Alyth the Pokemon Tamer chapter 4

Story by Naga Shark on SoFurry

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#4 of Alyth the Pokemon Tamer

Well here is Chapter 4. Now if I can only get my mind working to finish this story. If anyone wants to help I am more than happy to accept.

Chapter 4

Cynder just laughs softly and lays by Alyth's side, contributing her bodily warmth to keep her mate from freezing.

Alyth sleeps for 2 hours before coming to cuddled up to Cynder and smiling as shi nuzzle her neck and kiss her softly.

After an hour, Lux comes to and crawls to lay appreciatively next to them, a few feet away, but still considerably closer before falling asleep.

Once Alyth wakes up shi sees the Max Revive wasn't used so instead shi swaps it out for a Full restore and uses it on Lux as a gesture of good faith.

Cynder reaches out to stop you from using it. "No. Leave him be. Healing him would only hurt his pride"

Alyth stops and sighs and put the Full restore back in hir cape and casta aqua create to make a clean pool of water and heat it up with a small fireball spell and then ease into

it and begin to wash offering Cynder to join me.

Cynder slowly lowers herself next to hir, only dirtied a bit from the attack that had knocked her out. "That was Lux. I used to be his mate. Then, as a final test of his

strength, I faked my death to see how he handled it. Seems he still held some of it personally. I-I think I owe him an apology. I was a bad mate for him." She sighed softly,

nuzzling her new mate.

Shi nuzzles back and says. "Dear in a way I am happy cause I ended up meeting the best mate I could have ever asked for." Shi then leans forward and kisses her softly on her


Cynder kisses Alyth back softly, but pulls back in dismay. "I have a favor to ask, and you can tell me no if you want. First I should explain. Until recently, I couldn't mate

because of a genetic disorder. Then I went to a human clinic and got myself sterilized. Lux never got a chance to mate with me because of this, even though we were mates for

years. So basically, he was probably only trying to rape you to lose his virginity. I hate to sound disloyal, but I feel that I owe it to him to allow him to have his way with

me, just once, as an apology. Will you allow this?" Cynder sighed softly and looked down, already assuming that Alyth would say 'No'.

Shi kisses her hard and nods to her in understanding. "Love you have my blessing as long as I get seconds with him. I mean I feel bad too what from about kicking his head off?"

Cyn kisses hir back and rubs hir slit softly with a tail, nodding. "You can have him all if you want. Just be sure to give him the time of his life."

Alyth kisses her back and rubs her slit as well with hir finger tip.

Cyn moans softly and kisses back. "What do you think we should do to apologise?"

"I say you let him lose his virginity to you while I watch then I let him do me and then once he has cum his self loopy we give him one hell of a show love, what do you think?

Or would that be to much for his little heart?"

"That sounds wonderful~" Cyn smiles before walking over to Lux, who was fully healed from his Rest by now, and nudging him awake. "Hey, Lux... It's Cyn... I-I have to


Lux shook his head to clear it as he woke up. "Cynder, is that really you?"

"Yes..." she nuzzled his neck, happy to see him again. "I-I wanna apologise. Firstly, for teasing you for all those years, and secondly, for making you think that I was dead."

Lux lifted his head, surprised. "Oh! W-well... I guess it's okay... I see you got a new mate though."

Cyn nodded, "Yes, but because of different reasons. We were together to train. You know that. Alyth and I legitimately love each other. I'm sorry, Lux. C-can I ask something of

you as an apology?"

"I-I guess..."

"While I was gone, I went to a human clinic and got myself sterilized so that I wouldn't die while giving birth. I know that I teased you for a while... Would you mind if I

opened up to you to finally make good on my teasing?"

"So you wa-"

"Yes," Cyn cut him off. "I want you to mate me. As my apology to you."

Lux actually jumps up having never thought this day would ever come seeing as he thought Cynder was dead and nods rapidly getting a slight bit dizzy. "Well yeah I would be happy

if you was to do that, but is Alyth you said hir name is right? Is shi really okay with it?"

Cynder nodded solemnly and turned around, lifting and spreading her tails for him. "Yes, we talked it over. And I believe after we finish, she wants to talk to you."

"Really? I wonder what about?" He leans in close and smells before he gives a lick on her slit and finds he likes it and starts lapping rather enthuesiastically although he is a

virgin he seems to be doing alright at this.

Cynder moans softly and leans forward, raising her hind end into the air to give him better access. "Don't worry, Lux. You can mount me whenever you're ready~"

He lifts her head and licks her muzzle and then does just that. He hops up on his back legs and sorta walk/hop up till he is resting his front paws around her and latches onto

her neck with his teeth and tries to enter her depths and even though he misses a few times right as she is about to help him enter he hits his mark and slides home. Once inside

he tense up upon the feeling then goes crazy so to speak and starts rapidly thrusting inside Cynder fast hard and no rhytham at all.

Alyth sits back watching all this smiling and moaning softly as shi openly pleasures hirself to what shi is seeing.

Cynder moans loudly before speaking, "Lux, I want you to enjoy this. Take it slowly. Follow this pace." She starts rocking her hips back to meet his thrusts at a steady and even

tempo. "Okay?"

Lux slows down with some coaching and soon enough he matchs the pace Cyn set and actually start moaning louder than before. Although he feels his end coming quickly due to never

feeling this before.

Cynder continues to rock back against Lux steadily, moaning softly as she feels his cock start to throb inside her as he approachs release.

"Oh Cynder I don't know what is happening but what ever it is it sure feels really good."

"This is the glory of sex, Lux~" Cynder chimes happily as she begins to pick up her tempo, eager to feel her ex-mate fill her at last.

As he matches her tempo he suddenly starts to stutter thrust as his balls tighten and he shoots his first ever load deep inside her as he screams from the pleasure before he

flops over and lays limp on her back panting heavily. Not knowing what he just did.

Even after he cums, Cynder still rocks back and forth against him, moaning happily. "So how does it feel, Lux? You're no longer a virgin~"

He murrs happily sounding like he is about to fall asleep laying on her back from contentment not tiredness.

"Lux, don't fall asleep on us. Alyth still has to talk to you~" Cyn laughs lightly, still sucking his cock in and out of her slit.

Lux murrs louder as he looks at Alyth and reluctantly pulls out and walks over to hir. "So Alyth was it. Cynder said you wanted to talk to me?"

Alyth smiles as shi leans forward and says. "I to want to appologize Lux for that kick to the head and all so as appology I am willing to also give you the chance to mate with

me this one time.

One of Cynder's tails slowly slides to take Lux's place as she starts pleasuring herself to finish what Lux had started as Lux jumps in astonishment. "R-really!? Y-you want to

mate with me too?"

Alyth nods while biting hir lower lip and gets on hir hands and knees hir tender heart shapped ass and soaking wet pussy facing towards Lux as shi leans hir head down and

captures the head of hir male member and starts to suckle on it lightly as shi spreads hir legs enough so he can mount hir.

"T-thank you both. I accept your apology." Lux nods gratefully as Cyn starts dripping a small pool of cum while panting softly. "A-are you sure that this is the position you

want? I'll gladly take whatever position that you're comfortable with."

Alyth gives a small growl as if to say mount me now or you wont mount me at all.

He rests his paws on hir back and slowly slides his cum-covered member into place before slowly thrusting it fully into hir and moving his paws to either side of hir. "Are you

going to set the pace or should I try on my own this time?"

Alyth releases the head of hir cock and says. "Just pound me already. watching you two got me all hot a bothered and you wanna talk?"

He gives into his impulses and rapidly starts thrusting into hir with even less rhythm than he had when he started with Cyn, moaning loudly.

Alyth screeches and moan lustfully around hir cock as he pounds into hir from behind and shi is loving it so much that shi cums hard filling hir mouth rather quickly and

greedily swallows it.

He continues his wanton pounding as he begins to settle into a rather hasty tempo, trying to stuff as much of his barbed feline cock into hir as possible with each thrust as he

moans wildly.

Alyth moans even louder as shi tries hir best to meet each and every one of his thrusts with one of hir own so as to meet him in the middle.

He only picks up his pace as his cock starts to throb with each thrust, signaling an approaching orgasm. Cynder is now sitting in a small pool of her own cum, having been

stroking her G-spot with a tail lustfully as she watched.

"Oh yeah Lux do it fill me with your seed fill me up with all that Luxray cum you have in you."

His eyes roll into the back of his head as he hilts himself inside hir sweet, wet pussy, launching a rather large load deep into hir as he sort of collapse on hir back, starting

to feel a bit more exhausted. "A-all of it?"

Alyth smiles as shi eases him down off of hir and looks over to Cynder and smiles as shi kisses Lux lightly and then makes hir way over to hir mate and gives her a long lust

filled deep kiss with loads of tongue on tongue action.

Alyth whispers into Cynder's ear and says. "Love allow me to drain him of every single drop of his cum then once he can't do anything lets make love in front of him."

Cynder smiled lustfully and laughed. "You're just a little succubus today, aren't you? Okay, as long as you do the same for me~"

"Oh I will my beloved mate I would be honored to fuck you till you can't even walk my love."

Cynder continued to moan lustfully as she continued to tail herself, quickly reaching another orgasm as she kissed her mate, moaning as she spoke. "Oh-unh, mmh, make a show of


Alyth moans into the kiss and breaks it with a bit of reluctance and then crawls over to Lux being as sexy as possible and gently lays him on his back before lightly licking the

tip of his member and seeing as shi like the taste shi swallows it all in one quick move. Shi looks into his eyes and with a wicked smile shi goes even further down taking his

balls softly into hir mouth as well, as the walls of hir throat start a milking movement and shi starts a deep powerful purring/moaning sound in hir chest that goes right to his

cock and balls.

Lux gasps loudly and moans in surprise, not expecting hir to take over, let alone swallow his package whole. "W-what is this? What're you doi-OHHHHH!!!!" He moans loudly,

instantly taken to orgasm by hir amazing blowjob and forced to shoot another stream of cum, this time deep into hir throat.

Alyth greedily swallows every drop and to his horror keeps sucking away not slowing or even stopping and even going so far as to make the murring even harder sending even more

pleasure into his core as shi reaches back with one hand and starts to needingly finger hir dripping wet pussy with a lust even Cynder can't deny.

Lux moans loudly as he couldn't help but cum again, squirming a bit to try and get up as Cyn gave into temptation and crept up behind Naga, pressing her warm tongue happily to

hir slit. "I'm here, love~"

Alyth murrs ten times louder as hir fingers fall and shi starts lightly bobbing hir head on his length while keeping his balls in hir mouth yet causing zero pain.

Lux moans ever more loudly, quickly on his way to another climax before Cyn interrupts. "Do you wanna show him how tight your ass is before he's spent?"

Alyth pulls off his cock with a loud pop and smiles wickedly at Cynder and kisses her hard as shi turns around and spreads hir ample ass wide exposing hir tiny little pucker to

him and says. "Hey Lux Wanna fuck this tight virgin ass?"

He shot a load into the air from the after effects of the heaven she had just put him through, getting some on himself. "U-uh... ohhh..." He didn't seem capable of coherent

speech, but stood up and mounted her, lazily attempting to find her hole.

Cynder kissed Alyth lovingly, then instructed " Back up against the cave wall and thrust back against him. Trap him there and FORCE him to unleash his load in you."

Shi smiles as shi captures Cynder's lips and do just that causing Lux's cock to be swallowed by hir tight ass and shi starts to grind on him wanting that last few drops of cum

as shi presses him against the wall moaning into Cynder's muzzle lustfully.

Cynder's hot tongue wraps around Alyth's, tugging lightly on it as Lux screams from behind hir in pleasure, his cock already starting to throb as he nears yet another orgasm.

Alyth rocks hir body at a fast needy and greedy pace as shi continues to make out with hir mate and ride Lux's cock in hir ass for all shi is worth.

Lux screams as he cums once more. But this orgasm is different. He keeps pumping his seed into Alyth's ass for long after a normal orgasm would've finished, emptying the last of

his cum into hir.

Alyth moans lustfully as shi feels hir ass filled with his seed. Shi kisses Cynder hard and passionately as shi slowly lets Lux go from the wall and gets Cynder onto her side

and she feels hir member dive deep inside her pussy and into her womb.

Cynder moans loudly and rocks back against hir. "Oh, Alyth, baby, fill me up with your seed!" Her scalding juices begin to flow around Alyth's cock, still fresh from her recent

tail fucking.

Alyth groans at feeling her tight hot dripping pussy shi starts to drive into her over and over at a rapidly increasing pace.

Her necklace glows as she starts to transform into a herm, growing a 13-inch long cock that matches Alyth's diameter. "Fill me until I drool your cum again, then I'll return the

favor." She moans the last few words, thoroughly enjoying the small orgy that their having with Lux watching.

Alyth's cock shrinks down again and shi pulls out of her pussy and ease it into her tail hole as shi fingers her pussy with one hand and jerks her cock off with the other hand.

Cynder moans loudly but attempts to pull away. " Better idea. Roll Lux onto his back. Let's have a three way."

Alyth pushes Lux onto his back and eases Cynders pussy down on Lux's cock as shi continues to build speed and power fucking hir mate in hir tail hole.

Cynder lays on Lux's stomach and lowers her muzzle to his in a long, slow kiss while Alyth's thrusts cause her to grind on him a bit. "Oh fuck, Arceus, yes!" she moans as Lux

and she start kissing with tongue.

Shi continues getting harder and faster till shi is jack hammering Cynder and shi cums hard filling her tail hole with three gallons of cum and yet shi doesn't even slow down

shi keeps thrusting away.

Cynder moans loudly, unleashing a strong orgasm from her cock that starts to cover Lux's underside. Neither of them care as their kiss continues, causing them both to moan into

each other's mouths.

Alyth reaches down and starts to play with Cynder's cock and her clit with hir free hand as a wicked idea comes to hir mind.

Cynder and Lux hear an ancient language being uttered and suddenly Alyth's cock grows pleasure bumps and ridges and starts to vibrate with enough power to rattle teeth.

Cynder moans loudly, forced to cum from her slit, coating Lux's rear in her juices as well. As the vibrating starts, Lux is caught by surprise and meets her orgasm with one of

his own, producing what little cum he had left as her member begins to twitch again in preparation to cover him with more cum.

Alyth leans forward as shi jerks Cynders cock and teases her clit and thrusts harder and faster shi says to them both. "So how do you like this little gift huh?"

Neither are capable of speech as Cyn blows another load on Lux's chest, both moaning instinctively.

Alyth groans as shi cums hard again shooting 10 gallons of cum into Cynder's tail hole and shi moans louder than ever.

The cum forces its way through Cynder's body, causing her to scream in both pleasure and pain as she almost vomits Alyth's cum onto Lux's chest.

Shi continues moaning lustfully as shi can already feel another orgasm building.

Filled to the point of crying tears of Alyth's cum, she weakly squeak out to Alyth "O-other h-hole... P-please..." as she lifts herself off of Lux's cock for hir.

Alyth pulls out and with out missing a beat hir cock slides deep inside Cynder's pussy as shi moans loudly at the change of feeling and cums hard filling Cynder's womb and pussy

to the limit making Cyn look several months pregnant with a litter of pups.

Cynder rolls over weakly, with Alyth still in her so that she's belly-up and facing her. "A-Alyt-th... t-too much... c-cum..." Shi can see the cum flowing from the corners of

her mouth and eyes as she looks back up at you pathetically, in hopes of either pity or mercy. "A-am I even going t-to s-survive this?"

Alyth smiles a sweet smile as hir hands glow white and shi touches her belly and it starts to deflate and shi make hir hand travel up Cynder's body till shi reaches the tip of

her muzzle and then travel down till shi reaches her womb and stops and she notices shi left her womb and tail hole up to the small intestin the only part of her with cum still

inside the rest gone completely.

Her breathing starts to even out as she falls to her side, smiling. "H-how? How do you have so much in you?"

"I really don't know love. The Nurse Joys and other doctors never could figure it out. I personally think it is a side effect to my magic really."

Cynder nods softly "P-probably. Say, Love, I'm still horny. Mind getting me a Full Restore or something?"

Alyth smiles as shi reaches over to hir cape and pulls out a full restore and uses it on Cynder.

Cynder sighs happily and stands up, letting her member hang as she nuzzles hir legs. "Now to try and return the favor. Get comfortable, love~"

Alyth smiles happily as shi gets on hir hands and knees on top of a sleeping bag with hir legs spread and she can see hir pussy dripping heavily with hir juices.

Cyn hops up on top of hir and rests her front paws on either side of Alyth's chest. "Is there any way that you can make it so that I can cum enough to make you drool? I don't

think I have enough in me to do that."

Shi smiles as shi touches her paw and she feels different now and then shi reaches over and touches Lux and he is now spotless.

Cynder slowly and lovingly starts to pound her hips against Alyth's ass, driving herself into hir at a steady pace. "Thank you, Love~"

Shi moans at having hir ass pounded and she feels hir thrusting back so that their hips meet in the middle.

Cyn slowly begins to pick up the pace as one of her tails starts to tickle hir slit. "Love, is this size good for you? I can make myself larger or smaller at your will."

Shi moans loudly as hir tight little ass starts to milk her member as shi moans louder at feeling the fluffy tail tease hir soaked entrance.

Cyn's tail slowly penetrates hir as three more lightly brush around hir cock in a circle before wrapping around it and jerking hir off.

Alyth's moans triple in volume as shi feels an orgasm coming on.

Cyn's tails start milking hir member for cum as she continue to pound hir ass, still picking up speed as her other tail starts to stroke Alyth's G-spot.

Hir eyes start rolling into the back of hir head as shi cums very hard shooting a huge load onto the sleeping bag as shi falls forward face first into the puddle of cum on the

sleeping bag.

Her tails release Alyth as she continues to fuck hir brains out, jack hammering her shaft into hir as she starts to tailfuck herself in extacy.

A deep guttural moan starts to build as shi is being assaulted by pleasure and shi can not help it shi already feels another orgasm coming.

Another tail starts thrusting in and out of her tailhole at the same pace that she plows hir rear as her other tail starts to rub her own G-spot, causing her to moan loudly in

hir ear.

Alyth feels a massive orgasm building as shi thrusts back into her thrusts with as much power and speed as she is using on hir as hir ass milks her cock harder and faster

ensuring pleasure.

A third tail forces its way into her, lunging straight for her G-spot and stretching her walls exponentially, causing her cock to throb powerfully inside hir as cum begins to

waterfall from her overstretched slit.

Alyth screams in pure pleasure as hir ass convulses and hir cock jumps hard shooting cum against the wall of the cave as hir pussy gushes and squirts. In the back of hir head

shi says to hirself. "Oh yes this is going to be great."

Cynder bites down on her lip as she's forced to empty every last drop of cum she has into Alyth, steadily filling hir with nine whole gallons as she use her necklace to elongate

her cock to two feet, forcing her burning hot seed as far up hir as it will go.

As she cums a strangled scream escapes Alyth as her cum gushes out hir mouth, ears, nose, and hir tear ducts in great quantities and once her orgasm is over shi falls over

panting hard and coughing up cum by the pints.

Cynder collapses on top of hir and cover them in her cum-drenched tails as they lay in a pool of their own juices.

"Oh my dear that was intense." Alyth says as shi tries to pull them over to the pool but says fuck it and just uses the same magic shi used on Lux to get them and the bedding

clean as shi pants and still cum flows out of hir mouth.

One of Cynder's tails reaches into Alyth's cape and retrieves a Max Elixir, which she quickly drinks. "That it was. Now, for something that you will also enjoy~"

Alyth flips onto hir back with Cynder laying on hir belly a smile on hir face as shi still feels cum bubbling up from inside. She then rolls to where shi is on top and

supporting hirself as shi looks down on her with love in hir eyes.

Cyn smiles seductively into hir eyes and kisses hir nose. "Tell me, Alyth. What are your preferred dimensions in a human? What is 'Sexy' to you?"

"Love I find a woman who is fit and trim and yet has a nice plump butt and nice big juicy tits to be very sexy."

"Name numbers, hun~ Cup size, and even cock size if you want me to herm it up for you."

"46 DDD Bust 28 waist 46 hips and a nice big 13 inch long 4 1/2 inch wide cut cock sounds perfect to me."

Cynder's necklace glows before seemingly melting into her fur as her body begins to morph and change beneath hir to become a carbon copy of what shi had envisioned with long,

sandy blonde hair flowing behind her head and sparkling emerald eyes. Shi notices that all of her tails are gone as she leans up to kiss hir with her new lips. "This, my love,

is what you would desire in a human mate, yes?

"Yes it is but then again I love you for you." Alyth leans down and captures her lips and some of her cum flows into her mouth from hirs as hir tongue comes out to wrestle with Cyn's.


Shi gently and lovingly allows Cynder's cock to enter hir pussy and shi starts to grind away on it while gently kneading one of her breast while holding hir self with the other.

Alyth moans softly into her mouth and reaches down to stroke her member. "I wanted to be human for a while. So feel free to live out your deepest, darkest fantasies while I'm in

this form~"

Shi moans as she strokes hir member and she grinds lustfully on her shaft. Shi leans down and captures her nipple in hir mouth and suckles on it.

She moans happily as both of her hands wrap around hir shaft and start pumping along it. "I can lactate too if you wish~"

Shi nods as shi suckles and suddenly they both float up a bit and she feels someone below her and when she looks down she sees Alyth yet shi is on top of her and she feels a

cock of 10 inches long and 3 inches wide enter her ass as hir cock enters her pussy and her cock is still in Alyth's pussy.

She moans loudly, wondering what is happening to her body. She soon gives up caring as she resigns to the pleasure.

Alyth and hir copy starts thrusting in tandem inside Cynder as shi kisses hir lovingly and swaps hir cum between them.

Cynder happily swallows her own cum and tries to kiss hir back with her tongue, not sure of what will happen in what seems to be a haze over reality

Alyth kisses you lovingly as the copy nibbles on her neck and both start to pick up the pace.

Cyn feels herself nearing orgasm and starts shaking and moaning loudly.

Suddenly both Alyth's cum shooting their seed inside Cyn but only a pint each.

She moans loudly as her hips buck upwards, shooting a quart of her seed into Alyth as her wet pussy tightens around hir cock and begins milking it hungrily for more cum as her

still abnormally warm juices envelop it. "OH, ALYTH!!"

"I love you Cynder." Shi shouts as shi and hir clone pick the pace back up to full bore pounding into her moaning loudly.

Cynder's mind starts to go blank from the pleasure as she blindly thrusts up into Alyth and back down on to the clone.

With almost zero warning both cum hard and the clone vanishes as shi lays on top of her a huge smile on hir face and a wicked look in hir eyes. "Cum in me Cynder my love fill me

with your spunk."

Cynder's eyes roll back into her head in pleasure as she cums, yet again into Alyth, sending more hot seed up hir velvet pussy on command. "Oh, Alyth..." She releases a small

moan next to hir ear as she speaks, "Take me. Take me for all I have"

Alyth kisses her passionately as shi starts hammering away into her moaning loudly as shi massages her breast with one hand as shi reaches between them and teases her clit.

Cynder moans loudly and licks softly at the inside of Alyth's cheeks as she brushes a hand through hir hair. "OH! Yes, love! YES!!"

Shi continues to pound her harder and harder when shi casts a spell that causes hir cock to grow pleasure bumps and ridges and starts to vibrate powerfully again.

Cynder's inner walls start to convulse in orgasm, sending her cum down hir shaft like molten lava. "OH! OH GOD!!"

Alyth moans louder as shi feels hir last orgasm building and shi has a very wicked plan for this one.

"W-what's that look for, dear?" Cynder asks, sounding a bit scared.

Right before shi cums shi pulls out of her and off of her and the bumps, ridges, and vibrating stops and shi places the head of hir nice 12" long 3" wide cock into her mouth and

slowly thrusts into her mouth and into her throat at just the right angle to not cause her to gag and once her nose is pressed against hir crotch shi moans loudly as shi relases

the death grip on hir control and cums hard sending a gallon of hir jizz right down her throat and directly into her stomach.

Shi moans loudly and greedily sucks down Alyth's cum, moving to finger hir slit as shi does so.

Alyth groans happily as hir internal balls and prostate are drained empty down hir greedy throat.

Both of Cynder's hands slide on to hir ass, holding hir in place as she continue to suck on hir after shi cum, not wanting the pleasure to end.

Slowly but surely even with the wonderful pleasure Cyn is giving hir cock turns soft and goes limp and doesn't even give a hint of getting hard again for a bit but hir pussy is

absolutely dripping with juices.

One of her hands softly strokes hir clit as she continue thirstily sucking on the flaccid member, not caring that it's completely drained.

Alyth moans lustfully as shi rides the hand and yet shi seems to wince a bit as Cynder continues to suck on hir cock due to the sensitivity.

Removing her hands, allowing hir to move as she laughs apologetically. "S-sorry, did I hurt you?"

"No baby I am just a wee bit sensitive cause of all the times I have cum today. My sperm factory is out for the moment.

She frowns and looks down for a bit, disappointed and still extremely horny. "O-oh..."

Alyth smiles wickedly as a clone appears behind her as shi rolls onto hir back putting Cynder's ass facing the clone and shi kisses her right as said clone shoves hir 72" long 1

1/2" wide cock up her ass and pushes in until shi is fully inside Cynder to the base of hir cock and about 4 inches comes out of her mouth and into Alyth's and as shi kisses

Cynder shi also suckles like a baby on said cock moaning lustfully as shi also gives Cynder a great hand job.

She moans loudly in surprise, and lays her hand over Alyth's as shi strokes her cock. "Uh-u-un-gh" I gargle, attempting to speak, massaging the clone's cock as I attempt to do


Alyth uses a small trick to speak to her via the mind and asks. "What was that love?" Moaning loudly and suckling hard and fast.

Shi feels almost nothing as she reaches out to touch her mind, as it has gone nearly blank. Her tongue starts to move along the clone's shaft and she closes her eyes, fully

surrendering to the length that I have been practically skewered with. "A-alyt-thhh... I-I want..." her mind searches for a few seconds, growing silent as it does so. "S-si-

sixty n-nine... L-let m-me eat you o-out like this... you'll have both my tongue and your own cock inside you at once~"

Alyth pulls off of her and gets into the desired position and soon enough once they are settled the clone starts to thrust into her and fucking Alyth at the same time.

She moans loudly into hir sex as she thrusts her tongue into her, licking the clone's cock at the same time. "H-how does it feel?"

Alyth can only moan lustfully as shi deep throats Cynder's length and suckles and says into her mind. "Oh fuck baby it feels so damn good.

A loud moan escapes her mouth as she laps at hir G-spot and starts to finger hir ass. "Show me~"

Alyth starts to hum hard and deep as shi does powerful vibrations are sent into her lovely cock as shi greedily suckles and milks her cock and shi starts to finger her pussy

with three fingers and teases her clit between the thumb and index fingers on hir other hand.

Cynder moans loudly as her entire body starts to tremble at the approach of her orgasm.

The clone uses the wicked trick to cause hir massively long cock to grow pleasure bumps, ridges, as well as start to vibrate with the power of 100 vibrators on their highest

settings as shi pounds into Cynder and Alyth.

Cynder gargles out an enormous moan as her sweltering seed is pumped into Alyth's mouth and a waterfall of her juices pour over hir hand in a double-climax.

Alyth groans lustfully as shi greedily swallows every single drop and then happily licks her clean as hir clone cums hard filling Alyth with sterile cum and then vanishes.

Cynder falls to the ground, pressing her cock further into Alyth's mouth on impact as she greedily licks the clone's cum from hir splendid lower lips.

Shi moans softly as shi is close to blacking out from pleasure overload. "Love I need a break bad. I am about to pass out on ya Cynder."

Cynder withdraws her tongue and pats hir ass softly. "I'm sorry, dear... I've cum so much tonight... And each orgasm only makes me hornier..." A blush spreads across her face as she looks to Lux's unconscious body. "I might go rape him while you take a break, okay?"

Alyth smiles and asks. "Can I watch love?"

She rolls Lux's body over and begins to suckle on his still-erect cock. "What kind of mate would I be if I said 'No'?"

Alyth sits back and watches resting for a bit.

She pulls her mouth off of him and straddles his upside-down body as her hands wrap delicately around Lux's shaft, pumping up and down it for a bit as she lick her lips readily.

"Love what you gonna do with your cock?"

A bit of pre drips from his tip and she removes her hands from his shaft as her own grows to double the length and width "I have an idea... I wanna try it with him first."

Alyth looks on confused. "Uh love?"

She turns around on his torso and gets on all fours, kissing him softly as her cock dangles above his. After a moment, she move a hand to guide hers down towards his, and

thrusts down, causing him to penetrate her cock, causing her to moan loudly.

Alyth licks hir lips and feels hir member start to come to life as it returns to its natural size.

Cynder starts thrusting down onto his unconscious body, taking his entire length inside her before stopping suddenly, moaning loudly as he shoots his cum deep up her shaft.

"Oh my how does that feel love?"

Alyth can see Cynder's cock throb in pleasure as she moans ever louder, spraying his own cum on to his fur, mixed with her own. "ARCEUS!! YES!!" she shouts, letting Alyth know

exactly how she feels.

Shi moans softly as shi feels hir cock start to harden as shi plays with hir pussy moaning lustfully.

Cyn pulls off of Lux and crawls over to hir, collapsing at hir feet. "O-oh A-arceus... Remind me not to do that again after I've already given up so much cum... That was


Alyth smiles and flips her on her back and she happens to notice that hir cock is large enough to easily swallow her cock whole. "Mind if I give it a try dearest Cynder?

Alyth the Pokemon Tamer chapter 2

Chapter 2 Alyth smiles as shi hugs Cyn to hir and kisses her on the muzzle. Shi whispers to her into her ear. "You are so beautiful Cynder." Cynder slept for a few hours on her new trainer's chest, occasionally causing her hot, steamy breath to be...

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Alyth the Pokemon Tamer

It is a beautiful day not a cloud in the sky as a woman of almost unrivaled beauty is walking down the road wearing an outfit consisting of a black leather thong bikini thigh high black leather boots and black leather elbow gloves. A long flowing cape...

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