Open Season Chapter 07: Girls Night Out

Story by Rick Coona on SoFurry

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#7 of Open Season

Chapter 7 Girls Night Out, Gwen Kel and Cas get together for a girls night out, and things get a bit off track, in the end they get to know each other waay better than they would have first suspected!

sorry in advance if there are any weird formatting issues took three tries to get this posted.



Chapter 7

Girls Night Out

At six p.m. Kel Vixxen pulled her powder blue Honda Accord into Rick's driveway. She and Cassy Bhunny flounced out of the car and stepped up to the front door. Kel was decked out in a black satin evening gown, Cassy in a sky blue spaghetti strap knee length dress.

Gwen was just putting the finishing touches on her outfit; a simple string of pearls. As the girls entered the living room, Gwen stood picture perfect. The girls gasped, "So, what do you think?" Gwen asked. As she pirouetted, she had chosen a low-cut form fitting ruby satin cocktail frock. Her long white hair tied back with a red ribbon, matching sandals and clutch.

"Oh my God, Gwen!" Kel Squealed "You're gorgeous!"

"Where did you get that outfit?" Cassy asked, "I love it!"

"What, this?" Gwen said offhandedly, "Just something I threw it?" she grinned.

Both girls looked at each other, the look of shock evident in their faces. "I didn't know you could sew!" Cassy asked.

"All part of the magic!" Gwen said with a flair. "What's up for tonight?"

Kel grinned, "Do you like Sushi Gwen?"

"I love it, why, know a good place?"

"Oh we've got a place 'Todai' for" Kel grinned, "Let's go."

As the three of them stood in front of the restaurant, enticing aromas wafting to their noses.

"WhatISthis place?" Gwen asked.

"Well, if you can believe it, an all you can eat Sushi bar!" Kel crowed.

"And they have lots of other stuff," Cassy said. "I Love their Teriyaki Salmon!"

"Well, what are we doing just standing around out here then? Let's go!" Gwen asked as she ushered her friends through the door. . .

An hour and a half later, the three girls floated out of the restaurant, buoyed by a sushi glow. That contented feeling that pervades your entire being.

"Oh Gods," Gwen purred," That was almost better than SEX!"

"Oh yeah, know what you mean there." Kel mused, rubbing her belly.

Cassy just looked at her companions, "I don't know about That, I mean its good...but better than sex?" Kel and Gwen just exchanged glances, grinning at each other and at Cassy. "It's the Sushi afterglow, girl." Kel said, as they walked to the car. "Can't say much about afterglow," Cassy muttered, "but I love the feeling I get after sushi."

"Cas, are you seeing anyone?" Gwen asked as they reached the car.

"No, not really, why?" Cassy replied as she buckled herself in the back seat of Kel's car. "Oh, it's just I know someone who has a major crush on you, but is afraid to approach you, that's all..." Gwen said slyly, buckling herself in as Kel started the car.

"Really? Who?" Cassy beamed at the idea of having a secret admirer, as Kel pulled smoothly into traffic.

"You're not going to believe me," Gwen said teasingly.

" What, it's not...Rick, is it?" Cassy ventured, somewhat nervously.

"Nope. But you're's Mike." Gwen stifled a giggle when she saw Cassy's wide eyed stare.

"_ MIKE? _" Cassy and Kel squawked, "Uh-huh" Gwen said with a broad open muzzled smile. "Mr. Cynical?" Kel added. "Mr. 'No-such-thing-as-Love?" Cassy added.

"The very same." Gwen confirmed. "He just had one gal too many rip out his heart and stomp it into the dust. So he puts on the cynical routine so he won't get hurt again. But he's falling for you hard, Cas."

"Awwww, that's so sweet!" Kel mewed.

"Really?" Cassy asked "Mike?" Gwen nodded. "Whoa, Mike of all furs. But, how do you know, Gwen? Did he say something to you?"

"Nope. Call it a premonition. On the Monday that we all met, he was moaning about how some guys have all the luck. Well, I touched his paw and 'saw' how much he cares for you Cassy."

A metro bus was in the left lane heading back to the barn, Kel's Accord was about midpoint on the bus. Traffic was fairly light, considering it was almost nine p.m.

Gwen gasped "Kel, pull over. Pull over now!"

"What?" Kel asked, not sure she heard her.

"Pull over NOW! J-just do IT!" Gwen screamed grabbing for the wheel

Kel pulled to the curb near the intersection, turning to see what was bothering Gwen, who had a look of utter panic in her face.

"What's wrong, Gwe--" her question died on her lips as the horrendous sounds of shattering glass and rending metal filled the air around them. Cassy screamed, high and shrill.

A semi truck had ignored the red light and barreled through the intersection plowing into the center of the bus on the right side, crumpling the bus like a beer can. It also happened to be exactly where there car was not 4 seconds ago.

"OH-MY-GOD-OH-MY-GOD-OH-MY-GOD!" Kel screamed hands white with her grip on the wheel, not a bad trick through her black 'gloves'.


Turning to look at Gwen, who was staring at the center of the horrendous wreck in the intersection a mere 40 yards away, the wail of sirens on fast approach filling the air.

"H-How, how did you know, Gwen, How?" Kel asked almost breathlessly. Not getting a response, she gently shook Gwen's shoulder.

"...Premonition, it was a premonition." Gwen answered flatly, not taking her eyes off the carnage of where their vehicle had been less than a minute ago. The semi would have T-boned their Honda into the bus, demolishing the car and crushing the life out of its occupants.

Shaking herself out of her reverie, "Is everyone all right?"

"I damn near _WET_myself!" Cassy yowled from the back seat.

"Gwen," Kel said in an awe filled voice, "Y-you saved us. That w-would have been...fatal."

Gwen slowly nodded. The Honda was a veritable forest of bottle-brushed tails; even Cassy's rather demure 'butt-puff' was at full fluff.

"Oh-my-God, Gwen...h-how did you KNOW?" Kel's voice almost a whisper.

" I don't know about you two, but I need a drink, a stiff one." Cassy announced, all three of them nodded.

"Take me home." Gwen said.

"Rick's got a bar at home?" Cassy asked incredulously.

Gwen turned to the bunny, "Asking if a bartender has a bar at home, is kind of like asking a doctor if he's got band-aids." she said with a deadpan smile on her face.

"Are you okay to drive, Kel?" Gwen looked at the vixen in the driver's seat, who was shaking like a leaf in a high wind.

"I-I-I don't think so." Kel's voice ragged as tears streaming down her face at the realization of their near death experience settled on her adrenaline-shocked mind.

"No problem hon. I'll drive" Gwen said in a soothing voice, capturing the vixen in a hug.

Arriving back at home, a shot of Johnnie Walker black label in each of them, Gwen set them each up with a large tankard of honeyed peppermint/chamomile iced tea. Then got them into the hot tub to relax and soak out the stress.

"Oh Gods Gwen, This is NICE." Kel purred as she settled herself into the bubbling hot water.

"I'm soo glad you had that premonition," Cassy crooned "I'd hate to be dead right now."

"Tell me about it." Kel said with mock indignation "It would have totaled my car, and I like that little powder puff!"

Gwen shook her head, taking in the post traumatic stress relief. She chuckled.

"So Cass, what are you going to do about Mike, your secret admirer?" Kel taunted playfully. "I'm going to walk right up to him, kiss him, and ask when he's taking me out! But if he were here right now, I'd..."

"Boink his brains out?" Kel chuckled. As Cassy wagged her head.

"Normal reaction to a near death experience" Gwen said matter-of-factly. Seeing she had her friends' attention, she continued. "How are you feeling Kel?"

"Damn glad to be alive for one thing...and...horny! Damn." The Vixen admitted, realizing her condition for the first time. Gwen nodded in conformation.

"Thought so, it's perfectly natural, it's instinct. You see, when you survive a potentially deadly situation, your first instinct is to make love. An affirmation of life in the face of death."

"Feeling better?" Gwen asked her friends.

"Gods yes! I've never been that close to death, and what a horrific death it would have been." Kel said soberly. "It kinda makes you re-evaluate your life. Hell, I'm only Twenty Seven, I've got way more living to do..."

"Hey, I'm Twenty Six! And I've never had a decent relationship in my life!" Cassy complained "I couldn't live with myself if I died before finding one." Kel and Gwen just looked at each other, then at Cassy.

"R-I-I-I-GHT," Kel said. "Ya know, people always say you see your life flash before your eyes in these situations, all I saw was what would have happened if I HADN'T pulled over. Being crushed to death " Kel shuddered. "The way that truck just demolished that bus, and knowing we would have been sandwiched between them...I am SO grateful to be alive."

Gwen took them both in a hug. "Hey you two, We arealive, and in my book, that makes us more than just friends, we are Survivors." Gwen held her paw out in front of her, Kel and Cassy placed there's over hers, "Survivors!" they crowed.

Kel leaned back, reaching for her mug of iced tea, and drained the remainder, crunching on an ice cube. Then she sat the empty mug on the decking.

"Ya know, I feel as if we've all been given a second chance at life. Looking at the way I've been living mine, I've missed out on so many opportunities and wonderful experiences because I've put them off tell later. Tonight taught me that there might not _BE_a later." Kel looked from Gwen to Cassy and smiled softly. Giving a sigh, as if mulling over what to say next.

"Gwen, I know we've just met and all, but I feel there's a lot I can learn from having you in my life. Rick was always there for me, you know. Every time I'd crash and burn from a bad relationship, or just needed someone to talk to...I mean we never really did anything. It's just, I've never let him know how I feel about him..." her voice trailed off as if finding the courage to continue."And when, when Rick brought you in and introduced you around, I-I just didn't know what to think..." Kel shook her head.

Gwen took her paw "It's okay, Kel--Rick told me all about the great furs he worked with and how he's been your sounding board. I know that having someone you can go to is rare." She paused, giving Kel a reassuring smile.

"It is one of the things I love about Rick, is that he has no fences around his mind. Let me assure you right now Kel, the only thing that's going to change is now, I like to think, that you have me as a sounding board as well..." Kel smiled at her friend. "So now you can come up to me and say "Gwen, what am I gonna Doo?" Instead of just "Rick, what am I gonna do?" she chuckled at the look on Kel's face.

Kel covered her eyes with her paws, the fur on her muzzle fluffing in embarrassment. "Oh Gods! I DO that, don't I!" she laughed nervously.

"S'okay, Kel. I understand why Rick finds it so endearing."

Regaining her composure somewhat, Kel replied, "Thanks Gwen. Rick really has been there for me, he's a special guy." She paused realizing just how she felt about Rick, and yet they had never taken that next step. Now she found herself turning to her friend and coworker of four years and realizing she hadn't been a very good friend to the shy bunny.

"Cassy, We've been working together for what, four years? I like to think were friends..."

"Uh-huh" Cassy bobbed her head. "We started there together the week they opened. And I kinda think we're friends." Cassy smiled sweetly at the vixen.

"Yeah," Kel continued. "And in all that time, I've never...I just want you to know, I think you are very special. I like you a lot Cass, your fun to be with. And I realized, I've never told you that." She smiled warmly as she took Cassy's hand in hers, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"Really?" Cassy said in a small voice, "Thanks, Kel. I never thought you noticed me. You are so...flamboyant, so out there. Males are always falling all over you, I mean, you're a hot, sexy vixen, and I'm just...ah a dumb bunny."

"You are NOT dumb!" Kel protested. "You're sweet and innocent, and I like that about you Cass...It's part of your charm."

"I agree," Gwen added. "Cass, you have a sweetness about you, you are by no means 'a dumb bunny.' For you possess a rare and unique insight into life, never be ashamed of that."

"Thanks guys," Cassy said meekly. "I was just thinking, I've never had a decent relationship in my life!" she sighed, "Ya know, guys just sorta take advantage of me, 'use me & loose me'. I mean, they are nice enough, but all they seem to be after is a quick romp in the sack. It's never been something _ special's been okay, I guess. But I keep hearing how wonderful it's supposed to be and all, but it never seems to work out that way for me..." Cassy finished glumly, lowering her eyes.

"...No fireworks?" Kel asked.

"Huh?" Cass shrugged, looking at Kel.

"You know, fireworks; mind blowing, wild thrashing orgasms, ya know, Fireworks"

"What's that?" Cass asked. Kel and Gwen exchanged glances.

"Hold up, you mean you've never gotten off?" Gwen asked.

"Well, it's always been...pleasant. But it always seemed to be over fairly quickly, wham bam thank you ma'am." Cass confided.

"...Well. . .what about toys ?"Kel prompted. "Kel, I stopped playing with dolls when I was Fourteen." Cassy said glumly.

"Ho-boy," Kel sighed shaking her head. "No, no, Hon. Sex toys, you know...dildos? Vibrators? Floppy dongs?"

"Oooh" The fur fluffed along Cassy's muzzle. "uhm, ah. . ."

"You mean you never?" Kel asked, her eyes widening as Cassy shook her head.

"Well then, it's high time I took you to Castle Superstore and we pick you up a few girls' fun toys than." Kel grinned wickedly.

"Oh God, I could never! It's too..."

"Castle Superstore?" Gwen asked

"A mega adult store. Think Wally World with dildos." Kel chuckled."Gotcha." Gwen winked.

"EEP" Cass peeped as she hid her face in her paws, and Kel just laughed.

"Oh Gods," Cassy wailed, "I don't believe we're talking about this!"

Gwen patted the bunny on the shoulder "S'okay Cass. Before I met Rick, I'd never been with anyone." Her two companions gave her a wide eyed stares. "No way! You mean you were..." they gasped.

"A Virgin, yup. Little did I know..." she quivered. "The touch of a lover could bring out the 'Screaming Bed Wench' in me, as KC put it. I swear I thought Rick would yiff me to death! It was wonderful." Gwen sighed with the memory, "Much better than anything I ever got from playing with my toys."

"Cass, you've got to understand your own pleasure responses," Kel advised "Before you can really 'hit it' you need to understand how you're wired down there." Giving her friend a serious look, she added, "Do you mean to tell us that you don't, you know, touch yourself?"

"Well, no. Not really, I used to slide down the banisters at home all the time, and mom caught me rubbing myself once, she always said that was something for my husband to teach me about, that guys know all about that stuff, so leave it alone." Cassy said, not understanding the problem.

Gwen and Kel rolled their eyes. "Cass, you have a lotto unlearn about your own pleasure. Tell me about your very first encounter, what was it like?" Gwen asked.

"Well, my first boyfriend was so scared of getting me knocked up that he would only go down on me and stuff, it felt great."

"Well, that's a start..." Kel sighed. Gwen nodded. "You see Cassy, A considerate lover is in a class of their own. They may be few and far between but they are a treasure when you find them." Kel winked knowingly.

"But how can you tell you've got a considerate lover, besides the fact that they don't smack you around?" Cass asked.

"Well, for one your pleasure is just as important than theirs, also they are open to trying new things, they can teach you, and are willing to learn new techniques. They don't smack you around, unless it's in a playful way, when the two of you are playing a scene. Also they are a hell of a lot of fun to be around, it's not just about the sex." Kel beamed.

" know, I think Greg would fit in that category," Cassy smiled at the memory of her time with him. "Who was Greg?" Gwen asks.

"Greg was the first guy I ever fooled around with. We explored each other, learned what felt good, he taught me a few tricks that guys like, and did stuff to me that drove me wild, it was a lot of fun...we were eighteen..." Cassy sighed, a smile on her muzzle. "He would tail hole me, but wouldn't poke me in the slot with his fuck-stick..."

"Bwah?" Gwen stammered, "Fuck-stick?" Cassy nodded.

Kel burst out laughing " FUCK - STICK?? I love it! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!"

"WELLLLLL, that's what HE called it!" Cassy said sheepishly.

Kel tried to control her laughter "Oh, girlfriend! I - I never herd it referred to like that...On Lordy Cassy, that was FUNNY! So, your first boyfriend back doored ya huh, how was it?"

"Well, as I recall it we had a LOT of K-Y, and he went real, real S-L-O-W. Ya see, he was so afraid of getting me preggers, that he felt he couldn't trust condoms, cause they kept busting on him whenever he'd whack off, and I couldn't get the Pill until I was Twenty one, so we decided to try this in stead." Cassy paused to sip some tea.

"You see, Greg was my best friend, he was a big gray handsome hunk of a bunny boy. He was always fixing stuff, a real gear head, ya know? He and I just really hit it off, and we started fooling around." Cassy sighed momentarily lost in her reverie.

"Um, OH! Sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah. Anyway, like I said, we would try different things. He was the one who taught me how to give head with out gagging, I wanted him in me soo badly, but he cared about me too much to ruin my life, I was willing to risk it but he flatly refused; not that he didn't really really want to. So I said I was going to have him in me one way or the other, so he whipped out his copy of 'The Joy of Sex'. I said fine, tail hole me, and I figured it might be fun, So he did."

"Once I got used to the sensation of having him in me, it wasn't too bad. Having him in me just, felt so right. If you'll pardon the expression, we uh, fucked-like-bunnies, so to was GREAT!"

"So what happened to him?" Gwen asked.

"...He went into the army, and was killed in an aircraft accident in Germany two years later. He was an aircraft mechanic...we were real good friends, and we were planning on hooking up after he got out..." Cass sighed.

"Oh, I'm so sorry..." Gwen said placing her paws on Cassy's shoulders.

"S'okay Gwen, he was doing what he loved, besides tail-holing me that is, I still miss him, ya know?" A single tear slid down her cheek, Cas looked at her friends who just nodded.

"Seeing you and Rick together, makes me think that maybe he was my soul mate. But hey, Greg always said 'No regrets.' So I moved on with my life." Cassy sighed at the memory of her lost lover.

"You will find someone Cass, I know this. Trust me." Gwen's conviction left no room for doubt.

"I believe you Gwen, look where your last premonition got us." Cassy smiled hopefully.

"All this talk about Sex is really getting me worked up." Kel said huskily, her paw sliding into the water, a moment later she sighed.

"What are you doing Kel?" Cassy asked, sliding next to the vixen. Kel slipped her other paw into the water, glanced at Cassy through half-lidded eyes, "This... " she said slyly, as Cassy's eyes went wide.

Gwen grinned at the two, "If you'll excuse me..."she chuckled as she exited the tub and padded into the grass, shook off most of the water quickly toweling off, then went into the kitchen. Sighs and moans issued from the Hot tub.

Picking up the phone she pushed a single key...


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