But plot is only the road which the story drives upon. the **delivery** of the story is what entertains an audience!

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the Plot and the Princess

"so let me guess; you and nalsheth have plotted to assassinate him and take over in a joint rulership. right?" his violet eyes blinked in surprise. "how do you do that?" "we've been doing this for how many years now?

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The Serpent's Plot

So, uh... once day I was wondering if I could write a whole short story without naming any of the characters, and it somehow turned into this. Probably one of the kinkier things I have ever written :P. Enjoy! A young man is...

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The Plot Thickens

(POV Wesley) The next day, we reached the compound deep in the forest. It was a pretty basic looking building: just a large, concrete block about one story tall. It wasn't very impressive, especially since I knew Team Blaze had access to massive...

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The plot thickens

Rio undid his belt and jeans, being extra careful not to catch himself in the zipper, and turned back towards the tub, catching sight of Mike's bundle next to the toilet. Cocking his head in curiosity, he was about to explore the possibilities of his...

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Plots and Politics

"You must have seen some of my father's pictures." Vanamee replied with all the courtesy he could muster. The wolf's clenched fists relaxed as he looked into the eyes of the man he had hoped to be gone forever from his life. Zeke smiled back at him,...

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The Plot Thickens

**the plot thickens** the night was dark, and the moon was by no shape anywhere to light the sky. what dim light the stars provided barely lit the path they tread, but prey like this, they couldn't let flee.

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Plot To "The Possession"

Luke, a 13 year old boy, is a sad boy, because he feels so lonely, he wishes for a friend. One weekend he is in the mountains with his parents, he wakes up on Saturday morning feeling very bored, so he decides to go for a walk, soon he stumbles across...

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Thickening Plots

Starfire chapter six: thickening plots by havoc "the truth is rarely pure and never simple." - oscar wilde \*\*\*\*\*\* m'raava was growing increasingly livid with every step that she was taking through the corridors of eris base.

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Plotting Ulric

Ulric yawned as he sat on his dark, obsidian throne. Dressed in his blue vestments as he watched the scene. There before him was the great general Panthro of Thunderra, reduced to a naked, cum covered in seed as he bounced on top of a lizard's dick,...

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A Potted Plot

There would be plenty of time to reclaim her love on her plot's success. a wicked grin spread across her muzzle as she imagined her planning and effort in practice, and she snuck off to behold the fruit of her labors.

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