Kendo and the Snow Leopard Wolf

Story by Maggie Darkmoon Sylversin on SoFurry

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Another 7,500 word commission for Kendowolf. Hope you enjoy it.

Sylvia was sitting at a table in the corner of a restaurant. She let out a long sigh looking around the room. Her date obviously stood her up, three hours had passed. She looked down at her dress it was a black dress made of silk. With a V-neck style that had one side of the skirt slit open. She picked this dress because it exposed a lot of her beauty fur. Sylvia was a snow leopard wolf hybrid. Her gray wolf fur had soft show leopard spots running along it. Her tail was as thick as a snow leopards but her head was that of a wolves. The male bunny waiter walked over and refilled her wine which she started slowly sip at. This was probably her fourth glass now.

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice enter the room. Her ears perked up as she gazed towards the door. There stood Kendo the white wolf with his slut of a girlfriend. Sylvia held a deep growl back, forcing her lips to stay down. Sylvia didn't want to make a scene and show her ugly side here. She knew the bitch was cheating on him, she'd seen him take many guys into love hotels. If only I could get the proof to show Kendo before he finds out the hard way. It's always better to know sooner rather then later. Sylvia thought with a sigh, she picked up her wine glass and drank down a few gulps.

She watched as Kendo and his girlfriend were seated only a few tables away. Sylvia was luckily in a dark corner. She decided to just stay and watch for a little while. Sylvia reached up and pulled out her bobby pins letting her crimson hair fall loose. She started as the couple chatted and laughed for a while. Maybe I really should just stake out at her normal hotels. Sit there with a camera. She thought to herself but shook her head slightly. I don't want to hurt Kendo. She leaned back in her chair staring up a the ceiling. If only I had the guts to tell Kendo how I felt before they hooked up. Letting out a long sigh she stood up grabbing her purse, she walked to the front with her bill and paid it.

"Guess I'll see you at work tomorrow." She muttered under her breath as she walked out the door. Just as she got outside a large man bumped into her hard. Sylvia fell to the ground, she yelped loudly as she hit the pavement. Her ears folded back timidly as she looked up at the male bull dog. He growled throwing the restaurant door open. He charged past the receptionist. The waiter she had ran out the front door and kneeled down.

"Are you ok? What a jerk!" He sighed offering his hand.

"I think I'm fine." She sighed taking his hand, he helped her stand up slowly. Suddenly they heard a loud crash inside. Sylvia and the waiter moved to a side window to see the bull dog screaming at Kendo and the women. He had grabbed the women and had obviously slapped her. The women was crying and pleading to the bull dog. Kendo looked really upset and confused. Suddenly it hit Sylvia that was the same guy she'd seen Kendo's that women with most of the time.

"Is that her other boyfriend?" she gasped not realizing she'd said it out loud. Her hand over her mouth. The waiter looked over at her.

"You know them?" She shook her head and gestured towards Kendo with her muzzle.

"Only him, we work together." She sighed as the bouncer came in and threw the women and the bull dog out of the restaurant. Kendo stood there apologizing like crazy probably offering to pay for the broken dishes and other damages. "I should probably go to him." She sighed as she started to walk inside. She tried to pull open the front door and yowled out in pain holding her right arm. The waiters eyes widened and opened the door for you.

"Let me see your arm." the waiter followed Sylvia into the restaurant.

"It's ok I'm a nurse. Bastard bruised me to the bone bumping me like that." She gritted her teeth, actually she was pretty sure the bone almost broke. That asshole hit her way harder then she realized. Sylvia was sure she couldn't go to work tomorrow. She opened the door with her other arm. Grimacing she walked up to Kendo's table. He was sitting down head in his hands. She put her hand on his back and his head jerked up. With a soft smile she patted his back and said.

"Lets get out of here." Kendo just nodded and didn't really think about it. They walked out of the restaurant.

"She was my ride." Kendo groaned.

"It's fine. You remember where I live right?" Sylvia sighed as she threw him the keys to her car.

"I do but... why am I driving?" Kendo stared at Sylvia and noticed some discolor under her fur.

"My right arm is fucked, that bull dog bastard bumped into me on his way in. I think he broke my arm. I don't think I can work." She sighed out loudly as Kendo quickly ran to the passenger side door of her car and opened it.

"Thanks." Sylvia said throwing her purse down and climbing in. She was lucky enough to get the parking spot on the road next to the restaurant. Kendo closed the door and ran around to the other side. He jumped in and started the engine.

"Lets just get to your house so I can examine your wound alright?" Kendo said starting up the car and peeling out of the parking spot.

"Ya, we'll talk when we get there too." Kendo nodded trying to hold back his emotions as he drove a couple miles and pulled into the drive way of Sylvia's house. They got out of the car. They walked to the front door Sylvia tried to unlock her front door only to yelp out. She sighed and handed her key to Kendo. He unlocked it and they walked inside. Sylvia threw her purse onto the couch and groaned.

"I'm going to go change... If I can." Sylvia said walking into the back room. Kendo was about to offer to help but then realized what he would imply. He started to wander around the living room and looked into the kitchen. He had only been here a few times when they would go out for a drink after work. Kendo remembered crashing on the couch a few times.

Suddenly he heard a loud yowl of pain coming from Sylvia's bed room. Without thinking he rushed down the hall stopping at Sylvia's bedroom door. Sylvia was on her knee's holding onto her arm, her bra was already unhooked showing the side of her breasts. The dress was around her waist. Her eyes where closed her jaw tensed.

"Oh god I'm sorry!" Kendo said covering his eyes.

"It can't be avoided..." Sylvia sighed getting the bra strap off her left arm, she wrapped her arm around her breasts trying to cover them up. "Can you please help me?... I'm sorry to ask you of this."

Kendo swallowed hard and took his hand off his face. He walked into the room and helped her get the strap off her right arm. This was the first time he had gotten a good look at her arm. His eyes widened as he groaned.

"This is severe." He said putting the bra on the floor trying not to stare at her chest.

"Yes I know... Can you grab one of my tank tops out of the top draw of my dresser, and some loose shorts from the third?" Kendo nodded and stood up he opened the top drawer and bit his lip, it was also her underwear draw apparently. He grabbed a black tank top and slammed it shut with a sigh. He then opened the third drawer and pulled out some loose red running shorts with an elastic waist band. He offered them to Sylvia and she raised her right arm up.

"Just put the top over my right arm and I got the rest." She had been blushing furiously the entire time. Sylvia kinda wished he had been undressing her for another reason. Kendo noticed the blush but thought nothing of it as he slid the tank top down over her arm and head. She pushed the tank top over her breasts. Sylvia moved her left arm now that her breasts where covered and slid her right arm out of the shirt.

"You got it from here?" Kendo asked looking away trying to respect her privacy.

"Ya I think so. Thanks." She whispered looking down at the floor. Kendo nodded and quickly walked back to the living room. Sylvia gasped and put her left hand over her face breathing heavy. She had been trying to hide her arousal all that time. She grinned her teeth and slowly stood up shorts in hand. She slid the rest of her dress off and her thong. She dropped them to the floor, only working with one arm was a pain in the ass. She stepped into the shorts and slid them up her legs finally got them on. She let out a long sight and walked into the bathroom. She grabbed a comb and began combing out her hair, she didn't want it to get knotted. Good thing she normally brushed her hair with her left arm. Sylvia put down the brush walked out of the bathroom grabbing her first aid kit. She met with Kendo in the living room.

He was staring out the window obviously deep in thought tapping his foot paw on the carpet.

"Want talk about it?" Sylvia asked, Kendo jumped a little and turned towards her.

"Maybe after I take a look at your arm." Sylvia walked over and they sat down on the couch next to Kendo. Kendo gently picked up her arm and moved the fur aside to get better look. He let out a long sigh.

"I'm pretty sure it's broken." He groaned, "We should take you in."

"Alright." Sylvia sighed out.

"At least it's the upper arm so the cast won't be as bad." They stood up and Kendo offered to buy her some pain pills. Sylvia shook her head

"I had a bit of alcohol tonight so I can't." She walked over to the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of scotch popping the cork out of it she took a few swigs. She coughed a bit before putting a cap on it. Sylvia shoved the bottle into the fridge before walking outside to meet Kendo. They locked up the front door and got into her car and drove to the hospital they worked at.

The ER stay took a few hours, the arm wasn't per-say broken just had lots of hairline fractures. It was enough to warrant a removal cast. A lot of their fellow employees asked Sylvia what happened. She explained that some bull dog had bumped into her violently. Being half feline made her bones more brittle then an average wolf. They found a cast that fit her and put it on her arm. Kendo and Sylvia said their goodbyes and they left the hospital.

"They kept looking at us weird." Kendo laughed as they walked through the dark parking lot.

"Probably think we're dating." Sylvia chimed in laughing. They both blushes looking away from each other as they approached the car. Kendo opened the side door for Sylvia again before he got into the drivers seat. He turned the key in ignition and the clock popped on. It read eleven thirty pm.

"Damn it's late." Sylvia said as Kendo pulled out of the parking space.

"Have you ever seen that bull dog before. I'm sorry this happened." Kendo said to Sylvia. Sylvia took a few minutes to think if she should answer honestly or not. She finally thought fuck it as they pulled onto the open road.

"Yes I have sadly. I saw him with your girlfriend, or is it ex-girlfriend now? Many times. I'm sorry I didn't say anything." Sylvia shook her head looking down at her lap ashamed. "I should have told you sooner." Kendo looked over in shock.

"She's been cheating on me?" Kendo gasped, Sylvia nodded.

"I'm really sorry I didn't tell you so-"

"Stop saying sorry!" Kendo barked interrupting her. Sylvia jumped her fur poofing out as she started to shake a bit.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap." Kendo whimpered.

"Why don't we go get a drink... most of the bars are closing by now but there is a strip club near my house. It's open till 3am." Kendo was quiet for a few minutes as Sylvia fidgeted in her seat. She'd never heard him yell before. It scared her.

"I had a creeping suspicion but I never wanted to accept it." Kendo sighed. "I'd rather get some rest and think alone."

"It's alright, do you have tomorrow off actually?" Sylvia asked him.

"I do." Kendo nodded.

"Do you just want to stay the night, I'm already feeling exhausted due to the injury. We can go to the strip club in the morning." Sylvia looked at him, Kendo was quiet for a few minutes again.

"Why not, I don't think I'm comfortable sleeping in my own bed tonight." Kendo blushed realizing what he had implied and added "Your couch is open right? You'll probably need help around the house with that injury."

Sylvia turned red and then laughed nervously as they turned onto her street.

"Yes it's open, some help would be great." They pulled into the drive way and she had Kendo lock her car and open the front door.

"Use the TV or whatever, if you want to talk just say so. Normally takes me a while to sleep, with this injury it make take a while longer."

"Alright." Kendo nodded jumping down on the couch. He sighed at Sylvia walked to her bedroom and shut the door. He grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, the volume was up pretty loud so he promptly turned it down. He let out a long sigh as he flipped through the channels. It was late so a lot of advertisement programs where on. Finally he found a comedy channel and tried to space out into it. Trying to get his mind off the night. That failed miserably.

Kendo let out a groaned thinking about how the bull dog had snatched up his girlfriend throwing everything off the table screaming at her. She started crying and telling him she was sorry that she had gotten another boyfriend. He called her a slut, apparently they where actually married. He hit her and one of the waiters who tried to defuse the situation. Kendo took out his phone and texted her "We're obviously done. Goodbye." A few minutes after he sent it there was a reply but he didn't even care to look at it. He turned off his phone and stood up.

He walked towards Sylvia's room and opened the door. She was fast asleep on her side, the blankets barely covering her nude body. Kendo bit his lip and quickly turned away. Today was the first time he had ever been in her room he realized. He looked around and noticed a picture frame sitting on her night stand facing her bed. Curiously he walked over and picked it up. His eyes grew wide as he saw a picture of himself working at the hospital. Confused and feeling guilty he quickly put it down.

"Do you?" he whispered then promptly walked out of her room closing the door. His intent was to make sure she was asleep and not struggling. His mind was racing and he didn't think he could sleep at this point. He groaned out as the hot tub down stairs popped into his mind.

That would be a great way to unwind! Kendo quickly walked to the basement door. He opened it and clicked on the light walking down the stairs closing the door behind him. He walked right past the light for the basement itself and uncovered the hot tub. He looked around finally finding the plug and plugged it in. Sylvia had obviously recently used it but also cleaned it up. He started to strip down, he heard faint rustling upstairs.

"Hope I didn't wake her up." He shook his head and climbed into the hot tub, he groaned out and put his arms up on the rim of the hot tub. He leaned his head back and closing his eyes. He was so out of it he didn't even noticed the sound of shuffling across the basement carpet until he her the tick of a claw. Kendo's head shot up and he realized he had forgotten to turn on the main lights. However he could tell Sylvia was standing at the door way butt naked.

"Oh my god! I'm sorry I had no idea you where down here!" Sylvia started to turn to run upstairs.

"It's fine I forgot to turn on the light, I can get out if you want." Kendo sighed feeling kinda bad.

"Well... It is dark so..." She whispered to herself but Kendo picked it up. "Could I just join you?" She asked as a red blush spread over Sylvia's face. If was bright enough that you could see it through her fur if it wasn't dark. Kendo shrugged and pulled his legs closer towards himself.

"If your conformable with it." Kendo felt his heart skip, things where already confusing enough as it was. If she actually liked him it would be crazy because he's liked her for a very long time.

Sylvia moved forwards slowly and climbed in.

"Is this cast waterproof?"

"Yes but I'd suggest just taking it off." Kendo said leaning his head back again. He heard Sylvia undo the cast on her right arm. She slowly lowered her arm into the hot water and groan out. She sunk herself deeper into the hot tub causing the water to ripple. Her foot touched his leg but she didn't even seem to notice.

Sylvia looked over at Kendo and wondered why he had been in her room earlier. She was almost asleep but the door opening woke her up. Her arm was killing her but she still couldn't take her prescribed pain meds. She let out a long sigh as she stared at him. Will we ever be together? I can't ask him out right now because he'd just rebound off of me. It's too soon. Sylvia thought to herself.

"I should have realized it all sooner." Kendo suddenly said out of the blue, Sylvia's jumped slightly as her heart skipped a beat. She thought he meant that she liked him for a split second but realized that couldn't be it.

"About her?" She asked with a shaky voice.

"Ya, there where signs all along. We made plans weeks in advanced and a lot of the time at the last minute she wasn't able to come. I started to get the feeling she was lying. A few times she showed up with bruises. Also the fur around her left ring finger was a little matted but it looked like she tried to fluff it. I was blinded by my feelings for her and denial." Sylvia just stared at him and sighed.

"I'd offer you a hug but I'm pretty sure that would be awkward right now." Sylvia wiggled uncomfortably causing the water to splash around.

"If you really want too, or you can later." Kendo shook his head thinking over everything, suddenly the picture in Sylvia's room popped into his head again. If she really does like me, how come I never noticed it before? Is it because I was thinking I was reading into things too much? Kendo questioned himself.

Sylvia moved to Kendo's surprise and scooted herself closer to him. He gulped and closed his eyes as she leans up against him.

"S-so how is your arm feeling?" Kendo asked, glancing over at her from the corner of his eyes. Her body was barely visible but he could make out her naked form. Her breasts where bigger then he realized in the clothing.

"It's a lot better with the hot tub." She muttered embarrassed. Suddenly Kendo's stomach growled loudly and he looked away quickly blushing. "You never got to eat did you?" Sylvia asked him. Kendo shook his head and then realized she might not be able to see.

"No I haven't." Kendo sighed and Sylvia moved away slowly getting out of the hot tub, she grabbed a towel from the shelf.

"I'll throw in a pizza, is sausage and pepperoni alright?" Sylvia asked as she went around the corner and started to dry herself off. What the hell was I thinking! She screamed in her thoughts. That was mega bold! She shivered starting to dry herself off.

"That sounds great." Kendo says, she heard him get out of the hot tub and grab a towel.

Her heart racing faster and faster at the thought of him suddenly popping around the corner and see her nude. The light from the stairs was enough to see. Turning bright red she dried herself off faster, she had not thought about this before hand. She suddenly yelped out as she threw the towel around herself.

"Are you ok?" Kendo asked rounding the corner with a towel around his waists.

"Y-yes." Sylvia said gasping from the pain, she noticed that Kendo had her cast in his hand. She sighed and held up her arm. He gently dried off her arm with a spare towel he had. She hadn't seen it before. He got it as dry as he could before putting the cast back on her arm.

"How long has it been since you had that alcohol?" Kendo asked looking up at the clock on the wall squinting.

"Uh... 5 or 6 hours? Maybe longer." Sylvia replied.

"Then you should be able to take your pain meds. Common." Kendo said picking his clothing off the floor and they went upstairs. Sylvia clenched her towel as closely to herself as possible feeling ashamed of herself. She hadn't realized she liked him the last time he was over to visit. Once they got up the stairs Sylvia walked into her bedroom and shut the door.

"I'm going to get dressed, the meds should be on the kitchen counter." Sylvia said, she heard Kendo paw off before she dropped her towel. Quickly but carefully Sylvia got herself fully dried off and dressed. "That was the last place I expected him to be." She whispered to herself as she blushed. What all had happened finally had set in. She jumped when she heard a knock on the door.

"Are you dressed?" Kendo's voice echoed through the door.

"Y-yes!" Sylvia said and opened the door, Kendo was fully dressed and had two tablets of pain killer in one hand and a glass of water in the other. Sylvia quickly glugged them down and gasped when she took the glass from her mouth.

"I'll go to sleep once they take affect, I could barely sleep before." She yawned and opened one of her dresser draws and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

"Before you ask I rarely smoke." She said heading towards the back porch.

"Fuck it, Can I have one?" Kendo asked following her.

"Sure why not." She slid open the back door after unlocking it. They stepped onto the porch and Sylvia offered a cig to Kendo before popping one in her mouth. She lit it and handed Kendo the lighter. He promptly lit his cigarette and started coughing.

"Don't smoke much?" Sylvia asked.

"No actually this is my first one." Kendo replied.

"Don't get in the habit it's really bad for you." Sylvia said taking back the lighter. "Just do light puffs is my suggestion, don't pick up another." She groaned. Kendo nodded in reply and took a light hit off the cig without coughing. Sylvia sat down on her patio couch and exhaled some smoke.

"Today has been bullish." She said as Kendo sat down next to her.

"You can say that again." He sighed. Sylvia shook her head as she felt the pain pills start to kick in, but barely.

"Actually, can you make food for yourself?" Sylvia asked feeling drowsy.

"Ya not a problem." Kendo replied as Sylvia dropped her unfinished cig in a bucket of water. She stood up and gave a groggy groan.

"I'm going to bed, the pain pills are kicking in and I'm exhausted. Eat whatever you can find that looks good. Literally anything." Sylvia opened the back door with her left arm and walked inside. Kendo sighed at threw over half the cig he had into the bucket. He walked inside locking the back door. He headed into the kitchen opened the fridge and snooped around, he found some lasagna in the freezer. He ripped open the box and threw it into the microwave before returning to the couch.

He surfed through the channels again and let out a long sigh.

"How can I get over that bitch faster." He groaned before stopping on a TV show about stupid people. He laughed at a few of the clips and started to feel better. The commentary made it even better. He zoned out into the TV show and finally the microwave went off, He hoisted himself off the couch. He walked into the kitchen grabbing a fork from one of the drawers before grabbing the lasagna. He fumbled with it a bit because it was so hot. He ran into the living room he set it on the table and peeled off the film. Kendo waited for it too cool before digging in. He finished off the Lasagna pretty quickly and laid back down. He felt his eyes growing heavy before he knew it he was fast asleep.

His dream consisted of waking up to see Sylvia naked on his lap holding him down. Saying strange things like she'd always liked him and wanted him to marry her. Kendo shot awake from shock sitting straight up. He looked around to see the sunlight glowing in from the porch window. Kendo let out a long sigh and rubbed one of his eyes. He looked at the analog clock on the wall to see it was already past noon.

"Damn." He said shaking his head. He looked around. It was obvious Sylvia hadn't woken up yet, everything was where he left it. Last time he was here she had cleaned up before he woke up. He grabbed the remote and turned down the TV. He groaned thinking about what happened last night, it was all pretty blurry. The main memories where still there but he obviously passed the fuck out into a deep, deep sleep.

Suddenly he heard stuff moving around in Sylvia's room, he could hear mumbling before the door to her bedroom opened. Sylvia walked out of the hall into the kitchen and took down some of her pain pills before throwing some food in the toaster. She walked towards Kendo and sat down on the chair adjacent to the couch.

"How did you sleep." Sylvia said while yawning and stretching. Kendo looked over to see her tight tank top compressing over her tits. Kendo blushes and looked back at the television quickly.

"I passed the fuck out apparently. Things are still fuzzy, just woke up myself." Kendo replied. Sylvia nodded as her struttle popped out of the toaster oven, she got up slowly with her left arm and walked back to the kitchen.

"Hows your arm?" Kendo asked flipping through the channels.

"A little better but not by much." She yawned. "Do you still want to go to that strip club?" Sylvia pulled out her struttle and put some icing on it.

"Not sure to be honest." Kendo replied standing up and walking to the kitchen. "Can I have some." Sylvia gestured towards the fridge with her right arm as she bit into her first struttle. Kendo opened the fridge and pulled some out. He popped it in the toaster as Sylvia went back and sat back down.

"Alright well there are other options too, unless you just want to stay here." Sylvia said pulling a soda out from a 12 pack under the living room table.

"That's an odd place to keep those." Kendo said "I'll let you know." He said waiting on his struttle. He was leaning on the kitchen counter clacking his claws against the marble surface.

Finally he pulled his phone out of his pocket and turned it on. His phone blew up with the sounds of missed calls and tons of text messages. They where all from his now ex girlfriend, suddenly the phone rang and he let out a long sigh. He hit the answer call button.

"What do you want." He growled into the phone. Quickly he had to pull the phone away from his ear as the bitch started screaming at him. He turned the phone towards his mouth and yelled.

"You lied to me. I told you we are done! Stop calling me! I'm getting your number blocked!" He swiftly hit the end call button slamming his phone on the marble counter. He leaned forwards and put his face in his hand. Sylvia stood up after putting down her struttle, she walked up behind Kendo and hugged him. Sylvia's breasts pressed into Kendo's back. Kendo jumped slightly in surprise and Sylvia winced in pain.

"Oh! I'm sorry are you ok." Kendo said turning around as Sylvia let go.

"Ya I'm fine. You didn't do it on purpose." She groaned rubbing her arm softly. "You seemed like you needed a hug.

"Thank you I did." Kendo let out a long sigh as Sylvia handed him his struttle. He took a bite and shut off his phone. "I guess the strip club wouldn't be a bad idea after all." Sylvia nodded and went over to finish her final struttle.

They finished eating and Sylvia got dressed in a short skirt and a nice button up skirt. They hopped into the car out front and drove a few blocks over to the strip club. Sylvia got out of the car pushing closed the door and waited for Kendo in front of the car. He shut his door and she locked it before they walked inside. They had their IDs checked and Kendo paid the entrance fee. Kendo picked a seat in the back and ordered himself a few strong drinks. They sat there in awkward silence close to one another on the round couch. Kendo seems to of purposely picked a seat that didn't have a stage in front of them. Sylvia wondered why he did.

Kendo's drinks arrived and he glugged down the first one without hesitation. Suddenly the lights dimmed and an announcer came on introducing some famous striper. She walked out onto the stage and the main stage light popped on. She was a female otter who looked absolutely beautiful. Sylvia stared at her dancing for a while till she got this creeping suspicion Kendo wasn't looking at the stage. She looked over and saw Kendo was gazing off at her, the second drink in his hand half empty. "A-are you alright?" She said over the loud music. Kendo tilted his head obviously not able to hear her. He scooted closer to her, a lot closer and put his drink down.

"What?" He said.

"Are you ok?" She asked again and he nodded.

"Was just wondering why you had a picture of me in your bedroom was all." He let slip without even thinking about it. Sylvia turned bright red and her fur poofed out. Kendo's eyes widened realizing what he had said. "Oh I'm sorry. I snooped a little when you where asleep. I shouldn't have."

Sylvia was shocked into silence she put her arms between her legs and started to fidget as her lower lip trembled.

Oh my god, oh my god. I knew I should of put that away! She screamed in her head. Her face was so hot she felt like it was burning. She felt Kendo's hand on her shoulder and she jumped.

"I'm sorry." He sighed and took down the rest of his drink.

"N-no it's ok." Sylvia said not able to look at Kendo.

"Hey..." Kendo whispered in a voice she'd never heard from him before. She looked up at him and suddenly he kissed her and deeply at that. "I like you too." He said after their lips parted.

Sylvia's eyes grew wide and she ran off the bathroom completely flustered and locked herself in a stall freaking out.

"This is way to fast! How did this happen? Is he saying this just because he's drunk?!" suddenly her phone played her notification sound and she looked at it. It was from Kendo and it read.

"Imm sorry I shouldn't have dne that mi head is tota mess how ever I was serous." She tilted her head and sighed. The typos where pretty bad but she could still read it.

"He ordered something really strong didn't he?" she shook her head and calmed herself down. She left the bathroom slowly approaching the couch where Kendo was.

"I-I... Shouldn't have ran off like that." She said sitting back down next to him.

"I ssshouldn't have done that." Kendo replied looked at his drink.

"N-no it's ok. It's... Honestly it's something I'd been hoping for, for a long time." Sylvia tried to keep herself from squirming as much as possible and took in a deep breath. She looked over at him and he looked down at her. She lean in and kissed him hard, pulling him close to herself.

"Shouldn't we wait. I don't want you to rebound off of me." Sylvia whispered as their lips parted.

"Honestly I was only dating her because I thought you where not inserted." Kendo replied kissing her again. Sylvia moaned softly and then pushed away embarrassed.

"L-lets save this for when we go back home." Sylvia gasped.

"Can't we just leave now?" Kendo whimpered. Sylvia looked up at the stage to still see the famous striper putting on her act.

"Let's wait till she's done out of common curtsy." Sylvia said, Kendo looked at her and sighed softly.

"Alright." He said wrapping his arm around her pulling her closer to him. They sat there and watched as the otter slowly stripped herself down over time exposing her naked curvy body. She posed in some provocative poses off and on. The men and women threw their money all over her. Once the lights returned to normal and the other dancers came on stage. Kendo finished his final drink and they walked out of the strip club. Sylvia hopped into the car her hands trembling as she started to put the key in the ignition. Kendo put his hand over hers and helped. They drove back to her house which felt like forever for Sylvia.

Her heart felt like it was beating out of her chest as she unlocked the front door. They walked inside and Kendo shut the front door firmly locking it. He grabbed Sylvia gently pulling her into his arms. They kissed deeply and Sylvia melted wrapping her own arms around him. Suddenly Kendo broke the kiss picking her up princess style in his arms. He walked her over towards the living room but suddenly changed directions to the bedroom. He pushed the door open with his foot walking in and laying Sylvia on the bed. She kicked off her shoes and so did Kendo.

"I doubt the couch would be comfortable for both of us." He said crawling onto the bed next to her. Sylvia turned onto her side facing him they quickly started to kiss again. Kendo's hands started to wander over Sylvia's body. Sylvia thought her reaction was going to be slapping him, but she didn't to her own surprise. His hand ran over her chest and groped a few times. Sylvia moaned softly as he reached under her shirt and groped at her plump perky breasts. Sylvia bit her lip as her body started shivered to shiver softly. Kendo was obviously drunk at this point he reeked of the alcohol he drank, she didn't care. Whether or not she'd regret it later was another story.

"H-how long have you liked me." She panted softly as he pulled away from the kiss trying to get her bra off.

"Quite a while now, few years." He groaned finally unhooking her bra. She leans up a bit and he pulled off her shirt and bra. Lust had filled his eyes at this point. She blushed deeply as he climbed on top of her and promptly started sucking on her nipples. Sylvia's ears folded back as she moaned out loudly. His touch was more heavenly then she thought it would be. Her eyes closed back arching up, her body pressing into his. He hastily unbuttoned his shirt and threw it off the bed before grabbing onto her other breast. He bit down on her nipple and she almost screamed with pleasure.

"Not so rough." She moaned out wrapping her arms around him.

"Sorry." He whispered easing up on his aggressiveness. He pulled back gently letting her nipple pop out of his mouth. He slowly kissing down her body to the base of her skirt. He popped open the button before asking "Can I?" Sylvia swallowed hard and nodded. It had been years since the last time she'd had an encounter like this. She fidgeted as he pulled down her skirt and panties before unbuttoning his pants. He leaned forwards and started to lick her. She moaned out loudly as he unbuttoned his pants and slide them down.

Kendo shoved his tongue into her pussy before reaching up and fondling her plump soft breast. Sylvia almost screamed out in pleasure as her back arched again. Kendo kicked off his pants hastily and pulling himself up on top of her. Sylvia squirmed not even thinking about protection at this point. She was in absolute bliss and didn't want it to stop.

"Can I?" Kendo whispered into her ear, she could feel his throbbing dick against her let. Sylvia's ears perked up as she moaned at the thought. Kendo smiled softly, he teases his tip against her moist opening. Sylvia thrusted against him pushing the tip in. Kendo moans out and started to push into her with short thrust.

She was extremely tight, he wouldn't be surprised if she was a virgin. Sylvia wraps her arms around him pulling him in close to her causing him to go in deeper. Kendo moved his hands down to Sylvia's hips. He thrusted harder and her pussy clenched hard as it gushed around his throbbing dick. Kendo groans loudly and pushed himself all the way in and kissing her deeply. Sylvia screamed into his mouth and forced her tongue into his mouth. She wrapped her tail around him. Kendo thrusted hard against her cervix, she moans with every thrust. Their tongues wrapping around and massaging one another.

Kendo's Knott started to bulge at the opening of her tight pussy. She squirmed pulling away from the kiss gasping and panting heavily. Sylvia yelled out in pleasure as Kendo instinctively started to push the knott in. She thrusted back against his knott her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Sylvia dug her claws into his back as he finally got the knott into her. His tip pierced her cervix and she screamed out as she came all over his hard cock. It was the final key to setting her over the edge. Her pussy spasming and clenched all around his cock. She bit into his neck hard enough to make Kendo groan out in pleasure but not enough to draw blood.

Kendo thrusted in hard as his cock tensed and sprayed cum directly though her cervix. Sylvia takes her teeth out of his neck and screamed loudly her back arching heavily. Kendo stops thrusting and pants heavily before flipping over and falling asleep almost instantly. Sylvia pants a few times before realizing her pain killers where wearing off. She leans over to her ends table and takes out her lube. Poring a large amount on her hand she lubes around his knott as much as she can before prying herself off of it. She screams in pleasure as the pressure releases.

Sylvia moves towards the end of the bed and almost falls off, but she got her barings. She stumbled out of the room her legs shaking and she finally reached the kitchen. She popped two pills into her mouth and grabbed a glass. Filled it with water and glugging it down. Sylvia slumped onto the floor and gasped a few times. "I didn't tell him I was a virgin..." She gasped forcing herself to stand back up she wobbled back to the bedroom and feel over onto the bed. Passing out snuggling up to Kendo hoping that this wasn't a one time thing.

Sylvia dreamt of a endless field with with roses and golden grass for a while before she woke up to Kendo groaning and shifting around. She woke up and looked over to see his hand on his head. He looked around and his eyes went wide.

"Wait... Don't tell me." He let out a long annoyed sigh and Sylvia ran out of the room into the kitchen.

"No no no..." She whispered trying to keep herself together. She feared her worst dream would come true. She had to cover up her reaction so she grabbed some non-prescription pain pills from the cabinet.

"Sylvia?" Kendo yelled out as she grabbed a glass of water for him.

"Coming, getting you some pain pills." She said rushing back into the room. She handed him the meds and the glass of water. Kendo drank down the meds and laid back down.

"So... He looked Sylvia up and down and blushed before looking back at himself. "We messed around didn't we..."

"Yes... don't you remember." Sylvia sat down on the bed with a sad look on her face.

"Bits and pieces. It should come back eventually." he sighs as he leans up and carefully pulls Syliva into his arms avoiding her right arm. Sylvia gasped confused and cuddles him.

"I did mean everything I said last night, and I'd been wanting to do that for a while now." he whispered into her ear. Sylvia blushed and smiles snuggling up to him. She took a deep breath in and then sighed out. She leaned back and kisses him on the lips to see if he would kiss her back. Kendo was token a back but kissed her back deeply when their lips parted he smiled at her.

"I guess this means I have to pop the question I've been holding in for so long." He said rubbing her back gently. Sylvia gulped and tilted her head at him.

"Would you be my girlfriend Sylvia." She blushed deeply as he smiled at her.

"Yes it's like a dream come true. " She giggles and laid her head on his shoulder. They laid there for a while enjoying the feeling of each others warmth before Kendo said.

"What day is it?" looking around.

"It's Saturday?" Sylvia replied.

"Ok good I thought it was like Monday and I'd have to be at work an hour ago." He laughed. Sylvia laughed back and kissed him gently. Sylvia pulled back and groans.

"My pains pills already wore off..." She sighed.

"I'll get them." Kendo said and Sylvia slid off of him onto the bed and laid on her back. Kendo stood up and stretched taking the glass off the end table. He left the room and Sylvia let out a sigh of relief, she thought she was going to have a mental break down before.

Kendo walked back into the room and handed her some pain meds which she took down.

"Why didn't you take them before when you where out there?" He asked. She finished the glass of water and took a second to think.

"I didn't realize my arm was hurting, I was worried about you." she smiled nervously. He leaned over and kissed her before climbing back into bed.

"Your such a sweet heart." He said nuzzling her. She giggled as they snuggled up. They got themselves comfortable pulling the blankets over themselves and fell asleep in each others arms. Kendo wagged his tail until he fell asleep holding onto Sylvia's sleeping body.