To any nose expecting a binary gender, it was a peculiar smell. Mangle nibbled and teased Tracy's vaginal lips through the fabric. His wetness was subtle but present. The animatronic dragged her tongue across the slightly wet patch and shivered at the taste of the gryphon-mix's femininity

As Mangle tugged his briefs down, Tracy shakily asked, "You don't think I'm weird?"

"No," Mangle answered calmly. She caught a glimpse of his sweet young pussy and winked up at him. "I'm all steel and wires and microchips under this fur and skin, darling. As if I'm fit to judge what's weird."

Tracy smiled but his eyes conveyed shyness which Mangle thought cute. The vixen slipped his briefs down to the floor and pressed in close again. She dragged her cool, wet tongue across his snatch just hard enough each time to part the folds and tease the pink within. Tracy groped around on the couch for something to dig his fingers into and found purchase on the armrest and the edge of a seat cushion. "Oh, that feels nice," he whispered. A moment later, he asked just as carefully, "Can I... Can I touch yours? I've only ever had other boys." A quick beat. "Normal boys," he added somewhat bitterly.

Mangle smiled apologetically at the emphasis. To the query as a whole, she answered with a nod and a stroke on Tracy's face where his beak connected. She stood up and clasped her paws behind her back, and so she presented her ballerina figure to the young man with her gentlest of smiles and a bat of her eyelashes. "I know it's easy to say, dear," she chuckled, "but don't be shy."

"Ah, wow," Tracy huffed. He sat up and put his paws on Mangle's svelte hips. Slowly and reverently, Tracy stroked down the vixen's legs which she kept pressed close together. He stroked back up and cupped her rump cheeks a bit more firmly than he had the first time around. Finally, and most promisingly, he moved his fingers down to the crooks where her cheeks met her thighs and hooked them between her legs. At his suggesting tugs, she spread her legs and proffered the wet lips of her flawless little cunt. Tracy bumped the filed tip of his beak into her clit and flitted his tongue over her folds. She shuddered very gently and set her paws on the back of his head.

"You're so cold," Tracy blurted out.

"Lest you forget what I am," Mangle said, smiling ruefully. "I hope you won't mind."

"No," Tracy said quite firmly, "not at all." He gave another lick to her supple folds, but not firmly enough to part them. Merely wicking away her fluids, which were synthetic but very lifelike just as she was herself, was enough of a thrill to sheltered Tracy. He sighed across her muff and rested his head on her belly. "You're really pretty, though. I hope you know that."

"You're such a sweet boy," Mangle cooed. "And I'm going to make you very happy..."

Out on the sleaze of the main floor with the music pumping and the lights flashing, Night worked on his fifth drink. At his side on the couch, much to the envy of other patrons, was the wide-hipped pirate girl Foxy whom tithed each of Night's drinks. Her phony eyepatch was up and her pupils looked peculiar. Animatronics couldn't get drunk, but Foxy feigned it when she drank with guests. The pirate palmed Night's crotch with her paw and nudged under his beak with her shiny hook. "Y'said yuh here with yer lad, aye?" she drawled.

"That I am," Night answered, miraculously without slurring.

"So where is the lucky little man?" asked Foxy with a wide, toothy grin. A gold fang glistened in the club's tacky lights.

Night smiled and unabashedly squeezed one of Foxy's tits. He amused himself with her nipple rings as he answered, "I left him with Mangle, she seemed like a nice girl."

"Psh! A nice girl," Foxy spat. "'Bout awl she is, yuh 'ear me? No meat on the skinny bilge rat, 'ardly fit to raise the sails!"

The hippogryph smiled tauntingly. "Workplace disagreements, miss Foxy?"

"Bah," Foxy spat. "Givvus a nip of the grog, aye?"

As Night obliged her, he mused aloud, "I wonder how things are going for my boy." He glanced at Foxy whom lay her cheek upon her hook to gaze at him attentively. "He's new to being around ladies, you see. Otherwise you might've been my first selection."

"Right nice of yuh tuh say," Foxy grinned, lashing her tail. "Yar, I'd be a bit much fer the laddie his first time! I suppose a pleasant girl like Mangle'd be just about perfect fer poppin' his cherry." Just then, the vixen threw a shapely leg over Night's lap and wrapped her bad arm around the back of his neck. "And as fer you, what d'yuh say to a bit of the in-an'-out with a real lady?" she growled, grinning malevolently.

"Well, actually," Night said to Foxy's immediate disappointment, "I think I'm going to go find my boy and see how he is. It's a safe bet to say I'll be back for you sometime, though."

"Hah, you teasin' boys are always sayin' the same shit! Say you'll be back fer me, never meanin' it," Foxy sneered. She flipped down her eyepatch and shot Night a sideways, coquettish look. "You'd best not ferget me though," the pirate said rather tenderly, and she kissed him on the beak. After an obnoxious grind into his groin, she thrust herself out of his lap and stood before him with her paw on her hip. "All right, yuh scurvy dogs," she barked to the fans waiting eagerly around her, "who here wants tuh be miss Foxy's cabin boy?"

Night meandered back to Mangle's room, pausing only for another drink and a much looser chat with the cute wolverine girl. At the door to the room, he tried the knob and found it locked. "Son, it's me," he said into it with a big smile.

A moment passed. Night heard hushed words and he went on smiling like an imp. "Is this a bad time?" he hopefully asked. "I'll come back later, son," he chuckled. But just then, the door opened to reveal rosy-cheeked Mangle, and in the back was Tracy wearing naught but a blush. "Oh, hello," Night smiled. "I'll just come back in a bit..."

"No, um, that's okay," Tracy stammered. "Isn't it?" he asked Mangle.

The vixen glanced back at her uncertain client before turning her eyes on Night. A smile crossed her lips. Father and son at the same time? Well, if that's what they want... "Of course it's okay," she cooed, letting Night inside.

"I trust you were showing," Night paused and belched, "my handsome little man a good time?"

"She was, yeah," Tracy smiled.

It came as only a small shock to Mangle when the tall, handsome gryphon grabbed her by the forearms and leaned in, whereupon he dragged his tongue across a nipple. The vixen let loose with a coo and pouted her modest bust out for him. Night licked again and then he bit softly upon the other with his beak. "Aren't you a pretty thing," he rumbled. "I didn't have time to appreciate it before."

Mangle smiled slyly and kissed him on the beak. "And as for you, dear, I can see where Tracy gets his good looks and his lovely eyes."

Night twisted up a coy smile of his own. "A flatterer, I see..." He peered over her shoulder at Tracy, sitting nude and observing quietly. Down into Mangle's ear, he asked in a whisper, "Did you two finish up?"

"Oh, no," she whispered back just the same. "We were moving along slowly. He's quite the romantic," she giggled.

"That's my boy," Night growled. "All right, pretty girl," he said, spinning the vixen around, "you make my little boy feel damn good, and you keep that tail hiked up good and high."

"Oh, yes sir," purred Mangle whom sauntered up close to Tracy and bent over to push her snout into his snatch. She stood like so with her knees locked, her ass perked, and her tail high as she made a slow and deliberate snack out of Tracy's pussy. The boy soon began to shudder and moan to her and he slowly raked his fingers through her short white hair.

While the vixen went down on his boy, Night shucked his pants quickly. Nothing below encumbered him and his dense black tool was already swollen in arousal. He squeezed and kneaded its flesh in both hands, for its size necessitated a dual grip. Appearances aside, however, Night didn't put his cock to immediate use. First he knelt smoothly behind the vixen and nosed up under her tail, and then he gripped her athletic cheeks and pulled them apart.

Different clients had different tastes and the Pimpbear talent was designed to suit as many of them as possible. To that end, Mangle had a snug little anus in a sweet pink shade, and as Night began to lick it he noted a subtle female musk. If not for the coldness of her body, Night thought, he wouldn't have believed her to be a machine. He cared not that she was. The sounds Tracy was making told him that the vixen was a capable lover and that was all he needed.

By laying down one heavy lick after another, Night coaxed Mangle's tail hole to clench and wink. Her pussy dripped irregularly with thick honey which smelled richly of feminine musk. Night once lapped across her vaginal folds to sample her juices and he was delighted to discover how lifelike she tasted. "Is there a home model I can buy somewhere?" he chuckled just before he dug his tongue into her asshole, pressing the filed edges of his beak into her taint and tail base.

"Ooh, mmf," Mangle huffed in no feigned pleasure, "we have plushes and t-shirts for sale at the gift counter." She had a quick lap across Tracy's muff and paused to suckle his clit. "Not what you were hoping to hear, I imagine."

"I'd kinda like a plush," Tracy admitted.

Night pulled back to gaze upon the overall perfection of Mangle's taut butt. "Very nice," he cheerfully remarked as he rose to his hooves. He took a packet of lube pilfered from a candy dish near the couch out of his breast pocket and poured its contents across his meat. He rubbed the slippery stuff around until his penis glistened.

At first Night tried to hold Mangle's cheeks apart on his own, but he needed to keep a hand on his shaft to steady it. Mangle quickly detected his struggle and reached back to hold her cheeks apart for him.

"Oh, thank you very much," Night said to the vixen as he butted his blunt tip against her anal entrance. Mangle was much too busy snacking upon an increasingly-noisy Tracy to reply verbally. She made due with a bump back, and Night returned the gesture when he ground forward.

For all her tightness, Mangle's pucker yielded to Night with a minimum of fuss. The cool orifice stretched taut around his member immediately but he never felt as if he was pushing her too far. He observed in a fatherly way that she was a sturdy piece of hardware and as he sank into her, he shuddered and crooned. As soon as it became clear that his cock needed no further bracing, Night put his hands on the vixen's hips for a possessive squeeze. "Quite a fine little establishment here," he peeped. "My regards to the owners."

"I'll be sure to pass it along," Mangle panted into Tracy's snatch, in which she was frequently burying her short snout. Tracy's vaginal walls clenched around her and the gryphon whined in outspoken pleasure.

Not unlike the way Tracy's cunt gripped Mangle's snout, the vixen's anal passage massaged Night's herculean endowment in a manner which the gryphon was well-accustomed to. Pillaging tight assholes was a frequent pastime of his, and as near as he could tell, Mangle offered an accurate depiction of the anal experience. Without having to ease back or forcefully shove his way in, Night settled flush against the vixen. His fat, hairless balls brushed her cunt and her inner thighs. They throbbed there and the pleasure made Mangle shiver.

Night knew he didn't need to give Mangle any chance to adjust, and so he got right into the main thrust. He wasn't careful or slow; in fact, he started out rough. The lubricant did well to keep his member slick and his pre added to the slipperiness. The full length of his stallion cock was too cumbersome to buck in and out, but the eight or nine inches he used was an ample stroke. The flare of his cockhead filled out in short order and it utterly reamed the slim vixen.

The vixen curled her tail around Night's middle. He hugged it and nuzzled into its fluff. Though Mangle's main focus was on Tracy's cunt, she was far from passive with Night. Oftentimes she rocked back on her heels to drive her ass into his groin at the apex of every thrust. The massage her synthetic insides gave his shaft were not random convulsions of sinew but intentional squeezes and pushes to give to him the most pleasure possible. Despite that skill, his great size meant her innards were stretched taut around him, dampening the strength of her muscles. Night didn't notice.

Tracy gasped and bucked his hips into Mangle's snout, thus engulfing a few inches of it and spreading himself wide. "Oh, god, I'm about--," he bleated just as he squirted around her muzzle. As the musky juice wetted her fur and sluiced into her maw, Mangle purred sweetly and lapped deep inside of his spasming twat to coax his orgasm into lasting just a bit longer. It evidently worked, for Tracy twisted and whined for a good ten seconds. When the blissfulness of afterglow settled in, he groaned to Mangle, "I'm sorry about that..."

"Oh, sweetie," Mangle lovingly laughed.

"No need to apologize over something like that," Night huffed. Suddenly enough to surprise Mangle, he slipped out of her and took to the cushion beside Tracy. With a beckon, he summoned Mangle back into his lap and the vixen straddled him face to face.

"Up my butt again?" she asked with a wink.

Night winked back and nodded. The vixen did the work without complaint. As she sat down and took Night's penis back into her snug behind, Night turned his attention on Tracy whom was yet rosy-cheeked and huffing. "How was it, son?"

"Really good," Tracy bashfully said.

As she pressed her ass down against Night's loins, Mangle crooned, "I'm glad, lovely."

"I am too," Night warmly sighed. The vixen went about riding him cowgirl style, her small breasts bouncing with the rhythm for the simple enjoyment of both Night and Tracy. Night reached for his son and idly felt around, teasing his belly before sliding his fingers south to fondle his hot snatch. Tracy huffed and parted his legs, and Mangle discreetly watched with no change in her expression.

Acts of incest were no more unusual to Mangle than any other request. She wasn't programmed to care, but her emergent intelligence didn't much mind either. From the way Tracy squirmed yet pressed into Night's touch, she could see there was a very deep and abiding respect between the two of them. When Night leaned over and pressed cheek to cheek with his boy as a rumble stirred up in his chest, she smiled and actually giggled.

"You two are adorable," she said.

"Aw," Tracy moaned, hiding his face in the crook of Night's neck and shoulder.

Night chuckled and pulled back, setting both hands upon Mangle's tits. "Why don't you get dressed and go get yourself some souvenirs?" Night murmured to his boy. "Grab some cash out of my wallet."

Tracy smiled as he stood up. "Thanks, dad. And... Mangle? Thank you, too."

"You're welcome, darling," she said without turning to look at him. "Come back sometime."

When the door latched and locked behind Tracy, Night wrapped his arms around the vixen and crooned up to her, "My boy took a real liking to you."

"Mhm," Mangle sighed. "And he's such a dear little thing." She inclined to kiss Night on the forehead. He responded with a gentle beak nip on her neck and a sloppy lick across a nipple. "Ooh..."

"I'm close now," Night huffed. "I'll admit, your pirate friend out there warmed me up," he filthily smiled.

Mangle smiled and chuckled dryly. "Ah, yes, I thought you smelled a bit of hooch and scurvy," teased the vixen. "Well, some of us don't need a gimmick."

"Amen to that," Night groaned, clutching her ass cheeks in what seemed to be the big moment. It ultimately passed and he nuzzled into her cleavage for an instant of male self-indulgence.

"Cum for me," Mangle quietly moaned. "Animatronic or not, I quite like when big, strong clients unload into me..."

Mangle rode Night for a time longer, bouncing and clenching expertly. Her paws remained on his shoulders and her tail swayed in delight. The gryphon closed his eyes and tossed his head back as the well-earned pleasure washed over him. Within but a few minutes, he scuffed his hooves on the floor and he shuddered in what had to be his release. Sure enough, the hippogryph unloaded his fat balls, filling up the reservoir in Mangle's body made to catch such things to capacity. Cum drooled out around the tight yet imperfect seal of Mangle's anal ring and it coated Night's groin in a way he was all too familiar with.

"Nngh, shit," Night puffed. After a moment to calm himself, he asked, "I don't suppose I can wash up somewhere?"

The vixen chuckled in a playful way and stroked through Night's silky blonde hair. "All of our rooms have en suite bathrooms for such reasons, sir." She pulled up and wiggled her hips along the way. Night's fully flared cockhead popped out of her and a gush of his discarded semen ran down her taint, snatch and thighs. "Mmm, I hope you had a wonderful time," she cooed with a kiss on his beak, "at Freddy Pimpbear's Pussy, darling."

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