Forest Drums

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#5 of Commissions 2

Commissioned and co-written by Rikika

A young buck named Faron is the key to resurrecting a petrified god.


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The embers of the fires from the recent skirmish between the Zalthans and Borteans were still sending smoke into the air as a group of Zalthan shamans gathered around a massive statue in the forest of a mighty figure seemingly eternally denied his release as he was frozen in the midst of climax, the statue's cock was pointing into the air while the creature was arching its back with an expression of surprise and need for release.

Faron took a deep breath as he finished scouting the area, it seemed they had driven the fanatics of the Church away and could hold their ritual in peace.

Hearing a slow but steady rhythm of drums start to fill the air Faron turned and saw an older canine in an embroidered robe approach him.

"Ah, young Faron, it's good to see you made it through the skirmish unharmed." Old Konin smiled at the young buck and Faron nodded "It is good to see you as well arch shaman, how goes the progress of the ritual?"

The old but still very spry and fit canine hummed "We've hit a bit of a snag...the magic they've used to bind the king of the forest is stronger than anticipated...I fear they might have used a relic to do so...I was hoping you could help us young Faron...we need...a virgin." The old canine was rather blunt with what they needed and the young buck blushed intensely, true...he had never...but how did Konin know?

Faron averted his gaze and cleared his throat "I...I suppose I do fit the criteria." he said a little embarrassed.

With nobody else qualifying, as the squad which had retaken this area had consisted mostly of veterans, Faron knew he was likely the only virgin around and mentally prepared himself as he knew the rituals of the Worshippers could get a little...intimate sometimes.

Following Konin, the young buck was brought into the forest and his eyes widened as he saw the petrified minor god. Behemoth was very tall and muscular and from the top of his head grew two mighty horns that were in the shape of inverted lightning bolts, pointing upwards with a bend in the middle. In between and behind his great horns was a wild mane of hair, perpetually stuck in motion as well. His expression and body language portrayed surprise and frustration.

What Faron's eyes were rather drawn to was Behemoth's rather pronounced erection. Even the precum that had leaked out was frozen in time.

"Quite virile is he not?" Konin made Faron jump and blush as he'd been caught staring.

"I...I wasn't..." The young buck tried to excuse, but the old canine just chuckled, "no need to be ashamed, given what we will be doing soon you will be seeing a lot more aroused naked bodies." the arch shaman said in an amused tone.

Konin led the young buck into the circle of druids and shaman who had gathered in front of the petrified minor god and slowly the drumming sped up.

"Are you ready young warrior?" The old canine asked and Faron steeled himself, he'd never been part of any of the rituals, but now it looked like he would be the centerpiece of this one.

Slowly as the Worshippers chanted, one of the robed men stepped into the circle with Faron, taking off his robe to reveal that the tiger only had underwear underneath, but that too was soon taken off.

Faron blushed immensely as the handsome tiger undressed him.

"You will be the receptacle of all the pleasure of our ritual Faron, through you we will channel our passion and free Behemoth." Konin explained as the tiger began feeling the young buck up with his hands. "Zaher will get you started."

Zaher the tiger came in close to the buck, reaching out to take off his robe. Faron blushed as his body was revealed to the rest of the Worshipers and then his loins came free as his underwear were pulled down by the feline's big yet careful hands.

Feeling the herbivore trembling against his touch, Zaher smiled. "Don't be afraid. You are meant to enjoy yourself. That will most please the spirits of nature and our gods."

Faron nodded, feeling himself relax as the tiger's hands were roaming all over his now nude body.

It was quite intense to be touched up in front of a massive crowd with the sensual music filling his ears and making his heart beat faster, but the Tiger was very skilled and with some gentle caresses he made the buck melt into his hands and get quite aroused.

Faron was panting faster and blushed really hard as he started to get an erection, hearing some murmurs of approval from his peers.

Just as the young buck thought it could get more intense, the Worshippers that encircled him and the tiger started to touch themselves teasingly to give him some more encouragement as the beat of the drum started to settle into a rhythm that was making his mind feel muddled and relaxed.

Faron gasped as the tiger gently gripped his cock and started to stroke him to the beat of the ritual drum. His touch was light and soft, moving up and down. This pace allowed Faron to adjust and get used to it. More and more of his nervousness was being replaced by a growing sense of arousal and a strange sense of thrill that was building as the drums continued pounding.

Faron couldn't quite explain it.

He was starting to feel this sort of "energy" in the air around him, pulsating in time with the drums. Moaning out from the pleasure he felt, Faron noticed that the drums' beat was picking up a bit and the stroking did to, the pace of Zaher's hand was still moving in time with the beat, changing as it did.

"Are you starting to understand now?" Zaher asked. Being a newcomer to their coven, Faron wasn't fully versed in their ways and how they did things, especially when it came to their sexual rituals.

All of these new sensations were being introduced to the deer, as time passed the pace of the drums slowly increased and so did the jerking. The tiger's hand was caressing his inches, getting him to release precum. In response to all of this, the cervine was starting to shake a bit, still getting himself used to the pleasure. Precum was leaking from his tip and it was getting on the feline's hand, aiding him by making his jerks all the smoother.

"Enjoying yourself?" Zaher asked. Faron was quick to softly moan in response, making the tiger smile.

"I think he's adjusted enough Zaher, you may begin in proper." Konin encouraged and Faron was surprised at how smoothly the tiger managed to lower him down on his back.

The young buck blushed immensely as he looked down the length of his body and saw the tiger move in between his legs and shuddered heavily as Zaher planted a few teasing licks on the young deer's erection.

Faron felt his mind slipping under as the Worshippers slowly and softly began to chant in a strange language that somehow merged with the ritualistic music which created an ambiance unlike anything he'd ever experienced which put him in a sort of trance.

With the buck in the right state of mind the tiger got to work, slowly and sensually dragging his tongue up Faron's length. Seeing no need to rush, Zaher explored with his tongue, tracing and teasing every little part that he could find/ It was then that Faron noticed there was something different. The sensation was no longer isolated to just his loins; when the feline lapped his tongue over his cock, Faron felt the sensation radiating outwards, spreading to every part of his body.

Faron moaned out with greater passion and Konin smiled, the old canine had been the focus of plenty of rituals himself so he could tell that the buck was adjusting to the pace of the ritual just fine.

Faron was really letting himself get lost in the pleasure that Zaher was providing. The humming against his length was sending shivers up his spine and it only got better when the feline's lips wrapped around his tip. Slowly, Zaher was taking the newcomer's cock, gently licking on it while feeling the length sliding further into his muzzle. When the whole thing was inside, Zaher took a bit of time to gently nurse on the length, listening to the moans from the buck. Faron's reactions were bringing him a greater sense of satisfaction and excitement. But for the time being he ignored the throbbing between his own legs.

Being aware of the drums still going, Zaher began bobbing his head to the rhythm of the ritual music, seamlessly transitioning into the act. Now he was moving his head back and forth, looking up at the horned anthro, seeing his expressions as his muzzle continued to caress every inch. As the beat changed so did his actions, sometimes speeding up and sometimes slowing down. Working his mouth and tongue at the same time, showing off his equal level of skill and control, was getting Faron all the closer to his climax. The deer's panting was heavy and the very air around them was feeling charged, as if something was responding to the approaching orgasm.

The beat had slowed down so it was gradual build up, the tiger's mouth getting him all the closer with every suck and lick. Finally he cried out and came within Zaher's moving muzzle, giving the more experienced member of the coven a taste of his seed. Zaher began purring again from the taste and continued to gently suck on the length, aiming to get out as much as he could, not just to sate his own personal tastes but the ritual required all the essence of passion the conduit could muster and receive.

The drums died down in both speed and volume as Faron's climax ended, becoming a gentle thumping in the background.

Faron felt like his eyes were swirling, he'd never experienced anything like that before, he had no idea that sex could be so intense.

"Not bad, don't worry, I'll keep leading you since it's your first time." Zaher reassured the buck as he caught his breath, something that Faron was glad for, he had no idea what he was doing and it was clear everyone around him was so much more skilled in intimacy than himself.

Zaher led Faron over to a large rock with a smooth surface. The top was intricately carved with symbols. It was as if the stone had been carved to be an altar of sorts.

It was surprisingly comfortable to lay on Faron found out as the tiger laid him down.

Slowly the ritual music picked up the pace again, the young buck knew they were far from done and blushed as the tiger spread his legs and moved in between them and teasingly rubbed his shaft against his rump.

"You're not getting shy are you Faron?" Zaher asked teasingly.

"N-no," the deer said. "I'm ready."

Zaher nodded and moved in closer, getting himself in proper position. Slowly he pushed his cock inside, leading to them moaning out together. Knowing that this was the deer's first time, Zaher eased himself inside the buck's ass gently and once he'd hilted his entire length inside he waited to let Faron adjust.

"O-oh spirits..." The young buck panted, he'd never experienced anything like it before, it felt really intense, but slowly he adjusted to the feeling of being filled by the tiger's cock.

They stayed like that for a bit and in time with the drum's beating, pulling back before gently pushing back in. He maintained this and kept pace with the drums' slow but consistently timed beating, rocking his hips forwards and backwards, sliding his length within the virgin's passage. Faron continued to react in multiple ways: his moans maintained their pitch and his own cock was twitching and leaking against his stomach without being directly touched.

"Enjoying yourself?" Zaher asked. He spoke in a way that sent shivers down the deer's spine. Faron was quick to nod in response, not wanting the pleasure to stop for even a second. Understanding this, the tiger kept moving his body, his smile widening as he felt the beat picking up in tempo. He was all too happy to adapt to the beat, thrusting with more speed. It wasn't a dramatic change but enough to bring a rush of pleasure for them both.

The rest of the coven was watching with increasing excitement. Every little act done by the tiger and deer were getting them all the closer to the liberation of their god. As time passed the drummers were playing faster and faster, gradually speeding up in tempo. Matching the rhythm perfectly, Zaher was moving his body seamlessly, bringing what felt like endless pleasure for Faron. The cervines' moans had greatly increased in volume, being outdid only by the drums, and his body was all but shaking from every little movement made by the more experienced coven member.

"Try to hold on a little longer," Zaher said. Faron nodded in response and did his best to endure as the drumming grew all the louder, the strikes pounding in his flicking ears. The deer didn't notice that he was even breathing in time with them, gasping and panting as the tiger's length stroked his sensitive walls over and over.

"Good..." Zaher purred. "Now you can release." He put extra emphasis on the last word, gripping the deer's cock at the same time. The tiger's thrusts and the strokes of his hand were all in time with the beat and Faron was quickly pushed over the edge.

Being right behind him, Zaher thrust in again and kept himself hilted the cervine inside this time. Together they voiced their climatic bliss, spilling their loads together. Faron felt the warmth from inside and outside; as Zaher was cumming inside of him, he was shooting his own load all over his stomach and lower chest.

Again the drums died down to a dull thumping as Zaher carefully pulled himself free. "I am honored to be your first." Faron could only respond with a faint moan as he was still overwhelmed by the intense afterglow of their lovemaking.

They didn't immediately go into the next round, rather a few of the Worshipers came with a basin of water and towels. They tenderly cleaned up Fahen and gave him some water to drink as well, allowing the deer to collect himself and recuperate.

"You're doing well young buck." Konin praised him "I can see the pure energy gathering around you, but we will need more than what you and Zaher gathered already."

"M-more!?" Faron asked, a little overwhelmed while blushing a lot. He was starting to worry if perhaps he was a bit in over his head.

"You didn't think such a powerful curse could be lifted so easily did you?" The old canine chucked. "That is why you will be taking breaks between rounds. It would do any of us any good to wear you out. Just let us know when you are ready."

Faron waited for a bit longer, he was surprised how quickly he caught his breath again. When he felt certain that he could keep going he nodded and told the rest that he was ready.

"Brother Anthir, please step forward and be the next to participate in this utmost of sacred rituals" Konin said, failing to hide his enthusiasm.

As per the arch-shaman's command a robed figure stepped out of the circle and came up to the young deer as he stood up from the altar. Discarding the robe the figure turned out to be a very handsome hawk.

Faron blushed as the hawk got up to him and used his hand to gently tilt his head upwards to look him right in the eyes.

"You're quite cute." Anthir said with a smirk and Faron blushed intensely from the hawk's rich voice and handsome face. The young buck's heart began to pick up as the drums began to slowly pick up speed again and he knew it was time for more sexual acts.

Anthir took off his remaining clothes, clearly enjoying the attention he got as his semi-erect, tapered length was visible.

The avian hugged himself close and Faron shuddered from the feeling of the hawk's feathers against his fur.

"Since you're still rather green I'll go easy on you...this time." Anthir said teasingly and Faron gasped as the hawk pressed their cocks together with his hand. Faron had to lean back and steady himself on the stone altar with his hands as the feeling was quite intense.

"Let me show you something new before we get started for real." the hawk said as he softly humped against Faron and the deer softly moaned and instinctively began thrusting up against the hawk's cock.

Though they were acting together, Anthir was the one in control, the movements of his hips being stronger than Faron's. Leaning over him, having some of his weight down on the deer, he was looking down at the horned anthro, watching as he was melting more and more.

This was a completely new act and it came with a new kind of pleasure. Faron wasn't expecting or prepared for it. It wasn't like the blowjob or the anal penetration. This was a new sensation that he quickly grew to enjoy. Feeling their lengths sliding together, them thrusting at different paces, they were both moaning out for everyone to hear.

Just like with Zaher, Anthir was keeping time with the beat of the drums, gradually increasing his speed and putting down just a bit more weight, overall making the feelings stronger on Faron's end. The hawk's shaft was sliding along the entirety of Faron's, giving every inch stimulation.

"How does it feel?" the hawk asked.

"It feels...good..." Faron asked, feeling a jolt of pleasure overtaking him.

Smiling from the praise, Anthir kept control of the act, reacting as well from their cocks rubbing together. Precum being released from them both was making things even better. The fluid provided lubrication that allowed their shafts to slide against each other with greater ease while bringing even more pleasure overall.

Time seemed to slip away as they kept their up and before Faron knew it the hawk was easing up. The deer was surprised by this but Anthir just chuckled. "Don't worry, we're just getting started. I take it you really enjoyed that."

Faron nodded, feeling his excitement and arousal climbing all the higher.

"Is there anything you want to do?" the hawk asked, catching the other male off guard. He didn't expect to be asked that but it did get him thinking. He recalled his previous round with Zaher and got an urge.

The hawk had such a dominant aura about him that Faron couldn't help but want to submit to him.

"I...I want to please you..." Faron got on his knees and nuzzled the hawk's slick cock.

"Go ahead then..." Anthir encouraged the young buck with a dominant tone and Faron gave in to his urges and began to lick the hawk's tapered length, making the hawk very softly moan.

With a bit of encouragement from the hawk's hand Faron lined up and took the tapering cock into his mouth, the cervine pushed himself slowly down as much as he could before beginning to bop his head up and down the avian's length.

This was of course his first time but Faron soon found himself in a trance, moving his head instinctively to the beat of the drums he pleasured Anthir far better than he'd otherwise have been able to, it was like everyone was guiding him so he didn't have to worry.

Hearing the hawk's moans only served as encouragement for Faron. The more he did it, the more confident he became. He didn't notice it at first but his motions were also becoming smoother. His inexperience could still be felt as he moved upwards then back down again, only able to take so much.

The hawk panted softly as the deer worked his mouth on his shaft and with a smirk held up his hand and made a gesture and the pace of the ritual music picked up and Faron couldn't help but speed up his own pace to match it.

"That's it buck...lose yourself to the passion..." Faron moaned around the hawk's cock in a trance, sucking Anthir off with half-focused eyes.

The deer nodded and continued to give the hawk pleasure. It was becoming easier and easier for him. He responded to the beat of the ritual drums, speeding up and putting more effort into his mouthwork, making use of his tongue. Anthir shook from this addition, releasing precum that Faron lapped up, humming from the surprisingly appealing taste.

"Looks like you have a bit of talent for this." The hawk huffed a little and made the buck blush, but never slowing down his pace.

Faron's mind blanked out as the ritual music reached another peak and worked his mouth to the intense beat and snapped out of his trance when he heard the hawk's guttural moan and felt his mouth getting filled with his warm avian seed.

The male deer couldn't stop himself from moaning as he softly gulped down everything that Anthir had to give.

The young buck slowly came to himself as the beat softened once more and pulled his head off the hawk's erection and marveled as it didn't deflate despite Anthir's orgasm.

"I got one more round in me buck." Faron shivered hearing Anthir's tone. "And since you like servicing me so much..." The hawk moved over and laid down on the altar, his tapering cock pointing up in the air "Why don't you come over here, saddle my hips and ride me?" The hawk waved a finger in a "come hither" gesture and Faron blushed intensely, but his legs unconsciously brought him closer.

The combination of the hawk's voice encouraging him and the ritual drums slowly picking up speed spurred the young buck on as he climbed on top of the altar with the hawk and got into position, saddling Anthir and lining himself up with his tapering cock.

Faron shuddered immensely in anticipation as he slowly lowered himself down and gasped as he slowly penetrated himself on the hawk's cock. Anthir moaned as well, surprised by how Faron fared. He was doing it with a greater amount of ease than expected. Using the wetness that was already on his cock, Faron managed to gracefully slide down until he was sitting on the base. With another gasp, Faron needed a moment to get himself used to the feeling of being so full.

"A fast learner. I like that," Anthir said, giving the deer praise.

Feeling a rush of confidence from the hawk's words and the sounds of approval from those watching, Faron eased himself back up, shuddering from the tingling pleasure he was feeling. Sliding his body down again caused them both to moan out. In real time the deer was getting used to this new position. At first his motions were disjointed but they gradually became smoother with the passing of time.

Anthir let Faron explore this new form of pleasure at his own pace, resisting the urge to thrust in time with the deer's bounces. Keeping time with the drums' beating as best he could, Faron was riding the hawk. Precum was being released by the avian, providing more lube that made things better for them both.

"'re more skilled than I expected," Anthir said, making the deer blush.

Faron was surprised by how well things were going. It just felt...right. When the beat's tempo changed his body naturally responded, gaining speed as their sex drew out. The pleasure between them was steadily rising; Faron's moans were getting louder and his own cock was leaking precum onto the hawk's feathers.

With more time and more fluids leaking out, Faron was eventually able to ride the avian passionately; moving his body quickly and taking the entirety of the tapered shaft with a greater sense of ease. Feeling it reaching in so deep and touching his tender spots was making him cry out. He could feel himself getting close and could tell that Anthir was feeling similar to him. But based on the beat, there was still a bit more that he could do.

Enduring as best he could, Faron got lost in it all. The pounding that got more intense and the energy felt in the air, seemingly growing more charged with time. As the drums were pounding in his flicking ears, Anthir cried out. The hawk gripped the mammal's hips and pulled him down, giving one sole thrust that reached his length in deep. That was enough to make them both climax at about the same time.

As he shot his load onto Anthir's feathers, Faron was again treated to the feeling of being seeded, feeling the warmth and wetness filling him up with every pulse and grunt from the other male. As they climaxed together, the drumming died down into a tranquil, rhythmic thumping. By then the two were panting together. Faron had all but collapsed on top of Anthir. To his surprise, the other male began to hold him. Faron could feel his back being gently stroked by the hawk's soft feathered arms.

"And here I thought you were a virgin," Anthir teased. His cock had softened and slipped free from the deer's tailhole.

Faron chuckled awkwardly in response, feeling a bit embarrassed now. Everything else had just sort of slipped away, almost as if he had been in a complete trance. He still felt like an inexperienced virgin but the messy state of his rump spoke otherwise...

When they separated, Faron was again cleaned up. The cool water felt good on his fur and the stickiness was cleaned from his pelt. He was then given another drink and was allowed to take a break for as long as he needed. The young buck felt a faint buzzing energy in his body as he calmed down again after his high.

"It's good to see you're starting to get comfortable with your role as the conduit in the ritual." Konin said a little teasingly.

"Why do I have a feeling I've barely just begun?" The young deer asked as he breathed a little harder than usual.

"Because you have really good instincts young man." The older canine chuckled and motioned for another of the robed figures to step forward, pulling their hood back revealed a male rodent, on closer inspection Faron saw his latest partner was a mouse.

"Brother, Nefon, you have been chosen," Konin said. The mouse perked up, looking both excited and nervous as he approached the buck.

"I uh, hope I can be as good as the others," the mouse said.

Faron found the rodent's demeanor amusing and also comforting. It was confirmation that he wasn't the only nervous one.

As Nefon discarded his robe and undergarments he and the young buck began to feel each other's bodies up with their hands with the mouse slowly leading Faron towards the altar once more.

"So...should I just...get on my knees?" Faron asked, embarrassed.

"No...come here." The mouse instructs as he lays down. "Lay on top of me, but facing the other way." Nefon blushes as he smirks a little "that way...we can both reach each other's erection with our mouths."

Hearing that made the buck blush even worse than the mouse as he got into the requested position, it didn't take a genius to figure out what he was supposed to do when his eyes were inches away from Nefon's cock.

Once more the ritual music picked up and encouraged both participants to start. Both Faron and Nefon moaned as they both took each other into their mouths at the same time due to the directed pace of the drums.

With Faron on top and Nefon on the bottom, the two acted. Moving their heads back and forth, the two gave each other pleasure. Though it had been in such a short amount of time, Faron managed to gain experience from his previous rounds with Zaher and Anthir. In time with the mouse he was giving a smooth-paced and controlled blowjob.

Beneath him, Nefon was acting as well, both licking and sucking all over the buck's length. Despite his shy outward demeanor, the mouse was proving himself to be quite skilled at oral pleasure. It actually caught the buck off guard. A great amount of pleasure was coursing through him in time with the bobbing of the rodent's mouth. In time with the sucks he was also running his tongue along the other male's length.

Taking tips from the other worshiper, Faron began to make use of his tongue, moving it in time with the pulls and pushes of his muzzle. At first it just slid along the underside but Faron began to move the muscle along the sides as well, twisting and swirling. Doing this was making Nefon was moan, giving the deer another rush of pride.

Faron began to feel that sensation again; he was starting to get lost in the sensations and the sounds of the drums, he didn't notice right away when he drifted off. All he focused on was moving his mouth and the pleasure that was given to him in return. They kept time with each other and the drumming.

The other worshipers watched as they bobbed their heads faster, moaned louder against the others' cock and fed each other their precum. It was all becoming more intense for everyone. Even those not directly involved with the sex could feel a building energy all around them. The collective excitement between them was near a fever pitch. This was what they were all waiting for. Zonin was certainly feeling it and knew exactly what it was. They just needed a bit more and their god would be freed!

It just started out as the buck and mouse moving their heads but as their shared passion increased they took things further. Faron had been the first to buck his hips, softly and carefully thrusting into the other mammal's mouth. Nefon did the same, still keeping time with the deer. Together they humped each other's muzzles, feeling the pleasure rising more and more.

The ebb and flow of the ritual's pace was starting to feel familiar to Faron and he felt immensely excited as he knew the speed would soon pick up and indeed the ritual music did pick up and both the buck and mouse followed the increased pace.

Faron moaned around the mouse's cock as he was slowly pushed to an orgasm and he did his best to try to push Nefon to his own.

It only took a few more firm bobs and some swift licks to the shaft. Doing that made Nefon's body jerk and he began releasing his seed just after Faron. Practically at the same time, the two were shooting their loads into each other's mouths. Faron hummed from the taste and began swallowing, feeling a rush of both blissful pleasure and pride from how quickly he learned. He heard Nefon's sigh of satisfaction as they eased from each other.

"That was...much better than I expected," Nefon admitted. The excitement was easily heard in his voice.

The young buck was surprised when Konin joined them on the altar. "We've almost reached the critical point, let me help you push over that threshold."

Faron blushed as the old canine presented himself to him, while old Konin was still very spry and handsome, so he didn't need much convincing to move up to and position himself ready to penetrate the canine.

However before he could he felt Nefon push up behind him. "You didn't forget about me right?" the rodent asked teasingly with only a slightly trembling voice this time.

Faron smiled and nodded in response, giving the mouse permission to continue. There was no nervousness within him, just a surge of certainty and eagerness. He felt honored to be doing this with the coven's leader, lining himself up and carefully pushing his length inside. Hearing the old canine moan out sent shivers down his spine. He also didn't expect it to feel so good. Konin's insides were perfectly suited to his erection, being wrapped snug around his length and welcoming every inch that was inserted.

Once the young buck was inside the coven leader, Nefon took his turn to push his cock in. Faron moaned out from being penetrated, keeping himself still until the last of the mouse's inches were pushed in. He started things off, rocking his hips back and forth as the drum's began beating once more. Faron followed suit, moving his lower half as well, groaning as he felt his inches being hugged by the old canine's anal walls.

All together they were moving, sharing pleasure between the three of them. Though he was on the bottom, Konin wasn't just idly laying about. He was also rocking himself, going in the opposite direction. He met every thrust that came his way by pushing his body back, making

sure that the deer's length reached as far as it could.

Being in the middle Faron experienced intense pleasure, both from the mouse pushing into him from behind and from Konin pushing his body back to meet his thrusts, the male deer couldn't believe it, every act was more intense than the last. Konin's direct presence brought a whole other level of pleasure. Even faster this time he found himself lost to the rhythm of the beating drum. It seemed that even his own heartbeat was synchronized to it. The moans of the mouse and canine registered, growing more intense as they all sped up more and more.

"Th-that's it young Faron...feel all the emotions around you funnel into you." Konin softly moaned as the male deer bucked his cock into the old canine.

Taking the leader's words to heart, Faron put more effort into his humping. They came smooth and controlled, showing just how much he had learned. Hearing Konin's moans and Nefon's as well was keeping his lust flaring hot. It didn't take long for them to get into perfect sync, moving their bodies in time with each other, sharing the pleasure that was intensifying between them. They were doing this all while keeping time with the drums' beating.

"Yes...yes, you can feel it, can't you?" Konin asked. He spoke with growing passion, referring to the sensation that was easily felt in the air around them. There was no doubting that it was a presence, a powerful one too. Faron could feel shivers running down his spine, making his fur raise. It was getting stronger as he continued to get lost in the pleasures and feelings. He was vaguely aware of it all being channeled into him, making the sensations all the stronger for him.

The drums picked up in tempo, allowing the trio to really rut into each other, using enough force to make them all moan out with ecstasy.

The air was positively sparkling with mystical energy that had been built up from the passionate encounters that Feron had with the Worshipper attendants.

With the ritual reaching its climax the music changed, became more rich and multifaceted as more instruments slowly began to join. As they did more and more of the attendants started to discard their robes and enter into the circle and found a partner to have sex with, adding to the growing passion.

While still in between the wolf and mouse, Faron observed the pleasures that were being shared by the other worshippers, their moans and the sounds of their bodies connecting were only just quieter than the music. Hearing that music for himself had reinvigorated Faron. He felt a surge of energy and felt he could go on for much longer.

Faron didn't think it could get much more intense, but little by little it was like he could feel the pleasure of all the people around him and it was slowly building up something very intense and the young buck couldn't help but get a little nervous from how it kept building up.

"K-Konin...i-is it supposed to feel so intense? It feels like I'm about to burst with energy." Faron panted hard as he questioned the arch-shaman.

"It is indeed, do not worry, it just signals the end of the ritual." The older canine assured.

Faron nodded, putting his trust in the canine as he continued to thrust with greater power. Konin and Nefon followed suit, making him cry out from the intense pleasure that was coming from both sides. The mouse's length was reaching in deep, touching his prostate every time and Konin seemed to have mastery over his tailhole, squeezing it in time with every pump from Faron. The trio could feel themselves getting all the closer as the music continued building.

In time with the music's high point, Faron cried out. He wasn't alone. Joining the deer was Nefon, Konin, and the rest of the Worshipers as if the young buck's orgasm started a chain reaction. As a collective they all reached their peak, releasing their seed, raising their voices, basking in the amazing shared pleasure that came over them.

All the energy of the ritual had gathered in Faron and he felt numb, all he could feel was an intense buzzing of energy throughout his whole body.

"We'll take it from here, just rest young Faron, you did good." Konin said, being surprisingly energetic after the intense session of sex they just had.

The worshippers all began to chant and a very spiritualistic rhythm began to fill the air and Faron could feel the energy gathered inside him begin to leave him and form into a golden sphere that hovered in the center of the ritual circle. Faron could only see the light it emitted and feel its warmth, but its presence was not only immensely comforting, but gave him a sense of inner peace that he'd never felt anything like before.

As all the energy they had gathered left Faron it was like a miniature sun hung above them and it slowly began to circle in bigger and bigger circles with the ritual circle as it's midpoint and then the energy flung itself at the statue of Behemoth and was absorbed into it.

The stone started to crack and beams of golden light emitted from within any breach in the stone until it fell off the giant male who seemed still frozen in time for a brief moment before he moaned out deeply and his cock erupted a geyser of his pent up divine seed.

Behemoth's legs trembled and he fell over, but was caught by several strong members of the worshippers who were ready for it and they gently guided the minor god down on the ground.

Faron found the giant purple god quite erotic and beautiful in a wild and dominant sort of way.

"M-Mortals...thank you for freeing had gotten almost unbearable to be trapped on the edge of orgasm for so long." The great being conveyed his gratitude. "I should never have agreed to meet with a representative of the Church, I fell for his deception and was trapped in stone."

"Nevermind that great one, let's focus on the current issues we face." Konin calmed Behemoth down and he and many of the Worshippers began to pleasure the minor god's body with their hand and tongues.

Konin and a group of the most skilled lovers of the attendants focused on Behemoth's genitals, one dove his tongue into the god's tailhole, two focused on his balls, one for each and the rest climbed onto his body and worshiped Behemoth's large and still completely stiff erection.

"Let us banish your torment," Konin said as he and the rest continued to give the deity attention with their mouths and hands. Licking and stroking with such passion they were solely focused on giving Behemoth pleasure, ignoring their own renewed erections. Those at his cock were clearly loving the chance to feel their god's maleness for themselves, feeling its heft and size as much as they could. Giving his plump balls and tailhole just as much attention made Behemoth roar. Thrusting a few times against their touch, he was brought to another climax, treating the Worshipers to the sight of him releasing more divine seed.

The second release had clearly released a lot more tension in the huge being's body, but he clearly needed more.

"Phanten, time to use your size and endurance to please our god." Konin got the attention of a large orca-man who climbed up and slowly crawled backwards towards Behemoth's cock with his tail lifted.

Behemoth gasped and softly moaned as the orca slowly penetrated himself on his shaft and took more and more of his size inside him. "F-fuck...s-so tight..." the minor god grit his teeth and groaned.

The remainder of the worshippers began to pleasure Behemoth again to support the pleasure he was feeling and it was clearly working wonders for the stress built up in the purple male's body.

Faron could only look on in awe as the attendants worshiped Behemoth so passionately to help the minor god find release for all the tension he'd built up from being encased in stone from a curse on the cusp of a climax.

Phanten was skillfully pushing himself against the large minor-god. He was taking Behemoth's impressively sized length, moaning out from the pleasure it was giving him. The orca's hips were gripped and Behemoth began rutting him, using the devoted worshipper as a means of draining his pent up seed. The others were assisting in their own ways; still rimming his tailhole, stimulating his balls, even teasing his nipples. It was all so much and so good. It had been so long since he felt so much pleasure.

For the next several hours, the devoted followers of Behemoth were working together to completely satisfy him. Phanten had managed to last multiple rounds and another large worshiper took his place, being all too happy to receive the minor god's maleness.

Faron was spellbound at the scene, but Konin's voice broke him out of it "Faron, we would like your aid one more time, Behemoth needs one last release, go take your place there." The old canine motioned between Behemoth's legs. "And let's shower him in our affection to refresh his power."

Behemoth didn't protest when the worshippers began rubbing their shaft against him all over his body and even accepted Phanten's cock into his mouth and gently suckled on the orca's shaft.

Faron eyed the prize Konin had offered him, the minor god's tailhole and lined himself up and pushed inside, it sent a shudder through Behemoth's body and he moaned softly around the orca's cock as the young buck rutted into his surprisingly tight hole.

Though he was inexperienced, Faron could safely say that Behemoth's tailhole was incredible. It cradled all of his inches, keeping a snug hold on it. The deer just moved his body naturally, pushing all that he had in and out of the godly passage. The others were using the minor god's body to pleasure themselves, leaking their precum onto his body and Phanten was directly feeding his fluids to the bigger male.

Behemoth wasn't above offering himself and he was very much enjoying the pleasure that was given to him. He could sense that Faron was new to all of this so feeling his hole being rutted to this degree was impressive.

"G-give it to me me your worship, your love for me." Behemoth urged them all and everyone got even more passionate and were quickly pushing themselves towards their limits.

All together, the group released their loads. While most were shooting their seed all over Behemoth's body, Faron and Phanten were able to directly shoot their loads inside of his mouth and rump, much to their delight and Behemoth's satisfaction. He managed to cum a final time from Faron's last strong hump. They were all sharing the blissful release, moaning and shaking together.

This was certainly not how Faron expected to lose his virginity, had certainly been a very special and pleasurable way to do so. Pulling out and stepping back he witnessed the sight of the minor god glazed in the passionate worship of all the attendants and finally Behemoth looked content and fully calm.


The Worshippers and Behemoth rinsed themselves and rested for the night. Faron was allowed to rest alongside them for his contribution.

"I must's good to see you again after all this time Behemoth." Konin chuckled.

"It certainly is old long has it been? Sixty years?" Behemoth lightly chuckled too.

"H-hold on...h-how old are you Konin?" Faron couldn't help but ask and all the worshippers were really amused by the question.

"I should be rounding about five hundred soon." The old canine said mischievously.

The young buck's mind stalled for a couple of seconds to take that information in.

"The old mutt is a demi-god you know?" Behemoth revealed before Faron could ask as if that was a trivial thing to share.

"T-this is all too much, I need some rest." Faron sighed deeply and Konin laughed, he loved how everyone thought he was just a normal, if quite spry, old geezer.

The male deer found himself gently gripped by Behemoth's hand and the minor god pulled Faron to his side and gently cradled him between his side and arm, a warm and protective space where Faron quickly fell asleep feeling Behemoth's presence so close to him.


The next morning everyone was woken by a scout who had seen a holy regiment entering the area.

"The Church..." Behemoth growled lightly "and I can feel him...the saint who betrayed me." the minor god said sharply.

"What's a saint?" Faron asked not quite knowing all the terminology that the Worshippers used.

"It's how the Church bypasses their own's what they call their demi-gods, you know...the thing they supposedly despise?" Zaher the tiger explains.

"They just call their demi-gods something different and that somehow makes it okay in their eyes?" Faron asked baffled.

"Yeah...they are quite big on mystical word games and hypocrisy." Anthir nodded.

"Hmm...they must come to try to ensure we don't free Behemoth...they don't know how quick we work." Konin chuckled.

Faron hummed "In that case...why don't we use that against them? Make a hollow statue and ambush them at the site?"

Behemoth smirked widely "Oh...I like that plan...I want revenge on that treacherous ursine."

They all moved quickly and readied to ambush the Church acolytes.


It had been a short, but intense fight, but with Behemoth on the Worshipers side the acolytes were defeated quite decisively and the minor god had pinned the ursine saint to the ground.

"You come to me speaking of peace and reconciliation and then betray me during a sacred intimate ritual on holy grounds no less!? You have no honor bear!" Behemoth snarled.

"H-how did you get free? I used a relic to seal you!" The bear asked terrified.

"We have our ways." Konin said calmly, not revealing a single speck of information.

"So...what do you intend to do with me?" The bear asked defiantly.

"I intend to take that which you hold so dear...saint...your divinity." Behemoth said and the bear paled.

"Y-you can't do that! Y-you're just a minor god." The saint said clearly scared.

"You're right...not without the aid of the higher gods." Behemoth began drawing a circle around the pinned bear and chanted.

"I call upon the divine council, let me wrench the divinity from this treacherous saint for his misdeeds!" Behemoth said and was enveloped in a silvery aura soon after.

"N-no...w-wait!" The saint begged, but Behemoth moved his hand closer and gripped something invisible before yanking his arm back, now holding a purple orb and the bear's divine presence disappeared.

With a smirk, Behemoth absorbed the bear's divinity.

"One step closer to no longer being just a minor god." The forest god seemed very pleased.

"Now scram" Behemoth roughly put the ursine on his feet and shoved him away.

"It's's really gone...oh gods...they are gonna kill me for losing the divinity they lent me." The bear panicked.

"I've heard there are ships sailing to explore the new continent of Valkoven soon...if you hurry you might be able to catch one." Konin said and the bear hurried away, not back to the Church, but to leave on one of those ships before it was discovered he'd lost not only the divinity he'd been granted, but also the relic he'd been entrusted, the bear knew going back was a death sentence, the Church was not forgiving.

"Good riddance." Behemoth huffed as the bear ran for his life "And the relic?" the minor god asked Konin.

"It's weak from being used on you...we can destroy it in its current state with a ritual back at the capital." Konin said. "With both a saint and a relic lost, the Church will have lost a lot of ground in our conflict, one they will easily recover from. Good job everyone."

There was a cheer among the Worshippers at their victory and Behemoth also looked rather pleased.

The celebration they held was brief, but merry and as Faron was about to leave he was gestured by the king of the forest, an indication that he wanted to speak to him.

"I feel a special connection with you Faron...take this." Behemoth gave the young buck a medallion.

"If you ever need my aid or just my council, find a forest and chant my name holding this medallion...also I wouldn't mind being called to have a little fun every now and then." The minor god laughed at how much Faron blushed hearing that.

"I-I'll keep that in mind Lord Behemoth...I'm most grateful for this gift." Faron bowed.

"Take care out there kid...and don't keep me waiting too long." The large purple male chuckled as he entered the forest and quickly disappeared.

"Oh goodness what have I gotten into?" Faron asked himself.

Konin chuckled a bit in his hiding place, it seemed they might have a potential new demi-god in their ranks. Faron's current situation was very similar to how he started his own journey towards divine status himself, for how he'd just keep an eye on the buck...a close one...from the buck's own bed preferably.

Little did Faron know as he wandered back just how interested many divinity had gotten in him, something that would greatly influence his future, but that is a story for another tale.

The End.

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