Tentacle Time

Tiffany lay on the ocean floor, staring up at the light filtering down from the surface. Unbenkownst to her, a nearly transparent mass slowly edged its way towards her. She fiddled absent mindedly at her hair, the suction pods of her tentacles...

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Pokemon Breeding 101 - by Jeeves

**Pokemon Breeding 101** "Alright you two, I'll give you some privacy..." The two Nidoran looked around at the grassy garden in which they now found themselves, peering nervously up at the stranger who had released them from their poke-balls. An...

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Shoreline Introductions

The last rays of sunshine were just disappearing from the evening sky when the Australian otter, Rhyus, finally came back in from the shore, having enjoyed a full Saturday of surfing and sailing. It was February, late summer for the Aussies, and the...

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Primal Desires

This story was done as a request for a friend of mine about his character Ergos, who awakes one morning to find himself 'irritated' by some very natural feelings. If you spot any errors like spelling or grammar let me know, i didn't get a chance to...

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Stormy Night

Wind is howling outside the windows, I can see a bright flash on the sky and few seconds later, rain start to drop. The recent weather is a bit frustrating, it kept jumping between sun shine and raining and today even a thunder storm. I sigh slightly,...

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Solo Self-Discovery

Gemini Albon, mighty Dragon, was lonely and bored. He stepped out of the bathroom, towelling himself off, and blew a smoke ring out of his nose with a frustrated sigh. Heading over to the phone, he pressed the Message button and...

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poke friends forever

Second tftg story, contains feral sex and multiple orgasms from both parties several spearow flew over a rustic, two story farm house in the middle of a grass field.

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Embracing Under the Twilight

The sun was just cresting below the horizon, signaling the end to its daily vigil and inviting the starlit sky behind it to take over while it slept. Each one popped out, the brightest at first, the faintest ones remaining tentative before eliciting...

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Aftershow afterglow

"And... wake!" There was a loud snap followed by a long round of applause. Flint opened his eyes, still feeling a bit groggy, as if his mind had been far away for a short while. The last thought the grey wolf remembered having was...

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The Dragon, Iguana and Prejudices

She moaned out louder than before, grabbing her own breasts and spraying out more of her liquid passion as multiple orgasms took hold. he drank up as much as he could, and soon had her juices running down his face and chest.

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At Brothers Clubhouse

Rose rolled over groggily in bed as the sound of an impatient fist against an old, creaky wood door woke her. She snorted, clearing her nose of the clog that had developed there in the night. Throwing an arm over her face, she wiped her nose and...

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